Rosemary's diary

By the outsider.

One year later Rosemary writes in her diary about Nina's doing for her mom.


Note_1: the characters are being used with GW's permitting.

Note_2: the outfit that Ruthy wears is published with Parker's permission.

Note_3: the story is built like Parker's story: Parker 01 ' Dear Diary.


June 29th 2003


Dear diary.


It has bean one year since Nina moved into the house, our lives as turned into a living nightmare and now she moved into mom's room and she is using mom 24/7 as her personal toy as poor mom has now a full time job of: pleasuring Nina, doing her beading and keeping her out of troubles at school while I'm on the other hand being used as a maid while from time to time after she is beating mom or throwing her into that awful cage which became her bad whenever Nina is using me.


Mommy is no longer allowed to wear her: dark colored, loose fitting suits, or long skirts and baggy sweaters and she is also not allowed to keep her long brown hair in an ugly bun and or to downplays her beautiful face with thick glasses and the worst thing in mom's view is that Nina forced her to wear a makeup which in Nina's way makes her look like a dumb slut and now after Nina forced her to bleach her hair then she is just that.


Other then that Nina also forced mom to wear a short, tight and reviling cloths and her favorite outfit for mom is made of: polyester miniskirt, pink top and high heels.


Other then that mom was trained to gaze up at Nina with wide, adoring eyes as she slowly ran her tongue over her thick, pouty lips before asking her, in a deep, breathy voice: "May this humble maid pleasure you miss Nina?" or that she was forced to say something else then if Nina would say 'yes' then Mom would lead Nina to her bedroom with her hips swinging back in forth in an inviting fashion.


Nina had turn ma into a slut and me into her lame jester or something!


I still remember when I once went next to Nina's room after doing the laundry and heard a barking so I knocked on the door and asked: "Miss Nina, may I come in?" then when there was no answer I opened the door and there was mom on her hands and knees with her "tail" in her ass which was actually mom's 9" dildo with her hairs attached to it on her hands and knees with a whip in her mouth along with a dog collar with a leash which was held by Nina who patted poor Mom's ass which was red as a tomato while mom whimpered and sobbed but fortunately none of them saw me as I closed the door and ran away crying for mom predicament.


After a few hours I saw Nina going down the stairs (how I wished that she would fall and brake her hands or something else so that mom will get a break from the evil bitch) wearing an evening and coming closer to me as I heard mom crying from her room.


Then when she was close enough I bowed my head as I paid my respect to her as she touched my bare teats, you see when I return from school then I'm getting naked and then I put on my uniform which included: a pair of gray hose with red garters, impossibly uncomfortable skyscraper heels, a tiny white maid's apron that did not quite reach the juncture of my shapely thighs, and a silly looking, maid's cap.


Other then that I was pierced like ma


Then after a while she told me: "Listen up, Rose! I'm going out today with Wendy, while I'll be out then I won't you to go upstairs to MY room and be there with MY toy, you have lots of things to talk about." Then after I said: "yes miss Nina." she gave me a little spank on my ass as I went upstairs to mom while she went out.


Once I was at the door and opened it I saw mom on the bed with her face under the pillow and her now Red ass was in the hair as her sore body shivered from the pain that was inflicted on her over the lest Five hours as she was probably used by Nina.


I tried to take the pillow of but mom put her hands on the pillow and begged that I will let her keep it as it is so that she won't be punished by Nina who told her that for school tomorrow she will get another humiliating outfit to wear and that no one should see her until then because if someone will then mom will get the beating of her life.


Then we talked and since mom was no longer allowed to go to church then I told her everything that happened there while she told me all about the humiliating things that Nina forced her to do and as always she swore me not to tell because she feared Nina's reaction and she knew that she will be punished by both Nina and the law not to mention that her carear was on the line as she explained: Nina is a minor and that's why she will go to jail if anyone will know.


Then after a few hours mom told me: "Rose, I've terrible news- (Sob) Nina will remain- (sniffle) with us today- you see her mom called when you were at church and when she heard about me then she allowed Nina to- hooooo... dear lord- move in-" then just as mom began to cry, Nina came in and threw me out.


On the way to my room I heard mom being abused by Nina who wanted to use her so she decided to spank her for fun so that she will be horny and that she will comply easier, after the horrible ordeal that mom went threw and the non stop trainings mom was like clay in Nina's hands who mold her so that she will be ready for her perverted whims and there was nothing that anyone could do about it.


The following morning I saw what mommy meant as she was led by the leash to the kitchen where I just finished cooking Nina's breakfast while I was dressed in my school outfit which now after Nina took over included: six inch red heels, black stocking, pink ultra-short leather skirt without any panties under that and a tank top which was so tight that my pierced nipples were shown.


On my neck she had her choker and as always my hair was slicked back and my face was painted like the one of a cheap slut so that everyone will know that I'm my mother's daughter and from that moment I got a new job: being an escort girl.


Mom on the other hand wore: Seven-inch pumps, fishnet stockings up her long, sleek legs which were held by a garter for leg which barely covered by the short skirt, up to her large, firm breasts and beautiful, tarty face and blonde hair.


God she looked hot!


Then Nina took the leash and gave mom a trenchcoat so that she will be able to cover herself until we got to the car where mom set at the passenger seat with her coat open next to Nina while I set in the back from where I could see how mom squirmed in the seat as Nina put her left hand inside mom's underwear and plaid with poor mom's pierced clit as there was red light.


That day I didn't saw mom or Nina has in each break Nina arrived to mom's office and used her as if she was a toy or that she arranged for mom to call to: Nina, friend\s or both whenever there was French because Nina hated that class and she already knew that language as she proved in all of the tests that she took.


At the end of Nina's day I saw her rushing mom who was crying to the car and I knew what was going on so I went to check and her secretary told me that mom finished to work for today, after the break was over I walked to the class I knew that by now they were back at the house and that Nina doing something to mom but I couldn't guess what.


That day when I returned I saw mom lying on the floor unconscious and I was shocked to see that she was in a mess, then I knew that since today was Monday then mom took part in a Lesbian gang-bang and as always she was the victim then after I was in my "uniform" I slowly rolled her over.


Then I saw that she was whipped by Nina and then I knew that she failed to please someone.


After a few minutes mom walk up and hugged me as she begged that I won't say nothing about this, I just could see the terror in her eyes and that was enough to convince me, suddenly there was a knock on the door and when I looked from the piping hole I saw that it was the local reverend who slipped me a note from Nina which I read to mom which said:




I thought about a few things and I decided that from now on we'll all go to church where my stupid cow will be able to talk with the priest, by the way: you can inform her that from now on she will become more then my toy and that she better get used to it because when I will return home then she will restart her training but this time I won't be as nice to her as I was until now.


Miss Nina."


Then mom broke into tears when I finished read it to her Nina's note and as that bitch promised for the next five months she trained mom to become her: sex-slave, toilet, puppy, maid, servant, toy and a few other things which I know that makes mom to feel sick to her stomach but now after Nina got all of those pictures and movies then mom is totally submissive and she takes everything that Nina throws at her.


I have to go now because Nina wants me to go for shopping and that means that unfortunately for mom she'll have to stay here alone with Nina I know that Nina won't be afraid to use mom for her perverted whims (the last 1 was to have mom to star in a home-made porn movie and I was forced to be the mistress and to punish her and I know that since then she had mom staring in other "home" movies and that Nina took pictures of mom naked so now Nina blackmails mom into a life of slavery but they think that I don't know that and I'm going alone for mom's sake.


Hope that things will get better and that Nina will leave.




* * * * * * * *


July 30th 2003


Dear Diary.


Nina and mom just returned home from their night out and I could see that mom was all worn out and that her hands were full with shopping begs as she was let by Nina who held the her new leash which was attached to poor mom's punishment collar which Nina used to force her to wear when she was "bad puppy" as Nina called it and when she used it then mom was shocked until Nina was sure that mom learned her place.


I tried to speak with mom but she ignored me and followed Nina to her room, that was 10 hours ago and they still hasn't came out from there so I'm assuming that Nina is forcing mom to try all the new cloths before she will use the other things that she bought.


Earlier today I walked next to their room and I heard mom begging that Nina will allow her to stop so I know that Nina is forcing mom to do: push-ups, seat-ups, sprints in her place, putting the leash in mom's pierced nipple and forcing mom to run around her like some horse or something worst then that.


Then one hour after that I saw mom naked with a sign which was attached to the rings in her nipples and it said: "Nina's slave." and then she came to me and told me that mistress Nina wants me in her room as she passed me by, I tried to talk with her but mom was already gone so I went to mo- Nina's room where I saw the cage and a few other things that I couldn't recognize and then I saw Nina standing there at the door to her private room, then Nina told me that mom's professional carear is about to be over as today there was an inspection and that mom is in troubles after she was rude to the inspector while she was dressed in a pair of shorts and a tiny bikini-top.


Nina then began to laugh as she told me what she is about to do with mom now after she graduated high-school and mom will be out of job then she has all the time in the world to turn mom into what she is: a broken willed lesbian sex slave as I will go to school.


Then just as we finished our conversation mom came into the room just as the phone rang and after putting it on speaker we all heard the words: "Ruthy, you're fired- you'll never work in this town again" then as the phone went dead I saw how Nina smiled as she told mom: "slave, take this little girl out of my room- NOW!" then mom said: "Yes- (sob) mistress Nina." and for the first time in her life mom threw me out of the room and that was the last time that I saw her for Three weeks until that bitch allowed mom to talk with me.


I went to see mom and once I got there I saw mom dressed in a Black leather thong and bustier, her bellybutton was pierced with 20 tiny rings which surrounded it as if it was a flower and inside her bellybutton mom had her wedding ring.


Mom's face was even sluttier then what it was until now as her make-up was even heavier as it was now as Mom's swollen lips were painted with a Pink lipstick that made it look as if mom had a permanent pout, her eyes were rimmed in heavy black eyeliner with extremely long black lashes.


Mom's eyelids were covered with a Red eyeshadow, mom's dark eyebrows were tweezed thin and in high arches and her face were white as it was covered with snow, her nails were longer then what they used to be before Nina took over mom's life and it was covered with a midnight-Blue paint as it was adorned with five cheap silver nail rings, and each finger had at least two golden rings with several that had chains leading to slave bracelets around her wrists.


Mom's face were pierced as it sported: one silver ring in the middle of her nose, Four tiny rings on each side of the nose, Four rings on mom's right eyebrow and another Four on her left eyebrow and her ears which never had a whole in them now had one hoop ring with five pieces of Junk jewellery dangling from them.


Then mom opened her mouth and I saw that she had one golden ring on the tip of her tongue and three studs: one in the middle, one in the right and the last was in her left.


Then mom asked me: "all of these rings are permanent, Rosemary- mistress Nina has taught me a lot and now I'm not her toy anymore but I'm her property to be used whenever mistress Nina wants me to." then mom began to cry and after she calmed down I we talked until Nina returned home.


In the morning Nina took mom into a plastic surgeon where poor mom went through and now mom's body is totally different: the 1st operation that mom went through was a fat suction and now her waist is 10" and what was sucked from her waist went to her breasts which her now at the size of full HH.


In the 2nd operation mom's voice was changed and now she has a permanent whine.


The last operation turned her into a natural blonde and now mom turned into a dumb slut as she is forced to do what Nina orders her to do.


Well I have to go now.




* * * * * * * *