Susan by Tom Adams

Susan says she can out fight and out f___ any woman on campus.


Ted and Nancy have been in love since their second year in high school. They are college seniors now, still deeply in love, starting to talk about their careers, children, how they will spend the rest of their lives together. But then Susan enters the picture.

Susan is a cheerleader for the football team. She has nice legs, nice tits, nice ass. A growing number of females on campus hate her guts, and with good reason. Susan has probably set a never to be broken record when it comes to breaking up romances.

Ted appears to be next on the list. She's started flirting with him. Nancy notices, of course, but shrugs it off, can't believe Ted would ditch her after all these years. The other "victims" look at Nancy and shake their heads. The women feel sorry for her. What Susan wants, Susan gets. Every time.

The flirting continues and Nancy confronts Susan on the steps of the college library.

Susan, "why are you flirting with Ted? You know we've been together since high school."

"Because Ted is a hunk, a real stud. Our bodies are a perfect match. I want him inside me and I'm going to get him."

Nancy is stunned, but quickly recovers.

Susan, "you're too subtle. You should open up more, tell me what you're thinking, tell me what motivates you, tell me what you want"

Susan laughs. "I think only when I have to. Sex motivates me. I want Ted." She laughs again and walks away leaving Nancy with her mouth hanging open.

It's a beautiful spring weekend. Ted and Nancy have a picnic planned for Sunday afternoon, but he calls her at the last minute, says he has an important test Monday morning. Nancy places the phone in the cradle and wonders. Susan? No, couldn't be. Ted wouldn't cheat on me behind my back. If he wanted Susan, he'd tell me to my face.

Nancy catches up with Ted Monday afternoon.

"How did you do on the test?"

Ted has a puzzled look. "Test?"


"Oh yes, the test. Passed with flying colors, thanks to all that cramming Saturday afternoon."

Nancy frowns. "Our picnic was scheduled for Sunday afternoon," Ted.

"Did I say Saturday? I meant Sunday. Anyway, got to run to chemistry lab," Nancy. "See you at dinner tonight."


Nancy spends the rest of the afternoon looking for her, finds her sitting under an oak tree, reading a magazine.

Nancy's face is red with anger. "Were you with Ted this weekend?" Susan.

"This weekend? No. Just Sunday afternoon."

"Doing what?" Susan.

"Showing him my body."

A very long pause.

Susan laughs at Nancy's red face. "Sit down, relax," Nancy. "Let me tell you about it."

Nancy sits down, pretending to be calm, but her red face and deep breathing give her away.

Susan smiles. "OK. If I were you, I wouldn't be calm either." And she tells the whole story.

"I invite the hunk I'm after for a walk in the woods. Of course he accepts. I'm wearing sandals and a dress that stops half way between my knees and my ass, no panties, no bra. I know a path that leads to a brightly lit clearing. As soon as we get there my sandals and dress come off and he's staring at my nude tits. I turn around to let him see my nude ass, stretch my arms over my head, breathe deeply and keep turning. Tits, ass, tits, ass, tits, ass tits, ass. This continues until I'm dizzy, then my sandals and dress go back on and we leave the woods."

Nancy's face is no longer red. It's pale and she's speechless.

A five minute pause.

"How many times have you done this?" Susan.

"Twenty five"

"And how many...........?"

"Twenty five. A perfect score. Once they see my tits and ass, they're mine. Ted will be number twenty six."

Another pause, shorter this time.

"There is a way out for you," Nancy. "The other twenty five girls tried it and lost. Who knows, maybe you'll win. Fight me," Nancy. "It will be in a boxing ring, boxing rules, only it'll be bare knuckles, no gloves and we fight in the nude. I want you to see what Ted saw Sunday afternoon. I want you to see why he's leaving you. If you beat me, he's yours. But it's the only way to keep him. If you don't fight, he's mine and if you fight and lose he's mine."

Nancy turns to Susan. "Ever lost a fight?"

Susan grins. "Never! Susan-twenty five, opposition-zero!"

"You're about to. When do we fight"

Susan laughs. "Would Saturday afternoon at 3:00 be OK?"

"Yes," Susan. "That will be fine."

Susan writes down directions to the gym.

"Come alone," Nancy. "Absolutely no one will be there but you, me and a female referee. And please bring a robe to cover you're nude body until you get from the dressing room to the ring."

Susan gets up and starts to walk away, then turns back to Nancy with a serious look.

"There are two things I do better than any woman on this campus."

"What's that?" Susan.

"Fuck and fight. I'm going to whip your ass."

It's 3:00pm, Saturday. Nancy arrives at the plush, upper class gym. Susan has it rented out for the entire afternoon. No wonder she's used to getting any man she wants. Her rich dad has her so spoiled, she gets almost everything she wants.

Susan is waiting at the door. "You're very punctual," Nancy. "Please come in"

Nancy is dressed in Thirt, jeans and jogging shoes. Susan is wearing sandals and a plain, lightblue dress that stops midway between her knees and her ass. A show my body dress.

A tall, well built, graying woman who looks to be in her fifties is standing behind Susan. She's introduced as Linda, the referee. She's dresed for the part with blue slacks and a white, short sleeve shirt. Nancy follows Linda to her dressing room. Susan, of course, knows the way to hers.

Nancy strips and puts on her robe, ask Linda if she should wear her shoes to the ring. "Of course not. You'll be fighting barefooted." Well excuse me.

Susan is waiting in the ring when her opponent and Linda climb through the ropes. The referee calls them to the center of the ring and issues the usual final instructions.

"The regular boxing rules apply except you will not be wearing gloves. No biting, kicking, scratching, kneeing, elbowing or grabbing your opponent. You can block a punch with your arms or shoulders, but you cannot deliver one. The normal rules call for no hitting below the belt, but since you're nude that has been modified to no hitting below the upper pubic hair line. Three minute rounds. One minute breaks. The fight last until someone is knocked out for ten seconds or gives up. Any questions?"

There are none.

"Oh, one other thing, Your stools are resting on stands just outside your corners. Just pull them out to relax beween rounds and place them back on their stands when you hear the ten second warning. Good luck to both of you."

Nancy and Susan take off their robes and go to their corners. Susan turns to let Nancy get a good look at her tits and ass and smiles.

The referee quickly goes to the side of the ring and taps a bell just outside the ropes.

The first round goes slow. Susan throws a few light jabs to Nancy's chin and one to her mouth which cuts her lower lip. Nancy tries to cover up and throw jabs, but Susan easily deflects them or ducks them. The bell sounds and Nancy sits on her stool.

The same thought hits her that has hit the twently five other women. They would have been much better off in a no holds barred, old fashioned, biting, scratching, kicking, hair pulling cat fight. Susan probably would have lost half of them. Instead they find themselves in a sport that Susan has a lot of experience in and they have none. Nancy is convinced Susan was just toying with her in round one.

Round two is brutal. Susan ducks every punch Nancy throws and lands everyone aimed at Nancy's head, the blood begins to flow from her mouth, nose and a cut above her right eye. When the round ends, Susan doesn't even bother to sit on her stool. Instead she taunts Nancy by raising her arms into the air and turning so Nancy can see her well shaped tits and ass. Tits and ass. Tits and ass. Tits and ass. It's the same routine she does in the clearing in the woods

The third round is just as brutal, except near the end Nancy ducks low and sends a hard right to Susan's stomach. She doubles over just as the bell rings.

Susan sits on her stool, massaging her gut. Maybe a few more situps would help, Susan.

Round four has Nancy pounding at Susan's gut. She drops to the canvas and the referee counts to seven before she's back on her feet. Susan is wobbling around the ring, but Nancy notices sonething odd. Susan is not really trying to protect her mid section. Her main defense is still up around her face.

The round ends and Susan, instad of sitting on her stool, turns around and tightens the muscles in her hard, flat stomach. It was all a cruel fake to make Nancy think she had a chance.

Round five and Susan is all over Nancy, crashing blows to her midsection, devasting blows to her head. Within a minute she's unconscious, doesn't wake up for thirty seconds.

Susan is standing over her. "Nice try Nancy, but you and Ted are number twenty six. She quickly puts on her robe and leaves the ring. The referee ask Nancy if she knows her way back to the locker room and out of the gym. Nancy nods and she quickly leaves.

Nancy is still laying in the middle of the ring and thinking. There are twenty five other women on campus who hate that bitch, who would like to get in in an old fashioned cat fight. I'll find then and we'll destroy her. Yes, by God, I'll find them. be continued.