Bisexual Wife-Part 3


Boxing in Europe

Continued from Part 2

The boxing against the German ladies had been very erotic, especially for Cindy. Our sex life was at an all time high and I suspected that Erica was also being well satisfied. I don't know where Cindy's energy came from.

The two ladies joined a social wrestling club, best way I can describe it. It was another outlet for their sexual energy. The club had monthly social evenings where the ladies could bring guests. Dinner was served at tables located around the ring while the final match was in progress. This was the highlight of the evening. Two names were drawn from the club roster. The ladies entered the ring immediately, striped down to bra and panties and wrestled to one or more orgasms. I must tell you that these were exciting matches as one lady could weight 100 pounds and her opponent could weigh 160 pounds. The larger lady usually dominated but not always.

We were attending for the third time. My ladies hadn't been in the ring yet but were scheduled for the preliminary matches on next month's card. The wrestling had been very entertaining and we were looking forward to the final match and dinner. The first name was drawn for the final match, Susan, an oriental lady who was more than eager to enter the ring. The name drawn as her opponent was Cindy. Cindy was apprehensive but Erica assured her that she had nothing to worry about. Sue, I'd guess was just under 30, about 5'6" and 120 pounds and 34b-24-34. Sue's two corner ladies helped her to strip down to her pale green bra and panties before Cindy entered the ring. Now all eyes were on Cindy as her corner ladies helped her remove her blouse and skirt. Cindy's blouse was removed first revealing her black lacy satin bra with her ample cleavage bulging from the top; her skirt then dropped to the floor displaying her matching black panties. Sue was now very excited about getting this match under way. The ladies begin from a kneeling position, locking together they roll to the mat, each striving for supremacy. Sue ends up on her back with Cindy applying a schoolgirl pin. Cindy lifts Sue's bra exposing her tits, which have very large erect brown nipples. Cindy takes hold of each of Sue's nipples as she looks down at the wide-eyed lady. Sue struggles a little but stops as Cindy gently squeezes her nipples. Sue relaxes for a minute, then with one enormous effort, unseats Cindy. My wife is tossed in a heap, confused as to what has just happened. Sue wraps her legs around Cindy who is seated on the mat locking her in a body scissors around her waist. My wife moves her hands over her tits to protect them but Sue wraps her arms around Cindy's head in a sleeper type hold. Cindy realizing what is happening begins to thrash in a desperate attempt to break the hold but Sue's hold is very effective and my wife slowly becomes still and slips from consciousness. Sue releases her scissors hold, then opens my wife's bra catch and gently releases her magnificent globes. She slowly and methodically kneads Cindy's rigid nipples. My wife begins to moan and groan but she is able to do little else. Sue uses Cindy's bra to bind her right hand to the lower ring rope and her own bra to bind Cindy's left hand. Sue kneels beside Cindy's head, massaging her head to help her regain full consciousness. My wife is wild-eyed as she realizes her predicament. Sue grasps my wife's erect nipples, gentle kneading them as Cindy's eyes close and she begins to moan. Sue nibbles on Cindy's left nipple while working her hands down my wife's taut stomach to her belly button. She gently circles my wife's navel. Cindy's legs have been squirming since she regained consciousness but now her hips begin to wriggle. Sue works her fingers inside the top of my wife's panties. Cindy's moaning becomes louder; her panties have to be drenched by now. I think I'm about to explode in my pants. Sue fingers move lower inside Cindy's panties as she continues her seduction of my wife. Cindy's hips begin to gyrate as she has her first orgasm, which leaves her gasping for breath. Sue continues to gently nibble Cindy's nipples and massage her tummy. My wife is now oblivious to anyone else being in the room. Sue moves her hand further into Cindy's panties and slowly slides my wife's panties down revealing her narrow strip of pubic hair. Cindy raises her bum off the mat assisting Sue in the removal of her panties. Sue tosses the panties to me, which are damp and fragrant with my wife's aroma. Sue now moves from nibbling my wife nipples to kissing her stomach lower and lower until she moves below Cindy's pubic patch. Cindy has her legs spread in anticipation of her impending pleasure. Sue doesn't disappoint her as her tongue darts between my wife's labia in search of her love button. Cindy's second orgasm is loud and violent ending in a near state of convulsion as her and Sue orgasm together. Both ladies are exhausted and require help to leave the ring. Erica is quick to join Cindy. An hour passes and I'm into the brandy before the ladies return. Cindy and Erica are both flushed indicating that maybe there was some more love making in the dressing room. Cindy does whisper in my ear that my turn will come at home. I don't know where she got the energy but with a little help from Erica, my wife was fantastic.

Life was never dull. There was always a match or house party. The girls loved to box or wrestle against the lady of the house while her husband watched her demise. Maybe I'll get into some of those stories later. Christmas passed and we were into 2001.

It's January 2001, when Cindy received a call from Gretchen, the German lady, wanting to set up a rematch to be held in Germany. Gretchen tells Cindy that she owes her a chance to even the score. She will e-mail Cindy the details. The e-mail comes:


We would fight on Saturday night. The fight will be the same, as at your club, we would fight in bra and panties for 10 rounds with 8-oz gloves. There is an opportunity for us to make some money if you are willing to let a company here make a video. They would pay you a $1000. USD and a bonus for anything that would make the video more tempting like knockdowns, blood, knockouts, etc. We should take advantage of this because we know the fight is not going to last for 10 rounds and there's certain to be knockdowns and maybe even some blood. You can fly to Hamburg on Feb 20th; we would fight on the 24th and you could return home on Feb 26th. Let me know. Oh ya, one more thing, if we do the video, they can hook your husband up via the Internet so that he can watch his lady get knocked out live.


Cindy accepted the offer. I worried about her boxing over there but even though the Schmidt girls were brutal in the ring, I knew they'd look after Cindy and Erica. The days flew by and it was time for them to leave. Cindy called me after they arrived and daily until Saturday when we talked twice before the fight.

I log on to the Internet site for the preliminary bouts. The matches are being held in an arena, which must hold over 10,000 people. I'm amazed at the size of the audience. I watch the preliminary matches. The announcer is speaking German and I can only understand a few words but do know that it's time for the main event. The camera is focused on the hallway leading from the dressing rooms and I can recognize Cindy and Erica coming toward the ring. Cindy is wearing a knee length white silk robe. Gretchen and Greda make their way to the ring shortly after. Gretchen is wearing a black silk robe.

The announcer, "Ladies and Gentlemen, our main event is scheduled for 10 rounds of boxing. The fighter in the red corner is from the USA at 5' 8" and 131 pounds with statistics of 38dd-29-39, I give you Cindy Robinson." Cindy receives a warm applause. "Her opponent tonight in the blue corner and fighting out of this club for Germany at 5' 11" and 138 pounds with statistics of 40d-30-41, I give you our own Gretchen Schmidt." Gretchen receives a standing ovation. "Your referee is Frieda"

The ladies remove their robes, both looks magnificent. Their outfits, which are a silk bra and matching bikini panties, are identical except for the color. Cindy is in beige and Gretchen in black. Both ladies have a good portion of their breasts bulging over the top of their bra, meaning that some tit will probably be exposed during the fight. Their brief panties expose lots of lower tummy, usually a very sensitive area.

The referee, Frieda, gives the ladies instructions in broken English. "Ladies, protect yourselves at all times. If you are cut or your tit is exposed, keep boxing. I will not stop the action and rob the aggressor of a knockout. If I want to stop the fight, I'll go between you. I will let you contact the first inch of your opponent's panties, any lower will be called a foul and I will penalize you. The ladies return to their corners.

Round 1 - The ladies are no strangers, so come out cautiously jabbing. A few rights are thrown but it's a pretty tame first round. Both ladies are now damp with perspiration and breathing heavy.

Round 2 - Cindy opens up a little with a couple of combinations into Gretchen's tummy. The first one catches her by surprise, bringing a gulp as she sucked air in after the punch. Gretchen moves Cindy around, jabbing into her breasts, trying to create an opening. Cindy groans as a firm right bounces her left tit. This brings a four-punch exchange with both ladies taking firm rights to the face. The bell ends the round and the ladies touch gloves as they go to their corners. The seconds sponge off their fighters. No visible damage but I'm sure the bruising has started.

Round 3 - The crowd is a little restless for action, as both ladies have been protective. Gretchen begins by feigning a left, then burying a right well below Cindy's navel. That one hurt and Cindy grabs and holds on as we experience the first real pain of the fight. The ref pulls them apart, with Gretchen eager to capitalize on her advantage. The German girl connects with another low left below Cindy's navel. This one causes more pain as my wife doubles over and lowers her guard. Gretchen doesn't miss with a solid right to Cindy's left cheek. My wife's legs give way and she lands firmly on her shapely butt. The camera zooms in on Cindy, her eyes glassy and she's confused. This could be a short fight. Gretchen had unloaded a good punch. Cindy struggles up by the count of 8. The ref steps aside and Gretchen moves in connecting with a left and right uppercut to my wife's breasts before she gets her guard up. Cindy's beautiful tits fly from her bra. The crowd is on their feet and go wild. They urge the hometown fighter on. My wife squeals out as again Gretchen's gloves contract her bare tits. Gretchen bounces my wife's double D's back and forth as my dazed wife tries to defend herself. An action packed round 3 ends. Erica works feverishly with ice on Cindy tits, which are already beginning to swell. My wife still appears somewhat dazed as she stands for round 4.

Round 4 - Cindy's tits are back in her bra and she looks improved as she moves out to meet the German lady. Gretchen goes low again but misses. Cindy rips a low left to the top of Gretchen's panties that does its job by pushing the air from the German girl's lungs. Gretchen is now in trouble and it's Cindy with a left that knocks Gretchen's right tit from her bra, then she drives a right home mashing the German girl's tit against her rib cage. Gretchen howls out in pain. The crowd goes wild. Gretchen wraps her arms around Cindy to halt the action. The ref pulls them apart. Gretchen's huge brownish nipple appears like a target on her 40d tit. Cindy pursues her wounded foe, trapping her in the corner. The ladies exchange punches with Cindy taking a hard right to her left eye and Gretchen taking a right to her nose. There's now a trickle of blood from her right nostril, remember Cindy broke Gretchen's nose in their last fight causing the TKO win. The crowd is now really into this fight as another action packed round ends. Cindy really came back after the previous round. There's more action in the German corner this round as Greda attends to her sister's nose.

Round 5 - Cindy's left eye shows slight swelling. Gretchen's corner stopped the blood from her nose and placed her breast back in her bra. The ladies move in front of each other with Gretchen snapping a left jab into Cindy's nose. Cindy retaliates with a jab to Gretchen's face. They exchange rights to the face. The first right staggers Cindy but she strikes back with her own blistering right that drops Gretchen on her ample bum. She shakes her head in bewilderment, making it up by the count of 7. Gretchen appears a little glassy eyed. Cindy unleashes several punches in an attempt to put the German girl out. Gretchen isn't out yet and connects with a right that splits my wife's eyebrow. The girls coast to the end of the round. Both ladies have puffy faces after this round. Gretchen has a trickle of blood from her nose and mouth and a mouse under each eye. Cindy has a mouse under her right eye and a small cut on her left eyebrow.

Round 6 - We are at the halfway mark of the fight. The damage is showing on both ladies. They touch gloves, then begin to jab. Cindy with a firm left starts the flow of blood from Gretchen's nose. This seems to stimulate the German lady who delivers a left to my wife's belly button, then a heavy right into her left breast. Cindy's left tit is exposed again. Their panties and bra are now soaked with perspiration, water and some blood and have been stretched by the punishing punches to a point where their bra especially are all but useless. Cindy isn't phased and comes back with her own combination that spills both of the German girl's tits. Gretchen with a firm right opens up the cut on my wife's left eyebrow. The blood is now causing Cindy's vision problems. Both ladies are tiring but keep the power punching up until the bell sounds. A lot of heavy punches and neither lady was staggered. Maybe these two have run out of knockout power. The corners stop the bleeding and attempt to reenergize their fighter. The warning buzzer sounds for round 7 and Gretchen says something to Cindy. They have agreed to remove their bra. The shoulder straps have been slipping down and impeding their punching and the bras are almost useless now anyway. The crowd roars its approval. I think Gretchen asked Cindy about removing panties but my wife shook her head indicating no. My wife's panties being beige are now almost transparent, leaving little about her physique a mystery.

Round 7 - The bare tits bring renewed vigor to this fight. Both ladies tits still look magnificent, but maybe a little swollen. They touch tit to tit, which bring a resounding cheer from the crowd and a stern look from the referee. The ladies step toe to toe and exchange tit punches. Both groan and Cindy moves to Gretchen's head with a combination that has the blood flowing from her nose again. Gretchen strikes back opening the cut on Cindy's eyebrow. My wife's left eye is almost closed. Cindy with a surprise right floors the German girl for the second time. The crowd is wild as they sense a knockout is still possible. Gretchen is on her hands and knees; one camera shows her firm nearly naked bum while the other zooms in on her tits dangling almost to the mat. The German lady just beats the count and appears very wobbly. Cindy goes after her for the knockout. Greda is yelling from the corner for her sister to punch. Another exchange, the German girl drives the hardest punch of the fight into of my wife's left eye. Blood explodes into the crowd as my wife's eyebrow is split open further. The camera zooms in, I can see the blood running into Cindy eye. She appears stunned. The ref yells, "keep boxing, keep boxing." Cindy is in shock with the blood all over her face. Its mayhem in the ring as Frieda, the ref, allows Gretchen a chance for a knockout at the expense of my wife. My wife is all but defenseless as Gretchen smells the end and connects with two blistering punches low on my wife's tummy. Cindy's head pitches forward as she doubles over in pain. Gretchen straightens my wife up with a perfectly executed right uppercut that almost lifts her off her feet. My wife crashes to the mat out cold on the back. The ref doesn't bother counting, just indicates that Cindy is out and the fight is over. The crowd already on their feet is ecstatic as the German girl wins with a decisive knockout. Erica frantically enters the ring to assist my unconsciousness wife. The camera zooms in on the incapacitated fighter, documenting Gretchen's handiwork for the German media. Cindy is on the mat for a good 10 minutes with the doctor and Erica working on, before they help her up and to her corner. The camera focuses on my wife's corner as they continue to work on her bleeding eyebrow. I can see that besides her cut eyebrow, my wife has a mouse under each eye, swollen jaw, swollen tits and undoubtedly a very tender tummy. A look at Gretchen shows a mouse under each eye, blood from her nose and mouth and a possible broken nose again plus bruises. They help Cindy from the ring presumably to take her for sutures.

I get a call from Erica about an hour after they left the ring. Cindy's ok but she requires about 8 stitches to close the wound. She'll call me as soon as they finish. She tells me that the German club is already asking Cindy to commit to a rematch. It was the first time that Gretchen had been in trouble in her hometown.

The girls came home on Monday. Cindy looked like a train had hit her but a month later the cut was hardly noticeable. The video was released and the girls began to receive some perverted offers.

Next: House parties and an offer of a rematch with Gretchen.