WARNING, WARNING: This is for ADULTS ONLY. If you are under 18 do not read. Strong sexual Content. Story is about the slow shrinking of a man and his domination by his wife and secretary. If this does not interest you do not bother reading any further.



By Bikeman

I couldn't believe it. Erica invited Sasha, my secretary, over to the house and was going to let her see me at my new size. I can't deal with this. It's bad enough to be around my wife at this puny size, but my secretary?!? A woman who worked for me invited to my house where I'm now a 4 foot-6 inch servant was too much to bear. I didn't know what to do.

Erica interrupted my reflection. She bend down and grabbed me by the shoulders and looking me directly in the eyes said, "I'm going to let Sasha in. You go make a platter of cheese and crackers and pour us some wine. I'll call when I want you. Until then you stay in the kitchen and wait. If you are even thinking of not coming out when I call you'd better reconsider. You know what will happen if you disobey me, right?"

I nodded reluctantly and she released me, patting my ass as I turned to leave. I quickly walked into the kitchen and slumped against the wall, my head spinning. What was I going to do? I couldn't bear the thought of being in Sasha's presence in my condition.

Sasha had been my secretary for almost two years now. I hired her more as an ornament than anything. She's a truly beautiful woman, twenty one, five foot six with an angelic face and the body of sex symbol. I felt proud to have such a gorgeous creature greet my clients. I often had her take dictation just as an excuse to stare at her legs and drool over her enormous tits. I had often leaned over her shoulder, with the premise of checking her work, just to look down her low cut blouse.

I had made many playful passes at her during our working relationship but never too obvious. I had always believed that bosses were bosses and employees had their place. You couldn't be a boss without the respect and maybe even fear of your subordinates. I had always been hard on Sasha, demanding and uncompromising maybe in part because she never gave in to my advances. I demanded that she call me Mr. Edwards and never by my first name. I was beginning to regret my previous practices.

I listened to what was happening in the next room as I busied myself getting together the cheese and crackers. Erica opened the door and greeted Sasha. Sasha let out a gasp of surprise, "Mrs. Edwards? Is that you? What's happened to you?"

"Sasha, come in and please call me Erica. I'll explain everything to you. Have a seat."

I heard the door close and Erica began talking again, "It's good to see you again Sasha. I have an incredible story to tell you and a proposition for you. As you can see I've gone through some amazing changes. I'm not the petite mousy woman you knew. I'm now six feet tall, strong and confident. Some other things have changed which I think you'll find amusing. Tom will you come in here please."

Now was the moment I was dreading. I took a deep breath and slowly walked into the living room with my head down in shame. Glancing up I watched Sasha's reaction. Her eyes nearly popped out of their sockets and her hands flew to cover her mouth as she let out a gasp of surprise. She quickly stood up and approached me. I backed away but with a sharp word from my wife stopped in the middle of the room.

As Sasha moved closer she seemed to loom larger and larger. I was mortified. The last time I saw this woman I was 6" taller than her and completely in control as her employer. Now she stood a foot taller than me, she was completely clothed while I was wearing a pink satin robe and nothing else. When she got about a foot away from me she stopped and looked down at me with a condescending smirk. The top of my head barely came to her shoulders. I looked up at her sheepishly.

She stood there for a few seconds looking me over before she bent down and whispered, "Well "Mr. Edwards" you aren't the big man anymore are you?"

Sasha glanced over at Erica and asked, "How did this happen?"

Erica told Sasha the entire story. The Voodoo store, the effect the drug had on her body, libido and breast milk. She told her about the now obvious effect of the milk on me and how I was now completely dependent on her to breast feed me. How she had dominated me, spanked me and made me her servant.

The entire time my wife was telling the story Sasha was smiling down at me. She never moved away from me. She seemed to be enjoying her new size advantage. I felt small and helpless standing before my towering secretary. I had a feeling that our working relationship was going to be forever changed.

Erica told me to serve them the food and drinks while she talked to Sasha. "Sasha I have a business proposition for you. It's obvious that Tom can no longer run the office. I don't know a thing out investing or anything, but you do. I want you to go into partnership with me and run the show. The two of us can head the business, we'll use Tom as our office help and use his investment knowledge. He'll be here to assist you in whatever you need. You'll be in charge of the office. You need anything we'll make sure you get it. What do you say?"

Sasha looked back at me with a self satisfied smile on her face. "I'll have complete control of the office and Tom will work for me?"

Erica nodded.

"And he will have to do whatever I say?" Erica nodded again. "No matter what?"

"He'll be your assistant, at your beckon call. I've been enjoying his services lately and I will share him with you if you'll be my partner."

I couldn't believe what I was hearing. My wife was bartering with me as if I was a piece of property! I spoke up, "Erica you can't do this! I'm your husband not a slave to be traded and I will not work for or serve my secretary! Ever!"

I started to storm out of the room but Erica quickly jumped up and grabbed me. She pulled me over to the couch where Sasha was sitting. "You will serve her and without hesitation, do you understand, little man?"

"No! This is insane." I tried to pry out of her grip, but was to weak. "Erica please stop you can't do this?"

"Oh but I can and will. You know the penalty for disobeying me and now the same goes for Sasha if she agrees to join me." She stated matter of factly.

I continued to struggle. This was humiliating, being overpowered by my wife in the presence of my secretary. I glanced over at Sasha. She was smiling and licking her lips in anticipation.

"All right that does it!" Erica exclaimed. "You asked for it. Sasha I hope you don't mind watching me take Tom over my knee."

"No, please do. I'd love to see it." Sasha said, squirming enthusiastically in her seat.

I was in shock, was my wife actually going to go through with it? Before I knew it I was face down over her thighs facing Sasha, who was licking her lips with anticipation. I fought, screamed and begged but to no avail. Erica held me down with one hand and with the other flipped the bottom of my robe over my back, exposing my bare ass. Sasha was giggling at my predicament as she watched intently. The first blow stuck me without warning and I yelped in pain. Erica rained slap after slap on my naked ass without letup. Within the first ten strikes I was in tears begging for her to stop. My pleas fell on deaf ears. By the time she finally stopped my ass was burning and beet red. She set me back on my feet in front of her. I quickly tried to cover my erection which was standing straight up.

I glanced up at Sasha. She was flushed with desire. Her eyes were glued on me. She looked over at Erica and said, "Oh that was wonderfully exciting, Mrs. Edwards and it looks like Mr. Edwards found it stimulating as well."

"He's easily aroused now, as am I, a side effect of the pills, I guess. Erica, please, and you won't be calling Tom, Mr. Edwards either. He is your assistant now, if you'll join me in the running the company." Then looking at me Erica said sternly, "Tom, now you apologize to Ms. Sanches for your disobedience in front of her and promise it will never happen again."

"I'm sorry Sasha. That will never happen again." I uttered reluctantly. Erica grabbed me and made me face her. "You will not call her by her first name again is that understood. She is your superior now and you will treat her as such. Do you understand?"

"Yes ma'am. I'm sorry Ms. Sanches." A little over a week ago, I controlled both these women. Ruling my wife at home and Sasha at the office with an iron fist. Now I was a puny shadow of the man I once was, controlled completely by my wife and now my former secretary. I didn't know how to get out of this.

"That's better, Tom. Your forgiven this time. I'll let you make it up to me later" Sasha replied with a self satisfied smile. She leaned back and crossed her long perfectly sculpted legs. She then turned her attention to my wife, dismissing me completely. "Erica, I'd love to work with you running the company. Your right, the two of us could do it easily. I've been held back long enough. So what's the deal exactly?"

"We'll be equal partners in making decisions and split the profits 50-50 between us. We can discuss what we want to do to change the direction of the business, anything's possible, you name it."

"Sounds good. I'm in on one condition." Sasha said.

"Name it." Erica replied.

Sasha's face lit up, "I want a few doses of those pills. I want to grow a few inches and put on a little muscle like you did. The way you handled Tom was incredible. I want that kind of control in my life too."

Erica answered with a knowing smile, "No problem. I don't blame you, it is quite a rush and why should I have all the fun. I really don't need any more since I apparently reached my limit of growth, they don't have any effect on me any more. But if I do use them I can still continue to shrink Tom, so I guess I should save a few to keep him in line."

"Fantastic, You've got yourself a partner." Sasha exclaimed.

"Then let's celebrate. Tom go get that bottle of champagne we've been saving."

I turned to leave and as I passed Sasha she hurried me along by patting my ass. I found the champagne and tried to open it. I was eventually able to get the cork of but it was difficult. Everything had become much harder since I shrank. I served the women and stood by as they finished the bottle. They completely ignored me and talked about their plans for the company and how great it was going to be. After a while they began discussing clothes and stuff. Erica began telling Sasha how she didn't have any decent clothes since she'd out grown hers. They decided to go shopping immediately.

"What are we going to do with him?" Erica asked, "We can't leave him here unsupervised."

"We could tie him up, couldn't we?" Sasha suggested.

"Great idea, would you like to do the honors? You take him to our bedroom and I'll find something to tie him with." Erica said as she got up.

Sasha leaped off the couch and headed towards me grinning evilly. I backed away trying to escape. She grabbed me. I struggled and was able to fight her off, although with great difficulty. She was bigger and stronger than me but not as much as Erica was. Apparently the pills also made Erica stronger as well as taller. We fought for a few minutes falling to the floor. Eventually Sasha's superior weight won out and I was pinned to the floor on my back. Sasha was on top of me with her tits in my face and a smile of victory on her red shiny lips. I tried to throw her off but she was too heavy and had too much leverage. She reached between my legs and grabbed me by the balls. "There, I've got you now little Tommy. You do exactly what I tell you and you won't get hurt. Now stand up!"

She released me and I stood with her towering over me. My robe was wide open and my penis pointed up. Sasha bend down and grabbed my engorged member in her soft hand. "Now that's better. If your a good little man maybe we can play with this latter."

She then turned and pulled me after her, using my dick as a leash. I followed as fast as I could. This was even more humiliating. To be lead around by my dick by my secretary who now stood a foot taller than me. By this time Erica had found some rope and was leaning against the door frame to the bed room laughing at me. I was ready to bolt but I couldn't go anywhere because Sasha had a good grip on my cock.

Sasha lead me to our bed and pushed me onto it. I instantly tried to escape but was held down by her. I fought with her again but was eventually overcome with Sasha straddling my chest and pinning my arms down with her knees. Erica tied me spread eagle to the bed and then the two women stood back admiring their handy work. I was screaming for them to let me go but they just laughed. Sasha stroked my hard on and whispered that she might help me take care of that later. Then she kissed the head of my cock and left the room with my wife. I heard them gather up some things and then the front door of the house close with a slam.

I was left alone, tied to my bed. The entire time I was left there I contemplated my situation. I don't know how long I was left there alone with my shame. I must have been hours. I lay there trying to escape my bonds but to no avail, I was trapped. I didn't know what to do now. Eventually they would return and I had no idea what they had in mind for me.


I must have dozed of because I was awakened by a loud slam and heard lots of laughing coming from the living room. I felt my heart rate jumped and I held my breath in anticipation. Well they're back. A feeling of dread spread over me. What was going to happen now?

The bed room door flew open and in walk my two tormentresses. I gasped in astonishment. My god they looked incredible. They were both dressed in extremely skimpy outfits. My cock instantly sprung to life at the sight of them. I'd never seen either of them dressed this sexy. They giggled as they approached the bed and began untying me.

Sasha was dressed in a skin tight, bright red mini dress. The dress had a zipper down the front that was opened half way down her stomach revealing a huge valley of cleavage. Her enormous breasts looked like they were going to spill out of it any second. The dress also zipped up each side, exposing her luscious thighs up to her flaring hips. With her standing over me I could almost see her panties. My eyes followed her bare legs down to her feet which were covered in red patent leather pumps with 3 inch heels. She was a vision of pure lust.

Erica was wrapped entirely in black. She wore a black leather mini dress with a laced-up neck line which plunged down to her navel. Her tits were straining the laces close to their breaking point. The dress rode high on her thighs. Her legs were encased in black fish net stockings. She was also wearing ankle high black leather boots with 4" heels. I'd never seen my wife dressed like this, but I liked it.

They let me up and stood me between them. I felt even smaller now. In their heels they towered over me. I had to look up to at both of their tits. That's when I noticed that they were almost the same height. I could have sworn that earlier my wife was a good 6 inches taller than Sasha. They both looked down at me with devious smiles on their faces. I felt like a mouse trapped by two hungry cats.

"Well little man, what do you think of your two boss ladies?"

"You both look incredible. I can't take my eyes off you." I replied truthfully. I was becoming intoxicated by the walls of magnificent flesh displayed before me, and getting extremely excited.

"Well good little one because you are in for an experience tonight. Sasha and I have been talking and I've decided to share you with her. You'll be her slave whenever she's around. You'll obey her as you would me. Any disobedience or disrespect such as you displayed earlier will not be tolerated. Do you understand?"

My jaw dropped. I couldn't believe what my wife was saying. She was going to share me with Sasha as a slave? I was now becoming nothing more than property to my wife, something to use and share! My opinion meant nothing? I looked up at the two giantesses looming over me and nodded. I had no choice. I resigned myself to that fact.

They lead me into the living room and stood over me. Sasha was look down at my naked body with pure lust in her eyes. She was really getting off on the control she now possessed. Her eyes openly roamed up and down my exposed body. I tried to cover myself but they brushed my hands aside.

Erica broke the silence, "Is my little man hungry?"

I had not noticed it until she asked, but I now realized I was famished. I nodded hesitantly.

"Sasha was very curious about the whole process so I'm going to let her feed you tonight."

Before I know what was happening Sasha unzipped her dress exposing her full breasts. She grabbed me by the back of my head and pulled me to one of her soft pillowy boobs. She seemed a lot stronger to me than she was a few hours ago and easily guided my mouth to her erect nipple. Without thinking I clamped down on the offered teat and began sucking instinctively, I couldn't stop myself, warm sweet milk filled my mouth. I swallowed and continued sucking and drinking until she switched me to her other swollen udder. I hungrily drank down all of the delicious sweet nectar that was given me. As I feed a familiar tingle washed over my body.

After I drank my fill, Sasha released me and watched me intently. I looked up at her and suddenly felt a sinking sensation. Sasha appeared to grow before my eyes. I knew that it was actually me shrinking again. I watched in horror as her face rose higher above. Her eyes opened wide as she watched in amazement as I dwindled before her. Her breasts climbed higher over my head. I went from looking at her breasts in front of me to having them high above my head and staring straight at the bottom of her rib cage. My shoulders were almost even with her hips. I was absolutely puny. Her thighs were as big around as my waist. To me she looked absolutely immense.

I looked over at Erica she looked equally enormous to me. I didn't stand a chance against these tremendous women. Compared to them I was the size of a small child. They were both fondling themselves absently. My shrinking was getting them very aroused. They began moaning with pleasure as they both neared climax.

Sasha gasped, "That was the most erotic thing I've ever seen. I can't believe how much it turned me on. I've never been this horny in my life. Tom, I want you now!"

She threw me to the floor and pulling her dress up mounted me. I too was very aroused and started thrusting into her. Sasha was so much larger than me my body seemed to disappear between her thighs. I hugged and kissed her thighs as she rode me. Sasha caressed me with hands which could almost cover my chest. She fucked me with abandon, thrusting faster and faster as she approached climax. I felt the pressure building until we both came together. Sasha threw her head back and screamed with pleasure. In the throws of her orgasm she nearly crushed me between her titanic thighs.

As she came down from her high she collapsed on top of me. I was completely covered by her body. My face was smothered by her stomach. I tried to move her so I could breath but she was too heavy. Eventually she rolled off me and pulled me up to her chest. She held me and rocked gently. "That was the most incredible sex of my life." she said breathlessly. "You were incredible little man. I'm going to enjoy using you as my sex slave very much."

I kissed and caressed her breasts in response. I had been lusting after Sasha for a long time and now here I was lying on her naked chest basking in the after glow of being fucked by her. Her body was even better than I had imagined and from my vantage point there was much more to enjoy. I felt like a small child on a new amusement park ride excited and giddy with anticipation. I was getting so turned on my cock sprung back to life and I began rubbing it all over her incredible body. I climbed all over her tremendous body exploring, kissing, sucking and thrusting. I was like a man possessed, I couldn't get enough.

Sasha was moaning with pleasure at my ministrations. "Oh yes, you horny little man that feels so good. Your tiny body rubbing against me is marvelous, don't stop"

She hugged me, almost crushing in me in her strong arms. She then guided my head down between her legs. "OK Tommy, I want you to lick me clean and make me cum."

I resisted but she clamped her legs around my neck began suffocating me with her pussy. As soon as I began licking she released the pressure. I could taste our combined fluids and although the thought of licking my own cum repulsed me I was excited by the smell of her juices. Knowing I had no choice in the matter spurred me on to pleasure her. I explored the depths of her cunt with my tongue and fingers, licking and sucking every inch of her delicious pussy. After a few minutes she came explosively bucking and writhing in ecstasy. I continued eating her until she gently pushed me off saying she couldn't take any more.

I looked around for Erica and found her sprawled out on the couch fingering herself as she watched us. When she saw we were done she ordered me to service her. I jumped up and dove between her colossal legs. She pushed my head into her pussy and I gently nuzzled her moist lips. I straddled one of her thick legs and began humping against her while sucking on her clit. I was overcome again with lust, I rode her leg like a horny dog and buried my face deep in her tunnel. I slowly began stroking the outer lips of her vagina with my fingers while I sucked hungrily on her love button. I gradually pushed my fingers deeper and deeper inside her until my whole hand was swallowed by her squirming cunt. I tried to pull my hand out but is was sucked in deeper by her strong vaginal muscles. I fucked her with my hand, sucked her throbbing nubbin and dry humped her leg all together with complete abandon. She started thrashing and I held on like a cowboy riding a wild bronco and licked her to an earth shattering orgasm.

As she was relaxing in the afterglow she pulled me to her chest and slid one of her nipples in my mouth. Immediately the back of my throat was coated with hot sweet milk. I tried to pull away but she held my head tight against her massive tit. I fought as best I could but she was far too strong. She held me against her soft yielding flesh until I swallowed. What seemed like gallons of milk pumped into my mouth. I had to swallow quickly to keep from choking on the fluid. As the familiar tingling surged through me I became more and more excited. I started sucking on her giant teat and thrusting against her bush. Without releasing me from her breast she repositioned me and slipped my cock into her dripping vagina. I was overcome with desire and started driving myself in and out of her. The more milk I drank the harder I thrust. I began feeling her nipple pull up away from my mouth as I began shrinking. I was now beyond any point of control. I kept plunging into her furiously while stretching to suck on her tits.

She switched breasts and bend over slightly to aid me in reaching her nipple. I sucked on her like a starving baby while humping furiously. I groped her giant boob and tried to pull it closer to my mouth as it rose farther out of reach. By the time I came my lips couldn't reach her nipple. I collapsed on her stomach and nearly passed out as waves and waves of pleasure washed over me. Erica stroked my head and gently caressed my back as I regained my composure. Her hands felt enormous on my body, she could wrap one hand half way around my head. I tried to reach around her waist to hug her but I could only extend about half way around. I squeezed her as hard as I could and she gave me a gentle peck on the top of my head.

After a few minutes Erica stood up while still holding me. She held me like a small child lifting me with no effort at all. I wrapped my legs around her waist and my arms around her neck. Erica held me with one hand under my ass and the other on my back for stability. She started walking effortlessly toward our bed room with me in her arms. She turned to face Sasha who was just standing up herself and said, "Come on Sasha lets go find out how small our little slave is now, it should be interesting."

Erica carried me to the wall where we'd been recording my diminishing size. She set me down with my back to the wall and marked off my height. I was looking straight ahead at her belly button! I looked way up at her chest, her breasts were almost out of my reach! Erica's smiling face was almost completely blocked out by her jutting breasts. Each of her thighs were bigger around than my chest. She towered over me so drastically I felt like absolutely puny.

Erica read off my height out loud, "You're a whopping 3 feet - 6 inches tall my little sweetie."

"What?!? I've shrunk another foot tonight!?! I'm a fucking midget! What am I going do ?" I screamed in desperation. "I'm smaller than a little kid!"

"That's OK my little prince. So long as your a good little slave I'll protect and take care of you and I'm sure Sasha will help. I'd say your about the size of a 6 year old, wouldn't you Sasha?"

"I think your right Erica, he does look about the size of my 6 year old niece. Although I think little Tommy is much cuter and definitely much more fun" Sasha said as she bend down and grabbed my bare ass, pinching me gently. I yelped and jumped back away from her. Both women laughed at me and proceeded to pinch and poke me relentlessly. I tried to ward them off but it was hopeless, they were nearly twice my size and much stronger. They amused themselves for a few minutes with my body, groping and squeezing me while I begged for them to stop. Eventually they tired of tormenting me and let me go.

They leaned me against the wall again and stood towering over me pressing their bodies against me. I was surrounded by their enormous luscious soft smooth flesh. They rubbed up and down my body smothering me. Then they stood and told me to follow them into the living room and get them so drinks.

I followed them out of the room watching their voluptuous round asses swinging just below my eye level. When we got to the other room they sat down on the couch and I went to our wet bar to prepare their drinks. I looked around the room and was amazed at how big everything looked to me now. The counter top of the bar came to my shoulders! I had to stand on my tip toes and stretch to reach the glasses and bottles on the counter. I needed two hands to lift the glasses.

As I mixed my giantesses their drinks I glanced back at where they were sitting. They were watching me intently whispering and giggling at me. I must have looked ridiculous trying to reach things on a bar that was almost as tall as I was. I finished mixing the drinks and carried them over to the women. They were still laughing at me.

"Well that was fun to watch, looks like we might have to get you a stool so you can perform your household duties little one." Erica said laughingly. "Your getting so small that you might not be good for much around here soon."

"Oh, I think we can thing of some menial jobs that even a little runt like him can handle, don't you Erica?" Sasha commented smiling haughtily down at me as I handed her the drink I was delivering. Even while seated on the couch I had to look up at them. They leaned back and relaxed talking to each other, occasionally ordering me to fetch them another drink or something to eat. I complied with all of their orders without hesitation and waited by their sides submissively. Two weeks ago it would have been me sitting on the couch with my wife getting me my night cap or me at my desk with Sasha bringing me coffee. Now I was standing here naked, waiting on them hand and foot.

After a while they decided to call it a night. Erica invited Sasha to spend the night in our guest room. She also offered my services to make her stay more comfortable. They dismissed me to go fold down the sheets and make the room ready. The top of the mattress came up to my chest. I didn't have enough leverage to pull the sheets out and fold them down the bed. I climbed up onto the bed and with difficulty pulled the sheets down. I fluffed the pillows which were about half my size.

By the time I finished getting the bed ready the women were at the door. They seemed to be enjoying my performance again. It was very humiliating having them laugh at my difficulty doing tasked which they could do easily, without effort. Sasha strolled over to the bed and stood facing me. Even standing on top of the bed I was still shorter than her! She grabbed my head and pulled me to her kissing me. Her large tongue forced its way into my mouth to the back of my throat. She probed my mouth passionately and explored my body with her hands. She squeezed my ass and fondled my privates as if they were hers to use. She spread my legs wide apart and stroked my cock, stirring it back to life. She caressed my inner thighs and genitals while continuing to smother me with her kiss. When she finally broke the kiss I was gasping for breath.

"Looks like your going to be mine tonight "little boss man", according to Erica." Sasha said sarcastically.

I looked back pleadingly at my wife. She simply nodded with a smirk on her face. I was going to spend the night as my secretary's slave!?! She was giving me to Sasha for the night like a piece of property! Erica came over and pecked my on the cheek and said goodnight. "Have fun with him Sasha, he is totally yours for the night."

She left the room and I was alone with my giant secretary. Sasha stood facing me with a triumphant smirk. She began fondling and kissing me again, covering every inch of my body with her probing. She was still dressed in that sexy dress which made me feel even more self-conscious.

"Now we're alone at last my little slave. I've waited for two years to have you in my control. You've always belittled me at work, treated me like crap. You went out of your way to put me down, well now it looks like things have changed. I'm in charge now, completely. You will do whatever I say tonight or else. Do you understand?" she demanded poking me in the chest sharply.

"Yes." I replied humbly with my head down.

"Yes, what?" she demanded. "Yes, Ms. Sanches?" I responded looking questionably at her.

"That's better but I would prefer you address me as Mistress Sanches"

"Yes Mistress Sanches:"

"Oh yes, I like the sound of that very much." she said as he lifted me of the bed and set me down on the floor. She then stood up straight staring down at me with a look of audacity. I was again intimidated by her sheer size. She loomed over me for a while and then spoke again.

"So what's it like suddenly being so small and under the complete control of your secretary? I know I love looking down at your puny little body."

I hesitated for a moment. I really didn't know how to answer that and really didn't want to. I decided I'd better answer her, "It's been the most humiliating experience of my life. It's horrifying watching myself shrivel down to nothing. Everything is so different now. The simplest tasks are now a major endeavor for me. The fact that I'm now smaller than a 6 year old child and my wife treats me like one is mortifying. But at the same time I've never know pleasures as great as those I've experienced lately either. My senses are extremely heightened. Although I am very intimated and frightened by your immense sizes I find you and Erica extremely exciting. The mixed emotions are overwhelming. One minute I want to fight the loss of control in my live, trying to regain it and the next I want to give in to the feelings of lust and passion and serve you both completely."

I think she was moved by my honesty. Her expression softened and after a moment she bent down so her face was closer to mine, but still towering above me.

"For your own good I'd suggest you give in and learn to accept your new role in life. I don't think you'll ever be back to normal and if you don't tow the line you might even get shrunk some more. I know I'm enjoying using you and will enjoy it whether you cooperate or not. I've always been used by men, my old boyfriends, my father thought women were put on earth to serve men and you were no different with you attitudes at work. Now for once in my life I'm the one in command. I don't have to be cruel but I'm not going to take any insubordination from you. If you obey me completely and without hesitation we'll get along fine. But if you resist me in any way I'll enjoy punishing you, do you understand my little helper?" she said and once again rose to her full monumental height.

"Yes Mistress" I answered obediently, gazing up at her lofty figure. Her lovely face eclipsed by her enormous breasts. I remembered how I used to enjoy looking down her blouses at her cleavage, now her cleavage was, to my new scale, two feet over my head. Everything about her was so massive. Her hips were almost twice as wide as my shoulders. There was no way I'd be able to wrap my arms completely around her waist. From my vantage point she looked like a ten foot tall goddess wrapped in a skin tight blood red dress. I still couldn't get used to being so tiny compared to my once smaller secretary. It both excited and terrified me having her looming over me.

"OK slave I want you to show your devotion to me. On your knees, NOW!"

I dropped to my knees without a moments hesitation. I groveled there at her feet trembling, waited for her next command.

With a self satisfied grin she snapped out her next order, "Now kiss my feet you puny little slave. I want every inch of my feet covered with your lips and tongue."

I lowered my head and pressed my lips to the tops of her feet, my naked ass high in the air. I thought I would have been repulsed performing such a degrading task but I kissed and licked her feet with passion. I bathed her feet from her ankles to her heels. I made my way down her arches to her toes, licking and drinking in the musky scent of her skin. Sasha's moans of pleasure spurred me on. My tongue made love to each of her toes as she stuck them in my mouth. I sucked on each toe like they were giant clits. I felt her knees buckle as she collapsed on the bed.

Between gasps for breaths she order me to lick her cunt. She slid her succulent ass to the edge of the bed and spread her legs wide apart. Her pussy was at the perfect level for my waiting mouth. My nose drank in her sweet musky aroma as I moved between her legs. I buried my face in her fleshy cunt lips, which were swollen with desire. I spreading her wider I kissed her labia and worked my way to her throbbing clitoris. I circled in on that magic spot, Sasha ground herself into my face grabbing my hair, pressing me closer, moaning for her tiny slave-boy to lick faster and harder. She rode my face until she came in explosive tremors, then she lay still regaining her composure. I stood there leaning against one of her legs with my head resting on her soft pussy gently kissing her inner thighs lovingly.

After her breathing returned to normal she finally spoke, "That was marvelous little man, your finally learning your place. I feel completely contented."

She stood up pushing me off her. "Undress me now."

She stood before me with her chest trust out waiting for me to unzip her dress. I reached up high over my head to grasp the zipper. As I pulled it down toward me what seemed like yards of cleavage burst forth. Her milky breasts strained to squeeze free from their confinement. The dress unzipped completely and the pressure of her now unconstrained tits pushed the dress open. I stared in awe at her mammoth exposed hooters. They were glorious to behold. I stood back and gazed up in amazement at her vast radiant body as the dress fell to the floor. Many times I had dreamed of seeing my beautiful secretary naked and now I was being treated to more than an eyeful. She was more exquisite than I had ever dreamed. I drank in her giant naked form in every detail as she loomed above me. I stared up at the undersides of her superb breasts and past them to her angelic face. My eyes traced every magnificent inch of her tremendous body as she stood towering over me with her hands on her hips. She looked even larger and more imposing which made me feel even smaller, more pitiful.

"You did very well earlier little Tom. You made your Mistress feel very good. As a reward you may sleep with me on the bed , ... at my feet. Go on get up there."

She lifted the top sheet up so I could get under it. I hurried to climb onto the bed, no small task. I used the railing as a step and grasping the bottom sheet pulled myself up. As I got one knee over the top of the mattress Sasha hurried me along with a slap to my exposed ass. I tumbled onto the bed and turned around to see Sasha stooping down to climb in. I scurried to the foot of the bed as instructed and took my place at her feet. She lay down on her back, pushed her feet into me and pulled the covers over her body, enveloping me in darkness.

Trapped in those tight confines my senses were assaulted. I smelled the musky scent of her feet and the sweet fragrance of her pussy. The rough soles of her huge feet rubbed against my bare skin. One of her feet pried my legs apart and began stroking my balls and cock. She ordered me to kiss and massage her foot as she masturbated me with the other. I straddled her foot and began humping it slowly, enraptured by the sensations attacking me. I massaged her foot, kneading the tough flesh with my hands as I kissed and licked the sole of her foot with devotion. Sasha sensed it when I neared climax and commanded me not to cum. I stopped rubbing my penis against her but continued my attentions to her other foot. She eventually fell asleep with me worshipping her toes. After an hour or so I too drifted off to sleep with the sharp taste of her sweat lingering in my mouth and the bouquet of her scents in my nostrils.


In the morning I was jolted awake by Sasha pushing me gently with her feet. I looked up sleepily, disoriented at first. When I realized where I was I looked up at Sasha. She was smiling down at me with a happy satisfied look on her face. She fondled me momentarily with her foot before speaking.

"Good morning tiny slave, did you sleep well?"

"Yes Mistress, thank you." I dutifully replied as my cock responded to her ministrations. I began involuntarily rubbing my dick against her foot.

She glanced down me humping her foot. "Your like a horny little puppy aren't you, boy. Why don't you make yourself useful and get up. I need a shower and you can help me with it."

Sasha threw the covers off and pushed me out of the bed. I landed on my feet and waited for her to get up. She stood stretching, as she did she rose higher and higher above me like a skyscraper. She smiled down at me dreamily. "I can't believe your still here and still so small. I really thought it was all a dream and would be over when I woke up this morning, but here you are still a tiny little dwarf at my feet. I love it."

She quickly bent down and forcefully kissed me on the lips. Then standing she patted me on the head and began walking towards the guest bathroom.

"Come on Tommy, you're going to help me with my shower."

I followed closely, watching her succulent ass sway seductively just a few inches below my eye level. God it was magnificent. Two ample soft fleshy globes bouncing in unison before me. I wanted to kneed them in my tiny hands. I must have gotten lost in my thoughts because I didn't notice her stop. Before I could react I collided with those yielding spheres, bounced off and fell to the floor on my own ass.

Sasha turned and laughed down at me. "You'd better watch where you're going little one. You wouldn't want to get hurt."

She reached down and pulled me to my feet. "Come on, get the shower ready for me."

I scooted around her and turned on the shower and adjusted the water temperature. When it was ready I opened the shower door for my the giant mistress. She brushed me with her taunt smooth stomach as she passed. She stepped under the hot spray and ordered me to join her.

I stepped into the shower stall shutting the door and was welcomed by the warm mist and intermittent bursts of spray as Sasha moved around. I gazed up at her as she soaked under the hot stream. She was magnificent. The water soaking her hair and flowing in rivers down her elegant body. She looked like a giant water nymph with her body glistening in the dim light.

After she finished wetting her hair she glanced down at me, "Grab the soap my little servant and start washing me."

I fumbled for the bar of soap which was on a shelf just at the top of my reach, about chest high for Sasha. I finally found it and lathered it up in my hands, very difficult to do with a slippery bar that to me was the size of a quart bottle! I kept dropping it. After gaining control of the situation I began to lather up my Mistress. I ran my hand down her curvaceous thigh and supple calf. I gently scrubbed her feet and made my way back up along her other shapely leg. I lingered briefly at her succulent round ass. My slippery hands covered ever inch of her exquisite butt. I slid my hand in the giant cleft between her rotund cheeks. As I did she jumped and clenched her glutes together effectively trapping my hand. I tried to pull free but she held me tight. She laughed at me, wiggling her ass as I struggled. I was tossed about by the swaying of her hips.

Sasha leaned back and pinned me against the wall with her plump butt. My face was pressed against the small of her back and my chest crushed by the yielding flesh of her ass. My hand was still firmly clamped by her powerful ass cheeks. She ground against me, forcing the air from my lungs with her huge mass. Laughing she relaxed her butt allowing me to move my hand.

"Keep washing little one, it feels heavenly."

I worked my hand up and down her extensive cleft, gently rubbing her anus and working my way forward to her wet pussy. I cleaned every inch of that tight valley to her constant moans of pleasure. I continued washing the rest of her back side. I moved my hands up along her back to her shoulder blades which were as high as I could reach. All the while she was grinding her ass against me, pinning me to the shower wall.

When I finished with her back she slowly turned around. I was then staring up at her glorious Mammaries high over my head. I continued my duties, thoroughly washing her crotch and abdomen, which was eye level. She gyrated against me as I bathed her lovingly. I progressed up her tummy to her mountainous boobs high over my head. I lathered and squeezed each one separately, using both hands to circumnavigate those spectacular globes. I kneaded as much of that soft flesh as possible with my slippery hands. I twisted and pinched her swollen nipples between my slick fingers. Sasha squealed with delight.

After enjoying my attention to her boobs Sasha stepped back and dropped down to her knees so I could continue with my task. Even with her on her knees I still only came up to her shoulders! I continued scrubbing her chest and worked my way up her neck and gently washed her face.

When I was finished she took the soap away from me and replaced it with a bottle of shampoo. It was more like a half gallon bottle to me. I couldn't wrap my tiny fingers around it! Eventually I propped the bottle under my arm and squeezed a big dollop of shampoo into my hand. Sasha chuckled at my obvious dilemma with another ordinarily simple task as she took the bottle from me.

I lathered the shampoo between my hands and stretch to work it into Sasha's luxurious hair, she had to tilt her head down slightly for me to reach. As I soaped up her hair Sasha amused herself squeezing and caressing my butt. Her gigantic hands completely covered my tiny ass as she worked a thick long finger into my crack. She probed my anus and then invaded my sphincter with her giant slick digit. I shouted a cry of surprise and pain. I had never been violated this way before. The thought of shoving something up my ass repulsed me, but the feeling was indescribable. I felt more puny and helpless then ever having my giant secretary rape my asshole with one finger. My cries quickly dissolved into moans of pleasure as her finger filled me up. I pushed back against her invading probe as she thrust it in out . I rode her finger as she hugged me to her. I squeezed the soft mound of her tits and kissed her neck.

She fucked my ass vigorously and moaned, "That's right little baby. You like getting fucked up the ass don't you, you little slut. Feel my big finger up your tiny little ass, raping your worthless puny body and there's nothing you can do to stop me."

She was really getting off on her dominance of me. She was drunk with power. I bucked on her finger and rubbed my body against her slick soapy midsection. The erotic powerful feelings washed over me like the showers hot spray. I was lost in the burning sensations that surged through my body, from my throbbing ass to my pulsing cock. I came explosively and collapsed against Sasha exhausted.

My reprieve was brief as she pushed me away and made me finish washing her. I rinsed the shampoo out of her hair and the soap from her glimmering body. She grabbed the soap and quickly washed me from head to toe, taking extra care with my prick and balls. She stood to her towering full height and washed my hair with my face smashed against her taut abdomen, which I kissed feverishly.

After rinsing me off she turned of the water and scooted me out of the shower. Grabbing a towel off a shelf, which was far out of my reach, she handed it to me and told me to dry her off. I started with her flaring hips and worked up and down each long leg. I gently patted her downy muff dry and continued up her torso. I massaged each hefty mammary dry individually and circled around to her back. I paid special attention to her beautiful ass. She knelt down so I could reach her upper body and shoulders. After I finished she wrapped the towel around her head and dried me off with another.

We went back to the bed room where she threw on a silk robe and had me follow her naked to the kitchen. Along the way I gawked around marveling at how huge everything now seemed. The door ways were as wide as I was tall and seemed almost as tall as a house. The hallway seemed like an car tunnel it was so huge. Chair seats came up to my crotch, everything was twice as big to me.

When we got the kitchen Sasha told me to brew some coffee and make her breakfast. I looked at the chore ahead of me. The counter was up to my chin! How was I going to do anything on it let alone get stuff from the cupboards. I couldn't even reach the coffee machine from my position. I looked over at Sasha who was watching me intently, taking great delight in my dilemma. From the expression on her face I knew I was on my own.

After thinking for a few minutes I grabbed a chair and with effort dragged it over to the counter and jumped up to stand on it. From there the counter was waist height and I could reach the coffee maker. I grabbed the pot and looked over at the sink. It was several feet away. I pulled the chair over there and climbing up filled the carafe and returned to the coffee machine. The entire time I spent making the coffee Sasha watched me enthralled and quite amused.

I busied myself making breakfast for my waiting mistress. I prepared bacon and eggs with toast. I made two serving and thank god I did, soon after starting Erica stumbled into the room yawning. I got her and Sasha each a cup of coffee and finished breakfast. After serving it to them they had me sit in a chair between them. I climb up on the chair and sat down. Resting against the back of the chair my feet just barely made it over the edge of the chair. I felt like a little child sitting there, looking up at my keepers I felt even punier. They were laughing that I might need a booster seat or a high chair. I was humiliated once again. Just when I thought I might be getting used to my situation they found a way to bring me down another peg.

As I sat their waiting for them to finish they prattled on about their plans for the weekend. When they finished I cleared the table and did the dishes standing on the chair. The women sat lounging around most of the morning sipping coffee and talking. They had me busy myself cleaning house and doing there laundry. I scurried about the house naked, occasionally being stopped by one or the other of them for their amusement. I waited on them hand and foot all day, they would sporadically cop a feel as I passed by or swat my ass to hurry me along.

As the day progress I began to notice pangs of hunger creeping in. I tried to fight them but they got stronger and stronger until I couldn't ignore them any longer. I went looking for the women to feed me, I was truly as helpless as a child now. I needed one of the women to feed me or I'd starve. I found them out on the patio sunning themselves. I walked up to where they were sprawled out on chaise lounges. A warm breeze blew over my body reminding me of my nakedness. They were both sunbathing topless, I took a moment to stare at their beautiful sweat glistened bodies.

After my shadow covered her Erica look over at me. "Yes, what is it Honey.?"

"Um, well", I stammered looking down at my feet, "I'm getting kind of hungry is all....I haven't eaten all day."

"Aww, is that right," I heard Sasha say laughingly behind me, "does the little baby need his milk?"

"Well all right my little pet, Mommy will feed you." Erica sat up and swung her legs around straddling me where I stood. Even with her sitting I didn't even come up to her shoulders. My mouth watered for her soft fleshy globes which were just below my mouth. I bent down to take one of her juicy nipples between my waiting lips. As I sucked on her savory teat Sasha reached over and began caressing my bare ass. I jumped slightly but then wiggled my butt to meet her large velvety hand. She worked her hand in between my legs, spreading them wider. She played with my cock and balls, stroking them gently. My moans were muffled by the pillowy flesh of my wife's giant breast.

Eventually Sasha started lightly spanking my bottom. "That's it little boy, suck on your mommy's big juicy tits. Drink up all that sweet delicious milk like a good little man."

God they were treating me even more like a child. I looked up at my lovely wife as I feed from her milk filled jug, she was smiling down at me with a tender look in her eyes. She switched breasts and cooed softly to me as Sasha continued to playfully slap my ass.

After a few minutes Erica pushed me off her cushiony boob and handed me to Sasha. Sasha picked me up effortlessly and sat me on her lap. Then hefting one of her huge Mammaries she directed the nipple into my waiting mouth. I sucked and drank down her life giving nectar. She hugged me to her chest and rubbed her hands up and down my back, comforting me as I feed. Her hand slipped between my legs and she gently stroked my throbbing penis. As she stroked it gradually increased the pressure jerking me off. As the warm euphoric effect of the milk washed over me Sasha brought me to a mind-boggling climax. I shot what seemed like gallons of semen high into the air. I splashed all over me and Sasha's stomach. I almost passed out from the intensity of the crescendo.

Sasha dumped me on the patio deck and ordered me to lick up the mess I'd made on her. I balked and tried to back away. Sasha immediately grabbed me and forces my head down to her taunt abdomen and rubbed my face in my fresh semen.

"Eat it now, you puny little wimp!" She growled mashing my nose into the cold jizz.

I cautiously dipped the tip of my tongue into the small pool. It tasted salty and repulsive. I tried to pull away but Sasha's hand held me firmly down. She commanded me again to lick it up. I held my breath and closed my eyes and quickly licked it up and swallowed fast to get it over with. I gagged on the disgusting taste and texture of the goo.

Sasha laughed triumphantly, "Good job sweety, but you hesitated and tried to get away from me. For that you must be punished."

She spun me over in her arms and laid me face down on her lap with my flaccid dick between her legs and my ass high in the air. I looked pleadingly over at my wife but she just shook a finger at me with an exaggerated scowl on her face. I yelped when the first blow stuck my tiny ass like thunder. After about ten blistering slaps I was in tears, crying and begging her to stop. I cried out an apology between sobs, "Please no more, I'm sorry. Forgive me, I'll never do that again, I promise to do anything you say, anything. I'll be good."

Finally Sasha relented and left me laying there across her legs as she gently caressed my tender ass.

"If you ever disobey me again, you'll get worse than that, do you understand?"

"Yes Ma'am." I answered softly.

"Good. Now run along and do your chores."

And with that I was dismissed. I busied myself the rest of the day with housework as the ladies lounged around the house making plans for my business as if I wasn't there. After I had cleaned up after dinner the women called me to them. Sasha sat forward on the couch looming over me. She offered me her plumb juicy breast for my supper. I hungrily accepted it and drank my fill from her milk filled hooters.

After I finished both women got to there feet and stood over me as I felt the familiar stirring within me. Panicking I realized I was starting to shrink! I gaped up in terror as my enormous mistresses grew before me. They seemed to swell and rise as I shriveled in size. I watched in horror as Erica's belly button rose over my head and her downy bush rushed up toward my face. By the time I stopped shrinking my nose was level with their hairy cunts. They were immense. Each of their legs were now as big as my entire body. I was surrounded by miles of female flesh which dwarfed me completely. I couldn't believe how small I was now. They looked about twelve feet tall to me, I was literally half there height. I cowered in fear, they were so huge and I felt so tiny, insignificant and weak.

They both bent down with their hands on their knees to examine me more closely. They each could crush me without straining a muscle. They still loomed high over me, their monstrous boobs filling my field of vision, eclipsing everything else. Each massive tit was much bigger than my entire chest, tipped with nipples the size of my thumbs.

They giggled back and forth as they poked and prodded me. I was buffeted around by their movements as if I weighed nothing. I guess compared to them I did. They pushed my head between their legs smothering me with their thighs. They rubbed their wet lips with my puny face After a few minutes they bent way down until their giant faces hovered just above me.

"Little Tommy your Mistresses have decided that yout little disobedience earlier couldn't go by without the appropriate punishment. So we had no choice but to shrink you again, besides it so erotic to watch you shrink. It makes us feel even stronger and more powerful. Now let's go see how tall you are."

The giantesses sauntered off to the bed room with me running to keep up. I was looking straight ahead at their voluptuous round asses swinging as they walked. I had a hard time keeping up with them by the time I made it to the bed room they were standing on either side of the measuring tape. As I approached I looked way up at the six foot mark which was twice my present height. I followed the progression of marks down the tape, reliving the past week. I couldn't believe I was once any of those heights. Most of them were far out of my reach now. Slowly taking my place, with my back against the tape measure, I looked up at the huge gorgeous bodies flanking me. I still shocked me to see such statuesque women who used to be much smaller than me.

Sasha got down on her knees in front of me to mark my height. Her tits were right in my face. As she leaned forward to make the mark her humungous tits completely engulfed my head on both sides. It was like being trapped in a cave of soft silky flesh. I tried to wrap my arms around those spectacular globes but they were too big, I was smothering in them. I looked up between those yielding walls to see Sasha's giant face smiling down at me.

"Comfy down there my little baby?" I could barely hear her, my ears were muffled by her extensive cleavage. I was getting hot and claustrophobic, I tried to push those titanic boobs apart but couldn't they were too heavy and I couldn't get any leverage. My hands just sank into the soft yielding flesh, I was completely trapped by a woman's breasts! I was completely disheartened, a set of boobs could get the best of me now. Sasha laughed at my struggle, jiggling the soft globes that confined me.

"Oh that feels good", Sasha moaned, "keep squirming you cute little thing."

I fought harder to escape but she just pushed her breasts together holding me tighter for a few minutes. She then shook her shoulders buffeting me with her mountainous boobs. I felt like I was getting hit by giant soft medicine balls the size of my chest. They knocked me off my feet and I feel to the floor in a heap.

"That was fun." Sasha whispered huskily. "My boobies are so sensitive now, that just about sent me over the edge."

She stepped over my prone body straddling me. I stared up in amazement at her enormous body, cowering at her gigantic feet in fear. My eyes followed her column-like legs high up to where they converged at her dark bush. I could see droplets of moisture forming on her glistening lips. My eyes continued up her taut stomach to the canopy of her beach ball sized breasts which eclipsed most of her face.

She stooped down and grabbed me with one hand under my ass and the other under my shoulders. She lifted me as if I weighed nothing. She pulled me between her legs and with one smooth motion jammed my tiny hard dick into her waiting cunt. She held me still for a few moments and then thrust me in and out of her pussy using my cock as a dildo. I tried to meet her thrusts but she was so much bigger and stronger she over powered my feeble attempts. I reached up and fondled her sensitive breasts. I massaged one at a time with both hands as she gasped in ecstasy. We both came together explosively.

I went limp in her arms and she collapsed on the floor with me under her. I was crushed between her breasts, surrounded on all sides by her hot sweaty skin. I couldn't move or breath, her weight was so oppressive. She eventually rolled off me so I could breath. I rested my head on her giant fluffy breast as I caught my breath.

Erica reached down and picked me up with her hands under my armpits. She cradled me in the crook of her arm as one would a baby and rocked me, kissing my face and head tenderly.

"Is my little sweetie all tuckered out? Was big 'ol Mistress Sasha to much for him? Mommy will protect her little Tommy."

I was really annoyed at the childish way she was talking to me but was too tired to care. Besides there was no way I could argue with my giant wife. She was twice as tall and must have weighed six times more than I did. I snuggled in closer to her soft breasts and closed my tired eyes.

I felt myself drop suddenly as Erica bent over. I opened my eyes to see her examining the tape measure on the wall.

"Wow, three feet even, what a big little boy you are honey." She said laughing. "And your so light I bet you don't even weigh 30 pounds."

With that she walked to the bathroom where we had a scale. She deposited me on it and hovered over me to read my weight. I was stunned at the number.

"Twenty six pounds! No wonder you feel so light, you don't weigh anything! Let's see what I weigh in comparison my little runt." She said poking my stomach as she set me on the floor.

My majestic six foot tall wife stepped onto the scale. The numbers spun and bounced for a few seconds and then settled at 180 pounds! My wife was seven times heavier than me! No wonder she and Sasha handled me so easily. I was nothing compared to her. Her gym bag probably weighed more than I did!

I was so small a kindergartner could kick my ass. My wife looked as big as a house to me. I was so tiny the whole world was unreal to me. I felt detached and set apart from everything I'd ever known. I only came to my wife's crotch, I couldn't reach her tits when she stands up, even on my tip toes.

Erica must have noticed my despair because she reached down and hugged me to one of her massive legs. I hugged her back wrapping my arms around her giant thigh. Her one leg seemed bigger around to me than her entire body had just a little over a week ago. I held her leg tight and kissed her meaty thigh over and over. I was coming to realize just how puny and helpless I was. Without my wife's care there was no way I could survive. I relied on her for everything, food, protection, life itself now. She was truly my master now, without her I didn't stand a chance. I would be her pet, slave, child whatever she wanted until she tired of me. Then I'd be lost. I vowed at that moment to pledge my life to this woman and prayed she will always want me by her side.

I squeezed her gam with all my might and buried my face in her soft pussy. I kissed and licked and sucked on her moist cunt with all my energy. Between kisses I cried out my oath to her.

"Erica my mistress, my goddess I love you. You are my world now and I'll worship you with all my heart." I dropped to my knees and kissed her feet frantically. I bathed her foot with my tongue and dedicated my life to serving her.

Erica bent down and stroked my head, "I love you too, my little pet. You can be so sweet some times. If you keep up this kind of devotion I just might keep you around for a little longer." she said with a mischievous grin.

I hugged her ankle tightly and continued my worship of her beautiful feet. She rubbed my body with her giant soft hands, caressing my upturned ass. After a few minutes she pulled me to my feet so I stood with my nose inches from her cavernous pussy.

"I think it's time you worshipped at this temple for a while my baby." she said pushing my face into her dripping cunt.

I sucked and licked the moist walls of her tender pussy. I wrapped my arms and legs around one of her legs and bucked against it while I buried my head in her cunt. I slurped her sweet honey as she pushed me harder into her velvety tunnel. I humped her tree trunk sized leg frantically while eating her towards her climax. After she came I continued kissing and licking her as I made love to her leg. I felt like a tiny little pet, not even human anymore, as I stroked against her huge limb which was bigger than me. I could see Sasha off to my side watching me intently. She would occasionally make a lewd degrading comment about me. I was embarrassed at masturbating myself against my wife's great leg as my secretary watched, but I couldn't stop myself. I was too far gone to care anymore. I hugged her leg tightly as I came, calling her name aloud.

I held on tightly to my wife's leg while I regained my breath. I rested my head on her soft plump thigh and looked up at her lovingly. She smiled down at me from way up past her giant jutting breasts. After relaxing for a few minutes she ordered me to get on my knees and clean up the mess I made on her leg with my tongue. I complied without hesitation although loathing the prospect of eating my own sperm I didn't want to disobey my gargantuan mistress.

On all fours I licked my wet cum from my wife's silky smooth leg to her prodding. "That's a good little doggie, clean up your mess."

I continued licking her leg until I cleaned up every drop of my jizm, then I kissed my way down to her feet continuing my worship of her greatness. Eventually she ordered me to my feet and had me follow her back to the bed room. I followed behind her, scanning her mammoth body from bottom to very high top. God she was enormous! I couldn't believe that I barely came up to her ass in height.

She directed me to stand between Sasha and herself in front of her full length mirror. I was shocked at what I saw in the reflection. I saw a puny intimation of a man over shadowed by two gargantuan amazons. I looked like an anorexic little kid compared to their giant voluptuous bodies. They were twice as tall as me, dwarfing my pint-sized body. I barely came up to their waists which were twice as wide as my shoulders. Their beach ball sized breasts, which hung high out of my reach, dwarfed me. Everything about them was huge compared to my feeble little frame.

"You're so cute, so little and cuddly. You're so small, one of my legs is bigger than you, little one." she commented, sticking a long beautiful leg out in front of me. Her graceful leg almost completely eclipsed my body. My waist just came up to her knee, which she used to playfully rub my balls. I leaned on her thigh for balance and looked back at our reflections. Damn they were huge. They loomed over me like buildings, like giant statues of beautiful Greek Goddesses. To me they looked like immense goddesses who should be worshipped and prayed to, for they held my life in their giant shapely hands. I was nothing compared to them, a small, puny little boy groveling at their feet.

They laughed at how small I was compared to them, ridiculing me. They taunted me, telling me how puny and weak I was. They asked me how it felt to be so much smaller and weaker than them, two women. It was disturbing to go from being a six foot, two hundred and ten pound man to a thirty six inch, twenty six pound runt in less than two weeks. To go from being a strong commanding husband and boss to a frail pint-sized slave was humiliating beyond belief. Every time I looked up at their towering forms staring down, I felt smaller and more insignificant. Looking in the mirror I could see their angelic faces reflected in the glass, but when I looked directly up at my two powerful mistresses I could only see the undersides of their enormous milky white breasts hovering high above me.

We stood in front of the mirror for some time while the women enjoyed their size superiority over me. Eventually they had enough of debasing me and lead me to the kitchen to fix them tea. I stared around in disbelief at the world around me. Everything was so big. The kitchen table reached my chin! The chairs come to the middle of my waist! I'd have to jump to get my ass on the seat! The women seemed to be enjoying my aghast expressions as I rediscovered the world at my new size. I felt even smaller and punier than before looking round at the giant room. The top of my head was level with the counter tops! I couldn't even see over the counter top!

Luckily my chair was still beside the counters so I could use it to climb up to the top. With the help of the chair to boost me I was able to complete my task and make my giant mistresses their tea. Serving them was difficult as well. To me the tea cups were the size of bowls. I had to carry them one at a time to the table then heft them up level with my face to push them onto the table.

They made me crouch under the table to rub and kiss their feet while they sipped there steaming cups of Earl Grey. They talked about the business some, more making grand plans for the culmination of my life's work, as if I didn't exist. I alternated between their feet rubbing one while kissing the other and vise versa. After a while I wasn't even paying attention to what they were saying I was so engrossed in my work.

That night I slept with my wife snuggled up to her comforting breast. She cradled me lovingly and cooed softly to me. I wrapped my arms around her soft pillowy globe and drifted off to sleep sucking on her large nipple like a baby.

The rest of the week went along without my being shrunk any further. Sasha stayed with us for the week. I waited on my giantesses hand and foot. Serving their every command without hesitation. I cooked and cleaned as best I could. It was much more difficult at my reduced size and strength. Simple everyday tasks were now sometimes monument feats.

Even doing laundry was an adventure. Loading the washing machine was almost fun. I would take one piece of clothing at a time, most of them the size of blankets to me, and wadding them up, toss them like basketballs into the washer. I had to climb up on top of the machine, which was as tall as me, and stand on the top of it to push the door shut and turn it on. When the cycle was complete unloading it was much more strenuous. I would again have to climb up and lying across the top reach in and pull one heavy wet article at a time out and drop it down to a basket on the floor. I almost had to climb inside the machine to reach everything at the bottom. Then I'd jump down and throw them one by one into the dryer. This was much easier. The door to the dryer was about waist level. I felt like I was shoveling coal into an old furnace, and with the weight of the wet clothes it felt like it to my back as well.

Every now and then one of the woman would walk in to check on me. I think they went out of their way to watch me struggle with those particular jobs which my height, or lack there of, made burdensome. This made the situation even more degrading.

Over the course of the week one or the other of them would leave to run an errand, meet with a client or get stuff from the office. By the end of the week they had moved most of the important papers and office equipment from my old office building and set it up in the den. I assisted them with the filing and other light office jobs that I could handle. Between jobs I would be made to crawl under the desk and pleasure one or the other of them as they worked. Sometimes they'd be on the phone with one of my clients with me crouched between their legs, my face buried in their pussy or licking between their toes.

They took turns feeding me twice a day. Sometimes I'd sit in their laps or stand on a chair stretching to reach the delicious nipples which gave me nourishment. Sometimes they volunteered my meal and other times they made me beg or perform some demeaning trick to get feed. They enjoyed keeping me on my toes, both literally and figuratively. I never knew what was going to happen minute to minute only that I had no control over the smallest part of my life. My life now belonged to two women who only two weeks ago did my bidding.

I alternated nights sleeping with each of them. One night I slept nuzzled up to my wife's mountainous breasts and the next I spent curled up at Sasha's feet, massaging and licking her tired soles passionately. I fulfilled all their fantasies, they used me as a sex toy to satisfy their kinkiest perversions. Some I enjoyed immensely while others were humiliating tortures.

I was never left in the house alone, one or the other of them always remained to watch over me. My entire life became serving these two grueling taskmistresses. My former life became a cruel memory.

On Friday the women called me into the living room. Erica picked me up and sat me down in my Lazy Boy recliner. I was completely swallowed by the chair which not long ago had fit my body like a glove. With me pushed against the back rest of the chair my feet were far from reaching the edge of the seat cushion! The chair more resembled a couch too me than a chair.

Looking up I noticed that the woman were dressed up for the afternoon. They both were dresses to the nines. They had on very sexy dresses and were wearing high heel pumps. They both looked like a million bucks. My two mistresses stood in front of me, forming a giant wall of flesh and fabric.

Erica was the first to speak, "Tommy, Sasha and have been doing a lot of talking about our business and what we want to do with it. We want to find out what was in those pills I got. We think other women might like to use them and would pay good money for them. We're going to go back to New Orleans to find that Voodoo shop and see if we can get some more. We're setting up a company to analyze and test them so we can market them to a select group. So we'll be gone for a few days."

"What about me? I'll starve without one of you around?" I asked hesitantly.

"Oh don't worry, we wouldn't leave our little baby alone. We've arranged for a baby sitter to take care of you while we're gone."

I couldn't believe what I was hearing, a BABY SITTER!?! "What? Who? How could you?" I stammered almost panicking. I couldn't handle the thought of more women seeing me at this puny size.

Sasha spoke up next, "Yes little Tommy, my little sister Rachel is on her way here right now to take care of you while we're traveling. She'll be in charge while we're gone, so you do exactly as she says and be a good little boy."

Her sister Rachel?!? I was horrified. I'd met Rachel often. She's an eighteen year old spoiled rotten brat. I couldn't believe I was going to be left in the care of an eighteen year old girl. My head was spinning, this was too much, I couldn't take it.

"Now come on, let's get you dressed, she'll be here any minute." Erica said bending over to pick me up out the chair.

I was so dumfounded that I just hung there limp in her arms, I couldn't move. Erica carried me on her hip to the bed room and pulled out a bag of clothes for me. I recoiled in horror at what she had, some children's pants, a Barney T-shirt and some underwear with a cartoon character on them! They were going to dress me up like a little child! I squirmed to escape my giant wife's grip, but was held too tightly

She looked down at me with a disapproving scowl, "Don't fidget honey, just sit down on the bed and let me put these on you."

She dressed me as if I were incapable of doing it myself. I tried to fight her but a stern word was enough to warn me to cooperate. After she finished dressing me she guided me to the mirror again. The reflection looking back at me looked like a little boy standing in front of his mother, not a man and his wife. I looked up at Erica's face in the mirror. She was smiling down at me with her hands on my shoulders.

Then to my horror I heard the door bell ring and I heard Sasha answer it. My god she was here, I could hear them talking in the other room. Erica gripped my shoulder tighter and pushed me towards the living room to meet my new baby sitter.

to be continued in ........ "Baby Sitter's Tiny Plaything".