The World Strongest Woman


Son Gohan sat in his bedroom, reading Chapter V in his Science
 Book for the twelfth time already, with a big smile on his face.
  He could hardly sense his mother’s ki right behind him.
“TURN THAT PAGE NOW!” yelled Chi-Chi.  Frightened, Gohan went
 Super Saiyajin without realizing it, and immediately turned
 the page.
“Aw, Mom!  I was doing my homework!” protested Gohan.
“Yes!  Really!  That’s our homework!” cried Gohan.
“I’ll have to have a talk with your teacher about this,” said
 Chi-Chi.  “Now go eat your dinner.”
“Yes, Mother,” said Gohan as he scurried to the dining room.  He
 was about to return to his normal form when he saw his father,
 in Super Saiyajin form.
“Gohan, don’t go out of Super Saiyajin,” said Gokou.  “Remember,
 we still have to train for the Cell Game.”
“Right,” said Gohan.
Gokou turned to face his wife.  “Chi-”
“THIS IS ALL YOUR FAULT, GOKOU!” snapped Chi-Chi.  “Hang your
 head in shame!”
“Yes, Dear,” said Gokou.  “As usual, Dear.”
“I’d punch your lights out if you weren’t a Super Saiyajin,”
 said Chi-Chi.  
This brought no relief to Son Gokou, because the stronger he
 was, the more of an idle excuse Chi-Chi had.  Once it was “I’d
 punch your lights out if you couldn’t do that damned Kamehame
 Ha!” or “I’d punch your lights out if it weren’t for that 
Kaiouhken!”  But Chi-Chi had learned to do both of those attacks.
  Who’s to say that she couldn’t go Super Saiyajin as well?
Gokou knew that Chi-Chi was far weaker than he was, but she had
 incredible intimidation techniques, such as her forceful demeanor,
 her loud voice, and her constant refusal to sex.  Why, Chi-Chi
 was so frightening that she might one day just order herself to
 go Super Saiyajin, no matter how utterly impossible it was.
Gokou had begun to seriously contemplate bringing Chi-Chi to the
 Cell Game, but unfortunately, Chi-Chi refused to fight unless 
it conflicted with Gohan’s studies.
Still, Gokou could always sense that there was some sort of
 hidden power that Chi-Chi possessed.  Gohan had done many things
 to show his true power, and at times it was uncertain whether it
 was his human side that brought out this hidden strength or if 
it was his Saiyajin side.  Gokou was quite certain that Chi-Chi
 was more powerful than she let on, but she refused to show any
 sign of her primitive instincts.
Chi-Chi definitely had some 
sort of hidden power, because it was Gohan’s human side that was
 the root of most of his power.  Still, Trunks was half-human
 half-Saiyajin, and he did not display the same kind of power
 that Gohan did.  Could it have been because Bulma was not
 a fighter?  Could it have been mostly Chi-Chi’s strength that
 made Gohan what he was?
Son Gokou was quite certain that his wife Chi-Chi was in fact…


By: L. Curtis Totty

The Eternal Dragon appeared out of the Dragonballs that had been
 collected, and floated, towering over what appeared to be a robot.
  But Shenlon was not at all a discriminatory entity, and so
 asked his famous question:

Suddenly, a bright light flashed, and the robot found itself
 before its master, who was now much more powerful.

“Yes.  Yes!  YES!  This is perfect!  It’s a good thing I 
programmed this robot to collect the Dragonballs and wish me back!
  Now I shall have my revenge on you Son Gokou!  AHAHAHAHAH!

“WHERE’S GOHAN!” cried Chi-Chi. “IT’S 9:00 PM!  WHY ISN’T HE
“I think he said something about going to some sort of study
 session with some friends of his for a big Science Exam,” said Gokou. 
“Chi-Chi, calm down,” said Gokou, as he rose from his
 chair.  “Gohan contacted me telepathically, and asked me if he
 could go to a study session after school.  I’m sure he’s fine!”
“Gokou, you’ve got to go and find him!” said Chi-Chi.
“All right, Chi-Chi!  I’ll go to the Capsule Corporation
 Headquarters and bring Gohan home!” said Gokou.  
He walked out of his house, and flew off towards the city.

Son Gohan arrived at the Capsule Corporation Headquarters, and
 looked around.  “Hey, no one’s here!”
“Hi, Gohan!”  Gohan turned around, and saw the new girl from
 school, Lilly.
“Lilly?  Where is everyone else?” asked Gohan.
“They couldn’t come, so we’ll have to study ourselves!” said Lilly.
“Hmm…looks like the Capsule Corporation is closed for the day,”
 said Gohan.  “Now, how are we supposed to research for the report
 on the Reproductive System?” 
“Hey, I know!” said Lilly.
“What?” asked Gohan.
“There’s this filmstrip about it at the Ultraplex Theatre!” said
 Lilly.  “We can go there and get our research!”
“Okay,” said Gohan.  “That sounds like a good idea.”
About half an hour after Gohan flew Lilly to the Ultraplex
 Theatre, Son Gokou arrived, with a worried look on his face.
“That’s weird,” he said.  “Where is everyone…AAHH!”

“Gokou and Gohan still aren’t back,” said Chi-Chi.  “Which means
 that Gohan went somewhere else, and Gokou couldn’t find him.
  Oh well, I guess that sometimes you just have to take matters
 into your own hands.”
“Now, where could Gohan be?” thought Chi-Chi.  “Of course.  He
 must’ve gone to Kame House!”  Chi-Chi ran off to her air-car,
 and flew towards the home of Mutenroshi, hoping to find her son.

“Hey, look everyone!” shouted Yamucha.  “It’s Chi-Chi!”
“Chi-Chi?” asked Kurilin.  “What in the world is she doing here?”

Chi-Chi jumped out of her air-car just as if it were Gokou’s Kintoun. 
“RETURN MY GOHAN!” yelled Chi-Chi.
“Oh no!  She thinks Gohan is here!” cried Vegeta.  “We’re in for
 it, now!”  
Chi-Chi landed in front of Kurilin, Yamucha, Bulma, Mutenroshi,
 and Vegeta, facing them with a look of anger in her eyes.
“Chi-Chi?  What are you doing here?” asked Mutenroshi.
“I’ve come for Gohan!  Where is he?” asked Chi-Chi.  “I know
 he’s probably come here to escape studying!  Where is he?”
“I don’t know what you’re talking about!  Gohan isn’t here!”
 shouted Mutenroshi.
Suddenly, a bright light descended from the sky.  Upon landing
 on the ground, it took the form of a human being.
  “Ox King?” asked Yamucha.
“Kamesennin, I’ve come to challenge you to a martial arts 
fight!  I’ve been training for the chance to finally defeat you 
in battle!”
“Father, this doesn’t concern you!” said Chi-Chi.
“You haven’t changed a bit, have you Chi-Chi?” asked Ox King.
“Humph,” said Chi-Chi.  Suddenly, she saw an opportunity!  She
 bounced off of Ox King’s chest and rushed into Kame House.
“Stop her before she gets too far!” cried Vegeta.
“Wait a minute,” said Yamucha.  “What do we have to hide?”
“Well, if we don’t do something, there’ll be no exciting fight scene!”
said Kurilin.
“I guess you’re right!” said Yamucha.
Chi-Chi ran to the back of Kame House, and saw a large carpet
 that hadn’t been there the last time she had visited.
  She threw it off, and discovered a trap door beneath it.
  Chi-Chi opened the door to find a long staircase.
“THERE SHE IS!” yelled Vegeta.  “AFTER HER!”
Chi-Chi quickly ran down the staircase into the hidden basement
 of Kame House.  She had no time to examine her surroundings
 fully, for Mutenroshi’s henchmen were right behind her.  All
 she knew was that she was in what looked like a library of some
 sort.  She turned around, and saw Yamucha, Kurilin, and Vegeta
 right in front of her.
“Let’s get her!” said Yamucha.  
He and Kurilin rushed towards Chi-Chi while Vegeta stayed back,
 and began to power up.  Yamucha and Kurilin suddenly began to
 rapidly punch and kick Chi-Chi with incredible speed.  She
 managed to dodge every attack.
“Come on!  Is this your best?” asked Chi-Chi.
Kurilin and Yamucha began to attack even faster than before, but
 it wasn’t enough to take down the PMS Princess.  “Enough games!
It’s time for me to show you my true power!
Suddenly, a large red flame enveloped Chi-Chi’s body, and she
 assumed the offensive!  She started to rapidly punch and kick
 Yamucha and Kurilin, who took every single blow in horrible
Vegeta was stunned.
“I’m stunned,” said Vegeta.  “Where did she get such power?  No
 matter, I’m still much stronger than her!”
Chi-Chi swung her legs at Kurilin and Yamucha from opposite
 directions, crushing their heads together.  She then put her
 legs together, and kicked the two Z-Fighters in opposite
“My, can she spread her legs,” said Vegeta, who unwillingly went
 Super Saiyajin.  “Uh…okay, are you ready to take me on?”
“BRINGITON!” shouted Chi-Chi.
“Okay,” said Vegeta.  “You asked for it!
Vegeta fired his signature ki blast at Chi-Chi, who didn’t even
 flinch as it came rushing towards her.
Chi-Chi fired an enormous energy beam at Vegeta’s beam.  Chi-
Chi’s blast easily cut through Vegeta’s like a hot knife 
through butter.
“YAAAAAHHHHH!” cried Vegeta.  He was knocked into the far wall,
 which caused several bookcases to come crashing down to the 
ground.  Chi-Chi looked at what fell at her feet.

“Hey, those are pretty important,” said Kurilin.  “We need those
 to stay alive!”
Disgusted, Chi-Chi walked back up to the first floor, and out of
 Kame House, where she saw Mutenroshi and Ox King fighting.
Ox King
 slowly punched at Mutenroshi, but he was too slow for Mutenroshi,
 and missed.  Mutenroshi slowly back-flipped backward to escape
 Ox King.  Ox King ran around to where he expected Mutenroshi to
 stop flipping, huffing and puffing.
“How did you get over here so fast?” asked Mutenroshi.  
“Just…a…little something…I learned from…Tom Green,” huffed Ox
 King.  “Oh God, I’m old.”
“…” said Chi-Chi.  “Meh.”  She climbed back into her air-car and
 flew away.

Chi-Chi found herself inside a large forest.  “I’m sure that
 Gohan is with that Higher Dragon of his!”  Unfortunately, Chi-
Chi realized that she had arrived during Higher Dragon mating
 season: the most enjoyable part of the season.  Chi-Chi threw
 up and left.

“Okay, that was disturbing,” thought Chi-Chi, speeding towards
 the Sahara Desert.  “I bet I know where Gohan is, though.”
“PICCOLO!” yelled Chi-Chi.  The Super Namek-Seijin meditated in
 midair, completely ignoring Chi-Chi.  Finally, Piccolo could
 no longer stand Chi-Chi’s annoying voice, and so opened his
 eyes to see a pissed-off woman standing on the hood of an air-car.
“Gohan isn’t here,” said Piccolo.
“How do you know I’m trying to find Gohan?” asked Chi-Chi.
“Because it’s almost 10:00 at night, and you’re the only human
 being crazy enough to be out here at this hour,” said Piccolo.
“What about you?” asked Chi-Chi.
“I’m not a human being,” replied Piccolo.  “Besides, I know you
 would want Gohan to be at home studying.”
“How do you know that?” 
“Because that’s all you care about,” said Piccolo.
“As a matter of fact, I’m not looking for Gohan!” said Chi-Chi.
 She refused to give Piccolo the satisfaction of knowing her as
 much as she knew herself.  “I’m uh…trying to find Gokou?”
“You?  Caring about Son?  AHAHAHAHAHAHAH!
AHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!  AHAH!” laughed Piccolo.  “Oh yeah…that’s rich.
  Now then, Chi-Chi, I…Chi-Chi?  Chi-Chi?  Where’d she go?”

Son Gohan reverted from Super Saiyajin so that he wouldn’t
 brighten up the theatre as he entered, and sat down in his
 seat.  Lilly took hers, as well.  “Um…Lilly?” asked Gohan.

“Yes?” asked Lilly.
“This isn’t your seat,” said Gohan.
“How do you know?” asked Lilly.
“Because it’s mine,” said Gohan.
“Oops!  Silly me,” said Lilly.  She continued to sit on Gohan’s lap.
Gohan went Super Saiyajin again, unwillingly.

“Okay, Chi-Chi!  Think,” thought Chi-Chi.  “It’s 10:00 at
 night.  Do you know where your son is?

“Okay, okay, okay!  All right.  Where do all the cool kids go to
 hang out when it’s past their curfew?”

“THE PUBLIC LIBRARY!” shouted Chi-Chi, as she landed her air-car
 in the library parking lot.  “GOHAN’S SURE TO BE AROUND HERE SOMEWHERE!”
“Crap,” said Chi-Chi, as tumbleweed rolled along the ground.
“Am I so out of touch with the interests of youth today?”
 thought Chi-Chi.  “No!  No!  Impossible, it’s the children who
 are wrong!”
“Well, if Gohan isn’t at the library, then he must be…” Chi-Chi
 began to think.  “AT A STRIP BAR!”

“Gohan, let’s go get some popcorn,” said Lilly.
“All right,” said Gohan.  The two of them walked out of the
 theatre, and just as he pulled out his money, he felt a sharp
 push, and found himself in the women’s bathroom on the sofa.
 “Lilly, what are you -” Gohan was silenced by Lilly’s long kiss.
  Suddenly, Gohan went Super Saiyajin again, pushing Lilly
 off of him.
“How did your hair become black and then blonde again?” asked Lilly.
“My hair is usually black,” said Gohan.  “I’m a Super Saiyajin
 now.  I guess you’ve only seen me in this form.”
“He never said anything about such power!” cried Lilly.
“Who?” asked Gohan.  “Lilly, what’s going on?”
“Nothing,” said Lilly.  Suddenly, she pulled out a small object,
 which she put on Gohan’s face.
“Lilly?  What’s going on…” Gohan suddenly reverted to his normal
 form and passed out.  Lilly had just erased most of Gohan’s ki.
  She then picked up a cell-phone, and dialed a number.
“Hello, Doctor?” asked Lilly.  “The fox is in the den.”
“This is the last place my son could be,” said Chi-Chi.  “If he
 isn’t at the library studying then he’s being a terribly 
disobedient delinquent!”
Chi-Chi walked into the House of Dragonballs, trying to find
 Gohan.  He saw nothing but women performing exotic dances.  She
 then overheard some people talking behind her back, but she
 paid no attention.
“We got that blonde boy good…well, well, well!  Look what just
 walked in!”
“I can’t find Gohan or Gokou’s ki’s anywhere!” said Chi-Chi.
“Lost your keys, ma’am?” said a gruff voice.
“What?” asked Chi-Chi.
“Don’t worry, little missy!” said the male offender.  “They’re
 always in the last place you expect…your back pocket!”
Chi-Chi turned around.  “KEEP YOUR HANDS OFF ME!”
“Ooh…feisty!” said the guy.  “I’m Deck!  What’s your name, baby?”
“I’m Chi-Chi, the wife of Son Gokou!” said Chi-Chi.
“Hey, isn’t the name of the guy we…”
“SHUT UP, ROCK!” yelled Deck.  “So…Chi-Chi…how’d you like to get
 down with a real man?”
“I’ve got a real man,” said Chi-Chi.  “And I don’t have time to
 deal with boys like you!”
“Ooh, Deck!  She played you out!” said one of Deck’s friends.
“SHUT UP, HANK!” yelled Deck.  “Now I know who you are.  You’re
 the chick the boss told us to get!”
“What?” asked Chi-Chi.
“Yeah!” said Hank.  “Said something about you being some sort of
 martial-arts chick!  HIYAH!  I broke a nail!  OWWW!”
“And I think I broke a tooth,” said Chi-Chi, as Hank collapsed
 on the ground. 
“Care to take this outside?” asked Rock.
“Gladly,” said Chi-Chi.  She stepped closer to Rock, and put her
 hands on her chest.
“Uh oh, Rock!  Looks like she’s coming onto -”
“AAAAAHHHHH!” cried Rock, as he went flying out of the bar.

“ –You…” said Deck.  
“I guess I pushed him up for commitment faster than he could
 handle,” said Chi-Chi.
“Okay, that’s enough,” said Deck.  He pulled something out of
 his pocket, which looked like a box of Capsules.  He pulled
 one out, and swallowed it.  “Okay, Chi-Chi.  Give me your best shot!”
Chi-Chi threw a punch at Deck, who took it full on the
“Ha!  See?  I’m unstoppable!” said Deck, as he collapsed on the ground.
“HOLD IT RIGHT THERE!” yelled Rock from outside.  He stuck a few
 more pills in his mouth and began to power up his ki, creating
 a large white energy around his body.  
“Okay,” said Chi-Chi.  “Let’s get it on!
Chi-Chi dashed towards Rock, throwing a punch at his face.  Rock
 quickly caught her fist, but Chi-Chi began to rapidly kick Rock
 in the stomach, until the brute finally released his hold on 
Chi-Chi.  Chi-Chi threw her other fist at Rock’s jaw, knocking him
 down.  She then jumped onto his stomach, and was boosted into
 the air.  
“These guys use some sort of drugs to increase their ki. Too bad
 it’s not enough!”
Rock, still lying on the ground, retaliated with a beam of his
 own.  He and Chi-Chi were locked in a heated blast duel, with
 neither one of them appearing to gain an advantage.  Suddenly,
 out of the corner of his eye, Chi-Chi saw Hank flying towards her.
Chi-Chi flew farther up into the sky, still firing down at
 Rock.  Hank ended up in the line of fire of Chi-Chi’s blast,
 as well as Rock’s.  After being crushed between the two blasts,
 Rock finally stopped torturing his friend, and Chi-Chi’s beam
 pushed Hank down into Rock.
Chi-Chi landed on the ground, standing over them.  
“I would’ve loved to go out with one of you guys, but it looks
 like you’ve got your hands full!”  Suddenly, Chi-Chi began to
 block several of Deck’s punches, backing her up.  She decided she
 had had enough, and with one swift punch, Deck was sliding on
 the ground into the pile of jerks
Chi-Chi began to run towards them at an incredible speed.  The
 three junkies got up, and dashed away, surrounding Chi-Chi.
  They quickly took more pills, and once again began to attack Chi-Chi.
Chi-Chi tried as hard as she could to block the attacks of her
 offenders, but they had taken so much of their super-powerful
 pills.  And with the three of them working together, 
Chi-Chi didn’t stand a chance.  

Chi-Chi awoke to find herself laying on top of a large bed,
 wearing a strange new outfit, which left very little to the
 imagination (but you have to use your imagination, because this
 is a fan-fiction, and you can’t see it, so “Hahah!”).  
“So you’ve awakened,” said a deep voice.
“Who are you?” asked Chi-Chi.  “Who’s there?”
A tall, redheaded man with appealing features walked into the
 room dressed in a lab coat.  “You’re even more beautiful than
 I thought.”
“Who the hell are you?” asked Chi-Chi.  “Answer me!”
“You may not know me, but your husband and son certainly do!
 Years ago, I took control of Piccolo’s brain, and tried to put
 my brain into the body of Son Gokou.”
“No, it can’t be!  I thought you were dead!” cried Chi-Chi.
“I was, but luckily, there was a backup genetic copy of my
 brain, and my old body was restored,” he said.  “Say hello to
 the NEW DR. WHEELO!  
“What do you want with me?” asked Chi-Chi.
“I tried to get the World’s Strongest Man,” said Dr.
 Wheelo.  “But now I have the World’s Strongest Woman!”
“Are you going to try to take control of my body?” asked Chi-
Chi, as she began to cover herself up.
“No,” said Dr. Wheelo.  “All I want from you is nine months of
 your time.”
“What?” asked Chi-Chi.
“That’s right,” said Dr. Wheelo.  “I want you to be the mother
 of my children!”

“Oh sorry, sir,” said Hank, as he took his hands away from his
 Casio Keyboard.
“Thank you,” said Dr. Wheelo.  “Now then, where was I?  Ah yes…”
“My finger slipped, sir,” said Hank.
“Come on, sir!  I’m sorry!” said Hank.
“Please don’t glare at me like that, Dr. Wheelo!” said Hank.
“MAMA!  MAKE IT STOP!  AAAAAHHHHH!” cried Hank, as he ran out of
 the room.  Dr. Wheelo threw a ki blast at that blasted keyboard.
“Now then,” said Dr. Wheelo.  “I plan on having the World’s
 Strongest Child, and I need you for that, Chi-Chi!”
“I’ll never do it with you!” cried Chi-Chi.
“I think you’ll agree after you see what has happened to my
 future child’s future half-brother,” said Dr. Wheelo.  A large
 television dropped down from the screen, and turned on to show
 a porno movie.
“CHANGE THE CHANNEL, ROCK!” cried Dr. Wheelo.
“ROOOOOOOOOOOOOCK!” yelled Dr. Wheelo.
“…Huh?  Oh sorry, sir!” said Rock, as he changed the channel.
Dr. Wheelo cleared his throat.  “That was for later,” he
 chuckled.  “Now, then!  Here’s something that should get you
 into the mood a lot quicker!”  
The television screen showed young Gohan lying in the middle of
 a large room.
“Rock, Hank, and Deck: awaken him and attack!” ordered Dr. Wheelo.
Suddenly, Lilly ran into the room.  
“Lilly?  What are you doing here?” asked Dr. Wheelo.
“There’s a problem, sir,” said Lilly.
“What do you mean?” asked Dr. Wheelo.
“That’s not what Gohan looked like when I first met him,” said
 Lilly.  “His hair was blonde before.”
“His hair was black when I met him,” said Dr. Wheelo.  “Ah 
well.  Maybe he dyed it.”
“He mentioned something about being a Super Saiyajin,” said Lilly.
“Super Saiyajin?  What’s that?” asked Dr. Wheelo.
“You fools!” said Chi-Chi.
“What?” asked Dr. Wheelo.
“You haven’t done your research have you?” asked Chi-Chi.
“Watch the screen!”
Gohan awakened to find three large men standing around him.  He
 watched them pop a few pills into their mouths, and start to power up.
  Suddenly, they all flew towards Gohan, and began to rapidly
 attack him.
“You see that, Chi-Chi?  Unless you submit to me, my subordinates shall -”
“What?” asked Dr. Wheelo.  He watched as Gohan’s ki exploded,
 and he transformed into a Super Saiyajin.  He began to kick
 the henchmen’s sorry butts!  
“This can’t be!”
Dr. Wheelo and Lilly were staring at the screen in total awe and
 fear.  They watched as Gohan beat the living snot out of Dr. Wheelo’s
 assistants.  Chi-Chi looked over and saw her karate gi on the
 floor.  She quickly ripped off the crap that Dr. Wheelo had
 given her, put her regular clothes back on, and rushed out of Dr.
 Wheelo’s fine chamber-room while they were distracted.
“What?” cried Dr. Wheelo.  “Lilly, after her!”
“Right,” said Lilly, as she swallowed several pills and rushed after Chi-Chi.
Chi-Chi dashed through the long corridors of Dr. Wheelo’s
 fortress, trying to locate Gohan.  She reached a large room,
 and there appeared to be no one else there, but there was
 something right in the middle.
“GOKOU!” cried Chi-Chi.
“Chi-Chi?” asked Gokou.
“Oh, Gokou!  Are you okay?” asked Chi-Chi, as she ran towards 
the platform Gokou stood on.
“NO, CHI-CHI!  STOP!” cried Gokou.  Chi-Chi froze in her
“This platform is covered by a harmful force field!”
“Did you try to break out of it?” asked Chi-Chi.
“That would be useless.  It would throw my own energy back at
 me,” said Gokou.  “I’ve come up against one of these things
 before.  I must admit it’s very good craftsmanship.”  Gokou tried
 to lean on the energy force field, but forgot that the force
 field was painful.  Gokou ended up falling off the platform.
“I thought you said there was a harmful force field,” said Chi-Chi.
“Looks like Dr. Wheelo has been cutting corners,” said Gokou.
“I told him we needed more money for the Energy Force Field Cage Fund!”
“Lilly,” said Chi-Chi.  “So we meet again.”
“We met before?” asked Lilly.
“No, I just wanted to say that,” said Chi-Chi. “It feels cool.”
“Oh okay,” said Lilly.  “Let me try…”
“NO!  THAT’S MY SCHTICK!” yelled Chi-Chi.
“Greedy,” said Lilly.
“Chi-Chi!  I’ll handle this!  You go find Gohan!” said Gokou.
“Are you sure?” asked Chi-Chi.  
Gokou stole a kiss from his wife.
“Yes!  Go!” said Gokou. Chi-Chi slapped him.
“Don’t you ever do that without getting permission!” cried Chi-Chi.
“Oh, I’m tired of having to fill out all those forms!” groaned Gokou.
“Suck it up,” said Chi-Chi.
“Why should I?  You won’t,” said Gokou.
“Hey, am I supposed to just sit here and hear about your jacked
 up sex life, or are we gonna fight?” asked Lilly.
“Oh yeah,” said Gokou, as he went Super Saiyajin.  
Chi-Chi soon found the battle arena where Gohan was fighting Dr.
 Wheelo’s Henchmen.  The henchmen were taking a lot more pills,
 and Gohan was beginning to lose the fight.
“GOHAN!” cried Chi-Chi.  She could no longer watch while these
 thugs beat up her son.
Chi-Chi decked Deck in the face, knocking him down, but Rock and
 Hank were still doing a number on Gohan.  Plus, Deck had counter
 attacked Chi-Chi, and the two of them were on equal ground.
  Each one never lost stride with the other.  Chi-Chi was preoccupied,
 and could do nothing to help Gohan.
Hank was struck down by the energy blast, weakening him.
“PICCOLO?” asked Chi-Chi.
“So, we finally see your true power, Chi-Chi,” said Piccolo,
 from above.
“Yeah,” said Chi-Chi.
Chi-Chi knocked Deck into the wall.  
“So where does this power come from?” asked Piccolo.
“It’s weird,” said Chi-Chi.  “Sometimes I have it, other times,
 I don’t.”
“Don’t fret,” said Piccolo, as he landed on the ground next to
 Chi-Chi.  “It’ll be back in about a month or so.”
“Very funny,” said Chi-Chi.
Gohan’s fist ripped through Rock’s face.  “Mom?  Piccolo?”
“Looks like we got rid of these guys,” said Piccolo.
“Yeah!” said Gohan.  Suddenly, Gokou ran in.
“Hey guys!” said Gokou.  “I defeated Lilly!”
“All right!” said Gohan.  “Way to go, everyone!”
“That’s right,” said the Doctor.  “I’m here to finish you off
 for good!”  He pulled out a huge case of those pills, and
 swallowed them all!
“Oh no…” said Chi-Chi.  Dr. Wheelo’s muscles became incredibly
 huge, and large veins coursed through them.
“Yes…” said Dr. Wheelo.  “I’ll just have to finish you all off!  Yes!”
“Oh no you don’t!” said Piccolo.
Piccolo fired his signature blast at Dr. Wheelo, who easily
 dodged it, and punched Piccolo’s lights out!
Gohan fired his signature beam at Dr. Wheelo, who took it right
 in the stomach, but was hardly fazed by it.  “What?”  Dr. Wheelo,
 suddenly fired his own blast at Gohan, tossing him into a wall.
“GOHAN!” cried Gokou and Chi-Chi.  
“Looks like it’s up to us,” said the Super Saiyajin.
“Right,” said Chi-Chi.
Gokou and Chi-Chi rushed at Dr. Wheelo, and began to rapidly
 punch and kick the giant warrior.  Gokou rammed his stomach.
  Chi-Chi kicked him in the back, and leg-swept him. Gokou flew
 into the air and began to rapidly fired ki blasts down at him.
Finally, the two of them landed beside each other.  
“Ready?” asked Gokou, as he stepped behind his wife.
“Definitely,” said Chi-Chi.
Gokou and Chi-Chi fired their ultimate blast together, as
 husband and wife at Dr. Wheelo.  Wheelo countered with his own
 powerful blast, which pushed back the beam of Gokou and Chi-Chi.
“SAY GOODBYE!” yelled Dr. Wheelo.
“I’m sorry, Chi-Chi,” said Gokou. “I’m at Kaiouhken x 100 now!
  I can’t beat him!”
“I can!” said Chi-Chi.
The Kamehame Ha gained just enough power to push back Dr.Wheelo’s
 blast, knocking him through the wall of his laboratory,
 and into a nearby ice mountain.  
“We did it,” said an exhausted, and shirtless Gokou. “We’ve…
returned Dr. Wheelo…to the tomb…from whence he came…
“Eh, Chi-Chi?” asked Gokou.  “Chi-Chi?  Where is she?”
“Huh?” asked Gokou.
“HELP ME!” cried Chi-Chi from behind a large boulder.
Piccolo tossed his cape at Gokou, who took it over to Chi-Chi.  
“Here, put this on.”
“Thanks,” said an annoyed Chi-Chi.  “I feel like Bulma.”
“I’d love to feel up Bulma,” said Gohan.
Suddenly, there was a large explosion.  Gokou turned to the icy
 mountain where Dr. Wheelo had just exploded out of, and began
 to fly into outer space.  “Come on,” said Gokou.  “If you couldn’t
 win the first time, what makes you think you’ll win this time?”
“Well, at least things got more interesting,” said Gohan.
“Whatever,” said Gokou.  “Okay, I have to go through my speech everyone.”
“Right!” said Piccolo.  “Okay, Gohan!  Let’s go!”  Piccolo and
 Gohan flew into outer space.
“Chi-Chi?” asked Gokou.  “I’m about to do my speech!  Aren’t you
 going to run like hell?”
“I’ve never heard your speech!” said Chi-Chi.  
Gokou smiled.
“The sea, the sky, the wind, the rocks, and the fires of Earth!
  All things living in nature!  Please, I need your energy!

The Super Saiyajin could feel the energy from everything on
 Earth moving towards him, granting him the power he needed.
“That was beautiful,” said Chi-Chi.
“Not as beautiful as you,” said Gokou.  Chi-Chi blushed.

“Okay, Dr. Wheelo!  Looks like it’s time for one more go at it!”
 said Piccolo.  He rammed into Dr. Wheelo’s stomach!
“It’s time for me to shut you down!” said Gohan.  He punched Dr.
 Wheelo across the face.
“You’ll pay for what you did to us!” said Chi-Chi.  She kneed
 him in the groin!  “GOKOU!  HIT HIM, NOW!”
“OH NO, YOU DON’T!” yelled Dr. Wheelo.  He fired another huge
 laser blast down at Gokou.
Gokou tossed the Spirit Bomb into the sky, which tore through
 Dr. Wheelo’s beam easily, and destroyed Dr. Wheelo for good.

“Yes,” said Gokou. “At last, it’s all over.” He waited for Chi-Chi,
 Piccolo, and Gohan to return to Earth.  
“GOKOU!  WE DID IT!” cried Chi-Chi.
“CHI-CHI!” Gokou flew into the air and tackled-hugged his wife.  
“I’m so glad you’re okay.”
“Dad!” said Gohan.  Out of the corner of his eye, Gohan saw the
 robot that had wished Dr. Wheelo back the first time.  He fired
 a ki blast at it, destroying it.
“Chi-Chi, since when did you have such power?” asked Gokou.
“There’s something I have to tell you, Gokou,” said Chi-Chi.
 “We’re having another little Super Saiyajin.”
“Huh?” asked Gokou.  “But, after all of that…”
“It was the ki of our second child that made me strong,” said Chi-Chi. 
“Little Goten knew what had to be done.”
“You already have a name for him?” asked Gohan.  Chi-Chi nodded.
“Chi-Chi,” said Gokou.  “You really are the World’s Strongest Woman!”
“Tell me something I don’t know!” said Chi-Chi.