Living in the shadow of Amazons, Part X: Protecting the Hittite princess.

By J. Allan J. -

A young slender Amazon fights a duel to the death against a big brute barbarian.


This story is continued from Part IX: The birth of Callista.


Short synopsis:

During Myria's second pregnancy Lucius travels again, this time as a protector for a Hittite princess. On the way out, the protectors fight off a band of brigands. On the way home, a young slender Amazon fights a duel to the death against a big, brute barbarian in the ring of honour. Lucius is brutally caned by Lieutenant Dementria for being insolent and Dementria delivers a baby by section. When they arrive home, Myria decides to have some homecoming-sex with both Lucius and Dementria.



The story:


A few months after Myria gave birth to Callista, she discovered that she was pregnant again. This time she did not beat Lucius up like the first time that she got pregnant, (see Family life with an Amazon).

Their relationship had improved immensely after the birth of her first girl child. Now, Myria was sometimes even respectful towards him and she let him go out more. And why should she not respect him? He had done his yeoman's duty; Myria had one girl child to show and he had already gotten her pregnant again so she could return the Amazon nation soon. Still, she had not yet informed him that she planned to leave the nation of the Gargareans as soon as her next girl child was born. Therefore, Lucius lived in blissfully ignorance, still thinking Myria needed three girl children before she could leave him and move back to Amazonia.

Myria couldn't wait to get back to Amazonia which she called home, while Lucius was by now rooted in the nation of Gargareans. He had many friends here and he was well-respected, even among Amazonians like Androlyta. Soon after Myria gave birth to Callista, Androlyta also gave birth to a girl child. Myria and Lucius went to congratulate her and Myria asked for the name of Androlyta's firstborn girl child. The faces of both Myria and Lucius fell when Androlyta promptly answered; 'Lucienda'.

"Yes, I initially suggested Blasiente," Androlyta explained. "But my dear Blasius is too modest and suggested Lucienda instead. And I have no objections against naming my daughter after the oldest and dearest friend of my loving spouse."

Still, what about your mother?" Myria suggested. "Did she not deserve to have her firstborn granddaughter named after her?"

"My mother was a two-legged sow!" Androlyta barked. "She used to beat me, lock me up and starve me in a cold, dark cellar for no reason."

"Furthermore, she drove my dear father to his death! A poor humble soul whose limps had been crippled. Yet, she still kept on beating him on a daily basis, while he couldn't even defend himself. And when he couldn't take anymore, he killed himself!"

"Then I left home to serve the Queen in the royal palace," Androlyta concluded.

Obviously, Androlyta's tragic family-life had alienated her from the Amazon cause. One thing was defending the Motherland against barbarian invaders, which was noble in her eyes. But many Amazons degraded, beat and even tortured their male slaves, which disgusted Androlyta. She would never harm Blasius, who in turn would never raise his hand against her.

Still, Lucius also had friends back in Amazonia; Gemmalina the Librarian for one and the two old emissaries, whom he had already befriended back in his old country, not to mention the nobble Tormentress Eudoxia, to whom he had a special bond. In Myria's eyes, Lucius could have a good life if he followed her back to Amazonia, but he would have to hang up his sword and swear never use it again. However, she had not, not yet, given birth to a second girl child and before that happened, she saw no reason to discuss her future plans with him.

After Callista's birth, Myria was promoted to Front Commander and they moved to a bigger house with two stores, a bigger stable and an adjacent corral for their horses. It was clear to everyone that Myria moving up in this world. She also hired a nanny to look after Callista during day-time. She was still reluctant to let Lucius look after her daughter. Anyway, Lucius was busy himself with his duties as an officer in the Gargarean militia. But whenever Myria wasn't looking, Lucius still curdled his daughter at every change that he got.

The nanny was an elderly retired Amazon, who had raised a family of her own here in Damasya. Her children had all left home and she and her spouse had no income, so therefore she gladly accepted her new commission as the nanny of the children of a fellow sister in arms. Furthermore, she and Lucius got along splendidly; she looked the other way whenever Lucius curdled Callista and he in turn paid her extra to keep her mouth shut. Making up appearances had become a way of life for Lucius these days.



The caravans to the west were passing through lawless and dangerous territories where hordes of barbarians ruled. Thermodonia, his old country to the west, was still ruled by the mad king, who had hired several tribes of barbarians as protection troops, assigned to protect Thermodonia's western front against attacks from the Amazons. However, this protection troops were spreading terror among the travelers and local peasants. Some peasants had even been driven off their lands and had become brigands themselves.

The Gargarean Militia was therefore assigned as protectors of the caravans to the west. However, Lucius only trained the troops, he did not travel with them; Myria did not permit him to travel into his old country, because he was not fully trusted yet, and she had her orders from Queen Hentiope herself to keep a close watch on him.

Lucius only rode out with the militia inside the Gargarean nation to hunt down roaming brigands. Anyway, he no longer felt any urge to travel, now that his relationship to his Amazon wife had improved immensely. So, he was not looking for new adventures, but suddenly a new adventure came looking for him.


The Hittite princess:

On this day, Lucius was as usually training his troops in the Gargarean militia. Some of the boys had already learned the drills because they had been recalled to set an example for the younger men. Some were about to learn and some would never learn. Some were simply too stupid and ignorant to take in instructions on how to fight in formation; any brute could swing a sword, but fighting in formation, protecting your fellow man with your shield or else get protected by his, that was the way that civilized people conducted themselves in modern warfare. Lucius was ambitious about turning the Gargarean militia into a modern fighting force and if some of the young lads were not able to fit in, Lucius dispose of them and called in fresh recruits. There were a whole lot of male youths to choose from and many had Amazon blood in them, which made good fighters. The nation of Gargareans had a surplus of males due to the fact that the Amazons gave away their male children and only brought their girl children back to Amazonia.

"I'm seeking the noble Lucianus, Lieutenant of the Gargarean Militia, formerly known as Lucianus of Thermodonia," an elderly gentleman called out to the men at the training ground.

"That is me. How can I help you, good sir?" Lucius said and looked at the stranger who had addressed him. Lucius had not seen him before, he was dressed in foreign clothes and he spoke Greek with an outlandish accent.

"You are summoned to the court of Princess Parademonia, who resides at the moment in Damasya," the stranger explained. "If you would follow me, please. I'm Lykourgos and I'm her tutor, I have looked after the princess ever since she was born."

"A princess in the city of Damasya! I'm intrigued," Lucius said. He gave the command to a fellow Gargarean officer and followed the foreigner back to Damasya. The tutor of the princess led him to a grand guesthouse in the center of the city, where the princess and her court resided. The princess was having lunch outside under the canopy awning. Lucius kneeled humbly in front of her and was admitted to sit at her table on order to enjoy some refreshments. A wet nurse was feeding a newborn baby behind the princess.

Parademonia explained that she lived in the Hittite kingdom and was the oldest daughter of the Hittite king. Back in the Hittite capital Hattusa, she had recently given birth to a stillborn boy child. Her husband blamed her for this tragic event and demanded that she replaced the dead boy child with a live one. Therefore, she had come to the nation of the Gargareans to obtain a boy child and discreetly pointed to the child in the hands of the wet nurse.

"I am imploring on you for help to get safely back home with my child," Princess Parademonia frankly said. Although her husband had assigned a platoon of soldiers to protect his wife, they had taken heavy casualties on the way from Hattusa to here. Therefore, she urgent needed help to get safely back home. When she had made inquiries, Lucius' name came up as a man who could be fully trusted as protector.

"Dear Princess, I am a well-respected officer of the Gargarean Militia," Lucius explained. "But I'm also married to an Amazon commander. Therefore, I have to ask her permission to take this commission."

"I have already been informed of this, should I speak to your wife?" the princess nobly asked.

"No, thank you, your highness, I must handle this affair myself," Lucius politely declined. "My wife is somewhat reluctant to lend my services to other women these days, but I know which rope to pull in order for her to see my way without making her suspicious."

Lucius humbly said goodbye and rode off to the Amazon outpost to the south where his wife served. The sentry posts at the gate of outpost let him in without a fuss. They didn't even bother to take his sword from him as they supposed to, because they knew him well and considered him to be harmless by now. "Your wife is at the training ground," one sentry post said and politely gave him directions.

Lucius rode slowly through the encampment until he came to the training ground. As he approached, he heard the sound of his wife barking orders at the young Amazon recruits. Although she had been appointed Supreme Commander of the Northern Front, Myria had absolutely no intention of wasting her time sitting in her office, looking at quartermaster's statistics, payment of wages and so forth.

Myria let her troops train in the midday sun in the heat and dust in order to toughen them up. Battles were often won during midday where the enemy soldiers collapsed from thirst and heat. Therefore, Myria made sure that her troops could still fight on, even under extreme circumstances.

The Amazon foot-soldiers were training how to fight opponents holding spears. Spears were deadly for the horses of the Amazons; therefore they engaged the enemy spearmen with sword wielding infantry instead of horse riding swordswomen. Lucius discreetly got off his horse and watched the spectacle. The Amazon swordswomen trained how to dodge under the enemy spear formation and either cut their spears in two or hold on the spear while they thrust their swords into the enemies' throats, which were unprotected by their armor.

Further away, he could see the Amazons riding back and forth on the archery range, doing target practice while riding their horses in full speed past the man-sized straw dolls. The cavalry archer was the most feared Amazon unit because of their extreme mobility and agility; by controlling their horses with their legs instead of holding on the horse's rein, they could relentlessly fire arrows at their enemies from all angles, even when riding away from the enemy.

When Myria called for a halt for her ground troops to take a breather and drink some water, Lucius cleared his throat to make his presence known to her. Myria starred angrily at him. "How long have you been standing there?" she barked at him. "You are not supposed to watch us train, you fool."

"Please forgive my intrusion, my dear wife and Mistress, but I have an urgent matter which should be discussed in private," Lucius humbly kneeled to her. Thinking, something terrible had happened, Myria gave the command to Lieutenant Dementria and led him back to her office in the barracks.

"So, what is it that you want to talk to me about?" she said. "Well, you are not gonna like it," he carefully began. "Why?" she snapped at him. "Did you burn down the house or has something happened to Callista?"

"No, but I was approached today by a Hittite princess, who requested my service as a protector of her and her newborn child on their way home," Lucius explained. "Normally I would have turned down such a request." And then he paused.

"But she is a noble female, who is in need of my service," he spoke to her in a certain tone, reminding her on how she once lectured him on how females always should be obeyed by males at all times, including foreign ladies like Princess Parademonia.

"You devious bastard!" Myria smirked. "You know as well as I, that I cannot refuse your humble request when you present it like that that."

"But I want something from you in exchange for letting you go on this commission." Myria firmly said. "Name your price and I shall look into it," Lucius said and smiled, knowing that he had managed to persuade his wife into letting him go. Now, he only needed to negotiate the price.

"I want a new dress, the silk one that I showed you a few days back," Myria promptly said. "The silk dress! I'm sorry Mistress, but I cannot afford to pay you that," Lucius had to admit that her price was out of his financial reach.

"The Princess is rich, she can afford it." Myria barked at him. "And if she is so eager so have you at her side, she will gladly pay up."

Lately, Myria had turned into a real haggler who demanded money whenever she got the chance. Lucius could not point his finger to it, but he had a feeling that she demanded money to let other Amazonians extract his semen from him. After she got pregnant again after giving birth to Callista, the demand for his semen would normally have risen now that he had proven to the world that he was able to produce girl children. Yet only a few Amazonians were allowed to extract his semen and they were all handpicked by Myria herself.

"Very well, I shall present your demand to the noble princess," Lucius humbly said and kissed the feet of his wife. "I assume that I should travel with an Amazon escort like last time," Lucius continued. "In that case, I suggest that you assign the same Amazons again, because I seem to get along with them splendidly." (See Sex-slave of the Amazons).

"Oh sure, you lecherous little pig!" Myria smirked. "You would just love that; having four gorgeous females taking turns sitting on your face every night for the next two month or more, while your poor wife must wallow in sexual abstention in your absence." That wasn't exactly true, because Myria easily found lovers among the Amazons at the outpost. However, Lucius did not bother to mention this because he was never eager for confrontation.

"However, the 'twins' have already gone back south because their wounds were fully healed some time ago," Myria explained. "And Tyrildemer got herself pregnant and is now on maturity leave herself. So, your little 'bribery attempt' paid off, not for you, but for her instead." Tyrildemer had extracted his semen during his last adventure, but the numbers of months did not add up; Lucius could not have impregnated her, else Tyrildemer would have given birth several months ago. Again, he kept his mouth shut.

"Yes, Mistress," Lucius said and bowed deeply to her, thanking her for letting him go. He was well aware that he had embarrassed her last time he travelled outside of Amazonia; he was involved in a tavern fistfight. And in order to keep his Amazon keepers quiet about his clumsy conduct, he was forced to give them sexual services in exchange for their silence. (See Sex-slave of the Amazons). However, Myria was still informed of all the events on the journey anyway and Lucius therefore had to suffer cruel needle torture in the hands Tormentress Eudoxia. (See Tormentress Eudoxia)

Lucius knew that he would have to behave himself this time or else there would be severe consequences.

Myria assigned Lieutenant Dementria and two young Amazon recruits as guardians of Lucius and in turn ordered him to bring two of his own men from the Gargarean Militia. If Lucius was accompanied by some of his fellow Gargareans, perhaps he would be able to behave himself.

"By the way, I have recently promoted Dementria to Captain of this outpost, now that I have been appointed Commander of the Northern Front myself. She will be in charge of this operation, so do exactly as she says, or else face severe consequences."

"You have embarrassed me once, don't do it again!" Myria concluded. She slapped his face as goodbye and he in turn bowed and made to leave.

In the afternoon, Lucius reported back to Princess Parademonia. She gladly accepted Myria's demand; but Lucius insisted on that the full amount of gold coins was only to be paid once the princess and her baby was safe back in Hattusa.


Journey to the Hittite capital Hattusa:

At sunrise, they all gathered outside the guest house; the princess accompanied by her wet nurse and her tutor along with her personal bodyguards. They were joined by Lieutenant Dementria (who now was a captain, but everyone still referred to her as Lieutenant) and two young Amazons along with Lucius who had taken two well-trained Gargarean soldiers with him. The lads were sons of Amazons who had abandoned them in the nation of the Gargareans. He had trained them himself and knew that they were very good fighters.

The same could not be said about the princess' personal bodyguards; there were ten of them, they wore uniforms along with standard army armor and weaponry, but there were something wrong with them. They were not used to ride horses, some of them stank because they never bathed and some didn't even speak Greek. Her husband had originally assigned 20 warriors as her personal bodyguards, but they had taken casualties on the way to the Amazon realm. How on earth the princess' husband to have assigned this rabble as escort for his wife and their son was a mystery to Lucius. Obviously, Princess Parademonia was clearheaded enough to hire more reliable protection forces for herself and her child on the way back.

The first part of the journey through the Amazon realm passed uneventful. Lucius rode with Princess Parademonia along with her tutor and wet nurse and entertained them along the way. Dementria rode in the front with the two young Amazons, who had aged 18 and 19. The two young lads, who had aged 21 and 22, rode behind them because the young lads were interested in the young Amazons, who in turn ignored them. The Hittite bodyguards, or the 'cavemen' as Dementria and Lucius called them, rode at the back. Their commanding officer had been severely wounded and had to stay back in Damasya. Therefore, Princess Parademonia appointed Lucius as their commanding officer instead.

They initially rode south through Amazonia towards the Taurus Mountains, southern border of the Amazon Queendom. But south of the Taurus Mountains lay potential danger ahead. Dementria analyzed the options with her fellow Amazonians; turning east and then south would take them through some barren lands, where a few isolated, roaming tribes who herded goats. There would be less danger in taking this route, but it would be difficult to find food and fresh water. Continuing straight south would bring them close to the growing Cappadocian kingdom and Amazons had fought a war against them a few years back, (see The Amazons versus the Cappadocians, part 1).

The Amazons were not popular down there and could attract danger from hostile Cappadocian patrols. But although the Amazons had no allies anywhere down to the south, there would still be lots of wild game and plenty streams and rivers to supply them with fresh drinking water instead. Therefore, Dementria decided to ride straight south through the outskirts of the Cappadocian kingdom and then turn west towards Hattusa, capital of the Hittite kingdom.

Now that they were traveling through hostile territory, Dementria used the two young Amazons as scouts to keep a close watch on everything that were moving around them when they travelled by day. At night, the three Amazons took turns in keeping lookout. Dementria still didn't trust Lucius enough to let him keep lookout during night.


Attack of the brigands:

In the morning on the day after they had passed through the Taurus Mountains, one of the young Amazons reported back that a group of brigands were approaching. The brigands were coming in fast and obviously planned to attack them head on instead of ambushing them. This route was teeming with rich booty for the taking and the band of brigands did not want to risk that other bandits snatched their prize in front of their noses.

Dementria ordered her troops to line up on their horses; Lucius next to her, flanked by his Gargarean militia men and her Amazon girls flanked her. The young Amazons, who were excellent archers, quickly readied their bows. The princess along with her wet nurse and tutor were on their horses as well but stayed behind them. The bodyguards were still enjoying their breakfast and Lucius told them to remain sitting, but ordered them to get their weapons ready.

The Hittite Princes was dead scared and mumbled prayers to the sky because it was around this place that they had taken the casualties on the way here; she explained that they were suddenly approached by the group of brigands, who demanded 'toll' from them in order to let them pass. The princess was not eager for confrontation and wanted to pay up, but her bodyguards, who were drunk most of the time, started up a brawl instead. However, her tutor kept his cool and led her safely out of the fray, while the drunken bodyguards fought the band of brigands.

Then the brigands arrived at their camp, there were approximately 20 of them. They spread out in a half-circle in order to ensure that no one could slip pass them. They all rode horses and were well-armed. Obviously, they were well-off, unlike other brigands who were living on rocks.

"Good morning, good travelers. You look tired and weighted down by your gold and jewelry," the brigand leader addressed them in perfect Greek. "Please let us speed you on your way by relieving you of your valuables."

"And what have we here? Brigands with good manners!" Lucius called back. "I'm so honored that I shall reward your courtesy by killing you swiftly."

"No, you won't!" Dementria firmly said, grabbed his ear and almost pulled him off his horse. "I have strict orders to bring you home in one piece, so you and I will stay close to the princess and protect her from harm."

"Yes ma'am. I shall of course do as I'm told," Lucius humbly said.

The brigand leader was unsure what to do next; the man on the other side, (Lucius), had first addressed him in a rather scornful manner. But the rider next to him had pulled his ear and reprimanded him. Perhaps they were going to pay up after all? He thought to himself. However, his uncertainty was short-lived because Dementria ordered her two young Amazons to shoot him down. One arrow landed in his eye, the other penetrated his throat. His dead body fell from his horse and landed on the ground with a loud thud. Thus, the negotiations ended and the fighting began.

Lucius ordered the cavemen to attack. They immediately rose and with loud, wild howls, they stormed forward to attack the brigands, who in turned spurred their horses and rushed forward to attack the horde coming towards them. The cavemen fought with total contempt for death; they jumped high into the air and threw themselves at the brigands on horseback. They were trained to meet the enemy head on, totally disregarding the personal danger. The Amazons kept firing arrows at the brigands, but they had to cease fire in order not to hit the friendly targets.

The confrontation between the brigands and the cavemen turned into a chaotic killing zone. The cavemen stabbed wildly with their swords, cutting down foes and wounding friends alike. However, Dementria ordered the two Amazon girls and the two Gargarean boys to encircle the group of brigands fighting the cavemen and then attack the brigands in the flanks; the girls from the right and the boys from the left. That tactic proved right; the loud howling cavemen did their part and drew the attention of the brigands, while the Amazon girls and the Gargarean boys skillfully attacked the brigands in the flanks and cut them down one by one.

The Gargarean boys fought with a sword in one hand, while controlling their horse and holding a shield with the other. However, the Amazon girls fought with a sword in both hands while using a small wooden shield, called a buckler, strapped on their arm. The girls were so skilled riders that they did not need to control their horses by holding on the rein, but used their legs and knees to move their horses around. The four of them pressed on as if they were having a competition on who ' the boys or the girls, could kill the most enemies.

Realizing that they were losing the skirmish, a small group of brigands decided to break formation and look to their own safety. They made their horses rear and kick the incoming cavemen in the heads with their forelegs. Three brigands managed to escape the fray and rode towards Dementria and Lucius. Dementria raised her war axe and spurred her horse, while she ordered Lucius to follow her. She fought with a war axe in one hand and a sword in her other as was the custom of the Amazon cavalry, the Amazon girls did not yet have the muscle power to wield the war axe and therefore had to fight with a sword in both hands.

The first brigand attacked Dementria from the left, thinking that this was her week side. However she skillfully blocked his attack with her sword and then cleaved his helmet as well as his skull with her war axe. Lucius went for the next brigand in line, he did not wait for the attack of his opponent, but bashed at his opponent with his shield instead. The brigand fell to ground, got up and tried to attack Lucius from behind. He in turn made his horse kick backwards and knocked his enemy to the ground. The brigand was heaving for breath from being kicked in the chest, but tried to get up. However, Lucius turned his horse and attacked. He swiftly killed his opponent by stabbing him in the throat, which was unprotected by his armor.

The third brigand did not fight at all, but just threw his shield at them and fled, desperately whipping his horse. Dementria ordered Lucius to halt; there was no need to pursue him while the princess was still in potential danger. Instead, she readied her bow and aimed carefully at the fleeing brigand. Then she fired, the arrow landed in his shoulder, but he managed to hold on to his horse and disappeared into the woods. "Lady Gaia's ass!" Dementria said angrily. "I never was the best shot."

The fighting had stopped, leaving the remaining brigands totally annihilated. The Amazons girls and the Gargarean boys loudly argued on who had killed the most enemies, while the cavemen seemed to be in a blood rush; they stabbed every fallen enemy to make sure that they were dead and when there were no more wounded enemies to kill, they hacked the dead horses instead. They jumped up and down on the carcasses, screaming wildly with their uniforms drenched in blood. Dementria and Lucius looked in disbelief at the appalling spectacle and then they looked at each other. "Bloody cavemen!" they said as one.

Obviously, the husband had Princess Parademonia not assigned these 'protection' troops in order to save his wife from harm. On the contrary, they were supposed to get her killed instead. Lucius and Dementria did not know the reason for this, but they agreed that they would have to act when they reached Hattusa, home of Princess Parademonia, because she would still be in danger after she had arrived home.

Dementria and Lucius inspected the dead brigands. They were an unusually rabble; they wore a mixture of civilian and military clothes, some wore the armor and the tattoos of their former army.

"Deserters?" Dementria asked. Lucius just shrugged his shoulders. Deserters, strays, rogues or veterans who could not cope with civilian life because farming only generated little income in return for sweat and toil, but brigandeering could pay a whole lot by the looks of them. The dead bandits were well-fed, unlike the skinny brigands that Lucius and his men usually encountered back in the nation of the Gargareans. "Who knows?" Lucius said. "They are dead and gone now."


The Cappadocian patrol:

After duly burning the corpses of the brigands along with three fallen cavemen, they moved forward down south along outskirts of the Cappadocian kingdom. However, new dangers lurked here; the day after annihilating the band of brigands, they encountered a 20 men strong Cappadocian patrol on house back. These were hardened warriors and could not easily be dealt with like brigands

"Out of the frying pan and into the fire," Lucius commented their new peril, but the Amazon scout reported that they had not yet been spotted by the Cappadocians and could still sneak around them, but the princess put her foot down.

"What is this? Hiding in the bushes, sneaking around like common criminals?" Princess Parademonia firmly objected. "I will not have it! We the Hittites are friends and allies with the Cappadocians. I should speak to them regarding our business here."

They agreed to approach the Cappadocian patrol and address them as according to proper procedure. Princess Parademonia rode at the front of their formation and waved at the Cappadocians when they saw them. The Cappadocian patrol hardly seemed interested at first, but duly approached them in order to show good conduct.

"Good day noble Cappadocian soldiers," the princess began in a formal tone. "I'm Princess Parademonia of the Hittite kingdom and we come in peace."

"These are my friends and protectors," the princess pointed her arm at her followers.

"I am captain Simonides and I bid you welcome to Cappadocia, my dear Princess," the leader of the Cappadocia patrol got off his horse and humbly kneeled to her.

"May the gods speed you on your way," he said, jumped back on his horse and made to leave, but suddenly froze when he noticed the uniforms and heavy weaponry of Dementria and the Amazon girls. "Why are these women so heavily armed?" he firmly asked.

Captain Simonides was no stranger, yet no friend, of the Amazon nation as he had fought in the war against the Amazons a few years back, (see The Amazons versus the Cappadocians, part 3). As the sole surviving officer of the Cappadocian onslaught against the Amazons, Simonides was promoted to captain on his return back to Cappadocia.

"Else we Amazons could not perform our duty; to protect Princess Parademonia from harm," Dementria promptly answered.

"You Amazons are trespassing on Cappadocian lands and you are not welcome here," Simonides said in a formal tone. "The Amazons must turn back now, but the rest of you can proceed."

"My dear captain, I owe my life to these brave women; to ask them to leave would be a deadly insult," Princess Parademonia politely pointed out.

"I lost a significant number of good friends in the last war - including my captain, who died a slow and painful death," Simonides said in a threatening tone. See The Amazons versus the Cappadocians, part 3).

"We have all lost friends in the wars, but there is no reason to continue to kill each other because of old grudges." Lucius said in a diplomatic tone.

"Besides, your captain was very brave and never begged for mercy, despite the terrible torments which he was submitted to," Dementria politely pointed out. "He gave himself as blood offer in order to settle the differences between our nations. Surely, you will dishonor him by renewing the fighting!"

"Very well, we shall let you pass," Simonides concluded. "Anyway, I have no time for quarrel, because we are busy hunting down a band of brigands." Simonides explained that a Cappadocian officer had rebelled, killed his captain and taken to the road with a number of followers. They were harassing the travelers, living off extracting toll from the travelers and extracting protection money from the local peasants.

"We came across a band of brigands yesterday," Dementria said. "Their leader spoke Greek with your accent. He also wore your colors." Then she discreetly lifted the sleeve of Simonides' tunic. "He also wore your army tattoos," she added.

"Only one escaped, but he is wounded," Lucius said. "You should able to follow his tracks back to the brigand's nest.

"And the brigand leader?" Simonides asked. "He died first!" Dementria promptly said.

"Very well, it seems that you have done great service to the Cappadocian nation," Simonides smiled at Dementria. "Now, here is what I will do for you in return." Then he called his scrivener forward and ordered him to write a permit for the Amazons to cross through Cappadocian territory instead of going the long way around the Cappadocian borderland. This would save them quite many days on their journey.

While the scrivener wrote the permit for the Amazons, the Gargarean boys fraternized with rest of the Cappadocian patrol and shared their wine. However, Lucius duly stayed with Dementria and decline the wine which was offered to him.

"How can you let these women order you around like that? Have you no pride or honor?" the Cappadocian privates asked him. If the sight of Amazons were not enough, the sight of men like Lucius, who accepted Amazon rule of their own free will, seemed to provoke other males who lived in male-dominated societies.

However, Simonides signed the permit and gave it to Dementria, who in turn instructed him where to look for the burned carcasses of the dead brigands and the trail of the wounded brigand. Then the Cappadocian patrol took off.



The rest of the journey to the Hittite capital Hattusa went uneventful. They rode through the Cappadocian countryside, avoiding the cities. Dementria and her Amazons did not like to stay in guesthouses inside towns and cities when traveling outside the Amazon realm but preferred to sleep in tents outside. The princess was perhaps used to a little more luxury when she travelled, but she duly accepted Dementria's suggestions.

At the border between Cappadocia and the Hittite kingdom, they met a Hittite border patrol who welcomed Princess Parademonia home. The Cappadocian patrol could have given the princess safe conduct back home, but Lucius and Dementria insisted on that they should follow the princess all the way home, because they needed to speak to her about her husband.

Princess Parademonia now publicly carried her son around in forums and agoras of the Hittite cities; she held him high up in the air for everyone to see, while the people cheered loudly. She only handed her son him over to the wet nurse when he needed to be fed. Furthermore, the princess still slept outside in tents along with her retinues. She let everyone know that she preferred the simple life of the common people, instead of a luxurious stay at fancy guesthouses. The princess grew more and more popularly as they travelled through the Hittite kingdom.

When they arrived at Hittite capital Hattusa, the two younger sisters of Princess Parademonia greeted her at the city gate and welcomed her home. Her father the king had three daughters and no son. Therefore it was essential that his oldest daughter produced a son and heir to the Hittite kingdom. As the king had no son of his own, the son of his oldest daughter should follow him according the Hittite law of succession. Princess Parademonia rode slowly through the city and paraded her son to the crowds of people who gathered in the streets. The inhabitants of Hattusa cheered and threw flowers at her as if she was a homecoming victor of a mighty battle.

At the royal palace, the Hittite king received them in the throne hall. "Welcome home my dear daughter, to your son and to your newfound friends," the king courteous said. The princess kneeled to her father, presented her son to him and then she introduced her protectors.

"This is Lieutenant Lucianus of the Gargarean militia and lady Dementria, who brought me safely back home," the princess said, knowing that she had failed to mention Dementria's proper rank. Although, the Hittite had no direct conflict with the Amazon nation, the Amazons could still inflict controversy by their presence.

The king duly thanked Lucius for bringing his daughter back home and invited all of them to stay for a feast given in honor of Princess Parademonia and her son's return. Unfortunately, he then proceeded to invite Lucius and the Gargarean boys to join him for a visit to the palace harem.

Harems! Original the word meant 'women's quarters'. However innocent that may sound, it was the place there the kings and lords of male-dominated nations locked up their concubines. The poor girls and women were raped by their masters on a daily basis in this horrible place. An exciting sport among men who knew no better, but the mere thought of taking pleasure in such a place was appalling for Lucius and his Gargarean militiamen.

Lucius initially froze, but regained his senses and declined the king's invitation in a polite and diplomatic manner. "I'm terribly sorry, my good king, but we must decline your kind offer. I am a married man myself and my boys are too young for that kind of entertainment"

"Is that your wife?" the king asked and pointed at Dementria. "No, Lady Dementria travels with me on behalf of my wife, who is pregnant at the moment and therefore cannot accompany me herself," Lucius explained and bowed

"I can order my men to lock her up while you and your boys enjoy yourselves in the harem." The king shamelessly suggested. "The girls in there are all broken and docile and will do anything you say."

But that was the problem! The poor girls in the harem had all been beaten and whipped into submission. Lucius and the Gargarean boys could never have any pleasure from mere slave women. In fact, the Gargarean boys, who were sons of Amazons, were angered by this vile suggestion. And so were Lieutenant Dementria and her Amazon girls. To make matters worse, the king also suggested locking up Dementria. Although he was smiling and was properly joking, it was obvious for everyone that it was time to leave.

"My good king," Lucius began in a polite but firm voice. "We came here to deliver your daughter safely back home. Our business is done here and we shall leave now." Again he bowed deeply to the Hittite king and then they all marched out of the throne hall and headed for the stables to fetch their horses. However, Princess Parademonia ran after them.

"Please don't leave now," the princess called to them. "My father is old and stupid. Please forgive him as he doesn't know what he is saying."

"It is not your father that we are worried about," Dementria said. "Is there somewhere that we can talk in private?"

The Princess took them to her private study, where she duly paid Lucius for a job well done. Her servants served them some wine, but Princess Parademonia dismissed them, leaving only her tutor by her side in order to have some privacy without prying ears. The young Amazon girls and Gargarean boys were sent outside to guard the door and make sure no one was listening. Firstly, Dementria inquired Parademonia about the whereabouts of her husband. However, he was not at home but was out hunting.

"You mentioned that your original bodyguards were handpicked by your husband to keep you safe on your perilous journey," Dementria said. "Yes, he said that they were very brave," the princess answered. "Brave, but totally useless as protectors!" Lucius commented.

"What will happen if the king dies and you are already dead?" Dementria asked. "My husband will rule, until my son is old enough to take over the throne," Parademonia explained.

Well, that explained everything; her husband obviously planned to take over the throne himself; by having her killed, he would, as husband of the king's oldest daughter, become king himself, when the kind died.

"Your highness, you were never supposed to survive the journey to the Amazonian realm," Lucius spoke frankly.

"Your husband wants to kill you and take over the throne. You are no longer safe and nor is your son," Dementria explained. "But what can I do?" the Princess asked in desperation.

"I could talk to your father the king, he still trusts me," her tutor suggested.

"Your father is old and weak," Dementria pointed out. "Do not rely on an old wimp to save your skin Instead you must be strong and make your own fate."

"And how to I do that?" The princess asked. "You must kill you husband, before he has a chance to strike at your life again," Dementria promptly answered.

"What will happen if your husband dies instead of you?" Lucius asked. "Will you be forced to remarry?"

"On the contrary! I now have a son and heir to the throne. I will be my son's guardian. And when my father dies, I shall rule until my son is old enough to take over the throne."

'Parademonia, Queen of the Hittites', not a bad outcome after all. Once her husband was gone, she was free of all obligations and could live a happy life with lovers and feasts as she pleased.

Dementria produced a small leather bag which contained dried hemlock leaves.

She instructed the princess to carefully grind them into powder and then put it in her husband's wine. When he came home from hunting, she should willingly let him take her until he was exhausted then offer him the poisoned wine. After, drinking the wine, he would get drowsy and later during the night when the poison took full effect, she should smother him to death with a pillow as he would be too week to resist her. After killing him, she should go to sleep beside him and then call out for help in the morning. Nobody would suspect any foul play and people would think that he had accidently died from drinking during the night.

Having laid out the rescue plan for Princess Parademonia, they agreed never to mention it again and swore a pact of secrecy. Then they called the girls and the boys back in to share some food and wine. After wining and dining, they left quietly while the princess waved goodbye at the palace gate.


Going home:

Dementria decided to travel home along the shortest route; through the Cappadocian kingdom as she still had the permit from Captain Simonides. After they had saved the life of Princess Parademonia, or at least provided her with the means of surviving her wicked husband, the travel companions speeded through the landscapes in a high spirit.

The ice between the Amazon girls and the Gargarean boys had melted away and they chit-chatted freely as they rode along. Dementria observed them discreetly; the girls didn't know who their fathers were and the boys didn't know who their mothers were. For all they knew, they could very-well be blood-related and yet, one day they might have offspring together. But it was wrong for siblings to have off-spring together.

The concept of Amazons mating with Gargareans made sense in the past, but nowadays, it had become liability for the Amazon nation, Dementria thought to herself. Their unions ran the risk of inbreeding and producing off-springs with degenerated gens. Dementria was, for an Amazon, a calm and reflective person, who didn't seek out trouble. Myria had re-assigned her to this endeavor because she knew how to keep her head in close corners combat.

At the border between the Hittite kingdom and Cappadocia, Dementria showed Simonides' permit to the first border patrol that they encountered, who in turn let them pass. When travelling through Cappadocia, they still kept away from the cities because they contained animosity towards the Amazons which could result in violence. Instead, they travelled through the Cappadocian countryside, encountering only peaceful peasants, who waved at them from their fields as they rode by.

One day they made a stop at a small Cappadocian town because they needed to replenish their supplies on flour, honey etc. from the local market. They also stopped at the public well to get fresh water for themselves and their horses. A local peasant was holding the bucket of the well, but invited them to drink first. "Please," he said. "You people look thirsty and so does your horses."

He handed the ladle to Lucius, assuming that he was the leader of the leader of the group of travelers. Smiling and courteous, he presented himself as Neophytos, a local peasant on the way to the town's thingstead, where he was going to settle an old feud over the ownership to some land with his neighbor. The peasant seemed very friendly and Dementria and Lucius soon took a liking to him. He in turn noticed their uniforms and weaponry.

"No!" Dementria said. "We have served as protectors for a Hittite princess and are now on our way home."

"Home, up north?" he asked. "Yes," Dementria said indifferently. "But north of Cappadocia are only wastelands and .." Neophytos continued. "And Amazonia," Dementria added. "And that is where we are headed."

"I'm sorry, I did not mean to be offensive, ma'am," Neophytos bowed. "We never see your kind round these places." He then wished them good luck, excused himself and made to leave.

Shortly after Neophytos had left, came another peasant riding to the public well. They had already finished watering their horses and would not have noticed him if it wasn't for the big brute that followed the peasant. He had the look of a barbarian, who was wearing heavy armor and carried a large battle axe over his shoulder. The peasant did not bother greet the travelers, but just took the ladle and handed it to his barbarian friend to drink from. Then the strange companions continued towards the town center where the thingstead was held.

Dementria and Lucius knew by instinct that the barbarian was meant to start trouble, but it was time to leave and it was no business of theirs. Only Lucius hesitated to get on his horse as he had his eyes fixed on the nearby tavern which served beer. Still, he remembered that last time he went to drink beer, it ended in humiliation and his wife had given him specific orders not to embarrass himself again. Dementria barked at him to get a move on and then he finally jumped in the saddle. However, it was Lucius' craving for decent beer that saved Neophytos life. Suddenly, they heard a desperate voice calling to them; "Noble travelers, you must help me! They are going to kill me!" Neophytos came running towards them, waving his arms to stop them.

"Slow down, good sir, who is after your life? I see no brigands chasing you," Lucius got off his horse and the rest of the travelers came back and gathered round to hear what the fuss was about.

When Neophytos got his breath back, he informed them that he had been setup by his neighbor at the thingstead; instead of accepting his offer to pay a tribute in solid gold for the rights to the lands which were in dispute, his neighbor, Pankratios, had insulted him by calling him a liar and a coward. Therefore, the matter had to be settled by a duel to the death in the 'circle of honor'. The winner would not only have claim to the lands in dispute, but to the loser's whole estate and the whole family of the loser would be put out of their home.

However, his scheming neighbor had set up a trap; Pankratios had hired a professional killer to fight in his place. Neophytos had to find a swordfighter within the hour or else enter the ring himself. If Neophytos refused to fight, he would be declared loser and he and his family would be forced to leave their home anyway.

"That slimy bastard, Pankratios, has had his eyes on my lands for years, because I never produced a son and heir," Neophytos concluded. He had 4 daughters but no son by his beloved wife, who had sadly passed away a few years back.

"Noble people of Amazonia, will you not fight for me?" Neophytos pleaded and got down on his knees. "I implore on you to save the life of myself and my family. I have money I can pay you to save me."

Lucius looked at Dementria, who in turn nodded her head. "Very well, good sir," she said. "We shall help you. Not for the money, but because it is right."

"Now, return to this 'thingstead', as you call it, and announce that you have found a champion to fight in your place," Dementria said and motioned him to leave. "We shall join you shortly as soon as we have decided who will enter the ring on your behalf."

Neophytos immediately went back to the counsel at the thingstead. Lucius suggested that they should draw lots on who was to go and fight in the ring and Dementria agreed. She declined to fight herself, but she ordered that only the Amazon girls were allowed to fight. Lucius did not like the sound of that.

"Why? Because they are female?" Lucius asked. "Yes, because they are female," Dementria answered.

"Well, my boys are sons of Amazons and their mother's blood rule their veins. They can fully match your girls," Lucius proclaimed.

"Still, your wife put me in charge of this operation, and you will obey me," Dementria barked at him.

"The mission has been completed, Lady Dementria," Lucius politely objected. "The princess has been delivered safely back home. We are now common travelers and we are not yet back in the Amazon realm."

"And as we share the same rank, Lieutenant, I call for equality and fair play," Lucius concluded.

"Same rank! Are you trying to insult me, foolish male?" Dementria barked at him and slapped him in the face. "Your wife promoted me to Captain before we set out on this mission."

"Oh yes," Lucius froze when he suddenly remembered. "Myria did mention that when I left."

"She informed you of this and yet you did not care to remember," she slapped him again."

"Halt!" one of the young Amazons stepped up. "No need to argue; I suggest that Pelagia should fight and pointed at her fellow Amazon. She is the best swordfighter there is ' present company included." The Amazon who spoke was very good with bow, but was not the best swordfighter. The Gargarean boys were both better than her, but they in return were not as good as Pelagia. She was therefore the obvious choice. Dementria agreed and thus ended the debate and they all went to the town's thingstead to get on with the honorable fight.


The duel in the Ring of Honor:

As they arrived at the thingstead, they immediately noticed that the kingdom Cappadocia was male-dominated; only men were present at the thingstead, women did not participate in these meetings. Their faces fell when Dementria followed by the rest of the travelers marched in to the town center and joined Neophytos at the thingstead.

Pelagia boldly entered the ring with a sword in each hand. She had previous detached her buckler as this was useless in a one-to-one fight against an axe-wielding barbarian.

"Are you mocking me by sending that little girl in the ring to face that big barbarian?" Neophytos asked in disbelief. He had expected that Lucius or Dementria to fight, but Dementria had personal reasons not to fight and Lucius was not allowed to fight at all.

True, the young Amazon did not seem like much, once she got off her horse. However, looks can be deceiving and the girl was a true death dealer. Still, she usually did her killing on horseback, but how would she fare fighting on the ground?

Pankratios stared arrogantly at Pelagia, who stood patiently waiting inside the ring. "So you dressed one of your daughters up for war to fight your battle for you?" he called out to Neophytos on the opposite side of the ring. "Truly, you are a despicable coward."

"Now,who is it that wants to fight?" Pelagia said as she was eager to get on with the duel. "You fat man," she pointed at the barbarian with her sword. "Get your ass in here. Don't make me come get you!"

"Me thinks that this peasant girls should go back to her sheep," the barbarian said in bad Greek. "And 'me' thinks that this brute barbarian should have washed himself this morning," Pelagia said while mocking his accent. "Because he is going to meet his ancestors before the day is done."

However, there were certain formalities that had to be in order before the fighting could actually begin; the leader of the thingstead, called the 'law speaker', stepped into the ring and called to the crowds; "Gentlemen, that is; Ladies and Gentlemen, this is a dual of honor to settle a dispute between noble freemen and avoid future blood feuds."

The duel was actually a religious rite; if two opponents could not reach a settlement at the thingstead, they would instead ask the gods to decide who was right by fighting a duel to the death. The winner would the god's favorite and considered the righteous part in the dispute.

"The daughter of Neophytos has already entered the ring as his champion. Will the champion of Pankratios please step forward?" the law speaker continued. The law speaker had overheard the taunts of Pankratios and thought that Pelagia actually was Neophytos' daughter.

Before the barbarian entered the ring, Pankratios gave his last instructions to him; "I want you to chop off her legs and then rape her in all her holes before you behead her. That will make him whimper and cry. I want to see him humiliated in front of the town elders."

Neophytos'face was pale from fear as the barbarian stepped into the arena. He towered over the Amazon girl as if he could swallow her whole. He wielded his was axe with both hands, which made him extremely dangerous offensively, but in turn exposed him to counterattacks. Pankratios had recently watched his barbarian cut his last opponent in two in a few moments. Therefore, he decided to hire the barbarian to kill Neophytos for him.

The law speaker informed the two combatants that this was a duel to the death; there could be neither mercy nor surrender. If one of the combatants stepped outside of the ring, he or she would be declared loser and shot down by the nearby archers. Then the law speaker stepped out of the ring, held his hand high and then lowered to his side; thus signaling that the duel to begin.

Pelagia took a step forward and awaited the attack of the barbarian. He in turn raised his axe high in the air and charged forward, while Pelagia remained standing still as the barbarian came towards her. She knew that she would not be physically able to block his attack with a heavy axe; she would have to dodge it instead.

She therefore calmly waited until the last moment before his axe would cleave her in two, then she quickly ducked and did a somersault towards the barbarian. His axe hit the ground, while he stumbled over her and fell flat on the ground. To add insult to injury, Pelagia slapped him on the ass with the flat side of her sword as the barbarian tried to get back on his feet.

"I'm over here now," she taunted him.

Pelagia's bold and agile movements made the barbarian look stupid and clumsy. The crowds laughed out loud at his predicament. The barbarian did not like to be made the laughingstock of these small-town people. With a sour look on his face, he got a hold of himself and went forward again. Now, he carefully timed his swing, but still; Pelagia dodged his attack and again she slapped him on the buttocks with the flat side of her sword. She could have severely injured him, but chose not to as if she was just playing around.

Neophytos got a relieved smile on his face as he watched the skillful fighting tactics of Pelagia inside the ring. Obviously, the young Amazon knew what she was doing and was fully qualified to take on a much bigger opponent. In turn the arrogant smile of Pankratios turned into a frown. He had expected the fight to be over in a few moments and had anticipated to be a rich landowner by now. But instead, he now risked losing everything.

After Pelagia had easily dodged yet another of the barbarian's his wild swings with his axe, she boldly addressed Pankratios; "Whatever you are paying him, you have wasted your money!"

Still, the barbarian went forward again because this was the only way he knew how to fight; with his heavy armor and his heavy axe, his fighting skills were designed to rip open the defenses of enemies, who were standing firm in a formation; who did not run or dodged his attack, but stood still and took it with their shields.

But the barbarian slowed down his pace, trying to get the timing of his swing with the axe right. This time he went for her legs as Pankratios had instructed him and he waited patiently until she was well within range. Then he struck a mighty blow which would have cut both her legs at the knees. However, Pelagia jumped high in the air, dodging his axe and then kicked him right in the face. The barbarian took a few steps back and rubbed his face where her foot had just hit him. A small stream of blood tickled from his broken nose, which enraged the barbarian.

He charged again and swung his axe at her, but she in turn swung her one sword against his incoming axe, not blocking it, but just tabbing it, changing its direction away from her. Then she spun around and cut him in the back with her other sword, which penetrated his thick armor. Not a severe wound, but she had drawn first blood. Frustrated with her advanced fighting skills, he charged forward again only to see his wild swing with the axe getting tabbed with her one sword and again she cut him with her other sword.

Then Pelagia went on the offensive; she came at him like a whirlwind, cutting and stabbing at him with her dual-sword attacks. Her attacks were coming in from both sides and the barbarian could not fence them all off with his axe and he had to take them with his armor instead.

Pelagia's agility and superior fighting skills, displayed the barbarian as a backward brute with primitive fighting skills and brute power, which proved to be useless against an agile and well-trained Amazon swordswoman like Pelagia. With swift attacks of her sharp swords, she sliced up his thick leather armor. In desperation, he tried to fence off her attacks with the stock of his axe, but she broke it instead.

In the end, the barbarian looked ragged and pathetic, stumbling around the ring like a mad bull which had lost its way. With his broken axe and his destroyed amour, he still tried feebly to fight back. He had no shield, not even a backup weapon. With his one hand he tried to hold his broken armor in place, which was falling apart due to Pelagia's relentless attacks with her sharp swords.

Finally, Pelagia decided that the charade had gone on long enough and proceeded to end the fight. She made a shrewd sword combination of first attempting to stab in the chest, which he fenced off with the head of his axe and then she cut his leg at the thigh, which was not protected by his armor. The barbarian howled loudly from the pain like a wounded animal and fell to his knees, but he managed to get up again with only one good leg supporting him. He slowly moved around with his wounded leg dragging behind him.

Pelagia attacked him again with full force, landing blow after blow and when the barbarian left himself open, she stabbed him right in the thigh of his other leg. The barbarian screamed from the pain and again fell to his knees. But this time, he could not get up again. He raised his axe with one arm, but Pelagia chopped off his hand, which was holding the axe. The barbarian fumbled in the dirt for the axe which his sawn-off hand still held on to, while she moved close to him.

Pelagia swung her swords at his head from opposite directions like a scissor. The blades of her swords made sparks fly as the metal grinded against metal and chopped off the head of the defenseless barbarian. The blood splatted up in the air, when the head came off and he caught a few drops of blood on her tongue. "Yummy!" she yelled loudly, while the beheaded barbarian fell flat on the ground.

The law speaker stepped into the ring. "The gods have spoken," he proclaimed. "The daughter of Neophytos has defeated the champion of Pankratios in battle."

"All lands which belonged to Pankratios are now property of Neophytos. Let no man speak against it, or else, they will offend the gods." The law speaker then raised his hands and look to the sky to honor the decision of the gods.

Neophytos rushed into the ring, threw himself in the dirt and kissed the feet of Pelagia. Pankratios had in turn already disappeared from the thingstead; when it became evident that the barbarian was losing the duel, he discreetly jumped on his horse and rode off. Obviously, he was gonna try to save his personal fortune, before he had to take to the road, because he was a person-non-grata in this part of Cappadocia from now on.

The men at the thingstead all stood up and loudly cheered for Pelagia. They all thought that she in fact was the daughter of Neophytos and this was genuine miracle which had just been displayed before their very eyes. As if Ares, the Greek god of war or even Athena herself had steered Pelagia through the duel.

Neophytos was reluctant to part with his newfound friends and invited them home to his house. "I know that you won't take my money," he began. "But please allow me to offer you some dinner tonight and a warm place to rest for the night."

"Please dine with me and my family tonight and stay the night at my house. That's the least I can do to return your good deeds."

It was now late in the afternoon and they wouldn't get far before they had to stop for the night anyway, so therefore Dementria humored Neophytos and they all followed him home to his estate. The town people bowed to him and Pelagia as they rode along.


At the house of Neophytos:

His manor house and the adjacent buildings for domesticated animals, storage, stable and staff people were surrounded by a defensive wall with a large gate. The gate was closed at they approached, but Neophytos waved his hand and then the gate slowly opened. Obviously, his staff people were alerted when they saw a large group of armed people approach. They had expected Neophytos home alone several hours ago.

When they got inside the manor yard, the Overseer of the estate came forward and took the bridle of Neophytos' horse while he jumped off. "Welcome home. Master Neophytos," the Overseer said and bowed. "Good to have you back. We were worried."

"This is my Overseer, Genedios," Neophytos presented him to the travelers. "He is my right hand and has helped me running my estate for the last 20 years or more." Neophytos slapped him hard on his sable back, which made the Overseer cough. "I am just a mere servant of the manor, nothing more," Genedios said modestly.

Neophytos quickly briefed Genedios on what had happened at the thingstead and the overseer in turn bowed deeply the foreigners who had just saved his masters life. Other staff people came and took their horses to the stables. His daughters quickly came out and greeted their father. They were anticipating their father's return. They knew that he had been to an important meeting at the thingstead, but they did not know how what peril that he been in. They looked curiously at the strangers who accompanied their father. They had not seen female soldiers before and shamelessly looked them over.

Neophytos ordered his kitchen staff to slaughter a ram to celebrate his good fortune and give a feast to honor his guests, whom had saved his life and the livelihood of his whole family. While the food was being prepared, the travelers went to the bathhouse to refresh themselves. The bath was a large square pool in the floor made of bricks and mortar.

The travelers took off their amour and clothes and hanged them on the wall. Dementria told the servants at the bath to get their clothes washed and then dismissed them. She was an old-school Amazon who did not fully trust strangers. She wanted to be alone with her own people when they bathed. The servants brought them some fine robes that they could wear until your own clothes were dried and ironed.

They put their swords on the edge of the water pool and went into the heated water, which were up to their waists. As they both were officers, Dementria and Lucius thoroughly scrubbed each other's backs, while the young warriors were fooling around and splashed water over each other like they were little children having fun. Until Dementria barked at them that they should behave themselves.

In the dining room, a sumptuous dinner table was set with food and drink. Neophytos and his daughters and the travelers all sat down and then Neophytos raised his cup to give a toast to his noble saviors and wished them good health and good luck on their way home. The guests ate the tasty food with great appetite, while the servants brought them wine, but Dementria didn't drink much and she prevented Lucius from drinking too much wine as well. She had a little score to settle with him and wanted him to be sober, so he could feel the full impact of her wrath.

The daughters of Neophytos were very curious about the young Amazons who called themselves 'Sisters in Arms'. They were most fascinated by the fact that Pelagia had singlehanded killed a man twice her size in mortal combat. They asked if it was normal for girls to be armed in Amazonia and if the boys were armed as well like the two young boys at the table. Pelagia answered politely that only the girls wore arms in Amazonia, while the boys stayed at home did domestic chores. She also explained that the young male warriors were not Amazonians but Gargareans instead. And in the nation of the Gargareans, the boys were armed and sometimes the women too, if they had come from Amazonia and found a spouse or 'husband' among the Gargarean warriors.


The caning of Lucius:

When they had finished their dinner, Myria excused herself and ordered Lucius to do the same. She took him to their room and ordered him to strip. She had already arranged everything regarding Lucius' punishment; ropes and a long thick cane. First she tied his hands and threw the rope over the crossbeam below the ceiling. Then she pulled his arms high above his head and secured the rope. Then Dementria tied each of his feet to hooks in the wall. Then she pulled the ropes, forcing Lucius legs further and further apart. Lucius moaned due the painful stretching of his arms and legs. Finally, Dementria secured the ropes on his feet; Lucius was now completely immobile and at the mercy of Dementria.

Standing with his legs spread far apart, Dementria was taller than him. She looked him straight in the eyes and she spoke to him while she held the vicious looking cane in front of him; "You will now be caned in the name of Mother Nature. Embrace the pain in honor of Lady Gaia, that she may bless you with humility towards womanhood and the Amazon cause."

She put a wooden gag in his mouth and then walked behind him. Before she initiated the caning, she ran her fingers across his broad back. Skin of a virgin! She thought to herself. Obviously, Lucius had not been caned before. Furthermore, she noticed that his fingers were all straight and had never been broken. Did Myria in fact have feelings for him after all? Myria's private life ' including her relationship with Lucius, was of course no business of Dementria. However, the two veteran Amazons were quite the same; they devoted their public life to the service of the Queen and the Amazon cause, but they did not like to be told what to do in their personal life. They had their own opinions on that and they liked to keep it that way.

Then she delivered the first swipe on his back, Lucius gave a howl and dropped the gag from his mouth. Dementria stopped to pick it up and patiently put it back in his mouth as if he was a baby, who has lost his teat. "Bite on it, Lieutenant," she instructed him.

Dementria landed stroke after stroke on his sable back, causing him intense pain. Down she travelled with the cane across his back towards his ass. Then she went up again to his shoulders. Lucius' screams of pain were muffled by the gag in his mouth. She paused to remove her sweaty clothes. "It's getting hot in here," she said.

She stood by his side, half-naked in her underwear, but still armed with the cane. She moved close to him, took his member in her hand and gently stroked it. Then she caned him again, this time his ass was her target. At every stinging blow of the cane, his pelvis jerked forward and he thereby involuntary wanked himself off in her hand. Suddenly, he shot a big load of semen into her hand. Lucius whimpered while Dementria laughed at his degradation. This cruel act displayed her total dominance over him. She removed the wooden gag, rubbed his semen into his face and then forced him to lick her hand and fingers clean from his semen.

Then she put the gag back in his mouth and caned his ass again. She caned him even harder with faster strokes. The red welts rose up on his ass from her cane strokes. The searing pain across his ass from the cane was so intense, that it almost drove him insane. Lucius was on the edge of fainting from the terrible pain, when Dementria suddenly gave a loud yell, dropped the cane and sat down on the bed. Her right arm looked limp, hanging lifeless past her side. Her face was distorted from a sudden pain that had come out of nowhere. She massaged her upper arm, desperately trying to get some life back in it.

These spells usually happened when Dementria restrained herself in stressful situations; she suddenly felt painful twitches followed by paralyzing cramps in her upper arm when she repeated the same movement over and over like cutting down enemies with her sword or in this case; caning Lucius. Her condition was caused by a heavy blow from the club of a barbarian that broke her right arm. The physicians put her bones together, but the nerves in her upper arm had been severely damaged and they could not healed by physicians, only time could heal them, if ever possible.

Lucius spat out wooden gag. "Lieut-, eh Captain, what happened?" he asked. Despite the terrible pain that she had just given to him, Lucius seemed more worried about the health of his tormentor than his own.

"Oh, look at me!" Dementria sighed. "I incapacitated myself while caning a restrained male. What would an enemy do to me in real combat, now that I'm unable to defend myself?"

"You should talk to my wife about your condition," Lucius suggested. And In fact, she had already done that. When she realized that she properly never would be able to take the battlefield again, she approached Myria for a private conversation on a personal matter. Strangely enough, Myria herself wanted to ask Dementria to stay at the outpost, because she was an excellent drill instruction, who was well-respected among the new recruits. However, asking a veteran Amazon to go up north (or stay there) could be considered a deadly insult among Amazons and therefore called for the outmost discretion. Myria was still looking for the right words to speak when she was gonna approach Dementria, when she approached her instead.

Therefore, Myria was very happy when Dementria in turn discreetly informed her, that she wanted to stay up north on a permanent basis due to her war wound, which just wouldn't heal. Myria promptly promoted her to Captain of the outpost and her second in command.

After thoroughly massaging her right arm, the paralyzing cramps subsided and her arm came back to life. Dementria smiled and picked up the cane again, but she dared not use her right arm to cane Lucius again. However, the Amazons were trained to fight with a weapon in both hands. Dementria therefore picked up the cane with her left hand. She positioned herself on the floor just in front of him, because she had a special interest in punishment of a certain place on his body; the skin of the inner thigh was the most sensitive part of a human, male or female. Therefore, she could not let him go without exploring that territory.

She let her underwear fall and stood stark-naked right in front of him. Her eyes shone with sadistic joy while she raised the cane in the air and brought it down against his inner thigh. "Oouuffff!" Lucius screamed into the gag and almost fainted from the terrible pain. Her cane broke the soft skin on his inner thighs and a bloody welt rose.

Dementria shamelessly put her hand to her pussy and gently caressed it while she viciously caned Lucius' inner thighs. Dementria soon got carried away, aroused by the red welts on his inner thighs and his desperate writhing in his bonds while he tried to escape the strokes of her cruel cane.

Dementria finally got close to a mighty orgasm. She momentarily stopped the caning and concentrated on fingering her wide-oven pussy. She raised the cane high in the air to deliver the final blow that would cause Lucius massive pain and get her over the edge at the same time. However, she accidently hit Lucius' balls instead. "AAAHHHIIIIEEEEE!!" Lucius screamed wildly into the wooden gag and fainted from the terrible pain. The gag fell from his mouth and Dementria in turn put the cane down, sank to her knees and violently masturbated herself to a massive orgasm, while she gleefully looked at the tormented body of poor Lucius who hung lifelessly in his bonds.

After the waves of her orgasm had subsided, Dementria got her senses back. She got up and gently slapped Lucius' face until he woke up. "My apologies," she said to him. She didn't mean to hurt his balls, but her left hand was not a precise as her right hand, but she did not dare use her right hand to cane him with again.

"I'm gonna wash your wounds now," she said and brought a bucket of water and a sponge forward. She also put the wooden gag back into his mouth. "You will still need this," she said with an evil smile. As soon as Dementria put the wetted sponge to the wounds on Lucius' back, he jerked forward and groaned in pain. To cause him more agony, Dementria had ordered the kitchen staff to add lots of salt to the water which they had put in her room.

She thoroughly washed all his wounds with salty water, causing him intense pain. Lucius barely managed not to faint during his hardships, but in the end he was completely spent from the massive pain that she had dispensed to him. When she finally loosened his bonds, she had to support him or else he would have collapsed on the floor.

She had arranged for a simple straw mat for Lucius to sleep as if he was a common household slave. She hung him across her shoulder and moved his to the straw mat, on which she gently laid him down on his tormented back. Dementria then straddled his face and pressed her moist pussy down against his mouth. Her musky scent filled his nostrils. However, pussy juice of a noble female was sweet wine to Lucius and soon he forgot his hardships and eagerly licked her to a couple of orgasms.

She had originally planned to let him spent the night on the simple straw mat, but she had second thoughts and took him to her bed instead. She made him lie on his stomach, removed straws from his back and buttocks and then she dressed his wound in healing salve.

However, before she was finished with him, she sat on his face again and he licked her to one more orgasm to sleep on. Then Dementria produced a pipe, laid down beside him and smoked some pipe-weed, occasionally offering a Lucius a puff or two. Lucius had learned to smoke without couching by now and willing took the weed fumes into his lungs which made him feel lightheaded. Dementria finished the pipe, blew out the oil lamp and then went to sleep. Lucius had problems falling to sleep due the pain in tormented back and buttocks, but the pipe-weed had put his mind at ease and sometime later, he fell asleep too.

Meanwhile, the four young warriors enjoyed themselves in the nearby woods.


The young orgy in the woods:

As soon as Dementria had retired to her room with Lucius, the four young warriors excused themselves as well and went to their quarters, leaving the daughters of Neophytos to help their father, who had too much to drink, to bed. Dementria had ordered that the Gargarean boys should sleep in the male staff quarters and the Amazon girls should sleep in the women's quarters. Dementria knew by instinct that the four of them were attracted to each other. She was being rather prudish towards the young Amazons; the young girls had almost finished their military training were soon going off to war. Their minds were still fragile and they risked falling love with these handsome and charming young male warriors and if that happened, the young Amazons would have to be dishonorable discharged.

The young warriors all went to their quarters, where they took their clothes off and gathered the blankets from their beds, then grabbed their swords and went out to meet at the gate. The two Amazon girls and the two Gargarean boys had agreed to rendezvous and enjoy themselves and the four of them therefore met at the gate, wearing just the robes, naked underneath the robes.

"We are just gonna take an evening stroll," one of the boys explained to Genedios the Overseer, who guarded the gate.

"At this hour?" the Overseer asked. "The sun has already set, it will be dark soon and there are wild animals roaming the countryside."

"Not to worry, we are all armed." the warriors showed their swords to him. Sure, and not just with swords, the Overseer thought to himself; he had noticed outline of a semi-eject member which was visible through the rope on one of the boys.

"Do you know somewhere in the nearby woods, where the grass is soft and it won't get too damped during the night?" Pelagia shamelessly asked.

"Aren't you a bit young for that kind of fun?" Genedios asked. "But then again, I can't argue against a young lady, who has just saved the life of my master and my position as well." He courteous gave them directions to a clearing in the woods that would suit their requirements.

The Overseer explained that he locked the gate when it got dark. But they could just knock the gate discreetly and he would let them in because he had assigned himself to guard duty this evening. "I can't sleep anyway as my wife is having a baby sometime during the night," he explained.

"Have fun all of you," he concluded and waved then goodbye.

The young ones easily found the clearing in the woods and arranged their blankets on the soft grass. They noticed a used fireplace with some leftover firewood. Obviously, the staff people from Neophytos' estate used this place as a love nest.

"What do we do, if the captain finds out that we have gone out?" one of the boys said.

"Not to worry, she won't!" one of the Amazons said. "We only have to be back at dawn and we'll be in the clear. The captain will be busy all night, now that she finally got her clutches into the poor lieutenant. He is in for a treat and we will not see neither of them again before breakfast."

"Is she gonna hurt him?" the Gargarean boys asked. The boys had great respect for Lucius as their commanding officer. They would feel very bad about just going out to enjoy themselves and leave him to be beaten to a pulp.

"Oh no, she wouldn't dare, because he is the Commander's spouse," Pelagia explained. "She will rough him up a bit, but he will still be able to walk in morning."

First they lit a fire to keep warm during the night and to scare off wolfs and other wild animals in the woods during their sexual endeavor. Then Pelagia initiated the orgy by stepping into the middle and slowly let her robe fall. Then she softly touched herself while she slowly danced in front of her fellow warriors. The others sat in awe and watched the erotic spectacle. All the other young warriors were attracted to Pelagia because she had stood face-to-face with death and had yet conducted herself so admirably. They were all drawn to her like moths to a flame.

Pelagia stopped and motioned one of the Gargarean boys to crawl to her. She remained standing while he kneeled in front of her. She spread her pussy lips and offered the boy her tasty young pussy. He willingly put his lips to her nether lips and slid his tongue into her pussy. The two remaining warriors crept close to each other and started caressing each other while they watched Pelagia getting orally serviced. They did not linger long by themselves but crawled forward to join the fornication of Pelagia and the Gargarean youth. She soon became in the center of the sexual activity during the night. They all wanted a piece of her and that's why they had arranged to get together all four of them.

Pelagia laid down on the blankets and let the youth, who had just licked her pussy, crawl on top of her and drive his stiff member into her. The other youth licked and caressed her breasts and nibbles, while her fellow sister in arms kissed he mouth and bit gently at her throat. The young warriors changed position, all except Pelagia, who remained laying down.

Now the other Gargarean male humped her while the other young Amazon eagerly licked Pelagia's nibbles. The remaining male youth kneeled at her head, presenting his stiff member to her. It was still smelling and tasting of her own pussy juice. She willing accepted erect cock in her mouth and caressed it with her tongue while she gently caressed his balls with her bold fingers.

At last it was Pelagia's fellow sister in arms' turn to take her; she crawled on top of her and grinded her crotch against Pelagia's pussy. The boys both kneeled on each side of Pelagia's head. She in turn took their stiff embers into her mouth. The Amazon on top of Pelagia worked both girls to a mutual orgasm, while Pelagia ferociously wanked both the boys off simultaneously. They both shot their loads all over Pelagia's face and she willingly slurped all their semen.

Despite her aggressiveness and ferociousness in combat, she preferred to be passive when it came to sexual activities. She willing let boys and girls alike take her. Many of the sexual acts that the young warriors performed on Pelagia that night were considered downright disgusting by veteran Amazons like Dementria and Myria, but Pelagia was a 'half-breed' Amazonian, who grew up with her father in the nation of the Gargareans. She was open-minded and unconventional regarding sex and therefore she willingly surrendered to the sexual void in the midst of her sexual partners as if she was a ship adrift, carried off by the waves in a sea of pure lust.

For the finale - and to show civil conduct towards the young Amazons, the Gargarean youth lay on their backs and the girls sat astride their faces. The boys were familiar with the Amazon way of lovemaking and they willingly licked the girls to some mighty orgasms.

When the young warriors all were exhausted and sexual sated, they went to sleep by the fire. Pelagia kept watch over the other warriors while they slept because they had provided her with so much pleasure and this was the least she could do for them in return.

At first light, she woke up the others and they all walked back to the manor house. One of the boys knocked discreetly at the gate. When there was no immediate reaction from inside, he kicked hard at the gate instead. "I'm coming, I'm coming. Don't knock down the gate," Genedios said. He had dozed off during night and was half asleep when he opened the gate for them.

"Any news on your wife and child?" Pelagia courteous asked. "No, nothing has happened yet, but it is close so I'm told," Genedios said.

The young warriors wished the best of luck to Genedios and his wife, then they tip-toed to their beds in order to catch a few hours of sleep before it was time for breakfast.



At first light, Dementria woke up next to Lucius. She purred like a cat and crept close to him because she was eager to have sex with him. Still half asleep, she reached between his legs, thinking that he was just another of her male lovers and she found his eject cock. She gently crept on top of him and slid her legs around his and splayed them wide apart. Then she slid his erect cock into her pussy. She rode him hard, eager to reach her climax. But suddenly, his body jerked and he shot his load of semen into her pussy. Dementria in turn froze when she realized that she had just trespassed on her commander's property; extracting his semen was far more serious than landing a few strokes of the cane of his back. However, she would have to deal with that later. At the moment, she just crawled on to the face of Lucius to let him clean her pussy of his semen and lick her to a well-deserved morning orgasm.


Dementria delivers a baby by section:

At the breakfast table, Dementria arranged for some cushions to be put on Lucius' chair. She knew that the next couple of days was gonna be painful for him. And she in turn felt that she had maybe been a little overzealous when she had punished him; when Lucius got out of bed in the morning and stood naked in the morning light, she saw welts of her brutal handiwork on his back, ass and his inner sighs. She owed his wife and mistress Myria an explanation for this.

The young warriors smiled and giggled among themselves. Dementria looked at them, knowing what they had been up to. However, she was not in a position to lecture the young Amazons on correct moral conduct.

"What are your plans for your newly required lands, which once belonged to your neighbor?" Lucius asked Neophytos.

"Well, I'm still left without a son and heir," Neophytos explained. "The fact that I suddenly have doubled the size of my lands will only leave me more woundable in the future. I'm afraid that envy will drive others to challenge me and you will not be here to protect me."

The travelers had saved him from one peril, but the future still looked grim for Neophytos and his family unless an heir could be provided for him. However, Neophytos knew that the youngest son of his (former) neighbor was very sympathetic towards Neophytos and his family. "Perhaps you could adopt him as your son and heir?" Lucius suggested.

"NO, father! You can't do that! I want to marry Hyginos!" the oldest daughter of Neophytos by the name of Galene cried out. She and Hyginos, the youngest son of their rival neighbor, had been seeing each other for more than six months now. She knew that if her lover was to become her brother, the law forbade a marriage between them. The faces fell of the present company at the prompt words of the oldest daughter of Neophytos, who stood towering over her father.

"But Galene dearest," her father tried to reason with her and calm her down. "You have already turned 23 and Hyginos is only 16."

"On the contrary, 16 is a most fitting age for woman of your daughter's age and intelligence," Dementria politely pointed out. "This Hyginos is young and therefore malleable. He could be very useful if he is controlled and bent to the will of your oldest daughter."

Neophytos thought for a while and then agreed to Galene's wishes. By marriage between the two of them, Hyginos would automatic be installed as his legal heir. This arrangement would obviously suit everybody.

"We should go and sort things out with Hyginos and his family," Lucius suggested. "That is if he has not run off already with his father." However, Galene knew that he was still present at his father's estate and so were his mother and one of his brothers.

But before they had finished their breakfast, Genedios, the Overseer came to the table with a worried look in his eyes. He spoke softly to Neophytos for a moment or two.

"I'm afraid that Hyginos will have to wait," Neophytos informed his guests and rose from his seat. "There is an urgent problem at the staff house that needs my immediate attention."

"Is this concerning your wife giving birth?" Pelagia asked. "Yes, the birth is long overdue, there is something wrong and we urgently need a physician," Genedios explained.

"Perhaps I can be of assistance," Dementria said and rose from her seat. "We Amazons know a thing or two about childbirth. I have assisted several of my sisters in arms while they gave birth to their children."

"Please come with me," Genedios said and motioned them to follow him to his house, where his wife was giving birth. As the Overseer, he had his own house at the estate. On the way, Dementria thoroughly washed her hands at the well.

There were several women in the room who tried to comfort the wife of Genedios. The skin of her great belly was extremely stretched looked like she could burst open at any moment. The woman was weak and exhausted. Dementria smiled and greeted her courteously. Then she proceeded to examine the woman in child labor.

"Oh-no!" Dementria said when she discovered what was wrong; the child was lying upside inside her womb. Therefore, the child could not come out. The only way to save the life of the poor woman was to remove the child through surgical incision. Unfortunately, the Cappadocians were male-dominated and did not know the concept of a midwife; all aspects of healthcare, including child birth were trusted to the local physician. But there was no time to fetch a physician to perform the operation and Dementria did not trust a male to handle a delicate surgical incision like this.

"There is no time to fetch a physician; the child has to come out now or this poor woman will die within the hour," Dementria concluded.

"Now, do you trust me?" she asked the wife of Genedios. "Yes, yes, yes," Genedios said impatiently. "I was not talking to you, fool!" Dementria barked at him.

"Please help me," the woman said in a weak voice. "I feel that I'm slowly dying."

"Then get on with it, woman," Genedios was very anxious and accidently raised his voice against Dementria. "Silence! Or I shall cut you as well," Dementria made a motion with the dagger, clearly indicating which body-part, which she intended to remove from him if he did not calm down.

First Dementria ordered the kitchen staff to make a cup of tea from the extract of the dried Valerian plants which the Amazons always carried with them, should they get wounded in battle and needed surgery. The extract would calm her nerves and reduce the pain. Then Dementria sharpened her dagger at the grindstone in the yard and scalded it with boiling water.

The men gently lifted the woman in child labor from the bed and put her on the table instead. Dementria handed her the cup of Valerian tea and waited patiently while the wife of Genedios drank the herb tea. Genedios secured his wife's arms and Dementria put the wooden gag into her mouth. "Bite hard on this dear," she explained. "There is gonna be some pain, but it will be over quick."

She put her fingertips on the skin where she was gonna make the incision. "Now," she said and put blade through the skin. A stream of blood splatted out from the wound and hit Genedios in the face. He fainted and fell to the floor, but Lucius caught him before his head bumped against the floor. Lucius gently put him down on the floor and then he secured the hands of Overseer's wife.

Dementria cut swiftly into the womb around the child's head. Then she reached inside the wound and pulled the child out by its head. The woman fainted from the pain, but the newborn child was healthy, except that it was a boy, which disappointed Dementria. However, she cut umbilical cord to the placenta, wrapped the child in fresh linen and handed it to Genedios, who had come around. Then Dementria thoroughly washed the wound, sewed it up and dressed it healing salve. When Dementria was finished, Genedios kneeled before her and humbly thanked her for saving the lives of his wife and child and kissed her hand, still carrying his newborn son on his arm.



Dementria wanted to continue on their journey home. However, they still had to visit the estate of Pankratios and sort things out with the remaining members of his family. It might not be safe for Neophytos to travel there alone at this moment, in case that Pankratios should lurk in the bushes and try to ambush him.

The traveler accompanied Neophytos and Galene to the estate of Pankratios. When they rode through the gate, his wife came out and stood on the porch, followed by Hyginos and another brother who had also chosen to stay behind.

"I'm Timothea, former wife of Pankratios," she said and curtsied deeply. And her two sons kneeled to Neophytos as well. "My sons and I are now at your mercy."

"I have come in peace and I'm not here to gather the spoils of a victor," Neophytos proclaimed. "I honestly believe that our families can be united and live on peace."

Galene got of her horse and motioned Hyginos to come to her. When he came forward, she took his hand and they walked off so that they could talk things over in private. "I'll show Galene the stables and hmm .. so forth," the young lad explained to the crowd before he walked off with her.

"He will show her his erect cock, that's all he can think about," his brother shamelessly commented.

"Silence! You insolent brat!" Timothea scolded her son and slapped his face. "I'm terribly sorry, my son is without manners. He takes after his father."

"My father was loser and a drunkard!" her son pared. "Why you didn't divorce him years ago, I don't know."

Timothea invited them inside for some refreshments so they could talk things over. Neophytos introduced his company and they sat down to hear Timothea's briefing on the affairs of her former husband's estate; Pankratios had stripped the manor house of valuables and loaded them on a cart during the night. However, Timothea her two remaining sons and had prevented him from torching this place before he went away at first light this morning. By the law, Timothea no longer married to Pankratios and refused to follow him, only his oldest son and heir chose to follow his father into the lands of unknown.

Then Timothea produced the books and scrolls of the estate's economy. She had kept tabs on the finances of the estate over the years and it didn't look good; the estate was basically healthy but Pankratios had over the years taken very large sums of money out of the estate economy in order to finance his gambling problem as well as his excessive drinking. To make matters worse, he had also been taking up more and more loans to cover his loses, therefore the whole estate was now deeply in debt.

"My husband had you both ways; he wanted to take over and sell off your estate to get out of debt. But even by losing, he still got out of debt; his estate and along with his debt has now been bestowed on you instead," Timothea explained. "I'm afraid you have won less than nothing, my dear Neophytos."

"Your former husband ran this estate down the drains, but all is not lost. I have some money to pay off part of the debt," Neophytos said.

"You are obvious good with numbers and I fully trust you, Timothea. Therefore, I have decided to appoint you the new steward of this estate. And I take it, that you don't drink or gamble or have any other expensive habits. Therefore the debt should be resolved in a few years."

"I would really like to serve you as well, good sir," Timothea's other son addressed Neophytos and bowed. "You are worth ten of my fathers."

"Well, what can you do for me?"

"I can become your overseer at this estate." the son suggested. "I know how to keep the slaves and the staff people in line ' even without using the whip."

"And if my father or my older brother come back to steal from you, I shall run them off without hesitating!"

Neophytos accepted and thus settled the feud between the two families.



It was now due time to leave, but Dementria accepted that the travelers stayed for lunch and then they hit the road.

"You Amazons have a bad reputation but I must say that it is undeserved," Neophytos said to Dementria when they left. "Your people have lived too long in isolation. You should get out more and meet thy neighbors."

"Well spoken, good sir," Lucius said.

"That might be true," Dementria said. "Alas, our neighbors are generally not as courteous as you, good sir. Therefore we amazons live isolation; not by choice but forced by circumstance."

The remaining part of their journey home passed uneventful. Dementria watched over the young Amazons like a hog and they did not get another change to have sex with the young Gargareans. Dementria sent the young Amazons home to their barracks, while she followed Lucius home to Myria. She had some explaining to do to Myria and preferred to get it over with sooner than later.


Homecoming sex

It was late in the afternoon when Lucius followed by Dementria rode through the gate. Myria sat quietly on the porch, enjoying a cup of wine and a pipe of weed. Her cunt was thumping; she was anticipating Lucius home by now. She looked strangely at Dementria who accompanied Lucius. They both got off their horses.

Dementria curtsied to Myria while Lucius went to her on the porch, kneeled and then kissed her feet.

Dementria ordered Lucius to strip in front of his wife and mistress. Although six full days had passed since Dementia had caned him, the welts were still visible and Myria promptly demanded an explanation. Again Dementria curtsied and explained that Lucius had questioned both Female Supremacy and Dementria's authority. Therefore, she had to put him back in his place.

Myria caressed his back and buttocks while she inspected the stripes. Then she turned her attention on his inner thighs and asked Dementria why she had caned him there, because this was highly conventional.

"That was personal," Dementria explained. Lucius had referred to her as 'Lieutenant' although he had already been informed of her proper rank.

Myria caressed his inner thighs and cupped his naked balls with her bold fingers. Lucius stood still with his hands behind his back. He was a bit embarrassed that his wife shamelessly caressed him right in front of Dementria, but still his cock slowly became semi-erect and twitched when Myria toughed him.

"Anything else," Myria asked. Now, Dementria had to brief her Commander on the serious part. "Yes," Dementria curtsied deeply to show humility towards Myria. "I accidently extracted the semen of your spouse."

"I did not give my consent for that, how did that happened?" Myria asked. "I'm afraid it just did. I have no explanation, nor any excuse for this," Dementria humbly admitted.

"I would like to emphasize that your spouse, Lieutenant Lucianus, had nothing to do with my transgression. He was badly bruised at the time and was therefore unable to resist me," Dementria added.

"Well-well-well," Myria said indifferently. She was more concentrated on caressing Lucius now that he was finally home again. He had been gone for more than two months now and Myria eager to get intimate with him. She motioned him to kneel in front of her and then she lifted her dress, presenting her pussy to him. Lucius willingly ducked in between her legs and started licking his mistress' pussy. Dementria stood still in the yard and watched her commander getting orally serviced. Myria had not yet dismissed her and therefore Dementria remain standing.

When Lucius had provided her with a solid homecoming orgasm, Myria got up, took him by the hair and ordered him to go to bedroom. "Would you like to join us in bed, Captain?" she asked Dementria. She in turn smiled and followed them to the bed chamber. Lucius did not need further instructions; as soon as he entered the bedroom, he laid down with his hands behind his back.

In bed, Myria motioned Dementria to sit on Lucius' face first. As the mistress in the house, Myria took care of Lucius' genitals instead. His cock was almost erect, but she had no need of it at the moment. It was his balls that she longed to give a thorough thrashing. She gleefully hammered her knee into his exposed balls without any sentiment. Lucius in turn willingly took the pain and continued to duly lick the moist pussy of Dementria.

Then Myria suddenly stopped and changed places with Dementria. Dementria got in between the legs of Lucius and as if to meet the challenge of her fellow sister in arms, Dementria took a hold of Lucius' balls with her left hand and punched them hard with her right. She kept on hammering his balls just to insure Myria that she was not personal involved with Lucius. However, she immediately stopped when she felt a cramp starting to emerge in her right arm.

Then the women swapped places again; Myria hammered her knee into his balls again, while Dementria again sat astride his face. However, Lucius could not take any more pain and he soon fainted.

Myria let him rest, because she had a little affair that she needed to settle with her captain. She gently, but firmly, forced Dementria on her back. Then Myria sat astride the stomach of Dementria, locking her arms down to the bed with her knees. She took a firm hold of her nipples and squeezed them hard between her fingers, while Dementria moaned from the pain.

"You have put your pawns on my spouse without my permission!" Myria barked at her. Then she pulled hard at her tortured nibbles. "How dare you ride him like he was a common horse at the barrack's stables? You spoiled little whore," Myria continued scolding her.

"I'm truly sorry, Commander, it was an accident. It all happened in the heat of the moment," the face of Dementria was distorted with pain and fear, while she tried to explain herself. "I swear that I don't crave your property."

Myria let go of her nipples and grabbed her tits instead. She violently mauled them with her strong hands, while Dementria whimpered and groaned from the pain. Although the pain was getting to her, Dementria dared not to fight back. Myria was her commanding officer and Dementria had trespassed against her. Therefore she just had to take the pain without objecting.

Finally, Myria finished punishing Dementria and Myria crawled forward and mounted her face. Dementria in turn willingly opened her mouth to lick the moist pussy of her tormentor. "Good girl," Myria complimented her. "You have learned your place after all." Myria let Dementria lick her to a couple of orgasms, while she occasionally slapped Dementria's tits on order to encourage her to give her best effort while orally servicing her.

Then Myria smiled at Dementria, laid down beside her in reversed position and gently opened her nether lips with bold fingers. Myria thoroughly licked Dementria's pussy as an act of reconciliation until she reached her climax.

When done, Myria leaned back and rested her head against Lucius' shoulder. He was still out, but Dementria wanted to leave Myria and Lucius alone. However, Myria put her arm around her and told her to sleep over because she had by now forgiven for her little mishap and it was getting dark soon. The bed was big enough for the three of them and Lucius wasn't going anywhere so Myria could have her way with him for the next many days to follow.



To be continued...



The tale of Myria and Lucius will continue in the next chapter where Myria gives birth to a boy child. Lucius claims the child as his son, Gibbous. However, Lucius' claim of fatherhood of his son, almost puts an end to their marriage.


The storyline is set for many more chapters, however comments, suggestions or story ideas are welcome, just email the author at



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