Power and Fury: Killer on the Road
by demented20
A hitchhiker gets taken for a ride.

Some folks asked for the link to Jan and Cassie's muscle worship session that I mentioned in the last chapter. 
Power and Fury Pt.3 Enjoy!

Date: December 2005

"Thanks so much for dinner Mrs. Rucker!", Jan called out as she walked down the steps of the Rucker home outside Greensboro."

"You're so very welcome young lady, and thank you for bringing Tamika home. I hope it wasn't too far out of your way."

"Oh no, it was no problem at all", Jan replied quickly. She was on her way home for Christmas vacation and Greensboro, NC was on the way. Tamika had been planning to leave two days later by Greyhound bus, but Jan had volunteered to take her. She knew how much Tami hated busses. "I'll be here to pick you up on the way back!", Jan called out to Tami who had come to the doorway to stand next to her grandmother.

"Have a safe trip!", Mrs. Rucker called out. "I hope you aren't trying to make it all the way to Baltimore tonight."

"Oh no ma'am. I'm going to get a hotel room and rest up a night. I didn't plan to get there until tomorrow anyway." Jan had thought about driving straight through, but not now. She wasn't going to make liar out of herself plus a little rest would do her good.

"Okay, don't try to push it", Mrs. Rucker urged with a motherly concern.

"I won't, but I better get going. I have miles to go before I sleep", Jan added to make Mrs. Rucker, a retired high school English teacher, smile. It worked. Jan hopped into her car and took off down the road. Once on the interstate, she cranked up her music and made good time. It was all going well until she saw the first drops of rain hit her windshield. Rain she could handle just fine, but she hope it wouldn't sleet. Sleeting sucked and so did freezing rain, but so far it was just a cold cold rain. She didn't worry about that, she was nice and toasty inside her 350z. The sun was going down now. She took a quick drink from her water bottle, then squinted over the rim. Through the rain and haze of the road Jan saw a man struggling on the side of the road. He put his thumb out for passing cars, but no one would stop. He wasn't totally soaked yet, but he was working on it. Jan knew what it felt like to be miserable so she pulled to the shoulder of the road, unlocked the door and waited for him to make his way.

The hitchhiker didn't know what to expect as he rushed up to the red Nissan. The windows were tinted and the weather was too foul for him to see inside. He pulled open the door and his mind froze. Inside the car was an absolutely gorgeous woman, the most gorgeous he had ever seen. He couldn't believe his great fortune.

"Where you headin?", Jan leaned towards him and asked.

"Richmond", he replied. "You goin that way by chance?"

Jan smiled at him and nodded. "Get in."

"I can't thank you enough! It's brutal out there." He threw his soaked overcoat into the ditch and tossed his backpack on the floor then hurried in. He gave Jan's body a lecherous once over as he settled into the seat, but Jan had been expecting that. She'd allow him one or two of those before it got on her nerves. She pretended not to notice. She pushed in the clutch and checked behind her. She allowed one truck to pass before she let off the clutch and hit the gas. Her 300+ horses got a chance to stretch their legs while Jan quickly got up to speed.

"I'm Mikey", the hitchhiker said and extended his hand.

"Jan", she said and shook his wet hand. "I hope you don't mind the music", she yelled over her booming speakers.

"Oh no! It's great crank it up! What is this?", Mikey asked.

Jan laughed. "It's one of my favorite album names of all time. It's called A Ass Pocket of Whiskey." She showed him the cd case. He looked at the cover and chuckled. They settled into the drive making small talk with each other. He was a Virginian and had been working on the docks in Charleston, but his girlfriend was near the due date for their first child, and he wanted to be there when the child was born. Jan didn't tell him much about herself. She listened a lot, and he kept talking. He spoke even more once the cd finished. Jan thought about reaching for another in her stash of cd's, but instead she pulled out her ipod.

She sighed when she noticed him looking at her again. He wouldn't take his eyes off her legs. Jan had kicked off her shoes and worked the pedals barefoot. It helped keep her alert, but it seemed to distract Mikey. So did the cuts of her calf muscles when she worked the brakes, accelerator, or clutch. He could see that this young woman had spent hours and hours of sweaty hard work building her legs. Mikey could make the out the tear drop above her knee when she straightened her legs too. Then his eyes swept back down her flawlessly smooth legs once more. "That's nice toe polish. Did you do it yourself or go to one of those salons?"

Jan decided to humor him. "I went to a salon for a pedicure." Her tone told him that she clearly didn't want to talk about this, but he kept staring and wondering what those long long legs would do if they were wrapped around his head. He didn't even stop staring when Jan turned to look at him directly.

"You're so beautiful. I bet you like to have a good time", he said while still keeping his eyes glued to her glorious gams.

"Is this going to get weird?", she asked him plainly.

"Yes, I believe it is." Mikey's tone changed. He spoke like a man going into a trance. "The others are going to love you. You're going to last a long time. They'll have to make me one of them when I deliver you."

"That's it!", Jan exclaimed and started to pull over. "Get the fuck out of my car."

Jan heard the snap of the switch blade and saw the glint off the steel. "I don't think so. Keep drivin", Mikey ordered.

"You've got to be kidding me!" Jan was exasperated. She slapped her right hand against the steering wheel in frustration. "What is it with me!" She turned to Mikey, who held the knife up where she could see it. "Do I have easy target written across my forehead?"

"Shut up", Mikey ordered. His voice showed that he was now in control.

"I mean I'm in great shape. I didn't think I look helpless! I'm almost six foot one, and I weighed 173 pounds the last time I got on the scale. That's more than lots of guys."

"Shut up!"

Jan was too frustrated to stop. "Tell me, do I look like I'm helpless or something! What the hell do I have to do?"

"SHUT UP!!! Before I cut your goddamned lips off!", Mikey pushed the knife to Jan's cheek. He saw the tall young woman's jaw flex, but she went quiet. "Good now keep driving. I'll tell you when to get off. They drove for half an hour more before Mikey reached over and grabbed Jan's right breast. He tried to give it a squeeze but she knocked his hand away.

"That's gonna cost you. When I deliver you to the others, I'm gonna ask for a few hours alone with you. I'm gonna make you suffer!"

Jan looked unfazed. She didn't even look at him. She just kept driving. "Who are these others?", Jan asked.

Mikey grinned like a gargoyle. "They're the ones who know what to do with pretty, independent, sweet, innocent girls like you", he told her in a voice tinged with danger and anticipation.

Jan chuckled. "Are you saying I'm innocent?" She laughed louder.

Mikey's face turned red with anger. He reached into his pocket while Jan laughed. He slipped on some brass knuckles and punched Jan in the side of the head. "Don't you laugh! Laugh again and I will kill you, no matter if it takes me a month to find another one."

That statement changed Jan's demeanor. All good humor was gone. "Sorry", she apologized.

Mikey grinned again and rubbed the side of Jan's face with fake tenderness. "Good. You're starting to understand." There was a big flash of lightning and crack of thunder as Mikey spoke. It was Mikey who didn't understand.

"How many?", Jan asked with emotion in her voice.

"Women? You make number 9 for me. All of them have been young and attractive. It usually takes ten to become a full member, but if you last as long as I think you will, then I will be made a full member. No more walking the back streets looking for stupid little bitches. I'll have my own hunter to bring me fresh meat like you."

Jan wiped a tear and nodded her head. She understood then that her earlier anger had been unwarranted. "I am so glad I stopped to pick you up", she began. Mikey looked a little confused. "I want you to take me to this place so I can meet the others. That way no more young women will lose their lives to you or to them."

"What the fuck are you talking about!", Mikey yelled. His voice was powerful inside the cabin of the Nissan, but he wasn't powerful enough, not even close. He held his knife up and put it close to Jan's eye. "You better shut the fuck up!"

Jan rolled her eyes and lifted her right hand off the gear shift. She spread her fingers then quickly pushed her palm down over the tip of the knife. The blade punched through her palm and quickly exited the other side like a stainless steel spike. Then she closed her fingers to pinch the handle a little. With a quick pull, she took the knife from Mikey's hand. His jaw hit the floor. Jan's face showed the slightest discomfort as she reached across her body and pulled his knife from her hand. His eyes followed her right hand when she put it back on the gear shift. He watched the hole in the back of her hand close. Jan moaned as the blissful calm went through her body healing her hand and the small bruise on her cheek. Mikey punched at her with his brass knuckles, but Jan caught his fist and forced them off his hand. She kept her eyes on the road as she closed her fingers around Mikey's brass knuckles. His eyes were on her face. He watched it set for a moment, then he looked at her bare arm. Her muscles were already writhing by the time he looked. Her delts, bis and tris flexed, but her forearms were bulging as she closed her fingers around his brass knuckles. He could see her big hand closing more and more. He couldn't believe that his metal knuckles were in there, but they were. When she opened her hand, they were misshapen and bent beyond recognition. She tossed the hunk of metal on the floor at his feet and kept driving.

"Confused?", Jan asked distantly. Mikey couldn't utter a sound. "If I were you I'd be confused too. A few minutes ago you didn't know that people like me existed. You thought you knew how the world worked, but you don't. A few minutes ago you thought your knife was going to keep me under your control. This knife wouldn't be a danger to me if you'd stabbed me a hundred times... a thousand times. Oh, and I failed to mention that I had this with me." She reached her left hand between the seat and the door to pull out a full sized Springfield .45 pistol. She looked at it and tossed it on Mikey's lap. "Don't get excited. That gun's just as useless against me as your knife, but if you shoot me with my own gun, I'll rip your arms and legs off", she said with no humor or jest in her voice.

Mikey started shaking in fear, losing control at the shock of all he was seeing. "Don't you dare!", Jan yelled. "Don't pee on my..." Too late. "Shit!" Mikey watched a wave of anger pass across her beautiful face. "You are going to clean that up with your tongue if you have to." Jan saw an exit coming up. "You're in luck." She pulled off the interstate and to a gas station. She ordered him to change pants and to buy something to clean her seats. Jan leaned across the divide and took Mikey by his chin. "Don't you think about trying to get away Mikey." Her fingers dug into his skin and bone. It hurt bad. He couldn't believe how much it hurt. "I'll find you Mikey. You won't like what I do to you if you run away." The muscles in her arm were poised to explode, but she kept them under control. Mikey felt like relieving himself again. He knew those perfect muscles of her right arm were stronger than every muscle in his entire body.

"Do you understand me Mikey?" She was squeezing so hard now that he was seeing stars. Mikey looked into Jan's deep blue eyes and saw her power dancing around in there. He could tell that she was only showing him the tip of a huge iceberg. She was so much more powerful than anything he'd ever experienced. He nodded.

"Good boy. Do you need any money?" He shook his head, and she let go of his face. "Then get the stuff and come back." Mikey opened the door. "And bring me a Coke!", Jan ordered him. Mikey took his bag and hurried inside to do as she had ordered. He was so afraid that he nearly ran.

Jan waited until he was out of sight to let out a long sigh. She grabbed her cell phone and dialed Sara. "You aren't going to believe what's happening! Call Alisha."

Mikey went into the store and changed pants in the bathroom. He tossed the old pants, then went out and bought the most expensive cleaner he could find. He found her a 20oz. Coke and paid for it all. He didn't leave the store right away though. She shouldn't have let him take his pack in with him because he had one more trick. Sometimes a woman wasn't the right one, and she had to be discarded. Cutting was sometimes too messy for his purposes, so he kept a bottle of something special in his bag. He went to the side with Jan's Coke and a syringe. A few seconds later he started out of the store.

"Ok guys he's coming back. I'll let you know what happens", Jan told her friends. She hung up quickly and looked at Mikey.

"Clean it good", she ordered after he handed over the Coke. Mikey looked at Jan drink the soft drink while he worked. He scrubbed furiously to make sure her seat was extra clean. The entire time he cleaned, he took glances at Jan. He perked up when he saw a wave of dizziness pass across her face. It went away almost immediately.

"You shouldn't have done that, Mikey. You tried to poison me." Jan's blue eyes blazed, and he saw all of her muscles tighten. The young amazon came around the car and stood over him.

"But... but I put enough in there to kill three people", he stammered and shrank away.

His face blanched as Jan stood over him with the half empty Coke bottle in her hand. She took one more look at the bottle before she turned it up and downed the rest of the contents.

"Ahhh", she breathed. She looked at the empty bottle and noticed the tiny pin prick where he'd injected the solution. Jan felt the nausea and dizziness, but she quickly used her power to make her body immune to it. She watched all the hope fade from Mikey's face. "I should have made you drink it, but I have something else in mind for you. Get in the car."

Once they were back on the road, Jan ordered Mikey to tell everything about his activities and especially the nine women that he had delivered to his group. He spoke for 40 minutes without stopping. Jan felt sick to her stomach listening to it. He'd taken young women from all over the Eastern United States and had delivered them to men who then raped them over and over, tortured them over the course of weeks, and ultimately killed them. Most of the bodies hadn't been found, Mikey wasn't the only one on the prowl for victims there were others. Jan nearly cried thinking about the families of these young women. She couldn't do anything about the past, but she was damn sure going to do something about the future.

Mikey could see the change come over her face. He hadn't seen that look before and felt compelled to speak. "Are you going to kill me?", he asked in a trembling voice. He'd heard that tone from his victims in the past.

"I don't know yet."

"Don't kill me. You don't want to become a killer", he tried to reason with her.

Jan's eyes looked off down the road as she spoke. "I've killed before Mikey, lots of times. You think you're the only killer in this car? At least you can remember how many people you've killed. I can't. It might be forty or fifty, hell I don't know. It could be way more than that if you include those damn super soldiers. I mean, I've killed men ten and twelve at a time. I've broken men's backs and torn them in half." Jan shook her head at the memories. "I'm a beast like you've never even heard of Mikey. I'm not a murderer though, and I've never killed anybody that I liked, but I don't like you, and that's a problem for you Mikey. You're a coward who preys on the innocent and the weak, so you don't rate very high on my moral scale. The only thing going for you is like I said, I haven't murdered anybody, but you know there's a first time for everything."

They drove for more than an hour before they came to the exit and got off the interstate. They weren't in Richmond. They weren't much of anywhere from what Jan could tell. They drove and drove through the rain until they rounded a bend and crested a hill. They finally came to an old part of the US highway system that most of the country had forgotten. The motel looked quaint from an era gone by. The big sign shined brightly like it had for generations, and it announced vacancies. Jan parked in the parking space that Mikey pointed out. The motel was three separate U shaped two story buildings, and this area of the parking lot couldn't been seen from too many angles.

"This is the place?"

Mikey nodded, not knowing whether to be more scared of this amazon or of the other members of the ring. So far she hadn't really hurt him although he knew that she could. He was about to find out why she hadn't.

"Here." Jan tossed Mikey his knife. He was surprised. She looked at him. "You do me like you've done all the others you've brought back. I don't have to tell you what will happen if you fuck this up. Now take your knife. I'm your prisoner." Mikey did what she ordered because he realized that he'd rather be her puppet than her victim.

"Hey, Pete", the man at the front desk called out. "Looks like your boy Mikey's gotten another one. Nice body on that one."

"How the hell can you tell that from here?", Mark asked then came to the window. "Damn you sure can. I hope she ain't one of them Picassos."

Pete laughed and stubbed out his cigarette. "You mean you hope she ain't a Monet. Good up from a distance and butt ass ugly from up close."

Mark scowled for a moment. "Call the boys and let's get this thing started officially, but before that I better see what your boy's brought us."

Jan was sitting meekly on the bed when Mark walked into the surprisingly cozy room. Mark had seen lots of beautiful women sitting in the same spot, but he had never seen one like this. She was tall; her body was strong; her face had a bone structure that a plastic surgeon would study, and she had the bluest blue eyes Mark had ever seen. She seemed like a woman who in the past had been in control of every part of her life, but Mikey had started to break her to his will. He was good at that. She turned to him when he walked in and closed the door. Jan took a quick glance to Mikey, and she saw him relax. That was perfect.

Mark came up close and looked at Jan like a lion looked at a gazelle. "Very nice find."

"Thank you."

"You only made one mistake. You should have tenderized her more first." Mark halled off and hit Jan in the side of her head as hard as he could. She yelped and fell back to the bed. "You have to be made ready", Mark announced and pulled off his thick leather belt. He wrapped it around his hand and began to beat Jan without mercy. She didn't once put up a fight. He mostly hit her body. He only hit her in the face once. He beat Jan for five solid minutes without let up. It was hard even for her to take, but once again she found her motivation.

Another man walked in and closed the door. "The others are on their way", Pete said then looked at Mark and Mikey. Pete walked to the bed and took Jan roughly by her hair. He snatched up her face and looked into her eyes. He studied it. Even with the bruise, she was stunning and aggressively, almost painfully perfect. "Best yet, Mikey." He looked at Jan's face again. "Beautiful", he added in the instant before he hit her across the mouth bursting both her lips. He climbed onto the bed and hit her several times as hard as he could. Jan came to understand that to these men typical beauty was something to be destroyed and twisted to fit their ideas. While she took his blows, she reminded herself of all the other women who had felt this man's fury. He was going to feel hers soon, but she bided her time and took the abuse.

After this beating they let Jan lay on the bed feeling the pain from each blow. She had found out that the time without her strength had made her more vulnerable to injuries. In the past these men wouldn't have been able to bruise her, but now her body was covered with them and welts too. Several more men came into the room. They ranged from men in the 60's down to men in their 20's. They were all normal looking men, some of them even had wedding bands on their fingers. Jan couldn't imagine how a woman could live with these monsters. All the men took turns working Jan over, but she found out that this was just beginning and that more men were on the way.

"Take her to the chamber", Pete said. Mark draped Jan over his shoulder. She hung there like she'd passed out during their opening beating session, but she had to work to keep her face impassive when she heard Pete speak again. "Mikey strip this place, the rest will meet us in the chamber."

The men started out of the room, but Mikey was worried. It was going like all the other rapes, but Mikey knew better. He ran up to Pete while Mark made his way to the door. "Hey", Mikey began after taking Pete by the shoulder. The older man turned to see what was the matter. "You guys better--" Mikey stopped in mid-sentence when Jan opened her eyes and looked right at him. He lost his nerve. "Save some for me", he joked and tried to smile.

Pete grinned and patted Mikey on the cheek. "Of course, when you finish." Mikey watched Jan slowly close her eyes and continue her charade.

Mark carried Jan out a side door and down some steep concrete stairs hidden by a utility building. The stairs led to a door that looked more like the entrance to a cave than to a basement. It was heavy welded steel and soundproofed on the inside. Jan felt her skin go cold as she entered their domain. She could feel the horror of this place. It smelled of dirt, mold, and death, but when Mark dumped her on the ground, Jan took the chance to look around. She was horrified at what she saw. An indirect light that shined into the soundproofed ceiling material bathed the space with a shadowy red pallor. Thick dark stains could be seen on the floors running towards the large drain in the center of the room, but when Jan looked at the walls she saw the mementos. There were at least 30 of them. There were pictures of one woman in various stages and there were other horrible things hanging on the walls that Jan didn't even want to think about. She had the opportunity to keep looking, but she'd seen enough. She closed her eyes, and prepared herself for what she was about to do.

"Chain her", Pete ordered with great anticipation. They dragged Jan to a block of concrete in the middle of the dark dank space. Handmade manacles snapped around her wrists as she sat with her back against the block. There were other apparati around her, these were to facilitate holding the victims legs so the men could repeatedly rape them without having to worry about holding them in place. More men came down. They all looked at this chained young woman. Some massaged themselves while others were already getting ready for the rough sex they had in mind. After the chain rapes, men would begin at transforming her beauty. For them it wasn't about the sex. That was just a tool. Jan thought about all of these things when finally she heard the words that she'd been waiting for.

"We're all here", Pete announced in an official sounding voice as the door was closed and bolted. "We have been presented this beautiful young thing for our pleasure and amusement, but we must follow our rules or the prize will be spoiled and every man will not have had his fill. As our custom, the sacrifice belongs to the one who captured the prize, but as in the wild. The young must wait for his betters to first get their fill." Pete and Mark stepped forward, but paused when the young woman lifted had head and fixed them in her hawkish gaze. She moved her bottom to be able to sit forward and put some tension on the chains.

"Now that you're all here, I don't have to pretend anymore", Jan said evenly, like she hadn't been through any beatings at all. She then leaned forward and the men watched as the toned muscles of her athletic arms began to flex. They grew big and hard in an instant. They had never seen muscles expand like hers did. Her shoulders and chest and back grew in size, until they heard the chains groaning. Suddenly they broke like toys under her onslaught. She reached across her body and tore the shackles. The men looked on with complete confusion as Jan stood up. She took a deep breath then stretched her back and arms. Silhouetted against the shadows, Jan's perfect body looked like something from a dream, but she hadn't even started yet.

"What the fuck?", Mark demanded after finding his voice.

Jan held up a finger while she turned and looked at the four foot by six foot by four foot block that she'd been chained to. She put her legs apart to get a good base before she bent over and put her hands at the bottom. With a soft grunt, Jan began to lift two tons of concrete from the floor. Jaws fell as the block rose. Jan's thighs slowly flexed as she lifted the huge weight. They went from sleek and sexy to rock hard and razor sharp.

"No fucking way!", one man exclaimed.

The block came up higher, and Jan's thighs flexed still harder. Her skin was nearly bursting with hard muscle. Then her back and shoulders came into view. A landscape of female muscle cut changed and writhed going down to her flexing glutes.

"You can't do that! No one's that strong! No one!"

Jan grinned and bore down, lifting the block higher still. Her arms got into the act. The heads of her deltoids split and defined itself, but it was her raging biceps that stole the show. The heads of her biceps grew and grew until the inside belly of Jan's biceps were pressing against the block. Chips of concrete fell at her feet from the pressure. The block rose, but her biceps rose even faster. A vein appeared over the head of her left bicep as it kept rising, but it wasn't just getting bigger. It was getting harder and more ripped. It had been so long since Jan had felt her muscles flex past their human limits. Pure power coursed through her body, pushing her dual peaked biceps higher and harder.

More than one man cried as this amazon lifted the block over her head. They had made the block right there in that room with a mixer. It had taken 50 big bags of cement to make it and now this one woman was holding that over her head without any problem.

Jan held the block over her head for a moment before she tossed it towards the big steel door. It hit a little short and rolled a half revolution coming to rest against the door. The building shook from the impact of the block against the floor and door. A couple of men near the door tugged on the block, but they couldn't even make it wiggle.

"That should hold you all in here", Jan said and started towards the men.

"What the fuck do you want with us?!?", Pete asked

Jan stopped with a puzzled look on her face. "You don't know? Really? You don't?" She lunged forward and snatched him by the shirt. She lifted him off the ground with her left arm. He looked around fearfully, but his eyes stopped when they saw her biceps flex. From this close he could see the super human muscle fibers firing under her skin. When he looked at Jan's face, he saw the anger, hot boiling unfiltered anger. She drew her fist back. "Let's see if this gives you an idea of what I want." Her fist shot forward as soon the words left her mouth. When her fist hit Pete, his teeth left his mouth. Two dozen teeth scattered across the floor. "Now you know what I want!!!", Jan yelled at him. Pete's eyes rolled around in his sockets and blood ran from his ruined mouth like a stream.

"Can't talk!?!", she screamed then threw him to the ground. She bent down and snatched his belt from his waist tearing his pants and the thick leather belt in the process. She wrapped it around her hand just like he had done, then she began whipping him. "Do you know yet!", she screamed over and over as she lashed him with her super human strength. His flesh split and tore from her beating. Finally she dropped the blood soaked belt on the remains of Pete's back. He whimpered in unimaginable pain, but Jan was just getting started. She ran to the next man.

Upstairs, Mikey had just finished stripping the bed when the building shook. He dropped the balled up sheets and peered out the door. He didn't see anything so he closed it back, but when he did he heard shouts. He put his ear to the floor in order to hear more. He felt stupid for fearing that tall bitch, but then he realized that he wasn't hearing a woman's screams. He was hearing the voices of all the men in the ring. She was destroying them. Mikey broke out in a cold blood chilled sweat. He should run. He looked on the dresser and saw the keys to the amazon's car. He could take it and be miles away before she ever came looking for him, but something inside of him told him different. Stealing her car was a death sentence.

In the basement chamber, five men lay in pools of blood while four bounced around the rooms holding the cruel devices that they kept in the chamber. One man held a baseball with big spikes driven through its head. Jan attacked him next. The other three men tried to help their fellow ring member, but Jan shrugged off their attempts to injure and distract her. She took blows to her back and one blow to her head that really hurt. She took note of it but kept at victim number six until his own mother wouldn't have recognized him. By the time she finished though, the other three men had given up on their friend and on hurting her. They took off down the darkened hall opposite the door.

"Hurry man get it open!", Jan heard. Jan dropped her current bloody victim and rushed towards the voices. She heard men scrambling, and she got there in time to see the last of the three men pulling up the ladder of a trap door in the ceiling. "Close it damn you!" The trap door closed, and Jan jumped up. Her fists hit the heavy steel trapdoor so hard that it dented and knocked the three men back, but they recovered quickly enough to shut it and slam the lock down. They knew it wouldn't hold her for long, so they ran as quickly as they could.

Mikey looked to his left when he heard the commotion in the room next to him. He opened the front door in time to see three men rush past him as fast as their legs could carry them. A moment later he heard a crash and the building shook so hard that he thought it would come down around him.

In the chamber, Jan shrieked in pure rage as the door slammed shut above her. Jan was so mad that she past thinking rationally. She jumped up and caught herself between two concrete joist that held up the floor above. They were only a couple of feet apart, and Jan held herself between them using her palms and her strength. Then with her blinding rage fueling her super human muscles, she pushed as hard as she could. Already rock hard muscle turned to diamond, and already cut up muscle became shredded. Her muscles burst with new energy and power in one powerful explosion of muscle and strength. Veins shot up Jan's neck as she threw her head back as she unleashed her mighty strength. The entire building warped as she applied a type of pressure that it had never been designed to take. Her arms pushed with so much force that it was transferred from one end of the building to the other causing the ends of the building to bulge. It couldn't take that sort of strain for long, and it didn't The concrete floor shattered around her when she shoved the two joist five feet away from each other. A fresh wave of the hard sexy sliced up muscle burst Jan's blouse and skirt. She was as huge and pumped as she had ever been as she landed on the floor amid the fallen concrete and rubble. She didn't stay there long. She bounded through the hole that she created, and was on the floor above in an instant. She saw the door swinging open. She ran through jumbled furniture and out the door.

Mikey had to pick himself up from the floor, but he did in time to see Jan run past him at 35 miles per hour. She didn't run down the stairs, she simply jumped down them. The three men had split up and gotten into their cars. Jan scowled as she look at the cars. She ran to the one farthest away. The man put his car in reverse, and slammed on the gas. He moved back exactly two inches before he stopped. The front wheels of his car threw back smoke and rubber, but his car wasn't moving. He looked in his review to see her behind him with her hands on his bumper. Her legs were so chocked full of hard quivering muscle that he could hardly believe it, but then her face took on that look again. Her blue eyes looked off into the distance as she leaned back still holding his car. Her pectorals tore what was left of her blouse when she began to crush the rear of his car. He could hear the sheet metal surrendering. She continued to lean back until his front wheels came off the ground. His foot was still on the gas, but he was going only where she willed him to go. Jan grunted and labored, and the car came up higher. Then suddenly she pivoted, put the car down, and jumped straight up. The wheels hit the ground and the man started backwards, but this time in a different direction. He didn't have time to see that he was about to slam into the front the second man's car. They hit hard enough to eject one man from his vehicle and knock the other man unconscious. Jan landed on the wreck then took off after the third man. This crash had blocked him in. He slammed on his brakes, and backed up, but there was nowhere to go. He had panted and mumbled in his car, but Jan caught up to him and jumped on his hood. He screamed and pleaded, but Jan punched through his windshield and pulled him out. He kicked and whimpered and begged, but Jan had no mercy.

Mikey watched Jan collect all three men and carry them down to the chamber. Once down there, he heard more screams, screams that no man thought he would ever make. After a few minutes, she came back to the parking lot. With a few hard breaths of labor, and lots of muscle, she moved the cars out of view and 'parked' them in the corner of the lot. Then she came up the stairs to the room where Mikey had taken her. She stood there in the doorway, her clothes ruined, and her every bulging hard female muscle on display. She pushed some hair from her face and pointed at Mikey. "Come with me." Mikey did as he was ordered, and followed her next door to the room she had utterly destroyed with her power. The floor was upheaved and furniture lay all over the place. Jan picked Mikey up and tossed him to the chamber below. He hit hard, but got to his feet. He backed away from her as she came down behind him. Once he went a few feet he saw the carnage in the large chamber room. Men lay in heaps. He was dazed as he looked at them. He could hear their wheezes. He noticed then that the men were all alive.

"You didn't kill them."

Jan stopped walking. "No, I didn't. I simply took them to the very edge of death. I'm sure some of them wish they were dead right about now."

Mikey looked around at the broken limbs and bleeding skin and knew that she was telling the truth. These men were in mind altering pain.

"Why didn't you kill them?"

"Same reason I'm not going to kill you, but now Mikey it's time for your punishment."

"No please don't! I'll... I'll turn myself in and testify to everything I've ever done!"

Jan grinned at him. "Ding. You figured it out." Then the grin went away. "That's why you're going to live, and that's why these worthless pieces of trash are still alive. You're going to answer for what you've done, and you're going to give closure to the families of the women you've killed. What good is it for me to kill all you bastards if no one knows the truth? Everyone is going to know what you have done, and one day hopefully, the Commonwealth of Virginia will strap you to a table and end your worthless stinking life."

Mikey fell down at Jan's feet and begged. She took him gently by the shoulder and pulled him to his feet. As he rose, she drew her fist back and once he was standing up straight, she hit him right in the gut. He went down spewing vomit and blood. After a minute or so the heaves stopped, but blood still frothed to his lips.

"That's for trying to poison me." Jan raised up her leg then brought her heel down hard on the back of his right hand while it was flat against the concrete floor.

"Arrgh!", he yelled.

"And that's for punching me in the head." Then she picked up a six foot long pry bar that one man had used to hit her with. She took it with both her hands holding it a couple feet apart. She pressed the bar to Mikey's neck. She forced him to his feet with the pressure under his chin. She pushed him up until he was standing then her teeth went on edge as she began to bear down. At first Mikey had no idea what she was doing then he heard the groaning metal and looked at the thick steel bar. Watching her muscles work this close was so overwhelming that Mikey felt himself getting hard even with the intense pain. Her pecs and traps and lats flexed so hard that they radiated power. He could feel it coming off of her, as her arms got more into the action. Finally she had the steel bar bent into a U shape around Mikey's neck. She paused for a moment, and Mikey thought she was finished, but with a shout and a burst of power she took the bar and slammed it into the concrete wall behind Mikey's head. He was pinned to the wall in the big steel staple that she had created. His feet barely touched the ground allowing him to breathe as long as he kept his neck craned.

"I hope you're uncomfortable because you'll be like this until the police come tomorrow."

"Tomorrow?!", Mikey cried through the intense pain of his stomach, hand, and neck. "Not now? I can't take the pain."

Jan dismissed him with a flip of her hand, and started walking away. "That's too bad. I'm going to find a room, take a shower and go to sleep." She stopped suddenly then turned towards him. Her face was angry all over again. "If I couldn't do what I can do, I'd be being raped right now and beaten and finally murdered. How do think I could ever feel sorry for anything I've done to you, even if I had killed you? You have some nerve. You better testify Mikey. I want every hunter arrest too. If they aren't I'll blame you. I'll keep up with this trial, and I don't care if they try and protect you in Fort Knox, I'll find you, and I'll rip your body apart so bad it'll make this look like a walk in the fucking park!" Jan started to say something else, but she didn't. It would have only made her more upset, so she left.  She kicked the big concrete block away from the door and walked up the stairs.

It was easy to find an empty room in this part of the motel. She picked one and took a long hot shower. By the time she finished, all her various wounds were healed and her body felt clean for the first time in hours. She opened her overnight bag and changed into something then laid out on the bed. She flipped open her cell phone and called Sara and Alisha.

"How did it go?", Sara asked.

"Just as I planned it. These types of bad guys are so predictable", Jan reported after a long sigh. The three of them talked well into the night. Jan had let go of the heavy emotions that she was feeling, but she felt that this was just another reminder of how evil people could be. They talked well into the night, but Jan finally called it a night and fell asleep just before midnight.

The next morning, Jan woke up feeling refreshed. She'd feared that all her super powered activities would leave her sore, but her fears were unfounded. She packed up and prepared to leave. She peeped into the chamber one time to make sure the men were where she had left them. They were. Most of them were too injured to move, and the ones who could move were too scared to defy her commands. Jan loaded her car then stopped at the empty main office. She used the phone to call the police. The anonymous caller had told them to send a lot of ambulances.

A local sheriff was the first to respond and called in everybody from the state police to the feds. At first they thought the ten men clinging to life had been the subject of the call, but as soon as the one pinned to the wall was freed, he began to talk. The mood changed as the emergency responders realized who they were treating. Jan was long gone by the time law enforcement from all over the place converged on the hidden motel.

She was back with her music blaring and her car cruising down the road. She'd left the ordeal of the night before behind her. This wasn't the first time that she'd had a run in with evil, and it wouldn't be the last. Somewhere deep down she realized that perhaps this was her true role in life. It was nice enough to have a normal life, but for people like her there really wasn't a such thing as a normal life. Jan was thinking about her future when her phone ran bringing her back into the moment.

A photo of Jan's younger brother Thomas popped onto her phone as it rang again. "Hello."

"Hey, Jan are you going to make it?" His young voice was so full of hope and anticipation.

"Of course I am", Jan said without hesitation. "You just relax and focus on what you have to do. I won't miss this. I promise."

"Okay", Thomas said, but sounded unconvinced.

Jan closed her phone and put her foot down on the accelerator. She rushed through the toll roads and to the parking lot in her old middle school. She hurried inside, trying to rush, but not look desperate. She heard cheers from the gymnasium well before she walked through the doors. She looked at the bleachers and quickly saw who she was looking for. She walked up the bleachers and then down the row until she sat down behind a big tall fellow with coal black hair and eyes to match hers.

"Hey Pumpkin", Jack Caufield said without turning around. He was focused intently on the action on the mat below. "Escape! Escape!", Jack yelled.

"Turn your shoulder!", Jan called out to the same boy. "The other one!", she yelled when he started moving the wrong way to escape. The eighth grader didn't know it, but he was getting advice from two world class fighters. "I didn't miss him did I?", Jan asked after the first period.

"No, Thomas is the next one. This is his friend Robby", Jack answered then turned around.

Jan's eyes widened, and she took her father by the chin. "Daddy, what happened to your face?!", she asked with instant concern. He had faded bruises and a lingering black eye.

He smiled. "It was just a misunderstanding."

"Well, I hope you made them understand."

"Don't I usually?", Jack told his daughter. They both clapped when the match ended although Robby had lost 5 to 3. Thomas was already on the mat warming up. He stopped to console his teammate, then he stepped into the circle.

"So how was your trip up here?", Jack asked innocently during a lull.

Jan's face froze when she thought about it, but it went away quickly. "The drive was fine, but I'll tell you about it later. I don't want to talk about it right now."

He leaned up kissed his daughter on the cheek. "Whenever you're ready."

They both turned to the mat then. Jan got excited with anticipation. This was Thomas' first competitive wrestling match. He'd participated in a few pre-season scrimmages, but this counted. Thomas was really excited, and so was Jan. She sat forward and wiped off her sweaty palms. Thomas glanced into the stands and saw Jack and Jan sitting near each other. They both smiled and waved enthusiastically. Only Carol was missing. She had a very serious court hearing.

The match started well with Thomas getting an early advantage. "Wow, he looks good out there", Jan noticed as she leaned forward, putting her elbows on her knees.

"Looks like some two time state champion has worked with him", another spectator put in. Jack smirked and had a flash back to when he'd been a hotshot high school athlete. The match went back and forth a couple of times with Thomas getting points for takedowns, but he had a chance for something more than a point victory.

"Hips!", Jan yelled down to him.

"I think he's got it. I think he's got it", Jack remarked quietly just before the ref smacked the mat. Thomas' two person cheering section was quite excited after his win.

Jack was in the middle of celebrating when his phone rang. "Damn it. I have to get to work. Could you take Thomas home and remember to tell him what a damn nice match he wrestled?"

Jan nodded and smiled. "I think I can manage that, Daddy. Good to see you have such faith in me."

Jack cracked a smile and kissed her again. "I'll see you for dinner." Jack waved at Thomas before stepping out the door. Jan watched him leave and noticed that he was a little preoccupied. Her father was always understated and never boisterous, but she could tell that there was something on his mind. Jan would talk to him later. She bought an overpriced Gatorade and settled down to watch the rest of the matches.

After the matches ended, Thomas was outside the locker room with a couple of teammates looking at Maxim. "She's hot", one of the thirteen year olds said to the other two. Thomas was next to the others looking at the layout.

He scoffed. "I know someone who looks better", he said after giving the photo a good once over.

"Oh get off it Thomas!"

"I do! I swear."

The boys looked at him. "Okay, who?"

"She's on her way", Thomas announced after folding his arms. "Here she comes now." The boys looked down the hall as a tall lean shape walked towards them. Her hips swayed from side to side with ultimate confidence. The boys froze up when she got into the light. She was gorgeous from the top of her head to her toes. Both boys looked down at the model in the mag and then up at this breathtaking woman walking towards them. She was a vision from one of their fantasies, except she looked even better.

"You ready to go, Thomas?", she asked. The boys didn't realize that their vision had a voice.

"Sure am." Thomas grabbed his bag and jumped next to her.

"Nice matches guys", Jan told the two boys. They melted when she spoke directly to them.

"Oh, Jan, this is Robby Mills and Brett Coils", Thomas introduced his friends.

Jan smiled at them and waved. "Nice to meet you Robby and Brett." One boy sort of squeaked. The other just stared. Jan looked askew. "Umm, okay. Later guys." Jan and Thomas started off down the hall. She waited until they was a good distance away before she said, "Your friends weren't very talkative."

Thomas chuckled. "They didn't have any blood in their brains", he remarked casually.

Jan looked down at him and shook her head. "I'd forgotten what a bag of hormones teenage boys are." Jan put her arm around Thomas' shoulder as they walked out to the car talking about his match.

"How was you drive up here?", Thomas asked innocently after buckling his seatbelt.

Jan paused then sighed. "I partially destroyed a motel and broke up a ring of serial rapists and murders", she replied rapid fire and started the engine. "Other than that, the trip was great."

Jan drove off with Thomas still looking at her. "So?"

"So what?"

"Are you going to tell me what happened or not?"

Jan snickered. "I was going to tell everyone over dinner like I normally do", Jan told Thomas, keeping him in suspense. Jan didn't know that she wouldn't get a chance to tell her story. It had been an interesting trip, but it was going to be a trying night.

to be continued...

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