Power and Fury: Double Cousins 2
by demented20
Sun, sand, gorgeous women, what could wrong?

Date: December 2005

Jan Caufield woke up early, as she did most days. She looked out of the large windows and saw that the sun had yet to rise over the lapping waves of the Atlantic. There wasn't even a bright spot on the horizon. She reached her long arms over her head then jumped out of bed. She pulled her oversized t-shirt off and started stretching in the center of her room. She clasped her hands above her head and forced her body very straight before she leaned down slowly and put her palms on the floor. She rolled her head forward to her knees, folding her six foot body neatly in half. She smiled wondering what would happen if Brian saw her like this. He'd probably just bust in his pants and then try to hide it.

Jan stood up straight and rolled her shoulders then positioned her body to stand on one foot. She brought her leg up and up and up, slowly without aid until the sole of her right foot was facing the ceiling. She moaned, feeling the stretch in her inner thighs. She could stand like this for quite a while, but she switched legs after about half a minute or so.

Jan stretched for a few more minutes before she took a deep breath and opened the closet door. Her body was loose and ready for whatever punishment she was about to put it through. She flipped on the light and looked at herself in the door length mirror. She'd worked hard for her temple of a body. From the top to the bottom, Jan's body was a perfectly sculpted masterpiece of the female form. She had managed blend her natural good looks and athleticism with her hard work to create what everyone admired. Jan wasn't overly vain though. Taylor was vain enough for the both of them, although as she looked in the mirror Jan did like what she saw. She turned profile. She loved the sweep of her hips and the butt from the side. Her body was sleek, powerful, and dare she think it, sexy. She wished her boyfriend Avi was there to touch her with his confident embraces.

She sighed and went to the end of the row and reached out for some jogging pants. Her hand stopped short. She wondered what the weather was like outside. She strutted across the room over the carpet then over the cool tiles near the French doors which she opened to let in the early morning air. She stepped out onto the balcony and felt a rush as the cool salty breeze blew against her skin. It felt great. She took a deep breath, filling her lungs with the sweet air. While she enjoyed the breeze against her skin, she didn't bother to look at the neighbor's yard.

One of the workers had been doing his early morning chores when he saw one of the Amazons step out onto the balcony. He'd never seen anything like her, not even in a magazine. She was standing there in a bra and panties thinking that the darkness would hide her, but she was backlit from the closet light. The worker felt himself getting stiff in his pants. The gum fell out of his mouth when stretched her arms up exposing more of her body to him. He had heard of the women who lived in the house next door to his employer. He'd only been working at this house for a couple of weeks, and this was the first time that he had seen one of them up close. The other workers warmed him though that the women from that family were as dangerous as they were beautiful. That was why his heart stopped when that goddess lowered her gaze directly at him.

Jan was startled and jumped initially. He was staring at her without even trying to hide it. She waved quickly then hurried back inside closing the door behind her. "Well, he got a freebie", she muttered and went back to the closet. The air had felt so good against her skin that instead of the pants, Jan grabbed some little shorts. She paired the black and white shorts with a black and white sports bra. With an Orioles cap on her head, and her ipod tied around her left arm Jan walked into the hall. She started towards the stairs then stopped and spun on her heels. She was so eager to start her run that she'd almost forgotten a promise that she'd made the night before. She went to the door next to hers and knocked. Her first rapping was soft, but her next round was a little harder. "Alisha you told me to wake you up", she called through the door. She had no idea why Alisha wanted to be up so early.

"Thanks", a drowsy voice said from the other side of the door. With her promise kept, Jan bounced down the stairs and out the front door. She paused just long enough to search her player. After a minute, Jan started down the road listening to Eddie Boyd's Live. She loved his voice and his piano playing. She'd be in a state of musical bliss for the duration of her seven mile run, or maybe she'd do eight this morning.

Jan had several routes mapped out on the island from her trips in years past so there was no guessing at distances. She ran north, keeping the ocean on her right. She would run a big loop, keeping to the coast as long as she could, just long enough to see the first rays of the sun start to brighten the waters near the horizon. It was so beautiful.

Jan loved everything about running this early. She loved the freshness of a new day. She loved the near darkness that would become beaming sunshine, and most of all she loved the alone time. This early she didn't have to wait on traffic or worry about catcalls and stares from men as she passed them by. She had learned how to ignore them, but it was better to not have to deal with them at all. Jan only stopped once along her route, and that was when she saw Mrs. Bernstein in her front yard watering her flowers. Mrs. Bernstein and her husband used to live in Jan's old neighborhood in Baltimore before moving down to Palm Beach full time a couple of years ago. They had known her since she was a child. They were nice people so she didn't mind spending a couple of minutes talking to them before she went on. She just pushed herself harder for the last couple of miles of her run.

She usually pushed the pace near the end, but she was running pretty hard when she got to the driveway. She slowed her run to a trot and looked around. She smiled when she saw Alisha near the beach with her easel set up. Now Jan knew why she wanted the early wake up call. With her better than perfect eyesight Jan could see that her friend was painting the sunrise. Alisha was from the left coast and they got wonderful sunsets, but the east coast was where you got the rising sun. Jan didn't bother her while she painted. She turned up the driveway towards the side door of the house.

Instead of going inside the house, she jogged around the back and down a staircase hidden from view by a row of hedges. At the bottom of the stairs there was a door that had used to lead to a basement storage space, but that had changed many years ago. Jan's grandfather had installed a gym in that empty space back in the 50's. It had been updated with the latest equipment as the years had passed. The Caufields were a little ahead of their time when it came to physical fitness.

Jan hadn't planned on lifting this morning, but after her run she had so much energy. She pushed open the door and rushed inside. She realized quickly that she wasn't alone. She could hear the clanking of weight plates hitting together and the rhythmic breathing of someone in the middle of a workout. Jan came around the corner and saw Taylor's back. She was wearing a salmon colored cross-strapped halter top that showed off the surprising cuts of her upper back muscles and shoulders. Taylor's body usually looked like it was result of her combination of unfair genetics and perhaps yoga or Pilates. Jan knew better. Just like Jan herself, Taylor's musculature was deceptive. When she exerted herself or flexed, her muscles expanded a lot. Jan carried more muscle, but Taylor was plenty strong and her muscles were plenty ripped. Her sandy hair was in a pony tail as she cranked out reps on the press machine. Jan stood in the doorway admiring the separation and shape of Taylor's delts, traps, lats, and triceps.

She walked past Taylor as she finished her last rep. She smiled in greeting, but didn't bother saying anything. Taylor had her earbuds in. Jan went to the shelf next to the fridge and grabbed a bottle of water. They were supposed to go in the fridge, but she liked them room temperature. She drank it down in one long pull then went to a pull-up bar and started cranking out text book overhand chin-ups one after the other. Her back flared wide with her own impressive muscles starting to get pumped. She stopped after about 15 and grabbed a harness with a very soft padding around one end. She took a 45 pound weight and clamped it to the harness before slipping the other end around her neck. With that done, Jan went back to the pull-up bar. Still with an over hand grip, Jan started pulling her body up. Her form was still picture perfect even if her pace was slightly slower. She did 50 more overhand pull-ups before switching her grip and doing underhand grip. Her back was flared like a set of wings. With each rep, her muscles grew in definition. Jan was always lean and her back was completely ripped up when she finished her last repetition.

Finally Jan dropped to the floor, her body dripping sweat. She didn't take a break though. She took the harness from around her neck and grabbed a large exercise ball. She stretched out on the ball and held the 45 pound weight close to her chest while she started doing supermans, focusing on her lower back. Jan knew the importance of every single muscle group in the body. The tight muscles of her lower back connected with her glutes giving her body that lovely profile and taper from behind. They were very important to how a woman looked from many angles. Then there was the fact that the lower back provided the base for just about any strength move.

After that, Jan worked her body forward on the ball so that only the toes of her running shoes were touching it. She put her hands on the floor and started doing a combination crunch and pushup where she pulled her legs in, working her lower abs, and pushed up using the added height to increase resistance to her already developed triceps, shoulders, and pectorals. She worked at a furious pace, not resting at all between giant sets. After a while, she lifted one arm off the ground and put it behind her back, but did the same movement forcing one arm to do the job of two. By now Jan's blood was really flowing, and muscles were pumped. She loved the feeling. It made her feel so strong.

She grabbed an old heavy leather medicine ball and continued working her always impressive abs, but this time facing up. Usually Jan's abs looked hard and toned, but when she flexed them, they transformed. With the weight adding more resistance, Jan's abdominal wall was a solid eight pack of muscle with grooves so deep a finger could get stuck between the bricks. Jan knew her abs were out of this world so she took a glance or two in the mirror to admire them. They were getting vascular now. She saw the twin veins running down her lower abs disappearing within her short little shorts. Her legs were already pumped from her run, so she focused on her upper body.

Jan continued with the exercise ball and the medicine ball, working her obliques, biceps, triceps, and shoulders before she finally put the equipment away. She still felt like a bundle of energy. Maybe getting out of Maryland for a while was doing her some good. She opened the sliding steel door that lead to the next room. This one was one of her favorites growing up and the reason her grandfather had built this workout area in the first place. This room wasn't huge. There were a couple of benches around the sides, some double end bags strung up, a group of speed bags, and heavy bags of varying sizes and shapes. Everything was around the edges because the center of the room was taken up by a regulation sized boxing ring. Jan wasn't alone in feeling a need for a little more exercise. Taylor was in there working with a speed bag. Jan nodded slowly. Taylor's hands moved in a short tight fashion, but the bag was a complete blur. She didn't miss one stroke. With Jan watching though, Taylor went into a display of speed bag prowess that would have made a pro boxer raise an eyebrow.

While Taylor showed off, Jan taped her hands grabbed some gloves and went to work on the new heavy bag. She threw medium power punches at the bag, mixing in a few kicks here and there. Jan was planning the rest of her day when Taylor came up behind her. "I liked that workout you were doing earlier", she said.

"Thanks", Jan said between punches. "I'll write it down for you if you want to know it."

Taylor crossed her arms. "What I want to know is why you're teasing that bag?"

Jan pulled her right arm back and laid into the bag hard enough to make it almost fly parallel to the floor. "How was that?"

"Decent maybe", Taylor allowed grudgingly.

Jan turned with a smile. "If I didn't know better Miss Matthews, I'd say you're challenging me."

Taylor cocked her head to the side. "Well, there's nothing between us but space and opportunity."

Jan's eyes narrowed and she started towards the ring with her cousin a half a step behind. Jan climbed into the regulation sized boxing ring. "You know Taylor, I thought you were smarter than this", Jan boasted as she got ready. Taylor ignored her on the outside, but inside she seethed a bit. There weren't many people who were ever cocky around her. Unfortunately Jan was one of them.

Taylor climbed into the ring and flicked her sandy colored hair out of her way. She slipped the headgear on and tightened the strap. Jan was in for a rude awakening. They hadn't sparred in a while, and she was sure Jan hadn't been training as hard as she had. Jan had been very good for a very long time, but Taylor wasn't chopped liver either. She was going to show Jan that it was dangerous to rest on her laurels. Across the ring, Jan was getting ready. She was still wearing her sports bra and jogging shorts, barely hiding any of her pumped body. Most other women would have been both jealous and intimidated by the 20 year old with the impossible body, but not Taylor. Sure Jan was a little more buffed than she was, but not much.

They circled the ring for a while sizing up the other. Then as if they'd had the same thought at the same time, they attacked. Jan threw a quick jab following with a right cross. She was quick, but neither punch landed fully. Taylor slipped them both and landed a kick to Jan's midsection. It was a snappy kick, but kicking Jan's abs was like kicking a concrete pillar. There was no give whatsoever, just the sound of flesh hitting even harder flesh. Jan knew it. She smiled around her mouthpiece, and attacked again.

She faked a looping uppercut with her left, waiting for Taylor to dodge. She did, and Jan landed a right and another right, then a left in quick secession. Taylor backed away, but only far enough to send a straight right hand to the front of Jan's face. She jabbed Jan twice before unloading a right hook that knocked Jan sideways. It didn't stun her though. Jan spun, lifting her leg and sending a kick to the center of Taylor's thigh. It stung and made her straighten her leg. She was flat footed now. Jan circled in and unleashed a combination of lefts and rights to the headgear. Taylor felt every blow. Jan was so damned strong, but Taylor was plenty strong herself. She slipped her arms between Jan's and took Jan by the back of her neck. Taylor pulled hard to the left. Jan lost her balance just long enough for Taylor's knee to come up above those super hard abs. The point of her knee hit Jan right in the middle of her sports bra. She backed away to get a deep breath. Taylor smiled. Jan narrowed her eyes and attacked. This time she wasn't playing around.

Brian was once again enjoying the serine beauty of this island. He was across the street from the main portion of the estate taking pictures of Alisha who still stood near the beach painting. She was wearing one of Sara's sun hats with white Capri pants, no shoes, and for once her awesome cleavage was completely covered with a loose blouse buttoned up to her neck. Brian was a good distance from Alisha though. He didn't want to break her concentration or intrude. She was in the zone. Brian turned back towards the house. He was going to the garden when he heard the sounds of leather hitting flesh mixed with feminine grunts. He followed the sounds of the activity to the some small windows near ground level. He had to get down on his knees in a flowerbed to look through them, but when he did his jaw dropped. "No way", he muttered out loud as he got a high angle view of two absolute beauties locked in combat. They were barely dressed and he could see their bodies working hard against each other. "This is like a wet dream come true", he said and looked around for a way inside. He saw a stairway. He hoped that was the way down. It was. He went through the weight room to the big sliding door, and didn't go any further. From this close he could see the sunlight shining off of their sweat covered bodies. It was almost criminal for two women that beautiful to be hitting one another, but Brian couldn't think of any other place he'd rather be. This was better than the Super Bowl and World Series rolled into one.

"I'm surprised you're not taking pictures", a voice came from behind him.

Brian turned startled. Heather was there wearing a baggy hooded jacket and sweat pants. He could see that she'd been doing some activity too. Her face was slightly flushed, but her violet eyes sparkled and her smile made Brian smile. "I don't do voyeur shots", he stated firmly. "Besides, if I did Jan would kill me."

Heather chuckled. "Taylor doesn't care about voyeur shots as long as she looks good in them."

Brian grinned. "That's good to know, but how could Taylor ever look bad in a picture?" Heather just chuckled and stood next to Brian watching the show. "Why don't you get in there, make it a threesome."

"Umm no!", Heather answered quickly.

"Why not?"

"Because either one of them could kick my ass. That's why not. I am much more of a lover than a fighter."

Brian had the same mischievous grin on his face that usually made Jan turn red. "That's good to know too."

The fight had been rather even until Jan had stepped on Taylor's foot and lost balance. That was all it took. Taylor wrapped her arms around Jan's body and lifted up. She had to go to her toes to get Jan's feet completely off the ground. Quads and calves flexed hard as Taylor lifted her cousin several feet high before she turned and slammed Jan down hard. She was already on top. She could taste victory now. Jan tried to grab Taylor's arms or shoulders to control her, but Taylor wouldn't let her. Jan tried to turn her torso, but Taylor's thighs clamped down tightly like a pincer. Even Jan's steel plated abs felt the pressure. Taylor reached out her hand to steady Jan's head for the final move.

Heather's eyes widened after the slam and she looked on closer. "Why'd she take it to the mat?", she asked herself. Brian looked at her wondering what she was talking about. Taylor was in complete control now. He's never seen Jan get handled like this especially by another woman.

Jan was still dazed from hitting the canvas, but she felt Taylor's hand go around her throat. She couldn't believe it. Taylor had just made a mistake. It was probably the first one of the entire sparring session. Jan reached out with both hands and took Taylor's wrist. Taylor instantly tried to pull her hand back, but Jan was clamped on tight. All of her tugging just gave Jan momentum. Jan's upper body left the canvas and she spun hard to her right. Her hips forced Taylor's legs wider. She was flexible so it didn't hurt really, but it gave Jan the room to pull her body up. She forced Taylor's body to tilt to the right, while she still held on to her wrist. Taylor's body twisted as Jan used one of her arms to trap Taylor arm. Jan spun all the way around to Taylor's back. Taylor couldn't believe how explosive Jan was. Faster than she could think it, Jan had gone from flat on the mat under Taylor's complete control to being behind her. Taylor tried to counter Jan's movements, but it was too late. Jan quickly locked in an impossible hold. Her right arm was trapped and twisted while her left arm stuck straight up in the air unable to do anything.

Taylor's eyes opened wide as she realized what Jan was doing. She needed to rock forward onto Jan's legs, but it was too late. Jan's long pumped up legs locked in front of Taylor and the pain started. Jan stretched her body out putting pressure on Taylor's shoulders and spine, curling it back painfully. It stretched her diaphragm too, making it hard to breathe. This wasn't the sort of hold that Jan usually used in a friendly sparing session, but her cousin had been asking for it.

"Ahhrg!!!", Taylor moaned around her mouthpiece. Jan really had it locked in. It was just a matter of time. Taylor couldn't believe that Jan had gotten her in that move. Jan was confident. There wasn't an easy way out of this hold. Jan kept up the pressure, but relaxed in every other way. Taylor's mind searched for ways out of this, but she ran into one dead end after another. She got more and angrier with each ticking second. She tried to pull her arms down to break the hold. If she couldn't get out of it one way, she'd just muscle out of it. Strength was a technique all on its own.

Brian thought the fight was over, but then he saw Taylor's arms moving down before Jan compensated and they went back to where they had been. "I think Taylor's trying to big girl out of it", he told Heather.

Heather sighed and crossed her arms. "Yeah looks like it."

The material of Taylor's halter got lighter and thinner as her upper body swelled forcing the already skin tight material to stretch. Her ribcage expanded as she sucked in a hard earned breath. Then Taylor's entire body tightened like a drum. Every muscle in her body throbbed as she worked against Jan's hold. She pushed down with all her considerable might. Her arms moved downward again, taking some pressure off of her shoulder and back. She could feel Jan losing.

Jan's eyes were wide open… in shock. She knew Taylor was strong, but not this strong. Jan bit her lip and bore down. Her arms were burning now as she fought against Taylor, but Jan had plenty left in her tank. She'd been holding back a bit. It was time Taylor understood that. Jan's muscles came alive, and Taylor gasped. Jan's body was like a living rock behind her. She could feel Jan's biceps swelling and tightening. Jan's dual headed peaks were pressing against her so hard that they hurt as much as the hold. Taylor set her teeth on edge and fought despite it all. Her body seemed to be at its limit, but Taylor tried harder still. She wanted to break free.

Jan straightened her body, making it even harder on Taylor. No one had ever gotten out of this hold; not even Jan's father could muscle out of this one. Taylor continued to pull down harder and harder. Jan was getting near her limits as Taylor's face was as red as a fire engine. Jan had never felt Taylor's body this hard and pumped. She could feel her muscles flexing and straining. With every heartbeat Taylor pumped up bigger and harder muscles, but Jan wasn't tapped out. She had more to go. Jan's muscles tightened with bone breaking force, but Taylor always wanted to push things to her limits or even past them. Like always though, Jan was willing to push back.

The two were locked in a struggle pitting all the strength of Taylor's body against everything Jan had. Neither was used to giving in. Taylor's body was a sinewy mix of muscle, sweat, and effort but Jan's body had a level of strength and density that Taylor didn't have. When Taylor had flexed to her maximum, Jan's impossibly strong body matched her and took it a half step further. Jan had turned her body into a complete powerhouse. Taylor wasn't ready to give in, although she knew that she should have. Taylor hated losing, and she had been so close to winning. She kept at it, and it was taking everything Jan had to keep Taylor under control. Jan could feel the urge to tap into her power. That volcano wanted to burst, but Jan pushed that urge away. She was going to beat Taylor fair and square.

By now Heather was standing right next to the ring. Brian couldn't see her face, but Taylor did when she opened her eyes. They looked at each other, and Heather put her hands on her hips while giving her sister a disapproving look. Taylor seemed to relax her frenzied efforts and immediately tapped Jan's thigh. Jan let go of the hold right away and fell back onto the canvas. Taylor fell next to her. Jan smiled. "Now I finally feel like I got a work out. Thanks Taylor."

"Oh screw you, Jan."

Jan sat up quickly and jumped to her feet. She looked down at Taylor who was still lying on the canvas. Her ponytail had come undone so her sandy blonde hair was splayed out behind her like a fan. She was sweaty and looked more disappointed than exhausted. Jan started to tease her some more, but Taylor looked upset enough. She stepped past her and climbed through the ropes. It was time for a shower.

"That was great", Brian said as soon as Heather stepped away from the ring. "Taylor's pretty damn good. Does she ever beat Jan?", he asked.

Heather nodded. "Taylor wins her share I suppose, but she gets really mad when she loses. Jan just sort of shrugs it off. Which makes Taylor even more upset." Brian knew why Jan didn't get all that upset when Taylor won because Jan knew deep down that she could have won. Jan wasn't like other people and Brian knew all about it. In that moment Brian felt horrible. He knew something about Jan that even her family didn't know. He'd never felt bad about keeping Jan's secret until right then. So he walked out without saying another word.

After Jan had showered and eaten breakfast she met Sara and Alisha to give them a proper tour of the house. They'd been so busy that first day that she hadn't even had time to show them gym or the pool or the tennis courts or anything. They were walking through one of the two great rooms when Alisha exclaimed, "Now this is more like it."

"What do you mean?", Jan asked as she showed them a picture of the grandfather that she'd never met, although she would get a chance to see her grandmother in a couple of days when her Uncle Drew came down.

"I mean conspicuous consumption, Jan. I know your family has the whole blue collar friend of the working man image up in Baltimore. I was starting to think it might really be true, but this justifies my understanding of the order of things.

"What? That we can splurge when we want to?"


Jan shook her head, and they walked into another large room. This one was long and rectangular with a high ornate vaulted ceiling. There was no furniture in here at the moment, which showed off the rich designs of the floor and wall.

"Well how's this for splurging?", she asked and swept her friends' eyes towards the front of the room.

"Is that what I think it is?"

"Yep." Jan lead them up the steps to the landing where they stood next to a four manual organ console with more knobs and switches than a jet fighter. The rich wood shined like a mirror in the sunlight. "This used to be the largest pipe organ in Florida when it was built back in the 30's", Jan informed her friends. "My great-grandfather loved organs and they said that he would play it late into the night, but back in those days there weren't as many people on the island."

"Does it still work?", Sara asked excitedly.

"Of course it does." Jan sat down and pulled a couple of stops. She kicked off her cross trainers, cracked her knuckles, and started in on Pastorale by Franck. It was sweet and the sounds of the organ seemed to float from somewhere above them. The pipes were mostly behind the organ console, but many were around the walls. The acoustics in the room were purposely designed to resonate the sound of the huge instrument that was its centerpiece.

"You play the organ too?", Alisha asked with a shake of her head, while Jan was playing what she remembered of the piece.

"I play anything with keys", Jan boasted. "You've seen me play a Hammond."

"This isn't a Hammond", Alisha observed and looked around the room while the sound came from everywhere.

Jan had switched to playing a suite from a Russian Opera when Sara tapped her on the shoulder. "You have to play it", she said simply.


Sara grinned. "Oh you know what. When someone touches an organ, what's the first thing they want to hear?"

Jan nodded slowly. "Ah." She pulled a few more stops. The entire neighborhood was going to hear this one. She pulled a lever behind the console and the windows in the clearstory opened allowing fresh air in, and allowing sound to escape. Jan took a deep breath before she put her hands over the keys and played the infamous opening to Bach's Toccata and Fugue with the correct amount of drama. Sound burst from everywhere, almost overwhelming in its furious attack of the senses. An organ left no prisoners. It demanded attention, but as Jan went more into the piece the genius of Bach, and Jan's skill took over. Alisha and Sara were both giddy as Jan expertly played the song from memory not missing one single note or opportunity for a tension filled pause.

Inside the house, many of the staff had never heard the organ really played and certainly not this loudly. They stopped and marveled at the clarity and power of the instrument, the piece, and the organist, whoever it was. Some of them even made their way to the ball room where the sound was awesome. It had started out as a joke, but now Jan was getting into it. She worked the keys, the pedals, and the stops. She didn't get a chance to play organ often anymore so she was going for it.

By now many of the neighbors who had been enjoying the peaceful day had heard the music. Some of them had been in the Caufield home and seen the organ, and other more recent Palm Beach residents had only heard rumors that there was a functioning organ in there. They knew that there was one in there now. Not only did it function. It was awesome, even if it was disturbing the peace and breaking a noise ordinance. Jan didn't care, but there was one person on the grounds that did.

Brian was out back with his camera planning to photograph the patio and the ornate pool deck, but he found himself standing next to the tennis courts. 'I should have brought my rackets', he thought as he turned towards the pool. He had seen it the day before, but hadn't taken any pictures of it or of the beautiful scenery around it. So far he'd sent back lots of pictures to his mother who loved them all, and just so his father and his brothers didn't think he was turning into a softy, he's sent back a couple pictures of Taylor.

Brian made it to the pool deck and stopped without taking a picture. There was a woman in it swimming, but she wasn't just playing around in the water on a nice morning. She swam laps with robot-like precision. Every kick of her powerful legs and each stroke of her long strong arms propelled her body through the water like a human torpedo. Brian couldn't make out her face, but he could make out her body. She was long and graceful, but that seemed to be a standard trait with the women around here. She wasn't wearing a swimming cap so her long flaming red hair trailed behind her head like the tail of a comet. She was wearing a one piece swimsuit that was only slightly redder than her hair. It showed off the shape of her body from the flare of her powerful hips up her tight middle then flared again for her nice bosom and powerfully developed shoulders. Her movements in the water were the ultimate mix of beauty and brawn. Brian's hands itched to take a picture, but he didn't do voyeur shots, not like this. Instead he'd have to remember this with his mind's eye.

He was standing there when he first heard the music. He recognized it immediately as the song they play every year around Halloween. He didn't know the name of it, but then again Jan always told him that he had no culture. The music was loud and in charge. Only a real organ sounded like that. He felt like he was inside his church back in Pittsburgh. He could have tried to find the source of the sound, but there was no need. It was loud enough for him to hear it quite well from where he was standing. He was content to stand there and listen, but then he heard splashes coming from behind him.

Brian turned in time to see a display of her muscled arms as she put her hands on the pool deck and hoisted herself out of the water. He couldn't keep his eyes sliding down her body as she came up out of the water. Brian made out the small details of the woman's body. He could see her calves flex as she put her foot on the deck. He could see left thigh bulge as it took her full weight. He could make out the dimple of her gluteus as she took her first step away from the water. She went straight for a towel draped on a chair near the pool. She dried her face quickly and ran the towel through her hair once before starting his way. "Young man, could you hand me my robe?", she asked as she walked his way. Her combination of long legs and quick steps were quickly closing the distance between them.

Brian had to get over the shock of getting caught standing there before he reached out and grabbed a soft robe that was only a foot away from him. She took it from his hand as she walked past him, leaving a trail of water droplets in her wake. She headed straight for the house. Like he did so often, Brian chased the action. He followed the woman inside the house.

In the house, Jan was building towards the finale. She had been a stage performer for fifteen years and she knew just about all the tricks to keep people on the edge of their proverbial seats. She didn't need too many. If any piece had built in drama it was this one. Jan milked it. The household staff had stopped their duties and many of them were standing in the rear of the organ hall listening. Some of them looked rather panicked when the redheaded woman pushed her way into the door. She walked the length of the room, her mind already made up as to what she was going to do, but by the time she got to the steps leading up to the console it had all changed. Despite her earlier feelings, she smiled as she came up behind Sara and listened. Her grin broadened as Jan expertly played some of the long extended arpeggios near the end. She had almost forgotten what a wonderful instrument that organ really was. She could remember her grandfather playing that when she was a child. He was probably smiling down. She'd also forgotten how good Jan was with keys under her fingers. Jan's fingers were a blur on the keys as she played some of the virtuoso parts. She slowed it down as she played the last torturously tension filled chord. She let the sound die slowly, but as soon as she did roaring cheers came from the staff behind her.

Jan turned quickly with a look of shock on her face. Brian grinned and snapped that picture. Jan had no idea anyone was in the room besides Alisha and Sara. She'd been lost in the piece. She stood up from the bench slowly while the staff whistled and clapped. Jan smiled sheepishly and pulled out the sides of her tennis skirt then curtsied. "That was great!", Sara gushed. Jan started to laugh, but stopped when she looked up again.

The redhead standing behind Sara did not look amused. "Janet, that was loud."

"I'm sorry. I…"

"But it was great", she interrupted, her face breaking out with a big smile. They hugged despite the wetness.

"Hey you guys, this is my Aunt Katherine." There was no need for Jan to announce that this was her aunt. Everyone could see the resemblance right off. Caufield women had strong and intense facial features that were undeniable. In her youth, Katherine had looked much like Jan or Taylor with a sharp in your face beauty. Guys back in those days had called her annoyed look 'the cut', because they said that Katherine could slice man in half with a glance. Over the years though her body had become more lush, and she appreciated that. She retained the powerful shoulders, hips, and thighs of the championship swimmer she had been, but now she had mature curves. Katherine was still a very beautiful woman, but not one who was chasing her youth. She liked her softer face and her lusher body. She wasn't trying to compete with her daughters unlike some of her contemporaries in their early 40's.

While on recruiting trips with her son Katherine had found out from more than one young man that there was some new phenomenon called MILFs. It had come to her attention that she was pretty high on their personal MILFs list. Part of Katherine had been offended, but she had to admit that it stroked her ego to know that she could still get young men excited sexually. For proof of that, she needed to look no further than the 19 year old guy standing not three feet away.

"Call me Kat", she said as soon as Jan introduced her friends. Then she turned to Brian. "I think we already met briefly."

"Brian what did you do?", Jan asked, accusing him with her tone.

"Nothing! I mean, I was just there to take pictures. I'm sorry Mrs. Matthews. I didn't mean to…"

She held up her hand and smiled. "I was just joking. It's nice to meet you Brian, and call me Kat."

Early in the afternoon, Taylor's Porsche pulled up the driveway. Before she had even killed the engine, she tossed the door open and could be heard yelling at her sister who was getting out on the passenger side of the car. "What do you even know about fashion!?!"

Heather was no longer wearing the sweatsuit from this morning. She'd replaced it with a dress that she'd bought in Morocco during her trip along with her favorite Jamaican style beret. "I know ridiculous when I see it, Taylor!", Heather yelled back. "And those shoes looked ridiculous, especially on you."

"You didn't have to say that to Yves' face!"

"Somebody had to", Heather countered. "Just because I don't get all caught up in name recognition. I don't care how famous he is. His shoes look stupid!"

Taylor threw up her hands. "All of this coming from someone who looks like a human Totem pole with a bag on her head! I don't even know why I brought you in the first place!"

Brian looked up at the sister's spat, but tried to not look like he was paying attention. It was hard though. Taylor could be so mean to her sister. He wondered how Heather could take it all. This morning had been worse than the day before. Taylor hadn't missed an opportunity to down Heather, and yet they'd left together to go shopping.

The shouting match lasted for a good five minutes before Taylor stormed into the house. Heather looked over at Brian and Alisha then shook her head. She started towards the front door because at that moment she didn't want to talk to Taylor.

She was halfway to the door when she saw he limousine pull into the driveway. She frowned. It wasn't one of theirs and she hadn't heard of any guests coming. She went to meet it. The driver stopped and the rear door opened. A tall well built man stepped out and looked at Heather from behind his dark shades before a second man stepped out. This one was shorter than she and at least twice as wide. He was built like a human fireplug. They stood at attention flanking the door like they were secret service. Heather sighed when the third man stepped out of the car. There wasn't a trace of humor on the middle aged man's face as he exited the car and looked at Heather.

She smiled at him, knowing full well that her smile was usually disarming. "Hello, Mr. Hastings", she said. "How can I help you?"

"I'm looking for your sister", he told her simply.

I bet you are, Heather thought to herself, but she said, "She's a little indisposed at the moment. Is there something I can help you with?"

"Yeah, you can go in the house and get your sister out here before I have to go in and get her myself!"

Brian was heading towards the beach when he saw the limo and the people standing next to it. Heather was standing there with three men and one of them looked to be giving her a hard time. She'd had a rough enough morning. He started towards her. He slowed down to place his prized camera behind a bush. As much as he loved that camera, it was impossible to look the least bit intimidating with it around his neck. He walked up from Heather's left and stood next to her. The guys from the limo looked at him, but Heather didn't. She just kept talking.

"Mr. Hastings, there is no need for you to come here and threaten my sister", she told him.

The man's face went red. "I just left my son! I spent all night with Slater at the hospital. He couldn't even speak to me his face was so swollen. They had to wire his jaw shut because of what that bitch did to him! I want her and I want her now. Everybody says how gorgeous she is; well she won't be when we're through with her!"

Brian felt a lump form in his throat. This was getting serious. He wished that Sara or Jan or Alisha were here because it got worse when another man got out of the limousine. Heather was unaffected. She was going to protect her sister no matter what. Brian admired it, but didn't understand it.

"Mr. Hastings, I'm going to have to ask you to leave. You are on this property and you're no longer welcomed here", she said forcefully. "You can't come here and threaten my sister. I don't care what you think she did, besides we both know Slater had it coming."

Mr. Hastings looked ready to strike Heather across the face. "What did you say!?! How dare you speak of my son that way! He's in a hospital because of that bitch!"

"Yeah well, Slater put Maria Gomez in the hospital. He broke her jaw too and they had to wire it shut. My sister just gave Slater the beating that the other women would have if they could have."

"You fucking cunt", Mr. Hastings growled. The men took a half step forward looking more menacing than before. Now Brian really wished Jan or someone was there. Brian didn't think of himself as a punk, but he couldn't take three big guys like this.

Heather stood her ground, and to Brian's surprise she kept talking. "Let's be honest", she began. "We both know what sort of man your son is. If it wasn't for your money and influence, Slater would be in prison. He's a piece of trash who got what he deserved. He shouldn't have messed with Taylor. She's just too much woman for him, and for you too if you're not careful."

Brian couldn't believe it. This was about to get ugly. He moved his feet apart a little. He was pretty sure that he could land the first kick on the tall guy, and maybe pivot to get the shorter one. While he was planning his fight their fortunes changed.

"Hey Hugh, this is a surprise", Ted Matthews called as he came out of the house. Brian turned in relief to see Mr. Matthews coming out dressed in his leisurely style, but he wasn't alone. There was a huge guy coming out right next to him. Brian didn't get a good look at him because he turned to face the threat. Mr. Matthews came and stood right behind Heather and Brian.

"I'm looking for your daughter. I want to talk to her", Mr. Hastings told Ted.

"That's not going to happen, Hugh. My daughter isn't talking to you or any of your people. If you want to pursue some charges have your lawyers call our lawyers. Otherwise get the fuck away from here, and don't come back."

Mr. Hastings' face was beyond anger. It went to rage, but he'd lost his advantage. At first they'd been confronted by a taller than average young woman and a very average sized young man. Hastings' men believed that they could have walked right threw them. Brian figured that he had a surprise or two for them, but they were right. They could have gotten past him. Now though there was all 6'3" of Mr. Matthews to deal with in addition to the humongous guy he'd brought with him. The younger bigger man hadn't said a word, but Brian could feel him back there. He could feel the tension in his body. He was cracking his knuckles getting ready. He looked big enough and strong enough to take on all four of the men from the limo, and they knew it.

"This isn't over, Ted", Hugh Hastings warned as he ordered his men back into the limousine.

The group watched them pull onto the road and drive away before they relaxed. "That guy has a lot of nerve", Ted Matthews said shaking his head and walking back towards the house. He had a phone call to make. That left Brian there with Heather and the huge guy.

Heather turned around with a smile on her face. "Came out here to protect me?", she asked the big guy.

"Ah well you know how it is."

"I know you didn't come and talk to me when you got here. Are you trying to avoid me?"

He shook his head. "No, I couldn't find you", he replied in a rumbling but youthful baritone. "Taylor told me to look for the walking Totem pole." Heather slapped him on one of his massive shoulders.

"Now you're taking her side too?" She was suppressing a laugh.

The big guy did laugh before he leaned over and wrapped his arms completely around Heather. His bulk completely engulfed her before he lifted Heather off the ground in a big tight hug. He set her down and she turned to Brian.

"Brice, this is Jan's friend Brian Pronger. Brian, this is my little brother Brice."


Heather chuckled. "Ok, my younger brother, Brice."

"Nice to meet you." They shook hands, and to Brian it felt like he'd put his hand in a baseball mitt. Everything about Brice Matthews was huge. He was at least six and a half feet tall with shoulders so broad that he could never find a coat off the rack. His chest was powerfully developed as were his arms. He had powerful thighs and calves like soccer balls, plus there wasn't an ounce of fat on him. He looked like the prototype for a super athlete. That's why he was a five start recruit with all the big schools going after him. To make it all worse, he had cover boy good looks with his spiked dirty blond hair and chiseled features, plus like the rest of his family, Brice had deep blue eyes.

The group started towards the house. Brian grabbed up his camera and took a picture of Brice with his sister. She had a million dollar smile. She didn't stay with them though. She went into the house quickly while Brice and Brian took their time.

"So you're the baby of the family?", Brian struck up conversation.

Brice chuckled. "Yeah and my sisters never let me forget it."

"Those guys back there backed down pretty quick when you showed up, but I bet you're used to that sort of reaction."

"Yeah, I'm pretty much an apex predator. I don't get hassled too much except by guys who want to show off for their girlfriends. Doesn't matter to me. I'll kick their asses and then take their girl."

Brian smiled, but he knew that Brice was telling the truth. "You know a lot of guys as big as you fight like sissies."

"Not me dude. I can throw down."

"Well, that would make you the second most intimidating man I've ever met."

"Second?", Brice asked with a raised eyebrow.

"Yeah", Brian continued. "I met your Uncle Jack before I met you."

Brice laughed loudly. "Yeah, I can see that. Uncle Jack is the man. He can still take me wrestling and I have twenty pounds on him now."

"You ever wrestle Jan?"

Brice rolled his eyes. "Yeah we go at it on the mat sometimes. She's frustrating to fight."

"She and Taylor sparred this morning."

Brice grinned. "That should have been interesting. Taylor's always trying to beat her."

"Well she didn't."

"I bet she took Jan down to the ground." He shook his head. "Taylor always wants to prove that she's better at everything. With the punches and kicks and stuff Taylor can hang with Jan, but once they go down, Jan's gonna win. Taylor doesn't like getting dirty, and grappling is dirty work. Jan doesn't mind."

They were quiet for a time before Brian turned and asked, "Do Heather and Taylor always argue so much?"

"Yeah sort of. It depends on what kind of mood Taylor's in. This year it's Heather's wardrobe. Last year it was something else. Just like next year it'll be something else again."

"You mean Heather hasn't always dressed like that?"

"Goodness no. Heather goes through phases. She was a glamour puss right along with Taylor up until a few years ago. Then she went through like an Avril Lavigne phase. Then she went through a nature girl phase, and now she's in this phase. I don't really know what you call it."

Brian shrugged. "Why does she do it because Taylor just talks about the way she looks all the time. That can't be good for Heather's self esteem, but she just takes it."

Brice chuckled. "Heather is no shrinking violet. Trust me, and I wouldn't worry at all about her self esteem. Heather can take care of herself."

Brice seemed to have the attitude that everyone else did when it came to Taylor's berating of her younger sister. Brian was the oldest child of his family, and while some ribbing was always part of life, he thought that Taylor often went too far. Sure she was beautiful and all that, but she didn't have a right to put Heather down every chance she got just because Heather couldn't measure up. Brian would just let it go. The more the thought about it, the less he liked Taylor.

After dinner, everyone went to their rooms to get ready to hit up a club that night. Brian tried on three different combinations of clothes before Jan would let him out of the house. When he was finally ready, he left his room and went down the hall. He stopped when he heard a cello being played. It was coming from Heather's room. Her door was slightly open. Brian peaked through the gap while she worked on warming up her fingers. He knocked gently. "Can I come in?"

"Be my guest", came Heather's reply after a sigh. He could see that she and Taylor had gotten into it again.

"You're not going?"

"Nope. I've been to that place before and I can't stand it." She opened some music on the stand but played another finger exercise.

"I don't know how to say this, but your staying here doesn't have anything to do with the little disagreement you had with Heather earlier?"

Heather looked up and flashed Brian a smile. He swore that her smile could stop time. "I think you give Taylor a little more credit than she deserves. If I wanted to go to the club nothing Taylor said would matter."

"She rides you a lot. That's all I'm saying."

"Ah, I don't pay her much attention. Today Taylor blamed me for losing to Jan when they were sparring. I don't really know why, but oh well. She'll get over it."

Brian decided to change the subject. He pointed at the cello. "I didn't know you played."

"Yeah, you thought Jan was the only musician in the family? No, I've been playing cello since I was a kid. Taylor plays the piano, but I think that's the one thing she doesn't compete with Jan about. Taylor won't touch a piano when Jan is around." Heather chuckled and cocked her head to the side while she tuned her C string. With that done, she played for about twenty seconds.

"You're really good", Brian commented.

Heather chuckled. "You haven't even heard me play."

"I can tell."

"Yeah I bet you can." She looked up at him and shook her head. "You better get going before they leave you. I appreciate the company, but I'm fine." Brian left the room reluctantly. He felt sorry for her. She was down here in this playground, but she didn't seem to be having any fun.

After a while Brian began to enjoy himself at the club. It was full of young women wearing the tightest skimpiest things they could. He was starting to love Florida. It helped that once again Jan was spreading the rumor that Brian was a photographer. Usually that rumor wouldn't get much traction in a place like this, but when a woman as hot as Jan spread the rumor it did.

Jan was having a good time and so was Sara, Alisha, and of course Taylor. She had a group of tail wagging men following her like a heard. Seeing her there, Brian knew the feeling. Taylor flaunted her good looks enough to make some of the other women jealous. Brian's thoughts went to Heather again though. He felt a little guilty at having a good time while she was at home with her cello. That thought left his head completely when a young woman eased next to him. She only gave him a quick glance, but Brian caught it. He was leaning against the bar while she was getting the bartender's attention. Brian spun and grabbed his beer. He was really too young to drink, but Alisha had taken care of all of that. When Brian had showed his drivers license at the door, Alisha had made it say that he was 21 years old. It was always nice to have Alisha along on a trip like this.

Brian smiled at the young woman. "Hey."

"Hey", she repeated and pushed some of her long black hair from her face.

Brian felt his insides do a somersault. She was a stunning Latina. "My name's Brian. What's yours?", he asked casually.


"Beautiful", Brian said simply.

She grabbed her drink and looked at him. "Me or my name?"

"Yes… and yes", he answered then flashed her his mischievous grin. "Just imagine if you'd been named Bertha or Mildred."

She laughed, putting her hand on Brian's arm as she did so. "Mildred?"

He smiled. "Exactly. Hey you wanna go over there where it's not so loud?"


Brian and Consuela found a seat on a soft sofa built into the wall. It was still loud over there, but at least there was enough light for Brian to look into Connie's soft brown eyes. They talked for a good hour. He found out that as long as he stayed witty and laid back, he was golden. After a while both of them knew it was time to go before they changed their minds or lost the mood. Brian made an excuse to get up and go to the dance floor. He went in search of Jan, and he found her rather quickly. She was the second tallest woman in the room after all. "Hey, I need the the car." They'd gone in two different cars. Jan had driven one and Taylor the other.

"What for?", Jan asked with a frown. Brian motioned over his shoulder. Jan spotted the young woman in the blue strapless top and tight white pants. She sighed when she looked back at Brian. "Can you find your way back?"

Brian nodded so hard she thought that he'd break his neck. She held out the claim ticket. "Make sure you go to one of the guest houses."

"Okay! Okay!" Brian took the keys and made his way back to Consuela. "You ready to get out of here?"

She pretended to think about it before she stood up. Brian handed the valet the last five dollar bill from his pocket after he'd pulled the brand new Mercedes CL600 to the door. He opened the door for Consuela who settled in. He got behind the wheel and off they went. In the back of her mind she wanted to ask him if this was his car, but she didn't. She'd just let the fantasy play out. She had no way of knowing that Brian was thinking the same thing. He played it well though. He drove to the Caufield Compound and pulled up to the one of the empty guest houses. He called one of the staff to bring them some wine. He would have gotten it himself, but he had no idea where it was. They were happy to indulge him. They even brought him a pretty good vintage and the correct glasses.

"Stereo's behind the panel in the living room. Run your hand across the sensor to open it", the butler said quietly with a wink, then cleared his throat and spoke slightly louder than normal. "Will you be needing anything further, Mr. Pronger?"

"Nope, I think I've got it from here."

He came back into the living room area with the glasses. Consuela was sitting on the couch waiting for him. She was exotically intoxicating. Brian could barely keep his hands from shaking when he handed her the glass of rich red wine. After a few minutes, Brian got up to turn on the stereo. When he turned around, Consuela was shirtless. Brian grinned, but didn't say a word. He sat next to her on the couch and slowly worked his hands around her body until he came to the bra clasp. He undid it easily and pulled the sides forward. Damn I love this place, he thought as he leaned forward and made his move. She moaned for the first time that night, but if Brian brought his 'A' game then it wouldn't be the last.

After dropping Consuela off at her hotel in West Palm the next morning, Brian headed to the weight room to do a workout. He saw Heather coming out as he was going in. She was wearing the same sweatsuit that she'd been wearing the day before. Sweat had soaked it through. She smiled at Brian when she saw him.

"Good morning", he greeted her cheerfully.

"Yeah it sure is", she responded. She moved closer to him. "Mitch wanted to know how it went last night?"


"Mitch, the guy who brought you the wine. He wants to know."

"I can't believe he told you." Brian was blushing.

"I've known him a lot longer than you have. He said that she was cute. So did you get lucky or not? I'm starting to think not since you're stalling", Heather prodded him.

Brian stood up straight and stuck his chest out. "Well at the risk of sounding crude, I have to say that my pipes are now clean."

Heather laughed. "Good for you. So are mine."


Heather put her hand on his shoulder. "What? You didn't think I was going to sit in my room playing the cello all night did you?" She chuckled and started jogging down the driveway. Brian watched her go. There was more to Heather Matthews than Brian realized. He'd find out more later that day, but right now Brian had to get in there and work out like his life depended on it.

He was so glad that he'd met Consuela the night before. That way he wouldn't be desperate tonight at the greatest party of all time. Brian had heard about the Baro's Bikini Party on television, but he'd never seen it. Cameras were forbidden at the Bikini Party like guns near the president. No one who didn't have authorization could even take a cell phone into the party, not like people would have anyway. There wasn't any where to put a phone. Everyone was wearing swimsuits.

That entire day was built around the Bikini Party. Alisha was basically not eating to make sure she was in trim form at the party. Sara was staying inside; making sure her tan was perfectly even. She didn't want the sun to make any unwanted changes to her complexion. To their growing frustration, Jan wasn't doing anything differently than she usually did. Not like she wanted to rub it in, but Jan decided to have a cheeseburger for lunch while sitting on the patio.

Taylor and Heather went off together for lunch. This time when they came back to the house, they were laughing when they exited Heather's Mini Cooper. They both turned in anticipation of watching their little brother birth himself from the backseat of Heather's car. The day was going rather smoothly, even after Taylor came out of her room wearing one of her new bikinis. She went straight to Heather's room and stayed in there a good half hour before coming out with a little smirk on her face. Brian had no idea what had happened in there, but she'd probably went in there to show off.

It was almost time to leave, and everyone was just about ready to go. Jan, Alisha, Sara, and Taylor were all together in Taylor's room making sure they were in their suits perfectly. Heather was alone in her room. Brian was ready to go, but once again he felt guilty. This time though he wasn't going to suppress it. He had something to say, and he was going to say it. He knocked on Heather's door. "Can I come in?", he asked just like the night before.

"Yep", Heather answered quickly. She was sitting on a chair when Brian walked inside. "You look all ready to go", she told him with a grin. Brian was indeed dressed for the party. He sighed internally, because Heather wasn't. She was wearing a loose wrap that covered her from the neck to the floor. It had ornate Middle Eastern patterns on it, but it would have been out of place at a bikini party.

He sat down opposite her. "I've been wanting to tell you something. I know it's probably none of my business and I hope you don't get upset." Heather frowned a little and listened while Brian took a deep breath.

"I know it can't be easy having an older sister like Taylor who every guy worships and every woman is jealous of. Most young women have so much pressure to measure up, and you have this great looking sister who flaunts her perfection at every turn. I mean I don't blame her, but I don't know why she has to put you down and say mean things all the time. So what that you don't measure up to her standards? Doesn't she know that there's more to life than that? It may not matter much, but I think you're great. Whatever Taylor got in looks, you got in personality and the rest. Taylor seems pretty shallow to me. I just think it's great that you haven't let her break your spirit."

The room was silent after Brian finished speaking. Heather looked at him with those violet eyes and for the first time in the conversation Brian noticed that she was wearing make-up, not much but he'd never seen her wear any before. She had a great bone structure to her face with a softer look. She looked a lot like Jan's mother Carol.

"I can see why Jan is such good friends with you", Heather began, speaking slowly. "Most people wouldn't give a damn how Taylor treated her oddball younger sister, but you really do. I'm not nearly as good as you think I am, and Taylor certainly isn't as bad. We do argue a lot, but we always have. We don't really mean anything by it. Taylor would be the last person in the world who would try and break my spirit. Believe it or not, Taylor's my best friend. I can always count on her for whatever."

"Then why is she always trying to remind you how beautiful she is, and rub in the fact that you aren't like her?", Brian asked earnestly. He couldn't understand Heather's attitude. Taylor was always saying mean things. He was about to get the answer to all of his questions.

"Oh, Brian Taylor's not trying to…Oh hell", she finally said and reached up to her beret. She put her fingers under it and pulled it off her head in one long motion. A luscious tumble of shimmering auburn hair fell from the inside of her hat towards her middle back. She shook it out and checked herself in the mirror before standing up. She unbuttoned the wrap and pulled it off. Brian's jaw fell to the floor faster than the garment did. Blood rushed from his head to another part of his body lower down.

Heather was wearing a sexy purple and blue bikini that showed off her body. He couldn't believe the body that she'd hidden beneath all those clothes. With perhaps a few days of prep, Heather could have stepped onto an figure stage and done well, very well. Brian's eyes swept up and down her body from her toes that were painted to match her bikini up her long sculpted legs. He could see the muscle tone in her calves and quads just from her shifting weight. The muscles beneath her skin were poised to burst if she had wanted them to. He kept moving up. The flare of her hips was intoxicating. Her waist was tight and her stomach was hard as nails without a single ounce of fat. Her abdominals showed just by exhaling. The taper of Heather's lats and shoulders completed a perfect hourglass figure. Her breasts sat proudly on her chest making the triangle cut bikini top have to work to keep them contained. There wasn't a flaw on her body at all. When Brian's gaze made it to her face, he wondered why he hadn't seen it before. She was every bit as beautiful as her sister and cousin. With her dark red hair framing her expressive face, Heather's violet eyes shined. "But… but… you're gorgeous."

Heather smiled and Brian felt his heart skip beats. She leaned forward and took Brian by the cheeks. She held his face as she planted a quick kiss on his lips. "Thanks, and you're sweet for saying so, plus all that other stuff earlier. I know you really meant it, but truth is Brian I dress like I do because I just like it. Taylor knows that. She gives me a hard time because it pushes my buttons. Secretly, I think she makes fun of me because I can be contrarian and she knows it will make me continue to dress the way I do so I won't be competition for her." Heather paused and laughed. "But if Taylor really was prettier than me, she'd be insufferable."

Brian couldn't believe it. Heather was a swan in duck's clothing. That was the reason that no one worried about Heather. He had their relationship all wrong. He felt more than a bit of shame. It left his mind though when Heather turned around to put some things into a bag. While she was turned around, Brian's eyes zeroed in on her ass. It was like the rest of her body, hard and soft at the same time. His hands wanted to touch her ass so badly that they were shaking.

"You can stop staring at my butt", Heather said without turning around.

"Wha what?"

"Yeah, stop staring. I know you are. My butt has been known to give men priapism" she warned with a chuckle. She thought her butt was one of her best features. She turned around and looked at Brian. "See", she said and pointed at his crotch then walked past him. Brian quickly covered his growing erection and followed her.

The others were already standing in the hall. "What were you doing in there?", Alisha asked.

"What are you talking about?", Brian uttered defensively, but the look was all on his face.

"Yeah Brian you look like you got caught with your hand in the cookie jar", Sara put in.

Heather looked at Brian and smiled. "No, Brian wasn't doing anything bad. As a matter of fact, I think he was being quite noble."

"Noble? Brian?"

"He was a little mistaken about some things, but I got him straight."

"Mistaken?", Taylor asked. Brian swallowed hard when he looked at her face. Her normally disinterested look was gone replaced with a glare that threatened to shrink Brian down to a mouse.

Heather sighed. "Yeah, he thought that I dressed like I do because I didn't want to compete with you Taylor, and he was very nice about it, but he thought that you were mean."

"Mean! Are you serious?" Taylor stepped past Jan and stood directly in front of Brian who she towered over. Her face was intense and her eyes were instantly burning. "I have gone out of my way to be nice to you since you're Jan's friend." She raised her hand and pointed in his face. "I can't believe I called in a favor to have you be an official photographer at the Bikini Party tonight."

"What? You did?"

"Yeah, that's right. I was going to tell you to get your camera before we left, but I shouldn't have wasted my time since you think I'm so damned mean to you!"

Heather tapped her sister on the shoulder. "No Taylor not mean to him, mean to me. He thought you were putting me down by calling me names and whatnot. Like you thought I was ugly or something."

Taylor looked hurt. "Ugly? You have to be kiddin! Just look at her, Heather's is a goddess. She doesn't even have to work as hard to look amazing as I do, which is tough for me to admit. You should mind your own fucking business."

"I'm sorry", Brian said weakly. He didn't look around for help. He knew he'd put himself in this position. "I didn't know."

"Take it easy on him Taylor", Heather defended Brian.

"Easy on him? I'm the one with the hurt feelings. I do have them despite what you might think. You're lucky you're Jan's friend because most guys who said some shit like that about me would be picking themselves off the floor." She took a very deep breath. Brian watched the anger melt from her gaze. "Apology accepted. Now let's go." She started towards the stairs before she turned around to look at Brian again. "Oh, and don't forget your camera."

The Baro's Bikini Party was everything it was cracked up to be. Some of the most beautiful women in the world were there. Magazines and companies had booths set up for people to stop at. Every booth had women in them. Runway models were there, looking a little less than ideal against woman with bodies that didn't look like 10 year old boys. The swimsuit models were quite popular, but the fitness mags were there too and their models were quite in demand for photos too. Plenty of celebrities were there mixing freely with the crowd. This was one of the hottest parties of the winter season, and only the beautiful and connected were allowed inside. The people in this party were used to partying with big stars so they weren't awestruck. Brian was having the time of his life. His photographer pass was in truth an all access pass. Everybody posed for pictures. He wasn't turned down once. Brian got great candid shots of people having the time of their lives too. His friends from Pittsburgh were going to flip out when they saw some of the beautiful women who'd been all over him at this party.

Around midnight Brian found out that another old saying was true. The afterparty was the party that you really wanted to attend. Jan found Brian and told him to pack up his stuff. They were going further down the beach to the private residence of the owner of Baro's Liquor for the bonfire afterparty. Brian was going to be taking pictures of that even as well. He was beside himself. This was like a once in a lifetime thing, but Jan just took it in stride.

The mood was more mellow, but hotter. The owner had only invited the sexiest women to the afterparty and the coolest guys. Brian had gotten in because it turned out that five of the women who had been discretely chosen to attend the after party happened to be the five young women who he'd had ridden to the party with. He didn't know it, but they had made an agreement that if one of them didn't get an invite to the after party that none of them were going. They didn't have to test their word. They were all inside and having fun. Just like at the commercial party, Brian floated in and out of people's conversations and situations.

He took photos for hours until the party was winding down. He looked around for more pictures to take when he saw Heather alone, leaning against a fence a good distance away from the bonfire. Like many of the women at the afterparty, she had slightly covered up. She was wearing a sheer purple dress that kept a little of the night chill off while still showing off her swimwear beneath and the shape of her body. Brian leaned against the fence next to her. "Enjoy yourself?", she asked with a yawn.

"Oh yeah, this is pretty much the best day of my life."

"Better than last night with Consuela?"

Brian laughed. "It's a tough choice. I mean she has a very nimble tongue. I can't believe she could…"

"I've heard enough", Heather stopped him and laughed. "I have a very vivid imagination."

Brian looked at her face in the flickering light of the raging bonfire and wondered how in the world he hadn't seen her for what he was, but maybe he had. "So", he began then waited out a yawn of his own. "You're a redhead. I was wondering what was under that hat you always wear."

"Yep, I'm a redhead. Not like my mother though, and before you ask no, I've never dyed it and I'm not trying to hide it under my hat because I don't like it. I just like the hat that's all."

Brian could only shake his head. "I really put my foot in my mouth earlier didn't I?"

"Yep", she answered with a quick giggle thinking back on it. "Don't worry about it. I think you were being sweet. You liked me for my personality. Doesn't every girl want to hear that?"

"Do you think Taylor's still mad at me?", he asked. He felt horrible for hurting her feelings earlier, besides she could kick Brian's ass if she wanted to.

"She probably is. Taylor's pretty hot blooded, and I'm the redhead. Go figure." She patted him on the shoulder. "She'll get over it. She's probably most upset that you have her pegged wrong. Taylor's really the sweetest person. Just like this photography pass she got for you, she does stuff like this all the time."

They talked for a few minutes more, but then started towards the gate. It was time to head home. They stepped out of the Baro compound and started towards the valet stand. The guy was sitting on the stool snoring. "So much for great service", Brian commented. "Want me to wake him up?"

"Nah. He looks so comfortable." Heather took the claim ticket and went to the box. It didn't take long to find the keys. She put the ticket on the hook then reached into her bikini top. She pulled out a folded up bill and put it in the valet's pocket. He wouldn't even notice it until he woke up. Armed with the keys, Brian and Heather went in search of the car. There were plenty of cars out there and the area was only illuminated by a few street lamps that only partially broke up the darkness. Heather and Brian were walking between two cars when they stuck.

Three men came out and two of them went straight for Brian. One of them grabbed him by his camera strap. They pulled him off balance, but he turned and brought his hands up. He hit the man in the pit of his stomach with a short blow. The first attacker stumbled away, but the other guy came up behind him. Brian felt a blow to the side of his head, but it was glancing. He sent a kick to the second guy's ribs. It backed him up. Before the guy could get his balance, Brian shifted his hips and high kicked the guy's head. He went down. Brian's head spun back and forth. He could see two guys, but not the third. He had seen three. He didn't have time to figure out what was going on. He had to find that third guy. He made a move for one of the men he could see, when the guy snapped out a tactical folding knife with a mean looking blade on it. Brian backed away instantly, and the second guy came from behind him. Brian gagged and fought back, but he felt his knees go week when the knife came closer. Brian felt a hard blow to his head before the man threw him to the ground.

He was jarred when he fell to the seat of his pants. He saw the light of the street lamp glint off the steel of the blade. He opened his mouth to scream her name, but he couldn't make a sound. The air had been knocked from his lungs. The man with the knife came from her left. Brian saw her long auburn hair whip to one side as she turned her head. Two men were on her right, but she charged the man with the knife. Brian couldn't believe it. He was about to find out something else about Heather.

He finally saw the muscles of her legs work as she ran. She had size, definition, and power… lots of power. Heather pushed her foot into the ground. The power started there and worked its way up. The sculpted muscles of her core were granite hard as her fist flew. The man stabbed at her, but he was too slow. Heather's fist slammed into his jaw and her sharp knuckles opened a cut immediately. He stumbled, but she pressed him. The bicep muscle of her left arm flexed forcing her peak harder. Her body was a landscape of muscle; her face was an animal's snarl of effort, strength, and bad intentions as she sent an uppercut to the center of the man's face. Blood sprayed out like she'd just squashed a tomato with a sledge hammer. He went down and the knife slid from his hand. Brian rolled to his side to push the knife beneath a car so none of them could get to it.

He didn't see the blow that put Heather down to the pavement face first. She didn't seem too fazed by it. She rolled over quickly, but the man landed on her chest. This guy was short and built like a fireplug. He wrapped all ten of his sausage like fingers around her graceful neck and squeezed with no mercy. She gagged from the pressure and her eyes were open wide, but there was no panic. She took his left wrist with both her hands and held it. Brian didn't know what was happening, but he could see the muscles in her arms working. He watched in amazement as her muscles got bigger and harder by the second. The material of Heather's shear dress stretched to its limit and beyond. With a grunt of effort, Heather's biceps and triceps expanded too much for the sleeves to contain. The left sleeve ripped first. The second wasn't far behind. The man atop her had never seen anything like this, but he had more dire things to worry about.

Heather's fingers had lost all color as she bore down. Brian had no idea what she was trying to do, but then he looked at the man on Heather's chest. He wasn't just trying to squeeze the life from his would be victim. He was trying to stifle a cry of pain. Brian squinted and looked closer at the man's left wrist. It was distended. Brian's mouth hung in awe as he watched her fingers press harder forcing the bones of this man's wrist apart. The skin was forced into an unnatural look at she poured on more strength. A burst of effort made her muscles flex to their overwhelming maximum. Her dress tore in three more places, and Brian nearly lost it when he heard the crack of the first bone breaking. There was another crack followed by a howl of pure pain. The man jumped off of her and cradled his broken wrist. He took a quick look at her ran as quickly as his stubby legs could carry him.

She slowly got up off the ground and pushed some of her luscious locks from her face before shaking her fingers out to loosen them. Her eyes focused on the last guy and dared him to attack. He looked around for back up, but it was just him. She took a step forward and he backed up. He wanted to run, but he was afraid because he knew that she'd catch him. Finally fear won out and he ran. She took off after him, and caught him in short order. Brian was getting up off the ground. He got on his toes to look over the top of a car to witness Heather pounding the last attacker. She stopped just long enough to say something in his ear before two more blows knocked him out.

Brian was grinning from ear to ear when she came back towards him. "Are you okay?", she asked him. Her face was a little red and she was breathing heavily, but other than that she looked fine.

"I'm okay", he assured her. "But you… I thought you said you were more of a lover than a fighter."

"I am. Those guys just pissed me off."

"Were those the guys from the other day who came to for Taylor?"

"Yeah, they were", Heather answered between breaths. "I guess they figured they'd get me if they couldn't get to Taylor." She took deep breaths to catch her breath and to get her adrenaline under control.

"We should call the police", he said after thinking about it for a minute.

"No!", Heather insisted. "Don't say anything, and whatever you do, don't speak a word of this to Taylor. Do you understand me?"

"Yes", Brian answered quickly, almost by reflex. He could see the intensity of her ultra blue eyes even in the low light. She was very serious about this.

Heather searched his face for a trace of defiance, but didn't find any. She relaxed a little and resumed the search for the car. Brian kept his head moving and his eyes open for more men. He knew this situation with Hastings wasn't over, not even close.

... to be continued...

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