Amazons and Hominians, 5-53 – illustrated

Author: Agua


The story is about tough fights between female (Amazons) and male (Hominians) warriors. Even though the Hominians are later supported by other male tribes (Hombres, Anathylians, Vinda and Luangs), they can never completely overwhelm the Amazons who can profit from their tough fighting style.

What happened so far?:

First Episode:

In part 1, an Hominian expedition corps into the Amazon forest was defeated by Amazon attacks. Only few men could return to Hominia and report what had happened. The Hominian King equipped another army that could built a castle in the Amazon forest. Despite many losses, the Hominians could hold their line (part 2). In part 3, the enslaved Hominian women revolutionized against the male dominance. Those female slaves - mainly responsible for production of uniforms and food - were able to overwhelm the Hominian wards and to break free. They joined the Amazon army and thanks to their sewing-skills, the Amazons established a uniform production of their own. After receiving valuable information on the Hominian castles, the Amazons were even able to get 3 castles under their control that were Hominian recruit training barracks before. Thus not only the men in these castles and their equipment, but even the surrounding fertile plains and ore mines had fallen into the hands of the Amazons so that the Hominians run short with uniforms, food and metal for weapons (part 4). In part 5, the Hominians sought for male assistance against the mighty Amazons. The Hombres, another patriarchal tribe living in the hot western desserts, were ready to help. The Hombre forces sent eastbound to the Amazon jungle arrived and supported the Hominian forces in this area successfully. The Hombre army sent through the northern plains to help the Hominian teen army, however, was attacked on its' march and lost already many fighters before arriving at the destination. Part 6 marked a turning point: For the first time, the Amazons had significant losses. A revolution of their slaves (mostly captured Hominians) opened a second frontline, and many barracks, prisons and manufactories for uniforms and weapons got under control of the revolting males and regular Hominian battle units. Many Amazons were killed or captured during these fights. The Hominians were even able to reconquer their castles, fields and ore-mines. Part 7 reports about further deadly encounters between Hominian and Amazon battle units. Even though the Amazons could hold their lines at first, the Amazon territory became smaller and smaller. In part 8, the Hominians entered the last Amazon heart-lands. Despite high losses, they advance more and more so that the Amazon Queen decided to leave Amazonia and to find support by the neighboring male tribe of Anetylia. In a fair fight, an Amazon team could overwhelm an Anathylian crew. Therefore the Anathylians accepted the dominance of the Amazons in their country (part 9).

Second Episode:

Many years had passed since that day. Years that the Amazons had used to reinforce their strength, but the Hominians had become lazy. They had their income from the tributary villages. But in the last time, the villagers had attacked both, Hominian and Amazon convoys and border patrols. Since these attacks there misinterpreted on both sides as attacks of the other nation, the war started again. With changing success, Amazons and Hominians overwhelmed hostile scout troops and border garrisons (part 10 & 11). In Heveria Valley, the Amazons lost 400 experienced fighters at the attempt to attack Hominia (part 12) and later even the important border fortress Caraya Castle (part 13). Could the Amazons deal with this dramatic lost? By spreading a mysterious disease among the men, the Amazons thought to solve this problem once and forever. Though the Amazons could kill and enslave many Hominians and capture their precious equipment, they didn't reach their main goal to get the Hominian fortresses under control (part 14). The Hombres, another patriarchal tribe, wanted to support the Hominians by sending 560 men by train to the frontline. But the Amazons were able to kill these men before they even had a chance to reach Anetylia (part 15)! The Amazon Queen decided that it would be the best to kill all Hombre warriors so that the Hominians would be cut off from any support, but this operation failed completely (part 16). Now, there was only a last chance: To get one or more Hominian battle ships under control and to attack the Hominian ports. At least, three ships could be captured by the Amazons (part 17). Despite important successes (destruction of the port-fortress Gimseh), the captured canon-boats were not long under Amazon control. The Hominians were able to kill the Amazon fighters on board (part 18). Now it was their task to attack the home of the Amazons! At first, the Hominians tried to attack the Amazon fortress Mihitya, without success, however (part 19). Also an attempt to attack Amazonia by means of tanks failed (part 20). The only solution was the support of the allied / enslaved Anathylians. A riot of the unfaithful Anathylians severely weakened the Amazon forces (part 21), so that finally Anethylia was under Hominian control (part 22). But Princess Daila was able to deliberate some hundred captured Amazons (part 23)! Not to be killed or enslaved, these Amazons had to retreat. The Hominians controlled practically all territories from the Hombre savannah over the fertile Hominian plains to the Amazon jungle and the Anathylian bush-lands. The only way that was still open, was the north-west-bound trail through the hostile dessert (24).

Third Episode:

120 years later: The Hominians were lulled by the many years of peace and had lost their fighting skills, while the Amazons had joined the Shaolines, a matriarch tribe on the other side of the dessert. An Hominian expedition corps to Shaolinia was overwhelmed by the female alliance (25). In part 26, the Amazon + Shaoline coalition took over the province of Anetylia: All men left without fight after being convinced by the female superiority. But the Amazons + Shaolines were not satisfied to have Anetylia under their reign and prepared the next crusade (part 27)! The raid against the Hombre homelands was a total success: The land was under female reign, weapons, arms and men were captured (28)! The fights in Hominia were ongoing (29), and it was not clear who would win. Meanwhile, a riot of the enslaved men in the Shaoline homelands had changed the situation in favour of the male coalition (30). For the male coalition, the time to destroy the female reign had come! However, the first attacks of Hombre and Anathylian troops against Anetylia failed completely (31). Part 32 marked a turning point, since the male coalition (especially supported by the Luang army) rushed like a storm over Anetylia. The Amazon attacks in Hominia (33) could only postpone the triumph of the men but not stop it (34)!

Fourth Episode:

After 5 years of slavery, the women started a successful upraise in Mijivaya Fortress (35). Despite massive attacks of the Allied Male Army, the women could defend the upraise and even extend the terretory under their control (36 and 37). In part 38, the Amazons had once more overwhelmed a male recruit training center, but on their way back, the Amazons were defeated and their captivates were freed. After having more and more success in Hominia, Amazonia and the Hombre homelands, the Amazons tried to spread the upraise even to Shaolinia, where the Luang men were still in control of their female slaves (39). In part 41, the Allied Male Armies were able to overwhelm 1000 Amazon warriors. A female upraise in Mbuji Castle could be brought under control after some weeks, but at which price! -- More than 300 men lost their lives at the conquest (41). Internal battles weakened the Amazon army (42) until a new Queen was crowned. The Allied Male Armies looked for new allied troops and bought and trained 5000 Vinda men as slaves from a foreign country (43). But also the Amazons recruited new girl-warriors (44). In part 45, revolting female slaves could bring Deanburgh castle under their control and kill Prince Dirk. An invasion of the Allied Male Armies was stopped by an Amazon Ambush in Kafkaf-Valley (46 + 47) and further losses (48).

Fifth Episode

Even though the land and humans were exhausted from the permanent war, new fights awoke between women and men, in the beginning with a slight advantage for the Amazons (49 + 50 + 51), but later with more changing successes. In part 5-52, the men could take revenge for their losses.

5-53. Amazon Sailors: Battles on the Sea

To compensate the intensive losses, the Allied Male Armies imported more and more slaves from other countries. Besides Vindas, also strong black men from a tribe looking like Anathylians were bought on slave markets. Since the prices for strong men were much higher than for women, the Male Coalition also bought cheaper females to substitute men at work on fields, in mines and manufactures – despite the danger that resulted from the increase in number of female slaves in all fortresses and camps. Of course, the slaves were unwilling to be transported by ship to a foreign country and to work for their new owners. This was even valid for the acquired men, even though the Allied Male Armies thought to use them as soldiers in auxiliary units. Therefore the slaves were led in chains to the ships and kept in cages during the “sea-cruise”.

To transport female slaves, the Hominians used a special vagina-chain to incapacitate them: It is a long cord with many dildo-shaped sticks (so called anchors) in 60cm distance from each other. Each stick is pushed into the vagina of a captured girl. On the lower part, the stick has a handle and if turned, barbs spread off from the stick and anchor in the tender flesh causing extreme pain and incapacitated any girl from running away. In the battles between Amazons and men, many such chains had been captured and used by the Amazons to control troops of captured men: The naked men had to form a long queue and the cord was drawn between their spread legs. Then, a stick was driven into each man's rectum. The pain is severe when the dildo-shaped sticks penetrate the “cunts” and even more when the handle is turned to open the barbs! The barbed hooks easily find hold in the soft flesh, and no man would offer any resistance or try to flee during a transport!

The Hominians had already thought to use it also to control male slaves, but they didn't want to humiliate their future allied men. Instead, they used a “ball-chain” as instrument of torture and subjugation against rebellious male slaves: The hands of the men were bond on the back and the rope was then torn between his legs along the asscrack and tightly fixed to his package. The same or an additional cord could then be used to tie some more men so that a troop of 5 or 10 men was threaded like pearls on a necklace ready to be led away! Often the bond men involuntarily got a hard-on from the “strangling” of their packages that turned out to be painful after some hours. Thus, the will and resistance of the strong black men could be broken. According to the directive of “Pain & Sugar”, the male slave were trained and treated by black Anathylians so that they saw that they could also become full members of the Allied Male Armies wearing uniforms and weapons.

Of course, the Amazons had been informed about these slave-transports that increased the strength of the Allied Male Armies. Therefore they planned to captured such a ship, to free the female slaves and to use the male slaves for their own purposes.

During the transport, the black male slaves were already taught in close combat. Each slave trader ship had 2 or 3 captured furious Amazons on board for training purposes. The black men learnt in the very first fights that their heavy packages – that they were very proud of and loved to show and to expose – were not a sign of male superiority but a severe male weakness in a fight. Since both opponents fought nakedly and without weapons, it took an Amazon just some seconds or minutes to find and crack the male nuts. Howling in pain and heavily bleeding from their cocks, the mistreated black men broke down! After another minute of wild convulsions and crying like babies, the once proud macho stallions died. Now it became clear for the black slaves why their masters always wore ball-protectors in their briefs.

The Amazons did not possess a fleet, but at least some fisher boats. A company of 150 women in 5 boats were sent along the coast to the slave market. They found one Hominian ship in the next slave trader port. It was tied on the quay and waiting another day for the arrival of a new slave caravan. Asking the local women, the Amazons received the information that the ship had already 130 slaves on board, mainly men, and was normally loaded with 200 slaves. The crew consisted of 50 Anathylians and Hominians, but this evening, half of the crew was out for shore leave, because this port was safe from any possible attack. The Amazons knew that this was the best moment to overpower the 25 men on board and to sail with this ship and the slaves to the Amazon territories.

By paying a significant amount of gold, the Amazons could convince 25 women of the local tribe (slim women like Shaolines) to go to the ship to seduce the wardens on board. The plan worked very well: The horny young men put away their weapons and stripped down their jeans and ball-guards so that their rock-hard black and white cocks stood in action ready to screw the gorgeous girls. This was the moment when the Amazons stroke! With their weapons away and their protective briefs down and overwhelmed by the clear majority of Amazon fighters, the men had no chance! The furious women stomped, smashed and squeezed proud ball-sacks till there was no life in them anymore. Strong black men and handsome blond boys broke down howling in pain and heavily bleeding from their cocks! After another minute of wild convulsions and crying like babies, the once proud macho stallions died. Nina for instance was seen standing above a young Hominian with her foot on his throat while her hands had his ball-sack under control. The man bent like a bridge lifting his abdomen high in the air to follow Nina’s hand that tore on his sack. Nina had her left hand around is sack so that his balls were insulated from his body resting on her fist. The experienced Amazon warrior didn’t hesitate to smash her right hand against the helpless nuts which could not escape from the fatal blow! Pow! Blood drooled from his cock and mouth as the young Hominian drew his final breath!

Easy victory for the women! The panties of most girls were wet from the sexual rush of killing stronger men. Weapons, uniforms (T-shirts, shoes and jeans) and smelly combat-briefs of killed men were gathered to equip new girl-warriors. Especially the worn briefs of the black stallions showed severe traces of male usage and emitted a strong male smell. The dead bodies of the killed men could be used to feed the male and female slaves during the transport. The female slaves would be integrated into the Amazon forces. The male slaves were very impressed when the victorious Amazons came down to the cages where the slaves were kept. It was the first time that the slaves saw women dressed in combat uniforms and armors with their crotches bulging with pretended masculinity of captured male cups. The slave men gulped in surprise when they realized how quickly these girls had overwhelmed their wardens and many black cocks rose to salute the female superiority. The female slaves agreed immediately to support the Amazons and proudly took the uniforms of their former tormentors which had housed proud male packages only some minutes ago. Many cups were still warm from the cocks and sacks of their former owners. The male slaves remained in their cages for the passage since they would later be used as workers and smiths in Amazon fortresses and mines.

The Amazon commander decided that 20 girls plus the female slaves should be enough to sail the ship back home, while the other 130 Amazons would stay here to wait for the next Hominian ship.

They didn’t have to wait very long because only 5 days later the next trader arrived. As usual, the Hominians sold weapons, tools and ores to buy slaves. The 25 men of the captured ship that were on shore leave at the night of the attack immediately reported their mates that their ship was lost and probably captured by Amazon pirates. Therefore the captain integrated these men into his crew and installed a strong guard day and night that made an Amazon attack in the port impossible, especially as the captain had also requested the support of the local governor. (The male slave traders had no interest in allowing some women to ruin their flourishing business and supported the Hominian crew by local soldiers.) It was clear that the Amazons could not attack that ship before it left the port. They also hoped that the Hominians would be more careless once they were on open water again. After 3 days of trade, the Hominians had bought nearly 200 mainly male slaves and hoisted the sails. They left the slave port in the evening dawn with good winds and in the good mood to be safe again and didn’t notice the 5 fisher boats following them …

The Amazons avoided coming to close to the ship so that the men didn’t see any danger. The Amazons knew that their light fisher boats were faster anyway and used the night to reach the Hominian ship. Meanwhile it was very calm on board of the ship; most men were sleeping and only few guards were seen on deck. Carefully, the women threw ropes over the railing and climbed on board always hiding in the shade and avoiding any noise. Two young Hombre soldiers (maybe 17 or 18 years old) stood guard at the hatchway to the lower deck. They didn’t even have real beards yet – and would never! They girls drew their crossbows: Thud! The heavy bolts busted throw the light steel sheet cups of the boys and wiped out the masculinity. With a hardly audible sound, the killed boys collapsed.

Meanwhile, Dianna cared about Murat – another young Hombre soldier. Holding a cord with her both hands, she approached the careless young man from behind. Quick as a cat, Dianna threw the cord over his neck and drew it tight. She turned around so that she stood now back to back with him to have more strength. Dianna drew the cord with all her might. Hearing the gurgling of her opponent, Dianna’s panties got wet at the imagination that the boy surely got a boner from the strangling and that his cup must feel incredibly tight in these last seconds of his life. Having her back and ass close to Murat’s, Dianna felt the last convulsions of the Hombre warrior, before his body sagged down. Simultaneously, Clara had finished Murat’s mate Gökhan the same way. Both boys lay now dead on the deck, their heavy packages uselessly protected by their jockstraps.

A small troop of older and more experienced black Anathylians hunkered over the railing and chatted carelessly. For luck, the Amazon fisher boats were attached to the ship on the other side, but nevertheless the risk was high that these men recognized the Amazon attack. The asses of their worn out jeans shone in the moonlight. The women drew their bows and targeted the asscracks hoping that there was no strong anal armor to protect the “back entrance” to the male package. Thud! An arrow entered at the most female spot of each male warrior, slashed the prostate and ballsack till it was stopped by the inner side of the “nutshell”. The Anathylian machos broke down, cupping their hands around their useless ball-protectors. They died only seconds later, while their blood thoroughly colorized their jeans.

The situation on dock had clearly changed in favor of the Amazon. They already wanted to go down to the hold, when an Hominian officer came up the hatchway. Obviously he felt very safe on board, because one could clearly see from the natural bulge in his jeans that he wore his tender package without protection. The Amazon soldier Shelby had sexy, strong legs and often used them to great advantage during hand-to-hand combat with men. She liked to kick her victim between the legs and use the toe or heel of her boots to crush and pulverize his sex life and if possible to kill him. Here came her chance! Before the Hominian recognized the danger he was in, Shelby lifted her knee between the helpless man's legs and nailed his nuts, four, five, six rapid-fire knee lifts and all bull's-eyes, right dead center. He couldn't handle the nut busting pain and passed out before he died. Shelby would later care about his jeans and underwear that she thought to wear herself as he was quite hot, and wearing his briefs, Shelby would always be reminded of her great victory.

The fight under deck was quick and successful. Before the men knew what was going on, they were already defeated! Again, an Hominian slave trader ship was under Amazon control. The slaves under deck had realized what was going on, and the female slaves cheered as they were deliberated by their new sisters. These women didn’t hesitate to strip the killed men – their former tormentors – and to put on their combat-briefs and uniforms. Even jockstraps with cups – that are not well adapted to the female body – were taken and proudly worn by the new female warriors. The male slaves instinctively knew that their status as slaves didn’t change, just that they had now female masters! Their eyes grew bigger and bigger when they saw their former sisters together with the other Amazons dressed in combat uniforms and armors and their crotches bulging with pretended masculinity of captured male cups in which male fighters had lost their balls and lives. It was the first time that the male slaves saw fighting women, and they were frightened when they realized how quickly these girls had overwhelmed and killed experienced male warriors. Involuntarily most black cocks raised to salute the female superiority.

The black slaves were even more frightened when they observed the following scene:

An Hominian officer – one of the few men that had survived the massacre – was brought under deck where two hand-chains were attached on the wooden wall meant as torture place for revolting slaves. He was too weak to resist as the victorious girls hoisted him up and hooked his hands to the chains. The black slaves recognized that he still wore his lieutenant jeans that bulged with a male groin-guard. But it was clear that his male protector would soon be in the hands of the girls.

"Not the tough, macho man now, are we Hominian?" said Shelby, an Amazon officer, as her girls quickly yanked off his shoes and pulled his jeans off, followed by his combat-briefs with male cup. "We'll see what you think of us women when your rocks are smashed." She then said to the girls "Ladies, let me take the first crack at him." She then approached the hapless Hominian and swung against his groin with a shattering underhand. The male macho screamed as she connected with his aching jewels, and she laughed wickedly. Shelby brought her hand up between the man's legs and started to slap his loose hanging balls then she reached down and picked up a ball press from her bag of torture goodies. Carefully she fitted the heavy chrome plated steel clamp around the man's balls. When she had them in position, she tightened the clamp and started to put the screws to his victim's nuts, she tightened the press until his man was sweating profusely, then she tightened it one-half more twist. After some further treatment, the Hominian was ready to give all information the Amazons needed. Normally, the Amazons killed their victims nevertheless, but this time, they saved his life. Maybe, because they wanted to interrogate him later again.