Amazons and Hominians, 5-54 – illustrated

Author: Agua


The story is about tough fights between female (Amazons) and male (Hominians) warriors. Even though the Hominians are later supported by other male tribes (Hombres, Anathylians, Vinda and Luangs), they can never completely overwhelm the Amazons who can profit from their tough fighting style.

What happened so far?:

First Episode:

In part 1, an Hominian expedition corps into the Amazon forest was defeated by Amazon attacks. Only few men could return to Hominia and report what had happened. The Hominian King equipped another army that could built a castle in the Amazon forest. Despite many losses, the Hominians could hold their line (part 2). In part 3, the enslaved Hominian women revolutionized against the male dominance. Those female slaves - mainly responsible for production of uniforms and food - were able to overwhelm the Hominian wards and to break free. They joined the Amazon army and thanks to their sewing-skills, the Amazons established a uniform production of their own. After receiving valuable information on the Hominian castles, the Amazons were even able to get 3 castles under their control that were Hominian recruit training barracks before. Thus not only the men in these castles and their equipment, but even the surrounding fertile plains and ore mines had fallen into the hands of the Amazons so that the Hominians run short with uniforms, food and metal for weapons (part 4). In part 5, the Hominians sought for male assistance against the mighty Amazons. The Hombres, another patriarchal tribe living in the hot western desserts, were ready to help. The Hombre forces sent eastbound to the Amazon jungle arrived and supported the Hominian forces in this area successfully. The Hombre army sent through the northern plains to help the Hominian teen army, however, was attacked on its' march and lost already many fighters before arriving at the destination. Part 6 marked a turning point: For the first time, the Amazons had significant losses. A revolution of their slaves (mostly captured Hominians) opened a second frontline, and many barracks, prisons and manufactories for uniforms and weapons got under control of the revolting males and regular Hominian battle units. Many Amazons were killed or captured during these fights. The Hominians were even able to reconquer their castles, fields and ore-mines. Part 7 reports about further deadly encounters between Hominian and Amazon battle units. Even though the Amazons could hold their lines at first, the Amazon territory became smaller and smaller. In part 8, the Hominians entered the last Amazon heart-lands. Despite high losses, they advance more and more so that the Amazon Queen decided to leave Amazonia and to find support by the neighboring male tribe of Anetylia. In a fair fight, an Amazon team could overwhelm an Anathylian crew. Therefore the Anathylians accepted the dominance of the Amazons in their country (part 9).

Second Episode:

Many years had passed since that day. Years that the Amazons had used to reinforce their strength, but the Hominians had become lazy. They had their income from the tributary villages. But in the last time, the villagers had attacked both, Hominian and Amazon convoys and border patrols. Since these attacks there misinterpreted on both sides as attacks of the other nation, the war started again. With changing success, Amazons and Hominians overwhelmed hostile scout troops and border garrisons (part 10 & 11). In Heveria Valley, the Amazons lost 400 experienced fighters at the attempt to attack Hominia (part 12) and later even the important border fortress Caraya Castle (part 13). Could the Amazons deal with this dramatic lost? By spreading a mysterious disease among the men, the Amazons thought to solve this problem once and forever. Though the Amazons could kill and enslave many Hominians and capture their precious equipment, they didn't reach their main goal to get the Hominian fortresses under control (part 14). The Hombres, another patriarchal tribe, wanted to support the Hominians by sending 560 men by train to the frontline. But the Amazons were able to kill these men before they even had a chance to reach Anetylia (part 15)! The Amazon Queen decided that it would be the best to kill all Hombre warriors so that the Hominians would be cut off from any support, but this operation failed completely (part 16). Now, there was only a last chance: To get one or more Hominian battle ships under control and to attack the Hominian ports. At least, three ships could be captured by the Amazons (part 17). Despite important successes (destruction of the port-fortress Gimseh), the captured canon-boats were not long under Amazon control. The Hominians were able to kill the Amazon fighters on board (part 18). Now it was their task to attack the home of the Amazons! At first, the Hominians tried to attack the Amazon fortress Mihitya, without success, however (part 19). Also an attempt to attack Amazonia by means of tanks failed (part 20). The only solution was the support of the allied / enslaved Anathylians. A riot of the unfaithful Anathylians severely weakened the Amazon forces (part 21), so that finally Anethylia was under Hominian control (part 22). But Princess Daila was able to deliberate some hundred captured Amazons (part 23)! Not to be killed or enslaved, these Amazons had to retreat. The Hominians controlled practically all territories from the Hombre savannah over the fertile Hominian plains to the Amazon jungle and the Anathylian bush-lands. The only way that was still open, was the north-west-bound trail through the hostile dessert (24).

Third Episode:

120 years later: The Hominians were lulled by the many years of peace and had lost their fighting skills, while the Amazons had joined the Shaolines, a matriarch tribe on the other side of the dessert. An Hominian expedition corps to Shaolinia was overwhelmed by the female alliance (25). In part 26, the Amazon + Shaoline coalition took over the province of Anetylia: All men left without fight after being convinced by the female superiority. But the Amazons + Shaolines were not satisfied to have Anetylia under their reign and prepared the next crusade (part 27)! The raid against the Hombre homelands was a total success: The land was under female reign, weapons, arms and men were captured (28)! The fights in Hominia were ongoing (29), and it was not clear who would win. Meanwhile, a riot of the enslaved men in the Shaoline homelands had changed the situation in favour of the male coalition (30). For the male coalition, the time to destroy the female reign had come! However, the first attacks of Hombre and Anathylian troops against Anetylia failed completely (31). Part 32 marked a turning point, since the male coalition (especially supported by the Luang army) rushed like a storm over Anetylia. The Amazon attacks in Hominia (33) could only postpone the triumph of the men but not stop it (34)!

Fourth Episode:

After 5 years of slavery, the women started a successful upraise in Mijivaya Fortress (35). Despite massive attacks of the Allied Male Army, the women could defend the upraise and even extend the terretory under their control (36 and 37). In part 38, the Amazons had once more overwhelmed a male recruit training center, but on their way back, the Amazons were defeated and their captivates were freed. After having more and more success in Hominia, Amazonia and the Hombre homelands, the Amazons tried to spread the upraise even to Shaolinia, where the Luang men were still in control of their female slaves (39). In part 41, the Allied Male Armies were able to overwhelm 1000 Amazon warriors. A female upraise in Mbuji Castle could be brought under control after some weeks, but at which price! -- More than 300 men lost their lives at the conquest (41). Internal battles weakened the Amazon army (42) until a new Queen was crowned. The Allied Male Armies looked for new allied troops and bought and trained 5000 Vinda men as slaves from a foreign country (43). But also the Amazons recruited new girl-warriors (44). In part 45, revolting female slaves could bring Deanburgh castle under their control and kill Prince Dirk. An invasion of the Allied Male Armies was stopped by an Amazon Ambush in Kafkaf-Valley (46 + 47) and further losses (48).

Fifth Episode

Even though the land and humans were exhausted from the permanent war, new fights awoke between women and men, in the beginning with a slight advantage for the Amazons (49 + 50 + 51), but later with more changing successes. In part 5-52, the men could take revenge for their losses, but the Amazons struck back and captured 2 Hominian merchant ships full with slaves.

5-54 Surprising Change of Power

Minjiha castle was under Amazon reign for more than 5 years, together with the nearby ore mines, forges and armories. Nearly 2000 men were kept as slaves and had to work in a 2-shift-system as miners and smiths to keep the Amazon military industry running. While formerly at least 800 Amazon wardens stood on duty to keep the men under control, due to the extensive losses, more and more women had been drawn to the frontlines. Now, Minjiha castle was guarded by only 360 female soldiers, working in 3 shifts so that each shift consisted of 120 girl-fighters. To be able to control 2000 men, the Amazons were dressed in full combat uniform including either captured male or specially designed female cups as well as bows, sword and daggers as regular weapons. Of course the male slaves were naked, and they even had to wear a special harness that tightens around the male genitals to expose them and to prevent the testicles from redrawing into the body-caves in case of a close-fight. It was clear for the men that every female kick could be fatal with their ball-sacks in such an exposed position.

Nevertheless, the male slaves planned a revolt, even though they expected high losses attacking the well-equipped female wardens. But still they believed in their strength in number, and since they were excellent smiths, they also had prepared some weapons and few male groin-guards in secret. The boys in the laundry had stolen as many male briefs and Amazon panties as possible and even few jeans so that at least some 50 men (of 2000) would stand ready partly dressed and equipped with weapons and cups. These men were chosen from the day-shift that officially slept during the night. All men of the day-shift would form a relatively well-equipped second battalion and attack the Amazons in surprise from behind. It was also their task to switch-off the Amazons off-duty, i.e. sleeping or resting, while the first battalion would have the hardest job to fight naked against ready-for-combat Amazon wardens.

The men of the night shift (the so-called first battalion) appeared to their service as devoted naked slaves so that the warden-girls didn't become suspicious. To succeed with the riot, it was vital to capture many weapons, and hopefully some uniforms and cups, from Amazon wardens. A couple of men simulated a quarrel thus stimulating some nearby female soldiers to intervene. The men let the girls enter their group, then closed the ring around the girls (so that from outside it was hard to see what is going on), and then quickly attacked the unsuspecting women. Due to their clear majority in number, it was easy for the men to wind the weapons off the female hands, to gag their mouths and to strip their jeans. Underneath, the girls wore either female panties or captured male briefs both bulging with the pretended virility of captured male cups to hide and protect their Venus mounds and the tender area underneath. In a second, these combat-panties were stripped as well and changed the owner. Now, the cunts of the girl-fighters were slashed with their own daggers! The gags and male hands on the mouths dampened any sounds from the dying warriors. Their naked, bleeding bodies were tucked into nearby bushes or mines not to be seen by other Amazons wardens. The captured weapons and uniforms were kept ready for the moment when the riot would break out. Other small Amazon troops were overwhelmed the same way, so that the Amazon wardens were already weakened before they knew what’s going on.

It was a question of honor to kill the Amazons by exploiting their femininity, i.e. by slashing their cunts. However, this special situation of well-equipped Amazons vs. naked male slaves also allowed other combat methods. Tom rose up behind an Amazon fighter. Quick as a cat, he wound his arm around her head covering her mouth to prevent any alerting shriek. With his other arm he grabbed the dagger that the girl wore in a sheath on her belt. Within few seconds, he slashed the throat of the girl-fighter and held her till her struggle for live ceased. Then, Tom tugged her death body into a mine where he could easily undress her and put on her smelly combat-panties with the male cup, her jeans and T-shirt. Sure, her weapons would help him to kill more Amazons.

The Amazon corporal Janina was overwhelmed in a similar way: She stood at the entrance of a mine to supervise the work of the male slaves, but without noticing it, she was out of sight for the Amazon watch-towers and thus without support. Amadou, a muscular black Anathylian used this chance to throw a cord from behind over her head and to draw it tight. In a vain attempt to protect herself, Janina’s hands flew up to the cord, but Amadou was stronger so that the cord tore tighter and tighter around her throat. Janina’s struggles became weaker and weaker. After some more seconds, she was strangled to death. Nearly soundless, Amadou lowered her lifeless body to the ground. Her weapons were of great use, and also her jeans and male briefs + cup changed the owner. Since the briefs and jeans were too tight for Amadou, he handed them over to a slim Hombre who proudly wore the uniform in which the female stains prove that it was really captured from an overwhelmed girl-fighter.

Meanwhile the first battalion consisting of nearly 1000 men had succeeded to kill the wardens of their prison and to break free. Weapons, uniforms and protective cups of the killed girls were of urgent need for the revolting men. For luck, their attack had not been noticed so far so that these men could approach the Amazon castle unseen. Here, the men split up into 2 units of 500 men. One unit attacked the sleeping rooms, while the other men would care about the Amazons having leisure time. Once in the sleeping rooms, it was easy to massacre the unsuspecting women, because most of them slept nakedly or just dressed in bikini or panties while their weapons, groin-guards and uniforms lay beside the bed. The men – being naked themselves – just had to pull away the blankets so that the naked sleeping girls were exposed to them. One hand closed the mouth to muffle any sound while the other hand rushed the dagger against the female slit. Nearly all 120 girls of the sleeping shift died this way. Of course, the uniforms and weapons of the killed girls were spread among the men. Tight fitting Y-strings and thongs bulged like always with male cups, but this time filled with real masculinity! Combined with tight Amazon stretch jeans, this uniform guaranteed a perfect fit of the male cups!

The second unit (500 men of which nearly 100 were dressed and equipped with weapons) attacked the leisure time rooms where approximately 120 Amazons had a rest playing cards or other games or chatted unconcerned. There were only 4 warden-girls outside the entrance to the building which the men killed easily by means of their captured crossbows. The killed girls were tugged away into a cave not to be seen by other Amazons.

The bulk of the Amazons was switched off by deadly crossbow-fire. Dozens of arrows chirped throw the air and found their fatal marks in tender crotches. The room was filled with the shrieks of dying female fighters. Even though many women wore light cups, the crossbows were strong enough to pierce the intimate protection. Just few Amazons were equipped with bullet-proof full-metal-cups or even with specially designed female cups, so-called pelvic guards. In the fight against these perfectly armored women the strength in number turned out to be a great advantage for the men. Two or three men brought down one girl. Once her jeans and her smelly combat-panties with the disturbing cup were stripped down, the men had easy access to her female vital points! Mostly these Amazons were killed by slashing their cunts. Annabelle wore a female pelvic armor in her panties that covered her Venus Mound and her complete crotch up to the ass-crack. This armor gave her perfect protection in a regular fight. But now, she was overwhelmed by 3 men simultaneously. The men had quickly found that her pelvic guard protected her Pubis Mons very well, but the armor was very narrow between her legs to allow easy walking. Thus, the men forced her legs apart to have full access and then rushed a dagger into her cunt simply bypassing her narrow armor! (This anti-girl combat technique is called “bush-slasher”.) Annabelle shrieked in unspeakable pain while her worn-out jeans colorized with her blood. The men held their victim for that she couldn't break out till her struggle for life was over.

The revolting men had also plundered the laundry and put on the jeans and panties they had found there, not only the washed uniforms but also the smelly Amazon underwear waiting for wash. It looked like the men were now equipped in the same way as the Amazons, but in the close-fights it turned out that their uniforms missed an important part: While the bulges in the jeans of the girls resulted from male cups, the bulges in the jeans of the revolting men were real – and highly tender as the girl-fighter knew! Many men were seen on the ground rolling around in agony holding their sore balls! It was so easy to knock the fight out of a man!

Thomas jumped against Manuela and threw her to ground so that he was on top of her and surely in control. But during fall, their groins crashed together, and Thomas felt the disadvantage of not being fully equipped and having a tender package between the legs, while Manuela was not only less sensitive by nature, but well protected with a male cup. Quick as a cat, Manuela used Thomas' momentary paralysation and swung her legs around his hips. She tugged his abdomen further against her crotch-armor and forced his balls to a painful ride over her cup again and again! It's a bitter irony that Manuela used her ball-protector – that was designed to compensate the weakness of the male organs! as a deadly nutcracker! Thomas got weaker and weaker every second, and Manuela could now easily turn him on the back, so that she lay between his legs and could now apply even more force! After some more violent thrusts from her, Thomas' nuts cracked under the pressure. He passed out cold with a strange howling. Manuela admired her work as she saw the crotch of his Amazon stretch-jeans colorizing with blood and piss. Some more guys lost their lives in close-fights before the last women were overwhelmed.