Lorren's Playthings




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Chapter 1

She had been bred for obedience like the rest of the secret invasion force. She was the result of the same genetic engineering, the same customised technology and the same training. Like the others, she was vastly stronger than the average Nivan. Like the others she was vastly less vulnerable than the average Nivan. But there the similarities appeared to end. Whilst the rest of the group had lived up to every expectation, things had not quite gone to plan with Lorren. Not enough for her to have been seen as a danger or removed from the group - at least not at first.

The group had been developed by Niva's top scientists with one purpose in mind: the successful invasion and occupation of Planet Earth. They had worked for centuries trying to find a way to improve upon the already remarkable physical abilities of the Nivan race. At the same time, other experts were involved in research aimed at counter-acting those characteristics which were seen as unneccessary in the ideal soldier. One of these characteristics was individualism, not as pronounced a trait in Nivans as in Terrans, but an unwelcome concept nonetheless. Another was the legendary Nivan libido, a well-known distraction for even the most dedicated representative of the Homeworld.

The idea was to create an army of perfect warriors; strong enough to defeat any enemy, resistant to almost all weapons, completely loyal and interested only in carrying out orders. It was agreed that a thousand such soldiers would be created and sent to Earth with an invasion plan. All seemed to have gone well with the breeding plan. Five hundred males and five hundred females were created. A timetable for the invasion of Earth was drawn up and a ship was prepared to transport the warriors. In order to speed up the process, it was decreed that the soldiers' training would be completed while the voyage was underway. So the ship left Niva carrying Lorren and the other nine hundred and ninety nine specially developed fighters, together with a crew of engineers and combat trainers.

The problem with Lorren was that the genetic engineering had affected her differently from the others. The technicians were aware that she displayed a tendancy towards individualism that was totally absent from her colleagues. She was quite a bit stronger than most of them too; new advances in technology improving her musclar efficency greatly so that she possessed superior strength despite a much less pronounced musculature. She had also proven far more resistant to the scientists' attempts to harm or hurt her. This was why she had been accepted for the mission, even though there were doubts over her reliability and willingness to obey orders.

Unbeknown to the experts, however, there was another crucial difference between Lorren and the others. Whereas the scientists had been able to drastically reduce the sex drive of the invasion force - almost removing it all altogether in fact - Lorren's libido was even greater than that of an "ordinary" Nivan. She had become aware at an early stage that her yearnings were contrary to the wishes of the technicians, and did everything she could to hide them. Had anyone discovered her nightly ritual of prolonged, fervent masturbation, she would surely have been excluded from the project. But, she kept her secret well. Until that is, the ship was approaching Earth's orbit.

It happened like this. Lorren's sexual burning had not abated during the voyage. She had made a few subtle attempts to find out if any of her male colleagues were available for sex, but she found them all utterly disinterested. The genetic engineers had performed their task well. Eventually, she realised that she could no longer satisfy herself with her fingers alone. One evening, she followed a pair of crew members into an isolated area of the ship. Making sure she had not been followed, she cleared her throat to get the men's attention. When the surprised two males turned around to look at her she smiled at them and instructed them to remove their clothes.

At first they attempted to resist her suggestions, but when she removed the top of her uniform, neither could hide his arousal any longer. After all, Lorren was beautiful, even by Nivan standards. Soon, they were crouched either side of her, each caressing a large, firm breast in his two hands while his mouth worked over a nipple. Lorren had never experienced such pleasure before; it stimulated every fibre of her being, making her desparately want more. She placed one of her hands on the back of each man's head and gently pushed the two men against her chest.

Suddenly, the pleasant sensation that they were generating stopped. Lorren looked down and saw that despite her care, she had squeezed the crewmen's skulls a little too hard. Neither man was breathing. She could see dark bruises already forming on their faces where she had pressed them against her soft, feminine curves. She would have a lot of explaining to do for this - particularly as she had kept her rampant desires secret for so long. They might even exclude her from the mission, or worse, send her back to Niva for punishment. The thought made her panic.

Looking around, Lorren's keen eyes came to rest on a waste disposal chute. In her moment of desparation, she figured that getting rid of the evidence was her best chance. She stood up, using her right hand to get hold of the two men by the collars of their uniforms. The pair of large, wide, muscular corpses dangled from her casual, one-handed grip as she strode towards the chute. Then she tossed the two bodies in and pressed the "dispose" button. There was a brief whooshing sound and then silence. All Lorren had to do now, she thought, was to return to her quarters unnoticed and the matter would remain forever unresolved.

Meanwhile, on the other side of the huge ship, the Chief Officer turned away from the observation monitor he had been studying for the past five minutes. Flicking a switch on the control panel in front of him he spoke quickly and authoritatively into a high security communicator then returned to his former position in front of the monitor to observe his team at work.

It was all over in seconds. Six fellow soldiers burst in on Lorren. Before she could react, they grabbed hold of her arms and legs. Even so greatly outnumbered, she put up a fierce fight, but eventually she was wrapped tight in a sheet of strength-draining material and dragged her to a nearby airlock.

Lorren was thrown unceremoniously into the tiny pressure chamber and the huge thick door was slammed closed and sealed behind her. Even as she began to take stock of her situation, she heard the Chief Officer's voice through a loudspeaker: "This mission is too important to be jepordised by the stupid behaviour of a oversexed girl. You will be held in this airlock until our invasion is underway and we have sufficient time to deal with you. You have betrayed the trust of the whole of Niva. Why didn't you inform us of your sexual desires previously? You have failed us all."

So, Lorren sat down to await her fate, not a little afraid of what the Chief Officer might have in mind for her. She wondered if the invasion would be successful, or if there would be some delay before her punishment was decided. She knew that escape from the airlock was impossible, especially given the unique material that covered her whole body. She was powerless to do anything but wait for someone else's judgement to be passed on her.




As it happened, the Chief Officer never had the opportunity to even so much as consider her case. It was the hour of the final briefing before the invasion. Every soldier on board was assembled in the main hall at the heart of the vessel. Every single one except Lorren, of course, who was imprisoned in an airlock on the far side of the ship. The rest of the craft was populated solely by technicians and engineers, temporarily in charge whilst the soldiers directed their attention to more important matters.

The briefing was well underway. Meanwhile, on the opposite side of the ship from Lorren, two young, inexperienced technicians were manning the engine room. They had been promoted at short notice to replace the men Lorren had unintentionally killed a few hours before. Neither had a great deal of experience with equipment on that scale, and they were ill-trained in interpreting the computer read-outs the enormous engines produced. They discussed the possibility of requesting help from someone experienced but neither of them dared disturb the invasion briefing, so they resolved to move to plan "B": do nothing and hope for the best.

What actually happened was the worst. The technicians' ignoring of vital warnings and a fault in the ship's design combined to cause a chain reaction within one of the engines. In a fraction of a heartbeat, the reaction had reached such proportions that the affected engine became critical and exploded. This triggered a series of explosions in the other engines. The two newly-promoted technicians were dead even before the second explosion. The force of the blasts ripped through the ship, tearing it to shreds. Air rushed out into the partial vacuum of space, instantly killing every other non-soldier on board.

The genetically enhanced soldiers in the central hall were scattered in every direction and thrown out into space. Some survived for as long as twenty revolutions of the cloud-strewn planet beneath them before finally succumbing to dehydration. But all of them, trainers, officers and a painstankingly developed invasion army of nine-hundred and ninety-nine specially bred young fighters were fated to die without ever touching the surface of the planet they were designed to conquer.




There was only one survivor of the disaster. A solitary female, sealed in an airlock. It was all a matter of chance. The heat of the massive explosions in the engine room instantly vapourised all the strength-absorbing material that had been covering her skin. The sudden release of pressure when the force of the blast tore open the airlock forced her away from the craft so fast that she was propelled much closer to the blue and white planet than her doomed shipmates. By sheer luck, she was thrown so near to the cloudy world that she became trapped in its gravitational field. She, Lorren, who had been excluded from the invasion, was to be the only crew member to touch Earth.

She fell helplessly towards the thick layer of gases surrounding the planet. Soon the friction began to warm her skin. Very quickly, her body was glowing red with heat. Even in her state of shock, Lorren could not help but enjoy the wonderful warm sensation. She watched the clouds flashing past her and looked down at the world below her. It was then that she realised she was truly alone. As she thought of the others on the ship, her mood was not one of remorse or grief, but rather one of relief. Relief that she did not have to face justice for her indiscretion with the two engineers. Relief that she was free from the iron discipline of the Nivan command. And relief that she had not shared the same fate as the rest of the crew.

Lorren examined her new home as it rushed up to meet her. She had studied so much about the Earth in preparation for her role in the invasion. That plan was finished now, but she hoped to be able to use her knowledge to her advantage. She knew how weak the Terrans were, how fragile and how powerless. She knew she was stranded amongst them, far from the reach of the Nivan command. There was no-one on Earth who could throw her in an airlock or force her to accept their judgement. There was no-one to make her board a spaceship as part of an army, and there was no-one to prevent her having sex if that was what she wanted.

In fact, having sex was exactly what she wanted. She smiled to herself even as she rocketed downwards. She had just become the sole genetically improved Nivan on a planet whose inhabitants were weaklings even compared to the puniest unenhanced Nivan. She had been genetically engineered specifically to ensure that the most powerful weapons on this world would not harm her. A world that was home to billions of males. Surely not all of them could be as ugly as the ones she had learnt about on the ship. Surely some of them would be able to satisfy the never-ending hunger in her loins.




Lorren's fall was broken by the Pacific Ocean. She hit the water with such force that a thirty-foot high tidal wave raced a hundred miles from the point of impact. She sank deep into the ocean before recovering control and returning to the surface. With immensely powerful strokes she began to swim, unsure in which direction the nearest land lay. Her pace was similar to a Terran speedboat, but her stamina was beyond anything on the planet. Before two hours had elapsed, she had spotted land. She had truly arrived on Earth.

Lorren leapt gracefully out of the sea onto a deserted golden beach. In the distance she could see a group of trees - the ones she knew Terrans called "palms". She had swum over a hundred miles in just over two hours, but she wasn't even a little tired. Slowly, she walked towards the trees noticing that there was not a single Terran anywhere to be seen. The bright yellow sun made her skin tingle delightfully. She felt wonderful. Reaching the palms, she removed her uniform and lay down on the sand to fully enjoy the sensation. She felt herself filling with power.

She couldn't help but touch herself. Finally, she was free to feel her enhanced body without having to hide her sexuality. She began to fondle her massive, firm, round breasts, caressing them with enough force to crush Terran steel. Soon she was lost in her reverie, her right hand drifting away from her chest down her stomach, stroking her pubic hair and then touching the edges of her sex. With her other hand, she increased the pressure on her breast whist she used the fingers on her right hand to pleasure herself. For the first time in her life, she felt no fear of discovery. She began to intensify her efforts.




Brad often came to this deserted part of the beach to get away from it all. He'd drive down in the pick-up, change into his swimming trunks, splash about for a while and then dry out on the sand. No-one ever bothered him here; it was the only place he could be truly alone. He parked the truck back on the road, about half-a-mile away. Lorren would have heard his engine, but her mind was elsewhere. Taking his sports bag from the passenger seat, Brad changed there and then, by the side of the road. Then he headed towards the sea, looking forward to the feeling of salt-water on his skin.

He couldn't believe his eyes at first. There was someone in the trees. That was unusual enough, but it was nothing compared to his next discovery. The person in the trees was naked. And it was a chick. A young chick. And she was naked. And she was breathtakingly stunning. And she was playing with herself. He couldn't stop himself getting a little closer to examine her in greater detail. She had magnificent arrow-straight jet black shoulder-length hair. Her eyes were the clearest, brightest blue he had ever seen. The rest of her face was a vision in its perfection, her nose ideal, her lips full, red and beautifully shaped. In her excitement her mouth was slightly open, revealing two rows of flawless regular gleaming teeth.

But her face had to take a back seat to the body. Her legs, so long and slender, so shapely. Her hips, straight from his happiest fantasies. Her washboard stomach so flat, her navel so alluring. There was not the meerest hint of a blemish anywhere on her silky, toned flesh. But what caught Brad's attention and held it like a prisoner, were her breasts. He'd never seen a pair this large and round that were as firm as these appeared to be. She was lying on her back and yet they still stood proud on her chest, as if they had secured an exemption from the laws of gravity. Each boasted a big, triumphant pink nipple at its centre, pointed straight at the sky. Every little thing about the girl was utterly, utterly magnificent. Brad felt his body responding to the remarkable vision in front on him. He knew that his shorts could not hide his arousal, but he continued to stare at the incredible girl.


Meanwhile, Lorren was so involved in her masturbation that she did not even notice the boy's presence. Suddenly though, she became aware that she was no longer alone. She stopped her frantic fingering and looked up. She immediately saw the male's muscular chest and arms. Even his face wasn't too bad, by non-Nivan standards. Then she noticed the bulge in his shorts and couldn't help wondering to herself "Is that as big as it gets? These Terrans must be inferior in every way!" But, the male's arrival was too good an opportunity to pass up. She sprang to her feet and approached him.

Lorren loved the way he seemed to be in awe of her body. It made her feel even more powerful than she already did as the sole Nivan on Earth. Soon she was standing only a few feet away from him. She could hear his accelerating heatbeat, she could even smell his readiness for her. She wasn't sure which of the many Terran languages this male knew, but she decided that verbal communication wasn't neccessary. His body betrayed his desires and they matched hers exactly. She didn't need to discuss that with him. And she certainly didn't need to ask his permission. After all, she was a specially-developed planetary invader and he was just a Terran. She could take what she wanted from him and he could do nothing to stop her.

She reached out and hooked a finger inside the waistband of his swimming trunks. He did not move; his eyes revealing an inner state of shock. A little tug of her hand snapped the elastic in half and tore the shorts enough for them to fall to his feet. The male was completely exposed in his full state of arousal. Lorren glanced at his throbbing organ, barely able to hide her disappointment. She knew Terrans were soft. If he was this small when fully erect would he be able to satisfy her at all? She briefly considered stroking his shaft to see if it would expand any further, but changed her mind when she saw how close he was to orgasm. She'd not even touched him yet.

There was no point delaying any longer. She reached down with her right hand, grasping the back of his thigh, just below his buttock. She remembered to be gentle with him, but he immediately snapped out of his trance and yelped in pain, arms trashing around in a state of panic. A few times his clenched fists smashed into her arms and stomach. She had to concentrate to even feel the blows. Twice, he struck a breast, temporarily denting the flesh a little, making the mound bouce almost imperceptively. That feeling, and the sight of his impotence against her, only increased her lust.

She relaxed her casual grip on his leg even further until his grimace vanished. She placed her other palm flat on his back between his shoulders then in a fluid moment she lifted his legs off the ground, supporting his weight with the hand on his back, tilting him until he was almost horizontal. The look of utter shock on his face nearly made her laugh. He began to trash out at her again, striking her face. Lorren felt as if he were stroking her with a feather. She could see bruises already starting to form on his fists. She smiled at him as he continued his pathetic struggles, making his erection throb a little more, despite his obvious fear. He was so easy to control!


A fuse blew in Brad's brain when the girl jumped to her feet and approached him. She looked even better standing. The way her huge, round tits bobbed just a little with each step almost brought him to orgasm. It was as if he had lost the ability to move or speak as his mind struggled to cope with the sight of her. She came really close. He felt paralysed, utterly struck by her beauty. Then she tore his shorts off him like they were made of tissue paper. How did she do that? Before he could start thinking about it she had grabbed the back of his leg. It felt like he'd fallen into a beartrap. Her fingers were soft and feminine, but they gripped him so tightly he screamed.

He tried to make her release his leg by hitting her. He pounded her arms and stomach as hard as he could. It hurt. Him. Not her. Her skin was as smooth and warm as the women in his fantasies, but it felt like she was made of iron underneath. She didn't react at all to his blows whilst his hands were becoming a mass of pain. Then he managed to strike her breast a couple of times. It was softer than her abdomen, but only slightly. Her flesh seemed to give for a fraction of a second before he encountered that steely underlayer once again. The breast bounced only a tiny bit under his hardest blow. She seemed to be enjoying it.

Then she finally loosened the vice-like grip on his leg. She was still holding him far to tightly for him to move his leg even a fraction of an inch, but at least he was no longer in agony. But then she put her other hand behind him and lifted him off the ground like he was made of polystyrene. There wasn't a hint of strain on her face as she bore his big body on her open palm, holding him almost horizontally in front of herself.

He recovered from his shock and hit out at her. He could only reach her face, but he knew that he was smacking her pretty hard. But his hands were on fire, and she wasn't even blinking. Then, he noticed that she was actually smiling at him, even as he punched her face again and again. The sight of her perfect teeth sent a quiver of desire through his body that overruled his fear and pain and made his manhood throb once more. He stopped hitting her and tried to catch his breath. She had picked him up like a child's toy. She utterly ignored his best efforts to hurt her. She terrified him. And yet she was so beautiful, so sexy, so graceful, so confident, that he burned with lust for her. What the hell was she? 


Eventually the Terran gave up his feeble efforts to resist her. He was panting as though physically exhausted. Lorren could not believe how pathetic he was. She knew she had to be extremely careful with the male. She didn't want to break her new toy. At least not before she had played with it for a while. Gently, still holding him in front of her, she moved her feet apart and passed his lower body between her legs, aligning his pulsating organ with her own eager entrance. Then she began to lift him into her. To her disgust, he was too soft to enter her fully. With a great effort, she concentrated on loosening her inner muscles until finally, she was able to push his entire length in.

She could hardly even feel him in there. He was so small and so weak. But there was something in the lightness of the sensation, as though he were teasing her inside, that almost excited her. Suddenly, she felt him tensing down there. There was no way Lorren was going to allow the Terran to climax before she was ready. Instinctively, she tighted herself a little. The boy's reaction was to scream. Quickly, she released the pressure slightly, but not enough to allow him to orgasm. Still holding him with one hand between his shoulders she adjusted her grip so that the other hand cupped a buttock and his body was straight, perpendicular to hers.


The incredible girl held him as if he were weightless. He saw her opening her legs. He was too shocked and exhausted to resist when she effortlessly manoeuvred him between her knees. Christ, was she raping him? Yes, she was. She had positioned his bulging erection beneath her. She was lifting him towards her. It hurt. She was incredibly tight, but she continued to push him into her. Surely it had to be painful for her. But her angelic face revealed not a trace of discomfort. Little by little, she was forcing him inside her.

For a second, he thought that he was going to cum, but suddenly his organ exploded in pain as if it were being crushed in a circular steel vice. He heard himself yelp and the pain subsided. But the pressure on his shaft was still sufficient to prevent his orgasm. It was as if she had perfect control over some super-strong muscle in there. Maybe she did. Everything else about this girl defied belief, maybe her vagina was magical too. He felt her hand leave his leg and cushion his ass as she lowered his shoulders until he was lying flat, between her legs, his shaft buried inside her up to the hilt.

There was no doubt about it now. He was actually being raped. He couldn't believe the ease with which she was handling his 200 pound muscular frame. And she seemed to be deliberately stopping him from cuming by squeezing him inside her. Was this girl from another planet or something? He looked up at her amazing blue eyes and her calm, gorgeous face. She looked human enough to him. And her tits! Those two big, full, round mounds riding so arrogantly high - they were human too. But the way her internal muscles gripped him, the way she was holding him like he weighed nothing to her, the way his punches had failed to hurt her...


Lorren kept her tight inner grip as she began to lower and raise the young man out of and into her. If she put all her mental effort into it, she could detect the sensation of his shaft rubbing against her. It was pleasing to her, but it wasn't enough. She began to increase the speed of her thrusting, moving the Terran's whole body with ease. He was nothing more now than her sex toy and she used him accordingly. She could feel a tiny orgasm growing inside of her as she thought of the absolute power she held over this big, "strong" male.

Faster and faster she plunged him into her, his arms and legs flailing wildly. It was so hard to gain any pleasure from him without killing him. She wanted him unharmed for at least as long as it took her to reach satisfaction. She continued to shake him up and down until she felt her minature climax approach and break.


Christ, what was she? And what was he - her dildo? She had started pushing and pulling him in and out of her. She was still so tight that he couldn't cum despite his desparation to do so. She was throwing him about like he was just some toy, her strength still amazing him. She quickened the pace and his limbs began to fly about of their own accord. He had no control even over his own body. All the control belonged to the incredible girl. Her arms moved even faster. His arms and legs became a blur, his head spun. Finally, she must have gotten what she wanted because she threw her head back and let out a low moan. 

As her inner muscles relaxed, his face contorted and finally he released his load in a dozen violent spasms. He had never cum so hard in his life. It was as if his entire essence was being sucked out through his exploding organ. He knew she had been using him like a toy purely for her own pleasure, but it had still felt better to him than even his wildest fantasy.


"Yet another disappointment", thought Lorren. She had loosed her grip on his shaft, hoping his ejaculation would enhance her weak orgasm, but she hardly felt him at all. This Terran was pathetic. All he had done was to stimulate her enough to make her want more and then he had failed to provide that "more". He was hardly even worthy of being her toy. She removed her hands from underneath him and simply let him drop onto the sand beneath her. He lay there, gasping for breath, his face fixed in an expression of relief. She looked down at him contemptuously.

After a few moments, his exhausted organ began to deflate. Lorren could not believe it. Could this male be finished already, after he had raised her hopes and then given her so little? She could not accept that. So she raised one dainty foot and carefully stroked his penis with her perfect big toe as she stood over him. Immediately, he became erect once more. His puny organ was red and sore. His face showed the discomfort he was in, but he could not stop the blood flowing into his hardening shaft. Once again she smiled at him, and once again his manhood responded to her.


When she dropped him onto the sand like a piece of garbage, Brad assumed she was finished with him. But the way she stared down at him let him know that she was disappointed he wasn't offering her more. Too bad for you, he thought, I've got nothing more to give. But then she began to caress him with her flawless foot making him hard again when he wouldn't have believed it possible.

Every pulse of his blood made his organ feel as if it were on fire, but he could not prevent it continuing to inflate. When she smiled at him, he became fully erect once again. His groin ached, but his shaft betrayed him. Even that was utterly beyond his control now. Even his most personal physical reactions seemed to be hers to manipulate to her whims. Brad was truly scared now. He wondered what she had in mind for him. He feared what she might do if he was unable to fulfill her needs. In a moment of panic, it occurred to him that her desire might be as inhuman as her strength, that he might never be able to satisfy this incredible girl and that she might kill him in the process.


Lorren saw that the male was ready for her again. She noticed the fear in his eyes too and it amused her that she had so easily made him erect despite his terror. Looking down at the feeble Terran lying helpless on his back between her long straight legs reminded her of her power over him. The thought was enough to stimulate her own sexual appetite. She began to bend her knees, lowering herself down towards his throbbing penis. Panic spread across the young man's face; he seemed to be in dread of what she might be about to do. He started kicking his legs, trying to move himself away from underneath her whilst still lying on the sand.

Lorren crouched down. The Terran had managed to move a yard or so away from her. She had to stretch forward a little to get a hold on his ankles. She could see his frantic efforts to move his feet, the jerking of his hips and the strain on his face, but all his efforts proved useless against her casual grip. Remaining on her haunches, she shifted her feet apart and gave the male's legs a little tug so that his whole body lifted momentarily off the sand as she yanked it into position between her legs. Then she pivoted her feet ever so slightly until her heels were pressed against his side, holding him in place, despite his increasingly desperate struggles.


Brad saw that the girl was lowering herself towards his painful erection. Instinctively, he tried to escape, "walking" himself, still prone on his back, away from her. He got his legs out from under her in time, but she was able to grab on to his ankles. She didn't seem to be putting any exertion into it, yet as much as he fought, he could not budge those ankles even a tiny bit. Then she pulled at him suddenly and his entire body jerked as she slid him between her feet once again as if he were nothing more than a sack of sawdust.

He felt her heels digging into his ribs on either side. With just the edges of her delicate femine feet, she was easily preventing him from escaping. He tried to wriggle free, putting all his strength into it, but her hold was unbreakable. Beads of sweat began to break out on his forehead. He was utterly powerless against this girl. There was nothing he could do to stop her doing whatever she wanted to do with him. He couldn't even deflate his ever-ready organ; even that was well beyond his control now.


Keeping the male in place between her heels, Lorren lowered herself until the tip of his wholly unimpressive erection brushed against her pubic hair. The incredibly delicate touch of the fragile Terran flesh reminded her just how careful she had to be with this creature. She relaxed her inner muscles as much as she could, and slowly impaled herself on him, re-tightening a little when she felt him ready to orgasm once again. Just being inside her seemed to bring him to the brink of release, even now when he was frightened and in pain. Even when he had orgasmed once already just moments before. He truly was pathetic. 

Lorren began to pump her long, strong legs, rythmically taking him in and out of her, keeping the internal grip on him to prevent him cuming until she was fully ready. She increased the pace, trying to squeeze more enjoyment from his small and delicate organ. From somewhere, the Terran found a new burst of strength. He tried to sit up, getting about halfway there. That was enough for him to be able to reach her. Gritting his teeth, he began to strike her face, alternating between his left and right hands. Lorren though this was much better. She enjoyed his featherlight touches as she continued to ride up and down on him.

From the tears in his eyes and his irregular breathing, she could tell that he was in pain, great pain probably, but she wasn't about to stop now, when he was finally doing something for her. She cupped her breasts, stroking them gently, using only about a hundred times more force than the Eathman's blows as he repetitively struck her face. Soon she felt a second orgasm rising from deep within her, much larger than the first. Continuing the powerful movement of her legs, she bent her head down closer to him, bringing herself more within his reach, hoping to encourage him to hit her harder.


Brad was in agony. He was being raped him for the second time in ten minutes. This time, he was lying on the sand, with her holding his entire body in place with her beautiful heels while she rode him, her fantastic legs moving up and down like pistons in an engine. His organ burnt inside her, but in spite of the pain, he was yearning to cum once again. Just like the first time however, she was doing something inside to stop his release, gripping him with hidden, supernatural muscles. In a final attempt to ease his situation, he sat up as far as he could and started smacking her face with one hand then the other over and over again.

His hardest blows didn't even make her blink. Meanwhile, he could feel the bruises already beginning to form on his hands, only increasing his pain still further. The girl continued to rape him, her legs not hesitating even an instant. Unbelievably, she leaned her face towards him as if she were deliberately making it easier for him to hit her, like she enjoyed it or something. In sheer desperation, afraid that she would crush his organ or his hips completely, he pounded her face repeatedly with both his fists together as if hammering on a huge oak door, ignoring the ever-growing pain in his hands.


This was much better! The Terran had started to pummel her with both his fists. If she concentrated enough, it was almost like being gently caressed by an Nivan. She felt her orgasm bubble up to the surface. She released her inner hold on him, trying to feel his pathetic ejaculation. The pounding on her face stopped as the male lost control of his body. The miserable trickle inside her was just enough to send her over the edge. She threw her head back, thrusting her magnificent breasts outwards and moaning in her pleasure as she continued to ride him, making sure she extracted every drop of enjoyment from the Terran beneath her.


At last she seemed to be stopping. He felt the grip on his shaft loosen and was surprised by the strength of his own orgasm. He had never cum twice in so short a space of time before. The girl arched her back and moaned, still bouncing up and down on his inflamed erection. The sight of her fantastic tits pushed forward and jiggling drew a final burst of ejaculation from him, making him cry out in both pain and pleasure. Finally she stopped moving. As he panted for breath, bruises already beginning to show on his hands, groin and hips and unbearable waves of soreness pulsing through his organ, he thought he would pass out.

He was far to exausted to speak, let alone move his arms or legs. Besides, what could he say to the stunningly beautiful girl who had just finished painfully raping him for a second time in a few minutes? The girl who now sat on him, looking as fresh and relaxed as when he had first laid eyes on her. Christ, didn't she even get tired? His body was covered in sweat and bruises. Hers was still perspiration-free, still smooth and flawless. What the hell was she?


Lorren nearly laughed when she looked down at the Terran. He was clearly too weary to move. Two short bursts of love-making - in which she had done all the "work" - and he appeared on the verge of falling into unconciousness. There was no way she was going to allow him to do that. She was just getting warmed up now. Just beginning to see how she might get pleasure from this pathetic creature. The second time had been so much more enjoyable than the first, maybe a third would actually satisfy her. There was only one way to find out.

She stood up, letting him slide out of her. She stepped around his prostrate body and lay down on the sand beside him. The male made no effort to escape this time. His breath was rasping, his broad, muscular chest rising and falling dramatically. Could he really be that physically exhausted? His miserable little organ was already flaccid once again. How did such a pathetic creature even manage to stay alive? But that was not her concern. Her only interest in him now was whether or not he could bring her to a third - hopefully conclusive - orgasm.

Lying alongside the heavily-breathing Terran, Lorren propped herself up on one elbow and turned towards him. She saw that his eyes were half open. He was on the verge of falling asleep. She placed a hand on either of his shoulders and shook him as gently as she could. He yelled out in pain once again. All she was doing was making sure he was awake. Was he truly that delicate? At least his eyes were fuly open now. He was trying to speak, but no words came out. She began to worry that he would not be able to perform for her anymore. She had to act now before it was too late.


Brad was vaguely aware of the girl finally getting off of him and standing up. He was far too tired to move now. All he could do was try and catch his breath and hope that she would now leave him alone. She walked around him and lay down next to him. So, it seemed she did need to rest after all. He felt his eyes begin to close, and surrendered to the feeling, longing for the promise of recovery held out by sleep. The next thing he knew his upper arms were being crushed inwards and he was being viciously shaken as in a violent earthquake.

He opened his eyes. He should have known. His heart sank. The girl was shaking him awake. She was not finished with him yet. He felt like his brain was about to be jolted loose. The pain of her iron grip on his already bruised arms was intolerable. Instinctively, he screamed. She stopped shaking him and loosened her hold. Not for the first time, relief spread through him. He was completely awake now. She was leaning on her elbow, her gorgeous face studying him, her expression clearly one of disappointment. What did she want from him?

Every inch of his being ached, none more so than his bright red organ. It lay fully shrivelled across his thigh. Surely she couldn't want anything else from there? He thought he would die if she did. Besides, he was convinced that he would never achieve another erection again in his life. The pain was too great. His penis was agonisingly sore. His testicles were throbbing and achingly empty. His groin and his hips were covered in blue and green marks, evidence of the batterings he had recieved. He wanted to tell her to leave him alone, to beg her to have pity on him. His lips moved, but his throat was too dry and his breath too short to produce sounds. He could do nothing but lie there. He was utterly at her mercy.


So, the Terran was now too weak to even speak. She was not prepared to wait for him to recover; her two orgasms had left her with a strong need for more. She would have to do everything for herself, including getting him erect once more. In one graceful move, she rolled herself over him, placing one of her hands on either side of his head and one foot on either side of his legs. She bent close over his face so that their noses were almost touching. Once again, he tried to speak, but without success. It was as if he had lost all power of movement. She hoped his penis was still responding.

Turning her head slightly, she lowered her lips to his and kissed him briefly, as gently as she could. A low groan eminated from him. Once more, he made a futile effort at talking. Looking down, she saw a slight spasm in his limp organ. Encouraged by this, she kissed him again, this time longer and harder. She saw his arm lift a little off the sand and crash back down again. His organ spasmed again and raised itself a tiny bit. Another kiss, more passionate than the last. The arm slapped twice on the ground. The organ grew a little further. She was deinitely on the right track.


His worst fears were confirmed. She wasn't lying beside him anymore, she was directly over him, supporting herself on her hands and toes. She brought her face so close to his, he could feel his panting breath trapped between them. He wanted to beg her to stop, whatever she was doing. The pain in his penis and testicles was so great, he feared he would die if she tried to take him again. But he was unable to make any noise leave his body. Then, she kissed him softly, her firm lips pressing against his for an indescribable second, a kiss more exciting than any he had ever imagined in his fantasies. Immediately he felt a stab of pain as his battered organ responded to her.

He tried to cry out, to move, to strike her - anything to make her stop. All he managed to do was emit a soft moan. Then she kissed him again, longer this time, making his penis jump a bit, the agony filling his head with stars. Summoning all his strength, he was able only to slap his hand on the ground. The only effect that had was to make her press her lips against his again, much stronger than before. His mouth felt numb under the pressure of her kiss, but he failed to notice, so great was the throbbing of his now undeniably re-inflating organ. The best resistance he could offer was to slap his hand on the sand twice more. No! She can't make him stiff again! She can't rape him a third time! Please... no!


Lorren ran her tongue lightly across the Terran's cheek. He winced in discomfort and she could see yet more dark marks apprearing on his skin. She slid her tongue between his lips, easily parting them, until she felt his clenched teeth. She probed a little bit harder and felt the barrier give way. Now she could taste his blood. It was the first time she had sampled Terran blood. She quite liked it. She let her tongue run freely around his mouth, dislodging a few more teeth in the process. His hand was now pounding on the sand. She could see water collecting in the corners of his eyes. Eventually, she withdrew her tongue from his now bloody mouth and glanced down at his organ. It was half-way there now.


Christ! Now she was licking him. Only it felt like someone pressing soft, warm stone against his face. He could feel his cheek bruising even as she lightly passed the tip of her tongue over it. Then she was parting his lips. He fought to keep his mouth closed, but he was powerless to stop her separating his sealed lips. Her tongue was pushing painfully against his teeth now. Brad was using every ounce of strength he could gather to clamp his jaws together, to try and keep her out of his mouth, to try and stop her doing as she pleased with him.

Suddenly he was overwhelmed by a new pain in his gums and his mouth was full of blood. His teeth! The incredible girl had knocked them out with just her tongue! Now she was exploring the inside of his mouth. He tried to push her out with his own tongue, but hers pushed his aside as though it wasn't there. He tried to scream, but her lips were sealed over his, his tongue was forced to the side and no sound came out. Despite the tremendous discomfort in his gums, the blood trickling down his troat and the terrible aches and bruises all over his body, he knew she was getting him hard again.

Each beat of his heart send a wave of blood into his organ and a shot of pain through his entire body. Her tongue continued to wander about inside his mouth, knocking out a few more teeth, causing him further agony. All he could do in response was to slap his hand on the sand once more. He felt tears welling in his eyes when she finally withdrew her tongue. Blood dripped down his chin, his penis throbbed horribly. Still unable to speak he watched in horror as the girl glanced down at his half-extended organ and then back at him, smiling slightly.


Lorren knew now that she would be able to take the fragile Terran a third time. She just had to finish the work of making him erect again and he would be hers. She gently lowered herself towards him once again until her large pink nipples brushed against his chest. She moved forward to allow herself to stroke the male with the points of her breasts. There was more banging of his hand on the ground. She leant into him, allowing her big, round, firm breasts to flatten ever so slightly against his muscular chest. The pounding of his fist on the ground became more frantic. She ignored it, dragging her breasts up his body towards his chin.

She continued to rub herself upwards over his body. The top of her breasts met his chin, forcing his head backwards until she heard the sound of his tendons stretching. Tears were streaming from his eyes. Not wanting him dead before she had taken what she wanted from him, she adjusted her chest so that her breasts rested on his cheeks. Beneath her, she felt his manhood approach its full length. She raised herself a little, so that her nipples hung just a fraction of an inch above his face, and then lowered herself once more, breasts either side of his nose, smothering him completely in her huge warm cleavage. That was enough to get him totally hard once more. She smiled. Males were so easy to control.


Brad realised that nothing could stop the girl raping him a third time. There was nothing he could do to prevent her making him erect; despite the terrible pain she had inflicted all over his body and the agonising ache of his abused sexual organs, he was powerless to resist her inhuman strength and her unnatural sexuality. She had stopped extracting his teeth with her tongue, but now she was lowering her fabulous tits onto his chest. Her nipples pressed painfully into him, making him wince, but he was helpless. More as a reaction to the pain than an attempt to get through to her, he pounded the ground beside him once again.

Christ, what was she made of? She pressed her massive breasts against his chest. They felt so soft at first and yet so incredibly firm as they flattened just a little against him. Suddenly, there was no more give in them and Brad felt the two heavy mounds squeezing the air from his lungs. He smashed his fist repeatedly into the sand. She was going to kill him with her great big, gorgeous tits! She started dragging them up his chest. It was as if two minature steam rollers were being driven on his torso. The pressure was unbearable, but still his penis betrayed him, getting ever harder.

Her breasts reached his chin, pushing his head back. He tried to resist, but she seemed to be effortlessly stretching his neck with her wonderful mounds. He began to cry, partly due to the pain and partly due to the helplessness of his situation. He could feel the back of his neck stretching beyond comfort; he could hear something give back there. Brad feared she would decapitate him. At last she stopped, removing her chest from under his chin. But she just altered her position, and lowered himself onto his face, soft warm feminine flesh resting on his cheeks. He felt another spasm in his organ as he responded to her.

Then she lifted herself up again, so that her breasts were hanging just above the centre of his face. From where he lay, he could see nothing but the two huge, glorious, pendant mounds. His penis twitched accordingly. He knew that the reactions of his organ were only encouraging her, but there was nothing he could do - he was being double-crossed by his own body. She was in complete control and he had no choice but to let her have her way. The burning sensation in his groin told him he was almost erect again. She was going to succeed at what he thought was impossible; she was going to rape him for a third time.

He knew now for certain that she would not be denied. His spirit sank to a new low as he realised that the girl would go on using him until either she was satisfied or he was unconcious. Or dead. He had to fight her - not physically, because she seemed to have inhuman strength, but in some other way. He had to win the battle for control of his body, he had to prevent himself becoming stiff for her again. But the girl just bent over him, her two magnificent breasts pressing painfully into his face again. He was being smothered by her; his nose buried in her cleavage, so that his nostrils were filled with her unbelievable perfume, his vision completely filled with her flawless flesh. How could he ever think he could resist her? A broken man, he began to sob. He was completely erect now. She had won.


She lifted her chest off the Terran's face. Weeping softly, the pathetic creature stayed motionless as she lay down on her back beside him. She reached over and wrapped the fingers of her hand around the top of his arm. Casually raising her arm, she lifted his body off the sand. He dangled from her grip, making no effort to resist. What a pathetic creature. She dropped him on top of herself. His eyes closed for a moment as the impact of their chests knocked all the wind out of him. She wondered how much longer the fragile male would last. She decided not to waste any more time.

She placed a hand on each of his hips and, relaxing her internal muscles, she lifted him up and guided his organ into her. She pushed him in until he screamed. Then she began to pull him in and out, slowly at first, enjoying his moans of pain every time she slammed his groin against hers and his chest into her own. She increased the pace and the moans stopped and a look of horror and pleading came to his eyes. Her power over him excited her and she moved him in and out of her even faster. The fear on his face intensified. She could feel her orgasm developping and accelerated the movement of her arms still further. His eyes rolled until she could hardly see his pupils.

She let him have his pitiful ejaculation, continuing to thrust him in and out of her. His eyes were closed now, but she increased her pace once again. Finally, her climax came. She threw her head back and pushed him in deeply, letting out a scream as wave after wave of pleasure washed over her body. Her body began to buck wildly, and her eyes shut as she let the wonderful feeling fill her being. Perhaps these Terrans weren't so useless after all. It was two full minutes before she regained enough self-control to open her eyes once again.


When the girl released his face from the prison of her cleavage, Brad knew she would soon be forcing him inside her again. He must have blanked out for a moment, because suddenly she was lying beside him. Then her fingers were on his arm and his mind filled with terrible agony yet again. She was lifting his whole body with her one-handed grip, letting him dangle like a child holding a doll. Then she let go and he fell onto her body, onto her incredible breasts. It was as if he had been hit in the chest by two battering rams. He couldn't breathe for an instant or two. He thought he was passing out, but the sensation passed.

She grabbed him by the hips. Brad already knew what was about to happen to him, but he was too numb now to react. She lifted him up - it still amazed him the way this slim girl tossed his large frame about as if he were made of polystyrene. Then she plunged him into her. She pushed him in even further than the previous two occasions - so far in that he thought she would crush his pelvis against her steel-hard body. From somewhere deep inside of him a scream rose to the surface. The effort of producing the cry hurt his battered body terribly. Even as the sound left his lips, he knew that she would ignore it.

With her hands still gripping his hips like a vice, she began to push and pull him in and out of her. Each time she slammed him into her, her let out an involuntary moan of pain. His pelvis crashing against hers, his upper body smashing against her unearthly breasts - Brad felt like he was being repeatedly punched by a heavyweight champion. Did this beautiful bitch want to kill him? Her only reaction to his obvious agony was to smile a little as she upped the tempo of her thrusting. She was using him as her dildo. He was her toy.

The continuing impacts of their chests drove all the air from his body. No sound would leave his open mouth. Panicking for oxygen, his eyes bulging, Brad was really scared. She just moved him ever faster. It was as if his terror was turning her on. His vision became black. In a wave of sickening fear, Brad suddenly realised that his life was in real danger. The girl increased the pace even more.

What the fuck was she? He was more scared now than ever before. And yet she still somehow had the ability to control his sexual organs - to bring him to an orgasm for the third time in fifteen minutes. He hardly felt himself cuming, he was so numbed by pain, shock and fear, but he was vaguely aware of the fluid passing from him. But she didn't stop violently shaking him around. Her grip on his hips became even tighter. He felt his head becoming heavy. He stopped hearing anything except the thumping of his heart. Images of his childhood flashed into his mind and then... nothing.


As Lorren finally came down from her peak and opened her eyes, everything was red. Looking at her hands, she soon saw why. In her excitement, she had completely pulverised the Terran's pelvis in her hands, the shattered bone piercing his skin. A few bloody shards of rib protuded from his strangely hollow upper body, his hard muscular chest crushed by her large, soft, feminine breasts. His mouth was smeered in blood from his toothless gums. Disgusted with the fragility of her former "lover", Lorren tossed the corpse away. It landed in a repulsive heap fifty yards away.

Lorren walked to the sea to wash herself clean. The pathetic male had at least brought her some pleasure before crumbling in her arms. It had taken her three attempts, but she had managed to squeeze satisfaction from his weakling body. She put her uniform back on, realising as she did that she would need Terran clothes to hide on this planet. She was going to be here for awhile. Suddenly the idea of spending time amongst the Earthlings appealed to her. Fragile or not, they did have their uses.

She started walking away from the beach, in search of a settlement where she might find more Terran males. If she was careful, they would make great toys for her. She passed the bloody remains of the first Terran she had encountered and smiled to herself. There were plenty more males on this planet. She could afford to accidently break a toy or two.


Conceptfan, November 2001





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