Morphenominal II

By David Annand,

Gary goes for a treatment to become a New Superman and gets more than he bargained for, not that he's complaining. Yet. This story is a follow-up to Morphenominal with influences from The Librarian. Thanks to the Power Company and Ron.

Warning!!! If you ain't 18 go away!!! Now!!! Quit it!!! Stop!!! Do your Parents know your looking at this?

Gary stared in awe at the TV screen. He'd seen pictures of the New Supermen in the magazines and they'd all looked like computer manipulations but seeing them moving made it all so real to him. They went beyond huge and into the realms of myth. And the poundages they were using! They were curling weights that were heavier than squat world records.

Gary had been into bodybuilding, he'd especially liked the women, but he'd never had the time to really get involved. Oh he went to local shows, surfed the net and worked out sporadically but he never had as much time to really commit like he wanted to. When he'd finally won a record lottery jackpot a year ago he decided he'd try and make a go at living it. Now he could go to all the major and local shows, joined a gym, took all the recommended supplements yet still couldn't bench 180. He did loose much of his gut but that wasn't enough for him so when he saw the mention in a magazine he sent for his informational video and registration pack. As soon as he'd finished watching the video for the third time he made the call.

"Hello NS Institute, this is Jackie how may I help you?"

Gary stumbled for a moment. The voice was so enticing he'd completely lost his train of thought. "My name's Gary Deutsche and I'd like to make an appointment for the morphing treatment."

"Ok Gary, when would you like to make the appointment for?" The woman's voice had changed. It was suddenly so sexy and full of erotic promises he got hard so fast it made his head spin.

"Ummm- I'm free until Sunday then two weeks after that."

"Let's' see what I can do for you-" Gary almost went cross-eyed. "I have an opening on Thursday. That'll give you the opportunity to buy some clothes, not that you'll want to wear any but some people just don't like naked people walking around no matter how good they look." She chuckled. "Can I have you come over at noon this Thursday?" She waited. "Sir? Sir are you there?"

"Uh yeah." Gary's voice cracked. "Thursday's fine." Gary had just come in is pants and while her voice had brought him out of it, it was keeping him hard.

"That's great. Now I need to get a few particulars."

"Oh god' he thought. "I don't know if I can take this much longer.' He tried to think of something, anything to distract him from the voice on the other end of the line but it was impossible to resist. He came again and still her voice kept him hard. Finally they reached the end of the interview.

"Well Gary, I'm really sorry I'll miss you. I just love to see it when some one comes out of the machine with all those beautiful new muscles."

That was it for Gary. He came again and passed out falling out of his chair.

On the other end of the line Jackie heard the thud and clicked her stopwatch. It looked almost lost in her large hand. The woman attached to the hand was as big as the New Supermen with blonde hair in a short, radical cut. She smiled.

"A new record Karen. 25 minutes 32 seconds. 3 orgasms and he passed out."

"Let me see that." The redheaded woman who walked over looked like Jessica Rabbit cubed. She had the muscles of a New Superman and a bustline that might require its own zipcode. The combination of massive muscles and a massive bust made for so many curves in motion the red body stocking needed a dangerous curves sign. "Let me see that." She took the stopwatch from the blonde who leaned back in her chair and smiling in triumph put her arms behind her head. Her biceps swelled up to a cold 23 inches while her not too shabby breasts thrust from her barrel chest. "Damn you beat me by 8 seconds."

"Who needs anesthesia when we're around?" She said with a conspiratorial grin as they high-fived each other.

Gary awoke on the floor to the blaring of the phone. His shorts were a mess. He changed and began to make preparations for his trip and his transformation. Every night he dreamed of getting a body like a superhero. He also kept fantasizing about the voice on the other end of the line. He'd heard they'd had women undergo the morphing process. He started to imagine what they must look like. The night before his appointment he dreamed about sharing his changes with the women he made love too.

Thursday Gary got to the lab Karen was the receptionist. The sight of her almost caused him to hyperventilate. She stood up towering over him. She must've been six and a half feet tall. Her bustline, at Gary's eye level, would make a stripper green with envy while her muscles were clearly in the New Superman category and stretched the green bodysuit eyepoppingly. He barely noticed that the suit matched her eyes.

"Gary?" Her voice was as sweet as sugar. But didn't have the effect the other voice had but still all he could do is nod. "Follow me."

"Anywhere.' He thought. He followed. Her long thick red hair flowed down her incredibly broad and thickly muscled back almost to her narrow waist. He watched her mammoth thighs roll around each other and her gigantic calves flex in her pumps causing her huge round buttocks to move with more motion than a dinghy in a Nor'easter. She opened a door and held it open for him. As he passed he couldn't believe how imposingly arousing she was.

"You just wait here honey. The Doctor will be in to take care of you." She said as she turned the sugar up a few notches. Gary almost tripped as all of a sudden he had a painful erection. With a playful chuckle she closed the door. He was trying to make himself comfortable when the door opened. This time it was a tall well-built man. He recognized the man as Dr. Paul Waid one of the creators of the treatment from the video. He wasn't in the New Superman category but he was well above normal in terms of development.

"The killer tease strikes again I see." He said with a smile.

"Uh- Yeah." Gary figured he must've been bright red about now.

"You'll have to forgive my wife, she likes to tease all the men who come here."

"Aren't you worried about the New Supermen?"

"Hell if they can resist her voice she's more than strong enough to take care of herself. Then again there's Becky Olsen."

"Who?" Gary remembered. "Oh yeah the writer." He wondered if he'd get a chance to see her in the flesh. From the pictures he'd seen there was quite a lot of it.

"Yes. She has a personal edict that any man who gets out of line will have to answer to her. And she's exponentially stronger than any of the New Supermen."

"Wow." Gary wanted to ask about her being exponentially stronger but the Doctor changed the subject and they talked for a few minutes then went over some last minute details. The Doctor mentioned they'd improved the process to allow for height increases. Gary thought that was cool, he wouldn't mind being a little taller.

Next the Doctor led Gary to the gym so that he could see the New Supermen in action. There were several there including a pair of women, two blondes, towards the back of the gym. The women held his attention while Paul rattled off just how strong the New Supermen were. He watched as the muscles bulged and rippled in one woman's shoulders, they were at least twice as wide as his own not to mention many times thicker. He saw the other bend over to pick up a plate giving him a moon shot that would've sent him to Mars. Gary was practically salivating at the sight. He watched the first girl sit on the bench then lay back arching her chest, her huge ribcage encased in inches of solid muscle supporting in turn breasts that would've looked large on any other woman but on her actually looked average. With a rattle of iron plates she lifted the bar off the rack and proceeded to do fifteen reps. Gary counted the plates, five on each side and he thought he saw that the sides of each said two hundred. The plates were two hundred pounds!

"The average man who reaches New Superman levels can expect to be able to bench three thousand pounds. By the way those plates the girls are using-" Gary thought they were far too big to be girls. "- are two hundred kilo's each and that's just a warm up. Women's muscle and nerve tissues are more efficient than the men's as well as more responsive. They tend to wind up ten to twenty times as strong as a comparable New Superman. Becky is over 100 times as strong."

Gary only partly heard the last bit as he was trying to recalculate the weight the women were using as a warm-up. A warm-up? With over two tons?

"Shall we head to the room where we do all the magic?"

"Huh- Yeah, sure." Gary replied as he came out of his daze.

The Doctor led him to a room where the enhancement would take place. There was a couch that stood up at an angle. The Star Trek fan in him wondered where Doctors McCoy or better yet Crusher were. Eager enough to ignore his embarrassment Gary stripped down and leaned into the couch. Paul hooked up the tubes that would recirculate and rewrite his blood as well as pump the nutrients that would fuel his growth. The computer would read his thoughts and rearrange his DNA to give him the physique he'd always dreamed of and then some. The computer read his thoughts with a cap that was wired the machine.

Gary was told to sit back and enjoy. The screen before him showed him pictures of progressively larger men lifting heavier and heavier weights. As they began to reach New Superman levels the men began to occasionally show off huge erections. Then there were shots of them making love with women, some in the New Superman league. Gary wished he could make love to women that big.

The screens stopped and Dr. Paul spoke up. "Well I have to say you surprised me."

"How's that?" Paul asked.

"You're the first person that doesn't need tweaking to get up to New Superman levels. If that's what you'd like?" He showed Gary the picture that his desires had created. He kind of looked like Conan the Barbarian, only he wasn't hairy. Then again he didn't like body hair. It was still him but the jaw was stronger looking, the hairline was farther forward- no longer receding, and the hair was longer. There was no doubt about the physique, it was definitely in the New Superman category, he was huge. And he was definitely well hung.


"Oh yeah."

The transformation was the most intense physical and sexual experience he'd ever had. He could feel his muscles fill with power and strength as they grew larger and larger. They felt like they were going to explode. The weird thing was that his bones itched as the enhancement increased their size and structural strength to withstand his New Superman muscles. It was sensory overload as his body began ballooning with unbelievable size and strength. He felt his penis harden painfully then relax then swell larger and relax over and over again. In the mirror he saw it grow longer and thicker while around it his thighs grew enormous and above a solid six pack began to ripple. His vision blurred so he shook his head to clear it and his glasses fell to the padded floor. He was worried that they would break at first but it didn't matter as he realized that he didn't need them anymore.

He felt so alive. Too soon the process was completed and the Doctor came over and unhooked the tubes. Gary stepped down and started flexing his muscles reveling in the strength and feeling the muscles rubbing against his skin. He was the Newest New Superman. The Doctor handed him a T-shirt and some shorts. He chuckled they were huge. Well so was he. And strong. He could benchpress a ton and a half for reps. He was now six feet five inches and 490 pounds.

"Buying clothes is going to be a problem.' He thought and as if reading his mind Karen walked over.

"Not bad Gary." She handed him a sheet of paper. "These are several stores that carry clothing large enough for the new you." She smiled.

He watched her rolling stroll as she left the room. He felt a stirring in his shorts and looked down. "Damn."

Gary put his book aside and stretched. He was tired but so looking forward to seeing Japan that he didn't think he could fall asleep. Maybe he'd try, the flight was certainly going to be long enough.

"Would you like some dessert?" He heard in slightly accented English. It was one of the stewa- flight attendants. She was an adorable Japanese woman with big eyes and incredibly black hair. Her badge said Keiko.

"No thank you." He said and looked around. "Am I the only one awake?"

"Just about." She said. "What're you reading?"

"It's a sword and sorcery novel about a woman-"

"Woman? Does she need to be rescued?" She asked sitting on the arm of the empty seat on the aisle.

"Not at all. She's a mercenary."

The girl smiled. "A mercenary? You mean she fights?" Gary nodded. "Sounds interesting." They talked for nearly two hours, remarkably without interruption. He told her about growing up on the East Coast and getting more than a little lucky, then getting the chance to get "morphed'. She told him about growing up in Hawaii when her father was transferred there from Japan and spending summers in Japan. After that she had to see to something and Gary was finally able to fall asleep. Later when they were getting ready to land he managed to talk to Keiko again. They made plans to meet the next day. She'd act as his interpreter and guide.


Gary's phone rang in his empty apartment. After the second ring the answering machine came on. "Hi you've reached Gary but I'm kinda tied up at the moment as soon as I get loose I'll get back to you. Just leave your name and number and wish me luck. No! Not the whip-" Beeeeeep.

"Gary this is Doctor Waid. Upon looking over in detail the data we collected during your morphing and I found that there might be some side effects. Well one really and we'd like you to come dow..."

The next day was the best day of his life. Keiko met him and showed him around Tokyo. He'd never had so much fun. They saw the Emperor's Palace, from the outside of course, hit a few museums, plain "ole touristy stuff. She laughed as he tried sushi for the first time. He laughed as she made bad puns about some of the paintings. Time and time again one of them would start to say something and the other would finish it.

Visually the two made quite a pair. The six and a half-foot tall giant and the five-foot three living doll next to him. He'd always expected to stand out even before his enhancement but the reaction he got now was truly bizarre. People pointed. They asked if he was a sports star. They asked to take pictures of him. At one point Keiko was asked by a bunch of giggling schoolgirls to take a picture of them with Gary. Gary had one on each shoulder and held two on each out stretched arm. After they had left Keiko turned to him.

"Was that a twitch in your pants?" She almost burst out laughing as Gary turned beet red.

"Showing off to you was kind of a turn on." He admitted.

"Only kind of?" She asked and he blushed. "Want to show off some more? In private?" She asked with a smile.

"I was trying to figure out how to ask."

''Cutting to the chase''

Gary cradled Keiko's petite body in his huge arms as his tongue explored between her legs. He could've held her easily with one hand but she was enjoying his ministrations too much. It was like trying to hold onto a squirming kitten. When she hit the orgasmic peak she locked her legs around his head as her whole body convulsed with enough force to have given the old Gary a serious case of whiplash.

He lowered her when he felt her begin to go limp. As she settled into Gary's lap Keiko leaned forward and petted his broad chest as she tried to catch her breath. "That was incredible." She finally said. "That's some tongue you've got, I think I'm done for the night." She felt his hardness throb against her pert backside, her teddy still riding above her slender hips. "Nah I guess I couldn't let that little fella go unattended." She said with a dreamy smile. When he'd first disrobed she'd been astounded by the size of it. She had serious doubts it'd ever fit. But that didn't mean she couldn't do other things.

Keiko stood up and put her hands on her hips and looked at Jerry as he sat stark naked in the upright recliner his huge erection seemingly reaching for her. He liked her tight slender body. Her legs were well muscled and curvy, her shoulders were broad without being muscular. She moved closer and put her small hands on his big shoulders and pushed but he didn't budge.

"Help me will you?" Gary started the recliner back. "Ok stop. Now put those cows" she pointed to his calves, each of which was bigger than her thighs, "off to the sides."

Keiko then began to nuzzle, lick and suck her way to his balls. She could actually fit the head in her mouth although it was close, and she did several times when she thought he'd blow. He did lubricate himself very well and she found it surprisingly tasty so with some enthusiasm she cleaned his shaft.

She had just gotten the oversized head into her mouth when she felt it swell and harden dramatically. It was stuck, and with a groan of pleasure he came. In a panic Keiko relaxed her throat and swallowed. And swallowed. She was wondering when it would end when the head softened enough that she could pull herself off with a comical "pop!' and she fell back landing on her bottom.

"I thought I was going to drown there."

"Huh?" Gary began to come out of his orgasmic haze. "Man that was awesome."

"I'll say. I thought you were going to blow my head off." She said as she stood next to him brushing her fingers along a bicep thicker than her waist.

Gary's eyes began to clear and he noticed her belly seemed to look rounder.

"Did I do that?" he asked rubbing her not as slender belly.

"You came like an elephant." Her eyes began to loose focus and she took a step back and sat on the floor. She wrapped her arms around herself and smiled.

"You Ok?" Gary asked as he got out of the chair and knelt next to her in one smooth motion.

"Yeah- I'm-" She managed to focus on his face and kissed his cheek. "Feelin mighty goooood-" Her voice trailed off as her big brown eyes began to get a far away look. She put her hand on his cheek and lay back her fingers lightly touching then leaving as she could no longer reach up to him. Gary watched as she began to caress herself. Her arms began to bulge slightly at the biceps.

"I didn't notice those before.' Gary thought as he looked at her hands to see how hard she was feeling herself. She wasn't pressing hard at all. This began to confuse him. He noticed the faint outline of her abdominals as she pulled the teddy up to stroke between her legs and a slight teardrop shape above her knee. How had he missed all that?

She arched her back thrusting her small breasts forward and this time Gary noticed that her cleavage was longer, more distinct, now straining the teddy. He looked to her arms and saw that there was a definite bicep showing as well as the flare of tricep at the back. Her delts looked like little caps on her shoulders and there was some muscle showing at the back of her neck. Her breathing got faster and shallower as she gasped. He looked to her face worried she wasn't feeling well but the expression painted there was of total bliss.

She began to swivel her hips and this time there wasn't just a hint of abs but a defined six-pack that rippled with her motion. Something was going on here and Gary was at a lose to explain it. He watched as Keiko stretched her arms over head and he saw her lats pop out to either side tearing the seams on her teddy. He looked at her chest and her breasts looked bigger. No it wasn't breasts it was her pecs. They were getting so he couldn't see any bone beneath them. She tore open the stressed out teddy. While he watched this he saw the obliques swell and become more defined.

It was then that he realized what was going on. (Quick isn't he?) She was growing. Everywhere he looked muscles were swelling and growing adding layer after layer to her frame. The fibers grew thicker and denser until they were forced to split and start growing again. And if he wasn't mistaken she was getting taller too. He felt his hardness increase as his member seemed to realize on its own that she might soon grow large enough for him.

Gary watched as before his eyes her legs lengthened and grew thick with muscle. Her calves burst into existence while her quads gained mass and graceful roundness. Speaking of roundness her butt swelled and lifted her from the floor. He looked up to the valley between her legs and saw that the hair there was receding. Her abdominals began to take on new depth as they rippled with each gasping breath and moan. The waist he could span with both his hands before was now thicker, solidly muscled. Her lats were getting wide enough to be visible any time she moved her growing arms away from her swelling torso and as she reached overhead again he saw that they were gaining thickness as well.

"How big would she get?' He wondered. "Could she get as big as the woman he saw at the lab?' He saw that her raven hair had grown longer, some of it fanned out like a dark halo around her sweet face. He saw her larger hands squeeze her thickening chest and her biceps bulged tremendously, easily seventeen inches with a vein that throbbed visibly leading down to thick muscle laden forearms.

She arched her back again lifting her hips into the air and her body seemed to erupt with a burst of muscle growth. In the seconds that she held her hips aloft her thighs hardened and thickened growing even longer. Her shoulders grew broader, the deltoids that capped her shoulders swelling outward and curving down to her arms which grew even thicker. Her waist rippled like fluid cobblestones.

As she relaxed back to the rug she was definitely bigger. A lot bigger. She must have gained a foot in height since she started and during that spurt she'd put on enough weight to make her a heavy heavyweight.

"Oh yes! More! More!" Keiko screamed out. Gary was startled because he'd recognized that it was Japanese and he understood it. But right now he didn't care as he watched her forearms thicken. The muscles rippled as her fingers played over her powerful abs and tickled between her thighs. Her forearms were thicker than her upper arms had been a few minutes ago. He watched as the upper arms swelled up to the size of a heavyweight male bodybuilder and beyond. The delts were like cannonballs and her traps were thick enough to grab. Her pecs were nearly two inches thick as she squeezed her nipples in earnest her breasts having refused to grow like the rest of her muscles. As Keiko relaxed slightly Gary noticed that her back was now so thick and her buttocks had grown so firm and round that he could probably slide his forearm behind her waist without lifting her.

Still the once diminutive woman grew, her muscles throbbing with each heartbeat while she reveled in the ecstasy of feeling every nerve fire off in pleasure. Gary really began to wonder just how big she was going to get as she began to reach mass and height that rivaled his own. Suddenly Keiko tensed every mountainous muscle in her body as she had an orgasm that encompassed her whole being. At the same time there seemed to be another surge of growth, almost as if some one had taken a deep breath before blowing the Keiko balloon even bigger. With a look of total bliss on her face she slipped off into a restful sleep.

Gary stood and looked down at her. Her arms looked as big as his while her thighs and calves looked bigger. Her shoulders were incredible, the delts as big as her head, while the pecs between them looked three inches thick with a deep canyon between them that started at the base of her powerfully muscled neck. Her lats held those huge arms out away from her torso even while lying there on the floor and it tapered down to a solidly muscled waist that was invitingly narrow. He took a blanket from the bed and draped it over the sleeping giantess then went into the bathroom to relieve the pressure that had built up from watching her growth before it came out of his ears. He was washing up when he heard a scream from the bedroom. He ran out and his flagging member jerked back to attention throwing aside the robe that had hid it.

There standing before him was the ultimate Japanese amazon. She looked him straight in the eye, her eyes filled with a vitality that was lit with a fire that was primordial. She reminded him of Juliette Bergmann but she was so very, very much bigger. Legs were longer too. Her physique rippled with muscles that were massive in the extreme from tremendously broad shoulders that tapered down dramatically to her narrow waist then flared out at the hips into thighs that were much bigger than her waist. There was a dip into her knees then an explosion as her calves burst forth then tapered down to her ankles. Her arms were bigger than most men's legs and in her relaxed hip shot stance hung away from her body as her triceps and lats fought for space. Every movement made the muscles crawl beneath her golden skin. She squeezed her pecs and they nearly rose up to her chin. The areola on the lower corners were puffy and about 2 inches across while her erect nipples were about half an inch long. Over all each muscle was full and round, well into the New Superman league and while not ripped with definition they were so large that separations showed clearly.

"What did you do to me?" She asked.

"Ummm-" Was all that Gary's lust and fear addled mind could manage. "Icouldn'thelpit.Ididn'tknowanythinglikethatwouldhappen.Theynevertoldme."

She took a step forward and he was awestruck at the sudden separations that appeared in the quads that snaked down her tree trunk thighs as the muscles seemed to wrestle with each other. With grace despite her bulk she glided across the floor to him. Her abdominals shifted, bulged and rocked with each step. She took his thick arms in her hands and pulled him to her. He wanted to resist and at the same time throw himself at her. He felt her erect nipples press into his own powerful chest as she moved her arms around him and crushing him to her spun him around.

"Thank you." She kissed him. "Thank you." She kissed him. "Thank you." She kissed him deeply running her hands down his back while Gary began to do the same his fingers loosing themselves in the muscular hills and valleys of her lats. Her skin felt softer than before but that might have just been the contrast with the rock solid mass of muscle beneath it.

When she put him down he asked. "You like it?"

"Are you kidding I love it. I've never felt so alive." She smiled and hit a doublebiceps shot that blew him away, the peaks were full, high and round set off by the mass of the triceps below and framed by tremendous forearms. Her arms were bigger than his! Her lats flared out making her narrow waist seem impossibly small. The muscles leading down to her hairless cleft. The six-pack rippling with each breath. Her thighs and calves were definitely bigger than his. "Although I don't think they'll let me keep flying. I must weigh four times what I used to."

Gary stepped forward and putting his hands on her solid waist lifted her up. "Five easy." He said with a smile. She snaked her tremendous thighs, each bigger than her waist and maybe his, around him and gave him a quick squeeze. He was astounded at how powerful the squeeze had been, he'd nearly winced in pain. She seemed able to sense the safe limits of her strength.

"Wanna try something else?" She said sexily. It was "the' voice but they were both so hot neither noticed.

"Sure." Gary replied as he removed the robe. It hung around his waist and over her legs as it was caught between the two of them. She put her hands on his shoulders and holding herself aloft unwrapped her legs and let the robe fall. Then standing before him she looked down.

"Awe look how small it's gotten." She chuckled.

"Think I'll fit now?" Gary said with a leer.

"Let's find out." She said and grabbing him she tossed him on the bed and leapt astride him. It turned out to be a more than perfect fit. Her inner muscles milked him for all he was worth with a strength that he found he couldn't escape. Even when he was on top and she didn't use her legs, she could easily hold him within with her love muscles alone. When she was sitting in his lap while he kissed her thick neck he traced her abs up to her amazing chest. He found that her thick pecs were by themselves more than a handful. "Who needs tit's' He thought and came close to the edge again. Sensing the imminent explosion Keiko lifted herself off him by placing her hands on his huge thighs and like the gymnast she'd been in high school levered her enormous body into a handstand and rotated around dropping to her knees before him. With her titanic arms she opened his thighs and her lush lips found his shaft and swallowed the magic fluid once again.

As they lay there afterwards watching TV she chuckled.

"What?" Gary asked since the program she was explaining to him wasn't funny.

"I was just thinking what might've happened if I grew again."

"Shoot I didn't think about that either." He said.

"Speak for yourself. It felt so good when I was growing that I wanted to feel it again. But I never thought about how big I might've gotten?"

Gary chuckled this time. "You might not have been able to get out of the door."

"I could've gone out the window." She rolled onto her side leaning on her elbow. Gary began to trace the fantastic curve of her improbable biceps.

"It's still along way down. Quite a view for the people down below though."

"Do you think you can do it to someone else?"

Gary chuckled. "You have someone in mind?" He said half seriously.

"Yeah I do." She smiled. "Do you want to try? I mean would you mind?" They had broken off their animalistic passions long enough so that each could take a shower. They had tried but without knocking out a wall there was no way the two of them would fit. While he was in the shower Keiko ordered room service. Over dinner, enough for four, they had told each other about themselves in more detail than they had on the plane. Right then and there he had decided to say the magic words. To his delight and relief she had accepted.

"Really?" Gary was confused. Keiko had told him she was the jealous type.

"I have a girlfriend who's a wrestler, well she wants to be one. Right now she's a martial artist. Her name is Yuri Obari. She's doing ok but she's having trouble because she's too small."

"And you think she'll be better if she was as big as you? Don't get me wrong but do you have any idea how strong you are?"

"I'm as strong as you are aren't I?"

"Let's find out." He sat at the table and motioned her to sit opposite him. She sat down and looked at him across the table. "Put your hand up like this." He put his elbow up on the table, his 25-inch biceps bulged, waiting for action. She put her elbow on the table and now Gary was sure of it, her arm was bigger. Her hand was the same size as his only more slender, more feminine. Her wrist smaller but the forearm was fuller. "OK, when I say go try to put my arm down. Ready. Set." She started to move, he glanced at her and she smiled and eased up a little. "Go."

The two arms exploded with size easily adding inches. It was all he could do to keep her arm from slamming his to the table. He fought her hard, the vein popping to life on his biceps.

"Come on, your not trying." Keiko said.

"Yes- I- Ammm..." He was trying so hard he was starting to shake. Sweat broke out on his forehead yet she still looked cucumber calm. Out of desperation he added his left arm. As she started to put more into it he looked at her face. She was concentrating on putting his arm down but hardly straining at all. The pen thick vein in her biceps popped up and split just before it reached the joint of her elbow. He looked back at her face as with a smile she added more effort turning his muscle bulging forearm past 45degrees and sped up until with a crack it slammed into the table and a few inches past it.

Keiko jumped up with a start. "Oh my gosh are you OK? Did I hurt you?"

"Only my wallet." He joked as he looked at the broken table flexing his hand to make sure everything was still in place.

"I'm stronger than you." It wasn't a question. "But look at the table. How strong are you?"

"I can benchpress three thousand pounds. That's about 15 times the average fit man. Your 10 to twenty times stronger than I am."

He watched as she started flexing her arm the enormous mass of muscle bulging to nearly 28 inches. Here eyes went wide as she did the math. She was as strong as 200 men? She smiled and hugged herself. And it felt so good she thought.

They decided to get dressed and with some humor she realized she had nothing that fit. She borrowed a pair of bicycle pants and a t-shirt from Gary filling them better than he did he thought. His sneakers were a little big for even her New Superwoman feet. She sat down and contemplated her change while she waited for Gary to finish shaving.

As he came out dressed in jeans and a t-shirt she smiled up at him.

"What's to stop us from becoming super criminals? I mean who could stop us?"

"There's a girl in the U.S. who was the first woman to undergo the process. Something went wrong and she wound up hundreds of times stronger than the New Supermen. She keeps us in line."

"Hundreds of times? How?"

"I don't know. It may have been a secret fantasy of hers. They didn't explain it. Maybe something like mine." He'd told her of his fantasy of sharing his power when they had talked over dinner. "There's something else. The women that worked there could make a man come just by talking to them."

Keiko's eyes lit up. "Really? How."

"Well the morphing amplifies a person's sexuality, but the women were different. Something with the tone of their voice."

"You mean like this handsome?" Her voice had taken on the overamped sultry tone he remembered with the same dramatic results. She saw the instant outline as his member raced to his knee. "Hey it worked!" Keiko was sparkling with a kid's enthusiasm and didn't affect him. She looked slyly at him "You want fries with that?" She saw the sudden twitch and knew she'd hit the tone again. "Boy I could be really wicked with this." She said in a normal tone. "You ok?"

"I'm ok. Just warn me if you're going to do that again." He said adjusting his pants as he felt himself relax. "So where are we going today?"

They spent the rest of the day getting clothes for Keiko, no small feat since she didn't have small feet any more. No small anything. The first things they managed to find were some running shoes and a pair of pumps. She had to buy the latter at a store that secretly catered to cross dressers and even then her size was still hard to come by. After that she bought some stretchy pull over dresses that were made for women of quite a different shape but she filled them out just right. As for attracting attention. Lets just leave it at the statement that yesterday was a piece of cake compared to what the titanic duo experienced this day.

Keiko's landlord almost had a heart attack when she came by. At first she didn't believe that the new and improved Keiko was the same Keiko and threatened to call the police but after some debate she relented. She agreed to sell off Keiko's clothing and she bought the furniture herself deciding to rent the apartment furnished. Keiko called the airline and resigned, taking her two weeks paid vacation while she was at it. When they got back to the hotel Gary was the one to almost have a heart attack. The table cost him four hundred dollars.

"No more arm wrestling." He said to Keiko in English.

"We can always do it on the floor." Keiko replied in "the' voice. From the reaction behind the counter it seemed it didn't matter what language it was said in or to whom she said it to as the two women behind the counter squeaked in pleasure. As they left Gary heard one of the girls ask the other in Japanese what room they were in.

"You know there's something I've got to tell you."

"What?" Keiko said as she hung up a dress in the closet.

"I've been able to understand nearly everything that was said today. For some reason I've been picking up the language as we go along."

"Is this another effect of the morphing?"

"Well I always wanted to be able to speak in other languages. Maybe the change rewired my speech centers."

"Hope it did the same for me. I'd love to learn more languages."

As Gary and Keiko were deciding whether or not to order room service or go out for the evening there was a knock at the door. It was the two girls from the counter.

"Pardon us for the intrusion but we'd like to speak with your wife." The one on the right asked. Her badge said Fumi, the other's said Chisato. He understood the mistake but didn't think it was necessary to correct them. Even though he'd noticed that not all Japanese looked alike these two were damn near close to twins. And now that they weren't behind the counter he could admire their shapely and rather abundant calves.

"Kei?" Gary called out. As Keiko came into view the two girls bowed and began to ask if they could talk with her in private. Since it was a suite Gary went into the other room and turned the TV on.

"Miss how did you do that?" Fumi asked.

"Do what?" Keiko answered her question with her own.

"The thing with your voice. It was amazing. I, we felt so- so-"

"Horny." The other girl blurted out.

"You mean this?" Keiko asked in "the' voice.

The two girls squealed again. Then quickly replied that that was what they were asking about.

"I cannot tell you how to do it I can only tell you that you would have to become as big as I am in order to do it." She said sternly. The two girls looked at each other in thought. "Were they psychic?' Keiko wondered.

"We'll have to think about it." Fumi said.

"It would be very different to be that big." Chisato said.

"Yes it is very different." Keiko said.

"How is it?" Fumi asked.

"Aside from not being able to find clothes or shoes-" Keiko smiled. "I've never felt better in all my life. But then I've got the man of my dreams out there. Not every man likes muscles like this." And for emphasis she flexed her biceps. They rose and rose until the twin peaks were level with her ears. The two girls just stared open mouthed. "But those that do-" Keiko used "the' voice. The two girls began to breathe heavily. Chisato reached out and stroked the mammoth biceps.

"It's so hard. Like a rock." She said.

Fumi did the same and gasped in amazement.

"And I'm very." The girls squeaked. "Very." Squeaked again. "Strong." With a rush of air the two girls collapsed in contentment. As soon as they were able to they stood although they were a bit wobbly and blurry eyed at first.

"We will think about this some more." Fumi said. Then the two thanked her and left. She walked over to Gary and saw that he wasn't in the room.


He came out of the bathroom with his book. "I heard the start of the conversation and decided to hide in the bathroom."

Keiko chuckled. "Good thing you did. I set the two of them off. How many loads do you think your good for?"

"What them too?" Gary stared at Kei.

"Maybe." She sat on the couch. She looked up at him. "And before you ask what happened to my jealous streak I feel so good about myself I want to share it with others." With a tilt of her head she added in "the' voice. "You don't mind do you?"

Gary winced as his pants became too tight. "No." He weased. "Not at all. You know men are pigs."

"But you're my pig." She said as she stood and drew him to her. The two kissed deeply for several minutes before they broke it off. "Want to go out to dinner?"

"Sure why not." Gary said as he blinked. "How could she stop so fast.' He wondered.

"Do you mind if I invite my friend?" Gary didn't so Keiko set about making phone calls.


Yuri rang the bell to the suite. She couldn't believe her friend was staying up here. And she wanted her to meet her American friend. What could she do they were best friends. The door opened and standing there had to be the biggest man she'd ever seen. She knew Americans were big but this was crazy. He was good looking too.

"Hi you must be Yuri." Yuri was surprised he spoke Japanese. She nodded and he welcomed her in. "Can I take your coat? Keiko will be a minute she wanted me to prepare you first." Gary took her coat and was surprised to see how plump Yuri was, for a martial artist that is. And she was so tiny, Keiko must've had a few inches on her before she grew. She wore a blue dress that was fastened with silver buttons from neck to the knee.

Yuri's guard went up. "Prepare me? Why?" She'd have thought anyone that big would be a lumbering ox but he moved well. Spoke Japanese fairly well for a gaijin.

"Please sit." She sat and Gary continued. "Well she's put on some weight since you saw her last."

Yuri laughed. "Oh please, Keiko could eat a tub of ice cream and never gain weight. I have a sugar cookie and my weight goes up."

Gary smiled. "Well she weighs a whole lot more now."

"Did she take up weight lifting? I've been trying very hard but I can't get anywhere."

"In a manner of speaking."

"Yuri." Keiko called. Yuri felt better hearing her friend's voice although it was a bit deeper than she remembered.

"I'm here. Are you feeling ok?"

"I'm feeling terrific." Keiko said and stepped into the open. Yuri got up so fast she nearly fell over the chair that she knocked over when she shot up. Her eyes were wide with bewildered fright.

Keiko stood before her in a red stretch dress that hugged every overdeveloped curve of her towering physique. The dress was so form fitting that you could make out the individual plates of her abs.

"Keiko?" She stepped back. "Is that really you?"

"Yes it's me."

"Prove it."

Keiko smiled. "Do you remember when I was here on summer vacation and we snuck away to the concert. Your mother was so mad she couldn't do anything but glare at us and shake her fist then she'd go back into the kitchen and cook."

The fright left her face but the bewilderment remained. "How? Kei you're a giant."

"Amazon." Keiko corrected and sat down while Gary stepped over and righted the chair Yuri had knocked over. She sat in it without ever taking her eyes off of Keiko. They roamed over every improbable curve of the woman's hulking body. Yuri listened while Keiko told her about the night before without telling her exactly how it was done.

"But why did you do it?"

"I didn't know it would happen. Neither of us knew. But I feel so good now. I'm so strong, there isn't a man alive who could harm me." Keiko saw Gary stifle a grin. "What?"

"Well maybe if he had a bazooka." Gary said with a chuckle.

"You mean your bullet proof?" Yuri asked.

Gary spoke first. "Probably not but the muscle she's put on is very dense, more so than an ordinary man's, and the skeleton is much stronger. There is a New Superman who is a police officer, he was shot, the bullet got through the skin but didn't get far in the muscle."

"And I'm stronger than he is." Keiko said with pride. She flexed a biceps that seemed bigger than Yuri's two legs put together. Yuri wondered how she could ever hide an arm that big. She also began to wonder what it would be like to be that big, that strong. "Oh and I got something else." She leaned over and whispered to Yuri. "Watch Gary. Put your fingers in your ears and hum."

Yuri looked at Keiko and wondered if she was crazy but she did as her friend asked. She heard a mumble from Kei and then all of a sudden Gary's face changed. And there was this huge pipe in his pants. Wait that wasn't a pipe! "How'd you do that? Kei did you just do that to him just by talking?"

"Yeah. Cool isn't it?"

"So how do I get to be as big as you?"

"You really want to be this big?"

"Yes what do I have to do?"

"Suck him off." Now Yuri looked at her friend as if she knew she was crazy. "Don't worry, I'll make him come so you don't have to do all the work by yourself." This was really a case of "he's mine and if he's going to enjoy it he'll enjoy it because I did it to him.'

Without further hesitation Yuri agreed. Keiko had him take off his clothes and get in the chair like the night before.

"He's so huge. Does he shave everywhere?" Yuri asked Kei.

"He doesn't like body hair so it disappeared. Mine did too. Think about that bonus, you'll never have to shave your legs again."

Yuri knelt before Gary and Kei moved behind him. She whispered in his ear and his penis sprang forward nearly hitting Yuri on the way up. She giggled nervously.

"Just relax your throat when he comes."

"Hey shouldn't she-" Gary started to say but Kei began to whisper again as Yuri began to hold the thick pillar in her hands. She licked it then put the head in her mouth. In only a few minutes Gary was gripping the arms tightly and Yuri felt the head swell in her mouth filling it and she knew he must be about to blow. "Pop goes the weasel." Kei said aloud in the voice and Gary exploded into Yuri's waiting mouth. As the flow subsided she was finally able to remove the head from her mouth.

"He doesn't taste bad." She said wiping some from her chin. Gary lay back in the chair panting.

"Pop goes the Weasel? You used Pop goes the Weasel?" He smiled up at her, grabbed her head and pulled her down and kissed her. "You are twisted." He said with a smile.

"And you love it." She said challenge in her voice.

"You bet I do."

"Oh wow." "THUD'.

They both looked down as Yuri began to writhe in ecstasy. As they watched Yuri passionately rubbed her body Kei asked Gary what he'd been trying to say before. Gary couldn't take his eyes off the tiny woman who was feeling herself up on their carpet. When he didn't respond she punched him in the shoulder and asked him again.

"Oh that." He couldn't tear his eyes from her as she already began to show thicker thighs and calves. "I was going to say shouldn't she remove her clothes."

"Oops." Was all Kei said. Yuri's growth mirrored Kei's and soon enough the dress was so tight that gaps appeared where the buttons held on valiantly. What had been a knee length dress was now nearly to her crotch exposing titanic thighs pulsing with growth. The fat melting away revealing the thick cords of muscle beneath.

Suddenly like a machine gun the buttons rocketed away as the thread holding them gave up the ghost. The arms had earlier split the sleeves as her biceps reached massive proportions. Her exposed chest was showing off more breast development on top of massive pectorals than Kei. Much more. As if she had read Gary's mind Kei simply said, "She's always been bigger than me there."

The two watched Yuri writhe as her muscles pulsed and grew thicker rounder, larger and stronger, her bones longer and sturdier. Soon enough the growth stopped as she had what was to be her ultimate orgasm.

Gary got out of the chair and pulled the bedspread off and lay it over the new amazon.

As he stood he felt Kei come up behind and hug him. She was naked. "Are you as hot as I am?"

"Are you kidding?" He was rock hard. "But can you wait? I'm- Well- With her here?"

Kei chuckled. "You're embarrassed to do it in front of her? How sweet." She tossed him on the bed and leapt astride him. "If she still sleeps like a log we won't wake her. Besides doesn't every man dream of a threesome?"

They didn't wake her up so Gary never got that threesome and they even managed to get dressed before Yuri came around. As she stood up she was momentarily confused by her new physique but that soon passed. She was several inches shorter than Gary but a bit wider looking. And her bust line was now in DD range. She walked past Gary, her large breasts swaying with every step, without even looking at him over to a mirror where she began to flex her magnificent new body. "I don't fit.' She said in amusement as she had to adjust her position to see all of her massive physique. Gary noticed she was a little smaller than Keiko and that she didn't have the volcanic peaks that Kei had. Gary turned away as she ran her fingers down her abs and over her now exposed cleft. She turned and leaping across the room hugged Kei with her massive arms easily lifting the 500 pounder off the floor thanking her.

"Don't forget to thank Gary." Kei said as she was released. A little embarrassed Yuri turned and very formally thanked him. Kei then gave her one of her XXXLarge sweatsuits to wear home as well as her sneakers. Yuri refused to leave until she paid her friend for them even though Kei didn't want her money.

The titanic couple decided it was too hot to go out. Well, they were too hot to go out. They again ordered from room service (their orders were becoming legendary for the amount of food they ordered) and Kei then spent the night exhausting her lover. When Kei awoke the next morning she found Gary still hadn't recovered and she let him sleep leaving him a note telling him she was off to take care of a few things and that she'd be back that evening and to wait for a big surprise.

But it was Kei that would share in that surprise. As Gary woke near noon the phone rang. It was Yuri.

"What's up Yuri?" Gary answered.

"I need your help. My landlady won't let me in unless I can find some one to explain that this is me. Could you?"

"Sure where are you I'll catch a cab."

"Thank you. I've actually got my car waiting downstairs."

"You're here?"


"Ok. Give me a few minutes and I'll be right down." Gary took care of business then left Kei a note on the bottom of hers.

Gary was laughing as he squeezed into her car. Yuri was at the wheel in the same sweatsuit from the night before and there was little room left on her side. Their huge shoulders met between the seats.

"I think your going to have to buy an American car. I heard it was tough to own a car in Tokyo." Gary said as the car slid into traffic a bit slower than normal thanks to nearly half a ton of passenger weight.

"It's very expensive but it's my big brother's. He's working in Australia." She replied as she checked the mirrors and floated the car into another lane.

"I guess he's in for a big surprise when he finds you're bigger."

Yuri nodded in agreement and thought "You're in for a big surprise yourself."

"I don't know if I could get used to driving on the wrong side of the road." Gary said as he watched the buildings pass.

"I'm not- Oh that's right you drive on the right."

Gary saw some apartment buildings beyond the industrial looking area they were passing through and figured she lived there. He was surprised when she pulled over in front of an unmarked building. "You live here?"

"No I have to pick something up inside. Care to come with me?"

"Why not. I could stretch my legs, it's cramped in here." Gary unfolded himself as he exited the car.

He followed Yuri into a large well-lit room. There was a wrestling ring as well as a workout area. There were 9 women in leotards working out, some in the ring.

"Yuri is this him?" Said a woman in the ring who looked kind of bullish with a squat body and a flat top haircut in a blue and yellow leotard. Her hair was dyed blue.

"He's kind of cute." Said woman with brown shoulder length hair in a blue and white leotard.

"Yes Suzu this is him. And Eiko he's spoken for."

"When do we-" Began a small girl named Yoshiko in a white and red leotard bouncing eagerly.

"-get started?" Finished an identical girl, Yoshiki, next to her also bouncing. Gary saw that if they stood close together they would form a Japanese flag.

Alarmed Gary turned to Yuri. "Started? Start what?"

A blonde girl who was very tan and surprisingly busty walked over and looked up at him her hands on her hips accentuating her bustline and the impossibly tailored blouse. "Why you're going to make us all big and strong."

"You see I came over here this morning and they said I was too big for them. But they said if I got you to make them all big we could be the ultimate wrestling teams." Yuri said as the women advanced on him.

"Now wait a minute, Yuri this is..."

He didn't get to finish as she used the hypersexy tone "You said you'd help." In seconds his pants were straining to hold his raging hard on. The women quickly recovered from their daze as Yuri expertly flipped him on his back. Holding his shoulders she began whispering in his ear while Suzu and an equally bullish woman with a yellow flat top, Ikue, yanked his trousers off freeing his huge erection.

"My god that things huge! You expect us to-" Akumi, the current star exclaimed.

"If you don't want to be left behind." Said Tomoko who protectively had a hand on each twin's shoulder seemingly trying to keep the two girls from bouncing away. Tomoko was the strongest girl of the group and the twins' guardian both in and out of the ring.

Meanwhile back at stately Wayne- Back at the hotel.

Kei came back to find the room empty. She took a quick look around then saw that Gary had added to her note. Checking her watch she saw that she had some time before he'd probably get back so she went downstairs to get something to eat. She was constantly surprised at how much she put away with her new body. Today she was in slacks and a blouse that she'd picked up that morning. But her big surprise was the nightie she'd managed to find. The seamstress was astounded at the amazon's size when Keiko had brought them to her for some alterations.

Half an hour later he was still not back so she called her friend's apartment. There was no answer. Just as she hung up the phone there was a call on the house phone.

"Mushi mushi?"

"I'm looking for Gary Deutsche." The voice asked in English. It was deep and extremely feminine.

"He's not here." Keiko switched to English and began wondering just who this woman was.

"I really need to talk to him. It's most urgent. I've just flown from the US."

"What's it about?"

"I'd rather not talk about this on the phone. I'll be right up."

Suddenly there was a knock at the door. There was no answer on the phone so she set it down and looked out the peephole. Despite the distortion Keiko could tell the woman was enormous. The tailored suit couldn't hide the fact that her muscles were huge and her bust was immense. The shoulders were broad and the calves peaking out from the skirt were monstrous. This couldn't be Becky? Could it? Gary hadn't done anything wrong.

"Who is it?"

"I was just on the phone with you." It was the same voice. But she couldn't have gotten up here that fast? She could've had a cellular Keiko guessed. "Please let me in the Institute sent me."

"How do I know you're from the Institute?" Keiko stalled.

"I know that Gary underwent enhancement as did I and I can tell from your heartbeat you did as well but I'm guessing not the same way."

"She couldn't possibly hear through a door?' Kei thought as she looked through the peephole Keiko saw the woman cross her arms across that huge chest making Keiko wonder how she managed not to tear the back of the jacket. "Look if I really wanted to do him or you harm that door would be as effective a shield as tissue paper."

Becky Olsen stood outside the door and her super human hearing picked up the slight shuffle of bare feet over carpet on the other side of the door as the woman moved to open the door. When the door opened she was impressed by the size of the woman, and her beauty. She thanked Keiko and introduced herself.

"The institute decided to send me since I was the only one with any free time."

"Why did they send you?" Keiko was surprised the woman was only about five foot ten inches yet she looked much thicker than Keiko was. She set down a small carryon.

"Well I was sent to warn Gary about an apparent side effect. Guess I'm too late for that." She motioned towards Keiko's enormous physique.

"Yeah it was a pleasant surprise." Keiko smiled. "I can only imagine what it might've been like for someone who didn't want to be this big. But it feels so good."

"Oh I know. When I was enhanced I kept thinking I was going to want to go back to my normal size afterwards but once I finished I couldn't imagine ever going back. Not that I have a chance now."

"How's that? Gary mentioned something about you but he didn't know much." Keiko motioned the woman over to the table. She took off her jacket and Keiko watched the enormous arms ripple with a density and power that was overwhelming. Her arms must've been close to 30 inches. The buttons on the blouse seemed to creek as she took a deep breath. Still the buttons stopped well away from the collar giving Keiko a view of cleavage so deep she wondered if it echoed in there.

"You know how a New Superman like Gary is 10 to 15 times stronger than the average man?"

"Yes and he mentioned that a New Superwoman is 10 to 20 times stronger than that."

"Yes, they are. Are you?" Becky asked.

"I think so. We armwrestled after I changed and I beat him easily." Keiko smiled. "So how?"

"Well when I was finished I had this incredible urge to swallow men's come. It seems the computer read a fantasy from my subconscious where I would double my strength every time I did. Well there were several New Supermen there and I'm afraid I was overcome by the urge. By the time I finished, well SuperWoman says it all. There isn't a needle made that can get through my skin. Here feel this." Becky flexed a biceps that rose until the top was level with her eyes. Keiko reached out and put her hand on it. Her hand was huge but the bicep was too big for her to cup. "Squeeze as hard as you can." Keiko smiled and did but it didn't even budge. As she relaxed her grip the skin still felt soft and smooth but there was density behind it that even a rock didn't have.


"I'm about sixteen times stronger than you are. Kinda' tough on the love life though. If you were to become involved with someone who is not a New Superman you'd have to be very careful." Keiko nodded. "So where is he?"

Keiko blushed. "He's helping a girlfriend of mine with her landlord-" Keiko looked at her guest. "How'd you get up here so fast?"

"I took the stairs." Becky said with a smile.

Back at wrestling central-

Gary was in a sexual stupor. Keiko had been singing idol (pop) songs to him in the voice and he kept pumping it out. Already 3 of the wrestlers had had their fill of him. Eiko had gone first and was now as massively muscled as Yuri, better symmetry he had thought and taller, 6' 3" maybe. Erika the Japanese Barbie had blown out her clothing as her bust and muscles exploded. Her bust was nearly as large as Doctor Waid's wife (back at the beginning for those with short-term memory problems). Her muscles were not as big as the other girls but you could tell she dyed her hair from the foot-long black roots she now had. Akimi was busy writhing on the mat in the distance growing larger and larger but right now the twins Yoshiki and Yoshimi were playing tongue tag on his pole.

Yoshiki, or was it Yoshimi managed to get her lips around his head just as his load began to burst forth. With a comical "pop and splat' she flew back only to be caught by Tomoko.

"Don't waste it!" Her twin yelped and put her lips around the hose like flow. He soon finished and the twins moved off to enjoy their growth. As the twins began to writhe in a strangely synchronized dance Tomoko took her place between his legs while Suzu and Ikue held his weakening legs. He was surprised at the strength in her grip as she squeezed and pulled him with her small, relative to Keiko's, hands.

Back to the hotel-

"You mean you let him-" Becky asked.

"Well I just wanted to share this wonderful feeling." Keiko defended.

"And you say she's a wrestler?"

"Yeah, or at least she is trying to be one. They thought she was a little small for the ring."

"Isn't she going to be a little big now?"

Keiko's eyes got as wide as saucers as she realized what Becky was saying. It was what Gary had been trying to tell her and she hadn't listened. She immediately called Yuri's apartment again while Becky stepped into the next room to change.

Of course you know there was no answer because-

Yuri whispered in Gary's ear. "Just one more to go handsome and your done for today."

"Today?" He gasped his throat dry. Even his New Superman constitution wasn't up to the assault and he was feeling very spacey.

"Just kidding." She said in the "voice', even the chuckle that followed was intoxicating. He looked down at Suzu's partner Ikue and looked away. His eyes wandered over to the side where Tomoko was holding her arms out the twins standing in each huge hand her enormous arm muscles nearly as large as Keiko's. Erika and Akimi were busy in a tug of war with one of the spare cables for the ring every muscle bulging with untold power. Both Akimi and Erika had gained quite a bit in the bust department yet Erika's big breasts bobbing in the fray were at least twice as large as her opponents.

The girl named Kazue was off to the right whistling in her sleep her enormous back to him while Suzu was going through the orgasmic transformation next to her.

Suddenly with a thunderous crash the door blasted inward. As dust settled Gary saw the most enormous woman he'd ever seen. His member had started to flag a bit with the noise and Yuri's shocked silence but the sight of the mountain of muscle and tit standing in the doorway was almost too much. She was in a light blue body suit that thanks to the miracle of lycra and spandex looked more like a paint job. Too much came next when she yelled out.

"Both of you let go of his heads!" In the sexiest voice he'd ever heard. All the women who were aware of her entrance turned and groaned in ecstasy except for Ikue who's humming groan on Gary's pole set off another eruption of Gary's miracle grow. Keiko stepped in right after her blinking her eyes trying to clear her head. Kei was in jeans and a T-shirt. Both looked like they were a size or two too small.

Nobody understood the huge American Blonde but they began to realize it must be a threat so Eiko, Akimi and Erika launched themselves at her. They had underestimated her for although she wasn't as tall as most of them her strength was far beyond theirs.

Eiko yelled out "Thunder Kick!!!" as she launched her flying drop kick at Becky. It had as much effect as if she'd jumped against a concrete wall.

"Tornado kick!!!" Erika yelled out and spun a thickly muscled leg at the massive blonde. With Lightning reflexes Becky stepped back out of the way then back in. A flat palm strike between Erika's sizable breasts sent her flying.

Akimi didn't announce her attack and her right cross connected with Becky's beautiful jaw with a force that would've shattered a cinderblock. She didn't even blink before a back hand sent her flying as well.

"She's quick." Erika said.

"She's strong." Eiko said.

"Get her." They said together and the three tried to hit her all at once but her hypersenses allowed Becky to quickly grab a cable off the floor and tie it around the wrestlers before they even noticed she had moved. She even put a big bow in it.

Keiko ran over to Yuri and yanked her to her feet.

"How could you! You didn't ask me!"

"You're not married yet!" She said as she slapped her hand away. "Besides how else was I going to wrestle, I was too strong for them."

Gary groaned and Keiko dropped to her knees beside him. "Are you ok?"

But Gary couldn't answer his throat was so dry. Becky came over and her hypervision told her what she needed to know. "He's badly dehydrated we have to get him to a hospital."

Keiko nodded and picked up Gary in her arms. Becky put her hand on Keiko's shoulder. "Translate this for me." Keiko nodded and turned to the watching wrestlers. The twins were busy trying to untie the bow while Tomoko laughed. They all stopped as Becky began to speak in a commanding voice.

"Your actions nearly cost this man his life. If there had been more of you this could have been tragic. I'll be looking after him. If anyone else wants to be enhanced." She unzipped a pocket and drew out several business cards. "Here is the name of some people who will do the same. It won't be free, but there are other perks." And she breathed deeply and the zipper over her rather substantial chest raced for her navel. One of the girls wondered if she could see her feet. "It is far too dangerous for this man to be permitted to continue to give this gift. And as soon as he's well I'll be making sure it is no longer possible." She turned to Keiko and they left. The wrestlers were quiet for a moment as they reflected on what happened.

"Oh man this is awesome." Suzu stood up her stocky body now well beyond that, she was nearly as wide as she was tall. Her flat top was still a flat top but it stood nearly six inches topped in blue. She flexed an enormous arm back and forth. Looking over to Yuri she noticed that Gary was gone. "Hey, where'd he go?" She looked around and saw the door lying on the ground and turned a puzzled look on her face as everyone laughed. She'd slept through the whole thing.

"How're you feeling?"

"Like I've had enough to last me a life time." Gary said to Becky as she put a bottle with a couple of pills next to his bed. She was again in the tailored business suit. Gary thought it looked pretty sexy.

"These will stop you from being a carrier. Just take the two of them in 48 hours and an hour later you'll no longer be contagious."

"You trust me to take them?"

"Keiko has assured me that you will be taking them." She said with a smile as Keiko entered the room. Gary caught his breath as he saw what she was wearing. She looked like she had glossy black paint poured over her. It hugged ever curve of her mammothly muscled body.

"I've had just about enough of this." She said with a smile. "You ready?"

It took him a moment to settle his stirrings before he answered. "As ready as I'll ever be." He turned to Becky. "Just one question and I hope it's not too personal?"

"Go ahead."

"All the women I saw at the institute are really, well, busty. How come-?"

"Keiko isn't?" She finished for him.

"Or the other girls. Well most of them." Keiko added remembering Erika and Yuri.

Becky smiled. "Partly because a woman doesn't fantasize about being this big." Becky motioned to her substantial chest. "I wanted bigger breasts but the Doctors tweaked it when they made the transformation. The other is you only fantasized about sharing your strength and growth, the breast growth was just an amplification of what they had naturally. It's also why they grew taller, you gained what six inches?"


"Well as was explained to you women react much better than men that's why Keiko here gained a foot and a half and is 20 times as strong as you are."

"And don't you forget it." Keiko added tongue firmly in cheek as she lowered her sunglasses.

"Like I want to." Gary replied.

The next afternoon Gary and Keiko were making plans to stop in Hawaii to meet her parents when there was a delicate knock at the door. Keiko got up to answer.

"You feel up to two more."

Gary stared in shock. "You mean-" He looked around his huge fiancée. There were two women behind her. One of them waved to him. It was the two receptionists from the lobby, Fumi and Chisato.

"Well we did promise them." Keiko said as she invited them in.

"What about Becky?" Gary worried.

"Why do you think she told you to wait 48 hours?"