This story came about when the current tag team champions VIN MEYER & WARRIOR put up their tag team titles against to lovely twin sister the RED HAIRED MILTON'S Tasha & Milla challenge the tag champions after joining the federation & winning a 10 tag tournament to face off against the champions. Vin Meyer 6'6' 290 pounds built like Hercules, with black trunks & boots & hair, his partner Warrior gold boots, gold trunks & all power from his body building days blond hair, 6'7' 267 pounds with muscles on muscles in all the perfect places ideal poster boy for extreme build & power.
 The E.W.W. fans as always so fired up for any inter gender wrestling matches seem to really enjoy them so match. Vin Meyer & Warrior have talked up their desire to punish the sexy hot twins. The ring announcers to make the introductions, ladies & gentleman the two year rein tag team champions Vin Meyer & Warrior fired up holding their tag team titles for everyone to see they receive mixed responses as the women desire for either man because of their sex appeal & making a woman feel save. The opponents from Hawaii the Milton twins Tasha & Milla wearing white two piece bikini & boots having earned their right to fight for the title.
The crowd anticipates a battle of epic proportions as it is for the titles, as they know the styles of the two tag teams. Tasha on our left begins against Meyer they lock up as they fight for the upper hand, as applies a side head lock only for Tasha to counter to arm bar out of it he reaches the ropes for a clean break. Tasha & Meyer lock up as Tasha gets waisted locked by Meyer she gets rammed against the turn buckle 1,2,3,4 times before he slaps her face, not impressing the male sin the crowd that's for sure. Tasha is whipped to the opposite buckle to ram it back first. Meyer avalanches the buckle as she baulks him in the last possible moment. Tasha quickly arm wrench back kicks Meyer to the face, she tries it a second time he blocks it. Meyer scopes her up from a belly to back position to susplexe her to the canvass. Tasha gets pulled up to be rammed head first into Warrior boot to her midriff. Meyer tags the powerful Warrior to power press display Tasha then hurl her into the air making her hand half way across the ring on the canvass.
Warrior climbs to the top buckle to flying of big karate down ward chop her drop kick him mid air to the chest they both land on the canvass awkwardly. The fans are loving this match up as these two teams are only getting warned up as both opponents tag in their partners to take over. Meyer & Milla face off now as Milla grabs Meyer to forearm chop his throat he rights her face they exchange 1,2,3,4,5, exchanges. Warrior grabs Milla by her hair she boots him to the midriff as they test of strength match up. Milla gets the upper hand but Warrior sways the momentum back his way to scope her up to body slam her. Meyer & Warrior so confident about the proceedings so far. Warrior super karate spinning rights her face sending Milla airborne crushing to the canvass. Warrior grabs her from the canvass by her red hair to snap mare her into a crucifix arm stretch sitting her up for the hold. Warrior comes into the ring untagged to cheap shot Tasha not watching him.
Meyer & Warrior attack her MIlla together while Tasha taking a fall tries to get up. Milla gets double whipped to the ropes they double side kick her face. Meyer pulls her up as Warrior goes outside to ram Tasha against the steps. Mill agets powerslammed by Meyer 1,2, she boots him off desperately. Meyer tags Warrior as they keep doing the number on the beautiful opponent. Meyer steps out while Warrior goes after Tasha again outside to susplexe her on the floor, the ref becoming angry at the tag champions for flaunting the rules. Warrior tells the ref " disqualify us " as Vin McCann comes to the ring telling the ref no way no 5 count to break the illegal attacks which actually please the current champions as they have the upper hand completely at the moment. Milla gets placed on the top buckle looking hurt she blocks Warrior now in the ring after exchanging tags 3 times. Milla shoves him to the canvass. Warrior gets up asMIlla flying cross body take down Warrior then quickly gets up on adrenalin to drop kick Meyer to the face to get up to head scissor toss Meyer then Warrior as they quickly re-store order by wait of numbers but it's given Tasha the opportunity to get on the apron.
Milla fights with everything she has to block Meyer & Warrior's double susplex attempt as she double susplexe's them to the crowds ear piercing applause. Milla crawling hands & knees to her sister to as Warrior grabs her legs she turns around to double kick out his face not before Meyer splashes her across the chest no she manages to brace the splash with her knees to his midriff as she tags her sister Tasha in. Tashs a look of a woman scorned attacks them one at a time with lefts & rights as she double head slams their faces together as the tag champions are on rubbery legs. Meyer gets slammed to the canvass as Warrior comes off the ropes to be met with a double drop kick to his face to counter his spear attempt. Milla covers for Milla by spearing Meyer as the ref is trying to regain order as he motions that two people must leave to allow the match to continue as Meyer & Milla step onto the apron protesting their cases.
Tasha has Warrior  in side head lock with the fans seated once again from the flury of action that just took place. Tasha whispering sweet nothings in Warrior's ear to arouse him she scopes him up from the head lock to powerfully body slam the former body builder. Tasha elbow drives his chest side on gets up to off the ropes knee drop his chest then jump on a kneeling position to land on his chest 1,2,3,4,5 times. Milla tags in to pull him up to double volley kick his face either side 1,2,3, times as Milla scopes up Warrior to body slam him as Tasha watches her back to spear Meyer trying to help his tag team partner. Meyer is placed  side head lock as the ref watches Warrior in a sitting up sleeper hold from as the ref doesn't know what to do as both men are fighting desperately now for survival to keep their titles. The Milton sister are putting on a show now, as MIlla pulls up Warrior & Tasha pulls up Meyer as they whip them into each other, they link arms to ring a rosy spear either sister off their feets. Tasha & Milla are pulled up to receive double bear hugs but the sister break their opponents bear hugs to bear hug them then ram each other back wards against each other 1,2,3,4,10 times all up to let them both fall down.
Tasha tosses Warrior outside to tell him now it's my turn as she slams him on our announce table to reverse head scissor him as Milla spike slams Meyer then applies a powerful ankle lock as he fights to break the hold & not to submit as Warrior uses all his endeavours to stand up to reverse emerald fusion Tasha through our table. Warrior gets up gasping from the hold applied by Tasha which he just countered to stagger around as Milla gets pulled up & they both whip her as Warrior joins him to whip her to the buckle as Warrior whips Meyer into Milla she comes at him drop kick his face, spring up quickly to her feet to drop kick Warrior to the face. MIlla gets up to hip toss Meyer then Warrior several times. Tasha gets herself involved to power bomb Meyer as Warrior gets power bomb by Milla at the same time. Milla top buckle & Tasha top buckle leap off as Milla splashes down on Meyer & Tasha on Warrior. Tasha pulls up Meyer as Warrior gets pulled up they get both draped over their shoulders as they pile drive their opponents they cover them 1,2, they both kick out as the fans respond with mixed excitement.
Tasha pulls up Warrior, as Milla pulls up Meyer they fight back but the sister maintain their upper hands to both at the same time power slam them to the canvass. Tasha ass sits Meyer as Milla ass sits Warrior to wear them out as the tag champions fight is driven out of them. Tasha gets up as does Milla to swap opponents to re-apply their face sits with different opponents as the male fans love it. Tasha & MIlla drawing more & more adrenalism from their exploits now. Tasha pulls up Meyer as Warrior gets tossed outside for them to double whip him to the ropes to doublke over head back drop him as the sisters apply a head scissor by Tasha reverse & Milla a waist scissor side on. Tasha have him as the ref tells them only one person can make him submit as Milla gets off him to pull up Warrior reverse power bomb him, as Tasha power bombs him. Tasha goes after Meyer to bear hug him standing off his feet,as the fans anticipate that the current champions are ready for the taking. MIlla has Warrior in a tombstone on the steps his out cold the ruthless sisters are now taking pleasure in decimating their opponents.
Milla has battering rammed Warrior's face into the steps mso many times his out cold as she climbs in as Meyer has received 3 power body slams as they discuss how to finish him off on his own now. Tasha reverse crouch sits Meyer while Milla rolls in Warrior to reverse crouch sit his face as the ref counts 1,2, they kick out again. The Milton sisters pull their opponents up to airplane spin them as the ref demands only one per tag team stay in. Milla places Warrior in her famous scorpion death lock while Tasha has rammed Meyer 20 times against the hoardings. Tasha tags in to off the top buckle they splash Warrior's chest & face as Milla gets up to leave Milla to cover him casually 1,2,3, the winners as the fans erupt & new  E.W.W. TAG TEAM CHAMPIONS THE MILTON SISTERS  as they embrace tears in their eyes having forfilled their dreams of becoming tag team champions against men. The fans are jumbliant for the MIlton Sisters who stand on the turn buckles to celebrate with their fans.