Sherry beats and scissors John into obedience.

By Crohnsman2

Sherry gives John an attitude adjustment by beating and scissoring him into submission and obedience.

John was sleeping on the floor, where Nancy had put him with her fists. Nancy was Melvin's mom and the wife of Mr. Drummond, who had come to the house one day demanding an apology from Samantha, and money for Doctor and Dentist bills that he had had to pay after Samantha beat up his son Melvin. Sherry had beaten Mr. Drummond to a pulp while Samantha took care of Melvin again. They had sent them packing with no apology, no money, and battered, swollen faces.

The way Mr. Drummond had acted, got Sherry to thinking about his wife. She suspected that he was a wife beater and began to worry about her. She had Samantha corner Melvin at school and ask him. Under the threat of a beating if he didn't tell her the truth, Melvin spilled the beans. Yes, his Father did slap his Mother around sometimes. Sherry called the woman and asked her over for coffee.

She casually swung the conversation around to the subject, and asked Nancy if her husband beat her. They offered to teach her how to fight so she could take care of herself when it happened again. While Nancy was thinking it over, Sherry had asked John to bring Nancy another cup of coffee. When John bulked and attacked Sherry, she beat him and knocked him out in about two minutes.

When Nancy seen Sherry do that, she decided to accept the girls offer and let them teach her how to fight. After showing her the basics, John was awakened to be a sparring partner for Nancy, so she could get some hands on training. Nancy knocked John out in about two minutes too. Sherry and Nancy were at the door saying good bye to each other. Nancy hollered for Melvin to hurry up so they could go home. He had stayed back talking to Samantha.

After they left, Sherry was talking to Sam. "I think Nancy will be alright. She picks up things very easily and learns quickly. She sure cold cock John, that boys been out for quite a while now. Mr. Drummond is going to get a big surprise the next time he tries to slap Nancy around." "Yeah Sherry, I think so to. She did learn pretty quick, and she did do real good against John. Melvin thinks his mom was good too." "Why was Melvin so late getting to the door Samantha, did you and him have something to talk about?" "I wanted to make sure he didn't tell his dad about us teaching Nancy to fight, before she was ready. Melvin is a male and they tend to stick together you know."

"Good thinking Sam, I didn't think of that at all. Was you able to convince him not to talk?" "Yeah, that boys scared to death of me. I told him I would beat him up every day until school was over if he told. I don't think we have to worry. He minds me real good so I won't hurt him. He'll keep his mouth shut." Sherry smiled. "Atta girl Sammy. Keep them in there place and you never have to worry about them again. Besides, I think Melvin is kind of sweet on you." "EWWWWWWW!" "If he tries to kiss me I'll beat him up good." Sherry smiled again.

It was time to wake John up and change his attitude with her fists. Sherry was tired of the way he had been acting lately, so he had a good beating coming to him. "Wake up John boy, we have to discuss your bad attitude that you have had lately. I want it straightened out young man, or I'll straighten you out with my fists. Keep that scowl off of your face and do as your told without any lip, or your ass will be back in that floor sleeping. Are we clear?"

"Fuck you Sherry. I'm a twenty year old man, and I'm sick of taking orders from you and Samantha. You two are only sixteen and ten, and it just isn't right. So leave me the fuck alone and mind your own business, because I'm done taking orders from you two." " Wrong answer little man. You'll not only take orders from me and Sammy, you'll do it with a smile on your face. I don't care how old or big you are, I can whip your ass. And if your attitude doesn't change, that's exactly what I'm going to do."

John charged her swinging for all he was worth. Rights and lefts were coming from all angles as he tried to change his life. Sherry danced for a while and then fired back as he began to slow..SMACK..SMACK..a right and left of her own popped him in the nose and mouth. John just became more determined to win. He threw a hard right that Sherry ducked under and she drilled him in the ribs..SMACK..John winced and leaned in that direction. Sherry clipped him on the chin..SMACK.

Again he let go with everything he had, praying something would connect. Sherry ducked and dodged until she seen an opening..SMACK..SMACK..both eyes were hurting and beginning to swell. John tried to fake a right and then threw a left hoping to catch her off guard. Sherry didn't fall for it, and when she dodged the left, she punched him in the muscle of both arms..SMACK..SMACK..John winced again in pain.

Sherry knew it had hurt because they were good solid connections. She also seen his arms drop slightly from the pain. A large smile came over her face when she realised she could make him drop his arms faster if she destroyed his muscles. The idea came to her that it would work for his legs too, if she beat on his thighs. It was worth a shot to find out.

John was really getting pissed and tried a huge roundhouse right. Sherry ducked under and punched him with a right to one thigh and a left to the had the effect of giving him a charlie horse. His legs buckled slightly and he seemed to be in pain trying to walk. When he was distracted with his legs, she sent a right to one muscle and a left to the other and his large arms sagged down further.

Now she had John totally confused. He not only had to try and protect his face and gut area, but she was wrecking his muscles so he couldn't walk or punch back. Fear began to spread through his bulky body when he realised he would be completely helpless in a few minutes if he didn't find a way to stop her. Sherry seen the worry on his face and knew her plan was working. The boy was scared and she was going to keep him that way.

Sherry fired a right to his right arm muscle and a left to his left thigh. When he winced and drew back, she let him have it with a left to his left arm muscle and a right to the right thigh. As he was stumbling around off balance, she wound up and powered a right roundhouse to his jaw. John left his feet as he spun around one and a half times before slamming into the floor on his face about three feet from where he was standing. He didn't get up.

Sherry took his arms and laid them on his back. Grabbing his legs, she crossed one over the other and held on to the outside foot. She lie down on his back facing his feet, and pinned his arms with her well formed body. She wrapped her gorgeous legs around his neck and head in a reverse scissors. She shook his head a few times until he woke up. When she knew he was awake, she tightened her legs and bent her knees, forcing her calves against his fore head and bending his head back.

Now that she had him in the position she wanted, she spoke to the nearly grown man with a smile on her pretty face. "Get ready to scream John, this is really going to hurt." Her strong legs tightened up like a Boa Constrictor, while she bent his head back. He felt his skull was going to pop like a grape, and his neck was going to snap. Like she predicted, he screamed like a little girl.."AARGHHHHHHHH!" "I.GIVE. I.GIVE.I.GIVE.PLEASE.SHERRY.I.GIVE.LET.ME.GO.LET.ME. GO.I.GIVE." "ARRRRRGGHHHHHHHH!" He passed out from the pain.

While he was out, Sherry climbed off and flipped him over on his back. She wrapped his legs up in a figure four leg lock with her graceful strong legs. When she was ready, she reached up and patted his dick a few times until his eyes shot open. "Time to scream again little girl, this is really going to hurt too." She said as she smiled.

John seen the fix he was in and reached with his bulky, muscular arms to try and break the hold before she could apply the pressure. He didn't make it. Her lovely legs constricted, and pain shot through John's legs as he again screamed like a little girl. "OH.GOD.OH.GOD.OH.GOD.STOP.SHERRY.PLEASE.STOP. YOU'RE.KILLING.ME.I.GIVE.UP.I.GIVE.UP." "ARRRGHHHHHH!"Out cold went the poor young man again.

Next, she flipped him back over on his stomach. She faced his legs and lifted them up, placing his feet behind each of her shoulders. She reached back with her right foot and smacked the back of his head until he woke up. "Screaming time again John. Let me hear that little girl voice of yours." Sherry sat down on his back, and jerked his legs back in her Boston crab. His little girl voice came alive with his loud screams.."AAARRGGHHHHHHH!" "MY.LEGS.MY.LEGS.PLEASEEEE.SHERRY.YOU'RE.BREAKING.MY.LEGS." "AARRRGGGHHHHHHHHH!" Back to sleep he went.

Time to work on his arms, Sherry thought to herself. She took his arms and laid them straight out from his body. She sat down near the top of his head, and wrapped her legs around his neck. His head was resting between her strong thighs, and her slim ankles were locked together on his back. She placed his right arm where she could reach it and held on to his left, and slapped him awake. She quickly grabbed his right arm, taking them both in close to his body and then pulled them toward her.

As soon as his eyes opened, she spoke to him. "Let's hear that scream again little girl." She pulled his arms toward her much harder, putting pressure on his shoulders and elbows, and squeezed his head in her lovely vise grip legs. His screams were loud and very high pitched. "AAAARRRGGGGGHHHHH!" "MY.HEAD.MY.NECK. PLEASEEEEEEEE.SHERRY.STOP.YOU'RE.BREAKING.MY.ARMS." "AAARRGGHHHHHHHH!" He passed out for the fourth time as she smiled.

This time, she sat on his back with his arms held in her hands by the wrists. She wrapped her right leg around his right arm and crossed it over his shoulders to hook her toes on the left side of his head. She repeated that with her left leg, hooking her toes on the right side of his head. She slapped the sides of his head with her toes until he woke up. He began crying as soon as he seen he was pinned and about to experience more pain.

"I love to hear you scream wimp, because you sound just like a little girl. So make me happy and scream for your sweet sister again." Squeezing his arms with her strong legs, while lifting them in the air, she got her wish."AAARRGGHHHHHHH!" "PLEASEEEEEE.SHERRY.IT.HURTS. I.GIVE.SHERRY.I.GIVE.PLEASE.STOP." "AAARRRGHHHHHHH!" John went back to sleep screaming like a little girl again. Sherry stood and looked down smiling.

Sherry dragged John over near the wall and placed him in a sitting position while she sat behind him. She slipped her left arm under his and placed it behind his neck in a half nelson. Those male destroying strong legs were wrapped around his middle with her ankles crossed in his lap. Reaching around, she slapped him awake and quickly slipped her right arm under his placing her hand behind his neck, changing her half nelson to a full nelson.

"More pain coming John, lets hear that sweet girly scream of yours wimp." She leaned back against the wall and applied pressure to the nelson, and powered strength to her legs crushing his ribs. John wailed like a little girl again as the pain rushed through him.."AARRGGHHHHHHHHH!" "I.CAN'T.TAKE.ANYMORE.SHERRY. PLEASE.STOP.YOU'RE.BREAKING.MY.RIBS." "AARRGGHHHHHH!" John closed his eyes and slept again.

She laid John down on his back and lifted him enough to get her left leg under him. She crossed her right leg over his stomach and locked her pretty ankles on his left side. Taking hold of his right arm, she reached up and slapped him awake again. John's tears immediately started flowing because he knew she was going to hurt him some more. "OK John, that little girl voice is music to my ears, so lets hear it little man." She tensed the muscles in her smooth, tan legs and began crushing his stomach muscles.

"AARRRGGGHHHHHH!" "PLEASE.SHERRY.I.GIVE.UP.I'LL.BE. GOOD.I'LL.BE.GOOD.LET.ME.GO.PLEASEEEE." "AAARRGGHHHH!"Sherry mashed and crushed his abs until they were soft and squishy. John beat on her fine looking legs and pried on her pretty toes, but there was no way he could loosen her strong muscular legs. His little girl scream was continuous and his tears flowed like a waterfall until he mercifully passed out again.

Sherry decided to give him some rest from her torture and fixed her and Samantha some dinner. The two beautiful young girls sat and talked about Nancy and her soon to be surprised husband. Sam told Sherry about Melvin, and how good he had been since she set him straight. She also admitted that she liked being in control of a much bigger boy, and having him afraid of her. "It really makes you feel strong and good inside, when you can make a big boy do what you what him to. I like it a lot Sherry." She said giggling. "I know what you mean Sammy girl, me too."

Sherry woke John up and he was surprised and very happy he wasn't trapped between those killer legs again. "OK Johnny boy, get up so I can beat some sense into that big mouth head of yours." John struggled to his feet, but it was very hard to stand up straight. She had wrecked his middle and ribs with her strong female legs, and his thighs were hurting from her punches. His arms were sore and hard to keep up, and his head was dizzy and painful from being crushed between her thighs.

He tried to mount an attack, but it was a very pitiful effort. Sherry smiled as she went to work on him..SMACK..his nose was broken.."Ohhhhhh, I bet that hurt little man"..SMACK..SMACK..both eyes were turning black and swelling badly.."Ohhhhhh, those eyes don't look to good wimp"..SMACK..his mouth busted open.."Ohhhhhh, that mouth is swelling up nicely boy"..SMACK..SMACK..both cheeks swelled further.."Ohhhhhh, those cheeks just changed colors and grew bigger you pathetic loser."

Sherry worked on his arm muscles and thighs some more with precise punching. Soon, John was defenseless against the blond fighting warrior. He could hardly hold his arms up, and each time he tried to make a fist, the pain shot through his muscles. Finally, he just raised them as high as he could and tried to ward her off with his out stretched hands. Sherry cut through like butter and took him apart.

He was limping around, hardly able to stand because of the damage she had done to his thighs. He couldn't run from the danger he was in, and he couldn't fight back with useless arms. The nearly grown man was helpless and at the mercy of the female gladiator. But she wouldn't show any mercy. The boy had a lesson to learn, and she was making damn sure he learned it this time. Sherry calmly destroyed him.

John was backing up as best he could, with his out stretched hands feebly pawing at her. His badly swollen face was covered with his tears, and they were still flowing like a run away river. Begging and pleading wasn't getting him anywhere either. He was so scared, his large body was trembling like a small sapling in a strong wind. His big hands were shaking and his swollen lips were quivering with the overwhelming fear he felt.

" (sob)I..g.give..up..(sob)..I'' "I've given you two good beatings Johnny boy, and you didn't learn a thing. This time I'm making sure you understand who's in charge around here." "I'M THE BOSS IN THIS HOUSE PANSY ASS, AND WHEN I'M GONE, SAMANTHA IS YOUR BOSS. IS THAT CLEAR YOU WEAK PATHETIC LOSER?" ""

"I'll stop when I'm absolutely sure you will be submissive and obedient wimp. Until then, just shut your whining mouth and accept your punishment."..SMACK..SMACK..SMACK..SMACK..SMACK..She beat and beat on him, while he bawled and begged for two hours. He could offer no defense or offense at all. He could only stand or kneel and wait for her to stop giving him the pain. His face and body were being completely destroyed, and he couldn't stop it.

SMACK..a right landed between his eyes and dumped him in the floor on his ass, right below where Samantha was watching on the sofa. She quickly grabbed him by the hair and wrapped her small legs around his neck. He grabbed her small legs with his large male hands, but there was no strength in his thick, muscular arms from the beating Sherry had given them. Samantha giggled, as she squeezed her legs tight and he screamed. Sherry smiled.

Sherry sat down in front of him and began slamming the soles of her bare feet into his stomach. His legs had been so badly beaten, that he couldn't lift them to try and kick her away. He bawled like a baby as Sherry finished tearing his abs apart and mangling his stomach, while Samantha crushed his head in her small, strong legs. His mighty arms slumped to the floor at his sides, while he sat there and bawled, waiting for them to release him.

Sherry switched to his face and rearranged his features with the soles of her pretty bare feet. Little Samantha was giggling harder, as she began slapping the back of his head that she still had trapped between her small feminine legs. Mercifully, John finally passed out and couldn't feel the awful pain anymore. But Sherry slapped his face until he awakened, and continued his torture.

Sherry tired of kicking him in the face and stomach, so she placed the soles of her bare feet flush in his face and rubbed them all over to humiliate him. She knew John really hated her bare feet in his face, and she wanted him completely and totally broken this time. "Are you going to obey us from now on weakling?" "Yes Sherry yes, just please stop hurting me. I'll be good I swear I will. I can't take anymore. Please, please stop. I give up."

"You will obey us both with a smile on your face boy. No more scowling or gritting your teeth or clenching your fists. You will do as you're told, when you're told, without any hesitation or lip. This is your final warning. If you give Sam or I any trouble at all, I will beat you half to death. And when you recover, I will repeat the beating again. We want absolute obedience from you, and will not tolerate anything else." "IS THAT CLEAR TO YOU WIMP?" "YES, YES, it's clear. I'll mind I swear."

Sherry got up from the floor and sat by Samantha. Sam turned him lose, and he immediately turned and groveled at the two young girls feet. Tender, loving kisses were placed on her and Sam's bare feet, as he thanked them for stopping and letting him go. He pledged a solemn oath that he would obey them both without question. He swore that he had learned his lesson, and would not cause them anymore trouble.

Sherry smiled as she looked at the twenty year old man she had destroyed and bent to her will. He was kissing her bare feet like he was in love with them, and she knew he hated that with a passion. He was even kissing Samantha's small bare feet liked he belonged there, and she had always had to beat him into doing that. He always said he shouldn't have to kiss her feet because she wasn't the one to beat him senseless. Maybe John had finally learned. Well, if he hadn't, she was ready for his next beating if he needed it. And she did love to hear his little girl voice when he screamed out in pain.