PowerFemme, Part I- The Goddess Formula.

By SeaRaven.

On a fine sunny morning, the birds chirped and flew from branch to branch of the acacia trees on the campus on Midgard College.

"How can you even discuss cutting my funding?! I'm close to a breakthrough!" Dr. Delilah Thompson almost shouted in her frail, frightened-sounding voice. The chairman of the Midgard College Research Review Board peered at her through his spectacles.

"Doctor, this is turning into a very lean year. The foundation's funding has been cut by ten percent and as a result we must examine every research project currently being undertaken. Unfortunately, we are forced to cut, scale-back or consolidate a corresponding number of projects. With increasingly limited resources, we must increasingly scrutinize our projects. The entire purpose of this review is to determine which projects will maximize the knowledge returned on the initial investment."

"But you are still funding colleagues of mine who are doing purely theoretical work. THEORETICAL! My work has practical applications within years! You can't dream of a better payback period than that. The treatment of osteoporosis for example. The restoration of atrophied or non-responsive tissue. Treating the degeneration of the human body is becoming more vital than ever what with the aging of the developed world." She brushed-back an errand strand of hair and glared angrily.

"Your project..." the chairman squinted as he looked-over the short stack of documents before him "Using adaptogenic isotopes as a catalyst for cellular energy absorption and initiating stimulation of tissue differentiation? Allowing the conscious brain to initiate cellular development? Adaptogenic isotopes are too unstable-"

"As you can see by my reports, I've solved many technical problems over the past year with adaptogenic stabilization. When applied in precision amounts to the target tissues, appropriately stabilized adaptogens have proven-"

The chairman interrupted. "Regardless, we feel that the very ideas underlying your project are, at the very least, dubious. We intend to vote whether or not to terminate your project. Immediately."

"What? But my work has entered an important phase! I- I didn't want to say this." Trembling, Dr. Thompson removed her glasses and set them on the table. "But, I can only conclude that this is being done because I am the sole female biophysics researcher at this institution."

"That's ridiculous."

"I've never been totally accepted here, have I? I have fought tooth and nail for what meager funding I DO have. I've had funding for equipment and assistants cut TWELVE times in the past two years! Male biophysics researchers at other institutions have been given generous support for adaptogenic research." She pounded her fist on the table and winced at the pain. She rubbed her hand. "I intend to appeal this matter before the Midgard Academic Senate!"

"Doctor! Don't try to turn this into a gender discrimination issue! The Academic Senate is well aware of our financial situation and have given us license to pursue as we see fit. All those in favor of the motion to terminate funding for adaptogenic research?" All the members of the all-male peer review board raised their hands. "Motion clearly passes. As of 8 PM tonight, your

project will be terminated. Please vacate the lab before then. Because of your tenure, you will concentrate solely on teaching."


That evening across campus in Dr. Thompson's lab...

Dr. Thompson wiped-back the tears which trickled down her cheeks as she continued her work. Her love for her work was what kept her motivated for years, and now they were taking it away from her just to pinch a penny. Here she was, chiseling away at the frontiers of science and they were killing her project just to improve the school's ledgers! It was funding cuts that had forced the college to move her lab to peripheral, ill-equipped, isolated Building 405 two years before. It was originally a garage, but with hard work she had managed to turn it into a proper place to conduct research. Earlier on, the university had replaced much of her equipment with old, obsolete stuff. Her computer terminal for modeling chemical reactions, for instance, was nearly a decade old and took hours to perform the simplest calculations. Despite these factors, she made headway. Even tonight, several flasks of volatile chemicals were bubbling away on Bunsen burners.

Dr. Thompson had struggled to get tenure and spent years working to get where she was. The adaptogens she was working with were a highly unstable class of isotopes that act as a surprisingly effective catalyst for cellular metabolic and energy-absorbent functions. They can also cause networks of neural cells to grow in wildly erratic ways; in some research, they've been known to cause unusual electrochemical activity in dormant parts of the brain. This latest batch of adaptogenic isotopes that she had painstakingly developed was calculated to allow nerve stimulation to regenerate body tissue. The most beautiful thing about the process was that regeneration could be triggered by the active nervous system. As soon as her treatment was perfected, people could regenerate lost tissue simply by mentally CONCENTRATING on regenerating the tissue. Of course, the treatment was years off from coming to fruition.

Dr. Thompson was a rail-thin, petite, yet attractive woman in her late 20s. She had proved herself to be a brilliant student and had obtained her Ph.D. by the time she turned 23. Delilah had long, black hair which was tied-back into a ponytail and a face which was angelic, yet inviting. She suspected some of her male colleagues didn't believe an attractive young woman could have risen through the ranks so quickly.

She shook her head. She'd rather sell all of her possessions and live in a shack before she'd quit. The work was far too important. She began thinking out loud just as a pair of van doors slammed-shut outside and two men stepped out.

"I have some money saved-up... I could conduct some experiments on my own for a while. Maybe I could get a grant from a private foundation. I'm sure I can set-up a lab..." she wiped away another tear.

"Doctor Thompson!" Delilah whirled around to see a pair of young burly men from the college Physical Plant office. One of them held-up a slip of paper, she hurriedly put on her black, rectangular-framed glasses to read it. "We have a work order to move all this equipment and shut the lab. We were told that you might be here. Hope you packed your stuff." They grabbed the nearest boxes of glassware and began hauling them towards the door.

"You can't do that!" she dropped the work order and rushed-over to them "My work has entered a critical stage. If you disturb it, I'll be set-back by months! Put that down!" she squeaked helplessly in a rather pitiful attempt to sound authoritative.

One of them turned to face her. She was barely 5 feet tall, he was well over six feet. She felt like a skinny weakling next to him. "Lady, we've been told to take this outta here NOW. You were told to vacate. We're going to have to dump-out those chemicals ourselves if you don't do it." He put-down the box and walked over to her cluttered worktable. He turned-off the gas feeding the Bunsen burners.

"Step away from there! You'll ruin the experiment!" Delilah jumped on his arm and tried to push him away from the table, but it was like trying to push against a solid wall. He jerked-back his arm and shoved her aside a bit harder than necessary. She stumbled back against her worktable, and several flasks of adaptogenic compounds broke. The contents splashed against her and sizzled. She screamed in pain as if felt like a thousand burning needles were jabbed into her.

"Hey, are you ok?" asked the worker. "Shit!" A small fire broke-out on the table and he ran to the nearest fire extinguisher mounted on the wall.

Screaming, blinded by pain, Dr. Thompson stumbled against a top-heavy bookshelf, and it fell down on top of her. She felt as if every nerve ending in her body was aflame.

"Got to... get... this off me!" She screamed as she struggled against the heavy bookshelf pinched on top of her, grunting. "Ouch! I'm just not strong enough!" she yelled in frustration. The pain from the chemicals subsided and she felt a slight tingling sensation shudder throughout her body. The workman returned and began to extinguish the fire, the second worker rushed to the scene and noticed the overturned bookshelf.

"What happened?"

"It's under control now. That crazy bitch tried to burn-down the place." He shot another blast of CO2 at the smoldering chemicals. He shook his head as he felt his head spin. "God, I feel dizzy. Must be these fumes." He fanned the swirling smoke in the air.

The other man put his hand to his head. "Me too... I can hardly stand up." He covered his nose and mouth.

Both men heard stirring under the bookshelf.

Underneath the bookshelf, Delilah began to lift herself onto her hands and knees.

"Ouch!" she cried. An odd, tingling sensation slowly spread throughout her entire body. The feeling was like a long, slow orgasm, filling her with warmth. She felt her clothing slowly feel too tight around her legs and arms and a powerful energy surged through her. She heard her belt being stretched out and realized that she was very slowly growing!

"I've got to... lie... down." Mumbled a workman. He felt like all his energy was slowly draining from him. The other man sat on the floor as well, holding his head in both hands.

"W-what's happening to me?!?" Delilah shrieked as she struggled to her feet and tossed the bookshelf off her back with a grunt.

She gasped as she looked down and saw the size of her arms. Her once small and weak arms were being filled up with inches and inches of muscle. Her lab coat sleeves were stretched out completely, wrapped around her growing arms. The rest of her lab coat stretched tight around her growing breasts and spreading lats. She quickly rolled up her sleeve to see new muscles in her upper arms pushing the thin outline of her veins closer to the surface of her skin, becoming clearer and more distinct. Knots of muscle began to congeal under her back and her shoulders consolidated into firmness.

"God, I'm growing!" She looked down- her thighs, once soft, now seemed to be lightly stretching her slacks out as her quads kept on growing and growing. Slow tears formed around the seams, and slowly got larger and larger as her legs continued to increase in size.

"MMmmmm.... I feel so energetic, so STRONG." She flexed both arms this time: shapely, defined wedges of muscle the size of lemons rose from her arms. Skin rippled and bones thickened. Her flat rear started to round out.

"I'm somehow doing it with my thoughts. I was trying to summon all my strength under the bookshelf, and-"

"My God," started one of the men "I'm shrinking!" his voice sounded shriller, less deep than it did. Sure enough, he was slowly shriveling. His body was reduced several inches in height and he seemed markedly thinner than before.

Delilah's mouth hung-open in shock. "My God you ARE shrinking!"

She grabbed the nearest one by his upper arm, "Your muscles have shrunk, too! They're not nearly as big as they used to be- if this keeps up, I'll be much stronger than both of you in no time!"

Delilah's lats bloated outward. Back muscles thickened, her pectorals became denser, thrusting her breasts forward. Her nipples pushed against the fabric of her lab coat. The seams along the side strained, slabs of muscle pushing against them. She had been wearing nylon stockings, but her sudden growth had overwhelmed them, and runs were rapidly appearing and spreading. Her upper arms expanded, like someone was pumping them full of air. Triceps became more defined; biceps rounded into orange-sized orbs under her tight coat and her calves blossomed into hard diamonds of muscle.

"Yes, yes!" she moaned aloud, reveling in every aspect of the metamorphosis. Just by thinking about getting stronger, she was slowly learning how to control the flow of the strength transferring into her. She gripped the workman's arm tighter in her glee as he tried to pull-away. Glancing at her biceps, she coaxed them, "Bigger, bigger." Using her mind, she forced more strength into her body. Her glutes became rigid and rounded hemispheres of flesh, placing even more stress against her trousers.

"Why, this is amazing! I'm beginning to look like I've worked-out for years!" The other man on the floor started crawling away. "Those chemicals- I was working with powerful adaptogens- they must have affected me!" She grabbed the second worker by his collar and lifted him up- not only was she much stronger, but he was much lighter. "Oh no you don't! Ha ha, you can't get away, can you? Ohh, YES! I'm getting stronger much faster now! C'mon, make me stronger!" They were getting thinner and looked like the size of young teenagers. They kicked, to no avail. "I'm somehow taking your strength and muscle mass! It's like we're swapping our strength; I think I'm getting as strong as you guys were, and you're both going to be as weak as I was a few seconds ago!"

She felt enormously strong, as powerful as a man. She was about 5'4" now; she'd gained an entire 4 inches in height! Both men hung limply from her arms. "Looks like your pants just fell down around your ankles!" She laughed at them.

"Stop it!" one of the men yelled.

"This can't be happening!" shouted the other.

"Oh, but it IS happening! This feels amazing!" she watched them shrink to about as small as she was, expecting her growth to stop. Yet to her surprise, they shrank even further. "Oh, God- I thought that it would stop after I made you as weak as I was." open-mouthed with shock, Delilah continued to feel herself gain strength. "But I'm STILL growing! And you're STILL getting smaller and weaker! I never imagined that could possible! You're both smaller and weaker than even I used to be!"

"No! Please stop!" one screamed.

"You can stop begging." A mischievous smile crept across her face. "There's no way I am going to stop now! I want more- I just love being so strong! I must be a full foot taller than you two, and SHIT, you're STILL shrinking! Oh, PLEASE don't let this stop!"

The two workers kicked, but felt their energy slip away from them until they were too weak to even struggle. Both men had been reduced to little more than emaciated midgets when Delilah's growth stopped. She let both men drop to the floor.

"That seems to be all you boys can give me. " She flexed her impressive new body in near-ecstasy. The tears which had appeared around the seams of her lab coat ripped larger. She laughed cruelly. "You two are struggling to even breathe- and just look at my new, powerful body! I can't believe how thin and weak I was before!" She also cupped and hefted her substantial breasts. She had only A-cups a few minutes ago. Open-mouthed she admired the cleavage of her new C-cups! She was also amazed at her new height of 5'7".

She tried lifting a heavy worktable with both hands. No problem, she did indeed have the strength of two men. She grabbed a pipe wrench and tried to squeeze the steel. Though, try as she might, she couldn't dent it. "Well, not quite strong enough yet to bend steel. I've just got to get even stronger!" She grinned as she let it fall to the ground with a 'clang!' She looked-down at herself, her clothes were all too tight and torn in some spots. She began to look for larger clothes around the ruined lab, but to no avail.

"Now I can finally get revenge on all the men who wronged me!" she thought out loud. The ones who pushed her around when she was weak and small, the ones who tried to impede her rise up the academic ladder, the ones who cut-off her funding! Giggling, she felt her head get dizzy... she knew that in high concentrations, adaptogens could often affect neural chemistry with severe results. No, nonsense- that couldn't happen to her, she had super powers now!

Leaving her two victims behind, she ducked next-door to an advanced materials research lab. The door was locked, but fortunately, a first-floor window was left open. Climbing-in and turning on the lights, she looked for clothing- any clothing. She surveyed the room; it was full of Kevlar fabric-milling machinery. The university was funding research on the production, molding and bonding of advanced Kevlar fabric. She giggled, her head spinning and feeling insane again... she got a spontaneous idea.

"I can find clothes here!" She turned-on a Kevlar cutting machine. As the machine whirred to life, Delilah lifted a roll of experimental super-strong elasticized fabric. To her delight, she picked-up the seventy-pound roll with one hand- it felt so light! She wouldn't have been able to do that with both hands five minutes ago! She pumped the bolt of fabric up and down over her head and felt herself moisten.

"Ooooh... this feels soooo good!" she shivered as she flexed. She fed the first sheet of black Kevlar into the machine and turned it on. "I want more..." she flexed her left arm, marveling at the sharply defined bicep which swelled-up as the machine began working the super fabric. "More muscle!"


Four hours later...

Delilah stood outside the Midgard College gymnasium, dressed in a long trenchcoat. A man walked out of the front door and began walking toward the dorms.

"Hey there, young studmuffin." Called Delilah. She sized-up the man. Yup, bodybuilder all right. He stood 6'2.

"Hi yourself. What're you doing out so late?" he smiled. This chick had a gorgeous face.

"Just walking. Care to walk with me?" she smiled sweetly.


"I'm walking through the woods up the hill. That's where I parked my car."

"I didn't know there were any parking spots up there. Or roads for that matter."

"Well... There's a small parking spot. What can I call you?" Delilah put her hand on his shoulder and gave it an appreciative squeeze.


"And how did you get such big muscles, Roger?" She brushed against him coquettishly as they walked.

"Me?" he grinned. This was once sexy mama! "Exercise. Lots of it. You like 'em?"

"Mmmm...." she nodded, "I like 'em. They're just what I wanted to see." Several minutes later, she led him to a secluded spot in the trees.

"Hey, let's see how hard your body is?" she ran her finger down his chest and began to concentrate on getting stronger. Roger took the initiative and wrapped his arms around her. She put one arm behind his neck and gripped him tightly as they kissed and she moaned as she felt more strength rush into her. After a few seconds, Roger pulled his lips away and shook his head.

"God, I'm getting dizzy."

"Ignore it- the blood's just rushing here." Delilah stroked the man's crotch, smirked and pressed her lips against his a second time. Roger pulled away, with more difficulty.

"No, I think I need to sit-down or something." Delilah pulled him tight against herself.

"Ow, you're hurting me!" He tried to pull away, to no avail. Delilah moaned as she felt her bust swell larger with voluptuousness and her muscles harden further. Roger felt some sort of changes taking place beneath the woman's coat. She seemed to be slowly expanding. "What the hell? Umph!" he tried to pull away again as he realized that his mass was slipping away.

"Hahaha!" she threw her head back in delight. "You can't get away from me!" she cast-off her trench coat to reveal her black, shiny, skin-tight catsuit. It covered her from her neck down to her wrists and her ankles. She was improbably standing in a pair of shiny black Kevlar pumps with 6-inch stiletto heels. Stenciled taught across her now D-cup breasts in gold lettering was the word 'POWERFEMME'.

Roger tried to push her away, but his strength was fleeing his body and rushing into Delilah. His horror was evident as his shrinking body became pressed tightly against the woman's swelling breasts, his once-powerful arms and legs growing shorter, more slender, and weaker with each passing second. Lost in the sheer ecstasy of her growth, she began taunting the hapless man.

"See that I am the next stage in human evolution... Tremble before me, for I am your new goddess! I am PowerFemme!!" she yelled triumphantly as she felt ever more strength flood into her body. With one hand, she held up the rapidly shriveling bodybuilder, with the other, she flexed her bicep and gleefully watched it grow larger as she leeched the hapless man's strength. "Look at how strong I'm getting! And you! Ha! You're getting smaller and weaker by the second, I can't BELIEVE how weak you are compared to me! Oooh, make me stronger!" She arched her back and shivered as she was overcome by the erotic rush of all of her body's muscles bloating with each passing second. She held his head even with her face, gleefully watching his body grow thinner and

smaller than the last two men as she spasmed pleasurably with her barely-controllable growth.

She slowed her growth to a near-stop. He was nearly the size of a fourteen year old. "Oh God, look at this body! I'm huge!" PowerFemme marveled at herself.

"Don't! S-stop!" he hollered.

"Don't stop?" she laughed. "Okay, if you insist- Ooooooh!" She shivered as she switched-on her ability again. The transfer stopped when she drained him of palpable strength. She dropped the emaciated, shrunken man into a crumpled heap. He was just skin and bones now. He gasped for breath. "All done! Oooooh, see ya later, studmuffin. Thanks for the muscles!" She called in her sexiest, most feminine voice as she blew him a kiss.

The elasticized Kevlar was the perfect material for her outfit. It was bulletproof, impossible to tear, and it could stretch to indefinite proportions to accommodate her growth. Her abdomen was as ridged as a washboard. She ran her hands over her swollen, hardened body and shivered. She shivered as she brought her finger over her large, yet steely double D-cup bosom. "Getting bustier is a really nice bonus!" she thought out loud. She cupped her breasts and "Now THESE are TITS!"

Nonetheless, the stronger she grew, the more she wanted to grow even stronger. She ran her hand over the granite-hard, softball sized ball of feminine power that was her bicep. It seemed harder and much denser than normal muscle tissue. She looked down and admired the muscular curve of her calves, thighs and buttocks, given an extra degree of bulge by the outrageous pumps she wore. She'd also gained 4 inches in height off this man, making her about 5'11". Quite an improvement over the barely 5 foot pip-squeak she once was!

"I need to perfect this formula. Find some way to make it more potent, more controllable." Surprised, her voice seemed to have gotten deeper, yet far sexier. She ran her hands through her luxurious mane of hair. She began to ponder her new ability: it had to be some bizarre, unprecedented type of telekinesis which allowed her to take cellular energy from men's muscle cells and transfer it into her own. Based on her experience so far, her power only seemed to work on men who were within 6 feet of her or so. In theory, the formula might be improved to extend the effective range and possibly even allow her to draw energy from both sexes. She'd have to go back to her lab, salvage what was left and find some new laboratory elsewhere.

But, that could wait for a little while longer- she was having far too much fun. She had the potential to be unstoppable! She'd absorbed the strength of three men, but it still wasn't enough. Not nearly enough. "With this power, I could become a Goddess!" she trilled. Yes, she'd rebuild her lab and perfect her Goddess Formula.

Nearby was the Midgard campus gymnasium. It appeared to be open even at this late hour. It was an old gym: constructed from bricks and mortar back around the turn of the century with a convex, green copper roof.

She peered into a window of the building and spied a group of about seven weightlifters in what appeared to be an exercise room. These were among the largest, most muscular men she had ever seen- perfect.

"This party's just getting started. Now for some REAL muscle!" She felt a near-erotic tremble course through her at the thought.

They seemed to be finishing-up a work out. She quietly waited until six of the men left- apparently for the adjacent shower room. She gripped the iron bars over the basement window and with a grunt, pulled the bolts out of the mortar. With an effortless stiletto-heeled kick, she broke the glass of the basement window and slipped into the building. Climbing the stairs unnoticed, she crept quietly into the weight room. There was noisy music booming out of a ghetto-blaster nearby. The bulked-up young bodybuilder she'd spotted through the window was facing away from her, toweling-off his face. He was sitting on a weight-pressing bench, at least 450 pounds on the barbell. Delilah put-on her best come-hither smile and was sure to put an extra-sensuous wiggle into her walk as she sidled-up.

"Hi, stud. Are you about to bench-press?"

The young man turned around and reacted with all the surprise of someone who'd just laid eyes on a roughly 6-foot muscled honey in a skin-tight, shiny black catsuit walking towards him. The gold 'POWERFEMME' stretched-tight across her chest. He felt his erection spring to life. "Hey, babe. Didn't see you come in." he couldn't resist a chance to show-off. "I just did ten reps on this. I'm about to hit the shower."

She sounded disappointed. "Ohh- are you sure I can't spot you? Pleeeease??"

The guy looked her up and down. "Sure. I guess you look in-shape. Love that body, by the way."

She smiled sexily. "Oh, you *LIKE* this body?" she asked, teasingly, flexing her abs. She ran her hands up her sides and shivered at the sensation. "Ooh, is that the most you can bench-press, stud?" she seductively stroked the weight-bar.

"Just about." He laid-down on the bench, placed both hands on the bar. Delilah stood over him in the spotting position and began to think about getting stronger.

"Come on stud, give me what you've got." She moistened her lips with her tongue and smirked knowingly.

The man pushed the bar straight off with a grunt and did one rep. Delilah smiled and licked her lips as she felt the transfer begin. The tingling permeated throughout her body as every muscle began to expand anew. He did a second rep, slower than the first. His third was even slower than the second. He was straining more visibly now.

"You can do it, honey." Delilah cooed as she mentally coaxed more strength into her body. She could feel her outfit stretching tighter.

He grunted as he did a fourth rep. Teeth gritted, he struggled to push lock his arms upright- but try as he might, he couldn't make it.

"Grrr! I- Phhhmmm!!!"

"You can do it, honey! Let me help you a bit." She grasped the bar with one hand to help him lift it.

Her already-muscular arms erupted with thick cords of bulging muscle, even as her already large breasts grew even bigger and firmer, lifted higher as her pectoral muscles swelled and her back arched from sheer ecstasy. On the bench, the surprised man's eyes opened wide, amazed at this woman's gigantic strength.

"God, you're strong!" he gushed, in awe.

"Surprised that a girl can match you?" she moaned as she felt herself swell with power. Her outfit creaked as it stretched; she grabbed the weight bar with her right hand and grabbed his wrist with her left.

"C'mon, make me stronger, baby. Make me bigger, baby. Bigger. Harder. Stronger." She curled the weight- it's heaviness seemed to diminish by the second. Suddenly realizing in disbelief what was happening, the man looked-down at his shrinking body. He gasped and passed-out when he saw his rapidly dwindling form.

"Oh Yes, Bigger, More! MORRRRRE! C'MON, I WANT TO GET HUGE!" She began pumping the weight with her right hand, noting gleefully that it was lighter than ever!

Totally lost in her awe for her new body, she let him slump to the floor even though she was only half-finished consuming his strength. Satisfying the desire for more muscles was a craving. An insatiable addiction. It was better than chocolate, better than fulfilling a long-cherished goal, better than sex. "Oh God!" she shuddered as she dropped the weight onto the floor with a loud 'clang!' and ran her hands over the new ridges and valleys of her even bigger body.

Her muscle-fortified bust-line had swollen out to beyond the F-cup realm; her breasts sat on top of thick plates of pectoral muscle making them look even more impressive. They were firm, yet still retained just enough jiggle to be considered genuine breasts. She couldn't see her toes when she looked down! Her ever-tighter outfit only accentuated how overdeveloped she'd suddenly become.

The 'POWERFEMME' stenciled across her chest had stretched wider than ever, but had flattened out.

Still feminine, but just utterly bulging with musculature. Powerful, defined arms hung from bulging shoulders. By the miracle of its super-material, her skin-tight outfit was able to keep up with her large, muscle-backed arms, legs and chest. She admired herself in one of the many mirrors in the room. She tried a dozen sexy flexing poses, amazed at how huge she'd become. She was pumped beyond belief.

"MORE!" she moaned and looked for the other bodybuilders. All six of them were in the shower room. But her victim was lying on the floor, sitting-up. He'd slipped back into consciousness and was clutching his arms in disbelief, desperately trying to find some remnant of the muscle that he'd had not more than 30 seconds before. He was not nearly as large as he used to be.

"I think I've got what you're looking for." She giggled and struck a double-bicep pose. PowerFemme's tissue gathered force and bunched into a twin colossal mounds the sizes of which would put any man to shame. He began to crawl away in fear. "Where are you going, honey? I'm only warming up!" She grabbed him by the wrists and held him off the ground with one arm. She held her free arm behind her head, letting her hard bicep swell against the side of her face.

"What have you done to me?!"

"You must not grasp reality too well, pal." The muscle-hungry amazon looked at him with utter contempt. "I've just turned you into a total, utter wimp and made myself another step closer to becoming a goddess in the process." PowerFemme flexed her free arm and shuddered with pleasure as she watched it swell- it was thicker than the average man's thigh!

"You've- those muscles are mine!" he screamed.

"WERE yours, you mean." She brought his face to within an inch of her bicep. "I think they look MUCH better on me."

"Give them back!"

"Oh, so sorry, honey- there's no way I could reverse the process even if I wanted to. It's VERY permanent." She pouted her lips and sniffed in a mock-sympathetic voice "I'm afwaid that big mister muscle man has had his muscles taken by this widdle, itty, bitty girlie. And you're going to be very, VERY weak from now on."

"Let me go!" he sobbed.

"Try to get away. Go on." She grinned ear-to-ear, still effortlessly holding him off the ground with one arm.

"I CAN'T!" He kicked his legs to no avail.

"I can't even feel you try!" She flexed her free arm as hard as she could, crisscrossing veins popped-out on her bicep. "You're a total weakling!" She laughed then put her forefinger to her lip, pretending to be in thought. "Goodness, if you can still talk, that means you still have some strength left." She sighed nonchalantly. "Oh well. Shame to let it go to waste, no?" PowerFemme focused on drawing-in what was left of his strength- slowly. She giggled. "Mmmmmm... I already have SO much muscle, but I guess I wouldn't mind just a little bit more. It's not like you're going to be too active from now on."

"Stop! Please!" he begged as she started taking more of his strength.

"I just want a liiiiiittle bit more.. Oooooh, I can feel it, and I know you can feel it. Your strength is fleeing your pathetic, limp, weak body!" She shook with joy as she taunted him. "Oooh, I LOVE being so strong! I LOVE being so tall and muscular." She beamed as she saw her bicep bulge larger than ever. "Check-out these arms! Not bad for a girl." She put her thumb and forefinger around his upper arm. "But you- you're less than a tenth of the man you used to be! I bet a third grader could beat you up- no, make that a first-grader! Maybe I should stop taking your muscles now. I've gotten strong enough, don't you think?" She slowed-down the strength transfer again barely to a creep.

The man struggled to speak, but his words came-out as a pathetic sob.

"What's that? I'm not strong enough? Well, okay!" She ratcheted-up the transfer speed a notch and moaned with pleasure. "I guess I could manage to get a little bit stronger if you insist..."

He shook his head as he felt himself dwindle smaller. His voice became more shrill. "No! Please no more! I beg you!"

"Oooh, look at yourself! You must be the weakest man in the world, but you just keep getting weaker and weaker and WEAKER by the second, and I just keep getting stronger.. and stronger" she shuddered as her bicep grew by another centimeter before his eyes "... and STRONGER. Ooooh baby!" The helpless man started to gasp as he shrank to the size of a prepubescent boy, with just about as much muscle.

"Stop!" he screamed in frenetic terror.

"Check out these arms! They're bigger than your legs used to be!" She flaunted her burgeoning biceps in his face. "I'm still growing fast, while you- ha! You've hardly got any muscles left at all. Maybe I'll let you keep a teensy bit of your muscle; do you think I'm BIG and STRONG enough yet? I promise I'll stop now if you ask nicely..." she halted the strength transfer again.

Even breathing became difficult for him; he coughed and tried to nod in response in desperation that he could keep at least the tiniest shred of strength. From his point of view, she was a massive mountain of threatening femininity.

"What did you say?" she slapped her hand to her cheek in mock surprise. "I'm STILL not strong enough? If you say so..." She turned-up the delicious strength transfer again. "A girl could always use a bit more muscle." She began to see he was nearly exhausted of power. "Your strength is almost aaaaaaaaalllllllll gone! We're......... nearly there. Ooooohhh....... Just............. a little........ mmmmmm........... teensy.... ohhhhhhh... weensy........ bit .... left ......."

She let him drop to the floor as soon as there was nothing left to take. "I think that's enough for now. Thanks a million, stud!" She ran her hands over her body once again, shaking with excitement, and turned to walk towards the shower rooms. Although her strength had increased by more than 30% with her latest victim, her muscle volume only seemed to expand only about 10%. She only gained 3 or so inches of height this time. So her growth was outwardly less than her growth spurt last time, but in terms of muscle quality she knew that pound-for-pound, her muscles were probably the densest, thickest and purest on the planet. She could feel that her muscle fibers were thicker, stronger and more densely-packed than those of any normal human were or ever could be. She tested her right arm with her free hand; it was like granite. She was truly becoming super-human.

With each step, PowerFemme felt all her legs ripple and pulse. She savored every bulging movement as she walked. Her high heels merely accentuated her muscle-swollen sexuality. They made a seductive 'tock-tock-tock' while walking on the tile floor of the shower room; it had one exit, six weightlifters were either in the process of bathing or in a state of semi-undress. When she walked-in, they immediately spotted her; one uttered an impressed 'damn!'.

"Hello guys." She put-on a sly grin and put both hands on either side of the doorway, blocking the exit with her muscle-packed frame. Stretching up to her full height, plus her shoes, her head touched the ceiling of the doorframe! Delilah looked like a cross between a Ms. Olympia contender and a big-busted porn star. She shivered as she felt an erotic rush come over her. "Now let's see what some REAL men have to offer..." she cooed erotically as she stood in the doorway to the shower room, smirking triumphantly. A mountain of pure, hard power.

Two of the men walked towards Delilah. One dropped his towel to the floor, showing Delilah a decent-sized erection.

"Yo, bitch! Come on over here. I got something for ya."

Delilah reached-out and gripped it, massaging it gently. He was 6'3, the same height as she. Not for long.

"A woman doesn't just accidentally walk-in to the men's shower unless she wants it bad." Said a second. He was slightly shorter than she was and very thickly built. He looked over her body and whistled. "Great body."

"Don't make no diff'rence to me." Smirked the first. "Yeah, baby. Come on. Gimme that sugar." He reached-out and ran his hands over her breasts. She fondled his genitals, running her hand up and down his shaft. She felt the tingling warmth spread throughout her body as she felt yet more power being added to her already-titanic strength. She'd have to work her magic quickly on these guys; she had a feeling she'd have to vacate campus as soon as possible. Suddenly, PowerFemme grabbed his hard-on and twisted. Screaming, the man she gripped slowly began to diminish in size and strength. Once again, Delilah's muscles swelled larger, her bosom bloated outwards by another 5%, and she grew an inch taller in height. Her black outfit was pulled more snugly than ever before as it struggled to contain her growing body.

The others looked on in disbelief; Delilah quickly drained his strength within seconds until he had diminished in stature to about the size of a slender ten year old. She dropped him to the ground and the five other men in the room started to back into the corners.

"He was just an appetizer, guys!" She struck a double-bicep pose and stuck her massive chest out even further. Two perfect, volleyball-sized breasts sprang from her chest; they stuck-out almost a foot in front of her! PowerFemme's inflated arms were thicker than any of their legs, and her legs were like tree trunks. Her stomach and shoulders had ridges upon ridges of muscular bulges erupting. Yet her figure was more feminine than anyone had ever seen before.

"What the fuck is that?" One shouted.

"Shit Marty, it's the devil!"

Delilah smiled. "No, not the devil... More like a muscle-Goddess!"

One of the men rushed at Delilah like a linebacker, trying to batter his way through to the door. He slammed into her, trying to knock her aside, but she stood fast, unfazed. Delilah grabbed him under both armpits and effortlessly lifted him to see him eye-to-eye. His feet dangled half a foot off the ground. Delilah arched her back orgasmically as she began to speedily drink the nectar of his strength inside twenty seconds.

"Oh yes! Yesssssss!" she screamed as she felt herself grow again. Like the first, she leeched away as much muscle as she could and dropped him like an empty soda can. With no effort, she disdainfully pushed his withered body out of her way with the pointed toe of her high-heeled pump. She stepped forward, and slapped her hands on her hips, laughing menacingly. The men looked-on in horror as she stood threateningly larger than ever before them. A rock-hard, muscle-packed tower of feminine strength.

"Ha ha! He felt like a soft breeze!" PowerFemme laughed as she stroked the inflated cords of muscle that layered her legs and stomach. She shivered with ecstasy. "Ohh, it feels so GOOD to be so STRONG! Whose next? I've got a lot of growing to do!"

"Get back!" one of them shouted. "Don't come near us!"

PowerFemme set one powerful, feminine, stiletto-heeled foot in front of another until she was within 6 feet of the four remaining men cowering in front of her. Layer after layer of thick, deeply cut, muscle covered her entire body. She gleefully pulsated with her new strength. There was not a single inch of her body that was not rock-hard and piled with layers and thick slabs of bulging, vascular muscle. Her thimble-sized nipples poked out, creating twin sharp stretches in the Kevlar fabric of her suit.

"Oooh, what's the matter? You big, strong men afraid of me?" She felt her suit tighten again as she began to milk the strength of the last four men. Her rate of growth shifted into overdrive as the strength of four more men began to rumble through her veins.

"Ohhhhh YES! YES! YES!" She screamed, totally enraptured, lost in the erotic excitement of her growth spurt. Utterly overwhelmed by the hot tidal wave of power that flooded her. She howled in pleasure as she arched her back and felt the level of her strength take a massive leap forward. Her suit groaned at the seams to contain her body as it swelled. Her colossal muscles stretched her clothes out to ridiculous proportions as her she kept on growing and growing. Her stomach muscles were tight and ribbed; they looked like a tightly-packed sack of billiard balls.

In shock, she looked down at how huge she was becoming! Her glutes felt like they were as thick as phone books! Every inch of her was covered by cords of thick, strong muscle. They were striated and textured like coils and coils of rope were bunched under her skin as they erupted with mountainous strength. Her body was pumped solid with throbbing, feminine power. Her torso had turned into a wickedly exaggerated V-shape. PowerFemme put her hands together in front of her and extended them downward while squeezing them inward. Her breasts pushed-out like steel helmets stacked on top of the largest pecs anyone could ever imagine. Her arms were totally swollen; engorged with striated, ropy muscle. Every flex sent waves of power rippling through her huge biceps and triceps. Her shoulders were the size and hardness of cannonballs, and her legs were massive, pillared trunks. Her entire body was layered with twisted cables and huge ridges of thick muscle.

By the time she'd finished, the four remaining men in the room could no longer be considered true men. She estimated these latest four had increased her already-massive strength by at least 80%! Now, PowerFemme had the combined strength of the nine large men she'd encountered... that might give her the strength of fifteen or more average men! It still wasn't enough for her.

Enough growth tonight, what to do next? Improve the formula- that was what would make her a true goddess. "I've got to get back to the lab and salvage the rest of the equipment." She thought out-loud. With her new body, lifting heavy boxes would be no problem at all. She blew a kiss to the six stick figures on the floor, turned on her spiked heel and walked-out of the gym.

Early the next morning.

Driving northward on Highway 65, she glanced at her map briefly and squinted at the daybreak. The sun was starting to rise through the pines casting a yellow light onto her dashboard. Her seat was slid all the way back as far as it would go, and the top of her head was still pressing against the roof of the vehicle. It had been quite a job cramming herself into the driver's side of the van. In a few hours she'd be at her destination: one of her close friends had inherited a cabin in the woods upstate. It was a bit rural, but it had electricity, and running water. Best of all, it was far enough out of sight to serve as an ideal impromptu lab in which to continue work on her formula.

She'd have some tough work ahead of her in the next few weeks. Getting the lab set-up and restarting the rather complicated experiments where she left-off would be difficult, but possible. She'd have to tap her life's savings to have enough money do it though. Her equipment was just barely what she needed. She might have to hire a lab assistant in the near future to help her.

But, she was sure of one thing: once the Goddess Formula was perfected, there were virtually no limits to how powerful she could become.

To be continued...