Amazons and Hominians, 4-43 – illustrated

Author: Agua


The story is about tough fights between female (Amazons) and male (Hominians) warriors. Even though they are technically superior and more civilized, the Hominians have difficulties to overwhelm the Amazons which can profit from their tough fighting style.

What happened so far?:

First Episode:

In part 1, an Hominian expedition corps into the Amazon forest was defeated by Amazon attacks. Only few men could return to Hominia and report what had happened. The Hominian King equipped another army that could built a castle in the Amazon forest. Despite many losses, the Hominians could hold their line (part 2). In part 3, the enslaved Hominian women revolutionized against the male dominance. Those female slaves - mainly responsible for production of uniforms and food - were able to overwhelm the Hominian wards and to break free. They joined the Amazon army and thanks to their sewing-skills, the Amazons established

a uniform production of their own. After receiving valuable information on the Hominian castles, the Amazons were even able to get 3 castles under their control that were Hominian recruit training barracks before. Thus not only the men in these castles and their equipment, but even the surrounding fertile plains and ore mines had fallen into the hands of the Amazons so that the Hominians run short with uniforms, food and metal for weapons (part 4). In part 5, the Hominians sought for male assistance against the mighty Amazons. The Hombres, another patriarchal tribe living in the hot western desserts, were ready to help. The Hombre forces sent eastbound to the Amazon jungle arrived and supported the Hominian forces in this area successfully. The Hombre army (18 - 21 year old boys) sent through the northern plains to help the Hominian teen army, however, was attacked on its' march and lost already many fighters before arriving at the destination. Part 6 marked a turning point: For the first time, the Amazons had significant losses. A revolution of their slaves (mostly captured Hominians) opened a second frontline, and many barracks, prisons and manufactories for uniforms and weapons got under control of the revolting males and regular Hominian battle units. Many Amazons were killed or captured during these fights. The Hominians were even able to reconquer their castles, fields and ore-mines. Part 7 reports about further deadly encounters between Hominian and Amazon battle units. Even though the Amazons could hold their lines at first, the Amazon territory became smaller and smaller. In part 8, the Hominians entered the last Amazon heart-lands. Despite high losses, they advance more and more so that the Amazon Queen decided to leave Amazonia and to find support by the neighboring male tribe of Anetylia. In a fair fight, an Amazon team could overwhelm an Anetylian crew. Therefore the Anetylians accepted the dominance of the Amazons in their country (part 9).

Second Episode:

Many years had passed since that day. Years that the Amazons had used to reinforce their strength, but the Hominians had become lazy. They had their income from the tributary villages. But in the last time, the villagers had attacked both, Hominian and Amazon convoys and border patrols. Since these attacks there misinterpreted on both sides as attacks of the other nation, the war started again. With changing success, Amazons and Hominians overwhelmed hostile scout troops and border garrisons (part 10 & 11). In Heveria Valley, the Amazons lost 400 experienced fighters at the attempt to attack Hominia (part 12) and later even the important border fortress Caraya Castle (part 13). Could the Amazons deal with this dramatic lost? By spreading a mysterious disease among the men, the Amazons thought to solve this problem once and forever. Though the Amazons could kill and enslave many Hominians and capture their precious equipment, they didn't reach their main goal to get the Hominian fortresses under control (part 14). The Hombres, another patriarchal tribe, wanted to support the Hominians by sending 560 men by train to the frontline. But the Amazons were able to kill these men before they even had a chance to reach Anetylia (part 15)! The Amazon Queen decided that it would be the best to kill all Hombre warriors so that the Hominians would be cut off from any support, but this operation failed completely (part 16). Now, there was only a last chance: To get one or more Hominian battle ships under control and to attack the Hominian ports. At least, three ships could be captured by the Amazons (part 17). Despite important successes (destruction of the port-fortress Gimseh), the captured canon-boats were not long under Amazon control. The Hominians were able to kill the Amazon fighters on board (part 18). Now it was their task to attack the home of the Amazons! At first, the Hominians tried to attack the Amazon fortress Mihitya, without success, however (part 19). Also an attempt to attack Amazonia by means of tanks failed (part 20). The only solution was the support of the allied / enslaved Anathylians. A riot of the unfaithful Anathylians severely weakened the Amazon forces (part 21), so that finally Anethylia was under Hominian control (part 22). But Princess Daila was able to deliberate some hundred captured Amazons (part 23)! Not to be killed or enslaved, these Amazons had to retreat. The Hominians controlled practically all territories from the Hombre savannah over the fertile Hominian plains to the Amazon jungle and the Anathylian bush-lands. The only way that was still open, was the north-west-bound trail through the hostile dessert (24).

Third Episode:

120 years later: The Hominians were lulled by the many years of peace and had lost their fighting skills, while the Amazons had joined the Shaolines, a matriarch tribe on the other side of the dessert. An Hominian expedition corps to Shaolinia was overwhelmed by the female alliance (25). In part 26, the Amazon + Shaoline coalition took over the province of Anetylia: All men left without fight after being convinced by the female superiority. But the Amazons + Shaolines were not satisfied to have Anetylia under their reign and prepared the next crusade (part 27)! The raid against the Hombre homelands was a total success: The land was under female reign, weapons, arms and men were captured (28)! The fights in Hominia were ongoing (29), and it was not clear who would win. Meanwhile, a riot of the enslaved men in the Shaoline homelands had changed the situation in favour of the male coalition (30). For the male coalition, the time to destroy the female reign had come! However, the first attacks of Hombre and Anathylian troops against Anetylia failed completely (31). Part 32 marked a turning point, since the male coalition (especially supported by the Thai army) rushed like a storm over Anetylia. The Amazon attacks in Hominia (33) could only postpone the triumph of the men but not stop it (34)!

Fourth Episode:

After 5 years of slavery, the women started a successful upraise in Mijivaya Fortress (35). Despite massive attacks of the Allied Male Army, the women could defend the upraise and even extend the terretory under their control (36 and 37). In part 38, the Amazons had once more overwhelmed a male recruit training center, but on their way back, the Amazons were defeated and their captivates were freed. After having more and more success in Hominia, Amazonia and the Hombre homelands, the Amazons tried to spread the upraise even to Shaolinia, where the Thai men were still in control of their female slaves (39). In part 41, the Allied Male Armies were able to overwhelm 1000 Amazon warriors. A female upraise in Mbuji Castle could be brought under control after some weeks, but at which price! -- More than 300 men lost their lives at the conquest (41). Internal battles weakened the Amazon army (42) until a new Queen was crowned.

4-43. More Troops for the Male Coalition

Despite many important successes, the male coalition couldn't get the Amazon upraises under control and was always in danger to be overwhelmed by revolting females. All men from 18 years of age were already called to duty, and in the territories under reign of the male coalition, no new fighters could be recruited. But the Hominians were excellent sailors and their ships had built up a trade with different ressources already 100 years ago. Now a new commercial good was discovered: Male slaves!

These slaves came from a tribe called Vinda. They had black skin like Anathylians, but were somewhat smaller and weaker. Some of the bought 5000 Vindas were used on fields, ore-mines and factories to replace Hominians, Hombres and Anathylians that could be sent to war then. The majority of these slaves, however, shall be used as active warriors. Considering that each imported man costs 2 rifles plus another one to equip him as a fighter plus uniform and groin-guard, the male coalition spent huge ressources on hiring new warriors.

The bad thing was that the Vindas had no fighting experience. They needed at least 3 months of training before they could be sent in a fight. A part of this training was close combat – against female slaves! These captured and enslaved Amazons were of course not willing to support the male coalition in any way, but these training fights gave them the possibility to kill as many Vindas as possible before those were able to fight at all. Therefore the female slaves didn't refuse this order. The women were involuntarily supported in their intention by the fact that the Vindas refused to wear groin-protectors. They put on the white jockstraps and recruit-jeans that they had received from Hominian officers, but took off the metal “nut-shells” that they considered to be uncomfortable and useless, because they had never fought against women before!

Olaf, an Hominian corporal, chose a tough training start for his 20 new men. As these Vinda slaves didn't understand the danger resulting from Amazons and the need of a combat training, Olaf brought them right from the start into direct contact with fighting women:

The Amazon slave Susi grinned in anticipation when she saw that her training-opponents obviously had no protection for their “love-plums”. The natural shape of the bulge in the tight-fitting jeans could not result from a cup! Two Vindas, Karande and Vishnu, had the task to attack her. They had some restraints to attack and maybe hurt a naked slave-girl, but the permission to rape their victim, was a good motivation. While Karande grabbed her arms from behind, Vishnu stood in front of her to beat her face or grab her tits. Vishnu's legs were even slightly spread, offering his unprotected genitals to her assault. Merciless, the beauty shot her knee into the man's exposed balls. Vishnu's body convulsed as he screamed his agony and he rolled over, clutched his groin, and doubled up over his damaged testicles.

Karande, still holding Susi from behind, was not better off: Susi had grabbed his baby-makers through his worn-out jeans, and experienced how she was, it took her just some seconds to pop them and to kill her tormentor: She caught his genitals in a tight grip, one testicle in each hand and squeezed with all she had. In her years of experience she had controlled men's testicles many times, and she knew perfectly how to maximize the potential for damage. Susi expertly held each orb in place with her palms and thumbs and applied al the pressure with the tips of the other 4 fingers. Even through the jeans, her sharp and long nails pierced the big nuts like spears. When the hard rubbery tissue that encased each testicle was pierced, it took her just a second to squeeze she soft interior to pulp. Susi suddenly felt the man's orbs collapsing and turning to mush. Then, she simply let Karande's destroyed body slump over backwards. His once full scrotum was just an empty pouch.

Vishnu was still on the ground, hurt but not killed yet. Susi grabbed his legs from behind so that the man fell to his face. Merciless, Susi stomped again and again into the V of his forced-apart legs till she was sure that there was no life anymore in Vishnu's jockstrap.

The other Vindas looked in horror how quick this girl had killed two of their mats! The Vindas didn't even know by now that a man can be easily killed by exploiting his masculinity! Sure, a kick between the legs hurts, but was this really a fatal combat technique? The inexperienced men were even more astonished when Susi stripped her victims in Amazon tradition. With much routine, she pealed down the jeans of her kill. As she pushed down the jockstraps, she revealed bleeding cocks and a shapeless mushy pulp that was formerly a ball-sack. The Vindas got nearly crazy when Susi put on Vishnu's uniform including the captured jockstrap! She had approximately the same size and shape as the killed man, so that the uniform fit her excellently. In fact, Susi looked gorgeous, much more like an Amazon warrior and more dangerous now! She even taunted the male recruits: “Who wants to be next?!”

Confronted with such an exciting and dangerous girl, the Vinda men developed contradicting feelings: While the cocks of some men shrivelled in fear, others showed a clear boner in the worn-out jeans. Olaf grinned as he recognized that all men – independant of their race – seemed to have the same natural reflexes. Willing to continue his lesson, Olaf chose Ratnakara to be the next in the ring.

Having seen the fate of his mates, Ratnakara was clever enough to put a cup into his jockstrap because – like all his mates – he had worn the jockstrap without eggcup by now! Since the steel-nutshell protected now his tender balls and semi-hard cock, Ratnakara didn't hesitate to attack Susi. He quickly hugged Susi to prevent he from using her dangerous karate kicks. But Susi was experienced enough to find an answer: With her left arm, she pinned his body to prevent Ratnakara from breaking out. Susi's used her right arm to grab his cup through his loose jeans and dislodge it. It's a standard Amazon technique to lift the male cup slightly so the balls slip out underneath and outside it whilst the penis remains protected inside the shield. Susi must have done it perfectly because as she slammed the palm of her hand back onto his cup, Ratnakara gave out a high pitched yell and dropped to his knees, his testicles undoubtedly being smashed by the cup’s edge. Susi grabbed Ratnakara's hand for that he could neither rearrange his cup nor protect his groin. She then kicked up between the his legs again and again, and Ratnakara hit the floor, riving around in pain. With that kicks his testicles were splattered against the outside of his cup gradually destroying them! Again, Susi didn't stop her work before she had completely ruined Ratnakara's masculinity and killed him. And again the other Vindas had to witness who she stripped her victim revealing a mushy sac and bleeding cock. She even cheered and applauded herself when she held the captured jockstrap with cup for everyone to see: “Shall I give it back to you guys or wear it myself?! In this case, my jeans would bulge with more masculinity than the pulpy sacks of these 3 weenies here! And after the last “cream” of a male fighter has soaked this jockstrap, it has a more male smell than your undies will ever have!”

Despite the loss of 3 male slaves, the Hominian officer Olaf was content with the lesson. At least the Vindas had seen what an Amazon could do. Now, they would not refuse the training and protective gear anymore. For this day, the men had have enough training.

Before Olaf let his recruits fight again against “living” Amazons, he had to explain and train some combat techniques at first on puppets and bound female slaves. He explained:

Beside eyes and throat, a woman has two further vital points:

These vital points can be attacked by kicks, stomps, grabs, squeezes and by weapons of course. Therefore, the women in combat try to protect their treasures. Since they don't have a weapon and guard industry, they use at least captured male groin cups.”

To demonstrate the female weakness, Olaf had bond a naked slave-girl spread-eagled to a wooden cross, so that her pussy and tits were nicely exposed. Now, Olaf presented some quick strikes against the points of female tenderness. He explained: “The act of kicking a women in the vulva is called cuntbust. Although harder to hit than a male package, the work is well worth it. A cuntbust hurts as much and more than a ballbust. If hit hard enough and with accuracy the pain can be equivalent to childbirth.”

Afterwards Olaf even applied the vicious cunt-squeezing, a technique that cannot only be used to grab and squeeze the external genitalia of boys, but also the fleshy cunt lips of girls! Brutally, Olaf dug his thumbnail into her stiff pink clit. The helpless girl was shrieking in pain. But Olaf didn’t feel content just squeezing the outer cunt lips, but even entered the delicate slit: First two fingers, then three and finally his whole hand slid in. Her screams from the pain were mixed with her cries of humiliation from the unwanted visitor. He opened his fist and began to apply a very deep and effective clit claw. He clawed her inner wall as she twisted and turned trying to escape the hell she was experiencing. After seconds only, the girl screamed her submission. Most boys in the room had enjoyed the demonstration of total male superiority so much that were cocks had grown to limits of their egg-cups. Now they moaned in pain and tried to rearrange their cups. Olaf ordered his recruits: “In your next fights, you'll try to exploit the femininity to overwhelm your opponent.”

In fact, after some hours of training, the Vindas had improved significantly, so that they even won some training fights. Katustaga had finished the blond slave girl Julia by precise groin kicks. In victory, he stood behind her and pressed his boot into her back. Slowly she lowered as ordered by her tormentor, offering her aching sex to the man. Katustaga kept her pinned with his boot while he dropped his jeans and his briefs with the codpiece, releasing his trapped erection. Kneeling down between her legs, Katustaga took his sex in hand and guided it toward Julia's pert anus. "MMMNNHH!!" the girl shrieked as Katustaga pushed inside her. Her cries of pain just increased Katustaga's pleasure. He held his rigid organ still and pulled and pushed Julia over him repeatedly. Finally Katustaga punched his penis deep into Julia's buttocks. With his sex fully inserted, there was no hold anymore for his fountain of boy-milk.

Two weeks later: The Hominian corporal Michael lead an armed close-combat training for his troop of 24 Vinda recruits. Meanwhile, all Vindas were aware of the Amazon combat capabilities and had cared for protection. Rita, a gorgeous 24-year-old blond slave-girl had the same equipment as the young men: Tight jeans and panties with a male cup inside that made her crotch bulge with pretended masculinity. The same equipment an Amazon warrior in “real life” would have. The dagger in her hand was the same style as each man had, just that it looked even more dangerous with her. Her hot body and her naked breasts had already extended most cocks in this rooms to the limits of the eggcups.

Raje was chosen as first opponent. Despite the encouraging cheers of his mates, Raje didn't feel very confident, and Rita immediately felt his hesitation. She didn't want to give him the time to find more self-confidence and attacked him immediately. Before Raje could react, Rita had embraced him to prevent him from breaking out and slammed her dagger against his protected groin to find an aeration hole in his cup. For luck, his cup was massive without any holes.

For her next attack, Rita needed both of her hands. She punched against Raje's chin and caught him completely by surprise. Pow! A blow that left Raje stunned for some seconds. Time enough for Rita to grab Raje's jeans + the belt of his jockstrap with her left hand and tore it away from his belly so that she could see his pubic hairs and further. Then, she rushed the dagger in her right hand downward right into Raje's armoured underwear. She sharp dagger effortlessly cut Raje's stem off and slashed the precious jewellery! Raje let his dagger fall and howled in pain. Before his brain realised that Rita had killed him, his hand instinctively reached for the wrecked source of pain. His mouth open in a silent scream and his hands cupping his crotch, Raje dropped to his knees. Game over!

As next fighter, Michael sent Atul into the ring. Like his mate Raje, Atul was 23 years old and inexperienced compared to Rita. Of course, he wore a jockstrap with metal cup in his jeans, but he had seen that Rita knew techniques to overcome his armour. Not to give Rita the chance to reach inside his jeans underneath the cup, Atul bent over as he attacked her. Obviously, Rita had previewed his move because she quickly caught him at her side. Atul was still bent over and Rita had free access as she rushed her dagger against his unguarded asshole! This attack was a complete surprise for Atul and the other Vindas, and in this moment, only Rita and the Hominian officer Michael knew that this was a fatal stroke! Raje's shrieks of pain were muffled by Rita’s left hand as she drove her dagger deeper and deeper into his pussy. Involuntarily, Atul bent his body in a vain trial to avoid the unwanted visitor! But this didn’t stop the deadly weapon from slashing his prostrate and approaching his precious family-jewellery from behind. Rita wanted to ram the dagger into him up to the hilt, but she had already driven the deadly weapon through his slim body and the blade was already stopped by the inner shell of his nut-protector. To finish him, Daila twisted the dagger for good before she dragged it out of the boy’s cunt. Soundless, she lowered his lifeless body. Blood shot from his asshole and from underneath his cup, thoroughly colorizing his worn-out jeans. Another male fighter lay dead on the ground while Rita was not even hurt!

The corporal Michael thought that this demonstration of Amazon combat experience and helplessness of Vinda warriors was enough. Now, all men were eager to lern how to defend against such attacks and how to handle distance weapons. After a week of training, Michael sent again a Vinda and an Amazon slave into the ring. Both fighters wore jeans and tight fitting Amazon panties underneath with a light male steel sheet cup. The breast of both warriors was naked, and both were equipped with war-hammers. The war hammer could deal blows of tremendous force to the target, and was often able to pierce the armour. It was the worst what could happen to a male warrior: A war hammer that smashed his light cup and its tender content! If the toughened steel plate of a heavy groin-guard was impregnable, the war hammers could also be directed against the unprotected or poorly guarded backside: Bursting through a man’s light anal-shield into his anus and prostrate, the weapon could reach and wreck the ball-sack from behind.

The 22 years old Vinda soldier Virigiya was fighting against a gorgeous black Amazon slave. She swang her war-hammer so that he was afraid to approach her. But due to the weight of the weapon, she soon got tired and her blows became less and less effective. Finally, Virigiya could stun her with a cuff against her tits. At the same time, he swang his hammer right between her legs, where no armour protected her tender cunt. (Her male cup just covered her Venus Mound.) It was a strike right against her bush! Howling in pain and heavily bleeding, the girl broke down o take her final breathe only minutes later. Virigiya was so proud of his work that his cock quickly filled his cup.

Now he had to face Majka, a beautiful white girl. Her tits bounced with every motion and her crotch bulged with pretended masculinity of her male eggcup. She seemed to be able to handle her war-hammer. In a sudden motion, she jumped against Virigiya and throttled his throat with her right hand. At the same time, her left hand drove the smooth side of the war-hammer against his bulging crotch, strong enough to deform the thin steel of his eggcup so that the precious content was badly smashed! Virigiya yelped in pain and broke down. Even though he was not badly hurt, the pain between his legs and the nausea was severe enough to take the fight out of him. Majka glanced at her defeated opponent and with a wave of her hand, she invited the next to come into the ring. Vinapura didn't hesitate to attack her. He swang his war-hammer low against Majka's crotch to give her a lethal strike as Virigiya did before. But Majka was versatile enough to avoid the blow. She thought that it was time to give Vinapura some of his own medicine. Now she performed a strike with the sharp side of her war-hammer. The blow was strong enough to pierce his thin armour and to spike the vulnerable flesh underneath. Vinapura let fall his weapon and coughed with his body bending like a prawn. He was hurt seriously! The bloody stain on his jeans spread faster and faster. No doubt, he was already dead meat!