By horuvex
February, 2005

My relationship with Athena had always been a little odd. She was six years older than me. I was 22 and she was 28. She had shown me a lot of sexual things and our relationship was largely based on sex and passion. Athena was around 5'8" and had thick black strait hair with olive skin. Her features were like a blend between east and west with a Mediterranean complexion and warm brown eyes. She had lovely curves and a beautiful way of walking that exuded sensual power.

One evening I didn't want to have sex though. I just felt like relaxing and maybe talking or watching television. She didn't like this idea. "What do you mean you don't want to do it? You know what kind of appetite I have!"

I calmly responded, "It's just one night Athena, you'll be alright."

She gave me a sarcastic smile. "You know little boy, you're only here to please me."

I smiled back, this was the game of domination-submission we often played. "Just give me one night off."

Athena moaned seductively, "But Mommy's so horny." She tossed her thick black hair and touched my leg.

"No!" I shouted. "Jeepers Athena!"

Her expression hardened slightly and she tilted her head. "Little boy, are you scared of my pussy?"

I curtly responded, now slightly annoyed, "Quite the contrary. I'm just not in the mood."

Athena laughed softly, "The little boy is scared of Mommy's big pussy!"

"Hey!" I was a little annoyed now. Then I felt a strange sensation, Athena seemed to loom larger on the couch next to me. Her curvy frame seemed more imposing. I may not be a big guy, but I could tell there was something different. "What..."

She didn't seem to even notice, "Mommy's big pussy is so scary you don't want to see it do you? The little boy is scared she'll just laugh." She then laughed for real, rubbing her breasts in a lurid display, trying to arouse me. "Mmmm, oh yeah."

Her mocking tones made me feel like proving myself to her, but now I was to resolved to give into her ploys. Still, her mocking tones continued and I felt the feeling again, like a soft sinking in my gut. "I felt smaller yet."

Athena paused, "Hey...What the?" She giggled mockingly, "Are you losing weight?" She leaned over and unconsciously spread her legs under the brown mini-skirt she wore so that she could reach across the couch and grab my shoulder. "You should think about going to the gym more often. I don't want to get called a cradle robber. I want my boy-toys to at least be able to lift a few pounds."

I got defensive at that, "I am the same as I always have been! I just think somethings wrong here. I feel..." I felt the feeling again and I noticed the magazine in my hands seemed larger. I quickly put it down as if it was on fire and scooted back from her.

Athena looked at me intently, "You just got smaller."

"How could that happen."

She smiled slowly, "I wished it."

"What on earth do you mean?"

"I wished you would be smaller so I could force you to fuck me. When you said no I wanted it so bad that I wished it in my head." She suddenly covered her grin with her hand and murmured, "I wonder if the rest..."


"Nothing little boy! I still want to fuck you. This just makes me more horny than before." She slid over to me.

At this point I was getting very worried and figured that it would be better to give in than to go on getting smaller so I leaned over and began to kiss her neck gently. It was weird to be kissing a woman who must have been at least my own weight now. She moaned softly, "Now I get my way hey? Just like a spoiled brat you are..."

I got smaller again.

She laughed soft and low and met my lips, embracing me. We kissed, and her hungry tongue pushed deep into my mouth, forcefully pushing my own around like it had never been able to before. When she broke the kiss I gasped for air and put a hand on her thigh for support. Lifting her feet on the couch, she put one foot on the other side of where I was sitting. I moved into a kneeling position and then settled atop her, between her thighs, in our usual sex stance. Athena grabbed my long hair in a vice like grip and I tensed at this show of control. She smiled evilly and said, "Fuck me boy-toy. Fuck Mommy hard!"

She reached down and slid her panties down on her thighs and undid my pants while I kept my arms to the side of her torso. I did not wish to fall forward suddenly for fear of my hair being pulled. She laughed at my hard cock and I bit my lip in embarrassment. I felt her push her pelvis up and the tip of me slid into her warmth. She licked her lips and purred, "Oh yes, you fit so easily now little boy."

I felt the feeling again and her breasts seemed much larger in perspective to my new size. I sank down into her vagina and could feel her muscles squeezing me. I began to move in her rhythm. We were fucking. She would finally get what she wanted and this could stop. Her wish would be fulfilled, right?

She had put her other hand on my ass and was driving me into her forcefully, as if trying to hold me there. Her other hand gave periodic yanks on my hair. She didn't do this for more than a few minutes before she let my hair go and took off her shirt. She pulled down her bra and intoned, "Time for you to feel like the needy brat you are. Suck my breasts like a good boy."

When she put it this way her breasts took on a visage of authority and I pulled my head back, using my hands to push against her ribs. She quickly put her hand behind my head and pushed me down. "Tut tut!" She slapped my ass and I felt a sinking feeling again. It seemed as if she was growing underneath me. Her breasts seemed to get bigger. Her vagina seemed deeper, stronger. Her body was more like a plateau to rest on than something to straddle. I could see in the small mirror behind her head, her spread thighs and my body, the size, if not the appearance of a young teen's, between them. She moaned a sweet sound of pleasure, "Oooh, you just got smaller! You're so light!" She arched her back and lifted me, her vaginal muscles squeezing and pulsating. She grabbed my head firmly and pushed my stunned face into her breast.

I found a nipple forced into my mouth and I obediently began to suck, in fear of being denied air. This was getting quite out of hand and I was struggling to find a way to stop it all. But how? She was insatiable. I sucked and licked and she moaned and continued the dirty talk. "Oh yeah little boy, suck Mommy's big breast. I'll teach you all about sex, I'll take good care of my little bratty boy-toy."

This was too much, when she began to arch her back and came in convulsive waves I felt the wetness coating my torso. She was moaning and scratching my back up when I felt myself get smaller again. She lay in a haze and I pushed back quickly off her into a kneel. I slid my still-hard cock out of her vagina reluctantly and stood between her knees as fast as I could. I paused here for a moment in shock as I could see things more clearly now. She lay before me, taking up the whole couch with her beautiful body, her legs splayed apart, while I stood easily between her inner thighs. I jumped over her leg and to the floor, running past tables high as my head and pictures of her friends on the wall. I got to the door and looked at her stilettos, the spikes alone were much higher than my ankles. My shoes were way to big. I grabbed the door handle when a hand slammed roughly into the wood above me. "Unh Unh! Naughty, Naughty, boy! Trying to run when I was in ecstasy."

I could hear her her panting and I slowly turned to her only to find her pussy right in my face at eye-level. She moaned softly, "We are not nearly done here my boy-toy." She moved closer, backing me against the door and pushing her pussy into my face. "Eat me!"

"No! Let me go! What the hell did you wish for?" I turned my head to the side.

She whispered, "Come on little boy, lick me...lick me and I'll tell you."

I really did want to. I had always enjoyed pleasuring her and her pussy was just so much bigger to me now. She was wet and her scent was driving me wild. I turned tentatively and licked her. She was so much taller than me. Her feminine moans drove me on. My tongue flicking into her and around her clitoris. She pushed my head into her crotch and bucked softly. She soon came again, and I licked up eagerly, forgetting for a moment the oddness of the situation. She soon remedied that. "Oh yes! Yes honey, more..." I got smaller and watched her crotch rise ominously above my head. She groaned and laughed in sadistic enjoyment of my predicament. "More! Shrink little boy!"

I began to panic, I looked up and her as she fondled her breasts. Her other hand came down to touch herself as she gazed at me. I shouted, "No!"

She arched her eye-brows, "I think it's time we establish some understanding."

Grabbing me, she lifted me and carried me as I struggled. My girlfriend was carrying me! I tried to pry her off but before I knew it she had be thrown me across her thighs and I found myself staring at her ankles. She began to spank me.

"You've been a bad boy! You will call me Mommy!"

"No!" The pain was sharp. What had always been an erotic play game had become a simmering, dangerously, erotic reality. I soon wanted the pain to stop. When would this end?

"Mommy please stop!"

She did, and laughed mockingly. "Okay." She put me down before her and watched as I shrunk more than ever before. She began to rise, creeping up and looming over me in her seat. I looked at my own hands and body and her eye-level sitting hips. Her tight abs rose just above my eye level.

I asked her, "How far does this go Athena?"

She furrowed her brow and I quickly played along, "Mommy."

She slowly smiled and reached out to grab my arm as I shrank again. Her hand was wet with cum. "We have never been equal, I'm just making things the way they naturally should be between us. You are here to provide me with pleasure my boy-toy." Her erotic sentence was now disturbing and carried a underlying level of real power that it had previously lacked. Her olive toned inner thighs spread apart and she scooted back in her seat, pulling me with her. I stumbled after her and put a hand on one of her thighs. I got smaller.

She leaned back and lifted me up onto the couch. She spread her legs and put her feet nearly together next to her ass cheeks. She began to finger herself and all I could do was watch my giantess of a girlfriend pleasure herself. I knew I could never get away. She reached out with her other hand and guided me to her breast and I took it, my hands held her breast, shaking in nervousness. I suckled and then stopped for a moment in surprise. Milk? It was sweet and thick in my mouth. I started sucking again and she moaned, turning to me and smiling. "The deal is sealed, boy."

I stood, shrinking, maybe as tall as the base of her ribcage while she sat on the couch and I stood. She grabbed my waist and looked at me, probing me, knowing me. I tried to squirm free. Something wasn't right, she had stopped touching her self and was breathing faster, as if preparing for something. She smiled a chilling smile and lifted me, one hand holding my legs together as she moved me in front of her wet labia. She tickled her labia lips with my feet and pushed my feet in between her lips. I kicked and she moaned in pleasure, pushing me deeper. I was up to my knees in her. I was completely occupied by this as her one hand moved to spread her lips as she pushed me to the waist, filling her up. Sitting up she looked down at me and contracted her muscles tightly, I lifted up and sunk slightly deeper.

I looked up at her mocking smile. My hands reached out and grabbed the sheets. She contracted her vaginal muscles again and my hands lost their grip and I sunk to my belly button in her. She said, "Fight me boy, fight Mommy's big pussy." I tried to find a purchase for my hands. Her silky slick thighs were on either side of me and I felt her squeeze, her face took on a look of concentration as I went deeper. He pubic hairs rose around me like some sort of obscene grass. I grabbed them and pulled. She just laughed and her pussy squeezed again. I heard a soft squishing noise as I sunk deeper again. I put out my hands straight to push against her labia, they sunk into the soft soft skin under her hairs and she moaned loudly. I felt her relax and I began to push and wiggle out. My upper body drooped with top weight down, her asshole visible to me. She suddenly contracted again and I was sucked up deeper back to where I had been before. She had only been playing.

She laughed and spoke smoothly, "Oops. Oh come on, can't you get out? Little boy, can't you stop fucking me? I thought you weren't in the mood and now you can't seem to stop, you can't get enough." Her powerful muscles contracted again and I sank to my armpits, my arms bending even as I tried to brace against her crotch.

"Oh no." I whimpered in realization. Her juices lay in droplets as big as my fists in her pubic hair around my head. I struggled for purchase on her slick labial lips, I could barely see her face above beyond the swell of her breasts and stomach. She leaned over and licked her lips erotically. She sucked on a finger as she gazed down at me. I struggled wildly, kicking and pushing. She rubbed her ass on the couch in pleasure as she moaned loudly. Her clitoris was swollen and pushing into my chest. I had finally managed to push my way a bit out of the increasingly wet and sticky slit when her brows came together in effort and I sank up to my neck, my arms pushed up around my head.

Her glistening pink inner lips were in my face, pussy hair turning the lamp light a dewy shade around me. I tried to grab it to pull myself back out. It was wet and slid from my grip easily. Her cum was coming up from below and the heated depths of her pussy was emanating a smell that was making me dizzy. I could feel her heart beat pounding into my body, the blood so strong. Her milky juices were getting in my mouth. "No, please Athena, please don't do this. Please don't-" I heard her grunt with effort and I was pulled inside, another grunt and my arms were in her. I looked up toward her opening. I could see the room out side through the pulsing opening. I wildly tried to squirm for it. The room moved around in jerks as she spasmed in pleasure. I heard her scream, "Mmmm... more little dildo!"

Her heart beat was everywhere, her wet inner walls squeezing down around me on either side. The sticky,wet, heat of her cum drooled around me. I slid deeper and she contracted. Her pussy opening seemed smaller, the light less strong. I could see her large fingers sliding over it as she fingered herself with me inside. She was rubbing herself. Her slender middle finger slipped inside almost hitting my head every now and then. She was moaning loudly. She came again, hard, and so did I. I came in explosive waves with her. I couldn't take it anymore, there was no hope and I squirmed in mixed ecstasy and fear as her muscles squeezed me tight. Juices flooded her vagina, momentarily obscuring her opening.

I noticed she soon stopped her ministrations and her panties suddenly rose over the opening. The light became effused with pink coming through the feminine satin thong. She contracted again and the opening sealed shut, the slit closed and blackness covered me. She came roughly yet again and I felt her around me, squeezing me. I was pulled ever deeper. I began to hear her in my thoughts, I began to lose sense of my physical self. I was becoming a mere aspect of her consciousness as I moved deeper into her body and was swallowed by her endless sexual hunger. A subconscious of my old girl-friend, Athena. My world, my goddess. I was hers, forever.