The wrong mark




The hit man known as the gentle man due to his smooth and innocent looks walked into Don Calvino"s office. Don Calvino, a fat bald bastard sat at his desk fuming and coughing from his large cigar "where cough is that hit man "he yelled banging his greasy fist on the desk. The Gentleman walked up to the front of Don Calvino. "Took your fucking time, cough, cough" yelled Don Calvino "this is your mark" said Don Calvino handing the gentleman a photo. The gentleman picked up the photo looks and raised an eyebrow "you kidding me right?" he asked Don Calvino. "The target may be a kid but don't be fooled he is youngest Don alive and the last surviving of the Valentino family and is disrespecting me, he needs to be taken care of. By the way be careful he rumored to be well connected.

The Gentleman found the address Don Calvino had given him with no problem it seemed to be guarded lightly a few men around but not enough to impair his mission , he could easily slip pass these men . What this kid thinking it's play time huh easiest money he'll ever make. He gotta admit though that the compound seemed to be very large maybe even larger still from the looks of it. He sneaked passed the guards and found a safe view to look into from a distance. In the office he was looking at he could see the kid with five broads and not bad looking ones at that, you could say they had some alluring appearance about them. The Gentleman suddenly realized he was sweating and little Joe was happy standing at attention.

The gentleman got his gun ready and put in the bullets. He had another look at the broads for good measure. "Hey you, what you doing ?" a young female voice said he turned around a saw a blond broad from the looks of her she could be seventeen or eighteen years old no more. He went grab her when all of a sudden she flipped him over her shoulder. "You shouldn't have done that bitch, now it gonna be more unpleasant" he said. Oh my, a big hit man what am I going to do?" she replied in an mocking innocent voice. "How about this "she said and punched him in the stomach as he got up. He crouched as he grabbed his belly. The gentlemen looked up and she knocked him out with an uppercut to the face. "What am I going to do with you?" she asked herself maybe Don Valetino she then grabbed the unconscious hit man and dragged him off to the Don's office.


Don Rinaldo Valentino lost his parents at age eleven and made a decision from then on to help protect himself he'd make himself an Amazon army what a perfect way to surprise the enemy then with beautiful lethal women. Of course just have a few amazons wasn't enough for him he even had at least doubled the compound so that young amazons to be can trained and live there. He just lost his grandfather which made him the new Don and the youngest one in history. "So what the story?" Rinaldo asked Virginia the brunette. "Mackie's bar won't pay protection they say that Calvino is protecting them" she replied. "That Calvino may be top dog now but he'll learn to play dead "Rinaldo said. Just then there was a knock on the door. Rita the blond one turn and opened the door slightly and stuck her head out and whispered for a sec. she turn turned to Don Rinaldo and said "excuse me Don Rinaldo an Amazon apprentice has discovered a hit man wants to present him to you." "Show her in" he replied. The door opened in walked the blond apprentice Amazon wearing a tank top and shorts; she had a very slim look that seemed to invite you. She was a very well developed young amazon. She dragged the unconscious hit man by the hair with one hand.


The Don looked at this blossoming young thing "what is your name my dear?" he asked politely "Amy" she said in shy excited voice this was the first time she faced the don up close , she so much wanted to him to proud of her. "Will you please wake up our guest please." he asked her. She held the unconscious hit man by the hair with one hand then grabbed his arms and slapped his face awake. "Huh"? The gentleman was in shock. "Are you going to tell me who sent you or do my amazons have get the answer out of you the hard way?" the Don asked with a wicked smile on his face. "Fuck you little shit" the hit man replied. The Don gave Amy a nod and she punched the gentleman in the guts with such a force that it left him out of breath for 5 seconds. "What's your answer now?" the Don asked the hit man. "Fuck y..Aghh" before the hit man finished what he wanted to say the Don looked Virginia and she took the gentleman's left hand and snapped his little finger back so hard that it you could hear the crack of the bones breaking . "Calvino, Don Calvino" the hit man answered with pain in his voice. "Okay ladies I leave him to you have some fun and make sure that Calvino gets the message that he doesn't fuck with me ok!" The Don said as he left the room.


Later that night Don Calvino was waiting for the Gentleman to return with the proof that he had done the job. While he waited he read Don Quixote in a comfortable large leather chair. Sipping his cup of coffee in his sitting room of his mansion he wandered how the hit man was doing. Three hours later don Calvino decided to get ready for bed , so he left sitting room and started to climb the stairs. As he climbed the stairs he yelled "where the fuck is the gentle man, Tony wake me up when he gets here!" "Alright boss" Tony replied .Don Calvino reached the top of stairs and turned the first right. When he saw the decapitated head of the hit man on his bed he put his hand on his forehead and fainted like a girl .