Revenge, part_2.

By the outsider.

Ann's new life begins.


Decliner: The below story contains adult material. Do not continue reading if you are under age 18 or are offended by such material, this is a pure fantasy and ALL of the characters and the events are made-up, that story is NOT a sequel to any the comics which I borrowed characters from.


Part_2 ' forgotten.


Summery: here comes Lesly-Bianly.



Chapter_1 ' Meet my bimbo Lesly Bianly.


Summery of chapter_2: Melissa continues the tour, and finely getting reacquainted with Gwen AKA Lesly Bianly.



Note_1: All the characters from: "Housewives at play" (Catherine Mitchell, Jennifer, Melissa, Poke-me-Hiney, Lynn, Bratty sneers, Fate and Candy) in THIS chapter are used with Rebecca's permission and can be found in books available from and also

Note_2: Gwen's look is based on the beach bunny from the story: "Casino" by BlairBrek and used with the author's permission.

Note_2.5: Gwen's bikini bottom is based on an idea by Ted E. bear.



Melissa walked around the gallery for the last four hours. Seeing ALL of the "after" pictures, made her understand the power Ann had over her slaves. T the last part of her tour, she watched movies as it had a "before" tape and "after" tape. At the "before" tape, she saw the slaves as they were when they arrived; rude, angry, scared ETC. each slave was also dressed in the same outfit that Melissa saw.


At the "after" movies, however, ALL of the slaves look just like one can except from slaves in their position; humiliated, submissive and obedient like the bitch that each of them was. Each face she saw had the same desperate look with those eyes which begged for help. It seemed that Ann told them that this will become her ransom tape. However, NONE of the tapes reached their desired destiny.


When Melissa finely found Ann, she said: "I couldn't fine the tape of my friend, Gwen. What have you done with her Ann? Why couldn't I fine her?"


"Your EX-friend, Gwen, never did those tapes. You see, the cheap whore moved from one position to the other. That was until she became MY personal cabana girl. You see Melissa; I spent LOT of money to turn her into a doll on a stand. Gwen became the epitome of the California beach girl. Long bleached blonde straight down hair. A big sunshine smiling face. Now, since she spends her days by my pool, she is wearing black micro thong that doing nothing to hide her sexy bombshell body. Massive tits and ass with a diminutive waist in between. Nipples and pussy lips could easily be seen poking through the electric orange of the fabric which make a strikingly contrast to her dark brown sun-tanned skin. There is no reason why you should worry about that whore. Now Melissa, I'm tired, and you are going to be my horsy." Ann replied with a sadistic smile. A few minutes after Ann finished, Melissa was already on her hands and knees while Ann secured a saddle over her back after she forced a 9" extendable dildo with black hairs into her ass. When Ann finely finished, she set on Melissa's back before she grabbed the slave's long hair with one hand and used it as a pair of reins. Then, after placing her feet in the hooves, Ann whipped Melissa's ass, before the helpless slave began to crawl- moaning from pain.


On the way to where Gwen was kept, Ann told her "horsy", Melissa, Gwen's story: "you see Melissa, when I 1st met Gwen she was very cute. Her hair was long and dark. Her breasts used to be about: 30C and her waist used to be between 35-40 inches. Her IQ used to stand on: 160 points. Furthermore, Gwen used to be very coy and her privacy was important for the dirty slut. However, now she is my personal sex-slave and as such I turned her into a life-size Barbie doll. At 1st the whore opposed it. However, once I mentioned her mother she just changed her mind. You see Melissa, Gwen used to have a nasty habit in which she used gamble, so we played poker. HOWEVER, while I played for my money or my cloths, Gwen was stupid enough to gamble her: money, cloths, freedom, body and EVERYTHING that she could. Let me tell you Melissa, I played with that bitch from the start. You know, I teased her so much that she lost her poker face and I read her like a book after the 1st hand I had which was a royal flash.


You should have seen her after she was MINE. However, I decided to sign her on a contract. Gwen begged me to give her just one more chance- which I gave her. However, not at once. You see, once I won, I decided to work my new toy 1st. so that was when I began to train her as my "toilet" as I began to pee into her mouth when needed. While doing that, I ordered to shrink ALL of her cloths- which she wore while she was not in one of those training sessions. This went on for an Entire month. Once the month was over, I told her that her last salary arrived, and if she wants, then I'm willing to play what I won as well as her will against her paycheck.


At 1st, Gwen refused. After all; her will was the only thing that she owned. So I decided that it was time to change Gwen's position and turn her into one of MY animal-slaves. As far as I understand you were an animal-slave- don't you MY dear? Yes you were- you and your aunty, Milky (my personal-cow), both were animal-slaves- anyway, in Gwen's case; I trained her to be dumb doggie. In her training period, she was naked ALL the times with that tail cute. After one week of training, Gwen knew how to walk with that ass swaying from one side to the other while her boobs swayed from one side to the other. You can be sure that it didn't take long before Gwen begged me to play like a doggie. However, before I agreed; I forced her to lick my boots. Once she finished, I ordered her: 'get on all four and crawl under my dress! Once there I want to feel your tongue DEEP inside my ass crack! When you'll feel my leg kicking you; crawl to the other side and lick my pussy!"


I have to admit that these were the best licks I got until you came. When I was finely pleased with her work, I told Gwen who returned to stand on all four like the bitch she was. Then I finely gave her a collar- a shocking collar that is. Once the collar was fastened around Gwen's neck, I informed the meathead; "you can do better Gwen. However, we will get the skills you use improved in time. Now I want you to start dancing for me. You see, a useless bitch like you should know a few things so until I'll give you the chance for a game, you'll learn how to be a cuntlicker as well as the perfect little asslicker when we are alone. However, if I'll have friends; you will become OUR entertainment. The only difference is that while I'll fuck you when we are alone, you won't have ANY sex with them."


You should have seen how humiliated she was. However, the little dyke became fantastic at the age of 20- only two years after she became my slave. It was her birthday on 10-7 when I finely allowed her to play against me. However, this time I came to her cell with a piece of paper that my lawyer, Anne Smith, came up with per to my request. Anyway, we played one hand- ALL or Nothing- and I won. Then I gave her the paper and she signed. The paper was a biding legal contract which turned ALL of Gwen's looses into my property and that was how I won MY slut-"


On the remaining of the way, Ann continued to tell the shocked Melissa about Gwen's; MOST humiliating ordeals until they finely an area which had a sign next to the gate which said in black letters: "Ann's personal cabana." Once Ann opened the gate and led Melissa in, the later was in shock. Ann's pool looked VERY exotic and expensive. As she looked around, Melissa saw; palm trees, grass, waterfalls, and fountains.


All of those things were placed next to the road which led to Ann's pool.


The pool itself was an Olympic one, and there she could see a beach-house with a view to Empire-City's gulf. There were ONLY 9 houses like that. The others were owned by other mistresses like: Morganna Morgul and Geri Phillips, Wendy and Leticia Luthor, Ann and Latifa Smith, Sarit and Simon Levi, and others. However, that house was the only one which was inside a compound. Once there, Ann removed Melissa's saddle before she reattached the leash to the collar, and led Melissa in. the house was made of woods colored white. The house itself had; two floors, two porches which faced the gulf. The lawns were perfect, and Melissa was shocked from all the flowers.


When Ann and her precious "doggie" reached the door, Melissa saw that the sign said: "welcome to the beach house of the Van-Horns." Then Melissa realized that Gwen told her the truth when she told her about that house long time ago. However, the red X over the name of the former owner showed Melissa that Ann did not lie as well. On the way here, Ann told Melissa how she won the house after Gwen's will was her.


After Ann opened the main door, she marched straight to the smaller pool at the yard. There Melissa suddenly noticed a female figure sitting next to the bar with her back to them. The woman's skin was dark, and in combination with her wavy blonde hair; gave her an exotic and sexy look. As they came closer, Melissa saw that the bottom of the woman's bikini from the back was a tiny string which rode deep into the blonde's ass. However, now it was clear that this woman WAS NOT a natural blonde. Nevertheless, this is what Ann wanted, and that was what she received.


Melissa could hear the blonde cry. However, it only lasted for a mere seconds before Ann pulled her hair. When Ann released her hold, the woman jumped into attention, and Melissa could see that the bikini bottom was basically a g-string style thong panty, wherein the crotch panel doesn't cover her pussy, but instead slips between her pussy lips, and ass cheeks, thus making her pussy even more noticeable, than if she wore no panties at all. Her bikini top was nothing but half cup bra that barely covered her areola. It was clear to Melissa that the top of her bathing suit was hanging on for dear life while she walked and bounced her tits.


Other then that, the woman's measurements were that of the new Gwen. Then as Melissa looked, the woman slipped her hand into her bikini bottom and listened as Ann asked her: "Say slut; why won't you introduce yourself to MY lover?"


"Like, hallo Mistress. My name is like; Lesly- (Giggle...) and my family name is kinda: Bianly and stuff- (Snort-) I'm like Mistress Ann's slave to be used for general-purposes." Lesly answered, and Melissa could feel the humiliation even though the woman tried to be happy as possible.


"Hi. My name is Melissa Mitchell. I'm one of the latest acquisitions- Gwen." Melissa replied.


"How did you know who I was?" Gwen said as she jumped out of her role.


"Don't you remember me? I'm Melissa Mitchell. I used to leave at Washington Street 35, while you lived at 40. We were best friends-" Melissa began to remind her friend.


"NOOOOOOOOOO- (Sob-) please not you Melissa. Please tell me that this is a nightmare and that you are not that evil woman's lover- please-" Lesly began to beg as she ran to Melissa and hugged her. As Melissa looked on, it was clear for her that Gwen was desperate. As Melissa hugged the sobbing blonde, she felt how the woman shivered in fear. Now that she was without anything to have control of but her feelings, Lesly became a very emotional girl and refused to gamble her feelings.


"-I'm sorry Gwen. Unfortunately for the both of us; this is not a nightmare. And yes- I'm Also Ann's lover." Melissa said after a minute in which she tried to comfort her friend, Gwen, who was an emotional-wreck. However, it didn't last for long as Ann pulled Melissa from Gwen before she said: "now Melissa, after you saw Lesly what do you think? Does she still the same virgin you knew? Well, the answer for that is; NO. Now Lesly, I'm going to leave Melissa here with you. While I'm going to have a few laps. But 1st I want you to go and fetch me my bathing suit!"


When her mistress finished, Lesly immediately ran into the house. It took her a little time to return. However, her mistress was in a good mood s she stood naked with Melissa's face buried in her pussy. Lesly prayed in her heart that Ann won't catch her, because she knew that Ann kept her ass just for her- especially now when her toilet training was over with Lesly forced to eat what came out of that hole before she licked it. Once she finished and her evil mistress was clean, Lesly forced herself to drink 20 bottles of mouth wash to get the taste out. However, much like in her past; luck was not on her side and she was then forced to lick her owner's ass.


By the time Ann reached her 4th orgasm; Lesly lay on her back as she still licked her mistress who set on her face and pulled the bullets she called nipples to rush her, while Melissa licked Ann's pussy and listened as Ann shouted at her best-friend who screamed helplessly into the ass of her owner and mistress, Ann. It was hard for Melissa to watch and hear. However, it didn't take long before Lesly's screams stopped. Then as Melissa was forced to help Ann with her bathing suit, Lesly was on her hands and knees lapping the floor. When Ann was dressed, she went to the pool and began to swim after she removed Lesly's top and spanked the helpless blonde's cheeks a few times for fun.


As their mistress went to the pool and began to swim, Melissa looked at her topless friend who helplessly rubbed her face. Then without a word, Lesly got up with her ass facing Melissa who got the best look at Lesly's apple shaped ass. Once poor Lesly was up, she walked to the bar and began to fix Ann's favorite drink. Melissa walked after her friend until the bar where she asked: "what happened to you Gwen?"


"Like, Gwen is dead Mistress Melissa-. (Giggle-) Like, my name is kinda: Lesly Bianly." Lesly replied before she choked a tear.


"Okay then. Did you just called me; 'mistress' Lesly?" Melissa replied.


"Like yes Mistress Melissa- (Giggle-) I kinda was ordered to by YOUR lover, Mistress Ann, to call you like that and stuff- (giggle-) so I kinda have no choice, if I want my family to be safe and stuff." Lesly replied with tears in her eyes.


"In that case, I order you to be MY friend back when Mistress Ann is not around!" Melissa said, and saw how a huge smile decorated Lesly's face. Then Melissa gave Lesly a note which said:


Dear Lesly.


Now after you finely understood your place, I'm allowing you to talk like Gwen again. However, I forbid you from allowing yourself to return into that whore's actions. If I'll feel that the old you returned, then you know what my retaliation will be. I also forbid you to answer to the name: "Gwen Van-horn." Also keep in your mind that you have to obey MISTRESS Melissa's orders unless they contradict those that I tell you. Answer her questions honestly, but don't you dare to curse me. Remember that if you will disobey, I will now and the retaliation will be painful.


You know what? Melissa is your friend; so I allow you to call her by her name. However, I forbid you from telling her MY secrets- YOUR entire family included. However, when you speak to me remember to use THIRD sentence. You are MY slave, and as such you will follow the 365 rules which I dictated you. Furthermore; remember who OWNS your WILL, so don't play with me.


Your owner; Mistress Ann.


Once Lesly finished reading, she hugged Melissa and began to kiss her. When Lesly finished, Melissa asked her: "are those globes real?"


"Yes Melissa. Mistress Ann took all the fat that I had in my waist and stomach before she relocated them farther north. However; because I was to be milked by this horrible machine, she injected hormones into my then "B" cup until they grew to the desired size and I began to produce milk. Mistress Ann stopped only when my nipples were at the size of a bullet, and I have the feeling that she didn't quite finished- you see, I once heard her talking about wanting my nipples to be bigger then my thumb. That way she keeps me in a constant state in which I only want sex- her sex. You see Melissa, my nipples and clit went under some surgery. While I was out, Mistress Ann had a small cheap placed in them. That cheap teasing my nipples to be erect 24/7 so you my say that Mistress Ann turned me into her sex-starved slave." Lesly answered as she touched her nipples with her head bowed down.


Melissa and Lesly talked for a while before Ann came and took Melissa to her kennel which was the basement of Lesly's current home, the cabana house. However, not like in her friend's case; lady luck was at the side of Melissa who enjoyed lots of privileges that Ann NEVER gave to ANYONE before her. When Ann finely got out of the basement, she searched for her slave, Lesly, who mopped the floor of the main house's kitchen with a smile for the 1st time. However, once Lesly noticed her mistress the look changed as Ann came closer to her.


After a few moments, when Ann reached her sex-doll she was pleased to see Lesly on her knees bowing her head in submission next to a chair which she called "the chair of horrors." A long time ago when she was free, Lesly bought this chair to use as she watched TV. However, since she was forced into the world of slavery; the former owner of the house was forced to do some of the vilest things that she EVER did- and today was no exception as she was forced to lick her owner's pussy while the later informed her sobbing slave: "now Lesly, I want you to be good with Melissa. After all, now that I know about the two of you; there is no way that I want use it. You have one week which is 168 hours, to get reacquainted with your ex-friend. Remember; you are a slave and as such you must submit to your mistress. After all; a dirty whore like you MUST to have someone who will be able to control her. Now, why won't you show YOUR mistress your homage?"


"How can Lesly do it mistress?" Lesly answered humiliated as she remembered the 2nd part of the note.


"Eat me!" Ann ordered. Then as her mistress inspected her moves, Lesly got on all four before she began to crawl toward her mistress. As she did, Ann enjoyed the view as Lesly's globes swayed from one side to the other. When Lesly finely reached her owner's crouch, she moved the bottom of Ann's bathing suit and began to lick for a very long time while her mistress whipped her back with the black riding-crop she had in her hand. Ann just loved the feeling which Lesly's fat, moist lips had pressed tightly on her pussy lips. Keeping poor Lesly in that position for 30-60 minutes each day; gave Ann mental-power over the helpless sex-slave.


When Lesly satisfied her mistress after 60 minutes, Ann smiled at her and said to Lesly who continued to lick as she was covered with Ann's juices before she left: "not bad. Tomorrow we will do that again.


The end of chapter_1.



Chapter_2 ' using the ponygirl.


Summery of chapter_2: Ann's returns to her manor.



Ann set naked on the sofa with her hand rubbing Lesly's ass while the later lay there naked with her globes being milked. Poor Lesly's globes became red, and had purple stretch marks all over them. Lesly's ass was red as well from the spanking she got earlier for waking up late, and not being ready for her mistress. However, Ann did considered the fact that last night Lesly was gang-banged by 100 sex-starved women. So instead of the usual whipping, Ann slapped each bun 300 times before fucking her ass and hitting it with a fly-squashier. However, there was one item which Ann did allow Lesly to wear, and it was her brand new "fence collar" which was operated by a remote that was kept around Ann's belt.


However, Ann on the other hand had a huge smile around her face. The lovely brunette just loved their sessions after Lesly was used and abused; her hopeless whimpers which grew with EACH stroke. The knowledge of how Lesly "loved" to be used by Ann, gave her some of the MOST satisfying feelings. With each sob and whimper that Lesly did, Ann felt how her power grow while the former political and independent Gwen turned into Ms. Lesly-Bianly the submissive sex-freak.


When Ann finished she threw Lesly to the ground while she went to the clothing cabinet and chose Lesly's outfit for today. When Ann returned, she watched at her kneeling slave and said: "now Lesly, I have three things that I have to inform you. The 1st one is that from now on your name will be; Lesly Dykely Bianly or; LDB. In initials. The 2nd thing is that last night, you've earned: 20,000,000$ for your mistress. However, your debts still requires LOT of work from your side. Nevertheless, from now on you'll be fined by 99.9% of your debts for EVERY miss. Now, the 3rd part is that thanks to your new "fence collar" I have the possibility to take you out of this place just like I did with "Mistress" Melissa as you know her," Ann said as her smile grew when she mentioned Melissa and saw Lesly's reaction. "Today Melissa was given to her own mother as a pet, and she is being walked under MY surveillance cameras naked. After all, Melissa became a famous porn star and together with her mother; I have a winning team. Those sluts just love the way each other taste. Now Lesly, let's return to you, MY personal whore; you ALAWAYS were such a great fuck, and I'm going to do EVERYTHING that is in my power to keep you HERE as my BITCH. You WILL never be free Lesly because the document that you signed is kept so well that NOONE will be able to help you. REMEMBER my little whore that I own your: FAMILY, body, mind, soul and WILL. And that is why you will never be free my dear. Furthermore, as MY property YOU will never speak about ANYTHING that I'm doing, and from that reasons I'm going to show you the "factory of slaves" like you NEVER saw it before. But 1st I want you to wear those cloths!"


When Ann finished, she threw a sack to Lesly and watched as the hopeless slave began to dress after Ann dragged her to a mirror. The 1st item she took was a leather-corset that had attached garter-belt to it. Then as Lesly looked at the mirror, she saw Ann pulled the ropes tight. Once Ann finished, the corset was so tight that it became a 2nd skin for the slave. Furthermore, Lesly could see that she had a zipper over her: ass, pussy and breasts. Obviously, the rape of her body was not over yet. The next items which Lesly wore were black fishnet-stockings. Once they were on, Ann said as she "helped" Lesly with her outfit: "you know Lesly; I just love the way in which your BODY matches this outfit. You always were such a sleazy bitch. What was it you used to say? Ho yes; "you'll NEVER get away with this you evil bitch. One day someone will stop you-" well Ms. Bianly; you are MY whore for the last five years, and NO one would help a dirty slut like you. Besides Lesly: other then the pain and humiliation, ever since you met me and became my slave your sex-life as improved and you are no longer the prude girl that you used to be- aren't you slut?"


"Yes mistress." Lesly wept as she saw the next item, which was the horse's feet shaped leather ankle-high boots she sucked earlier. Lesly remembered those boots because of the rings at the ankles, and the taste. "Are we going to play horsy mistress?" Lesly asked after Ann finished, and inspected her work of art so far.


"Yes Lesly. However, since I'm tired then you are going to pull MY cart as you will get some exercise. Now I want you to stand with your hands over your head!" Ann ordered as she came with the next item which was the main waist belt as well as a chastity strap with clipped 9" stimulator at the front and 10" stimulator at the back. On her face, Ann had a sadistic smile.


"Yes mistress." Lesly still wept as Ann fastened the belt around those slim waists. Having Lesly as her toy was not cheap. However, it was worth every cent that Ann invested in turning the former spokeswoman of the local feminist club into her submissive bitch. Ann remembered how those whores tried to throw her into jail. However, she got the last laugh. When the belt was in place, Ann pulled down the zippers which were over her slave's ass and pussy. Next she took the strap and clipped it to the belt before she kissed Lesly's; fat, wet and succulent lips. Lesly tried to stop the kiss. However, she knew that Ann owned her will and so she stopped and allowed Ann to use her lips without ANY resistant from her part. When Ann saw how low Lesly's moral was; she forced her tongue into her whore's mouth and began to lick the screaming slave's inner mouth. For the next 4 minutes Ann used Lesly's mouth for her perverted needs before she broke the kiss, and Lesly began to lick her face like the obedient bitch she was trained to be. Knowing that she only had one chance, gave Lesly the urge to please Ann who loved to spank her for EVERY mistake she did.


Once Lesly finished, Ann smiled at her ponygirl and opened the zippers which were over Lesly's globes. Once the zippers were opened, Lesly's globes literally spilled out of the corset. Once the gloves were out, Ann attached a chain with a bell to each nipple as well as to the ring at the bottom of the chastity strap. Next Ann asked poor Gwen as she fastened knee-hobble over each knee: "now slut, what is your MIDDLE name?"


"Dykely mistress." Lesly answered just as Ann finished and was ready to move into the next item. Standing in that position made Lesly to be even more humiliated and to feel how hopeless she became. Then as tears rolled down her face, Lesly looked on as her mistress pulled a ponytail hood from the bag. Once the hood was out, Ann pulled it over Lesly's head after she threw the blonde wig to the floor and revealed Lesly's bald head. There was not even one trace of hair as her head was perfectly shaved into a bare and smooth ball. Finely, after the hood was in place, Ann opened her shirt and forced her toy to suck and lick her right one for 2 minutes before Lesly was allowed to suck the other one. Seeing Lesly in that position gave Ann a satisfying feeling, and made her laugh as she cooed: "aw, poor Lesly-Bianly. My poor lesbian sex-freak. I know that you miss ma and pa. However, much like you, they are to busy and can't see you unless they got permission. However, I do have good news: your mother finely got her freedom after I sent her to the harem of my friend, Princess Samira, who using her as a ponygirl. The sad part of the news is that you will NEVER see them again unless I will arrange that. You see, a toy without a WILL like you will NEVER see them without her owner's permission because you can't want them. Later after your exercise, we will play poker."


Then as Lesly cried, she looked at the mirror and saw the despised long flowing curls of pure white hair that were attached to the hood. Her now platinum blonde "hair" was teased up into a very big and slutty eighties style. As a tear began to role down her right cheek, she saw Ann coming with head-harness and shoulder harness. As Ann looked into Gwen's eyes, she saw the look of horror and liked that. However, she lots of work to do so she passed the next lecture as she pulled the shoulder harness down on over Lesly's shoulders. Once the harness was in place, Ann began to pull the straps of the harness as she moved Lesly from one side to the other and heard the bells. Poor Lesly grunted and moaned but it was useless.


When finished, Ann took the head-harness and showed it to her helpless slave. After a while, Ann began to fasten the straps of the head-harness over her head. Again Ann took her time as she listened to her ponygirl who sobbed in despair. Once the harness was secured in place, Ann placed two pairs of cuffs over Lesly's wrists and elbows. Once the pairs were in place, Ann attached the cuffs on her wrists to a pair of clips located at the middle of her back. The cuffs over her wrists were then attached to a pair of clips that were attached to the lower ring of her harness.


Once her Lesly's hands were secured, Ann attached a chain to Lesly's boots and hobbles before she pushed the sobbing ponygirl into the sofa that she set on. Once Lesly's buns touched the sofa, she looked at Ann who told her: "now slut; wait for me hear, and don't make ANY sounds. If you'll even make one peep, then I'll add another: 95,000,000$ to your debts. So in other words: until I'll return be as quite as a mouse- understood Lesly?"


"Yes mistress." Lesly replied through her sobs as she looked at her mistress who left the room. With Ann out of the room, lots of; thoughts, questions and images ran through her mind as she thought about what Mistress Ann has informed her. Furthermore, the poor blonde just knew that she would be whipped. After ALL of those years there is no way that Ann wouldn't whip her when she pulls the fucking cart. However, the worst part in the ordeal was that while she waited for Ann, the later forced her to watch how she was raped last night. Her screams could give a "vanilla" a heart attack.


When Ann returned to the room, she wore tight black leather pants which allowed Lesly who sobbed bitterly to see the lines of her panties, over her chest, Ann had a blouse that was tight enough to show Lesly her bra and her feet had brown riding boots. In her hand, Ann had a pair of reins and the red rope she used to clip to Ann's nipple before she led her to the cart. Once Ann was close enough to Lesly, she helped the later to stand before she clipped the rope to her nose-ring. Once the rope was in place, Ann grabbed Lesly's head and pulled it into her chest. Once Lesly's head touched Ann's chest, the later began to move her slave's face all over so that the tramp would know; who is the mistress, and who is the slave.


When Ann finished, she pulled the leash and dragged Lesly to the cart. When they arrived over to where the cart was, Ann attached the rains to the head-harness after she placed a horse-bridal in Lesly's mouth and secured it to the head-harness by fastening the straps. Then she freed Lesly's hands, and pulled the cart's poles up. When the poles were up, Lesly got hold on them before Ann attached the cuffs at her wrists to the rings at each pole. For the next four minutes, Ann as worked hard before the ponygirl was ready. Once Ann completed her goal, she set at the cart and whipped her slave's back after she got a hold over the reins. Just as Lesly guessed, mistress Ann began to whip her from the start until they reached "Ann's manor" where to brides took the ponygirl into her stool. At the door to Lesly stall was a sign which had her former name printed on it. That was her name as both: ponygirl and puppygirl. That fact was the last nail in her coffin just after the fact that it was HER money that Ann used to build that manor at the end of her compound together with those degrading stables. Whenever Ann returned to the manor, Lesly was her ponygirl and found herself in that stall- or cell as she called it. Once Lesly was inside her cell and the door was closed, she went to the pile of straw to get some rest. In her heart, Lesly prayed that she won't be ponygirl for long and that she would be able to return home soon.


While poor Lesly tried to rest after the long ride, Ann got into her manor and was greeted by her "bitch" who growled at her. This "bitch" used to be Lesly's assistant and vice-president of the local feminist club. Her name used to be: Maria F. Watson and Ann used to consider her as a serious threat incase something will happen to her boss. So just 2 years after Lesly "volunteered" to become Ann's toy, Maria "saw the light" as Ann used to say when she told Maria's story. However, now the unfortunate feminist wore: one-piece suit with mittens that were used as paws for her hands. The outfit itself was made of flexible material; there were no zippers or buttons because Maria has been sewn into the suit. Other then that, Maria had; a butt-plug that was used as a tail, a gag-muzzle shaped like a dog's snout, red leather collar and a leash to complete the suit and the desired look. The only thing that showed that the slut was once a human was those eyes and the brown skin around them.


However, the bitch's growling didn't bother Ann who informed her: "you can growl and yelp for as long as you want to Coco. However, much like in the case of Gwe- sorry Lesly's case; you will see that the only way for you to get better life and actually eat and drink like a regular bitch would be to submit. However, I have the time because I'm not the one who gets are meals by injections. Ho, just so you'll know: we're injecting you also a dose of drugs with each meal you get. However, the drugs don't work like the regular drugs. You see, those drugs take over your brain and allow me to control you better. Once the process will be complete; you'll have your memories. However, you will not be able to do anything other then being a loyal puppygirl. After all, you are NOT the regular puppygirl- you are just a bitch and when the process will be ready I will have that gag replaced with a mask that will allow you to bark. Unfortunately for you my love, you won't be able to speak, curse or scream AGAIN. Maybe then I'll improve your sex-life like I did with Gwen who is fucked by: men, women, dogs, mules, horses and donkey's when she is not busy in servicing me. Unfortunately for her; I had her tubes tied when I won her body with that magnificent royal flush. Since then the whore had a losing streak which began after I won again and she was forced to sign on a contract that gave me power over her: body, soul, will, life, money and EVERYTHING that she had. Once the contract was signed by Lesly, I ordered her to show me her cards when she draws and since then the whore only lost. Furthermore, as her will I told her not to resist me. However, the good news for you is that we won't play- you will submit to me. Look!" Ann ordered as she got a hold over the leash. Suddenly, Coco saw as she crawled after her owner in such a degrading and submissive way.


On the way to her office, one of Ann's leather maids approached her. The maid was dressed in: 3 Piece Vinyl Set which included Dress with a zipper over each over her breasts, apron and ruffled choker. On her head was the traditional maid cap. In her mouth, the girl had pink ball-gag and both her legs and hands were shackled. However, she was happy to see Ann because ALL the maids who worked for Ann were submissives who loved to please their dominatrix. Furthermore, because 50% of them were sadistic bitches; they knew that they would have jobs with Ann. However, that particular maid was; submissive and masochist who needed Ann's talents to be happy. In her hands the tiny redhead held a silver platter with a ringing phone.


When Ann answered, she was pleased to hear that her application to change her name was accepted, and now she was free to be herself. And so when she hanged up the phone, Ann unshackled the maid and ordered her to go and free the rest. In all that time, Coco was there sitting like a bitch in a submissive way at her owner's feet. Coco's mind tried to make her escape, but all of those training came into play and after 3 years of captivity; she was Ann's bitch.


In a week her process will be complete, and Ann will have her bitch.


When the women arrived home, Coco felt how she couldn't read the sign Ann placed just for her. However, it wasn't important as Ann rushed her feminist\bitch into her office. At the office, Ann closed the door before she tied the leash to a ring on the wall and went to her desk. Once she set, Ann looked at the blonde woman infront of her who knelt between Nicole and her submissive, Amanda, who held the leash which was attached to the collar around the blonde's neck. Other then the collar, the woman wore black rubber outfit which covered her from head to toe and a Corrections Officer costume that included: Blue stretch satin tie-front Top and Booty Shorts as well as a baton and Chain Belt with Handcuffs.


As always, Amanda wore one of her open fishnet bodysuits. Her legs were inside a 9" boots and a trenchcoat that kept her warm. As Ann watched she could see that Amanda had rings at her: pussy-lips, nipples and other places. Next to her, at Ann's left was Nicole who wore Black evening gown. In her right gloved hand, Ann could see the leash of the blonde. Then Ann saw how Nicole gave the leash to Amanda as she said: "here Mandi, you'll play with our toy while I will talk with Ann."


"Okay Nick." Amanda replied with a smile as she heard the nickname that Nicole didn't use for 2 years now. That nickname was the show of the love they shared.


"So Ann, when will you change your name and return to be that Jewish mistress we met 5 years ago?" Nicole asked as she looked at Amanda who forced the blonde to be on her back before she opened the zipper on her mouth and set there. Next Amanda pulled the leash, and it didn't take long before the blonde began to lick her owner's pussy-lips and her clit. It took a few minutes before Amanda gave the blonde a break. However, then it came and the poor slave worked faster.


"Well, as far as the interior office; starting from today Mistress Ann is dead. And Mistress Ester returned." Ester replied with a smile, as she stroked Coco's pussy with her boot after the bitch lay on her back. Since coco became her slave, Ann Ester saw how the bitch became hornier by the minute. As far as Ester was concern: the bitch was hers to keep. If one day the bitch will be free from her mistress, she will be locked at a padded room.


"That's great. However, as far as you are concern; when will you return to action?" Amanda asked Ester with a smile (after she received a permission from Nicole), before she came at the blonde's face.


"As soon as the next shipment will arrive. Until then I'm going to start on a new campaign for my "factory." You see, I already own the star of the campaign who is none other then: Lesly-Bianly, MY sex-freak who is going to talk about the way that woman from the age of 18-40 can be changed. However, with a written permission from parents we will be able to work on teens from the ages of 16-18 ONLY. However, each operation will come with a biding contract that those women will become MY models and will give me 90% of what they'll earn. Furthermore, those "models" will have to do EVERYTHING that I will order them to. There is no need to worry about the sign. You see, once the new "models" will arrive, they will spend 6 month in which they'll be trained to be my slaves. In that time I will get enough; information, movies and photos that they will sell their mothers to keep them in MY vault," Ester said with a sadistic smile. "In no time I will own a few FEMALE celebrities who will get new: names and positions for the rest of their lives. For those women, I'm going to give the same contract that Lesly signed on. After all, what good for MY personal toy is good for a singer or an actress- right?"


"Yes Ester." Both Amanda and Nicole answered in unison, and sounded VERY excited.


"Besides, think about it like so: husbands will send their wives or lovers to me so that I'll improve them, and at the end; BOOM, there will be a divorce. Did you know that Coco's ex-husband wants to have a divorce? Just kidding, the bitch was kidnapped one night before that of her wedding. However, now that I have the chance to start MY life again after I accomplished my older sister's request, I believe that it is time for me to start to buy ponygirls. I do believe that my friend, Anne Smith, wants to sell her brunette ponygirls: Lora "Jugs" Johnson, Pia "Pussy" Sanders, Carol "Woofers" Montgomery, Lulu "Tits" Peterson, Donna "Hooters" Smith, and Angel "Bazookas" Clark. ALL of those ponygirls were the daughters of rich man who pays billions so that Anne won't hurt them. Besides, it seems that lately Anne decided to return 90% of her slaves who had mistresses back to their mistresses. That was how I was able to buy: Melissa, her mother, Cathy, and her aunt, Milky-milk from the whores they called mistresses." Ester mentioned with a smile as she imagined the money that she will get, while the ponygirls will be swatting in their NEW black Micro-thong that will replace the regular thong she saw them in. "and you can wait until I'll get some of those celebrities under my thumb-. Just wait. Now if you'll excuse me, I have a few things to do." Ester said, before she saw the two amazons standing up, before they dragged their slave out of the office.


When Nicole, Amanda and the rubber covered slave were out, Ester took a remote and pressed it toward the TV. When finished, Coco saw that the date three years ago as it appeared on black screen. Next Coco saw a 19 year old woman who was vaguely familiar. The woman wore a 5 Piece Cheerleader outfit that included: Short Skirt and Front Closure Crop Top with Sequin Trim, Detachable Thong, and Sequin Leg Garter, pair of boots with 6" heels and 2" platform and Pom-Poms. Then as Coco looked, she saw the range of the camera spread, and there was her owner placing a metallic hand with dildo infront of the woman laughing. Once the machine was in place, her mistress pressed the remote in her hand and allowed the machine to fuck the blonde for 10 minutes. The poor cheerleader was held in her chair by; chains, Velcro-straps and belts. It didn't matter how much she begged, Mistress Ester ignored her and kept the machine on. Finely after 12 minutes, when the abused cheerleader was done Ester stopped the machine and took it out.


Once the intruder was out of the cheerleader, Ester asked: "what is MY name whore?"


"Mistress- (Sob-) Ester." The abused woman answered, and Coco could see the tears.


"Now whore, tell me about yourself!" Ester ordered with a smile.


"This whore's name used to be- (Sob-) Gwen Van-Horn- (Sob-) mistress. This whore was once the president of the local femisluts club. This whore was prude girl, who was nothing but a feminist of today. However, now my name is: Lesly-Bianly, and I'm going to turn into a busty, big hair, small waist, broad hipped, huge titties, dainty, air headed girly girls." The woman answered, and coco felt how her eyes grew with each word.


"Well Lesly, is there anything that you would like to tell ma and pa? Remember slut, this is going to be the last time in which we will send tapes to them," Mistress Ester said with a smile as she began to undress. "I mean now that I own your: body, will, soul and MOST of the things you used to own: last words of goodbye will be nice, don't you think so my beloved cuntlicker?" Ester continued to tease Lesly- or GWEN as Coco used to know her. Then before the abused slave could answer, Ester (who only wore 9" strap-on dildo) pulled the skirt up to Lesly's waist before she began to fuck her.


Once the huge strap-on was inside her pussy, Lesly began to shake and cry before she answered: "Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhrgg- m-my- nggh- mff- n-name- Ahhhh- (Sob...) i-is- hooooooooooo- L- (Sniffle...) mmmmmm- Les- oooooooooooooooooh- Lesly- mmmmmmm- please forgive me but I have no ch-- (Sob-) choice but to do as she- MMMMEEEEEEEE- orders- hoooo- m-me to- nff- I-I-I-I-I- ho- love- NGF- mmm- y-y-yyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyou- p-ple-please- I have no other choice- aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa-"


As Coco watched, she then saw how Mistress Ester grabbed a fork and began to use it on Lesly's flesh as if she was a meat. Once Ester finished, blood covered the legs of the raped cheerleader who was STILL fucked by Ester. Even now after 10 minutes of rape and abused, it seemed that the helpless cheerleader only resisted by her mouth. Suddenly, Coco was shocked when she saw Ester free Lesly's legs from their shackles and her hands from the handcuffs-


The tape lasted for two hours, and when it was over, Ester went to bed and fell asleep with Coco tied at her feet. Tomorrow she would launch her campaign. Knowing that Lesly won't resist as Ester owned her will, forced the smiling mistress to plan Lesly's new set of: values, moral, actions and the remaining of her life.


The end of chapter_2.



Chapter_3 ' the prisoner.


Summery of chapter_3: another day at the compound.



Note: All the characters from: "Housewives at play" (Catherine Mitchell, Jennifer, Melissa, Poke-me-Hiney, Lynn, Bratty sneers, Fate and Candy) in THIS chapter are used with Rebecca's permission and can be found in books available from and also



Ester just finished securing Lesly with a Detention Collar to Elbow Binder. Ester just loved the new Lesly who gained weight and looked like she was going to be delivered soon. However, Lesly was not going to deliver because her tubes were tied 24 hours after she signed on the contract with Ester. Then as Ester began to play with those massive boobs, she was in heaven as Lesly's new form made them look just right even though the bald slave still looked ridicules.


Just as ester finished to play with her toy, she once again secured Lesly's arms in a bind PVC lacing Arm-binder, before she began to makeup her slave with almost the same amount of makeup that would be used in the miss universe contest. Next it was time to pick up the wig for her slave, and ester tried to decide between one of the big blonde wigs she made her obedient toy to wear, or maybe she should try a new look for her slut. For the last few months since her advertising campaign began, ester made Lesly to "willingly" wear all sorts of: wigs and outfits, so now she was lost; on one hand, the dumb look gave Lesly an appalling side. However, ester wanted that her toy will be taken seriously for today's commercial so maybe she would be able to use her knowledge to get both desires, and so she decided to ask her slave who stood next to her with that leash hanging from her nose: "so my dear Lesly, which wig would you want the most?"


"Like, I don't know mistress. My will is kinda lost and stuff mistress, so I like don't know." Lesly answered as she was trained.


"I allow you to speak normal my dear Lesly. Infect I decided to change your name so that it will match the new you. Lesly, in your new role in life, you MUST be smart so I will allow you to use that brain of yours. However, I do forbid you from talking about our relations or use it to try to escape or hurt me. You belong to me Lesly-Bianly and I forbid you from thinking about doing ANYTHING that will harm me, your owner." ester replied with a smile.


"Again?" the bald woman whined.


"Yes. From now on, your name will be; Gwen L. Bianly. However, you are going to get a 2nd name that will be: Jezebel. I learned about Jezebel from Anne Smith after we went together to the synagogue for the last time. Not like Anne who was and still is a very religious woman who knows ALL about the Jewish religion, I always was a "sinner" in Anne's eyes because of my sadistic nature. For me the word "kosher" means some sort of curse, and ANY connection between her and ME and OUR religion other then donations to the state of Israel and to the establishments of the local Jewish community is coincidental. Furthermore: even though I know most of the prayers, I always saw Anne as the represent of religion among the local Jewish mistress together with her step-daughter, Sarit, who helps Anne in EVERY debate regarding: Israel. However; Anne, Sarit and I see the biblical Jezebel as a great woman, and the 1st ruler of the ancient KINGDOM of Israel. Yes, Jezebel was NOT a Jewish queen and her actions seemed to be on the paper as savvier, but ALL shared the believe that she was indeed the 1st feminist of the bible. They remembered Deborah; however, as much as they wanted she was a biblical JUDGE. That meant that she was NEVER was the leader of the entire kingdom, but more of a few tribes. Infect, Deborah only was the leader of the tribe of Ephraim (who was 1 of Joseph's sons, and received a tribe instead of his father) while Jezebel was the queen of 10 ALL tribes. Not only that, but as a queen she governed the kingdom for 10 years before she was killed." Ester said with a smile.


"So why my nickname will be: Jezebel- mistress?" Gwen asked confused.


"Two things Gwen; 1st of all from that point you will stop to refer to me as MISTRESS ester. As much as I love to hear you say that, I own your will, and as such you MUST refer to me as Ester. And now to what you asked: Jezebel was declared as a whore with sexual-appetite and that what you will become when WE will be alone unless I will give you another directions. However, since you have a new role in life then you will only serve me. Understood gwen?" ester asked with a smile.


"Yes Ester." Gwen replied, and tried to hide her smile so that the bitch won't force her into some humiliating ordeal.


"My dear Gwen, now that you are a respected- (Laugh-) woman. You know slut, in time we would have enough money and I'll have your hair back. You see, there is a new operation for girls like you. Ho, here comes Amanda who will take you to section 101." Ester said cheerfully as she handed Amanda the leash, and looked as she led the naked Gwen out of the room. When both wore out, ester went to Cathy's room with Milky and Melissa who returned to her room. Once ester unlocked the door she saw her slave standing naked at the front wearing pink pinafore dress that hid her diaper, matching pink bib, and pink bonnet. Her hands were in pink mittens which had matching booties which Cathy wore on her feet. Furthermore, Cathy's hair was done into two long platinum-blonde pigtails, and in her mouth was a binky. Indeed Cathy was ready for Ester who was pleased with her "baby", who stood not far from the baby cart. Ester then led Cathy to her cart, and after she helped her in Ester began to strap Cathy with Melissa's help. Once they finished, Melissa dropped to her hands and knees as ester covered her "baby" with pink blanket. Once Cathy was tucked in, Ester clipped a leash to the naked Melissa's collar and once it was on she tied the other hand Ester asked Milky: "so, what was your name before you became the famous Milky?"


"My name was; Lynn Kravitz, mommy." Milky replied.


"Then we will stick with Milky from now on. What were your relations with MY beloved baby and her daughter, slut?" Ester asked with a smile.


"She is my older sister, and Melissa is my niece mistress. Furthermore mistress, little Cathy was the one who can be declared as the responsible for the fact that I am a LESBIAN sex-slave. You see mistress, one day before I gave birth to my daughter, Nicole; she came to my life after two years. However mistress, most of the credit for me being a lesbian deserves to be given to Ms. Sneers, who fucked me on a daily basic when I was not milked." milky replied with a smile before ester kissed her over her lips. Like poor Gwen before her; Lynn didn't resist, however; not like Gwen, milky was free to use her "free" will. Besides, now that Ms. Sneers arrived to be trained as ester predicted, Lynn wanted the 19 year old to fuck her as well and not just her mistress who was about to use Bratty's boundless powers to her advantage. As her newest slave, Bratty will be used again and again by Mistress Ester until her powers will run out, and she would become a cowgirl.


"Tell me Milky, do you know who Jennifer Van-Dyke is?" Ester asked with a smile.


"Well, I believe that she was Sissy's pee-slave- (Giggle-) and Melissa's lover. Why do you ask mommy?" Milky replied and noticed how her sister and niece's attention wee set on Ester's reply.


"Another mistress sold her to me after she was kidnapped on her wedding night. It seems that this woman USED to be her mistress. Imagine my surprise when I heard about Melissa and Cathy maybe in the future we will get more women- or men from their past. However, now Jennifer is being interrogated about her past. You see, when her interrogation began, Jennifer was in a lesbian sex-sandwich for 20 minutes. However, since then the ex-interrogators who had her rolled her over to her back before they tied her ankles and wrists to the bed," Ester replied with a smile. "The dyke's ass and cunt were filled with 9" vibrators which being kept inside by a chastity-belt. Much like I was advised by her former mistress, the slut is being used like shit. You see, her interrogators using her as their toilet, and forced her to pee all over herself, and she does- after all, she is being forced to drink 3 bottles every 30 minutes, so you can imagine how bad she wants to pee. Jennifer's freckled face is covered in sour pee, and cunt-juices which came after she licked their cunts. Infect, last I saw the whore, she begged her new interrogator, Ms. Gretchen, to stop this treatment and that she'll talk. However, I ordered Ms. Gretchen to continue with this treatment so that we will crush her last shred of pride and insubordinate. Once she will be ready, Jen-Jen as Melissa called her when I last fucked her won't be wearing clothes EVER again... or at least what she was accustomed to. Furthermore Milky, bondage degradation and further humiliation will get bigger part of her life. Besides, I already achieved a bigger nursery in which I will keep; Baby, you, and slut. ALL of you will get matching baby bracelets to show what a good babies I have. However, I have bad news: Jen-Jen on the other hand will be to busy to spend time with her ex-mistress and friend because she will serve me as MY; model, Fetish-slave, sex-slave, and EVERY other position that I will fine for her. Maybe she will even be the star of her own porn-movie." Ester informed her shocked slaves with a smile, before she took Milky (who was dressed in her cow outfit) to the side and fixed her hair into 1 long ponytail. Next ester dressed milky with a diaper which made the sexy brunette to look so young and sexy in cooperation with the ponytail.


Once milky was dressed, Ester helped her to get out of her cow outfit before she placed a baby bracelet on milky's left wrist. Once the bracelet was in place, Ester dressed slut just like her aunty and then she led them to their nursery. When they got to the nursery, Ester dressed baby just like she did with the rest of her family before she declared: "okay girls, nap time." before she led her "babies" to their new nursery which was inside her room where Jennifer was held. When they arrived to her room Ester couldn't wait to interrogate Jennifer by herself, knowing that this is going to be such a treat as she remembered the redhead's screams for mercy earlier. Unaware to Cathy or Melissa, Jennifer as arrived one week after them and since then she was used as she was. Furthermore, since her arrival the redhead was forced to use her mouth as well as being a mere toilet, however; the good news for her was that as the toilet of Ester's she NEVER and NEVER will have to eat shit. However, the fact that shit never got into her mouth was nothing because she was forced to lick the behinds of Ester's ENTIRE staff. When that task was over this morning, Jennifer was relocated and she was now waiting naked for her mistress naked as she lay on steel cot which had two levels. On the 1st level was her; mattress, blanket and pillow but the second had four pairs of cuffs. Furthermore, ALL of the bondage gear that was used on Jennifer was in her room which now was almost triple the size it used to be as two walls were removed to make room for Jennifer's stuff.


Once in the room, Ester led HER babies to THEIR nursery which was a room at the side of her room. Once the "babies" were inside the nursery, Ester locked the door before she went to see Jennifer who folded in half and hung from the ceiling as both her hands and wrists were cuffed to a pole that had a chain attached to it. Ester could see the puddle of pee on the floor under the redhead. Then as ester looked she grabbed the remote next to her, and pushed the button with the arrow pointing down. As the began to slowly lower Jennifer her mistress pulled a coffee table right underneath the poor redhead, who began to shake her head as she noticed Ester putting on a pair of extendable latex gloves before the chain lowered its cargo onto the bed.


When the defenseless redhead was on the bad sobbing in humiliation, she looked as ester unhooked the chain before she rolled the bed under an open window with metal bars. On them- and a sewer hole under them. While her owner pushed the bed, Jennifer tried to beg for mercy, however; mistress ester didn't allow it to her as she stopped at the middle of the way and shoved pink large ball-gag into her mouth. Once they got to where Ester wanted, the pole between Jennifer's feet and wrist was hooked to another chain that allowed ester to position her helpless slave in a variety of positions because it was an elastic chain which worked by movement. When Jennifer was in place, Ester removed the gag from her mouth as she informed the helpless slave: "well, from now on your name is: Jen-Jen and you are going to be MY general slave. Understood?"


"Yes ma'am." Jennifer replied with a soft whimper at the end of the "ma'am" before her mistress began to tease her by rubbing pussy-lips and clit. It didn't take Ester long before a golden rain pore all over the redheads face. Once it was over, Ester decided that Jennifer was so dirty to allow her to lick her ass or clit so she took a bucket filled with ice cold water and soap before she began to wash the dirty face of her slave. When Jennifer was finely clean, ester teased her hair into a pair of long red pigtails. When Ester finished, she secured a strap-on dildo over her face before she jumped on the bed and began to jump on the dildo. Once finished ester switched sides before she went of Jennifer's face and dressed the degraded woman with a pair of Kitty's sexy garters. Once the garters were in place, Ester rolled them down and dressed her slave with sheer black fishnet-stockings. Taking her time, ester straitened the stockings before she pulled the garters on them. Next ester locked a Silver Elegance Collar with the words: "ESTER'S BIMBOE" carved at the circle at the front, before she placed a matching silver bullet mask over her eyes. Once the mask was in place, Ester removed the strap-on dildo from Jennifer's face before she shoved it into the slave's mouth and forced her to lick it. Before the dildo was in her mouth Jennifer tried to resist her mistress and close her mouth, however; ester forced her to re-open it by pinching her nose. It took Jennifer 30 minutes of; sucking, licking and face fucking before her mistress, Ester, removed the shining dildo from her mouth leaving a trail of drool that ran from her mouth ALL the way across her body.


The next step in Ester's plan was to secure a ring-gag inside Jennifer's mouth before she fastened a slave hood over Jennifer's head, however; that hood was not the regular hood as it had to holes on the sides that Jennifer's pigtails were pulled through before the ropes were tied. Once the hood was in place, Ester removed the attached blindfold before she shoved 18" dildoes into the slave's ass and pussy by rolling her back to her back. Once both dildoes were in place Ester dressed her slave with a remote operated vibrating black crotchless Thong. Next ester pushed the remote and it didn't took long before Jennifer found herself suspended in the air as ester moved the be. For the next 10 minutes poor Jennifer was in the air before Ester got her down and freed her wrists just before Jennifer tried to run away. However, she didn't reach the door as Ester pressed on the button of the remote in her hand and Jennifer dropped to her knees moaning. Then as her slave moaned louder in frustration after Ester stopped the vibrations, the later informed her topless slave while rubbing her right boob: "now after you've learned your place as a whore by MY staff, I believe that this is time for us to start to train you as a slave- or should I say; re-train you? In any case the fact of the matter is that you are a slave, and I'm going to have fun with you. Today we will begin by giving you the 1st taste. However, from now on your name is: Jen and you will never wear ANYTHING else but to what I desire you to. Now Jen, I want you to kneel with your feet spread. Put your hands over your head and moan as loud as you can! Be nice and I'll make sure that you'll be rewarded properly."


Once Jen heard her owner's promise, she did as she was told before her mistress continued: "today we will start in training you. The 1st part will be your walk. That is why I want you to stand up and walk infront of ME. As your new goddess; you must start to worship me an understand that I'm your owner. Refuse me and I'll train you like a horse with a train and a leash," before she looked at Jennifer who began to walk around her. However, disappointment soon replaced Ester's hopes as she began to order the girl: "sway that ass! Cross those legs! Lick your lips! Make sure that your hands will dangle by your side! After all, we don't want that you'll cover anything as you her going to parade around like the sexy slave that you are. Put more stroke into it, you are a slut not some schoolgirl. Sway those tits! Bounce that hair! Great job slut. From now on whenever you'll hear the word: "slut" I want you to walk as you are. Now I want you to go around me like a PONYGIRL. That means that I want to see you waking like a show-horse with the grace of a swan. Lift one leg up to the high of your ankle. Then I want you to cross those legs as you will lower them- good girl. From now on when you'll hear the word: "pony" you'll prance like that. Now I'll teach you the rest later... so now get some rest!"


Jennifer's walking training lasted for an entire 2 hours in which she was forced to walk while her mistress set on a chair. In her break which lasted for 10 minutes, Jennifer has received some of the most explosives orgasms in her life which she was forced to lick after the break was over. Once Jennifer finished, Ester informed her: "you know, as much as Jen is a sexy name, I believe that it is not sexy enough. That is why we will call you "Jean" from now on. Unless you'll be a ponygirl, puppygirl OR cowgirl." Before the training continued.


The end of chapter_3.


The end of Part_2.


Note: I want to thank all of the people who helped me and gave me permissions to use their characters in that story and in the story: "From a mayor to a slave that will be updated soon.