<Friends, part_1>

<By the outsider>

<Synopsis: three helpless women are kidnapped and given new lives.>


Note_1: The below story contains adult material. Do not continue reading if you are under age 18 or are offended by such material, this is a pure fantasy. All the other characters are pure fiction.

Note_2: in tribute to the great BB. Sorry about the time that it took me, and thank you for the ideas.


Chapter 1: the sisters from hell.

Rachel Smith was a very attractive divorced woman. She had long black hair, deep blue eyes, and a great body. Rachel was on her way to work after she said goodbye to her roommates. Looking around the 5th avenue she had a sudden urge to enter a few shops. Then Rachel decided that since it was her boyfriend's birthday, then she would go to buy a few things at some posh store. When Rachel was inside, she went to the undergarments area where she decided to buy: 5 half cup bras, 5 laced bras, and 5 strapless bras. Next she went to the underwear part where she decided to buy: 3 g-string thongs, 5 thongs, 5 laced panties and 10 ruffled panties. Next Rachel went to the buy 10 babydolls, 10 halter babydolls, 10 flyway babydolls, 15 silk babydolls, 15 satin babydolls, and 10 stretch lace-neck babydolls.

When Rachel came to the register, the woman there told her: "I see that you have an excellent taste, and knowledge of our discounts."

"Yeah, I love this store. 250 bucks after almost 75% discount is great." Rachel said with a smile as she handed her credit card.

"You know; there is a fashion show in Japan on April 10th, and we are giving invitations to special costumers. Since you know us so well, I was wondering if you would like to get one you can bring 3 of your friends with you." The seller said with a worm smile.

"What is the catch?" Rachel asked worried.

"There is no catch. All you need to do is to fill this form." The seller said as she gave Rachel a paper.

"Do I need to fill it now?" Rachel asked a little calmer.

"No. we know that you need to think about it. You can take this form home and fax it to us. Here is our card. Ho my god you were right." The seller replied before she ironed the card. "Here you go miss. Thank you for buying here."

"Thank you." Rachel said as she went out of the store.

When Rachel arrived to her office, she called her best friends and told them the story. Each friend told her that they would join. Sitting at her desk, Rachel began to fill the short form.



Rachel smith.




Hudson St. 785 apartment 25A.


Lois Jones, Moesha Mitchell, and Monica Green.

Cost of buy without discount:


Cost of bye with discounts:


How did you hear about us?

I had a friend who used to work for you.

What did you bought?

Lingerie and negligee.


When finished, Rachel faxed it and returned to work. Then, at the end of the day a fax came, and Rachel took her home. At dinner, Rachel showed her roommates the fax which said:


Date: 10/03/1992.

To: Rachel Smith.

Subject: you won.


To our smartest costumer.


Ms. Hiroko Naira would love to see you and your friends: Lois Jones, Moesha Mitchell, and Monica Green. Next month on: 01/04/1992 a limousine would come to take you on: 09:00. Please do not let him wait for you because the private jet must fly on 10:55 sharp. The fashion theme will be: "lace and leather." So come ready because once you will land at the airport, the driver will take you to the party.




Fellow American.


"Ricky-Ricky Rick? What kind of a name is that?" Lora asked as she tried not to laugh.

"And what is that: fellow American?" Lois asked confused.

"I guess that we would understand in one month." Moesha said before all girls began to laugh.

"Let's send her a fax back." Rachel said before she joined the laughter.


Meanwhile across the pacific a blonde woman wearing a dog collar lay across the feet of her Japanese mistress, who took her time spanking her ass. With every stroke, the humiliated woman said in Japanese: "thank you mistress Hiroko. May I have some more?" then after the last spank, the Japanese woman asked: "are you sure that sent the fax you stupid American? You people can't do anything right, aren't you Licky-Licky? How many times do I have to teach you how to-" before she was interrupted by a knock on the door. "What is it?" Hiroko asked with anger before a young geisha with the belt over her chest got in.

"Ho sis, it is you. Sorry that I screamed at you. Licky-Licky here is an idiot. What happened?" Hiroko asked with a smile. Since her sister refused to speak English or Japanese in a level that Ricky-Ricky Rick would understand, she just lay there humiliated.

"You received a fax from one Rachel Smith. She confirmed that she and her friends would be here. Hiroko, may I ask you something?" the younger Japanese replied shyly.

"Yes Keiko; what can I do for you?" Hiroko asked smiling as her younger sister knelt next to her.

"Well, I know that you are my bigger sister and the better geisha as your belt is on your waist. But I was wondering; when you will give me the plaything that you promised me? You have Licky-Licky, and I still have no American to play with. Did you lie to me? Please say no. I can't deal with more betrayal. Every time in which I expect to have some great new thing I am as the Americans would say: SCREWED." Keiko said in despair.

"In a month my dear, little sister. I can't forget what I promised you. Just have a little more patience Keiko. I am going to have four new girls soon. Maybe you will get the African-American that I told you about." Hiroko said with a smile.

"How do you know that there will be African-American?" Keiko asked surprised.

"No white woman will have; Moesha as her name." Hiroko said as she pulled her younger sister to her feet. "Look, why won't you change cloths and we would go to eat something- just you and me." Hiroko offered her sister.

"Sounds great to me." Keiko said before she kissed her sister on the cheek. "Are you promise?" Keiko asked with a smile.

"Yes- go." Hiroko said with a smile before her sister left the room. Once her sister was out, Hiroko said in perfect English: "having a younger sister is a very hard work. You see, I promised that she would have a doll to play with two months ago. Since then whenever we speak she takes the time to remind me. To be honest, I can't be angry with her because this is the way that she is. She had a very hard time until I became a geisha. Whenever an American came we had to make sure that he was happy. Now that I have an American toy to play with, she is jealous. However, she won't be jealous for long. In one month I am going to give her a present. Now be a good girl and where your socks."

"Yes mistress." Licky-Licky said humiliated as she got up and went to where Hiroko threw her socks earlier. As Ricky-Ricky Rick put on the socks she remembered the past. Before she was known as Ricky-Ricky Rick, her name was: Linda Wilson. She and Hiroko both learned at Cambridge University. While Hiroko struggled against the all odds, broke the barricades, and learned to speak English; Linda did everything within her power to break the young Japanese. The only support that she had was Keiko who came with her to England. In time when Hiroko learned to speak English, she came across some blackmail stories, and after speaking with her sister she came up with a plan. The plan worked perfectly. Since then Licky-Licky became her personal plaything as she moved to Hiroko's apartment building. During the 1st year Licky-Licky was constantly gang-banged by women until she learned her place.

Once Licky-Licky was dressed, her mistress tied her hand behind her back. Next she pressed the remote in her, and the vibrator that was pierced to her slave's clit began to vibrate. Then as Licky-Licky began to moan with pleasure, her mistress led her to a closet. Once the humiliated woman was inside, Hiroko informed her before she closed the door: "when I will return, we will continue our chat."


As Rachel woke up she felt groggy. The last thing she remembered was the blonde woman that gave her a drink. Where was she now? Once her vision cleared, she saw that she was naked. Next, she looked around she saw that she was in some bad room. Suddenly, the door opened and in came a blonde woman wearing a Parisian maid outfit (see: Darkheart for the description of the outfit) and a dog collar. In her hand was a small pink bag.

"Where am I? Who are you? Where are my friends?" Rachel asked in panic.

"My name is Licky-Licky. I am the personal plaything of Mistress Hiroko, and the one who wrote you the fax. You are now in Mistress Keiko's bedroom. You are going to be her personal slave. Mistress Hiroko will tell you what happened to your friends. Please wear these." Licky-Licky said as she handed her a bag.

"What will happen if I will refuse?" Rachel asked Licky-Licky.

"They have a tape with you on it- you don't want it to come out." Licky-Licky said.

"Very well then." Rachel said as she opened the bag. "You are not serious right?" Rachel asked after looking into it.

"What the mistresses want, the mistresses get." Licky-Licky replied as she looked across the window wishing that she was free.

"How did you get that name?" Rachel asked as she took the pink g-string thong and put it on.

"I was foolish enough to refuse an order." Licky-Licky answered humiliated while Rachel pulled the thong up. "You need to pull the straps until they will be on your waist. Less then that and you will be punished." Licky-Licky said, and Rachel followed.

"Thank you. What was it?" Rachel asked as she looked at the blonde's collar.

"Lick Mistress Hiroko's ass." Licky-Licky said humiliated before Rachel hugged her and tried to calm her down.

"Do you have any tips for me?" Rachel asked the humiliated Licky-Licky as she wore the pink tube top.

"Only one: don't argue and follow their orders. Now let's go- I don't want to be spanked." Licky-Licky said as both women went outside the room.

As Rachel followed the naked blonde she asked her: "what does my top say?"

"It say; 'I am an idiot American who is willing to become a whore.' Mistress hiroko loves that sort of massages." Licky-Licky said as she opened the door and led Rachel in. inside the room were two Japanese women. The 1st woman set behind her desk, and wore a business suit. The other one was younger, and was dressed in midnight blue evening gown.

"Great job Licky-Licky. Get your ass under the table, and start to clean my shoes." Hiroko told her slave.

"Yes mistress. Thank you mistress hiroko." Licky-Licky said before she ran to her mistress side. Once there she vanished under the table and began to lick her mistress's shoes.

"Who are you?" Rachel asked Hiroko.

"I am Hiroko Naira. This girl is my sister and your mistress. However, you will call me; mistress. Understood?" Hiroko asked Rachel.

"Yes mistress." Rachel replied.

"You are probably wondering what happened to your three friends' right? Well I will tell you: your friend Moesha was sold to her in-laws. It was a big mistake to have such a massy divorce. As we speak she is inside a nice crate on a jet plane doing her way to London. Now lets talk about Monica and Lois' I have a friend in Kyoto who needs a new whores. As you can see we did a lot of research regarding your friends." Hiroko said with a sadistic smile.

"Let's go dolly- it is time to have fun. You better be faster then that idiot, Licky-Licky." Keiko said in perfect English as she lost her patience. Much like her sister, Keiko learned how to talk from Moesha mother in-law.

Next she dragged Rachel out of Hiroko's office. As the two left, Hiroko slumped in her chair smiling. When Rachel and Keiko reached the girl's room, Keiko gave her slave a paper as she informed her in perfect English; "I do not like to speak in English, but I have no choice so here we go; read this paper!"

"Yes mistress." Rachel said before she began to read; 'basic rules for dolly;

1.     I accept the name: Sucky-Licky as my own. My former self, Rachel smith, is dead.

2.     I will call Keiko mistress.

3.     I will understand that I am a plaything, and nothing more.

4.     I will follow Mistress Keiko's orders.

5.     I will do whatever Mistress Keiko told me.

6.     I understand that I am a toy without: will and control over my body and soul.

7.     I understand that I have no will of my own.

8.     I understand that I won't see my friends anymore unless Mistress Keiko and Mistress Hiroko will decide otherwise.

9.     I live to serve my mistress.

10. Other rules will be given to me by Mistress Keiko in our sessions.

11. I agree to be punished whenever I will be a bad girl.

"Do you understand those rules Sucky-Licky?" Keiko asked with a smile.

"Yes mistress." Sucky-Ricky Rick replied.

"Good girl. Let's start your training. Say; please Mistress Keiko may Sucky-Licky suck your nipples." Keiko said with amusement.

"Please Mistress Keiko may Sucky-Licky suck your nipples." Sucky-Licky said humiliated.

"Good girl. Now say: please Mistress Keiko. May Sucky-Licky lick your cunt?" Keiko continued with the humiliation.

"Please mistress keiko, may Sucky-Licky lick your cunt?" Sucky-Licky repeated her mistress's command.

"Good girl. Now ask me to accept you as my personal slave." Keiko said without telling her slave how.

"Please mistress keiko, accept Sucky-Licky as your personal slave." Sucky-Licky said humiliated as Keiko's eyes grew with joy.

"Ho boy I'm so proud. For the 1st time in my life Hiroko will be green with jealousy. You are an amazing American. You are nothing like the idiots that Hiroko told me about. Can you tell me; what is your name? Rachel?" Keiko asked her slave.

"No mistress. My name is Sucky-Licky. Please Mistress Keiko. May Sucky-Licky lick your cunt?" Sucky-Licky said and saw that Keiko was in heaven.

"You are learning to speak faster then Licky-Licky. Now I want to hear you say: please mistress may I Sucky-Licky lick your ass?" Keiko said with a warm smile.

"Please mistress, may Sucky-Licky lick your ass?" Sucky-Licky said and looked at Keiko who almost fell from her feet.

"My god she is going to die slowly. You are not talking like that to humiliate me later right?" Keiko asked as she suddenly became paranoid.

"No mistress. Sucky-Licky wants to be good." Sucky-Licky replied smiling.

"Because if you would then I will make sure that you will pay for it- ho and just in case you are thinking about escaping: don't. Licky-Licky tried and she is paying the price until now." Hiroko said with a smile.

"You can trust Sucky-Licky mistress." Sucky-Licky said with a smile.

"I hope so. Now let's have some fun." Keiko said as she led her slave to her bed.

The end of chapter 1.


Chapter 2: clowns, slaves and everything in between- or changing back the hands of time.

Note; the clowns are based on pictures that can be found here and they are used with the artist's permission.

Six months past since Sucky-Licky arrived to Japan and turned into a lesbian sex slave. Sucky-Licky missed her friends and wondered what happened to them. Right now she stood naked next to Licky-Licky who was also naked and Rick and the two mistresses who looked at Hiroko's new statues. As they looked, Hiroko and Keiko who wore a robe talked in English.

"I don't get it Hiro, why do you love those statues so much? What is so special about them? How much do those replicas cost you?" Keiko asked her older sister.

"Less then it should. Look at this. These statues are the symbol of victory. You see, they were carved during the middle ages. Both statutes are still standing. On the right you can see the statue that symbolizes the Judaism. As you can see she has a blindfold to show that she is blind to the truth of Christ. Look at the bouquet of dead weeds that she carry is symbolize that the Judaism which is a dead religion. On the right you can see the Christianity. The Christianity is a beautiful, young queen who carries a staff and a chalets- the joke is that a few years after those statues were revealed to the public the Islam conquered Spain." Hiroko replied with a smile.

"So why do you love it?" Keiko asked her sister.

"You know that you are insane right sis? Just look at those women- the fabric- the way that you feel as if they are going to come to life. Just look at them. Don't you see it?" Hiroko asked her sister.

"No. what I see that my sister, you, lost her mind." Keiko said before her sister began to laugh. Keiko and Hiroko never shared the same taste. What Keiko loved Hiroko asked and what the later loved the 1st hate. Besides, Hiroko always thought that her sister's taste should be controlled by her because if it won't then a disaster will strike.

"Cute, real cute. You thought about that or Sucky-Licky thought for you- after all; your American is smarter then my slut." Hiroko told her smiling sister.

"Sucky-Licky thought about that. Tell me Hiroko; what do you think about rap? Sucky-Licky said that it is great, and I agree with her." Keiko said as Hiroko's big eyes grew even bigger.

"If I may quote a great man: rap is crap. I forbid you from hearing that type of music. Understood?" Hiroko asked her sister.

"Yes mom." Keiko said with a smile.

"Whatever- bye. I will tell you when the clowns will be hear- so don't be late." Hiroko said as she mocked Licky-Licky's former self.

"Like bye." Keiko said trying to say like an American as she turned around and pulled Sucky-Licky leash and led her to her room. Inside the room, Keiko ordered her slave to assume position. Without a second to loose Sucky-Licky dropped to her hands and knees before she raised her ass up before Keiko's robe fell over her head. Next, Sucky-Licky felt the cursed phallus being pumped in and out of her ass again.

Meanwhile at her office; Hiroko used poor Licky-Licky as a stool for her bare feet, ash she set next to her table which had three envelopes on it. The 1st envelope came from her friend, Lynn Mae from Kyoto who wrote to her:

Dear Hiroko my love.

I am happy to say that our experiment is working well. As you can see here, Lois is doing very well in fact she is the best whore that I have. And Monica is my puppygirl. As you may see in the picture she is not wearing much. It is amazing but she is my best girl now. When will we meet again?

With love,

Your friend; Lynn Mae.

As she finished, Hiroko took the 2nd from the two that she had on her desk. Next she looked at the picture in her hand where she saw Lynn, who wore a traditional Chinese dress. Next to her stood Lois who wore pink sandals and a skimpy skirt which she held up to reveal her shaved sex. Her hair was tangled, and her face was heavily made-up.

After putting Lois's picture in the frame she took the next letter, and read it;

Dear Hiroko.

I want to thank you for sending your and young Keiko's condolences after my husband died last month. I was really touched when you proposed to help with everything that I need. God bless you Hiroko. Now after both my husband and son died, I have nothing left except for Shaniqua M. Mitchell. I sent you an e-mail with her pictures. If you want her back as you told my husband then take her. However, I do implore you to think about it.

Best regards,

Martha Fitch.

Once Hiroko finished reading the letter, she took a paper of her own and wrote:


Dear teacher.


When I was in your class and you taught me in Latin, you saw how troubled I and my sister were. When we finely learned how to speak and write thanks to you, you told me: Non obsruradis os bovi trituranti. I still remember what it means and how I felt when you translated it to me. When I told it to Keiko, she said that maybe we have a friend. Surely we have one. From a pair of outsiders you took us, and "adopted" us when we were all alone in the world. Thank you teacher for everything that you did for us. Now that I finely have an Imperium over my slaves as a mistress, I am willing to give you the provocatio if you would like it.


Thanks to everything that you did for us, the nightmares that Keiko used to have are finely over. She can sleep now. I love this girl more then I love anyone else. I used to have nightmares and fears about her but now she is smiling. I think that giving her some sort of control did a remarkable thing for her. I saw what you sent her- Thank you- she needed it.


I finely finished building my real-estate empire. If you want then I can give you better apartment in cheaper price.


Look, I don't feel so good- I will write to you soon.



Hiroko Naira.

PS: I refuse to allow you to use the bondage right.


With that Hiroko quietly folded the paper before she put it in the envelope. Once the paper was inside, Hiroko fainted. When Licky-Licky did not hear her mistress, she looked up and began to panic as she saw her mistress unconscious. Knowing about the smelling salt, Licky-Licky broke her mistress's order (who told her not to move), and ran to the cabinet. Once the smelling salt was in her hand, Licky-Licky opened the bottle as she returned to her mistress. Next to the chair she put the smelling salt under Hiroko's nose and waited. Once her mistress began to move, Licky-Licky quickly placed the bottle on the table and dropped to her hand and knees.

"What happened? Ho god, not again. I think that it is time to check on how much Linda loves to be my lesbian sex slave. What do you say Licky-Licky?" Hiroko said as she took the bottle in her hand. She had some mysterious diseases since she was a child. At the time it was Keiko's job to look after her. However, now it was Licky-Licky's job in return for being allowed to have her old name in return over the next month. The problem was that Hiroko did not have those attacks often and so Linda was stuck as Licky-Licky.

"Yes Mistress." Licky-Licky said trying to hide her relief.

"Very well; for the next month my personal slave, Licky-Licky, will be replaced by my horny, low IQ personal bimbo, DD Wilson. Understood?" Hiroko asked with a smile as the humiliation continued.

"Like DD Wilson is totally understand and stuff." Licky-Licky said as rule 5a said. At the time when she was gang-banged her name was DD Wilson. When Licky-Licky returned to Hiroko, the later gave her a manual on how to behave. In the manual; articles 5-10 spoke on DD Wilson; attitude, position, wardrobe, etc.


A few hours passed since her episode, and now Hiroko used DD as she bent on her as they walked with Keiko and Sucky-Licky. As they did, the two began to speak in English. They decided that outside of the house they would speak in Japanese while inside with their slave it would be that "vile language," English, as Keiko and Hiroko called it- especially now with the new clowns.

"You really should do something about your episodes sis. How long are you going to continue with your suffer?" Keiko asked concerned.

"Keiko, we went to every doctor that I can think about: gynecologists, shrinks and family doctors. They all say the same thing after intensive sets of degrading and humiliating exams: we don't know what you have, and we can not help you. Look, I think that I know what the problem is." Hiroko said as she tried to calm her younger sister.

"And what is that?" Keiko asked cautious. Hiroko was all she had, and she didn't want to loose her.

"I think that this is an allergic reaction." Hiroko replied as she placed her hand over her sister's shoulder.

"How can you be sure?" Keiko asked her sister.

"I did some tests. Now as you may know other then the usual hobbies I love to: read, cook, rest and dance. Last time before it started I ate Tchina. Now, I never ate that before. However, what I did eat was before every attack was sesame and as you know; Tchina is made of sesame." Hiroko explained.

"Maybe you are right sis. If you are allergic to sesame then maybe you should try not to eat it even though I know how much it will be hard. So here is what I am offering: since you never left me when the times were bad; then I will stop to it sesame based products with you right here, right now. What do you say Hiro?" Keiko asked her smiling sister.

"You will do that for me?" Hiroko asked as her smile grew bigger.

"Yes." Keiko replied with a smile of her own.

"Thank you." Hiroko said as she pulled her sister closer to her.

"You welcome." Keiko said as she placed her hand over the taller Hiroko's waist.

"I love you Kiko." Hiroko said with a smile as she opened the door to the waiting room.

"And I love you Hiro." Keiko replied as they got into the room.

Inside the room were two rows of clowns. The raw on the right was made of 5 clowns that only had their faces painted. The raw on the left had 8 clowns that their entire bodies were pure white. 8 of the clowns wore evening gowns, 2 wore already in costume, and 3 wore something else. As Keiko looked at the clowns she was shocked. Standing there in front of her were the 13 American celebrities that vanished one year ago. "Where have you fined them?" Keiko finely was able to ask Hiroko.

"When I visited my friend Monica at America last month. We went to the circus together where I saw them. After the show I went to the owner of the circus and offered him 1 million dollar for each of them. At 1st he refused to believe that I have this amount, but after I introduced myself he agreed. Over the last month they did their last show, and now they belong to us. You will own the five clowns with their faces painted. Those clowns are: B, M-1, M-2, AH and TR. Go to your new mistress ladies- now I own: Nina, Dina, Mina, Lina, Sina, Rina, Tina and Bina. Come to me girls." Hiroko replied smiling as every clown stood next to her mistress. "You see Kiko; thanks to the makeup, you can control your clowns. Mine are going to help me to; humiliate each other, humiliate Linda or that they would do a few tricks that I will teach them. Right clowns?"

"Right- (Giggle-) mistress." All 8 clowns answered in unison.

Once her clowns stood next to her, Keiko asked Hiroko while still looking at the clowns: "can they or I remove their makeup?"

"Kiko- Kiko- Kiko- Kiko- over the last year your clowns had every chance to escape. However, they did not. Why was it? The answer is that because they don't wear makeup. This is their skin. The only difference is that the scientists who sold them to the circus only had your clowns' hairs and face changed. Mine on the other hand had their entire bodies changed from their toes to the less strain of their hair. Thanks to that mine are easier to work with and I already have a few tricks for them to learn... especially; Rina." Hiroko said with a smile as she looked at the clown. Rina and Mina used to be famous pop stars. However, now as Keiko looked at them, both of them were changed women. Like the rest of Hiroko's clowns Bina's skin was cream white. Her lips were dark red, with an ordinary red line that curled over her check. The red line went under her lower lip before it curled on the other cheek. Over her legs, Bina was wearing a blue, ankle high latex boots. Next over Tina's waist was a tight pair of hot pants baring blue and purple stripes. Looking further up, Keiko saw a colorful tank top with blue pom-poms. Then she reached her had and saw the midnight blue biker cap that Tina wore.

"So they will do and wear what I want, Hiro?" Keiko asked as she looked at AH.

"Yes Kiko." Hiroko replied with a smile.

"Can I change their names?" Keiko asked with Hiroko's sadistic smile on her face.

"Yes you may Kiko. Just don't use the same names that I gave my clowns." Hiroko replied.

"Okay then- let's go. Sorry Hiro, but I suddenly became horny." Keiko said shyly.

"Go Kiko and have fun." Hiroko said as she watched her Keiko walking away with Sucky-Licky and the clowns. When they arrived to her bedroom, Keiko tied Sucky-Licky to her bondage chair as she told her clowns: "when I speak to someone then I love to know their names. Initials and names of planes don't do it for me. Do you agree with me?"

"Yes ring mistress." All the clowns said in unison.

"Very well then. D, from now on your name will be: Tink. M-1: your new name is; Tramp, and M-2 your name is; Bimbo. AH, your new name is; slut, and TR, your new name is Wink. Understood?" Keiko asked with a smile.

"Yes ring mistress." All the clowns said in unison.

"Now Tink; I want you to do Sucky-Licky's hair. There is a hair color on the table. Tell me when you are done." Keiko said with a smile.

"Yes mistress." Tink said before she went to work.

"Wink: do her makeup. You will fine it at table. Tell me when you are done." Keiko said with a bigger smile.

"Yes mistress." Wink said before she went to work.

"The rest of you; come and pleasure me." Keiko said as she disrobed and lay naked on the bed. Ho almost forgot: when you will finish pull her to the side of the bed. Bimbo; when you will be on the bed, I want you to lick my private area. Slut; be a dear and suck my right nipple. And tramp; you will suck my left nipple. Understood?" Keiko asked as she lay on her back.

"Yes mistress." All the other said in unison as they got on the bed. Then Bimbo began to lick her pussy while slut sucked on her right nipple, and tramp sucked on her right like they were told. Once Tink and Wink finished, they pulled Sucky-Licky's chair next to the bed. Then they said: "done mistress."

Looking up Keiko said as a joke: "then sit at the bed post and suck my feet."

"Yes mistress." Both clowns said before they did as they were told. Then without saying a word, each clown got into the bed from another side and began to suck her feet. Then Keiko closed her eyes smiling after she caught a short glimpse at her toy, Sucky-Licky.

Meanwhile at Keiko's bedroom;

DD set naked as she pumped a dildo in and out of her pussy. In front of her on the called was her ex-fiancée, Sissy Wimp, who shook violently against the spreader bar that his hands and legs were handcuffed to the corner of his eyes, he saw the clowns coming naked after their mistress. Poor sissy was also naked accept for his training collar and the jester hat that wore. He was caught a few days ago as he tried to fine information regarding Linda Wilson. When Hiroko confronted him, she offered him: "if you win then you get Linda back. Loose and I will get you both." George (that was his name at the time) refused at 1st, but when he saw the guns, he had a change of heart.

"How is your ass Sissy? Did my little whore love the way that pumped that huge dildo in and out of his ass?" Hiroko asked the humiliated slave.

"No mistress-" Sissy whispered with his head bowed.

"Bad whore." Hiroko said as she pressed the remote and her hand until sissy twitched and then she stopped. "I have no super hearing. Now as I asked: How is your ass Sissy? Did my little whore love the way that I that pumped that huge dildo in and out of his ass?" Hiroko asked the humiliated slave again.

"Yes mistress. Next time will you please use the phallus to fuck your whore's ass." sissy replied after calming down.

"I am sorry slave, but starting from tomorrow you will wear a chastity belt with iron attachment for your sack and cock. That is why I'm going to fuck your mouth with my phallus. Do you love it when I fuck your mouth?" Hiroko asked with a victorious smile.

"Yes mistress. I love it when you fuck my mouth, mistress." Sissy replied in shame- he really loved it and knew that Hiroko knew it long before she met him. By using the dildo she forced him to admit it in front of Licky-Licky. Since then Licky-Licky despised him, and Hiroko used it to humiliate her.

"What do you think about my clowns? Those chemicals turned them into greater and better women." Hiroko asked as she stood in next to the two green haired women. "As you can see they are always smiling. Furthermore, they sex are shaved, and they look great. Look at them, the best thing that arrived to Japan since Douglas McArthur, wrestling... and all the types of music except for rap. I hate rap. Rap is crap as the song goes." Hiroko said as her the jingle that she loved the most was on the radio. Bad thing that the singer died of "acute cocaine intoxication". As she listened to the jingle Hiroko remembered when she saw the singer sing before a wrestling match that he won. Loosing control over her body, Hiroko began to dance and sing with the singer. "My sister somehow sank so low that she loves rap though. I truly don't know how it happened to her." Keiko added as the jingle was over.

"Maybe she has a good taste mistress?" Sissy said before he was shocked again.

"I will pretend that I did not hear that. My sister in that division does not have a good taste. Look, I have collections of very interesting music. So why in the name of god she likes that vile music?" Hiroko asked DD who began to moan like a whore.

"Maybe mistress Keiko does not feel well mistress?" DD asked before she closed her eyes with fear.

"Now you see this is an answer. Good work DD. Why can't you give answers like DD? She is not that smart you know." Hiroko asked Sissy with a wicked smile.

"I am an idiot?" sissy asked with fear.

"Try it again!" Hiroko ordered her fearful slave.

"I am an idiot." Sissy said with fear.

"Perfect." Hiroko said pleased with a smile. "Now DD; tell me what sissy is." Hiroko asked her moaning bimbo.

"Like, he is a total idiot." Licky-Licky said as she moaned with pleasure.

"Excellent." Hiroko said as she played with Licky-Licky's newly pierced nipples. After a few minutes, Hiroko told her clowns; "come and give IT to Sissy as I told you on my mark. DD I think that you should look at this."

"Yes mistress." All the clowns and Licky-Licky answered in unison.

"Group one; go." Hiroko said with a smile.

"Yes mistress." The purple haired clowns replied. The 1st clown in the group was Bina who bent before she splashed the cake all over Sissy face. Next was Dina who dropped the cake and splashed it over neck, and then came Mina who dropped her cake over the top of his head.

"This is cold mistress." Sissy said as the cake began to drip.

"Of course is called. Have you ever heard about warm ice-cream? I decided that this will be the only sort of cake that they would use. Now group two; go." Hiroko said with a smile.

"Yes mistress." Replied the Green haired clowns, Lina and Sina, before each splashed a cake at the sides of sissy's head.

"Please mistress; no more- I will do everything you want." Sissy begged.

"Very well. Tell me what Non obsruradis os bovi trituranti means, and the rest of the cakes will be used on DD's Face and breasts." Hiroko said with an evil smile.

It took sissy a while before he said: "don't waste my time?"

"That is correct." Hiroko lied with a smile. "Bina; use your cake on DD's right breast."

"Yes mistress." Bina said before she went to the chair and splashed the cake straight on DD's right, DD cup breast. Poor DD began to scream as Bina returned to the line of clowns.

"Good girl. Now Rina; be good and do the same to her left one." Hiroko said smiling as she heard DD pleading that she won't do this to her. Much like Hiroko, DD also learned Latin and knew that she lied. However, since she could not say anything, then all DD could do was to beg as her boob jumped up and down. Unfortunately for DD, her mistress Hiroko who ignored her begs and pleas.

"Yes mistress." Rina said happily before following her mistress's order.

Then as Rina did her way to the line, Hiroko said: "Good girl. Now sissy; as you know one of my teachers was a Jewish, and I picked a few words in Hebrew. Now, if you will tell me what Rina and Bina means then Nina won't use her cake on-"

"On who mistress?" sissy asked his mistress.

"I just told you that. Now- what- is- the- answer?" Hiroko asked with a smile.

"I don't know mistress." Sissy replied the truth.

"I know that you don't know. So guess!" Hiroko's tone of voice changed and the smile vanished.

"Yes mistress. I think that Bina is smart, and Rina is slut." Sissy guessed with fear.

"That's half the answer. Nina, be good and use the cake on DD's beautiful face." Hiroko told her clown who followed her instructions before returning the line.

"Now Sissy, I have good news and bad news for you. The bad news is that you were wrong of what toy answered when I asked you what Non obsruradis os bovi trituranti means. The good news is that my spirit squad as a cheer for you and DD. Go ahead girls. Do cheer one." Hiroko said as her clowns began to cheer.

The end of chapter 2.


Chapter 3: better.

Hiroko returned home after a visit to the US, where went to the grave of her favorite singer, and toured; Washington, New-York city, and LA. During her visit Hiroko checked the newspapers to see if there are news about her and Kiko's clowns. However, there was none. As always Hiroko was right. The only way that anyone in America would look for them will be if someone would strike pearl-harbor or sink some American ship again. At Washington she took the tour of the FBI building office- and was sure that she saw J. Edgar Hoover's dress. Knowing that there will be FBI agents at the white house, Hiroko took the tour there as well. However, no one even looked at the tall 2 meter woman whose head was taller then all the visitors.

Visiting ground-zero was the toughest thing for her. As she read about the number of victims something was wrong. As far as she remembered the world trade center was made of two buildings. Each building had between 105-115 floors (she was nor sure how much). Combine that with the floors of the underground parking garage then 2749 victims seemed a little small for her. Is that number also including the "black labors?"

Upon her return home, she was hugged by Keiko who was dressed as a geisha and finely her belt was on her waist.

"Congratulations Kiko. You finely did it. Guess I can't boss you around anymore. Huh?" Hiroko asked with a smile as she placed her suitcases on the floor and hugged her sister.

"Thanks Hiro. Sure you can- remember that you are my big sister." Keiko replied with a smile.

"How could I forget?" Hiroko asked her sister.

"Because I am a woman now." Keiko replied with pride.

"You always were a woman Kiko. You just had to get into the mind of one." Hiroko said with a smile.

"Thank you Hiro." Keiko said smiling.

"For?" Hiroko asked confused.

"Helping me and believe in me when nobody else did." Keiko said as she hugged her sister again.

"You deserve it. Would you like to eat something outside Kiko as a celebration?" Hiroko asked proud of what her sister became.

"Okay." Keiko said as she held Hiroko's hand before went to eat. Once they left the apartment building, Hiroko and Keiko went to the Sushi restaurant that the later loved more then everything. After finishing their food, Hiroko offered that they would go to see a movie. And so after four hours since they went out of the house, they returned home at 12:30.

When they returned home each went to her room. As Keiko got to her, she saw her newest clown, Sucky-Licky, throwing cakes at the picture of the American president under the supervision of the others. Sucky-Licky's hair was pink afro with colorful bows and ribbon's. Her face was a combination of Tamp and Tink. As Keiko ordered before she left, her 5 clowns forced Sucky-Licky to do unspeakable things. Whenever Hiroko was away, Keiko used her clowns as well, but she had her sister's permission so they did not forget who owned them. Taking a page from her sister's book, Keiko decided that her slaves\clowns will be naked. However, unlike Hiroko's clowns who were naked all the time for extra humiliation; Keiko allowed her to dress when they escorted her out to the streets. Then Keiko dressed them as geishas and made sure that the belt will be over their chest, and on their heads they always wore a Bonkin-Takashimada (if you know Japanese please write to me if I wrote the name correctly in English, thank you.) that matched Keiko's. This was another difference from Hiroko who refused to dress her clowns and let them leave the apartment.

Yesterday Keiko had time, and saw she took a trip after Major Atanaka's codetta. Hiroko read her about it, and now she took the time to learn. Looking at the imperial palace, Keiko could see what the book talked about. If Hiroko only knew how much she walked, she would flip. Tomorrow she would go ALONE to Hiroshima and Nagasaki. Thank god Hiroko did not know about it- if she would give her two hours lecture. Then another two hours will be devoted for the difference between the heritage of Americans and the US to that of other peoples and nations. Being Hiroko's younger sister was hard. This woman was smarter, more beautiful, taller and sexier then all the geishas in her class combined. Keiko new that Hiroko's knowledge was so great that it scared many men and women. However, Keiko used Hiroko's knowledge to learn more and it pushed her to be the best that she could be.

"I see that you beginning to like your new job. So anything to declare?" Keiko asked with a smile.

"One day mistress, someone will save us mistress. Just you wait." Sucky-Licky replied.

"Like whom?" Keiko asked.

"The FBI for once." Sucky-Licky replied.

"Yeah right; the only thing that would make the FBI do something will be if I would drop 10 tons atomic bomb on San-Francisco. What happened Sucky-Licky, you used to be smarter." Keiko asked with a smile.

"Ducky-Licky misses her friends. Please mistress; what happened to them? Nine months passed since Sucky-Licky became your slave, and Sucky-Licky misses her friends." Sucky-Licky replied upset as Keiko went to the locked door next to the door which led to the clowns' room.

"Come in- whores!" Keiko said as she opened the door. Once the door was fully opened, two slaves came out. Both women only wore black, Locking Leather Spanking Skirt. Over their face was what Sucky-Licky recognized as a leather silence mask with the zipper close. "Turn around!" Keiko ordered, and when the two slaves did, Sucky-Licky saw their red asses.

"Who are they mistress?" Sucky-Licky asked her mistress.

"I'm sorry. Tell my toy that you are one at a time!" Keiko ordered as she grabbed the hand of the 1st slave and turned her around. "You 1st bitch." Keiko hissed before she spanked her slave's ass.

"Yes mistress; my name is slave Monica." The 1st slave replied.

"Tell her your full name!" Keiko ordered with a smile.

"Yes mistress; my fool name is Monica Green." Monica said humiliated.

"And what is your position in life slave?" Keiko asked her.

"I am an American whore whose only purpose in life is to serve my Japanese mistress." Monica replied humiliated.

"And where do you live?" Keiko asked with an evil smile.

"I live in this dungeon together with slave Lois." Monica replied her mistress.

"Turned around and present yourself!" Keiko ordered and looked as the slave followed.

When Lois felt her former friend, she said: "I am slave Lois. Formally I was known as Lois Jones."

"And who do you serve?" Keiko asked the humiliated slave.

"I live to serve my mistress, you." Lois replied humiliated.

"What kind of slave her you?" Keiko asked with a sadistic smile.

"I am your ass-slave mistress." Lois replied with tears.

"Ass-slave? What is that?" Keiko asked innocently.

"It means that whenever you would like it then I need to lick your ass. Furthermore mistress; as such I need to have my ass on display, ready to be used by you at all times." Lois replied humiliated.

"And what sort of slave are you Monica?" Keiko asked pleased with how docile her slave, Lois, was.

"I am your ass-slave as well mistress." Lois replied humiliated.

"And what is your real name and position Sucky-Licky?" Keiko asked with a smile.

"My name used to be; Rachel Smith mistress." Sucky-Licky replied as she looked at the shocked slaves. Ever since they were forced to become streetwalkers they cursed her, and here she was with a worst fate then they had.

Meanwhile in Hiroko's bed, Hiroko went to sleep with her clowns; the actresses; the purple haired Dina who had her lips over Hiroko's right nipple, the green haired Lina who had her lips over hiroko's left nipple and the purple haired Mina who kissed Hiroko's pussy lips. Under hiroko the red haired Nina, who the 1st used as a mattress and her boobs as pillows. Sleeping with Hiroko's left foot in her mouth was the green haired, Sina, and sleeping with Hiroko's right foot was the blue haired Tina sleeping. At the bed post, were her former pop stars, the blue haired Rina and the purple haired Bina, who slept in a sixty-nine position. When Hiroko 1st met them she had them doing a few tapes which were sent to the husbands of: Bina, Rina and Sina. Once the tapes were done, hiroko signed them on personal contract that gave her permission over their empire. Next Hiroko finished taking over their lives by having them signed on a contract that she locked in a vault hidden away from the clowns, Licky-Licky and the world. Inside the cage next to the bed slapped her slave.

The end of chapter 2.


The end of the story.