The Femme Soldiers (a Power and Fury story)
by demented20
They're stronger, they're quicker, they're beautiful, and they're deadly.

Date: October 2005

Only in glimpses and in fleeting moments did Kristen remember who she had been. She could remember a time when she was just a person and not whatever it was that she had become. Her memories were jumbled and weak. In one instant she would be blowing out the candles of her 7th birthday cake, and the next moment she would be standing on the block waiting to dive into the pool to compete at what had been her favorite sport. She could remember that she had been a championship swimmer. She could never recall time in the pool, but in flashes of memories long suppressed, she could see the trophies, and she could see herself looking out from the tops podiums. She could feel the trophies in her hand, but those moments were fragile. If she pressed too hard for more details they would shatter, and she would once again have to attempt to reconstruct her life and try to remember who Kristen had been before she had ceased being Kristen, and become... whatever she was now.

"I trust your judgment, sir, but we are in the middle of a cow field.", Jean told his boss as he tried to clean his shoes by wiping them in the tall grass. The light was failing and visibility was getting near zero.

"This is almost like home", Benny began. "The tall grass and the dairy cows and all. The only thing missing is corn. Where I come from, there would be corn stalks from one horizon to the other."

"Sounds like a very cosmopolitan life."

Benny took the attempted slight in stride. "Urban living has its advantages, but so does country living. Just like now. Some people would have chosen to meet in a city, but it is much better to meet here where it's just us and the cows."

"Who are we to meet, sir", Jean inquired, still busily working at cleaning his loafers.

A set of headlights appeared around a bend in the dirt road, and Benny grinned. "Here he is now."

A plain as rain Corolla pulled behind Benny and Jean's Chevy Malibu, and an average looking man in a blueish sweater stepped out of the car. He was nervous, and it showed. "Benny?", he called out while trying to whisper at the same time.

"Right here." Benny switched on a flashlight and the two men shook hands. "Long time no see, Jeff."

"Same here, Benny." Jeffrey Long, PhD. was not the sort of man who had grown up believing that one day he would be participating in clandestine meetings with underworld figures in a cow field in Georgia, but here he was. Life sometimes took very strange turns. "You look good", Jeff told his buddy.

Benny laughed. "It's all the plastic surgeon. It's great what money can buy." Then Benny's face went very serious. "So are you ready to show me what money has bought?"

Jeff nodded. "Follow me."

Benny and Jeff had met in Texas after Benny had started working for Jason Mallster there. Benny was a rapists and murderer who had been sentenced to 15 years in federal prison, and had life terms waiting for him in Illinois and Indiana. Instead of Benny serving his time, Jason Mallster had seen fit to break Benny from prison and make him use some of his genius to develop computer security programs. Benny had done an excellent job. So excellent that when the Feds had raided the Texas laboratory a day after the Oklahoma lab had been destroyed, all they found was empty space. The Texas lab had always been the less important of the two labs so the data from the Organization's most cutting edge experiments had been destroyed in Oklahoma. There were a couple of things going on in Texas that were useful though, and Jeff Long had been heading up one of those projects. Jeff had wanted out of the underground science business, but Benny had reminded him that once a mad scientist always a mad scientist.

The new lab was located in the bowels of an old poultry processing plant that Benny's reconstituted Organization had purchased and made a show of fixing up. Only a tenth of the structure had been renovated, but it was more than enough for what Jeff and his small research team needed.

Benny and Jean walked through dusty halls with three Series 4 soldiers walking a step behind. They walked through huge rooms full of archaic and decaying machines to get to the sparkling white, sterile laboratory area. They were greeted by several men dressed in pressed white lab coats who stood near a single row of young women standing at attention. The 19 women were wearing matching black spandex tops and shorts. Some were taller than others, but all of the women were between 5'5" and 5'8", and all of them had bodies that had been honed and trained to a razor's edge. All of them were facial quite lovely as well. They had been selected partly because of their ability to be attractive in different parts of the world. Several different ethnic groups were represented in that group of nineteen, but none showed any emotion on their faces. They didn't even seem to take notice that there was anything going on around them. Including the young woman standing second from the end on the right side. She had been given the serial X-424, but she clung to the fact that in the past, her name had been Kristen.

"So what do we have here besides some beautiful women?", Benny asked as he came inside. 'All of them are so pretty', he thought to himself.

"These are the results of the last successful batch of research that Jason Mallster began back in Texas. These, sir, are our female line of soldiers. They are officially known as Series 4.7F soldiers, but we just like to call them Femmes. He knew that the Series 4's had some inherent disadvantages like the yellowish skin, and the fact that they didn't display any human emotion even in their best moments. He wanted a soldier more able to blend into society, and yet be controlled. I thought from the beginning that women would be better subjects than men, and here are the results."

Benny clasped his hands behind his back and stepped towards the line, inspecting the Femmes as if they were fine wares at a bazaar. These women had bodies that were hard as nails, but at the same time supple and soft to the eyes. He looked at their shapes first. Every person is genetically different and neck line of each of these women were different, the swell of each breast was different, the curve of the hips was different, and yet each woman had a shape that was perfect for her. He inspected their faces. Their young skin was still taunt and vibrant, no trace of the yellowing caused by the strengthening process.

"Where did you get these women?", Benny asked.

Jeff stepped closer to his boss and friend. "From the usual places, prison, jail, homeless shelters, the street. Most of these women were either prostitutes or on drugs..."

DRUGS! Kristen heard that word through the haze of her programming. An image jumped into her mind, and she remembered. She had taken a puff of her first joint at the age of sixteen, but continued to do it occasionally. She had convinced herself that it didn't affect her as a student or as a swimmer. She had won state championships at several distances and strokes. Everything had been fine until she recalled snorting her first line of cocaine just after graduating from high school. Still with all of that, Kristen had stayed a top level swimmer and kept her scholarship at Stanford. She had never quite lived up to her potential, and the coaches had no idea why, but Kristen was doing more and more cocaine. She had convinced herself that she was immune to the effects of the drug. She was too good an athlete, and too strong a personality to let it bring her down. She had snorted a line of the white powder before the national championship meet, and she had gone out and swam a personal best in the 100m freestyle, only a couple tenths of a second from an American record. It hadn't been enough to win the championship for Stanford, but it had vaulted them from 4th to 2nd. Kristen had gotten a personal invite to Colorado from the head coach of the U.S. Olympic team. She was two months away from graduation from Stanford in three years and going to the Olympic training facility.

She knew that she had to stop the coke, and despite what the experts said, she had done it with no help. She could remember the terrible shakes and pain, but for 9 days Kristen had not exited her apartment. She knew that she was stronger than any drug, and she was right. She was 12 pounds lighter and physically weak, but after that nine days, Kristen had cleaned herself from cocaine. After a couple of weeks of sobriety, Kristen had wondered why she had done it in the first place. She felt more alive now than she had in years. A month before graduation, Kristen had to be tested for drugs. She knew her system was clean of cocaine, and she had never touched a performance enhancer. She thought of her body as a gift from God. She had never been injured, and she had never so much as taken a vitamin. Every doctor figured that she was pretty much as healthy and perfect a physical specimen, male or female, as they were ever going to see. Each one of the tests proved that Kristen was near the very top in almost all measurable human characteristics. She had wowed the doctors because she was smart too. She had a powerful intellect.

Somewhere in her past she had heard the phrase "...people are destroyed from lack of knowledge". So it was with Kristen. Her blood tests had come back perfect, but because of doping scandals in track & field plus other sports, they had to test her hair to get a doping history. A doctor had collected one of Kristen's light brown hairs from her head, and tested it. Her world had fallen apart shortly thereafter. Her years of cocaine abuse hit Stanford and its athletic program hard. One of its stars was a drug addict right under their noses, and her invitation to the Olympic team was snatched away. All the sponsors who had fought for a chance to have Kristen's pretty face on their product turned and ran away from her.

She had received a degree from Stanford because she had enough credit hours, but she never walked. She spiraled downward and started using again. A year after the scandal, Kristen was estranged from her family and from all of her old friends. She had been stripping at a club in Houston for six months when she had been arrested after a three day drug and alcohol bender. Her blood alcohol level had been as high as any of the officers had ever seen when she was brought in. She had been scheduled to be released, but Kristen had gotten in a fight with another inmate. Kristen had never really fought before, and this woman had been much bigger than she, but Kristen was physically strong, and had beaten the woman so badly that the woman had been put in the ICU. Kristen had been charged with attempted murder, but had pled to simple assault. Then one day a man had appeared offering her a new life. She had taken his offer, and her old life had indeed ended.

"How do they compare with the Series 4's?", Benny asked Jeff.

"Oh, quite well physically. Comparable strength or better, better agility and they are--"

"Sorry to cut you off, Jeff", Benny began. "But there is only one way that these women can prove how effective they are." He took Jeff by the arm and lead him across the room. He then looked at the woman standing second from the right with her light brown hair pulled into a ponytail and her clear brown eyes staring straight ahead. She bore a passing resemblance to a woman who haunted his memories. The woman in his memory was a little taller with darker hair, but there was something about that one second from the end that reminded him of the woman who had put him back in prison two years earlier. He was attracted to this Femme the same way he had been attacked to that woman. He pointed at her. "Make that one ready to defend herself."

Jeff nodded. "X-424 defend yourself!"

Kristen had heard that name and it was more powerful than her real name. When her enhanced ears heard X-424 from that voice, she had to obey. The programming came alive, and all that Kristen had been ceased to exist. X-424 turned her head to search for a threat that had yet to materialize.

Benny looked at the line of Series 4 solders standing near the back wall and pointed at one of them. "You, kill her!" He pointed at X-424 and the super soldier attacked without hesitation. He was unarmed, and he was going to have to kill his target with his bare hands. His programing did not recognize the woman as a great threat. He approached without caution. He paid no mind to the hard body beneath that spandex. Her muscles were long, lean, and ready. The training in the program had made her body back to what it had been and more. Her muscles tensed beneath her outfit as the Series 4 approached. He raised his hands to grasp her throat, but she easily brushed his hands aside and pushed him backwards. He stumbled a few steps, and instantly his tact changed. This woman was strong. He got into an aggressive stance and the fight began.

X-424 raised her hands and the Series 4 circled looking for an opening that he would not find. Her defense was too good. Instead he decided to attack directly. He rushed at her and threw a sharp left hook to her head. She blocked it, and he loaded up his fist for another. She prepared for the punch that never came. His hips moved lightning quick, and he hurled a perfectly aimed kick at her unprotected ribs. She was quick too, quicker than he. She lowered her left arm and his shin hit her forearm with enough force to split a oak log, but she had a good base and took the blow then quickly trapped his leg by wrapping her right arm over his shin and twisting upward. At the same time she swept his leg from the ground. For an instant he was completely weightless. She used his leg like a lever to slam his back down. The floor shook when he hit the concrete. Benny, Jeff, Jean, and all the other regular people stepped back some more. Between the two of them there was too much power. Any contact with a regular human could prove fatal.

X-424 still held the leg. She twisted it hard, straining tendons, ligaments, and bone. She started to step over his body to add more torsion, but he caught her ankle. Series 4's did not feel pain, and although his leg was near the limit of what it could take, he calmly pulled her down. She was strong, but not strong enough to stay on her feet.

The 4 pulled her to the ground and had reversed her move before she was able to regain any advantage. He twisted her ankle enough to gain even more leverage. She tried to twist her body to relieve the pressure, but he pushed her down with his other hand. Normally she could have escaped, but 4's were so strong. She struggled, not giving him a stationary target to hit. The 4 aimed for her stomach and dropped an elbow to the center of guts. Her abs had always been hard as stone, and now they were even harder, but the 4's were so strong that his blow broke though her armor. The reactions were natural. Her arms lost strength and her head rose from the floor. The 4 saw his chance. He shot up her body and took her throat in his hands. It was over. He squeezed to get a good hold before he twisted her head around. He prepared to twist when he felt two hands grasp his wrists trying to pull his arms apart. He held on firmly. The 4 was focused on the task and did not see the woman's body flexing and straining. She squeezed tighter and tighter until her fingers lost color on his wrists. The woman took a deep breath to allow oxygen to flow to her entire body then she really pulled. Her entire body flexed hard. Muscles flexed and pulled and writhed against one another as she pulled against his wrists. It was like her muscles were coming alive on their own under her outfit. Her quads thickened and her glutes hardened, raising giving her the strength to arch her back and raise the 4 off the ground a little. Her face was beyond red going towards purple as she pulled. Her shoulders and back were flexing harder and then despite his best efforts, she pulled his hands from her throat.

Benny attempted to hide his arousal, but this was turning him on greatly. Watching this woman's body was so hot it was leaving him panting. He could not take his eyes off.

The 4's did not have a will to speak of. They did what they were told in the best way they could devise. He hunched his shoulders and poured more strength into his arms. His own steely body flexed hard to counter her power. His hands advanced towards her throat again. He was stronger than she, and he knew it. Her muscles flexed sharper. The cuts and angles of her biceps shown clearly through her outfit, and her body was wondrous. Her pecs were so hard and so pumped that the neck of the outfit was stretched and was straining to contain her chest, but even all that power seemed to not be enough. His finger tips touched the skin of her neck and he kept pressing until his palms were once again on her throat.

X-424 registered the pressure of the 4's hands on her neck, but Kristen felt it. Deep in the core of her being, Kristen felt something. Sweat dripped down her forehead and her face was fixed in this moment of life and death struggle. While the programming attempted to calculate the best way to complete the task at hand, Kristen had a will. Her influence was weak and limited, but she wanted to live!

Muscles that had been flexed, surged harder. Her muscles were fueled with desperation, and it was enough. Her biceps flexed and shook, but it was her triceps that got into the action. They flexed out so big that the seams of her sleeve tore, but it wasn't enough. She pressed harder, and sharp striations showed on her tan sweaty skin. She was overpowering this super soldier. He was strong, but not stronger than the tiny amount of Kristen left inside that brain. His hands came off her throat, only a little, but that was all she needed. When his hands left her throat, she curled her arms as much as she could then crunched her body. She pulled her legs up and squeezed her upper body together. Then she straightened her body, pulling his hands down at the same time. He had no leverage to keep from going forward. She pulled him over her shoulder, and rolled over before jumping to her feet.

"Finish him!", Benny yelled, and X-424's orders changed.

She never stood up straight. She planted her foot and lunged at the 4. She was no longer on defensive. She was on the attack. She drover her shoulder into his middle like a linebacker. She pushed him to the back wall. Dust fell down when they hit. She tightened her grip around his waist, and again her muscles came alive. Her back was especially impressive. Her lats and her shoulders were so defined and so hard. She squeezed and lifted.

The 4 punched her in the side of the head as she lifted, and she dropped him. Stunned, she went to a knee. The 4 hammered her in the spine and she dropped to both knees. He took her by the hair and pulled her head up. He reared his hand back to strike a hard blow, but her eyes focused in time to see one target. Her hand shot forward in half punch and half grab. Her hand struck the 4's crotch with cement splitting force, but instead of just punching, she grabbed his genitals and squeezed them.

4's didn't actually feel pain, but the body still reacted. He lost some strength in his arms and legs. That was all she needed. She straightened her body, while still holding his crotch. She raised her left arm and took him by the throat and raised him off the ground and over her head as she stood to her feet.

"Yes", Benny breathed as he watched this powerful woman hold a super soldier over her head like the superior warrior that she was. "Squeeze harder", he told her, unable to mask his lust. "Squeeze his nuts harder."

And she did. Her strong fingers dug into the meat and flesh. Her forearms swelled and muscles tightened against one another as her fingers tightened on his crotch. She squeezed harder and harder until blood began to soak the pants of the 4 she held above her head.

"Finish him"

X-424 slammed the defeated 4 on the cement head first to make sure that he was still stunned. She tilted his body upright and pressed his face into the center of her chest. The light glinted off her perspiration covered chest as she pulled the 4's head towards her. She wrapped her arms around the 4's head and pulled up at the same time she used her feet to push down on the rest of his body. The 4 struggled to regain an advantage, but it was too late. She was using his own legs as leverage to kill him.

"Kill him!", Benny urged with the passion of the moment. X-424 had to obey. The voice was too powerful the resist, and now that the danger was gone, Kristen was once again nowhere.

Her calves hardened as she pushed up with her legs powering her super body to destroy the body of another enhanced soldier. Her toes dug into his quads as she pushed up, and her thighs expanded with the strain of what she was doing. The muscles pulse with power as she pulled up with her arms and pressed down with her legs. After a few seconds everyone heard the first pop. Enhanced tendons made a loud noise when they failed, but she kept going. She pressed harder still. Her calves knotted into their fully flexed glory. More pops, and then the 4's arms began to shake and spasm.

"More!", Benny ordered. He leaned forward and he no longer attempted to hide his erection.

Her body shook now. She used every ounce of power in her body. Every muscle in her body strained to the ragged edge. Muscles flexed harder building more and more strength as moments passed.  More pops and more strength. Then in one instant all that tension was released. A loud prolonged crack and crunch filled the room as the 4's spine broke in the middle of his back. She pulled still and the head came clean off his body. She held the head out in front of her. A foot of gore covered spine was still attached to severed head. Blood and spinal fluid leaked to the ground at X-424's feet. The 4's body fell over and she stood there in the midst of the mess.

Benny had nearly exploded in his pants from his display, but was disciplined enough to keep himself somewhat under control. He stood there as his eyes took in what had to be the most powerful spectacle he had ever witnessed. It was horrible, grotesque, and erotic at the same time. He stepped closer to her. She took no notice of him. She had completed his orders.

"Drop the head", Benny ordered. She obeyed. "You are so pretty, and so dangerous", he whispered as he circled her. He sighed and stepped away. He looked around the room at all the shocked faces. Jeff looked faint. Benny went over to him.

"Get her cleaned up."

"Wh- what?"

"I said get her cleaned up", Benny repeated and slapped Jeff on the back. "You've done a wonderful job. Now I know what sort of soldiers these Femmes are."

The lab techs got busy giving X-424 orders to head to the cleansing area. They all took care to avoid the pool of blood and flesh in the middle of the floor.

"Can you make any more once we get the money?", Benny asked.

"Um eventually", Jeff began.  "We lost some crucial information, but we can reverse engineer the lost data I believe."

"Absolutely wonderful, Jeff.  These girls are going to put this Organization back on top! But, did you have to pick girls that were so beautiful?"

"Oh yes", Jeff began, finally regaining his senses. "We wanted them to be attractive to the eye."

"Attractive for killing I guess. They are so beautiful, its too bad that they can't make love."

"Oh but they can. That was a huge part of their programing. They're fully functional."

"Really?" Benny looked at him. "In that case, send that X-424 to my room after she's cleaned." Benny turned to leave. "Oh, and make sure she's naked when she comes. I don't even want to waste time getting her undressed." He started to walk towards the door. He stopped and looked up at the two Series 4's standing at attention along the back wall. "You two, clean that mess and get rid of the body." He shook his head and left.

They deactivated X-424 while they put her body through the thorough cleaning and decontamination process. Only then could Kristen once again come out.  She had no idea what she had done while active. She never did, but her dim awareness of the outside world let her know that whatever she had done had satisfied her handlers.  That shook Kristen because for the first time she understood what she was. She was a super soldier created for destroying and killing. Kristen had been chosen for her looks and for her body, but the scientists didn't know that they were also getting her mind along with it. They just saw a woman living in the gutter without taking the time to find out what had gotten her there in the first place. They wanted to control her, and for the moment they did, but there was still a little of Kristen left inside. Maybe there was enough left for her to take her life back, and maybe there wasn't, but she had to try.

more coming!!!

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