Autolycus' Guide to the "Babes in Spyland" Universe


This is the definitive list of the order in which to read my stories to get the most enjoyment out of the tales in the "Babes in Spyland" universe. Plus, they will make much more sense if read in this order. I will dutifully update this every time a new story is added to my growing canon so newcomers to our Vivacious Valkyrie's site won't be left in the cold.


Babes in Spyland The introduction to my twisted vision of the future. It basically establishes the main characters and their relationships to each other- sort of.


Broads into Plowshares The second tale continues to introduce characters that are important to the series, in this case Trevor Willowgate and Zuleika Qawi.


Chance in Snowflake's Hell Besides having one of my more ingenious titles, this story marks the first appearance of Dr. Koyuki Takagashi and her deadly fujinjas, both of who become important in later adventures.


The Worst Noel This was a bit of a departure in that it was originally conceived as a one shot response to a Christmas story written by our own beloved Valkyrie, but it ended up being incorporated into the canon (thanks to some clever editing) when I decided to do a "Men in Black" spoof that was definitely in the continuity of the series. So, while it's technically BiS IV, it retains its designation as a "Babes in Spyland Adventure," at least for the present.


Even Cowgirls Get Black and Blue Another clever title and a rather dark tale of vanity and the pursuit of eternal youth. It not only features a delicious scene between Winsome and Jessica, it also introduces a character that will have a major impacts on our favorite redhead.


The Lady or the Vampire My first take on the Dracula legend, this is one of my personal favorites. It also has the distinction of introducing my most popular character, Lupe Bacalao.


Patriot Dames The most Bondian of Jessica's adventures to date, this story features enough action to satisfy any fan of the spy thriller genre. It also introduces someone who, although indirectly, has a profound influence on Jessica's life, Egan McMasters.


Full Lunar Jacket Jessica's first attempt to cure Lupe of her lycanthropy is made much more complicated by the arrival of an old enemy.


The Most Dangerous Dame, Part I A ruthless slave-trader captures Lupe and Jessica travels to her island kingdom to rescue her. This one features a villainess it's impossible to like in Orionna Jagenvrow, unless sadistic racists are your thing.


The Most Dangerous Dame, Part II The exciting conclusion to Jessica's most challenging and darkest adventure features some Rambo-esque jungle action and a brutal fight to the finish with Orionna.


Coffee, Tea, or Piracy? Jessica fights a daring band of air pirates, but there's more to their plan than a simple robbery. Plus the introduction of Genevieve "Vixen" Tucker and Dr. Cassandra Trotter.


Okay, kids, this is where things start to get confusing as Jessica's exploits continue while Lupe remains in LA and has plenty of adventures of her own. Both series crisscross each other from this point on, but I think this is the best order to continue:


A Spanish Werewolf in Hollywood Lupe's first solo story, notable mostly for the introduction of the haughty actress, Simone Stallion, and her archenemy, the evil multi-billionaire, Lilith Kahira.


A Wolf in Sacrificial Lamb's Clothing The first story in Lupe's own series, this tale re-introduces the character of Gen Tucker and is the debut of one of my favorite creations, Lilith's inscrutable martial arts instructor, Master Po. Yes, he's named after the character from the TV series "Kung Fu."


Lupe Come Home Lupe gets amnesia and falls in love- with a man. Plus the introduction of a new character who is, and yet isn't, an old one. This story really sets the "The X-Files" meets "Buffy the Vampire Slayer/Angel" mood of the series.


Livin' La Vida Lupe, Part I Lupe and Simone have their hands full with Lilith's latest mercenaries, who, like Nazif, aren't what they appear to be. Also, Erishkigal and Gen establish some ground rules and run into some major trouble of their own.


Four Whores and Seven Years Ago My friend Jo loves that title for some reason. Anyway, this story climaxes with a non-stop battle sequence that pits Jessica against a veritable army of prostitutes. It also features the first appearance of one of Jessica's fellow Aegis Group agents, just in case you were beginning to think she was the only operative the agency had.


The General and I This marks the beginning of the end of the first chapter in Jessica's saga, which will culminate in story XXV. There's a nice flashback to when Jessica was younger and an ending that will hopefully both sadden and surprise readers.


Chance and Death and Mutability For those who are wondering, the title comes from PB Shelley's "Prometheus Unbound." This one is a bit unusual not only because it was just the second time I'd told a story using the first-person perspective, but I actually tell it from two different characters' points of view. I'm especially proud of Jessica's soliloquy on justice and responsibility near the end.


Livin' La Vida Lupe, Part II This half introduces one of the more bizarre love triangles in the history of fiction and winds up the most confusing aspects of Jessica's and Lupe's intertwined series for the moment.


Jessi Chance Superstar Jessica joins a cult and finds out a shocking secret about herself. The one odd thing about this story, besides the obvious, is that it contains no battles whatsoever. I was sort of experimenting with my narrative style, too, as is most noticeable in the way I present Brother Abel's and Sister Charisma's back-story. I'm still debating with myself whether it works or not-


Women in Black This is the story that forced me to include "The Worst Noel" into the official canon. Another Christmas tale, it revisits the North Pole and introduces the enigmatic Danielle, aka "Dee," who will become an important character in later stories.


Twisted Sisters The first story in my super heroine series, it is noteworthy for the introduction of Nan Summers and Sakhmet, both of whom are very major players in my universe. It also contains the premiere utterance of NightFox's ubiquitous catch phrase: It's a Goddess thing.


Vinaigrettes This is the first collection of short stories featuring supporting characters from the various series. Lupe narrates them because I wanted to be able to play off her malapropistic mangling of "vignettes" for the title. Catherine "Pandora" Driver, Saba Trotter, and Pam Dunn are featured.


Gypsies, Vamps, and Wolves, Part I One of my favorite stories, this is my second take on the Dracula legend and features a lengthy flashback that explains a lot about Lupe's past. It also introduces the character of Charlie Wrangle, a less than honest semi-retired private detective straight out of the Golden Age of Hollywood.


Gypsies, Vamps, and Wolves, Part II The conclusion to both the flashback and the story set in Lupe's present. The end of this one demonstrates the fundamental difference between Lupe and Jessica: The Spaniard doesn't hesitate to kill her foes or act out of vengeance.


Virtual Femininity This is my favorite story to date. It just works on so many different levels that I can't help but be proud of it. The plot is that Jessica gets a partner and investigates a bizarre series of murders. Besides fellow Aegis Group agent Damien Hawke, this one introduces Dr. Bailee Remains, one of DC's coroners, both of whom will have roles in Jessica's future.


Two Wrongs Make a Spite My friend Giordano pointed out that the only real catfighting in this one takes place between characters that are evil. I still like it, and it does have some nice interaction between Simone and Saba and shows that Lupe isn't nearly as dumb as she sounds. I'd mention the shocking ending, but that might spoil it.


Vinaigrettes 2 My second trio of short stories features the same three characters from the first. It also introduces the sub-plot of "The Baker Man," LA's latest serial killer, who will be dealt with in one of Lupe's future tales.


Heroine Addict NightFox's second adventure introduces a very Kirby-esque villainess and has Catherine joining her in the guise of a trusty sidekick.


Hex and Violence Even though it was written after the grand events in "Vice Girls Finish Last" this story actually takes place before that marathon adventure. It features some nice interaction between Cal and Vixen, an exciting chase scene, and a classic multi-combatant conclusion.


Vice Girls Finish Last, Part I The first chapter in my most ambitious story to date. This epic tale of love, betrayal, the supernatural, pop music, and catfighting starts out with Jessica and Kallista Blackhart going to LA to locate and apprehend Dr. Koyuki Takagashi for Japanese authorities. But things are never quite as simple as they sound in Jessica's life.


The Were-Bitch Project Another of my more clever titles. This is the tragic story of Lupe's first full moon after her monstrous transformation. Besides featuring a certain redheaded guest star, it introduces the half-demon Kasa, who will become a semi-regular villainess in Lupe's series in the future.


Vice Girls Finish Last, Part II The second chapter introduces the true villain of the piece and continues filling us in on what Kallista was up to while Jessica was dealing with Lupe and Kasa in "The Were-Bitch Project." It also continues the side-story of Rei and Sam and sets in motion a rather ingenious mistaken identity plot line.


Vice Girls Finish Last, Part III Things get complicated in LA when Sakhmet demonstrates how truly evil she is and "Rei" and "Sam" arrive. Throw in a classic first-meeting fight between Jessica and NightFox, and Kall and Raven, and another of my shocking endings, and this one was easily exciting enough to have been the conclusion.


Vice Girls Finish Last, Part IV The real conclusion. And I don't think I'm exaggerating when I say it's twice as exciting as the other three chapters put together. This one wraps up all the loose ends and quite possibly features the most unexpected guest star of all. It also has a delicious twist that will directly affect Jessica's future stories.


Whew. Okay, there it is. I hope it proves helpful, and please take a minute to let me know if you liked or hated any of these stories by either emailing me at Autolycus or leaving a message on Diana's Readers and Writers Message Board and I'll reply as soon as I can.