The Bear Hug

by Tom Adams

Two women, one man. A bear hug settles it. Or does it?

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Alice and Tosha are strong. They work out in the same gym. They use heavy iron to build their legs, arms, shoulders and back. They both have large breasts. And they are both attracted to the same man. Bob. 

Bob is the most powerful man in the gym. He's six feet tall. Alice and Tosha are five, two. He makes love to both women. His huge muscles and large erection drives them. Bob runs his hands over the muscles in their backs, arms and shoulders and the nipples on their tits. It arouses him. He can't stop.

Alice and Tosha hate each other. The thought of another woman in Bob's arms drives them nuts. They know he likes powerful shoulders, arms and backs. They spend hours in the gym developing those muscles. But neither woman can pull ahead. The muscles bulge. But they are equal.

Tosha has finished her workout. She watches Alice. Watches the muscles bulge in her back, shoulders and arms. Thinks about Bob running his fingers over those muscles. Her hate grows. This has to stop.  Alice finishes her workout..

"Alice, we need to talk."

"About Bob, Tosha?"


"What's there to talk about, Tosha? Bob will will decide, sooner or later, which of us he wants the most."

"Why don't we decide, Alice?"


"With a mutual bear hug."

Alice looks puzzled.

"A mutual what, Tosha?"

"I challenge you, Alice. Meet me at this location at 3:00pm this Saturday and we'll settle this." 

Alice takes the directions to the site. The term "bear hug" runs through her mind. It's a wrestling hold. You wrap your arms around your opponent's chest and lock your wrists at the base of their spine. And then you squeeze. You break your opponents ribs and spine using the muscles in your back, shoulders and arms.

Alice looks over the directions to the site. Thinks for a moment.

"I accept your challenge, Tosha. Saturday at 3:00pm."

Saturday is a warm spring day. The site is a small clearing in the woods at a state park. Alice and Tosha arrive at the same time. They're both wearing sandals, shorts and T-shirt. 

Tosha takes off her clothes. Alice hesitates for a moment and takes off hers.

There is a light breeze. It causes the trees to cast an occasional shadow across the powerful bodies of Alice and Tosha. They both flex the muscles in their backs, shoulders and arms and step closer.

"Tosha, I have accepted your challenge because I love Bob. We both do. Don't we? Could you please explain how we grip in a "mutual bear hug.""

"Alice, my left arm comes under your right arm. You're left arm comes under my right arm. That way we both have an arm against the opponent's ribs. The other arm is around the opponent's arm with wrists locked in the back."

"And then, Tosha?"

"And then we tighten our grips and try to crush each other. The first one to pass out or surrender looses.

"Then I'll crush you, Tosha."

"No you won't, Alice. You say you love Bob. To be honest with you, I don't love him. It's pure sex. The best I've ever had. And you're not going to get in the way."

The women pass their arms through and lock in the bear hug. They look each other in the eye and tighten their grip. The sun is on their powerful bodies. The breeze has slowed and cast only an occasional shadow from the trees.

The muscles in Alice and Tosha's backs bulge as they rest their heads on each other's chest. Their breasts are nipple to nipple. Each woman feels they will burst from the pressure. 

The muscles in their shoulders and arms ripple. The sun is warm. Sweat begins to trickle from their bodies. As the grips tighten they both have trouble breathing and try to ignore the pain in their ribs and their backs at the base of their spines.

A scene flashes through Tosha's mind from several years ago. It was on television, a nature series. A large and powerful tiger had challenged a snake, a boa constrictor. At first the tiger seemed to be winning, biting the snake's head. But the constrictor continued to coil around the tiger, squeezing it to death.

The women raise their heads and stare into each others eyes, trying to show determination, trying not to show the pain. The sweat runs from their foreheads into their eyes causing them to blink. But they continue  to stare.

The sweat is also running down their forearms to their wrists. But they ignore it. Find strength in it. Grip their wrists tighter against the other woman's back. Their arms and backs knot into a solid mass as they pull and crush.   

Alice and Tosha fight for each breath as their opponent's arms  tighten  like a boa constrictor. The large muscles in their backs are on fire. They sink to their knees and their heads rock back as they emit a gasp of pain and determination to crush their opponent.

They fall to their sides, still locked in mutual crushing holds. Their ribs are breaking and their internal organs begin to give. Blood trickles from each of their mouths. 

But no one surrenders. This is no longer a fight about Bob. It's about Alice and Tosha. And it has become a fight to the death. Sweat pours off both women as the muscles in their backs, shoulders and arms crush their opponent's ribs and back.

Their internal organs begin to burst and the flow of blood from their mouths increases. Alice and Tosha  start to black out. Neither surrenders. They both put all their strength into one massive effort to crush. Their huge muscles shutter at the strain and then relax.

10:00am the next morning. A small group of men looks at their bodies.

The sheriff scratches his head. Alice and Tosha are laying dead, on their backs beside each other. The blood from their mouths to the ground now a brownish color. Their eyes are open, unblinking, staring at the tall trees at the edge of the clearing.

"What do you think happened here, Ed?", the sheriff ask the medical examiner.

"To be honest with you, sheriff, I don't know. I don't think we'll ever know."

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