Stacy Keibler becomes Champion of the world.

By Crohnsman2

Part 3 Finale-- Working her way through the men, Stacy gets her chance against the Champion and turns him into a blubbering little boy.

Stacy was really feeling good about herself. Her match with Randy Orton had turned out just the way she had hoped. She got her revenge for the sneak attack he had pulled on her, and left him a beaten and broken man. The fans were begging for more mixed matches, and Vince McMahon had already set her up with one. It was with one of the smaller guys that he had wanted to match her against in the first place, but she didn't mind. She was willing to work her way to the top. As long as they gave her the chance.

The other male wrestlers had congratulated her on her victory over Randy Orton, because they all knew what he had done to her, and none of them really liked Orton anyway. It had been a grudge match with Orton, and now that it was over, they thought things would go back to normal. When they found out she was being matched with another man, they still didn't worry about it. But after she defeated him and then went on to defeat the next male wrestler Vince had matched her with, they began to get a little concerned. She was making a mockery of their sport.

The only person as happy as Stacy was Vince McMahon. He had not wanted to match her against the men at first, because he was worried the ratings would take a nose dive when the public seen her massacred by a man on National TV. She had taken matters in her own hands and forced Vince into it by giving him a good beating, and then black mailing him into accepting her proposal by video taping his humiliation. But now that she had defeated Orton and the next two he had matched her with, she was turning out to be the biggest cash cow of his career.

After she defeated the next three males, he began to worry she would lose and end it all. He started checking up on her, trying to make sure she was eating right, getting enough sleep, exercising enough, taking care of her body, and other things. Every time he matched her with another man, he would sweat and pace the floor, worrying if she would lose and put an end to his rising bank account. He was getting on Stacy's nerves with his mother hen attitude, so she finally put a stop to it.

The next meeting they had to discuss her next male opponent, Stacy backed him in the corner when he started ranting at her to take care of herself. With her hands wrapped in his lapels and holding him up on the tips of his toes, she looked him in the eyes and set him straight. "Look Vince, you take care of setting up the matches and I'll take care of me. If I hear one more word about how I should do this or do that, I'm going to spank your bare ass until you can't sit down for a week." "IS THAT CLEAR WIMP?"

He seen the no nonsense look in her cold brown eyes, and his entire body began to tremble. "Y.Yes...'" "Good boy. Just handle your part of the bargain and I'll handle mine. This is your only warning , so you had better do as I tell you and keep your big mouth shut." "OR ELSE!" She turned him lose and he stood there, waiting for his hands and legs to quit shaking. Stacy smiled and sat down. "Now, lets continue. Who's my next victim."

"Well, you've beaten all of the smaller weight wrestlers, so I guess we move up to the bigger and tougher men." "That's fine Vince, just tell me who and I'll add him to my list of losers." "The next guy in line I guess, would be Tazz. He's 5 foot 9, and 252 pounds." OK Vince, set it up. I'll see you after he's lying on the mat out cold or crying his eyes out, to see who I destroy next." She left his office with a smile on her face, and Vince breathed a little easier. She scared the shit out of him, and he wasn't afraid to admit it to himself.

True to her word, Tazz was lying on the mat out cold after 8 minutes from her patented roundhouse kick. Then Lashley at 6 foot 3, and 250 pounds, was left in the middle of the ring in less then 10 minutes. He was crying his eyes out and nursing his arm that she had almost broken before he came to his senses and gave up. The whole world was tuning in to see if any man could stop her streak. The male wrestlers who thought it was a fluke after the first few men had fallen by the way side, were really getting worried now.

The next two to go were Vito at 6 foot 2, and 252 pounds, and Road Warrior Animal at 6 foot 2, and 285 pounds. Vito had succumbed to a sleeper, and Animal was left in the ring screaming like a baby with an injured leg she had mangled before he had given up. The competition was now getting bigger and tougher, but Stacy confidently smiled and waded through them like they were small boys.

A head scissors dispatched the 6 foot 1, 275 pound Boogeyman, leaving him in the ring sleeping peacefully. A back breaker took care of the 6 foot 4, 304 pound Gymini, as he lie sobbing in the middle of the ring and afraid to move. The 6 foot 5, 317 pound Batista was next to bite the bullet as he was left hanging over the top ropes in the corner, sleeping like a baby. WWE SmackDown was getting 89% of the viewing audience every time she fought, and Vince McMchon was the happiest man on earth.

She had two more really big men to dismantle before she would get a shot at the current United States Champion, Booker T. Those two were, Mark Henry at 6 foot 1, 380 pounds, and The Undertaker at 6 foot 10, 328 pounds. Although she had beaten every man so far with ease, she wasn't given much hope of defeating either man. They were just to big for her 5 foot, 11 inch, 125 pound female body. At least that's what the experts were saying. They didn't know the heart and determination that Stacy Keibler had. But she did.

She entered the ring against Henry as the fans gave her a standing ovation. His 380 pound body was three times as wide as hers, and it did look like a total mismatch. The bell rang to start the match, and the crowd and her critics soon found out, that his big cumbersome body was way to slow for the quick fearless female. After a few minutes had gone by, they noticed she was handling him like he was a toddler. Her quickness and wrestling ability was much more superior then his.

They watched with mesmerized faces, as she toyed with the big man to show the critics and experts that they were totally wrong in their assumption. She could have ended it easily, but was enjoying herself as she turned the big man into a snivelling coward. Ten minutes into the match, he was backing away from her with a very frightened look on his bewildered face. He was waving his trembling hands and shaking his fearful head as he backed up, trying to find a place to hide. But there wasn't any.

A few flips, followed by a few holds, and finally a body scissors, had the big man weeping and begging just like the rest. She had ruined his left arm with a hammerlock, while her other hand covered his mouth in a smother hold so he wasn't able to give up to the Referee and stop his massacre. Stacy held his right arm and spun him in circles until he couldn't control his balance. She turned him lose in the middle of the ring, and he flew into the ropes before he came bouncing back.

His jaw was met by one of her patented roundhouse kicks as he came stumbling back to her, and he was stopped dead in his tracks. Slowly, his large body flopped over on his back and he lie there on the brink of unconsciousness. The astonished crowd looked on in amazement, as she lifted his 380 pound body over her head and walked over to the side of the ropes where press row and her critics were seated. Smiling down at them, she threw his body down on their table, making them scatter like rats in a flood.

They stood with their mouths hanging open, as she slipped to the floor and lifted his enormous body again, and threw him back in the ring. To much out of it to realise what was happening to him, he offered no resistance when she sat down and wrapped his thick legs up in a figure four leg lock. He instantly came to his senses when the first burst of power hit his legs and registered in his brain. A few seconds later, he was screaming his submission to the Referee, as tears poured down his cheeks.

Stacy stepped through the ropes and waved at the screaming crowd as she walked up the ramp and disappeared. Mark Henry had to be helped out of the ring. She had left him a broken shell of a man, that may not recover from the beating she had inflicted on him. His large, muscular arms covered his tear stained face, as he was carried back stage lying on a stretcher. The crowd was totally silent, not sure they believed what they had just seen.

The next week, it was The Undertaker's turn to meet the beautiful young woman they were calling, the Fearless Fighting Female. Even after seeing Stacy dismantle Mark Henry, the critics and experts were still saying she had no chance against The 6 foot 10 inch, 328 pound Undertaker. He was over 200 pounds heavier then her, and his large muscular arms were three times her size. Combined with his nearly one foot height advantage, she would finally be stopped, and sent packing.

What they had forgotten about, were her gorgeous looking 42 inch strong legs. The first minute of the match, The Undertaker had been whipped into the turn buckle and pinned there by her lovely long leg. Her bare foot was jammed under his throat and his mighty muscular arms couldn't break her hold. Gurgling noises came from his trapped throat, as she choked him to near unconsciousness. After that, he was putty in her very capable hands, and totally defenseless.

Stacy took her time to again show the critics and experts, they didn't know what the hell they were talking about. The Undertaker was flipped, thrown, bent, twisted, squeezed, shamed and humiliated for almost an hour. He had begged, pleaded, cried, and groveled to no avail. The big man was put in one hold after another and shown no mercy. When he tried to give up, Stacy told him to keep his mouth shut or she would break every bone in his pathetic body.

The Referee just walked over and leaned against the ropes in a corner, waiting for Stacy to end her destruction of the big man. Countless times he had asked The Undertaker if he wanted to submit, but the fear Stacy had put in his heart, had kept his mouth shut. He could only suffer through, until she tired of toying with him. When his large body was completely destroyed, Stacy picked him up over her head and walked toward press row again. They scurried away before she reached them.

She smiled and gently set him down on his feet. Turning her back to him, she reached over her right shoulder and wrapped her arm around his neck. Jerking her arm down while slightly bending over, he sailed over her firm, fit body and slammed onto the mat hard. He lie there on his back with tears running down the sides of his face like a waterfall. Stacy straddled his large body and pinned him to the floor in a school boy pin. Tweaking his nose, she smiled.

"Would you like to give up now, you pathetic little weakling?" "" "OK, since you've been a good boy and obeyed my commands, I'll allow you to give up." She waved the Referee over and told him to ask him for his submission. When the Referee asked, The Undertaker quickly spit it out. "YES...YES...I...GIVE...UP...I...GIVE...UP."

"Don't get up until I tell you you can. Is that clear Underloser?" "" "Good boy, now lie perfectly still." She climbed off of his trembling body and strolled up by his head. Raising her right leg, she planted her bare foot over his entire face, and bent her toes down in his mouth. He lie there as still as he could, while the Referee raised her arm in victory. The crowd went wild as they watched her humiliate the big man.

Placing her hands on her shapely hips, she looked down at the large, muscular man who's spirit and will she had broken. "Kiss my foot, and I'll let you up." With his tears forming puddles on both sides of his head, the beaten big man kissed the sole of her bare foot like his life depended on it. She removed her foot and told him he could go. The Undertaker was in such a hurry to get away before she changed her mind, that he fell through the ropes after stumbling over to them. Picking himself up, he ran up the ramp like a rabbit being chased by a fox. The crowd roared.

Stacy slowly strolled out of the arena, as her adoring fans cheered and clapped. Vince McMahon breathed a sigh of relief. She had won again, and made him a bundle of dough. She went to his office, to set up her next match. "OK Vince, who's left that I can turn into a whimpering pile of flesh?" "No one Stacy, you've beaten them all." "I may have beaten all the male challengers, but there's still the male Champion. Set it up Vince, if you know what's good for you." "Sure Stacy sure, what ever you say." "Good boy Vince, you're learning little man."

The match was set for Saturday night, two weeks from that day. Stacy left the arena, feeling giddy with power. Her dreams were all about to come true, because she had had the guts to force Vince McMahon into complying with her wishes. A glass of Champagne and a nice hot bath were waiting for her at home. She planned to celebrate a little before going to bed. She felt she deserved it.

Booker T. The United States Champion, was 6 foot 3, and 250 pounds. After seeing Stacy turn Mark Henry and The Undertaker into bawling little babies, the critics and experts finally made her the favorite. This totally pissed Booker T. off. After all, he was the Champion and she was a God damn "GIRL!" His big mouth had been running the whole two weeks. He told whom ever would listen, that he was going to end her reign and send her home in a body bag.

Stacy just grinned when she heard him on the news, and began making her plans to show another big mouth male his place. She had a special little black string bikini made for the match, so she would look her best when she became Champion. Everyone in the world was talking about the two of them, and no one wanted to miss seeing the fight. Vince McMahon had put it on as a Pay Per View event, and the money was rolling in.

By the time Saturday night came around, World War 3 wouldn't have taken precedence over the match. It was the biggest event in History. Stacy came into view when the announcer called her name, and the crowd went nuts. Everyone was behind her now. The men were hooting and whistling at her fabulous looking body in her black string bikini, and the women were cheering just as loud. They were proud of one of their own, and what she had accomplished.

A long and loud chorus of boos greeted the Champion Booker T. when he was announced. He strolled down the ramp with a confident look on his angry face. He was going to destroy this bitch, and show her she should have stayed in the kitchen where she belonged. It was his title, and there was no fucking way a "WOMAN!" was taking it away from him. He had grown up poor, and wrestling had been his way out of poverty. The Championship belt and his title was his proof that he had made it out and became somebody. Nobody was taking that away from him. "NOBODY!"

Stacy removed her high heeled ankle strap shoes, and dropped them to the floor near her corner. She turned toward Booker T. and spread her 42 inch beautiful legs wide apart. Smiling, she pointed at the Champion and then ran her finger across her throat, indicating she was going to destroy him. She again looked at him with a big smile and pointed at him again. This time she slowly moved her pointing finger down to the floor, saying that's where you'll be when I'm through with you chump. Booker T. just growled at her.

The bell rang and Booker T. charged out to meet her. She had made him so angry with her finger pointing antics, that he threw a large roundhouse punch at her when he was within range. Stacy ducked under it and placed her hands on his back and head while sticking her long right leg in front of his. A hard shove sent him sprawling to the mat on his face.

She quickly stepped on his right ankle to hold his leg in place and grabbed his left leg in her hands. Lifting it in the air, she Pushed it outward, spreading his legs far apart. The pain in his groin was unbearable. He screamed.."AARRGGGHHHHHH!" "What's the matter little man, can't you do the splits? You look like a sissy so I assumed you could do them easily. I guess I was wrong. Maybe you just need a little practice." She pushed it further out and his scream became louder.."AARRRGGGHHHHHHH!" "Oops, I guess I was wrong about that too. Oh well."

She dropped his leg and stepped back laughing. Booker T. climbed to his feet, but was walking a little gingerly. He approached her and went to lock up with her arms. The much quicker Stacy stepped to her right and grabbed his left arm. Turning her curved body around in a circle while cranking his arm with her, it was stretched out from his body and twisted completely around. "AARRGGGHHHHHHH!" Another scream escaped his mouth.

Holding his arm in her left hand, she placed her right hand on the back of his head and forced him to run the few steps it took to reach the corner turn buckle.."WHAM!".."WHAM!".."WHAM!".."WHAM!"..she slammed his head into the turn buckle repeatedly. Finally turning him lose, he stumbled back a few feet before dropping to the mat on his back.

Stacy sat down on his right and lifted his head while wrapping her lovely strong legs around his throat and the back of his neck. His left arm was trapped in the scissors between her ankles and bare feet, and his right arm was clasped in her hands. The well toned muscles in her legs were visible as she clamped down on his neck and squeezed. He felt as if his neck was caught between two 100 pound bar bells.

Gurgling sounds was all he could make, as Stacy crushed him unmercifully with her 42 inch strong legs. She began to toy with the big man by tussling his hair and tweaking his nose. She placed her thumb on his chin and her fore finger underneath it and opened his mouth. An evil grin appeared on her beautiful face, as an idea occurred to her when she pushed it shut. "Since you don't seem to be able to talk wimp, let me do it for you."

Opening and closing his mouth, she used him as a ventriloquist dummy. Each time she forced his mouth open, she would say a word. Then she would shut his mouth, then open, then shut, repeated for every word. "Damn...this...scissors...hurts...I...wish...' to...her...because...she's...the...real...champ...and...I'm...just...a...chump." Laughing at her little game, she finally let go of his chin and worked on his right arm as she continued to crush his throat.

His screams were just loud muffled sounds as she twisted and mangled his right arm until it was useless. His face was fire engine red and he was close to passing out by the time she released him and stood up. He lie there coughing for a minute before he could breathe fairly normal. He climbed to his feet with pure hatred in his eyes. He wanted to kill this bitch for making a fool out of him.

He stepped up to engage her, but his right arm wouldn't respond the way he wanted it to. She had hurt it to much when he was pinned on the mat with her scissors. Stacy grabbed his left arm with her right hand and stepped up and to his right. Cupping his chin with her left hand, she bent his large body over backwards and knelt down on her left knee. His body was lying over her right knee with her right arm across his legs, and left arm still held in her hand. His chin was pushed down by her left hand, causing a great deal of pain to his back.

"AARRGGGHHHHH!" The big man screamed from the pain while she bent his back to the breaking point. After about a minute of torturing his back, she rolled him off of her knee and he landed on the mat face down. She quickly grabbed his left arm and raised it in the air, while she planted her left bare foot on the side of his head to keep him pinned to the floor. More screams poured out of his mouth as she turned that arm useless.."AAARRRGGGHHHHHHH!" "AAARRRGGGHHHHHHH!"

When she dropped his ruined left arm, the big man was in tears. Unable to use his arms, his resistance was feeble at best when she lifted his legs and stuffed a foot behind each of her shoulders. Sitting down on his tortured back, she smiled and spoke to the soon to be Ex Champion. "OK pansy ass, it's time you gave the Championship title and belt to someone that really deserves it. When I get through ruining your legs in this Boston crab, that will be me. So scream for me you pathetic weakling, and say the words I want to hear."

She applied pressure to the Boston crab and he screamed like a frightened little girl.."AARRGGHHHHHHH!" "Say it wimp. Say, Stacy is the Champion." "AARRRGGGHHHHHHHHHH!" "Say it or I'll break these pitiful legs of yours you little pussy." "AAARRRGGGHHHHHHHHH!" "SAY IT WIMP, OR YOU'LL CRAWL OUT OF HERE WITH BROKEN LEGS." "AARRRGGGHHHHHHHHHH!" "LAST CHANCE LITTLE MAN. SAY IT." "AAARRRGGGHHHHHHHHH!" "OK...I...GIVE...UP... STACY...IS...THE...CHAMPION." "That's my good boy."

She dropped his lifeless legs and strolled around to his head. The big man was bawling his heart out as his tears soaked the mat around his face. Stacy placed her bare foot on the side of his head and the Referee lifted her arm in victory. The crowd went crazy as they cheered, whistled, stomped their feet, and chanted. "STACY!" "STACY!" "STACY!" "STACY!" She waved to the crowd with a large smile on her face.

Stacy picked up the Championship belt and walked back over to the big man who was still lying on the mat bawling. "Thanks for the belt chump. It will look better on me anyway. And Stacy Keibler, Champion of the United States, sounds much better too. Don't you agree?" He kept sobbing and didn't say a word. "Answer me you moron. Or I'll wrap my beautiful strong legs around your head and crush your ugly skull until it pops like a grape." "'"

"That's better wimp. You just saved yourself from receiving a lot of pain. I'm going to take my new title and belt and go celebrate. You have a nice day now." Smiling, she left the beaten man crying in the ring and strolled up the ramp with her Championship belt held high. "STACY!" "STACY!" "STACY!" The crowd kept chanting as she disappeared around the corner.

"OK Vince, I'm the United States Champion. Kurt Angle holds the world title and belt, and I believe they should belong to me too. Set it up little man, and make it quick. When I'm Champion of the world, I'll have reached all of my goals. Even though I had to force you into following my orders, I want to thank you for helping me achieve my dreams. Just one more match, and I'm out of your hair. So make it happen wimp, and the both of us will be happy."

It was set up for the next month, and put on Pay Per View just like the first title match. Kurt Angle, the world Champion, had been to the arena and seen her last three matches. He had watched as she destroyed Mark Henry, The Undertaker, and Booker T. He also noticed how she had forced Booker T. to lose his cool by taunting him. He decided to keep his mouth shut the whole month, and do his talking in the ring with his wrestling ability.

After seeing her handle the three big men like little boys, he wasn't taking her lightly because she was a female. He had wrestled the three men himself, and knew they were formidable opponents. If she could take them, then he knew she was capable of taking him if he didn't keep his mind on the business at hand. No matter what she said or tried to do to rattle him, he was going to keep a level head.

The date arrived, and Stacy was ready to fulfill her dreams. This was what she had been working toward the last six months, and tonight she would be on top of the world. Kurt Angle was in deep shit. She hadn't come all this way, only to lose the last match. She was going all out to beat the world Champion, so the title would be bestowed upon her. Kurt hadn't run his mouth or made any crude remarks during the month, so she wasn't going to humiliate him like the other big mouths. But she was going to take away his title and his belt. This was her dream.

Stacy was in such a good mood, that she let the news paper camaramen take some photos of her before she entered the arena. When she thought they had enough photos, she thanked them and strolled inside. She went to her dressing room and got ready for the match. Vince McMahon came by and wished her luck, and she was even nice to him. She just felt right with the world, and wanted to show everyone.

She was standing outside the ramp, waiting for her name to be announced. She wasn't one bit nervous, as she smiled at everyone who walked by and wished her well. Tonight was her night, and she wanted to enjoy every second of it. The announcer called her name, and she walked out on the ramp with a very confident look on her beautiful face. The crowd went wild and started their chant as she opened the ropes and climbed through. "STACY!" "STACY!" " STACY!" "STACY!"

She stood in the ring, smiling and waving to the crowd as she waited for Kurt Angle to come into view. His name was announced, and he came down the ramp to a chorus of boos. Stacy kind of felt sorry for him, because he had been nice through the whole thing and not said one derogatory remark. He was the Champion and she thought the crowd should have given him some respect. But there wasn't anything she could do about it, so she let it slide from her mind.

As he entered the ring, she decided to go over and wish him luck and apologise for the way the crowd treated him. With a large smile on her face, she strolled over to his corner and put out her hand to shake his. Kurt looked at her hand and slapped it away. "Your career ends tonight bitch. I'm going to show you why men should be the only ones allowed in the ring. When I'm through with you, you'll know your place. You should be home baking cookies or having babies and making some "MAN" happy, instead of up here taking the beating I'm about to give you."

It took Stacy a minute to compose herself, because she hadn't expected anything like that from him at all. And to think, I was just feeling sorry for him because of the crowd, she said to herself. Staring him straight in the eyes, she smiled. "I wasn't going to humiliate you wimp, because you've kept your big mouth shut the whole month. You should have kept it shut. Now you're going to get a good ass whipping. You'll remember how I was trying to be nice when you're lying on the mat crying like a baby and begging me to not hurt you little man."

Stacy went back to her corner and removed her shoes. Facing the 6 foot 2 inch, 220 pound Kurt Angle, she couldn't wait for the bell to ring so she could teach this asshole a lesson. Her 5 foot, 11 inch, 125 pound body was shaking with rage. Kurt Angle didn't realise it, but he had fucked up big time. She was going to twist and squeeze his body like a pretzel, and enjoy every second of it. Another big man was about to become a whimpering, crying, beaten pile of flesh.

The bell sounded and they met in the middle of the ring. Kurt went to lock up arms with her and Stacy grabbed him by the shoulders while she drove her right knee into his mid section. He grunted and bent over from the pain. Cupping her right hand under his chin, she turned her well shaped body halfway around, taking him with her. When the maneuver was finished, he was looking up at the ceiling with his upper body bent backwards and the back of his neck was resting on her right shoulder.

Stacy dropped to her back and forced him down with her. He landed on his back hard and his head was pounded into her shoulder. His large body flopped over to his stomach as Stacy climbed to her feet. She planted her left knee on the back of his neck and twisted his right arm up his back in a hammerlock. A sharp pull on his arm, produced a loud scream.

"AARRGGHHHHHHH!" "Shut up wimp, I'm just getting started." She worked on his arm for quite a while, until she was sure it was useless to him. She let him up. Kurt struggled to his feet, knowing he had one less arm to defend himself with. As soon as he was up, Stacy grabbed his left arm and turned her sexy body in a circle, cranking his arm around. Another loud scream escaped his mouth. "AARRGGGHHHHHHHH!"

With his arm twisted around, his upper body was bent over trying to ease the pain she was giving him. Stacy raised her lovely right leg and placed it over the back of his neck. Jerking her leg down while twisting his left arm, she flipped him to the floor. Still controlling his arm, she planted her left bare foot across his throat and worked on his arm until it was useless to him too. His screams were muffled by her foot over his throat.

She released him and stood back. With both arms totally useless, he had trouble getting to his feet. Pissed off that he was taking to long, Stacy grabbed his right arm and helped him up. When he was standing on his feet, she began swinging him in a circle. Building up enough momentum, she turned him loose. He flew back to the ropes and as soon as his back hit them, he was sent stumbling back toward her. She threw out her right arm and clothes lined his body.

"WHAM!"..he landed hard on his shoulders and back. He lie there stunned and helpless as the beautiful Stacy stood over him. She stomped on his stomach a few times.."STOMP!" "STOMP!" "STOMP!" before kicking him over. She sat down on his back and picked up his right leg. His arms lay at his sides, lifeless and unusable. Now his legs needed tortured. Holding his ankle with her right hand, her left took hold of his knee. Bracing her bare feet, she pulled his leg back.

Unbearable pressure was put on his leg and on his groin.."AARRGGHHHHHHHHH!" "PLEASE...STACY...YOU'RE... RIPPING...ME...APART. "I told you to shut your mouth pansy ass, now obey me or I'll rip your leg off." "AARRRGGGHHHHHHHH!" "OH...GOD...OH...GOD...IT...HURTS...PLEASE...STACY...IT...HURTS." "Don't you understand English little man? When I say shut your mouth, I mean shut your mouth." She jerked his leg back further, and felt something give way in his groin.."AAARRRGGGGHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!"

Before he could shout out his submission, Stacy quickly turned and grabbed him by the face with her hand covering his mouth and nose. She rolled him to his back and wrapped her gorgeous 42 inch legs around his waist. She clamped down and squeezed his ribs with incredible power. His screaming was cut off by her hand. His useless arms couldn't help him to get out of her hold or remove her hand, so he was helpless to stop her from doing as she chose.

She crushed his ribs in her vice grip legs and whispered in his ear. "I bet that really hurts doesn't it, you mouthy little bitch. Do you remember what I said at the beginning? That you would remember I tried to be nice and you messed up by running your mouth. How I said you would be begging and crying like a baby and wishing you had behaved better. Is it coming back to you, you pathetic little pussy?"

When his ribs were destroyed, she moved her fantastically curved body around so she could mangle his stomach next. She kept her hand over his mouth and nose so he couldn't give up until she wanted him to. That was going to be after she had wrecked his entire body and he was lying on the mat a badly beaten and completely broken man.

She mashed his mid section in her male taming legs until it was soft and mushy. His tears were staining his cheeks and soaking her hand that covered his mouth. He had almost passed out twice, but she had shook his head vigorously to keep him awake. She wanted him to feel every bit of the pain she was giving him. The only part left on his body besides his head that she hadn't worked on, was his left leg. She released her scissors and turned him on his right side while she was behind him. Still covering his mouth, she hooked his left leg with her foot and bent it back so she could get hold of it with her hand.

Bracing her right knee in his back to get some leverage, she hooked her left leg around his and bent her knee. The well toned muscles in her left leg were visible as she pulled back hard on his leg with her own. Something snapped. Either his groin area was ruptured again, or something was broken in his leg. He passed out from the pain. Stacy turned him loose and climbed to her feet.

She straddled his chest and slapped him awake. She didn't bother pinning his useless arms. As soon as his eyes came open, he was begging and bawling. "Do you give up you pathetic little bitch?" "YES...S.STACY... PL.PLEASE...I...G.GIVE...UP...I...G.GIVE...UP!" "Tell me who is the Champion of the world bitch?" "Y.YOU...ARE...ST.STACY...PL.PLEASE...Y.YOU...ARE...J.JUST...D.DON'T...H.HURT...ME...AG.AGAIN!"

The Referee was standing over her, telling her to let him up. "He has submitted Stacy, let him up." She looked at him with a cold, hard stare. "Back off little man or you'll be next." He scurried back. "I'm going to your corner and get "MY BELT" I want you to place it around my waist. Do you understand bitch?" "I don't think I can stand Stacy. Please just let me be." "Then kneel you little pussy, because you're putting it around my waist or I'm going to break you down some more." "IS THAT CLEAR BITCH?" "YES...ST.STACY...YES." "Good boy."

Stacy climbed off of his trembling body and walked over to retrieve the belt. When she returned, he was struggling to his knees. He screamed from the pain it was causing him, and his tears were running like a raging river, but he made it to his knees. Taking the belt from her hands, he fastened it around her slim waist. "May I please go now Stacy? I need medical attention." "Yes, you've been a good boy so I'll let you go." "Thank you Stacy. Or should I say Champ?"

"I like the sound of that little man. Any time you want a rematch, just let me know." "NO!" NO!" "You keep the belt. Please I don't want it." Smiling, she patted his cheek and let the Referee call for the stretcher to take him out of the ring. When he was gone, she stood in the middle of the ring and held up the belt. The crowd went nuts as they cheered the new Champion. She had finally attained her goal. Stacy Keibler, the Fearless Fighting Female, was Champion of the World!