Sheila's Story

By Jabberwock

A man falls for a boxing woman


"You've heard of cock-teasers? Well, I'm a boxing teaser. Not to brag, but I possess an unbeatable combination of beauty and strength. I lure men with my looks, and then deny them with my fists. I LOVE it!


Danny was an especially fun encounter. It was easy to see he was attracted to me from the first meeting. We flirted for a while that night and then began a very casual dating relationship. Danny wanted more, though. Don't all men? "Sorry, Danny. I just don't give myself to any man I date. Before I do I have to know that he's worthy of me." Danny looked confused and a little annoyed. "And just how can I prove myself worthy? "Well, it's quite simple. I simply can't respect a man unless he's man enough to take me on in a boxing ring." Danny's mouth dropped open. "And win. At first he seemed leery, but I goaded him on. "What's the matter, don't think you could beat me? Are you already admitting that you're not man enough?" A few of those comments and I had his male pride and ego ready to do anything in order to remain intact. We set a date for our match in the private ring in my basement. I could hardly wait.


Danny was real surprised when he saw me step into the ring wearing nothing but panties and boxing gloves. He climbed into the ring barefoot, wearing shorts and a tee shirt and obviously ready to get started.


It was unbelievable what a horrible boxer Danny was. I really pulverized him. I started by swinging both lefts and rights aimed for the side of his jaw. His inability to block a decent punch forced his head to bounce back and forth like a punching bag. His arms swung fiercely and he groaned from deep in his chest like an injured animal, but all he was able to hit was air. When I saw blood on his face I changed my target. My fists pounded into his stomach with rapidity that caused him to lean over more and more with each punch. Clumsy arms and fists swung toward me, a few of them connected, but with very little force.


"What's the matter, Danny?" He swung at my head and I easily ducked it. "You fight like a girl, Danny! His right glove came straight for my stomach but hit so lightly I could barely feel it and started to laugh. "Can't you fight any better than that?" It was time to really punish him. My left slammed into his gut, my right snapped his head around hard and fast. I put all my strength into a wicked punch that bloodied his nose and sent him to his knees. As I got close, I could tell he was crying, probably from the humiliation of being beaten up by a girl and the frustration of not being man enough to have me. He was pathetic and I decided he deserved much more humiliation.


I walked up to his kneeling form and stood over him with my gloved hands on my hips. He tearfully begged me to stop, that he had had enough. "Please don't hit me any more," he whined, "I've had enough, I give up. I don't want to fight any more, you beat me." I couldn't believe what a sissy he had turned out to be. Seeing him kneeling defeated at my feet crying and pleading, I knew instantly what I needed to do. "I'll decide when you've had enough," I told him, "I don't think you've learned your lesson yet." Then I hauled off and delivered a wicked right hook that closed his left eye and sent him crashing to the floor where he lay sobbing.


Pulling off my gloves and throwing them aside, I left the room and returned shortly with a pair of pink nylon lace-trimmed panties. I grabbed him by the hair and pulled his head up so he could see what I had. "Since you've shown yourself to be the most pathetic little pussy-whipped pantywaist I've ever seen," I said, "you're going to have to dress the part." He took one look at the panties and the tears started flowing again and he pleaded, "No, no please don't make me...I'll do anything you say,!" but his pleas fell on deaf ears. I ripped off his shorts and tee shirt and underpants and slid the panties up his legs and over his hips. I had to admit my own panties were getting wet from the sight of this helpless man lying at my feet wearing nothing but pink panties and boxing gloves.


I decided to really enjoy myself. I ordered Danny to his feet. He got up, still sniveling and begging for mercy. I grabbed him by the arm and slapped him across the face. Then again, and again, his head snapping from side to side, his whole body shuddering and convulsing as the stinging slaps landed again and again. Then I let go of his arm but continued slapping him around the room. He was completely helpless, staggering around trying to avoid more slaps, his hands dangling uselessly at his sides. I taunted him as I administered his punishment, calling him sissy, pantywaist, every insult to his manhood I could think of. He blubbered and begged me to stop.


Finally, his legs failed him and after a particularly hard, stinging series of face slaps he collapsed on the floor and lay there sobbing on his stomach. I grabbed a fistful of his hair and jerked him up to his knees. It was then that I noticed that his cock was rock hard and pushing the front of his panties way out. He tried to cover up his shame, but I pushed his hands aside and grabbed his cock and squeezed it. He came instantly, shooting into his panties. "How dare you make a mess in my panties!" I yelled and delivered a ringing forehand slap to his face, then backhanded him on the other side. He tried to apologize but I was having none of it. Holding him up by the hair I continued to slap him back and forth, heaping further humiliation on this weeping sissy boy.


On some level Danny was enjoying this humiliation because his cock got hard again and pretty soon he groaned and shot another wad into his panties. I continued slapping him silly. As I was tiring of this, I noticed that he had lost all control and was squirting pee into his panties with each blow. On realizing that I was literally slapping the piss out of this little sissy, I could no longer contain myself and his beating stopped as I released his hair and had a terrific orgasm right there in front of him.


When I recovered, I walked over to where Danny lay on the floor bleeding and crying. "I think you've learned your lesson now," I said, "about who is superior in this relationship, right?" "Yes, ma'am," he sobbed, "Please don't hit me any more, I'll do anything you say." And with that admission, Danny became my slave forever.