The Scissor Hold by olds0442 History: The scissor hold has been in existence since the beginning of wrestling. It is a favorite submission hold and probably one of the most deadly used in the sport. There are several different types that I will list below with a brief description of each. Neck scissor: this by far is the most effective way to get a submission from an opponent. It is more of a choke hold really, but is very effective against a helpless opponent. This is one of my favorites. Body scissor: this is a good way to wear an opponent down by wrapping your thighs around his midsection, chest or lower abdomen you can force the air from his lungs and cause pure agony. Maybe even a quick submission if the wrestler applying the hold has strong enough thighs and she has the endurance to keep pouring on the pressure for a long period of time if need be. Head scissor: this one is another good submission hold but not as effective as the neck scissors but again if the wrestler applying it is strong enough in the thighs she can cause a lot of pain to their opponent and wear him down. Reverse Head scissor: this hold can be very effective for the simple fact that the wrestler applying it is in such a position that she can really put a lot of pressure on her opponent with little effort on her part. Also they, if she is on top, she can cause great discomfort with just her body weight while laying on her opponent and applying the hold. And finally my personal favorite; The reverse neck scissor: this is probably even more effective than the regular side neck scissors because by laying on top of your opponent and crushing his neck between your thighs you can apply severe pressure by the way you're positioned on them. But please use with some caution for this hold could put your opponent in the hospital or knock him out if you're not careful. It is usually a very quick submission hold. Well I hope you enjoyed my personal rendering of this my all time favorite wrestling hold, and if you have any pictures of scissor holds please send them to me at I will return as many as you send me. I have over 100 on file. And thank you for visiting Diana the Valkyrie's web site she is # 1 in my book!!