Vanity Case
Team Trident




By Russell Iles

# 2002





Name. Vanity Case

Sex. Female

Nationality. British

Status. Single

Age. 27

Height. 5ft 10ins

Hair. Brown

Rank. Leader of Team Trident



Vanity Case is an only child, tragically both her parents were killed in a road accident when Vanity was only eleven years old' She was then brought up by her wealthy grandparents.

Vanity is an extremely capable young woman, tall, slim, very attractive, articulate, extremely confident and self assured and well educated, she lives alone in a large country house somewhere in southern England.

Vanity was a bit of a tomboy when she as a child' her late father and grandfather father noticed this and taught her many things' such as how to ride a motor cycle, drive a car, how to shoot and how to ride.

Since the age of seven' Vanity has had training in judo' and since then she has also trained in ju jitsu and tae kwon do and she became very proficient at them all' gaining a black belt in each art by the time she was sixteen years old, she gained her 4th Dan in judo by the time she reached her twenty first birthday, Vanity is also a trained gymnast and represented her country at junior level when she was ten years old.

Vanity has had a private education at a mixed school' where she was extremely popular with the staff and her fellow pupils' she is also fluent in three languages French, Spanish and Russian.

She now works for the British secret service' in a department known as SID (special investigations division)' Vanity has been with the SID dept for eight years' since she was nineteen years old, when she began her career at SID she impressed everyone during her training, with her skills and abilities and she passed with flying colours, she was also taught some new skills such as scuba diving, parachuting, climbing, sword fencing, archery, stealth measures, communications and personal protection.

She has proven herself to be an extremely capable and valuable asset to SID and she has now been selected to form her own elite three person team, which Vanity has decided to name Team Trident, she will not only be a member of the team, she will be in sole control of it's operations and will not be answerable to anyone.

Team Trident will act independently of the department and will investigate dangerous and mysterious criminal organisations throughout Britain and the crimes that they commit, the only information they will receive from SID are what crimes they are to investigate and where.

Vanity will herself choose the other two members of Team Trident, the team will have it's own secret meeting place called the Bird cage and only the three of them will know of it's whereabouts, the team will also have it's own equipment, vehicles and special attire for missions and the other two members will have to have been trained to the same exceptionally high level as Vanity Case, Vanity has no doubts about putting the skills of her team up against any adversary.

Vanity Case was invited to join SID by a colonel Bentley when she was nineteen years old, the reason being that two years earlier she had saved his life, vanity was walking past a dark back street alley in London when she heard a commotion, being curious she went to investigate and saw through the dim light a lone man being attacked by three assailants, without a thought for her own safety she went to the mans aid, she and the man routed the assailants, who were then arrested, but only after all three had received hospital treatment.

The man Vanity helped turned out to be colonel Bentley, he was very grateful to her and very impressed that a beautiful young woman should have such courage and fighting ability, I am always willing to help the underdog' laughed Vanity, they became friends and kept in touch, Colonel Bentley realised that Vanity would be a great asset to SID, so two years later he invited her to join, knowing she would easily make the grade.













The other members of Team Trident



Name. Eva Manova

Sex. Female

Nationality. (Duel citizenship) Lithuanian

And British

Status. Single

Age. 24

Height. 5ft 9ins

Hair. Blonde

Rank. Team Trident member




Eva Manova was born in Lithuania, she is the youngest of five children' she has four elder brothers' she was raised by her mother as her father deserted them when Eva was six months old.

When Eva was only six she left home with two of her brothers to join their uncles travelling circus, with her mothers blessing of course.

Eva's uncle and brothers trained her as a circus performer and by the age of twelve she became an expert on the trapeze and also a skilled acrobat, tight rope walker and escape artist she was also taught to ride horses and motorcycles, they also taught her how to look after herself by training her in unarmed combat and a form of eastern European gypsy wrestling at which she became very skilled, sometimes men and even some women would bet money that they could defeat her, no one ever did.

Eva enjoyed the circus life and with the circus she travelled to many parts of Europe, she took her education seriously and on her travels she learned to speak many languages, she is fluent in German, Italian, Slovakian and of course English and she always remembered to send money back home to her mother from where ever she was.

When Eva was seventeen the circus came to Britain for a two year tour, while on the latter stages of that tour Eva unwittingly helped SID operatives capture an animal smuggling ring, she was then invited to stay on in England and join SID, she jumped at the chance as she had fallen in love with England and the thought of her training to be an undercover operative excited her, being a circus performer was a dangerous occupation and she knew that by being an undercover agent there would be even more danger, but danger was a way of life to Eva and she thrives on it.

Eva's passage through the tough training was very impressive, she took it all very seriously and her natural agility and circus upbringing helped her pass with distinction.

Eva was also taught some new skill's including scuba diving, archery, driving, stealth activities, marksmanship, communications, explosives, parachuting, sword fencing, and she as also become a judo 4th Dan, due to her wrestling expertise and gained a second Dan in ju jitsu, Eva as become one of SID's top exponents of unarmed combat, I love to fight, but only during training sessions and on missions of course and I am very proud of my fighting and grappling abilities, said Eva, but I do enjoy putting them into practice, especially against men because they think that women are weaker than they are, so it is very nice to be able to prove to them differently and show them that they have to be of very exceptional ability to match me, my main advantage is my flexibility and agility, I sometimes like to toy with my adversaries, which sometimes gets me into trouble with Vanity, but she understands and knows that I am confident in my own abilities and that I will only use a weapon if I have to as a last resort, she grins' and by using her experience Eva hopes to one day train new recruits in her fighting techniques.


Even though Eva as only been with SID for five years, Vanity Case had no hesitation in choosing her to be part of Team Trident, not only due to her exceptional skills and abilities but also due to her determination' trustworthiness and dependability over the last five years that they have worked together.

Eva is a tall, athletic, extremely confident and very attractive blonde, she lives in her own large apartment, with her two cats, somewhere in London, she loves fashion, especially leather and she chose most of the leather items for the teams mission wardrobe.

Eva says I love the material it is very how do you say "sexy' and tight fitting, but very comfortable and incredibly tough and flexible and does not inhibit my movements at all, it's like a second skin and because it is shiny and smooth it helps me out in some tight situations, if I am grappling with an adversary he or she cannot get such a good grip on me, so it is to my advantage, even though I am confident in my own ability to get out of trouble, she smiles, even my boots have specially made heels and soles so that I can move silently and she says I think that's why vanity and John have given me the codename "Kinky' during communications on missions, and by being an expert in judo and wrestling, I can easily "heave a man over' my shoulder, which fits my name perfectly! Don't you think, she laughs!




Name. John Sterling

Sex. Male

Nationality. British

Status. Single

Age. 33

Height. 6ft 2ins

Hair. Dark brown

Rank. Team Trident member





John sterling joined the British army when he was seventeen years old and served as a member of the Special Forces for four years, nothing is known of John Sterling's past or family due to security reasons.

John Sterling has won honours for his bravery in action' he is a skilled helicopter pilot, explosives expert, marksman, scuba diver, motor cyclist, climber and an army champion in both karate and boxing.

John Sterling has been an operative with SID for seven years, and he proved to be one of the organisations top operatives in the field, Vanity Case again had no hesitation in choosing Sterling has part of her team, he is an exceptional operative and a very charming man, he as all the right qualities and is extremely dependable and reliable, said Vanity.

Sterling says he has no worries whatsoever about working with two women, he says that it's an honour to be chosen to be part of the organisations most elite team and that both Vanity and Eva are two of SID's top operatives and that they are both extremely capable women, I can trust them both with my life, he said, and of course I am looking forward to working two very beautiful women, but don't tell them I said that.

Sterling is a tall handsome man and lives somewhere in London in a large apartment with it's own gym and training area, he is a fitness fanatic, but he still smokes twenty cigarettes a day.