Welcome folks as you remember after Jennifer Sanders epic two out of three falls victory over the tag team champions she was attacked unprepared by a vindictive Hal Steel questions remain can Jennifer Sanders come back from her beating to win back her E.W.W. title stripped of her by the chairman Vin McCann's uncalled for action attitude towards Jennifer Sanders & her fellow bad grrls. Hal Steel comes to the ring first all 7'3 over 360 pound of pure muscle & a career ending opponent. The crowd is totally abusive towards Hal Steel but all changes as Jennifer Sanders intro. music to She's got legs. Jennifer Sanders enters the ring always in great condition & the most downloaded individual in history of the E.W.W..
The vacant title will be decided on tonight's Monday Night Show, the referee calls for the match to commence as Hal Steel collars ties up the smaller 5'6' 115 pound diva Jennifer Sanders as he easily scopes her up to body slam her feeling the effects of last weeks attack. Hal Steel grabs her by the hair whilst the fans display their hatred towards him to whip her effortlessly into the buckle waist for Jennifer Sanders to turn around to face him clothes line ram her across the throat trapping her back against the turnbuckle. Hal Steel fury rights her face 1,2,3,4, times shaking his head because of the blows his unleashing. Jennifer Sanders gets choked by his right hand towering over the smaller opponent easily to abuse her you'll pay bitch. Hal Steel lefts up to right boot stomp her 1,2,3,4,5, times she slumps sit up against the buckle as he mudhole stomps her all over 1,2,3,4,5 times.
Hal steel ordered by the referee to step back ignores him to knee press her between her breasts into the buckle, these two competitors are facing each other for the third time as so far they stand at one win apiece. Hal Steel pulls Jennifer Sanders the crowd on their feet chanting her name "JENNIFER, JENNIFER, JENNIFER", as Hal Steel whips her to the ropes to clothes line her across the chest so hard it decks her to the canvass as her hair covers her sexy face, as Hal Steel pulls her up to choke lift the battered Jennifer Sanders to sky dive her to the canvass to pin her hooking one leg she kicks out on the one count. Jennifer Sanders gets up helped by Hal Steel from behind whilst having a firm grip of the back of her hair he head butts her which makes the gorgeous legs of hers like rubber as he repeats it two more times as she falls backwards held up by Hal Steel's chest.
Hal Steel applies a powerful abdominal stretch on Jennifer Sanders as the fans start to wonder how much more can her 115 pound endure against the killing machine 7'3' over 350 pound Hal Steel as he scopes her up from the abdominal stretch into a pump handle power slam as the referee counts the fans look disappointed as the referee counts 1,2, she kicks out as the crowd erupts, as he pulls her up Jennifer getting her steely eye look of I've had enough buster as she counters whips Hal Steel to the ropes he holds onto the ropes as Jennifer Sanders attacks him to get over head dropped to the outside no she lands on the apron the fans cheer she uses the top rope to drop to the floor but before doing so nailing the powerful Hal Steel with a snake eyes into the ropes which sends him airborne to land on his back. Jennifer Sanders on the outside sucking in the deep breaths as her breasts expand in & out whilst doing with the lucky ring side seat audience delighted by seeing that from Jennifer Sanders. 
Jennifer Sanders climbs to the apron as Hal Steel got to his feet quickly from her previous move to charge her as Jennifer Sanders scope shim up front on to rock bottom Hal Steel with everything she has then rolls away unable to follow up as it gives the stunned Hal Steel time to recover quicker then Jennifer to side on running boot her face no she counters to while on her knees head butt his dick which makes Hal Steel stagger as she stands up brushing her hair away from her face to standing drop kick Hal Steel enough to make him back peddle & get tangled up in the ropes as his arms become tangled as Jennifer uses this to left then right hook away at his exposed face 1,2,3,4,5,6, as her whole shapely figure in sink with each devastating blow as Hal Steel is cut open as he head rocks side to side as Jennifer Sanders shakes her hands because of the blows she unleashed upon him. The referee demands Jennifer Sanders steps back so she goes but then quickly comes at him countering having his arms untangled by the desperate efforts of the referee to big boot Jennifer Sanders coming for him. 
Hal Steel head butts her face no she counters to cheerleader legspilt jaw breaker Hal Steel to the face with her right shoulder again falling to the ropes which this time only hold him up as Jennifer Sanders getting a massive rush from the chanting to whip him to the ropes to spear him coming back almost out of his boots as she covers him he kicks out easily. Jennifer Sanders gets up as Hal Seel on his feet quickly spine busters slams a warned Jennifer that her opponent was getting up but he moves so quickly & doesn't mind a rough & tough match makes him more determined & more dangerous as he chokes the sexy hot Jennifer Sanders as she applies a head scissors on him to counters him & also managed to have the right hand he used to choke her trapped between her legs too.Hal STeel shopwing his ability to constantly use his power hoists her up whilst applying the scissors on him with one hand to spine buster her hoist her up by her bra strap to one handed spine buster slam her.
Hal Steel gets up flexing his powerful muscles & body to the fans almost at rioting frenzy whilst Jennifer Sanders gets up holding her lower back for him to ram her into the buckle, as he slaps her face she stomps his midriff they exchange blows with Hal Steel prevailing after three more similar exchanges to power scope side break her then hold onto her to walk over to drape her onto the top turnbuckle dangingly stretched out across the top of them as he pounds her with downward pummels across her six pack midriff as the he places her sitting up on the top turnbuckle to super susplexe her to the canvass as she bounces almost knocking her out with the power move as she gets up taking his time in a methodical temperament to downward karate chop her between the eyes taking 1,2,3,4,5, times. Jennifer Sanders on her knees her body trembling from the blows. How can Jennifer Sanders sustain so much punishment as she gets pulled up to placed in apowerful bear hug asJennifer Sanders limp body is shaken with eletric shock power by his powerful size 33 inch biceps crushing her back & makng her wither with the pain she enduring.
Jennifer Sanders is slowly losing all fight from her as Hal Steel has her off her feet using his powerful frame & height to demolish this gorgeously hot diva as Jennifer Sanders is checked (with her back to us), her arm drops 1,2, but not third time which makes him more angry as tries to break the hold but can't she frees her other arm to wrap her arms around his neck like a lovers kiss pose to use her breast whilst in his bear hug to but before she can even apply the counter move on Hal Steel his bear hug in sunk in even more against her crushing her 115 pound frame as the referee checks her arm again it drops 1,2, again the third time she resist to submit to her powerful oponent determined to do what ever it takes to win the E.W.W. championship. Hal STeel has had enough her power spine busters slams her to the canvass but in doing so Jennifer has made the best out of a bad siutuation to make sure that if hit the move both her knees where placed in a position where his dick balls groins would feel it & indeed they have.
The crowd on their feet screaming yelling cheering for their people's champion to get up as she crawls to teh ropes to pull hrerserlf up groggy as she bends over showing us her tits as Steel comes to her angre as Jennifer Steel spinning back heel kicks him so good it connects with his chin to bowl him over, as she gets up as quickly as she can while groggy to walk up & karate showgirl high kick his face (showing her ass cheeks to us), in the process then she left hook kicks his face then right whilst the ropes hold up Hal Steel trying to take the wind out of the sails of  Jennifer Sanders before eye gauging her to ram her hand full of hair to the top turnbuckle she blocks it to counter ram his face into the top turnbuckle which has no effect but she karaet volley kicks him to teh lower back with shot hurt throughout the arena 1,2,3,4,5 times to follow it up with forearm shots to his mid back 1,2,3, she backs off holding her head as Hal STeel turns around a little sore as she clothes lines him against teh buckle so hard that when she nailed him against the buckle he drops to he canvass as Jennifer in a wild rage mudhole stomps him 1,2,3,4,5,6,7 all over his face & chest.
Jennifer Sanders strokes her hair back to side her body for the fans with a 180 twist to ass stink Hal Steel making sure his mouth is totally placed in her ass as she rubs it  then stops to spin around mid air karate roundhouse kick his chest. Hal Steel tries to pull himself up as the referee demands Jennifer Sanders back up he rights her midriff coming for him as he grabs her she counters to arm lock Hal Steel so good it forces him to one knee as she places the behind his back to apply a chicken wing head scissors on Hal Steel on the canvass as the crowd is horse from chanting Jennifer's name over & over again. Jennifer Sanders let up to stand over him to elbow drop his chest, get up toi repeat it 1,2,3,4,5, times to do a old Scott Steiner push up action move for the fans to appreciate her elbow drops hitting the traget easily now.
Jennifer Sanders gets up to off the ropes cartwheel right leg drop his throat as the fans sensing she going for it pulls him up to lay the smackdown on Hal Steel as crowd gets excited as Jennifer Sanders kicks him arm to set him up as the crowd on their feet are sensing her finishing move as she motions with her breasts whast comnig as she comes off the roeps the crowd in fever pitch nail Hal Steel with the pewople's breasts into his heart as she covers him hooking one leg for a camera shot pose as Hal STeel doesn't move under her at all as the crowd chants the 1,2,3, the crowd celebrates the victory by the people's E.W.W. champion Jennifer Sanders as she gets up looking as if she just came to the ring.
Jennifer Sanders has the E.W.W. championship title she won as the chairman appears on top of the ramp as he intructs Matthew Kemp a new wrestler 6'9' built like Batista but with red hair & no tattoss attacks her in the ring as she nails him with the gold belt to his face outraged her moment is being stolen by this attack. Jennifer Sanders scopes him up to repeatedly body slams him 3 times as the defeated opponent hHal Steel has been rolled outside by the ring assists. Jennifer Sanders whips the new wrestler to the ropes to rock bottom him as the crowd still celebrating her victory watch her peoples breast drop him this time but he instead rolls away to get up to exchange firey lefts & rights with woman whom just had an absorbing match for the E.W.W. title as she holds her own but then the tag team champions join in whom lost to her last week Vin Meyer & Lambert to help as they attack but the bad grrls come to her aid & they clear the ring as the divas stay united against the males hired by Vin McCann to make a statement to reassert his claim a woman's place belongs in the kitchen the chairman declares that next week their will be a gauntlet match that involves Jennifer Sanders facing four men one after a another time to keep her title as she looks shocked by yet another attempt by Vin McCann to dethrone her of the title as he stipulate none of her partners can interfere as the show concludes on that note folks stay tuned to what will happen next week.