Returning home, Part 2.

By the outsider.

What happen when Leticia and Wendy remain alone with the slaves?


Note_1: This story contains nudity, graphic violence, rape and other adult themes. It is most definitely intended for, and should only be read by, mature adults, over the age of twenty-one.


Note_2: all the characters and pictures are being used with GW's permission.


Part 2- Private party.


There was any good movies in the cinema so Wendy and Leticia decided to return home, once they got home then each went to her chamber and got the slaves before they went to Soapy's cell, who was the only slave in the clinic which had a cell because she was caught later and there was an argument of who does she belongs to:


Morganna said that since she was the one who gave Wendy her powers then Soapy belongs to her.


Wendy said that since she was the one who caught soapy then she is her mistress.


Gerri said that since she was the one who "legalized" Soapy's enslavement ten soapy belong to her.


Leticia said that since she had a score to settle with soapy then she owns soapy.


Since there was no solution then they decided that soapy won't get an owner and a cage but a mistresses who shares equal rights on her, now a year after she was caught then Soapy had a completely new look: her hair was now Black and almost as short as shyster dame's, her face were tattooed with a permanent gothic style makeup, she had several rings made of Kryptonite on her body and her tits became bigger.


* * * * * * * *


Meanwhile at the plane: Morganna was sleeping after she ate and drank, Valkie also got some rest as she sobbed quietly until she was a sleep while Gerri and Justy watched the movie with Shyster dame's hand on her slave's lap until Gerri whimpered to her slave: "get under my dress and start to lick it, now slut."


Then as Justy began to do as she was told then she heard Gerri whispering to her: "now slut: you will remain down there until I will tell you, if I'll fell asleep then you will remain there or else you'll be sorry when we will return home, now get to work!" and so Justy did as she was ordered by her mistress while Gerri pressed the remote after the 1st orgasm which gave Justy her price.


* * * * * * * *


Meanwhile in her cell the new soapy went from one side to the other as she tried to fine a way but there were no windows and the air shaft was to high for her to fly with the slave-bracelets, the collar and the 7 pounds weights which were attached to each of her new nipple rings.


Then she suddenly thought of her mom, son and daughters as she looked at the pictures from her first rape she began to sob: Dopey and Granny came into the cell accompanied by Leticia and Wendy who had a camera in her hand.


Suddenly without a word Dopey and Granny began to move closer to soapy and before she knew what was going on they began to tie her hands behind her back, then they tied her legs with a rope which came down from the ceiling and once it was over they pulled her up.


Once soapy stopped she heard Wendy saying: "now Soapy, you have to be proud with your mom after all she was such a bitch before she cane here to learn how to be an humble woman, right granny?"


"Y-yes mistress, Wendy... Granny learned her place." Granny answered with a sexy deep voice while her head was bow down.


Then Leticia said while pointing dopey: "and look at your proud daughter, once she was such a whore running around in those skimpy outfits, do you remember Dopey?"


"Like yep mistress." Dopey said with a high nasal whine.


"Tell me Wendy, do you remember how we found those two pathetic whores?" Leticia said as she spanked granny's ass with such a power that granny almost fell from her feet.


"Yes ma, those two were so independent and proud but now they are broken slaves with only one goal in life: to please their owner and their mistresses, right whores?" Wendy asked while playing with Dopey's nipples (which became ultra sensitive after what Wendy used to do with her) and the slaves immediately said in unison: "Yes mistress Wendy." as the two evil women began to laugh.


"W-What have you done to th-them? Wha-What are you going to do to me? Mistress Wendy?" Soapy asked without permission and a horse whip stroke her pussy 10 times before Wendy told her: "remember rule number 1: Never talk without permission so now Granny kick her right tit, NOW!" then without a word granny did as she was told.


Then Leticia said: "Dopey kick the other, NOW!" and dopey did as she was told without arguments as she remembered that before they got into the cell Leticia and Wendy informed them that they will visit the dungeon of one of the slaves won't behave.


The "dungeon" as it was known was the room in which all of the instruments that Valkie was trained with were and the slaves dreaded that place because once they were in they were punished in such a way that they will never cross their mistresses and owners again.


"Now as far as your question: granny was trained to become a street-walker\whore in mind and attitude so I decided that she will learn how to talk while the same happened to dopey but she was trained to become a bimbo, right slaves?" Leticia asked while she looked wickedly on them.


"Yes mistress Leticia, the sun in our life." The slaves answered in unison with their heads bow down as they tried to stop a tear without using their hands while Leticia was happy that Morganna and Gerri were on the plane and not there because she knew that they will have lots of fun on it.


Then Leticia placed Granny behind soapy while Wendy did the same with Dopey.


When they finished Wendy said: "now we planned something special for you: granny will lick your ass and dopey will lick your pussy, now remember whores ma and I will be here and we will use the whip on you if you will not be nice to us, clear?" then after the slaves answered: "yes mistress" in unison, then soapy heard Leticia scream: "DO IT!" and she felt how her mom and daughter hugged her waist before they began to lick her as their mistresses told them.


* * * * * * * *


After a good sleep and rest Morganna woke up suddenly when she felt something that touching her pussy and then when she looked at her side she saw Gerri enjoying with a bump which looked like Justy under her dress but there was no sign of Valkie so she whispered to Gerri without words: "Where is Valkie?" and she answered to her in the same way: "Look under your dress." then she looked and saw a bump which looked like Valkie.


Then Morganna moved next to Shysty with Valkie crawling on the dirty floor under the dress and once she got there then both women began to have fun while each slave was now forced to remain under the dress of her owner and were allowed to move only with a special permission.


* * * * * * * *


Soapy was now all alone in her cell as she knew that it was time to lunch which meant that for the next hour no one will enter the room because Mdm. Kim left with her slaves back to the capital and Wendy and Leticia won't enter the room soon and she was right because Wendy and Leticia decided that until the plane will land then each will spend the time with her slave.


And for an entire hour there was no sign of the two evil mistresses until the door opened, then granny and Dopey came into the room wearing: Black leather thong and a hood with a zipper, poor soapy could also see that each held something and before she knew it Granny put a hood on her head before the two helpless slaves continued what they stopped under the watchful eye of Wendy and Leticia until they told granny and dopey to stop their assault.


Once granny and Dopey stopped then Wendy took of their hoods and thongs as Leticia told them: "Okay slaves, take her off and put her in the position, NOW!" and soapy saw how both slaves went closer to her, freed her before they forced her to her knees, straitened her back and then each went to kneel next her owner and then she saw the fresh welts over their bodies as Leticia and Wendy began to laugh when they saw her face.


Then she heard Wendy saying: "say ma, when will auntie Morg and auntie Shysty will arrive?"


"Well sweetie, the flight from Tel-Aviv to New-York is 12 hours and from what Shysty informed me they will stop at New-York for a few days because your auntie Morg got a migraine over that flight, there was this guy seating next to her which made her head heart so now they had to stop so that she'll get some help and do you know where they will be staying?" Leticia informed Wendy.


"No ma, where?" Wendy asked.


"They are at the presidential sweet in the Hilton, Morg know the owner." Leticia said.


"Now Soapy, since those to won't be able to help Justy and Valkie when my aunties will return then you're going to do that job, right?"




"And what if I will tell you that your mom and daughter will be punished instead of you?" Leticia asked.


"What was that?" Soapy asked.


"Your mom and daughter are now humans, if you won't be nice then we'll give your punishments to those two broken whores and if you won't after that then we will also punish you friends: Valkie and Justy and remember that Wendy here can beat your ass." Leticia informed her.


"Okay- (sob) you two won, mistresses." Soapy said.


"Granny stand infront of her, NOW!" Leticia ordered to granny who stood up and went to where Soapy was left, when she got there Soapy already knew what the next order will be and tried to lick her Pussy but the terrified woman stopped her until Wendy said: "Dopey, go to lick Granny's ass while Soapy will lick her Pussy, NOW!", then soapy did as she was told and the humiliated Granny stood there and was whipped her tits by Leticia and Wendy.




For the next few days Supermom was gone and Soapy was there to stay as she remembered what she was told by Leticia and Wendy, when Morganna and Shyster dame arrived they saw Soapy who wore: white maid's cap, apron, a full Red bodysuit with attached gloves and hood, a corset, 7" boots and in her mouth she had a smiling gag.


When Morganna asked who is the responsible for that then Leticia told her that this was Wendy's doing as she gave Morganna and Shysty a photo album which was full with pictures of Soapy as she was broken and wore lots of costumes.


Then Justy, Valkie and Soapy took the suitcases and followed their mistresses as they saw Morganna and Shysty hugging Wendy while Leticia went next to Morg who told them everything and even listened to Leticia complaining about her foot problems.


The end of the story.