Susan5 by Tom Adams

It's getting harder for Susan to persue her passion for sex and fighting, but she'll find a way.


It's one o'clock in the morning. Susan is laying on her back in bed, nude, She's slowly running the fingers of her right hand deep into her pubic hair until they're moist and then across her hard gut. She can't sleep. She lives to fuck men and fight their enraged wives or girl friends. She hasn't fucked or fought in two months. She's going nuts.

Susan is a sexy cheerleader at a small college and her success has led to her downfall. She's short, five-two, blond hair, blue eyes, attractive face, perfect white teeth. When she first arrived at college, she didn't look tough. But she was. She would flirt with a "hunk" whose wife or girl friend looked like they wouldn't put up with any shit.

Susan was a good amateur boxer and getting better. She would challenge the other woman to a bare knuckles boxing match at a gym. All boxing rules applied. It was just bare knuckles. Most of the woman were at least 4 inches taller than Susan and thought it would be an easy match. It wasn't. Susan always won.

The women wised up and starting challenging her to no holds barred matches. The results were the same. Susan always won. And she started lifting weights to give her body more strength for the "no holds barred" fights. She concentrated on high repetitions to make her muscles larger and more beautiful. The muscles in her chest gave her large breasts more up lift.

And that's when things fell apart. She is solid, beautiful muscle and tits that men fuck in their dreams, but women can't beat in a fight. Boxing, wrestling, no hold barred, doesn't matter. This sexy little five foot-two, blue eyed blond is lethal.

The men are polite, engage in small talk but duck if she starts to flirt. They believe the end result will bring a brutal beating to someone they love. And they're right. The women hate Susan's guts. A quick smile and a hello is about all she can get out of them. And she hates their guts.

Susan doesn't realize it, but she's an extreme psychopath, a person with a severe mental disorder and antisocial behavior. Susan loves to fuck. She's aware of that. She loves to fight. She's aware of that. But she's unaware of an even deeper obsession. She loves to hate.

1:15am. Susan has an idea. She puts on the shortest shorts she has and the tighest tank top, but nothing on her feet.

1:45am. She arrives at an all night bar called "The Lion's Den". Corny name? Yes. Accurate description? Yes. The place is famous or infamous, take your choice, for rowdy drunks and fights. It's strictly off limits to college students. Susan doesn't give a shit. If she wants to go to The Lion's Den, she'll go. Fuck the rules.

A man at the door checks her drivers license to make sure she's legal drinking age and invites her in. The men in the room stop talking briefly and admire her from the archs in her bare feet to her natural blond hair. Susan picks a table near a corner of the room and orders a beer. Soon the talking resumes.

Susan sits and waits.

2:30am. Jack and Martha enter the bar. Susan puts her beer down and smiles. They're perfect. Absolutely perfect.

Jack is an incredible hunk He's at least six feet, eight, wearing a Tshirt to show off his large, muscular arms, and skin tight jeans that bulge with leg muscles. And there's another bulge. Jack is well endowed. Very well endowed. Martha is taller than Susan, five feet, eight. She's dressed similar to Susan, showing a lot of skin.

Susan admires Martha's muscles. They're not as large as Susan's, but more wiry, have a steely quality to them. Susan looks more closly. Martha has a tatoo on each arm. One says" Don't mess with me." The other is more blunt. "I'll whip your ass."

Good. A fighter. A natural born fighter. Bet she's like me. Bet she loves it. Wonder if she knows boxing or karate. Doesn't matter. I'll whip her ass. Susan looks a the "I'll whip your ass" tatoo again and grins. Yeah. Right. The tatoo is on the wrong woman, Martha.

Susan waits until Martha gets up and heads for the rest room. Then she moves quickly.

"Jack, my name is Susan and I need to show you something," she says as she smiles and takes his hand pulling him up from his chair. Jack is puzzled, but a glance at the beautiful muscles in her legs and her large tits under the tight fitting tank top melt any resistance. She leads him out the back door and down a grassy slope about fifty yards from the bar. The light is very dim, but it's enough.

Jack is still puzzled. "You said you want to show me something. What?"


Susan takes off her shorts and tank top and breaths deeply as she slowly turns around in front of Jack. She flexes the muscles in her gutt, legs and butt as she turns. Jack is now breathing deeply and the bulge in his jeans grows larger. After about a minute, he's had all he can take. He whips off his Tshirt and jeans. Susan stares. He has the largest erection she's ever seen.

"We need to make this quick," Susan. "If Martha finds us, she'll beat the shit out of you. I've seen her fight women for just flirting with me. She's brutal. She'll rip you to shreds,"

Good, Jack, Good. An enraged woman fighting for her man. God, I can hardly wait. If she doesn't find me, I'll find her.

Susan is just five feet-two and Jack is surprised when she takes his entire erection into her. They reach an orgasm, rest for a moment and then another, rest, then another, rest, then another.

It's during a brief rest that Susan whispers in Jack's ear.

"You said Martha will rip me to shreds, Actually, I'm goind to whip her ass." Jack laughs.

Susan glares at him. "Promise me that when I do beat the shit out of her, we start fucking again immediately and we don't stop until I'm ready. And if you don't keep up with me, I'll whip your ass." Jack laughs again.

"I'm very serious."

"OK," Susan."You're on."

Martha has been looking for Jack for thirty minutes. She's searched the bar, done everthing but look under the tables. She's searched the parking lot. Jack's car is still there. Now she's back in the bar searching the men's rest room. Some of the men are amused, some are not.

"Lady, the women's rest room is down the hall. See these urinals? That's always a hint you're in the wrong place."

"Shut up, you son of a bitch. Just shut the fuck up."

Several of the men laugh as Martha storms out of the room.

Finally, the bartender tells Martha he might have seen Jack headed out the back door with a sexy little blond. He says he's not the least bit sure. It's been such a busy night.

Martha wonders why the bastard hasn't told her this until now, but then realizes he's right. It has been an extremely busy night and he had more important things to do than keep up with Jack. She thanks him for the information and heads out the back door.

There is nothing out the back door but a grassy slope that goes for about a mile and ends at a river. Martha strains her eyes looking into the darkness, doesn't see anything and starts to turn around. Then out of the corner of her eye she sees it, some very rapid movement on the grass. It's so far away you can barely make it out.

She slowly approaches until she can clearly see it's Jack fucking a cute, little blond, who's sitting on top of him, meeting him thrust for thrust, the sweat visible on their naked bodies.

Martha grabs Susan by the hair and yanks her off Jack. Before she can get to her feet, Martha has already kicked her in the ribs three times and blooded her nose.

Jesus, she may not know karate or boxing, but she sure knows how to fight.

Susan holds her off with a few soft left jabs to the chin, a right to the jaw and a soft left to the nose.Now both women have one thing in common, blooded noses. Jack, of course, is thoroughly enjoying this. He had thought that Martha, the carfight expert, would beat the shit out of Susan in a minute or less. But he sees that Susan is a skilled boxer and the fight will not be over anytime soon. Ah yes, Jack is thoroughly enjoying himself.

Susan slams a few punches into Martha's gut. It's a waste of time. Like Susan's, it's rock hard. Now Martha gets into some serious cat fighting, slashing Susan's tits with her sharp finger nails and clawing at her face. Susan rips Martha's tank top off and slams a right to one tit, slaps the other with her left hand and plunges her fingernails deeply into both.

Blood is running from Martha and Susan's tits and down their stomachs. Martha aims a kick at Susan's pussy. Her foot starts to sail between Susan's legs, but gets no further than the knees when Susan graps it and yanks Martha off her feet. Now it's Susan's turn for a kick to the pussy and it lands right on target.

Martha rolls on the ground in pain. Susan jumps on top of her and decides to end this with a choke hold. But Martha comes back to life and sends a series of elbows into Susan's ribs, which start to crack.

Oh, you want to crack ribs. I'll show you how to crack ribs.

Susan wraps her powerful legs around Martha's chest and grabs both her wrists so she can't strike back. Susan leans back, tightens the grip and begins to crush Martha's chest. Martha calmly bends over and sinks her teeth into one of Susan's thighs tearing at the flesh.

As soon as Susan relases the hold, Martha turns and sinks her teeth deeply into her tits. Susan is now absolutely enraged. She clasp her hands together, raises them over her head and sends a devasting pile driver blow to Martha's forehead. Martha falls back and both women get to their feet.

OK You win the catfight. I thought I was tough enough to beat you that way. I was wrong. No more scratching, biting, kicking, hair pulling, etc. You're about to see some really skillful fighting, elementary boxing, bare nuckles style.

Susan turns slightly to the side and goes into the classic boxers stance. Martha can't figure this out, but has a gut feeling she may be in trouble.

Understatement of the night.

Susan's jabs to Martha's chin are hard and fast. Martha can barely see them coming. This is followed by a round house right to the head and Martha is laying, dazed on the ground. But Martha is like Susan. She'd rather die than give up. She's going to have to be knocked out.

No problem.

Martha gets to her feet. This time Susan lands so many left jabs, Jack loses count. There is another roundhouse right to the head. Martha is practically unconscious but still on her feet. If this had been a real boxing match, the referee would have stepped in to stop the fight.

Marths's arms hang by her sides. Her vision is blurred. Susan decides to put her out of her misery. The left jabs are not just hard, now they're vicious. Martha's head snaps back violently with each blow. Susan gathers all her strength into her right arm and slams a right cross into Martha's head. It's all over. Martha will not wake up for at least thirty minutes.

Susan turns to Jack.

"Remember our agreement?"

"Yes," Susan.

"Are you ready to fuck me?" Jack.


"Can you keep up with me?" Jack

He laughs.

"We took short breaks between orgasms before the fight. Remember? No more breaks.With my huge erection, you'll be begging me to stop."

Susan smiles at him and whispers in his ear."Remember what I said I'd do to you if you don't keep up with me.And you won't, Jack. Trust me. You won't."

Jack laughs again but this time it has sort of a hollow sound to it.

"I'd like to be on top this time," says Susan.

"It will make it harder for you. All I have to do is lean back and relax."

"You may lean back," Jack. "But you're not going to relax.for long."

Susan straddles Jack's mid section and lets him guide his huge erection into her.

Susan's pelvic area thrust down and forward. It's a slow, steady rhythm and they both have an orgasm at about the same time. There is no rest. The rhythm picks up a little speed. Another orgasm. Again, no rest. More speed. Orgasm. No rest.

Jack had expeteced Susan to weaken. Instead, she seems to be getting stronger. The rhythm speed has increased again and her orgasms are closer together. And no rest. Not for a second.

Jack's worst nightmare begins to happen. He can feel his erection start to go limp.He tightens the muscles in his hips and thighs to try to keep it up. But it's no use. Susan just increases the speed of her thrust. Her orgasms are coming almost one on top of the other.Jack hasn't had an orgasm for the last ten minutes. His former huge erection goes completely limp.

Susan springs to her feet

"Remember what I said," says Susan as she slams a foot into his balls. He goes into the fetal position, the pain blinding. Susan slams another foot into his balls. And a third.

Martha wakes up just as the first kick strikes. She watches the other blows and smiles.

Jack is completely helpless. Susan starts to walk away when she notices Martha is awake. She immediately tenses her body, ready for an attack from Martha. But Martha continues to smile and gives Susan a thumbs up. Apparently Martha's relationship with Jack was not based on love and affection.

Susan returns the smile and the thumbs up.

The sun is beginning to come up when Susan's head touches her pillow. She immediately falls into a deep sleep. The demons within her have been satisfied. But for how long?