E.W.W. CHAMPION Hal Steel 7'3' 350 pounds built with so much muscle that they bulge without him flexing & when he does flex it reveals any even more impressive sight. Hal Steel has demonstrated his power, his speed & his mobility from his ultimate fighting days having killed twenty men with his bare hands. Since joining E.W.W. Vin McCann who paid twenty million dollars to acquire his services has destroyed  every female & male wrestler put before him with such ease that he has promised an additional ten million dollars to his ten million a year contract which is nothing to a billionaire such as Vin McCann if he defeats Spanish Rose the current champion & puts her on the shelve injured.
Spanish Rose has been a terrific champion but hasn't had it all her way exchanging the title holders with Jennifer Sanders on two occasions becoming the biggest rivals until Hal Steel arrived on the scene.  Spanish Rose (refer to her story on this website at a earlier addition), has watched opponent after opponent last no more then one minute, then two, then three & so on with Hal Steel with not one of his last twenty opponents going beyond five minutes. Spanish Rose who is still despised by Vin McCann while under cover investigating him for many unsaviour practices in his company( refer to that earlier story), turned to wrestling after her cover had become opened to the public. The match takes place & Spanish Rose is unable to offer one bit of resistance as Hal Steel inflicts so much punishment upon her.
Jennifer Sanders rushes to the ring as her rival up until tonight concerned at the beating Spanish Rose has taken toying with her Spanish Rose since coming to the ring to try to intimidate Jennifer whom has also lost to Hal pleading that he stop, Hal however makes her watch him pound the champion over & over again the fans crying but also relieved that Hal's finishing  tombstone R.I.P finisher is inflicted upon Spanish Rose in as the referee counts 1,2,3, while the eventful  winner HAL STEEL makes sure he maintains eye contact the whole time has he is pronounced the E.W.W. CHAMPION.
Jennifer conducts a interview after the calm of the storm informing the concerned fans that the Bad Grrls will unite fight together to comfort  every E.W.W. male wrestler sent to try to inflict pain as Jennifer excepts the challenge to face the Masked Avenger & if she wins to go on to take on HAL STEEL the newly crowned E.W.W. champion. Jennifer & Masked Avenger have an absorbing contest swaying back & forward of epic proportions until Jennifer applies her powerful heavenly head scissors which has allowed her to defeat so of her previous opponents.
Hal Steel sits back observing studying the footage to make sure he knows her moves even though she is gorgeous & voted the sexiest woman on the planet being the most downloaded individual in history. Hal Steel is informed by the chairman Vin McCann while watching the action of Jennifer Sanders,Hal gets what ever match with Jennifer while watching her punish the Masked Avenger after he submits making an example of him for the Champ to get his attention. Hal Steel isn't even impressed he responds immediately by having a second night against three men at once which in a handicap match where they could use street rules & he faced them with one arm tied behind his back to make a fair match.
Vin McCann comes to the ring proclaiming the E.W.W. champion the most destructive wrestler ever in history after witnessing him beat then in a five minutes only because he was enjoying himself so match. Jennifer & her fellow united Bad Grrls determined to form an alliance to counter Vin McCann out recruiting even more crazy male opponents to help Hal Steel not fight a lone battle although he doesn't need it he knows all to well never put all your eggs in one basket as the females have proven to him over & over again. The Bad Grrls are informed that Spanish Rose will be out of action for three months as they promise to her after being by her side for three days waiting for her to come to. Hal Steel on the following weeks show is boasting how he has single handily beaten every opponent placed before him vowing to do the same to Jennifer Sanders no matter how gorgeous & popular she is.
Vin McCann comes to the ring congratulating the new E.W.W Champion Hal Steel after his boasting is complete to demand that Jennifer Sanders come to the in the outfit she will wear in their upcoming title match at the pay per view. Vin McCann waits impatiently for what only seemed a brief moment as she comes to the ring. Vin McCann announces to the audience the fans that this weekends upcoming pay per view 
"HAL STEEL WILL FACE JENNIFER SANDERS IN THIS WEEKS PAY PER VIEW IN A CHAMPIONS STIPULATION MATCH, DO YOU ACCEPT", as Jennifer Sanders responds "I DO". Vin McCann announces to the fans that "JENNIFER YOUR MATCH AT THIS WEEKEND'S PAY PER VIEW WILL BE A HELL IN A CELL MATCH" with veins popping in his neck when making the statement.
Jennifer Sanders tells him OK, but Vin McCann stops her from leaving wait a minute he motions "NOW JENNIFER THAT'S NOT THE STIPULATION THE STIPULATION MISS JENNIFER SANDERS IS THAT I WILL BE SPECIAL GUEST REFEREE", the crowd response is the most explicit response you will ever encounter (even some bloke on another show doesn't receive such a response). Hal Steel & Vin McCann leave the ring to which Jennifer Sanders is left standing alone & as Vin McCann stops at the top of the stage to also state " BY THE WAY JENNIFER SHOULD ANY OF YOUR BAD GRRLS HELP YOU NONE OF YOU WILL RECEIVE ANOTHER TITLE SHOT WHILST IN MY EMPLOYMENT", he departs back stage which is another shock for the fans since last weeks show Vin McCann tricked the Bad Grrls into signing long term contracts for five years with no get out clause included as part of his request should they want revenge on Hal Steel.
Jennifer Sanders heads home contemplating what she has got herself into & trying to figure out how she could defeat a man no other Bad Grrl including herself was able to handle in the past let alone with the new stipulation included. Hal Steel sleeps well knowing all bases are covered as night turns into day as the arena is being filled quickly by the fans streaming within the last  hour buzzing with anticipation of the nights card filling up the 30,000 seat arena. Fights come & go as new male wrestlers are introduces & show case some impressive performance which with a special intergender night as the seven matches so far has the card three wins to favor of the men. Jennifer Sanders is being encouraged by her fellow Bad Grrls some who have won some lost in tag team & single competiton up until now all exciting matches with so many future exciting matches to be reveiled but still the main event to come.
 Hal Steel lifts weights getting himself pysched up whilst Vin McCann lets him be to prepare himself for battle as he follows his strict routine his
 followed since his ultimate fighting days with such lethal consequences to his opponents. The crowd hush as Vin McCan comes to the ring in a confident manner striding out with such authority as he is introduced by the ring announcer to the fans obvious response as of what's transpired in the last few months. Jennifer Sanders comes to the ring looking ravishing as always ready for who knows what awaits her as the fans standing with posters, signs anything they could bring to the arena to try to help inspire their favorite wrestler. Jennifer Sanders her famous copied Stacey Keibler entrance which always gets the cameras flashing.
Hal Steel is now introduced to the the crowd unflinched by their unwavering boos & explicitaries as you would expect from his onslaught but the fans close by shut up fast when he walks past fearful of his destructive methods & knowing not to anger him any further than he already is. Jennifer Sanders tail of the tape is revealed "LADIES & GENTLEMEN IN THE CORNER TO MY RIGHT IS THE CHALLENGER 5'6' 112 POUNDS, WITH SIZE 33DD CUP SIZE, SHAPELY FIGURE IN ALL THE RIGHT PLACES & A RECORD OF TWENTY WINS & FIVE LOSES INCLUDING TO THE CURRENT CHAMPION MISS JENNIFER SANDERS", the crowd erupts with a deifying response unheard of in the opposite manner to which Vin McCann & Hal Steel have been introduced to. The ring announcer now announces "IN THE RED CORNER THE CURRENT E.W.W. CHAMPION 7'3 350 POUNDS THE SCARIEST INDIVIDUAL ON THE PLANET HAL STEEL", the crowd maintain their boos as the cage gets lowered.
Vin McCann tells the two fighters "BY THE WAY JENNIFER NO WEAPONS ARE AVAILABLE FOR YOU & THE CAGE DOOR WILL REMAIN LOCKED WITH THREE CHAINS WITH PAD LOCKS PLACED ON THEM ALL TESTED BY HAL STEEL &  DEEMED UNBREAKABLE", as he motions for the bell to be rang as Jennifer tries to capture Steel's attention with a tighter fit outfit to reveal more woman of herself. Hal Steel so quick scopes up Jennifer powerfully body slam her then elbow drive her side on across her midriff. Hal Steel gets to his feet as quick as a cruiseweight regardless of his height & weight. Hal Steel allows Jennifer to get up holding her back as he walks over to apply a lifting choke hold with both his hands, while Vin McCann the special guest referee looks on smirking.
Hal Steel after a brief moment walks towards the turn buckle to toss her with power into it then immediately shoulder ram her jolting her like a bolts of lightning 1,2,3,4,5, times with no rules he takes his time to apply a nasty boot choke on Jennifer as she out of desperation claws his chest he doesn't feel it hoisting her in response with his right hand to choke slam her no she counters mid-air to before come crushing down applying a reverse arm lock as Hal Steel  on one knee waves his left arm free from the excellent text book reverse arm lock applied as the fans respond by chanting her name "JENNIFER, JENNIFER, JENNIFER " as she forces him to the canvass on his knees he positions himself in response to place his hands by her sides hoist her in the air to cast her with ease into the cage as the crowd gasp in horror with the ease with which he is throwing & teasing them with. Jennifer gets up without assistance as he waits to watch her stagger in front of the turn buckle.
Hal Steel swiftly takes off to wide open dwarf over Jennifer splash her against the turn buckle as the fans scream in fear but no need in the last possible minute she louers him to avalanche the buckle instead. Hal Steel squash the turn buckle pad with the impact as he turns around arms wide open coming for Jennifer she tries to boo him to his crown jewels he blocks iy grabbing her left kick then right to karate backflip toss her to the canvass. Hal Steel taking his time as she gets pulled up by her gorgeous hair to whip her to the ropes to side elbow shot her throat making her hit the canvass hard. Jennifer trying to dig deep as she gets pulled up as he scopes Jennifer up whilst held in the air she thrashes about like a wild cat to counters him to dangle from his shoulders front on with a head scissors as he staggers about, as Vin McCann looks away that remembers his the ref. he doesn't need to call a submission i he doesn't see it or doesn't want to.
Jennifer also rub his dick with her breast as Hal Steel arms feel a tingling feeling from what his experiencing from Jennifer Sanders as she forces him to the canvass with his head tilted backwards while she stands over him, as Jennifer motions to the fans come on cheer for me as they do. Jennifer applies the hold for two minutes which has some effect but not enough as Hal Steel finally manages to place his hands around Jennifer where he wanted to to karate toss no he can't dislodge her now forcing him to the canvass on his back while making sure that her breast rests on the biggest dick she has ever felt as she wiggles her hips sexually side to side making sure that Hal Steel is fading has the hold has been applied for five minutes making it the easily the longest any one has ever survived against  Hal Steel in any match. Hal Steel tries to roll her off himself  as she releases him sitting up herself & Steel to sitting up positions so that she can use her thighs to wrap around Hal Steel's waist whilst he tries to reach back for him.
Hal Steel informs Vin McCann that she is one tough, gorgeous dynamic woman. Hal Steel tells Vin even if you wanted to check on me I refuse to submit to a woman, Jennifer rises to her feet having released Hal to run at the ropes to rebound double drop kick him to the middle of his back. Hal Steel felt that one as he gets up as Jennifer waiting for him waits for him to turn around to show him her playboy pose which has Hal's eyes popping out of his head as Vin McCann implores Hal to keep his mind on the job as he see that Hal Steel can't help it now his drawn to Jennifer in different ways now as she use her body to bring him mesmerized towards her to try to scope him up Hal Steel no chance as the weight of him the E.W.W. champion is too much for Jennifer's sexy but lightly built frame lift as Hal Steel nails Jennifer bent over into him get a downward elbow shot to her lower back.
Hal Steel can't help but observe Jennifer's back femine muscles run from her neck to her ass crack as she feels him not have  asserting hold on her she drop to one knee to head butt his hard on it hurts Hal Steel as she low blows him front on 1,2,3, as he sinks to his knees as Jennifer rises before Hal Steel even on his knees still having an imposing height disposition about him. Jennifer turn to press her ass crack as deep in to his face as she can as Hal Steel hand are placed on her thighs she allows his jello arms as a result to caress them she feels Hal Steel's resolve weaken, as Vin McCann tells Hal to fight his erection & fight back. Hal Steel is forced by the move to the canvass having a satisfied look about him as she applies her heavenly finishing head scissors as the crowd explodes with chanting as Hal Steel struggles a she has him so weak because of seducing him that he is like clay being molded by Jennifer.
Jennifer releases Hal Steel after applying the hold for five minutes she allows him to crawl away the crowd cheer as Jennifer resting playful against the ropes in the middle with her back side to the camera as she waits to walk over seductively towards Hal Steel now with weak legs because of his hard on receive 1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9, fury rights each blow inflicting more & more pain as it's reflected upon the look on Hal Steel's face as she applies a side head lock to Hal Steel pressing his face against her wash board six pack midriff, as Vin McCann looking deeply concerned but needing to remind himself constantly he calls the three count. Jennifer has the hold applies for so long that when released by Jennifer Sanders, Hal Steel needs to feel the trembling veins in his neck trembling. Jennifer front on unleashes combo karate volley kicks that hit the target with such force.  Hal Steel is developing  big red spot on the middle of his chest as a result of the kicks taking their toll upon the E.W.W. champion.
Hal Steel is left to fall to the canvass as Vn McCann gets in her face telling her if you hit me I'll disqualify you without hesitation with that she walks over to Hal Steel needing the cage bars to pull himself up as Jennifer strolls over hot as ever to use the top rope to face rake Hal Steel from one corner of the corner along the top rope to rope burn his face to the other corner. Hal Steel face while on his knees gets rammed repeatedly inort the middle turn buckle as she steps back to nail the back of his head while his face rests against the middle turnbuckle pad 1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9, karate side kicks to his head as his face is rammed into the turn buckle pad with each kick doing more & more damage. Hal Steel relentless as she allows the biggest opponent to ever enter wrestling get running whipped by Jennifer to the opposite turnbuckle as she fuddle's her breast before setting of at gymnastic springboard avalanches his face with her breasts. Jennifer shoulder drills Hal Steel 1,2,3,4, to backflip Rvd style then shoulder charge Hal Steel.
Jennifer has Vin McCann at sixes & sevens as she watches Hal Steel into Jennifer's eyes instruct him " HAL STEEL DEAR CAN YOU PLEASE DRAPE YOUR RIGHT LEG ON THE MIDDLE ROPE THEN THE SAME WITH YOUR LEFT LEG"  as Hal Steel does as instructed because Jennifer Sanders has mercerized her opponent so much to set himself up for Jennifer to caress her breast for him before she running at him shattered dreams Hal Steel which almost lifts him she doe sit another 2,3,4,5,6,7,8,,9, times telling Hal Steel pressing his gasping face in to her breast to smother him taking advantage of his demise as she tells him loudly enough for us to hear " YOU BASTARD THIS IS PAY BACK TIME FOR WEHAT YOU DID TO SPANISH ROSE YOU PRICK"  as Jennifer left wraps his arm around the top ropes as well as his left whilst he still feels the impact on Jennifer's previous shattering dreams blows.
Jennifer she sweet chin music's Hal Steel on 1,2,3,4,5,6,7, occasions as his head rocks back on each blow inflicted, as Jennifer watches Vin McCann desperately try to free his number one man. Jennifer getting the crowd pumped as Vin McCann finally helps Hal Steel from his predicament to motion to the fans what do you say without hat she walks over to place he right arm under Hal steel's dick to scope up the groggy E.W.W. champion with the crowd on their feet to power body slam him to the canvass as the whole canvass, ropes & cage shake from the impact. Jennifer informs Vin McCann "YOU HAVE TWO CHOICES COUNT THIS PIECE OF SJIT OUT OR I WILL INFLICT SO MUCH PAIN ON THIS GUY HE'LL BE OUT AS LONG AS SPANISH ROSE WAS PUT ON THE SHELVE", as she walks over to pull up Hal Steel to ram his face into the cage 1,2,3,4,5,6,7, times to back up so much to British bulldog his face into the canvass.
Jennifer gets up to wait for Hal Steel to get to his feet to scope him up a second time even more impressive this time she pauses before slamming him with all the might she poses in her heavenly 115 pound body. Jennifer Sanders on a mission now tells Vin McCann " ON THE OTHER HAND VIN McCANN I WANT YOU TO WATCH ME DESTROY YOUR MAN", as she scopes him up to body slam him 1,2,3,4,5, times each time hurting Hal Steel more & more making him almost scream uncle. Jennifer Sanders pulls him Hal Steel to running ram the battered E.W.W. champion airborne into the as the cage shakes breaking one of the chains wrapped around the cage door preventing Jennifer from exiting. Jennifer Sanders pulls him up to power press display the champion with so much ease that she heaves him into the cage as he smashes through the cage to land on the floor surrounding the ring structure, ( the Hell In A Cell Cage Is actually pressed against the apron to prevent the floor being used by Jennifer to seek respite although now Vin McCann relieses it's his man that needs it the most.
Hal Steel is bleeding from a cut down his back as Jennifer Sanders pulls him up & with the time she has given Hal Steel to recover & snap out of his lust for Jennifer Sanders he shoves her with all he has left against the ring as give her a whiplash, as he rams her face into the apron on 1,2,3,4,5, occasions with each blow he seems to be getting his strength back more & more. Hal Steel scopes up Jennifer Sanders to slam her from the floor over the top rope to the cage still surrounded by the cage structure on three side even if one has come off. Jennifer Sanders is scopes up to receive a big back break while blood off Hal steel's nose drips onto her breast now danglingly over his right knee as he inflicts a back breaker submission lock over the knee as the runs down her midriff onto her thighs as he hoist her up one hand ed to side walk power slam her. The crowd has become hashed by what is now transpiring the tables being turned dramatically in such a hurry as Hal Steel grabs Jennifer Sanders by her hair to head butt the back of her head holding onto her hair 1,2,3, times before Jennifer is released.
Jennifer Sanders is easily pulled up by her hair to her feet as she slumps against Hal Steel towering muscular body to scope her up as she has convulsions as he has her in his finisher as Hal Steel tombstone R.I.P buries Jennifer Sanders a worthy opponent having given her all as she is covered with a delighted Vin McCann dropping to the canvass to count slowly 1,2, as Jennifer Sanders boots him off her like was a butterfly, as Hal Steel gets up in disbelieve looking at VinMcCann what happened, as Jennifer Sanders gets to her feet to take Hal Steel's best 1,2,3, fury rights he could follow up with as Jennifer sanders blocs his fourth one to fury right his face 1,2,3,4,5,6 times as Hal Steel flaps his arms around trying to prevent himself from falling as Jennifer Sanders off the ropes uses her breast to cannon his face knocking him off his feet he crashes to the canvass as the bewildered crowd caught up in the moment cant' believe what is happening neither can Vin McCann as she witnesses Jennifer Sanders rock bottoms Hal Steel.
Jennifer Sanders with her breasts almost breaking the strap on her bra as Jennifer Sanders with the crowd in fever pitch atomic leg drops Hal Steel as Vin McCann drops to the canvass pleading that Hal Steel get up but relishing that Vin refuses to count she hooks one leg of Hal Steel's while reaching for  Vin MCann's left hand while on all fours pleading to a knocked out cold Hal Steel momentarily as she use his hand make the 1,2,3, count quickly as she can preventing Vin McCann from pulling his hand away as the crowd explodes wild celebrations as Vin McCann sitting up holding his hands to his face is stunned by what just transpired before the fans as Jennifer Sanders is proclaimed by the ring announcer to the wild scenes of jubilation still echoing throughout this packed arena as history in the making has occurred Hal Steel has been defeated & Jennifer Sanders is the E.W.W. champion for the third time as she displays the built above her head as Hal Steel is helped from the ring now visible completely with the cage being raised.
The fellow Bad Grrls rush to the ring hoisting the new E.W.W. CHAMPION on their shoulders as she gets deservedly acknowledged by her adoring fans & grateful fellow Bad Grrls whom knew all along that one day one of them what triumphant over Hal Steel & when it happened as it has they knew the impact the victory would have upon the crowd, The fans end up remaining for another twenty minutes after the ring had been cleared by Jennifer & her Bad Grrls as return to the stage to acknowledge the fans with an encore appreciation as they leave again this time the remaining 10,000 of so left leave completely satisfied chanting the new champions name over & over again.