Me, My Sister, and the Volleyball Girls, Pt. 1

by Elan,

My sister learns the hard and humiliating way that there's always someone stronger . . .

All my life, Kira had had been sort of a protector to me.  As my older sister, two and half years my senior, she had looked out for me growing up.  She had always been somewhat of a tomboy, playing football and soccer with the neighborhood boys until she started high school and became involved with a bunch of athletic teams there.  Even though I was a boy, I was never as athletic as she was, and I can remember more than once coming home crying with a few cuts and scrapes given to me by various neighborhood bullies.  Each time Kira would get me to tell her who had roughed me up, and she would go and have a talk with them. I never knew exactly what she did to them until one time when I followed her and spied on her as she wrestled the boy who had been picking on me down to the ground and got him in a classic schoolgirl pin. I couldn't hear what she was saying, but she shook her finger in his face several times, and I could see him nodding fearfully in agreement.  Then she slapped him twice across the face. She got up, adjusted her shorts and left him crying on the ground.  Needless to say, he never bothered me again, and in fact came up to me the next day and profusely apologized for his actions, practically begging my forgiveness.  I was always grateful to have such a cool older sister who would keep an eye on me, and although her focus on fighting and wrestling was a little strange, it never struck me as that peculiar that, even as a girl, she was able to beat up so many boys, because, after all, they were all two or three years younger than her.

As she entered high school, Kira left fighting and wrestling behind for more organized sports.  She played soccer and basketball, eventually giving up basketball so that she could focus on soccer.  By her senior year, Kira was captain of the soccer team, and she had also blossomed into one of the hottest girls in our school.  As a tall blond standing 5'8, she pretty much attracted attention wherever she went.  My friends would always tease me about how great her breasts were, and I guess they were.  I had seen her bras in the laundry room, so I knew that she was a B cup, not the biggest breasts in the world, but they were firm and nicely shaped.  She had an athlete's legs, long and lean, but with powerful thighs from her years of running around the soccer field. Like any other high school girl, she would often complain about her weight, but in reality she wasn't heavy at all, probably weighing around 135.  What was most amazing about Kira's athletic prowess though was that, although very skilled, she was rarely the most talented athlete on the field.  But whatever she lacked in skill, she made up for in heart and determination.  I had never seen Kira back down from any opponent or any situation.  She was totally fearless, always supremely confident without being cocky.   With that attitude, she led our soccer team to the state championship junior year.  Basically, Kira was a winner, and she and everyone else knew it.

Well, the trouble all started one spring day when Kira had stuck around after soccer practice to wait for me (I had been at a meeting for some club, I think it was Model U.N. or something) so that we could walk home together.  She had finished before me, so she'd showered and changed and was wearing short, cut-off jean shorts and a red t-shirt.  Our walk home went through a field with a small, secluded grove at its edge, just bordering the high school ground. It was a place that was almost always empty, especially at this hour so late in the afternoon.  But as we approached, we saw two girls sitting down and talking.  When we got closer, Kira recognized one of them, "Hey, that's Ally, I've been meaning to have a word with her."  As my sister walked over to them, the two girls stood up. 

"Hey, you're Ally, right?" she said to the larger of the two girls, a 6 foot tall brunette who was dressed in extremely skimpy gray spandex work out shorts with only a pink sports bra up top.  The other girl, also taller than both me and my sister (I'm about Kira's height, maybe slightly shorter) at about 5'10,  was dressed in very short mesh shorts with a cut off t-shirt that exposed her relatively chiseled abs.

"Yeah, that's me."  Of course, I, and all the other boys in my high school knew exactly who Ally was.  She was the smoking hot junior amazon who was the star of the volleyball team, and who, more importantly, was widely known to have by far the best breasts of any girl in school.  And now, seeing her double d's proudly jutting out from her chest, contained only by a tiny sports bra, I was struggling not to drool.  But as hot as she was, she was known to be trouble, and boys tended to steer clear of her and her volleyball friends.  Nobody knew anything for sure, but there were vague and scary rumors of her and her friends being really bitchy to guys who tried to flirt with them, and some people even said she sometimes got physical with the guys, and that the guys didn't come out on top in those encounters.  Looking at her powerfully muscled body, I could believe it.

"I heard about what happened with you and Karen, and I just wanted to ask to stay away from her and her boyfriend."  Karen was another senior that my sister knew from the soccer team.  Karen had come into school earlier this week with a black eye.  Nobody knew who had given it to her, and she herself was apparently too scared of whomever it had been to tell anyone.  But she had been seen carrying Ally's books, fetching drinks for Ally, and generally being at the younger girl's beck and call, so rumors had started that Ally was the one who had given her the beating.  The story went that Ally had had some sort of altercation with Karen's boyfriend, and Karen had tracked her down and called her out on it, only to get her ass handed to her in a fight by the bigger girl.

"You should mind your own business.  That little bitch got what she deserved.” Ally didn't even deny the accusation.  “And so did her puny little boyfriend.  Imagine, trying to look up my skirt.  Can I help it if I got a little annoyed and took his shorts to show him what it's like to be ogled?” Ally and her friend both giggled at this, evidently the stripping of Karen's boyfriend had been amusing.  “Alright, well, maybe that was a bit of an overreaction, but that slut Karen never should have confronted me the way she did."

I could see my sister was getting pissed, "Don't call her a slut, and just stay away from her, ok?"

Ally wasn't about to back down though, "Or what?  Are you gonna do something about it, tough girl?"

"I'll do whatever it takes," Kira said as she glared at the big volleyball girl.  She had been protecting people and standing up for her weaker friends all her life, first for me and nowadays for her friends and teammates. And although she'd left her hobby of fighting boys behind, I knew for a fact that she kept in practice with a friendly tousle now and again with her friends and even a few of her boyfriends.

"Alright, bring it, bitch."  Ally motioned my sister forward.  "Hey, Jen, sit back and enjoy this, and make sure her scrawny brother over there doesn't interfere.  I've been wanting to teach this uppity bitch a lesson ever since I was a freshman."

Kira approached the larger girl slowly.  Ally towered over her and to most people, it probably would have looked like a total mismatch.  But I knew that Kira was tough, she'd beaten bigger girls before and she was, herself, a great athlete.  I had faith that she would dispatch this big volleyball girl.  At first the two girls were cautious, feeling each other out.  It was clear that Ally was a lot stronger than my sister, but Kira was quicker than the big girl, and was able to avoid getting caught in any holds.  After a few minutes of rolling around on the grass, Kira got Ally in a headlock.  "C'mon, Kira, you got her now!" I yelled encouragingly.  But Ally proved to be too strong, she grunted and managed to slip out of the headlock.  Unfortunately for my sister, as she was freeing herself from the headlock, Ally also managed to wrap her long legs around Kira's middle.  My sister was flat on her back now and Ally had her in a textbook bodyscissors.  Suddenly her thighs came to life and she started to squeeze.  Kira had a look of pain on her face, but also one of surprise, like she couldn't believe the power this girl had.  The submission came almost instantly.

"Stop!" My sister cried out.  Ally released her, and my sister lay on her back, coughing a little and feeling at her ribs, presumably checking to see if Ally had done any permanent damage. 

"Good one girl!" Jen shouted, congratulating her friend on the victory.

I walked over to my sister, "are you ok?"

"Yeah, I'm fine, she got me pretty good though.  Her legs are pretty strong." 

Ally sauntered over with a condescending smile on her face, "Wanna go another round, tough girl?  Unless, of course, you're scared?"

My sister was not the type of person to back down from a challenge, "You got lucky that time, let's go again."  It hadn't looked like a mismatch from their first round, but something in the back of my head told me that this could be trouble.  "C'mon" I whispered to my sister, "let's just get out of here, she's a lot bigger than you, nobody would blame you for just leaving, you gave her a good match."

"No, I want another chance, I know I can take her."  But she did look just a touch uncertain as her gaze fell upon Ally's powerful thighs that had squeezed out the first submission.

"Alright, let's go another round, but there's gotta be a penalty for your loss, so lose the shirt, honey.  This is gonna be strip wrestling."  Ally spoke with a confidence that made me suspect this wasn't the first time she'd wrestled a girl. And the giggling that had accompanied her story of stripping Karen's boyfriend made me wonder if there wasn't more to that story than Ally had let on.

My sister didn't even know what to make of Ally's last statement, "What are you talking about?  That's crazy, I'm not gonna take my shirt off in front of my brother."  But practically before she could even finish her sentence, the big girl was on her, wrestling her to the ground.  The rolled around for about a minute, and then sure enough, Ally slowly worked my sister's t-shirt off over her head, she shouted triumphantly as she tossed the t-shirt aside, revealing my sister's nice breasts now contained only by a green bra, "Cute tits, girl."  Kira at first tried to cover up her chest, but she quickly realized she had more serious concerns as Ally's menacing thighs were threatening to encircle her middle once more.  She rolled to the side and managed to escape just in time, her quickness saving her from another certain submission.  It continued like that for a few minutes,Ally on the verge of getting Kira in a hold, and Kira using her advantage in quickness to escape.  At one point, it looked like my sister might even pin the big girl.  She got on top of her, sitting astride her chest and tried to force Ally's arms down with her own strong thighs in a class schoolgirl pin.  I could see determination in my sister's eyes, and I thought that maybe she'd be able to defeat the volleyball amazon.  And also I was sort of hoping that if Kira was able to win a round, Ally would live up to her end of the bargain and remove a piece of clothing of her own.  The thought of seeing her massive breasts freed from her sports bra was a little extra incentive for me to cheer on my sister.

But, alas, it was not to be for Kira.   Ally gave an animal-like growl and bridged her body, using her superior to strength to basically throw my sister off her. There was a startled look on Kira's face as she, perhaps for the first time, realized that her determination simply might not be a match for the power of this volleyball amazon. After nearly being pinned, Ally wrestled with a new found aggressiveness.  She was simply all over my sister, and sure enough,in spite of the smaller girl's efforts to fend her off,  in about a minute, Ally had wrapped her massive legs around Kira's stomach once again.  Just as in the first round, the submission came very quickly once Ally started squeezing,"Stop!". 

"Do you give up?"  Ally powered down on the hold.

"Yes."  The response was immediate.

"Say it then!"

"C'mon, Ally, stop, I give up."

"Say please."

I could see the internal struggle on Kira's face.  She didn't like being teased by this girl, and she obviously didn't care for the implied humiliation of having to submit to Ally's request, but at the same time, she was in considerable pain from Ally's bodyscissors.  Eventually self preservation won out, "Alright, please, Ally, let me go, it hurts."

"I know it hurts silly, that's the point." Ally teased as she playfully slapped my sister's cheek to reinforce her dominance. "Now say 'pretty please'.

I thought I saw a tear forming in my sister's eye.  "Pretty please!" it was obvious she just wanted to get out of this hold as soon as possible. 

"With sugar on top?"

"Pretty please with sugar on top!  Gawd, Ally, lemme go, I give up already" my sister was desperate.  I had never seen her so helpless and frustrated.

"Oh ok, since you asked so nicely."  Ally eased up on her scissors and my sister gasped for air.  "But I'm gonna take your forfeit for this round while I have you down here, because I don't believe that you'll be a good girl and take it off if I let you up first."  Ally maneuvered my sister into a position where she could reach her bra, and went about removing it.  Kira squirmed and yelled out in protest, "Stop it!  Are you crazy to strip me in front of my brother?  You're sick."  But Ally just ignored her and soon enough the bra was off.  My sister didn't have the world's biggest breasts, but they were firm and nicely shaped.  Once Ally had the bra off, she tossed it aside and separated herself from Kira.  My sister stood up and bent over at the waist, I couldn't tell if she was trying to cover her chest or to relieve some of the pain from Ally's brutal scissors.  Probably some of both.  As my sister stood there, bent over and sucking wind, Ally taunted her, "C'mon, I thought you would be more of a challenge.  Everyone's always talking about how tough you are, but you just submit like a little girl whenever I ask you to."  Kira didn't respond, but I could see the fire in her eyes.  She was humiliated at how the last round had ended with her practically begging to be released from Ally's scissors.

I walked over to my now topless sister, trying to be the voice of reason.  "This is getting really weird, let's just get out of here."

But the thing about Kira was that she was stubborn .  Often, that was a good thing, as her perseverance and refusal to give in in the face of overwhelming odds had served her well both academically and athletically.  In this instance though, it spelled big trouble for my sister.  "no, I know i can take her," she wheezed, clearly still reeling from the rib crunching body scissors.  "I just need one more chance, I don't care if I'm topless, it's just one more thing she'll pay for.  I'm gonna be the one stripping her when this next round is over." 

This was more like the Kira I was used to seeing.  Supremely confident, totally sure of her abilities.  Frankly though, I don't know what on earth had made her so confident.  I mean, she'd hung with the bigger girl for both rounds, but she had clearly been on the defensive the whole time, and once those mammoth legs had wrapped around her, it had been lights out.  "Alright, I believe in you sis, but um, stay away from her legs."

Here Kira finally showed a little humility, "I know, I know, those things are killers.  But don't worry, I'll take her this time."

"Is the family meeting over?" Ally laughed, "I hope you were giving your sister some pointers, it seems like she needs all the help she can get."

"Fuck you bitch, bring it!" my sister was focused now as she bent down in a crouch and rocked back and forth on the balls of her feet, looking every bit the skilled athlete she was.

"Ooh, such feistiness for such a little girl that I've already beaten twice and stripped half naked.  I like your spirit though, it's going to be fun taming you and teaching you some humility."  Ally looked serious as she advanced towards my sister.  They locked up and Ally's superior strength was evident immediately as she forced my sister down onto her knees.  I could see my sister was straining with her all her might to fend off the big girl, but she just plain wasn't strong enough.  Ally forced her onto her back and, for the third time, tried to lock in her deadly bodyscissors hold.  Kira did manage to escape, just barely, but she was still flat on her back and Ally was able to catch her in a cross body pin, her massive form stretched across Kira's shoulders as my sister kicked helplessly on her back.  Both girls were breathing hard at this point, and although it looked like Ally could have kept my sister pinned all day, it was clear she had something else in mind.  She rotated her upper body down towards Kira's stomach and reached out with her legs, trying to catch my sister's head is a reverse scissors.  Kira saw the danger though, and desperately threw one arm up to try and block the move.  It wasn't enough though, and Ally was able, after a few tries, to snake her leg around the arm and wrap her mighty legs around my sister's head.

"Shit!" screamed Kira, as soon as she realized what had happened.  Ally reached back and grabbed my sister's head by her hair, yanking it high up in her powerful thighs.  It was just a formality at this point as Ally tensed her mighty thighs and hamstrings, I could see the muscles in her butt tighten as she exerted serious pressure on Kira's head.  My sister must have seen stars because her submission was instantaneous, "Stop!  I give up!".  This time Ally released her immediately, and Kira's head flopped back down to the ground, her face bright red even after only being squeezed in the headscissors for such a short period of time.  But although Ally released her hold when Kira submitted this time, she was far from through.  After unclamping her legs, she got up on her knees, still straddling my sister's body, then proceeded to sit down on her beaten opponent's face!  My sister's head was just buried beneath the spandex shorts of this amazon.  At this indignity, my sister started furiously flopping her legs around, trying to bridge out of the bigger girl's humiliating facesit.  Kira's hands tried to push Ally's butt off of her face, but to no avail.  Earlier in the match, she probably would have been able to escape a move like this, but tussling with the big girl and absorbing those mighty scissor holds had clearly taken it's toll.  Kira was spent.

"Another submission means another piece of clothing forfeited.  I think those shorts are coming off, honey."  Still sitting on my sister's face, facing her feet, Ally proceeded to unbutton my sister's jean shorts.  My sister just lay there not resisting, totally out of it, I started to wonder if she could even breathe under there.  Ally scooted down Kira's body off of her face so that she was basically sitting on my sister's tits.  Kira started gasping for air, her face was bright red and she was clearly quite out of it as Ally worked her jean shorts off her legs, also removing my sister's socks and sneakers while she was at it.  Now my once proud sister, who had started this match, and even this round, so confident of her success, lay flat on her back underneath this younger, stronger girl, and top top it off, she was clad only in a pair of pink cotton panties.  Ally turned around so that she was now straddling my sister's body facing her head as she sat high up on her chest, her massive thighs framing my sister's face, and began the taunting, "Well, well.  Seems like the tough soccer girl isn't so tough after all."  Ally moved up so that her crotch was on Kira's neck.  My sister's head was bent back at a painful angle as she stared up fearfully at her conquerer.

At this point I'd seen enough.  My sister had been degraded enough by this bitchy junior, and I intended to stop the humiliation right here.  I took a few steps towards the two of them, planning to knock Ally off her perch and free my sister.  However, I only made it a couple feet before I was intercepted by Jen and tackled to the ground.  Even though she was only a freshmen, I knew I probably had no chance against this young muscle girl.  Although she wasn't as big as Ally, she was taller than me at 5'10, and her big thighs dwarfed mine.  Sure enough, our scuffle ended quickly with me face down on the ground.  Jen locked in a full nelson and bent my head back at an uncomfortable angle to make sure that I could see all the action as she controlled me.  "Don't worry, Al, I'll take care of this little runt.  Have your fun with big sis!"

Meanwhile my sister was still going nowhere, trapped underneath Ally's big amazonian body.  "Get off me or I'll . . . I'll" Kira yelled.  But Ally just laughed.  "Or what?  You'll cry?  You'll beg  Don't worry, bitch, they'll be plenty of time for begging later."  Ally reached back and pinched Kira's nipples, "I'll get off you when I feel like it, girl, and not a second sooner, do you understand?" she said twisting her nipples painfully.  I think reality must have set in for my sister at this point.  She was flat on her back, having been stripped down to her panties, desperately struggling just to get air while trapped under the butt of a bigger, stronger, more dominant girl.  In a humbled voice she said "Ok, I understand.  You've proven your point.  You've totally humiliated me, now please let me up Ally."

"I don't think so, sweetie.  Our little match won't be over until you're totally naked.  And you're gonna be the one who takes off your own underwear, I think I've pampered you enough by kindly removing all your other clothes for you so far."

"Never."  Kira tried to sound confident, but her voice quivered in fear.

Ally just smiled, "We'll see about that."  Then she scooted forward and planted her spandex clad crotch directly on my sister's face.  Kira bucked and squirmed, but had no chance of dislodging the bigger girl.  Ally looked over at me and Jen and took her time adjusting her hair and putting it back up in a ponytail.  Then she flexed her arms to emphasize her dominance.  Just looking at her flexed biceps, her heaving chest with its massive breasts, and powerful legs, it was easy to see how Ally had handled my sister with such little difficulty.  Finally Kira gave up her struggles and lay passively under the bigger girl.  She tried to turn her head to the side a few times, but each time, Ally grabbed her by the hair and forced it back directly into her crotch.  After the third such failed attempt, it was obvious Kira had had enough.  She didn't attempt to move her head, but she started screaming her submission into Ally's shorts. 

"Are you trying to say something, little one?"  Ally teased as she raised up just enough so that Kira could be heard.

"Please, I submit!  Ally, please lemme go!  You win, just get off my face."

"What did you call me bitch?  You will address me as Miss Ally, or simply Miss, as you would a teacher.  Because that's what I am, a teacher instructing you in the art of obedience and humility."  Ally's tone was stern and her voice had an edge to it.  "Now submit to me properly and perhaps I will get off your ugly little face."

My sister was beyond humiliated at this point, her will must have been broken by the looming threat of Ally's sweaty crotch hovering directly above her face, because she stammered in a halting voice, "Pretty please, Mi-Miss Ally, I submit.  Please Miss, I give up."

"Hmm," Ally appeared to be considering, "Not bad, but your begging still needs work.  Well, are you ready to remove your underwear yet?  I told you that needs to happen before this match will be over." 

Whatever pride Kira still had left must have risen up in her at that moment, because I heard a defiant, if muffled, cry come from Ally's crotch, "No way!" and then as if reconsidering her defiant tone, "Please don't make me do that , Miss!"

"My, aren't you a stubborn one.  Oh well, more fun for me." chirped Ally.  Then she sat down hard on Kira's face and started gyrating her hips, really mashing my sister's face into her crotch.   This was by far the most humiliating point in the match so far, as my sister had long since given up resisting, her panty-clad legs were splayed out awkwardly, and her face resting directly underneath Ally's vagina.  Ally's breathing became heavy and her hands started massaging her huge breasts, it became clear what exactly she was using my sister's face for.  But then she seemed to realize where she was, "We'll save that for another time, honey." she purred as she looked down at my sister.   Then she extended her legs and transformed the humbling facesit into a crushing front headscissors.  Kira's hands instinctively went up to her tormentor's thighs as if to try to pry them apart, but it was obvious that that was not going to be a fruitful endeavor.  Ally grabbed Kira's hands and started rubbing them over her thighs, "You think you'd realize by now that it's not a good idea to get yourself stuck between these babies." she teased.

Suddenly Ally's tone became deathly serious, "Pull down your panties, little girl.  Now!" she growled and she clamped down on her headscissors with massive force.  I could tell that Ally was exerting serious pressure because her face was twisted in concentration and her leg muscles were fully flexed.  Even Jen oohed and aahed in admiration. My sister's face was literally buried in the crotch of Ally's spandex shorts.  I could hear her muffled whimpering.  I wished I could do something to help her, but Jen held me tight in her full nelson and I knew I wasn't strong enough to get out of it.  "Stop it!" I shouted, "Haven't you humiliated her enough already?"  I was near to tears myself at this point watching my once proud sister being totally subjugated by this bitchy junior amazon. 

Ally just looked over at me and laughed, "I'll decide when the little girl''s ordeal is over, and it certainly won't be until after those cute little panties come off."  At this point all the fight was gone from Kira and it was completely obvious who the winner was. Ally could have easily stripped her herself if she'd wanted to, but she knew that forcing the much admired athlete to remove her own underwear would just be that much more humiliating.  Suddenly Ally's massive legs flexed again and Kira yelled out in pain into her tormentor's crotch, "ok, ok, whatever you say!  please!".  I could only imagine the power that Ally must have in her legs to have so easily reduced my confident sister into a helpless little plaything for her twisted desires.  Kira's arms shot down to her sides and she curled her legs up so that she could reach her underwear.  With her head still deep in Ally's crotch, Kira struggled a little but eventually was able to pull her pink panties down and kick them off. "Good little girl," Ally said, as she patted my sister on the head as if she were a well behaved dog, "See, I knew you could be trained to be obedient.  It just took a little convincing from these babies" she ran her hands down her glorious thighs and squeezed once more.  My sister again yelled out in pain and started more pitiful begging into Ally's spandex shorts.  Her totally nude legs helplessly kicked about, finally stopping only when Ally eased up on the pressure.

Obviously I had never seen my sister naked before, and I sort of tried to avert my eyes, but Jen was having none of that as she jerked my head up and whispered "Get a good look at your tough girl sister now."  And as much as I hate to admit it, a part of me was curious to see my sister totally naked.  Her neatly trimmed bush was a testament to the fact that she was, indeed, a natural blond.  Compared with anyone else, Kira's long athletic legs would have been a sight to behold, but next to Ally's longer and more powerful ones, my sister's legs just looked weak and insignificant.  Ally finally released her torturous headscissor that had crushed any last resistance out of Kira and easily flipped my beaten sister onto her back.  I got a glimpse of Kira's face that had spent the last few minutes deep in Ally's crotch.  It was bright red, presumably from both the power of Ally's legs and the shame of being humiliated and forced to remove her own panties.  Tears stained my once proud sister's face, something which I honestly couldn't recall ever having seen.  She had a resigned and defeated look in her eyes that was totally unlike her.  It was clear that Ally had dominated my sister in every sense of the word.

Now, with Kira flat on her back, Ally started intertwining her legs with my sister's.  "Ooh, she's gonna grapevine her; this always breaks them," Jen chuckled.  Kira, too, apparently could sense what was coming, because she started pleading once more, "Please, Ally, omigod, please don't. You've punished me enough" 

Ally's face darkened, "What did you just call me, slut?"

Kira's face flushed as she realized her mistake and she started frantically babbling, "I'm sorry Miss, I'm so sorry, Miss Ally.  Please, just don't hurt me any more, Miss!  Gawd, pretty please with sugar on top. Whatever you want, Miss! I'm begging you!"

"Yes, everyone can see that.  And your begging is quite pathetic, embarrassing really, we will have to work on that.  I'm sure I can find some fun ways to make you beg, don't you think?"

Kira was in no position to disagree with anything Ally was saying at this point, "Yes, Miss, I promise I will learn to be a better beggar.  You're a very good teacher."  It was hard to argue with that statement given how in the span of about half an hour my confident sister had been reduced to a groveling shell of her former self.

"Such an eager student, now time for one more lesson."  And then Ally stretched out her legs, I could see her powerful butt muscles tense through her tiny spandex shorts, her mighty thighs rippling with power.  My sister was an athletic and flexible girl, but nobody could take this kind of punishment.  Her nude legs, dwarfed by Ally's, were stretched apart almost to the breaking point as she was put shamelessly on display, her legs wide open and her vagina plainly visible to all who wanted to look.  Kira screamed in pain and the begging resumed once more.  This time Ally said nothing though, and just stared steely eyed down at my sister.  After about a minute, my sister's whining and begging stopped, she clearly didn't know what to do to try and appease this massive amazon that was taking her apart.  Kira just lay there, clearly in excruciating pain, with tears streaming down her bright red cheeks.

Finally Ally, in a voice that brooked no disobedience simply said, "Do you want to surrender?"

"Yes, Miss, please, I surrender."

"Beg me to allow you to submit!"

"Please, Miss!  You've beaten me, I've learned my lesson.  You're better than me, please, just stop, omigod, it hurts so much, please, please, I'll do anything. Please let me submit!"  We could all hear the desperation in her voice.

"Are you my bitch?"


"Say it!"

There was absolutely no hesitation on Kira's part as she screamed out, "I'm Miss Ally's bitch!"

Ally triumphantly pumped her legs once more causing another yelp of pain on Kira's part, then she slowly disentangled her body from my sister's and stood up.  As soon as Ally released her, Kira's hands shot down to her painfully stretched out groin muscles as she desperately tried to cover herself up and relieve her pain.  It was pretty pathetic watching my sister writhe around on the ground like that with her hands in her crotch, but she was obviously beyond feeling any sense of shame at this point. 

"On your knees!" came the order from Ally.  I seriously wondered if my sister even had the strength to comply with that command at this point, but she managed to slowly work her way up to her knees, even though it was clear that her upper thighs and crotch area had been seriously damaged by Ally's vicious grapevine hold.   Ally grabbed my sister by the hair, "On all fours, bitch."

Again, there was no hesitation at all by Kira as she quickly put her hands on the ground and dropped to all fours.  Naked and sniveling she looked every bit like Ally's bitch.  The contrast between the two girls was stunning.  Ally stood smirking, tall and proud, her double d breasts jutting out prominently in her now damp baby blue sports bra. Her muscular legs looked incredible in her skimpy gray spandex bottoms.  A light sheen of sweat coated her body, but it was obvious that she hadn't exerted herself too hard.  One hand tightly gripped my sister's hair, forcing her head back at a painful angle so that she would have to look into her conqueror's eyes.  With her other arm Ally flexed her bicep in another impressive show of strength.  Kira, on the other hand, looked like she had been put through the ringer.  She gazed up at the girl that had dominated her with a fearful look on her face.  Tears continued to poor down her cheeks and her bedraggled hair was a mess.  Her once lithe and supple body looked somehow weak now, there were grass stains and dirt all over her back where Ally had kept her for so long.  Her legs were spread out a little bit as she knelt on all fours in what I could only assume was an attempt to relieve some of the pain from Ally's brutal grapevine.  In short, Kira was the picture of a girl that had been completely and utterly subjugated in every sense of the word. 

Ally pointed in the direction of the panties which she had forced Kira to remove earlier, "Fetch, bitch."  Jen whispered in my ear, "She likes collecting the panties of the girls she beats up as trophies.  She always has a fun new way of making them give them to her, and I think this one will be the best so far." My sister was completely resigned to her fate at this point.  Ally released her death-grip on her hair, and Kira slowly crawled over towards her discarded underwear.  She reached for the panties with her hand, but Ally had other ideas.  "No, no, honey, I said 'fetch', no hands, do it like the dog that you are."  It really showed how terrified Kira must have been by this powerful amazon that she merely sighed, and lowered her head to the ground, picking up her own dirty panties with her mouth.  "Now bring them them to mistress!"  Kira hustled back on all fours as fast as her injured legs could carry her with the panties in her mouth.  Ally plucked them out of my sister's mouth, "I'm going to keep these as a souvenir of  our little fight, if you can even call it that.  Do you have any objections to that?"

"No, Miss," Kira practically sobbed. 

"Good girl, I didn't think there'd be a problem.  You can keep the rest of your clothes, on three conditions: 1) you must promise not to put any of them on until you're back at your house.  I want you to be naked for the trip so you learn what happens when you mess with me.  Will you do that for me?"

Of course, it's not like Kira had any real choice in the matter, "Yes, Miss, anything you say, Miss."

"Number 2: I'm having a little get together Saturday night with a few of the girls from the volleyball team, I would very much like for you to swing by, let's say around 9ish?"

Here my sister hesitated.  She was obviously petrified of what might happen to her if she went to Ally's house.  But Ally was having none of it and once more grabbed my sister by her hair, forcing her to look up and very sternly said, "Do you really need another obedience lesson?  You're naked and groveling at my feet, haven't you been humiliated enough?"  As much of a bitch as Ally was, you couldn't argue with her logic, and it was pretty obvious the last thing my sister wanted was any more humiliation by the younger girl today. 

"Yes, Miss, of course.  I'll be there."  Kira had the most defeated and resigned look I'd ever seen on her face.  I think she had been hoping that this humiliating experience would be over today, but now it was evident that Ally intended to continue it for some time.

"Yes, of course you will, honey.  And number 3: kiss me right here," Ally pointed at her crotch,"just so that we're absolutely clear on who is in charge here."  I thought all doubt on that question had long since been erased, but Kira bobbed her head and gave Ally a quick peck on her spandex shorts.  "No, baby, louder, so we all can hear it."  Again my sister immediately put her head back in Ally's crotch and this time I could hear the loud smack of my sister's lips that signified her obedience.  "Good girl," murmured Ally, and she held Kira's head, lips pressed up against her vagina, against her crotch for another few seconds, just to assert her total dominance.  Satisfied, she jerked Kira's head back and threw her to the ground, walking off, she said,  "See you around, slut, don't forget about Saturday."  She motioned to Jen, who finally released me, but not before whispering in my ear, "I expect you to be there on Saturday as well, otherwise I will humiliate you in ways you and your pathetic sister can't even imagine."  Then she threw me to the ground next to my nude sister and walked off with Ally.

Neither of us said much on the walk home.  I tried to convince my sister that it would be ok for her to put on some clothes.  But she refused, muttering something about not wanting to disobey 'Miss Ally', and kept fearfully looking back as if Ally might be following her, so we skulked back, with me playing lookout and Kira hiding behind fences and cars and whatever we could find.  It was obvious that Ally had put the fear of god into my once confident sister.  And sadly, as we were to find out Saturday night, that was just the beginning of our ordeal . . .

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