Super Sensual Solace Starr 1

By Sage26,

After a night at the club I witness a not so typical ass whooping.

It was about noon on Friday and I just finished my last class of the day, rhetoric. Me and my potna J Lew was walking out of class towards our apartments when he said, "So what's goin down tonight BC?"

I was a sophomore in college and he was a junior and we often made regular plans to do something on the weekend to relieve the stress of school. "Aw you know I'ma hit up the club tonight man. It's Friday and I'm feelin good boy. Feelin like actin an ass tonight you know."

"Yea man. Wut club you talkin bout goin to?"

"Oh on a Friday you know we got a hit up Blue, man. Blue's always poppin on Fridays."

"Fa sho?" J Lew was from Houston and he still didn't know everything that went down in Dallas even though he"d been here for a couple years now. "Wut the females be lookin like?"

"The females in there is wut that is man," I replied truthfully. Every time I went to Blue there was always something worth looking at or talking to. "Hey jus come wit me n you'll see boy. I promise you won't regret it."

"Yeah that's a bet." He shook my hand as we began to depart towards our different apartments on campus. "Holla at me BC. Maybe we can blow or something befo we hit up the club."

"Mos definitely. I'ma hit up some of the others to see if they down to ride tonight."

"Aight boy."


About 11 o' clock that night me, J Lew, Deuce, and Smiles met up at J Lew"s apartment and drank some liquor and then rolled up two blunts. Now we don"t just smoke every day - or at least I don"t. I try to keep it at a once a week or every 2 weeks thing but I have a naturally high tolerance for almost anything and everything. Even though mixing drank and weed will usually put a nigga out I was just mellow after we finished. That was nothing new because I was usually mellow. Sometimes my potnas called me the Mellow Yellow boy cuz of my skin color and my laid back attitude.

"Say boys let's roll out to Blue befo it get too late man." We agreed and started to head out for down town. I went separate from the others cuz you never know if you pulled a female and what she was down to do after the club. Besides I didn't like to rely on others for rides cuz sometimes they wanted to leave early, and if I pay $10 to $15 on a club then I'ma be there till it closes.

When we got into the club the dark interior mixed with the colorful lights being projected from the ceiling started to make my head spin slightly. My high was starting to increase but it wasn't enough. We had Deuce, who was the only one of us over 21, buy us some drank and hit up a few hurricanes. That itself put a dent in our pockets but I wasn't trippin cuz like I said before I was here to have a good time tonight. Already I was lusting for the beautiful young women who were scantily dressed in the club on the dance floor. Yeah I loved going to Blue.

Bout 2 hours later, after hopping up on a few females and getting two numbers it was time to go. Me and my boys chilled outside for a bit. "Man I was talkin to this yella, man," Smiles was saying. "She was fine man but she was kinda stuck up. I couldn't get but two words outa her."

"You pull?" Deuce asked. Smiles shook his head.

"What bout you BC, you get any numbers?" I chunked up a deuce in reply. "This man here had a good time," J Lew said as he chuckled softly. "Wut was they lookin like?"

"They solid," I said truthfully. "Bout 6-7 out of 10."

"That's straight," said Deuce. It was and I wasn't tripping cuz it seemed like I pulled the most for the night. We didn't openly compete but we always noted who pulled the most or got the highest quality females in the club. After a little more talking we shook hands and parted ways. I parked further away than they did cuz I didn't like to pay for parking and I always figured the extra walk was worth it. As I walked towards my car I thought about how good the night was. My game wasn't all that tite cuz I had been drinkin and smoking but I still pulled 2 numbers. I felt maybe I was looking pretty good tonight. I had gotten a haircut this morning and I always felt I looked pretty good when I got my it cut. My goatee was trimmed up nicely and my outfit, although nothing to brag about, made me feel comfortable. I hardly ever dressed to impress when I went to the clubs. Usually I wore simple oversized urban shirts with large baggy shorts, jordans, and a hat tilted at an angle. My favorite of my hats was my black Boston one that had a B on it. I chose it and said that the B stood for my first name, Brennan, and I believed it gave me good luck. It looked like that held true for tonight as well. Now the effects of all the weed and the alcohol were starting to mess with my brain and I began to feel even better. It almost didn't even feel like I was walkin in Downtown Dallas anymore. It felt like I was somewhere else, like somewhere in a dream. But I knew that was just the weed kickin in cuz I could also hear music in my ears. I was always hearing things when I got high - but I probably wasn't even all that messed up. At least that's what I told myself. Usually I admitted when I was messed up and right now I was feeling alright but my mind wasn't all the way with me. I'd better hurry up and get home befo I became too messed up to drive back to North Dallas where my aparment and my college was.

When I was bout a couple of yards away from my vehicle I thought I saw something to my right so I paused and just looked in that direction. Something greenish yellow looked like it was coming towards me but I just threw it off as one of the tricks my mind plays on me when I got marijuana in my system. I continued walking.

I found myself stopping again when I noticed the illusion wasn't going away. In fact it was bigger and seemed closer to me now. My heart started to beat a little faster. I focused all of my attention in that direction, trying to clear my head as best as I could. I finally realized that whatever it was I was looking at was real, and from the looks of it inhuman as well. It was coming at me at a fast pace. I became paralyzed with fear. The fear threw away all the effects of the weed and the drank had on my brain and I now had nearly all of my senses, but I still could not move.

I went into a full state of terror when my eyes began to decipher whatever it was approaching me looked like. It was clear to me now that it was not human, although it had to legs and was upright. The color of it as I said before was greenish yellow and it seemed to be rather large. It looked something like an iguana mixed with a human with the thin row of spines that went from its head down to its back and ended just short of the tip of its tail. The fact that it wasn't human not only scared the shit out of me, but it also appeared to be a fierce creature. Its lean muscles twitched and bulged as it ran at an unfathomable speed in my direction. Just when I began to feel like I could get out of my state of paralysis and control my body I realized it was too late. The creature was now only a few yards away from me and at the speed it was going it was going to get me within seconds. I stayed put and waited for my inevitable end.

It was weird feeling this afraid and knowing I was about to die. Not even adrenaline kicked in like I thought it would if I were ever in a situation like this. But who would ever think of being in a situation like this? I wanted to close my eyes badly but I couldn't. You might think I'm crazy. In fact I think I'm crazy right now but that doesn't matter. Not if I'm about to -

The creature rushed passed me. It didn't even look at me as it did so. Stunned by what had just happened I spun around quickly to see what it was doing. It was still running, at first it had been closing the distance on me but now it was increasing it. Briefly I thought I saw that its eyes were wide open, probably wider than mine were right now. It almost seemed as if the creature was scared, just from telling by its expression. And its face was so similar to that of a human's that I could read its expression. I noticed also that it wasn't running in a straight line but rather sorta side to side as if it were out of control. Usually something that's running as wild as this thing was was trying to get away from something. But what?

I glanced the other way to see if anything else was coming but I saw nothing. What could have a big thing like that running so frantically? Maybe the police had seen it and given it chase. The police were always crowded around downtown, especially over by the black and Hispanic clubs. But no sirens were blaring and I could see no flashing lights. Everything was quiet save for my rapidly beating heart and my heavy breathing. My gaze returned to the creature and I finally saw what - or who it was that the thing was running away from.

From out of the sky a large figure landed fight in front of the being. The thing jumped, literally jumped, back fifteen feet when this happened. It tried to run the other way back towards me again but the large object that had jumped in front of it quickly darted after it. The iguana-like beast was fast but the other being, which had more mass to it, was even faster. As they both ran in my direction I could clearly see the other being, and to say that I was shocked would be an understatement. The lizard monster's pursuer was a human dressed in a black cape. But it was no ordinary human. It was a woman - a stunningly beautiful woman with jet black hair that was tied back in a bun. I couldn't see all of what she wore beneath her cape but I could tell she didn't have on much for I could see the round shape of her incredibly immense set of breasts bouncing as she ran. The large amounts of flesh that was showing revealed an incredibly muscular yet thick and heavy physique (like an offseason bodybuilder). Her big hands were covered in black gloves and on her feet she wore a shiny pair of black high heeled boots that went up just beneath her bulging calves. Her entire body twitched and shook with power as she moved her mass of muscle with amazing speed. Despite the situation my dick began to rise. She was absolutely gorgeous, and it wasn't the alcohol that was making me say this. I had been attracted to muscular females since middle school. How or why this began I didn't know. When I first searched the internet and probed the different websites with pics and clips of them I became infatuated. I personally liked the bigger ones, ones who had meat on them and had a solid mix of muscle as well as a little bit of fat to make them appear a little bit softer. I wasn't too much into the lean, ripped, veiny look of the muscular contest shape appearance. I think my own personal preference for thick and bigger women with plump round asses, thighs that were bigger than my own (my legs were my largest and strongest part of my body due to genetics), and of course voluptuous breasts, played into this. This woman had all of this and more. To me she was perfect in every way. My potnas didn't know my secret preference that I liked in women and I had done a good job of hiding it from them. I knew there were other men in the world who shared my lust for muscular women but I believed that I was the only member of the black "Hip Hop" generation (as we are so often referred as) that liked them. My crowd liked thick girls who were soft like a pillow. I did too but if I had to chose between a beautiful, thick model from vibe magazine or a beautiful offseason female bodybuilder I would chose the bodybuilder without hesitation.

My thoughts returned to the scene before me. The gorgeous amazon quickly closed in on the lizard-man creature and was running side by side with it in no time. The creature knew she had caught up to it and looked over its shoulder at her. I'm sure it wished it hadn't done that for her right fist came down on its face like a meteor. I saw purple blood fly from its mouth as it lost its balance and went to the ground. Before it could even land its face was met by the other gloved fist of the woman, causing it to connect with the concrete even harder and faster. It didn't stay there for long for even though those hits were jarring it wasn't enough to put the creature down for good. It frantically scrambled to get up and began running on four legs for a moment. The look in its eyes was obvious. It wanted no part of this gargantuan woman and wanted to escape her at all costs. It didn't even try to fight back as she sent a kick into its shoulder from behind.

I swore I heard something pop as the creature let out a howl and slowed down. The woman drove her elbow deep into the thing's back. This amazing woman must have had some unbelievable amount of strength for this hit sent the creature to the ground and bounced it back up again as if it were made of rubber. As it came off the ground her left boot went up and connected with its unprotected gut. This sent the lizard monster flying high into the night sky. Instead of waiting for it to come down before she resumed her attack she bent her knees and launched herself into the air with those powerful legs of hers. From here I couldn't see all of what was going on up there but I knew it wasn't pretty for the lizard thing. I could see the woman's cape flutter about as she sent her black gloved fists into the creature's face and body with no relent. As she fought her cape moved about and exposed how much she was wearing - or rather how much she wasn't wearing. Her round nipples were covered under tiny black stars and over her vagina she wore a thin black thong. The monster jerked about every way almost as if it were being shot or electrocuted. Finally gravity took its place and both of them came down. The massive woman landed gracefully on her boots while the creature collided with the ground on its back. This woman's stamina seemed infinite as she began her attack once more without rest. This time the creature pulled itself up in enough time before she could meet it and fought back. It sent a punch of its own at her but she easily dodged it and retaliated with two lethal hooks. The creature narrowly missed having its head removed from its neck as it weaved away from the blows. The woman continued swinging however, displaying quickness and hand speed that was not supposed to belong to someone that large. The monster, even though a tad bit shorter and much slimmer than her, was doing a pretty good job of ducking and dodging her blows but she was clearly faster. As the thing tried to get in a hit of its own she swerved to the right as its left fist hit air. Its exposed chin received three rapid uppercuts that caused its head to jerk up and down like a bobble head. Having next to no sense left in its battered skull the reptile like creature began to slowly fall forward. Before its knees could even touch the ground the big woman winded her muscular right arm back and sent it into the creature's left eye. The creature gurgled on its own blood as it squealed and collapsed to the ground on its own face.

The woman paused for a moment and glanced at me. My heart jumped and I almost started but she returned her attention back to her fallen victim. She knelt down and lifted its limp body off the ground by the back of the neck with just one arm. She wrapped her right arm around the creature's throat and then put her black left glove on its head. The creature, although big compared to a normal human looked rather minute with the back of its head placed against her basketball sized titties. I silently wished my head was there, the simple thought of it almost causing me to drool. Her entire upper body flexed with power as she grasped the creature tighter. I braced myself for I knew what was coming next.


A sudden twist of her arms and the creature's neck cracked like a twig. Its long tongue, soaked in blood, hung loosely out of its mouth as life escaped from it. She released her hold on it and watched as it fell in a lifeless heap at her feet. She put her gloves on her hips and I watched as her breasts rose as she took a deep breath. It wasn't a breath to catch air for she didn't to appear to be at all tired. Rather it was as if she was breathing in an air of pride as she looked down at what her mighty fists had done to this poor thing. She placed a hand on her immaculate black hair almost as if to see if a strand were out of place - none were - and then she switched her gaze over to me.

I froze. To actually have this magnificent woman look at me was a wonderful experience. She stared calmly at me while my mind raced and my dick continued to swell. Her thick layer of smooth flesh and muscle glistened under the light of the moon and the stars. Her big dark lips were pressed firmly together as she kept her calm expression while she studied me. Her eyes, which were either blue or silver, twinkled like the stars all the while. I could barely contain myself. It was all I could do to keep from nutting in my pants right then. She tilted her head slightly and cocked one of her eyebrows, almost as if she were checking to see if I was truly enamored by her appearance.

With that she bent down and picked up the corpse of the human-lizard beast and placed it over her broad shoulder. She turned around, giving me one more glance, and began to walk away. My eyes followed the bulging of her calves as she smoothly lifted her boots off the ground and put them down again. This night was truly unbelievable.

Shortly after I drove home and rapped to Bone Thugs N Harmony bumping loudly in my car (That's what I always do when I'm in an extremely good mood). I took great pleasure when I got in my bed in releasing the cum from my penis as I fantasized over the perfectly beautiful black haired woman. I didn't even think about the girls I had pulled at the club, even though they too were pretty attractive. Nothing compares to when you bare witness to something so gorgeous. I would probably fantasize over her for the rest of my life. It was a shame that I would never see her again. I wish I had taken a picture of her with my phone. It's just too bad that I know as soon as I wake up tomorrow I will know that this was all just a dream.

*This is my first work to be submitted so please send me feedback at so I can know what you think and what I need to work on. The drawing's sort of messed up cuz I did it in pen but I'll have others with some of the other stories. I hope my style brings a little something different than the other stories in the library. I plan on turning this into a series so please help me out by letting me know what you think. "Preciate it.