Diesha knew when she started working at Needermeyer Industries that she had a hot, little body, and that she wanted to put some muscle on to make it even hotter. So, when she started work there, she wore tight, black pants that ended halfway up her calves, spiked heels, and a tight, little sleeveless top that was not exactly usual workplace attire. Just as she had hoped, a bodybuilder, one of the sales staff, asked her to lunch.

At lunch she wasted no time getting to the point.

"I'm looking for a trainer. I want to get buff."

"Well," Jack smiled; he had waited a long time to hear that from the right woman, "I've been known to be a pretty good trainer."

"Do you know a lot about nutrition and supplementation?"

"How come I feel like this is a business interview?"

"I'm just making casual conversation," she smiled back. She laughed lightly and tossed her long, auburn hair back. Her dark eyes twinkled at him.

Jack felt a jumpin' feeling in his gut. "Doesn't it look like I know a lot about nutrition and supplementation?" He flexed his enormous chest.

"What gym?"

"Goldies, of course"

"I'll see you there after work."

"Ok, but can we just have lunch first?"

They both laughed.


Later that evening:

Her whole body was burning with power like she had never felt before. Just one dose of those new bodybuilding drugs that Jack gave her was making Diesha take off like a rocket. Her head was buzzing too, like she had just smoked a huge joint. What had started out as a short get-to-know-ya workout had morphed into a huge, two-hour muscle-blast-a-thon.

She flexed her chest and arms, and her already tight, sweat-soaked t-shirt became transparent. "My god, I've grown an inch on my chest in just the last few hours!" she enthused. She continued to flex and dance, watching herself in the mirror. She ran her hands over her chest and her body tingled with sexual electricity. Her boobs were medium sized, but round, and amazingly firm. Under less transparent garments, her swelling chest would have made her tits look a lot bigger. Her rock hard nipples showed clearly through her t-shirt. She shivered with delight as she brushed her nipples with her fingers. "Ohhh..."

Jack looked on in lust. These SuperBuff drugs were brand new, and he had been too chicken to try them himself. He had felt a little guilty not telling Diesha that, but she should have asked more questions if she was concerned, he rationalized. He felt a lot better now that he saw that she was ok. In fact, Jack was so wrapped up in his little deceit and her sexy body, that he entirely missed Diesha's comment that her chest had grown an inch in only two hours. He scanned her body up and down lasciviously. To Jack she had the perfect combination of tits, ass and muscles. He could see that her buff little body was capable of carrying a lot of muscle without looking unfeminine.

Diesha saw Jack's sweats tenting around his huge hard-on. "Do you have more of these supplements back at your place?" she asked, licking her lips at him." She surprised herself talking like that. She was normally much more reserved, but her libido was suddenly amped like she had never felt before.

He didn't even blink. "Let's go!"

They both jumped in his car, not even bothering to change out of their workout clothes, or shower. The cool night air made Diesha's nipples even harder. It was all she could do to keep her hands off of him as he punched it down the freeway. She was playing with the zipper on his pants as he hit 90mph. It seemed to her to take forever to get to his house. When they finally arrived, she started ripping off his clothes before he could get the front door shut.

She saw the weight set in the living room, and suddenly she wanted to take some more SBD's and lift again. Jack was only a little disappointed; he did love to just watch her workout. Diesha swallowed the second dose with a lot of water. She started lifting, no strict workout, just hitting whatever exercise turned her on at the moment. She did a ton of squats and bench presses. All the while she grew stronger and stronger, bigger and bigger. After her second set of bench presses she just peeled her soaking t-shirt off her swelling upper body. That was all Jack could stand and he nearly threw himself at her. They fucked hard; Jack was amazed at Diesha's size and strength.

They made love twice in a row, and Jack could not take anymore. He fell asleep within seconds of catching his breath, Diesha smiled to herself, even though she was still not entirely satisfied sexually she was comforted by the knowledge that she was on her way to dominating Jack. Mr. O-Whimpia, she thought to herself. She had suspected that he might have access to the new SB drugs going around, and now she was amazed at how well they were working. 860