The return of Mystique, part 2

By the outsider

Mystique arrives to Empire city to learn how to be a mistress for a superheroine from the women of the clinic while in the same time she equips herself with tools to control storm from the x-man who is there with her very close to become a slave.


Part 2 'Morganna's tour.


It was six months since Mystique turned Storm to Morganna for breaking in as a slave and now the former member of the X-men was now on the treadmill running as she was dressed in her training outfit which consisted of a Pink boots, White tight shirt with a "Pussy-Cat" written on it under a print of a kittens "playing" and her collar.


As per Mystique's request Storm's head was bald except for a white fuzz in the middle of her head, her faces were painted in a dark and heavy make-up and she was pierced (just like the rest of the slaves of the clinic) next to her stood Soapy who only wore a tiny apron which showed most of her body and whipped her ass.


Meanwhile the rest of the slaves were naked on their knees while servicing their mistresses who watched the news which again talked about Ulrica Wobben, a fact that Morganna and Shyster dame were very pleased with because Mystique stood in her part in their agreement as she made sure that there will be more charges against Valkie.


Now the only thing that Mystique had to do was to get a superheroine to trade in Storm's place and all the women knew that she will do that because she wants to have Storm under her hands.


"Channel 69 Morning News Anchor, Dyssi Daim here, with another late breaking, news flash.  Forgive me, for saying so, but this is so sad; so many crimes against women in our society! It seems that: the silver Valkyrie, Justice lady, Supergran, Superlass and Supermom after an absent of six months in which the city breathed in relieve.


The police suspect that our former DA, the notorious Ulrica Wobben as hired their services alone with those of the notorious Mystique who was declared dead 2 and a half years ago after a battle at the Empire city cliffs who was accompanied by her henchwomen: 'Riot" who like an over-sexed teenager.


"Riot" was reported as a blonde haired girl whose hair was streaked with platinum and was teased up into a high Ponytail, her ears were triple-pierced, and held long, dangling pieces of junk jewellery, and she was dressed with a tight, pink tube top with the letter: "R" printed on it and a short, leather miniskirt with pink, plastic pumps.


On her neck she was reported to wear a mask which only covered her eyes and according for a few reports she had the strength of 20 man- maybe more- which she used to damage the police units and she could fly around, so according to the police she was Mystique's back up."


Then Dyssi stopped for a moment to drink from her glass before she continued the report:


"The other henchwoman was known as: "Chaos", and she was reported to be a redhead dressed in a pair of tight cut-offs at least one size too small, a greasy tee-shirt that had to be used as a rag for some time With the letter: "C" printed on it and an old pair of runners on her feet.


Around the girl's neck was another strange looking collar which reminded a black, leather dog collar with shiny metal studs with a slender chain attached to a D-ring on the side in which Mystique used it to control the girl and to lead her around.


Just like "Riot", "Chaos" had the same mask as her red flowing her


According to the reports that the police released: the girl's hands were free but they stayed at the side of her body at all times as she used her psychic powers to carry what he boss told her, and according to other police the girl used her telepathic powers to control the cups and she also helped Mystique and "Riot" to get away."


Then Dyssi stopped and took another sip of her drink and then she continued to another subject which was related:


"And now for the other news according to the police the costumes which the police found were actually the outfits of: Electra-woman, Dyna-girl and wonder-girl and according to a secret source she is about to become a sex slave and that she is about to be given as a present to one of Mystique's closest friend-" then Morganna closed the TV and Wendy heard her Auntie saying: "she did it, Wendy can you please take Storm and myself to Mystique's lair?"


Then Wendy said: "sure auntie Morg." As she grabbed her aunt's waist and with a super-speed grabbed also Storm's waist before they flew away to Mystique's lair.


When they got into Mystique's lair they didn't recognized it with all of the: art works, fresh paint and the furniture which were there.


Suddenly they heard barking and growling and after that they saw to figures coming closer to them, then when they were close enough Wendy and Morganna saw that these were two women who were dressed as an innocent schoolgirls but the knew that they were standing infront of "riot" and "Chaos" but now they looked completely different from what the news said as both were the same outfit which consisted of: a sheer white blouse that was three sizes to small.


The girls didn't button it but just tied the shirt tails together and it was almost as if they wore a Bikini with sleeves and both women could see right through the fabric to their naked breasts with their nipples exposing themselves as pink circles against the sheer fabric.


There was a skirt which was obviously made for a twelve year old because it was way to short, and it was obvious that the girls had a tough time getting it on, because it was so small.


It was navy blue, pleated, and barely covered their asses.


White knee socks and black patent leather shoes and a pair of flowered cotton panties, completed the outfit.


Then one of the "girls" asked: "who are you and why are you here in our house?" with a little girls voice.


"My name is Wendy M. Luthor and that woman is my Auntie-" Wendy answered as a voice said: "SLUTS, bring Ms. Luthor and Ms. Morgul in here, now!" then after both "girls" answered in unison: "Yes mistress." they went to where Mystique was and on the way both guests looked around.


Then after 5 minutes of walking Morganna was tired so Wendy was nice enough to help her auntie and to carry her the rest of the way until the saw Mystique playing with her two "doggies", the former Electra-woman and Dyna- girl who looked completely different then what they was until then: both of them were naked except for a set of thick pads on her knees and tight, fingerless mittens on their hands.


Their mouths are kept open by an "O"-shaped muzzle; and it was clear that they can still receive food, lick water from the ball, pleasuring their owner and manipulate her tongue but they couldn't bite down or speak in any way as they were only permitted the sounds a dog would make: barking, yelping and growling.


After the long period of training that they have being through it showed that Electra-woman and Dyna-girl were no longer, now they were only a couple of bitches in heat as the fought against each other to get the attention of their owners attention like a real dogs as they now remembered who they were in a vague memory.


Their arms and legs were secured by an ingenious set of chains and bars which kept them on all fours at all times and as with the gloves, these are permanently attached.


They will never walk upright again.


When Morganna and Wendy lest saw them in they wore their proud uniform, but those times changed as they had feather-duster which only a few days ago were replaced by a real dog tail that Mystique has modified by two of her old dildos by adding on a long tuft of golden and Brunette hair and their tails are only removed when they needs to defecate, which they indicate by whining in a certain manner.


Since their hair was cut Mystique decided to keep their heads with hair so short that they looked like a tomboys which had a few advantages: the first one was that they could serve her, the second was that not like a few of the others the hair was not used to punish them and the last was that their hair NEVER was wet.


And of course: each wore the strange leather dog collar.


In the three months that they were with Mystique: each has become quite the little bitch and an expert sex slave as they licked her: teats, breast, clit and even her fingers when they were "good" puppies and now for example the bitches got some rest after they were trained since Mystique and her 2 lovely henchwomen returned from the operation.


Then they got closer to Mystique and once she returned they saw a human woman dressed in a business-suit with a pair of stockings and flat shoes while she had a necklace.


The woman had a short hair and sunglasses but it all changed when the women returned to her usual form as the notorious Mystique who now wore her usual dominatrix outfit which was consisted of: with high, black boots, leather bra and G-string with a discreet opening in the leather crotch piece, exposed tantalizing glimpses of her delightful pussy while the two "girls" ran and got the leashes for the two bitches.


Then Mystique turned around smiling and said: "Morganna and Wendy, Welcome to my new home to my new home, I see that you already met Bambi and Candy, so tell me: what do you think?"


"Nice." Morganna said.


"Very nice." Wendy continued.


"Those two bitches here are: Electra-woman who is now known as: Bubby and Dyna-girl who is known as: Dyna so that I will remember who they used to be, they became my bitches after they tried to save: Rogue, Storm, Jean-Gray and Spiderwoman who you will see later, now please follow me for the rest of the tour but first Bambi and Candy you to know what to do." Mystique said proud with herself as each grabbed a leash and then she began to walk like a guide with Morganna and Wendy while Bambi and Candy took the bitches for their usual round.


The first stop was a room which looked like a little girl's room and in it they saw a figure of a woman covered with full-body leather suit which covered everything except for the holes of her eyes and another set of holes for breathing but the strange thing in the suit was that it was in the color of a human's skin with a face painted on it and it had three zippers: One was at her back, another was at her pussy and the lest one was at her ass.


Then as Morganna and Wendy looked around the room they saw that there were fake nails in all the shapes and colors and wigs in all sizes and colors and then they looked inside the closet to see sexy cloths to match the doll's figure.


Then Mystique said: "this is: Dolly, she used to be known as 'Spiderwoman' but now all that she is good for is to pleasure me and my friends, say Wendy why won't you stay here and play while I'll give Morganna the rest tour and finish our business?"


Then after Wendy agreed then Morganna, Mystique and her slaves continued the tour as suddenly two French maids each holding up a tray of food came from somewhere.


They were both dressed identical from head to toe in shinny black latex and the similarities were uncanny: same outfits, same height, same weight and the same very good shapely figures too and when they stopped infront of Mystique and Morganna she could see that each wore a collar with one saying: "Twit" and the other said: "Dope".


Each wore the same standard French maid's uniform which included: It's tight shinny bodice was edged in white frilly ruffles, it's short black skirt lifted straight out by the many pretty white petticoats underneath and it's associated accessories of white apron, maid's cap and ruffled wide choker finished the most becoming image.


But under all that, each girl wore a complete black rubber catsuit with attached gloves and hood.


A very form fitting hood to which holes were made for their eyes and nostrils.


Morganna tried to guess who each girl used to be but she just couldn't and it was hopeless as Mystique did too good of a job in obliterating each girl's identity but at least they seem to be enjoying themselves as their wide red smiles attested too.


Then Morganna realized something so she looked better on each girl's smile and saw that they were fake!


Both girls had the exact same smile and when Madame looked even closer she could tell that both girls looked far

to long in the jaw area to be normal.


Then Morganna smiled again as she could see the faint outline of a wrist cuff and something glistening like a chain attached to it, the tray hid most of it but her eagle eye was still sharp enough to see that the girls were still

under the control of the creative Mystique.


Then Mystique told her guest: "my little twit was used to be known as Jubilee, and "Dope" was used to be known as Boom-Boom and just like Spiderwoman they are bold and belongs to me, but not like her they can't speak because they have, you see Morganna they have a head gear with a bracket in their mouth so If they tried to lower their jaw even a tiny bit, then the bracket would pull directly down on their still throbbing nose ring causing them vastly more pain than they were already in."


"They have another piece of metal was welded to this same vertical leg but it was hidden from the casual viewer as it extended into their mouth, you see Morganna: it looks and acts like a doctor's tongue depressor and It went deep enough into their mouths and forced their tongue down flat." Mystique continued her lecture as Morganna looked in shock.


"This piece of metal went so far in that if the girls tried to speak or make any loud sounds it immediately made them feel like they were going to gag and vomit (Something they definitely did not want to happen under their present circumstances) Thus the girls are all meek and silent while their eyes spoke volumes as to their fear, sorrow and physical distress." Mystique finished.


"Tell me, Mystique: did you had any specific system of training?" Morganna asked.


"Well, I used to lead them silent bound with leash was attached to a short chain running between 2 fierce looking nipple clamps, the slave nude except for a pair of very high heeled leather shoes as each slave used to wear a body hardness that kept their arms bound together behind their back and tightly to their body." Mystique began.


"It also kept two dildoes firmly planted inside both lower holes, their gags were very brief and very unusual as they were made and fastened according to my friend's instructions: a piece of metal stock was bent into a

right angled "Z"." Mystique continued as she signed the slaves to continue with their work.


"One leg of the "Z" was fastened to the front of their collars while the center part was placed under their jaw holding it horizontal and level. The other part of the leg went straight up in front of their lower face ending just under their nose." Mystique continued proud with herself.


"A ring had been inserted through their recently pierced septum and locked to another small ring welded onto

the outside of this vertical leg. If they tried to lower their jaw, even a tiny bit, the bracket would pull directly down on their still throbbing nose ring causing them vastly more pain than they were already in." Mystique said as Morganna remembered what she (Mystique) told her earlier.


"Another piece of metal was welded to this same vertical leg but it was hidden from the casual viewer as it extended into their mouth. It looked and acted like a doctor's tongue depressor but it went deep into their mouths and forced their tongue down flat." Mystique continued as she and Morganna went on.


"This piece of metal went so far in their mouths that if the girls tried to speak or make any loud sounds it immediately made them feel like they were going to gag and vomit (Something they definitely did not want to happen under their present circumstances) Thus the girls were all meek and silent while their eyes spoke volumes as to their fear, sorrow and physical distress." Mystique finished and smiled at Morganna and she saw that her guest was uncomfortable with the bitches and her so she told them to take the slaves for a walk.


At the next place that they went to Morganna saw a stunning blonde woman who was dressed like Valkie as the Silver Valkyrie who had a collar with the name: "tart" on the dog-tag and a brunette who was dressed like Justy when she was Justice lady but her dog-tag said: "slut" whose breasts were as big and round as a Soccer ball but they were also firm as they were pushed up real high on her chest even though from the weight there was no way for that.


Then Mystique said: "you see Morganna: "tart" here was once known as the famous photographer Vicky Vale and "slut" here was once known as Lois-Lane, those two bitches came here to do a story just like I planned and they were caught by my huntresses at the same time, you should have seeing it- now those two became my sex slave as they no longer poses their former skills."


Then as mystique closed the door the two helpless women heard Mystique and Morganna laughing as they continued the tour.


* * * * * * * *

Meanwhile back at the clinic Leticia took granny, dopey and soapy and forced to pleasure her as: Granny licked her ass while Dopey and soapy licked her pussy while Shyster dame took Justy and Valkie for a ride, since the last race in which Morganna won (see Morganna's clinic part 1) Justy spent most of her time in neither: being tortured or in training as she used to punish Valkie when Morganna was neither taking her usual nap after lunch or when she was out of the clinic.


There was a special place in which shyster dame and Morganna used to take their slaves to and now when her friend, Morganna, was not there then she was free to use the sobbing Valkie and Justy who pleasured her as she looked at the view of the clinic's garden.


* * * * * * * *

Then Morganna saw the she-hulk dressed in Black leather Thong and Bustier standing next to a wooden door.


Then Mystique told Morganna: "Morganna, this is beast and as you know she is formally known as the 'she-hulk' but now she is the guard of this is room which is actually my mane bedroom."


"What do you mean by 'second bedroom' Mystique?" Morganna asked.


"You see all of my slaves have a room of their own except for my bitches which being kept in a kennels, and now also my newest addition: "slut" here, aren't you slave?" Mystique said as she looked straight at the helpless storm who shook her head like a mad-woman.


Then Mystique grabbed one of Storm's hands and dragged her into the room where there were three women: two of them were dressed in a standard French maid's uniform which It's tight shinny bodice was edged in white frilly ruffles.


It's short black skirt lifted straight out by the many pretty white petticoats underneath and it's associated accessories of white apron, maid's cap and ruffled wide choker finished the most becoming image but under all that, each girl wore a complete black rubber catsuit with attached gloves and hood to which holes were made for their eyes, mouth and nostrils.


When Morganna looked closer she saw that one collar said: "Twit" and the other saying: "Twat" not to mention that each of them had a pair of 5" boots, then Morganna saw four cages with signs on them which said: "Twit", "Twat", "Charlene" and "slut".


Each cage was a heavy metal cage, the size of it was the enough for each slave to crawl in as it was in the size of washer and dryer set and in front of each cage were Two dog bowel labeled: "TWIT", "TWAT", "SLUT" and "CHARLENA" which were used for food and water.


Then Morganna looked at the third girl who was dressed in: red see-through pants, one pair of white thong which was stretched very high, a tight red see through tank top, on her hands she had a slave-bracelet with two veils attached to it and she was covered with a pure gold jewels as on her forehead she had a blue band with an Emerald attached in the middle.


The girl's beautiful Ebony face were painted in a delicate colors and her hair was teased into a high ponytail.


Then Morganna looked at the cages and saw that the most strange thing was that next to Charlene's cage was a real sarcophagus with a colored bandages on it so she asked Mystique answered: "not like "Twit" and "Twat" who began their life as a bondage slaves, Charlene began her life as a biosexual slave dressed as a mommy so I knew that she will hate that saw it became her punishment."


"Whenever Charlene is not cooperative then I re-dress her as a mommy, then I put A small mask was put over her wrapped face feeding her a rich mixture of oxygen for her lungs during her long periods of punishments as I feed her with an infusion, most of her punishments periods end after 78 hours but the longest is for a full week of this "Life style" which she hates more then everything." Mystique finished as she took a White stockings which she put on her helpless captive's long legs.


Then Mystique took a leather garter belt and when it was on Storm then Mystique forced Storm into a tight pair of crouch-less leather pants which had a slit in her ass.


The next item was tight, leather white, sleeveless vest with two holes in which storm's pierced breasts went into and then Mystique put Storm infront of a mirror and began to paint her face with: Pink eye color, cherry red lipstick, blush and a powder.


Then Mystique began gave Storm a fingerless, White Opera gloves before she put a seven inch long fake nails on Storm's fingers and then she put a slave bracelets on Storm's: wrists and another at the end of the gloves before she forced Storm's legs into a white leather boots with seven inch heels and when it was over Mystique bleached Storm's hair which by now reached her ass and premed it.


Then when she finished Mystique said: "okay my dear, from now on this is your room where you will remain forever servicing me unless I will decide to take you for a little walk, in that case you'll have a leash just like this one in your collar and you will spend that time crawling on your hands and knees, but for now you will remain here with my personal sex-slaves: Charlene who I bought from Prince Ackmen and her friends the twins known as: 'Twit' who was formally known as Su-lee and 'Twat' who was formally known as Maria who I bought from Mrs. Sandra E. Waneright who bought them at a party, you ladies can speak among yourselves while I will take Morganna for the rest of the tour and when I will return you will join them for a night of fun."


As Mystique got ready to dress Storm, Morganna looked at a sex balloon which was naked except for a pink belt and a mask and then she saw that the balloon's ass was Red and she saw the phallus which lay there on the bed, this one was almost twice the size of hers and from the way that he lay she understood that Mystique used it more often then what she used.


Then as Morganna came closer to Mystique's bad she asked: "Is that Elasti-gal?"


"Yes, I bought her at an adult variety store before I returned to Empire-city." Mystique said smiling.


Then Morganna looked on the bad and saw a human sex doll and she heard Mystique in the backround telling her: "that is my private doll, Karol, who became a doll while "twit", "twat", Charlene and that bitch, "Muffee", became slaves."


Karol was dressed in a scarlet brassiere and matching garter belt and a pair of white lace bikini panties with a red heart in the center and around her neck was a dark red leather choker with a small pendant that said: "Mystique's doll" on it.


And then Morganna saw Muffee who was actually a human dressed up as a human bitch but Mystique gave her a brand new look: the first thing that Mystique did when she got her was to put a ring-gag in her mouth and then to dress her in a suit like the one "Twit" and "Twat" wears, then she put a syntactic brown fur on it (the fur was actually a part of a costume) and when she finished then she shoved a Dildo with brown hair attached to it into her ass.


The next phase was to put on a collar with and attached four rings and a dog-tag which said: "Muffee" in it before she put a mask over the hood which reminded of a San-Bernard the head was moulded to completely cover her down to her upper lip.


Eye holes were left so that she could see out easily enough but everything else which was out of her sight disappeared.


There was a separate piece to match for her lower jaw which was seemed to be glued directly onto her skin, under her chin and right round her bottom lip and it was linked to the main part of the head by studs on each side which allowed her to open and close her mouth as usual.


So this way "Muffee" could: eat, drink, bark, growl and yelp but she can't speak.


And just like: "Dyna" and "Bubby" she had a set of a set of thick pads on her knees and tight, fingerless mittens on their hands.


Then Mystique opened the door which was close to the four cages and Morganna saw that it was a gym full with sports gear but it also had: four bondage beds, four crosses and a few other instruments.


Then as Mystique put a hood with a face painted on it she continued and said: "If you'll be good then like the rest of those cows then you will live a happy life BUT if you won't be good then you will be punished, clear?" and finished just as she looked straight at the helpless Storm who again shook her head like a mad-woman.


Then Mystique put each slave in her cage and after she attached the leash to Muffee's collar then she and Morganna continued the tour but not before she told "Beast" to go and keep an eye over her male captive.


* * * * * * * *

Meanwhile at the "tower" in space there was an urgent meeting of superheroes after 90% of the superheroines vanished over the last decade and each tried to fined out to where but no one could have guest but they had a feeling that all the MIAs are alive and kept somewhere by their female arch-enemies and that they are in troubles.


* * * * * * *

Meanwhile Mystique took Morganna into a room which reminded Morganna Wendy's room when she was still a young girl but instead of Wendy she saw Batman's sidekick: Robin dressed in a full Red corset which had a slit at the back and an attached stockings and garter belt.


His once short black hair now reached his ass and it was bleached to a pure white and his face were covered with a tarty makeup.


Robin's eyes were red and then Mystique opened the closet and once Morganna looked in she saw that Robin had women's clothing and lingerie in it and she also saw that Robin had more Jewellery then what Morganna ever had.


Then Morganna and Mystique left him as "Beast" was there to make sure that he won't be able to escape.


From there Mystique took Morganna to her private peep show and on the way Morganna asked Mystique: "Tell me, where did you fine: 'Twit', 'Twat', Charlene, Karol and 'Muffee'?"


"After I left the clinic I was at this Halloween party where they were about to be free after a year of slavery but they wanted to stay so after the show that they gave I bought them and now the free gold-diggers are mine to be used just as I pleased and Morganna you can to be sure that they would love it and if not then they will fake it because they love their mistress just like the former heroines." Mystique said.


"Where are you tasking me?" Morganna asked.


"To have some fun." Mystique answered.


Once there Mystique began the tour:


The first room was called: "the mistress's little helper", then Morganna looked through the peeping-hole at the door and that was when Morganna saw wonder-woman who looked as a completely changed woman as she heard Mystique saying: "here in this place wonder-woman is called: Pussy.", then Morganna looked back at wonder woman.

She started at her feet, which were clad in black ankle boots with six inch silvery metal spike heels, up to her long legs covered in black fishnet stockings attached to garters that extended below her very short black leather micromini skirt that was so short that she could see the clit ring that someone gave her.

Then Morganna looked at Pussy's hands: her long two-inch cherry red nails were each adorned with several cheap silver nail rings, and each finger had at least two rings with several that had chains leading to slave bracelets around her wrists.

Morganna then scanned over to her huge chest, her HH tits were barely covered with a tight black leather bustier that pushed Pussy's tits up into mountains on her chest and she could see the outline of two large nipple rings through the tight leather and a small silver ring in her navel.

Around her neck was a dark red leather choker with a small pendant that said: "slut" on it.

Morganna who saw wonder-woman in the past could barely make out Diana's original face under the heavy make up she now had: her lips looked swollen and were painted a bright shiny red and it made it look like she had a permanent pout, her eyes were rimmed in heavy black eyeliner with extremely long black lashes that looked completely fake as her eyelids were covered with a silvery purple eyeshadow and her dark eyebrows were tweezed thin and in high arches.

Pussy's ears each had four big silver hoops dangling from them and she also had one small silver ring in the right side of her nose and two more in her right eyebrow and then as she opened her mouth to inhale another large cloud of smoke from the cigarette that she had in her hand, Morganna could see that her tongue was also pierced.

She then looked at what had most surprised her: The Amazon's lovely dark mane of hair was gone! It had been replaced with long flowing curls of pure white hair which was teased up into a very big and slutty eighties style.

She looked like the ultimate wet dream from the darkest corner of someone very perverse mind.

While her helpless mother was wearing: slave-bracelets on her hands, a thick collar around her neck, black leather skirt and black leather bustier which pushed her breast up.


Suddenly Morganna remembered the stories that she heard about wonder-woman and the former queen of the Amazons, while at the same time she remembered how Wendy finished her routs project: "even though the queen of the Amazon's looked much stronger then my auntie's great grandma she fell hard because she thought that she was invincible and that she will be able to play and to humiliate this woman who came into her territory but she was wrong." and it took her a couple of minutes to return to reality.


Then just as Morganna was about to move on to the next room she saw Dita Kramm and that was when she realized that the mistress there was NOT Mystique who liked to watch but it was actually Dita who returned into her slave's life, then she returned to the sign and read the little prints which said: "Staring: Dita Kramm as the mistress with Hilda and her mother, Bertha, as the slaves." and then Morganna laughed as she followed Mystique to the next door.


The next room's sign said: "meeting with Fausta, staring: Fausta as the mistress with Wondie as the slave", then once again Morganna looked through a peeping hole and this time the set was like an office and there she saw wonder-girl still dressed in her but now her shorts became a thong with a slit on each side and her shirt was now cut so that it will have a bigger cleavage but other then that she had what looked like her tiara and Amazon bracelets but it was fake.


Poor wonder-girl was on her hands and knees licking the floor like Granny was forced to clean Leticia's floor after she threw up at the carpet (see the story: Supermom's own mother, Supergran, aims to tame the evil Leticia Luther, part 2 on GW's page) but there was now one there to keep an eye on her.


Then a door opened and in the front stood the notorious Fausta dressed in an outfit which reminded wonder-woman's former outfit but the difference was that Fausta's outfit was made of a Black leather boots with the same pattern in her shorts which had white starts, her shirt like wonder-woman's except that hers was Silver with golden Phoenix.


Other then that Fausta had all the Amazon's artifacts which used to be Wonder-girl's and from the look of it Morganna also found out that Fausta turned wonder-girl into her slave and broke all of her will to resist the evil woman.


Then Mystique and Morganna continued the tour until it was time to go and to seal the deal in Mystique's office.


* * * * * * * *

It was five hours now since Morganna went to the clinic and Shyster dame just began to relax after she had a phone call as Geri-Phillips with one of her clients who made her saw upset that in the last hour she tormented when she got a phone call from the clinic and Leticia was on the line:


"Tell me Shysty, have you heard something from Wendy or Morg.?" Leticia asked.


"No, I agreed with Morganna that this will be my day of even though that piece of garbage that you call neighbor don't know when to stop." Shyster dame said as she put her hand on her forehead.


"Well I just got a call from Wendy." Leticia informed her.


"And?" Shyster dame asked.


"She saying that she had fun and that in a few hour she will meet Morganna and that then they'll return home." Leticia said.


"And?" Shyster dame asked as she knew from her sharp lawyer instincts that Leticia holding back on some info.


"She said that she wished that we were there with them." Leticia finely said and just as she thought that the questions ended then Shyster dame asked her: "Why?"


"She said that she is having a great time and that she thinks that this is the vacation that you need." Leticia said.


"I don't need a vacation, all I need is that this blundering idiot will stop to bother me on Sundays when I am not at the office- I know that I'm his lawyer but this woman can drive elephants into the loony been." Shyster dame said and she suddenly saw Valkie and Justy smirking even though they tried to cover it but they knew that Shyster dame was the kind of lawyer who knew everything as she whispered to them: "Only for that I will forgive you and I won't punish you for putting to much salt in the soup." and the two helpless slave got on their hands and knees as they began to lick her boots as shyster-dame continued to talk with Leticia as a thank you gesture for the rest of the talk because they knew that she won't hesitate to hurt them unless they will degrade themselves.


After the conversation was over they pleased her one more time before she returned home and saw 'catgirl' on her knees infront of Morganna, Leticia, Wendy and the slaves who were in the clinic as she only were a collar and a sign which said: "the clinic's payment as I promiced.


The end of Chapter 2.


Note_1: this is a fantasy and all the characters which were created by GW are used with permission and none of the things that I write oblige GW in any way.


Note_2: the ideas of the way in which: Rogue and Storm dressed and the way that EW and DG her dressed as a doggy girls are used with the permission of: Parker and that story is my interpretations to a few of the author's ideas.


Note_3: the Ideas of the rubber outfits and the characters: Maria, Su-lee, Charlene, Muffee and Karol were taken from the story: Omens - a Halloween tale by Musker and it's sequels, and that story is my interpretations to a few of the author's ideas.


Note 4: Wonder woman's outfit came from the story: "wonder woman and the new u-salon by Ghost_hand" and it is used with permission and that story is my interpretations to a few of the author's ideas.