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by DTM

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"Hi there, you must be Dawn. I've heard so much about you. I'm........" spoke out a low, respectable voice from an adorable, though a bit on the small size, man; as he was greeted into the Top Amazon mansion by fellow contestant and buff fitness girl, Dawn. Though before he could finish, the gorgeous Asian powerlifter that was Kimberly (who just happened to be walking nearby at the time) yelled out at the top of her lungs, causing Dawn to nearly jump right out of her girlishly styled socks, which was a good thing as Kimberly was making a bee-line for the door like an unstoppable freight train.

"BRIAN!! Baby! Oh My God!" the exotic Asian Goddess screamed out with heartfelt emotion, totally shocked and pleased beyond belief that her true love was at her door; she missing him with all that she was, as it had been several weeks now since she had actually seen him, and that was much too long a time to be apart for either of this very much in love couple. So lost in the thrall of seeing him standing before her that she simply (and effortlessly) picked him up in her arms, and without any further words or even introductions to her fellow Sisters In Muscle, Kimberly carried Brian up and away to her bedroom; which was followed by the closing and locking of its door, and the immediate sounds of ripping clothes which soon followed.

Dawn gave out a warm smile, feeling good for her obviously thrilled (not to mention Horny) friend, as she began to close the door she had only seconds ago opened; the act of which was halted suddenly with a foot sticking in its bottom. She then re-opened it, realizing now that someone else was also outside, and was greeted with another man adorning their front porch, one which had quite a different appearance and demeanor than Brian just moments ago.

Where Brian spoke with a polite tone, looked well-dressed and gave an overall welcoming aura about him, the man standing before her here and now seemed to do none of those things. He was a taller, more athletically built man, yet still had a sense of concern and worry about him (an emotion which didn't stop his eyes from traveling up and down Dawn perfectly sculpted, shorts and T-shirt wearing body). He wasn't as well groomed as Brian, though didn't look overly slobbish either. Basically an average man, with definitely not your average girlfriend ' a fact that was made known to the gorgeous, door-holding Amazon as soon as Heather made her way on by, stopping dead in her tracks to see a sight that took even her back.

"Well, well, well, look what the cat dragged in" she spoke out in a sultry, yet tough, tone, as she made her way closer to this scene. Not in the same emotionally charged, near frantic way that Kimberly did previously, more in a You'll Wait For Me, I'll Get There When I Do sort of saunter. One that with her incredibly long, lean and powerful legs brought her now face to face (or more face to pecs, her being several inches taller than he) with this man, who Dawn assumed at this point was her "boyfriend". One that she, and the rest of these girls, had heard her speak to over the phone on numerous occasions during their time together here. Very similar to Kimberly and her man (both of them being the main phone-hogs of this house), though while she treated her man with nothing but love and caring, Heather treated hers with dominant, controlling, threatening words.

Words which simply were not needed, or used, in this case, as Heather swiftly moved her lean, muscular arms up to just under his own, lifting him up off the floor as he wrapped his legs snugly around her tight, trim, toned waist. Their lips instantly locked in a primal, animalistic series of kisses, as the towering hardbody walked on outside this still open door, taking this man sexually and erotically as she had done physically; something that even Heather was hard pressed to control, as such was her own longing for her lover's physical touches and passionate kisses.

Dawn then rolled her eyes teasingly, watching the two completely different couples meet and then just as rapidly move away to enjoy their time together. A bit confused as to why they were here in the first place, her kind hearted attitude caused her to smile yet again, knowing her friends would be enjoying themselves fully, and that was all she needed to know. So with a careful checking on the exterior of their massive home around its main doorway, to make sure she wasn't about to close the door on yet another unexpected visitor (of which none was seen), Dawn then closed the door and made her way towards the kitchen for a light snack, where she was going before she heard a knocking several minutes earlier.

On her way back she noticed the house was really becoming more and more empty with each passing week, something which was clearly obvious due to the very nature of this show and the fact that each week one of them would no longer be there, though something that seemed to hit the more warm and caring Dawn moreso now than ever before. Possibly due to the fact that Kimberly and Heather now had their boyfriends (or whatever that man was to Heather) visiting, and Amanda and Crystal were always a very strong bonded coupling anyway, something which at this point in time made Dawn feel more alone than ever before. Still, she was happy to still be here, one step closer to her goal in this house; a house which was as large as it was beautiful. Equipped with anything any of these girls could wish for, from vast amounts of exercise stations and gear, wide open grounds in its back yard, not to mention an all too inviting jacuzzi - Something which seemed to be calling out to Dawn, who was convinced all too easily that a relaxing dip in its waters was just what she was looking for here and now.

As she made her way back upstairs to her room, doing so to change into one of the several of her assorted swimsuits (all of which hugged her flawlessly shaped body to perfection), she passed on by what was now Crystal and Amanda's room. The sounds of these teenage Amazons giggling and laughing again brought warmth to Dawn's heart, as she walked on by its door with a smile, doing so as quietly as possible as not to disturb their clearly enjoyable fun.

"Hahahahaha, you're kidding? You actually lost your virginity on the wrestling mats??" young Amazon Amanda laughed out, as she rolled around on her spaciously full bed.

"Seriously! I mean it wasn't planned to happen like that or anything, I was just having a little after school, one-on-one training with our Varsity Wrestling captain.......who was 18 at the time....."

"And you were?"

"I was 16, and a bit smaller than I am now, but not by that much really. I had been into wrestling for a few years before then, but really blossomed physically when I hit 15. That was the year I tried out for the Varsity Mens team, which wasn't met up with much enjoyment from the guys, let me tell you" Crystal made out with a smile.

"Awwww, did those boys pick on my big sexy muscle girl?"

"Oh they did, least at first, until I challenged one of them, from a higher weight class, to a match ' a match that ended with him crying for his Momma, with his head snug firmly in my then svagely squeezing 23 inch "Thunder Thighs", as he used to call them!" Crystal continued on with an excitedly devious giggle. "Anyway, back to the story, it was about a year after that, and the then captain was such a hunk, I just had to hit him up for some post-school practice. Which we did do, mind you, both of his dressed in our tight, body hugging, leotards; rolling around on one another, pinning each other to the mats; wrapping our hard, powerful forms around the other......well, it was a given that things would turn sexual, really"

"So how did it make the jump from wrestling match to love match?" Amanda asked out.

"Well I'd like to say that he found me So Hot he just couldn't help himself, but I'm afraid I was the aggressor that night" Crystal pouted out with an innocent glare and another devilish smile. "I had him in a grapevine hold, his legs spread painfully out with my thighs, our crotches rubbing and grinding into one anothers, his head just inched from my then CC-cup breasts - which were pretty darn solid with muscle, let me tell you. It was then that I could feel his cock really get Hard for me, and considering how much I wanted him (who wouldn't, a hunky start athlete 2 years your senior and all), I just lowered my lips to his and Took Him!"

"HA, thats my girl!" Amanda barked out with a raising of her own rippling hard arm. "So, did he enjoy it as much as you then?"

"Well, maybe not at first, as that was my first time, I may have gotten a little over-excited on him, least that's what his fighting back and occasional screams of pain told me. Hee hee hee. Though after a while - after I had ripped his suit off and torn mine to pieces, doing so when he was nearly passed out from a sexily placed chest smothering - he learned to see things my way. Learned that if he just played along, and didn't try to spoil the mood by fighting back......which wasn't doing him anything anyway......that he would have the sexual ride of his life!" Crystal laughed out, her bra and panties wearing form playfully gyrating and grinding all about, as she lay on her own bed; which was just a few feet from where Amanda was, so eagerly listening to this all too sexy story.

"I just replanted myself on him, and rode him like there was no tomorrow.....and for him there wasn't, least not as far as school was concerned anyway, as after suffering a "hard break" during his wrestling practice that accidental twist and pop as he tried showing me a special move, I think he called it......he was out of school for a few days, not to mention out of wrestling action for a few weeks afterwards" Crystal giggled out, followed by the matching laughter from her fellow Amazon, 19 year old Amanda. "Soooo, you've got the juice on my first, what about yours?" she cooed out, twisting her body around her full, soft bed, to lay facing her close friend, resting her face in her hands, her full attention now focused solely on her.

"Mine eh? Well I.....its not very good, I don't think......."

"Come on, I told you mine. Besides, with your Mom being a Total Amazon MILF, and with how I'm sure she raised you to be, your story has gotta be something"

"Uh......OK, then, for you Baby, cause I love ya so much" Amanda replied, getting herself ready for her big "losing virginity" story. "I was only 13 when....."

"13?!?! You big slut!" Crystal teased back with a playful smile.

"Yeah.....well, I'm afraid it wasn't like that, Baby. You see, when I was 13, I was.........well, I was raped by four older boys. 18 they each were, Seniors at the High School that I had recently started going to. Their induction to some special, elite group was to get into the pants of a Freshman.......well, they choose me" the rippling muscular teenager softly made out, one of the very first times she had been so honest, open and emotional in this house, doing so to the person who she cared for most of all. Crystal immediately made her way from her casually laying position to a more serious one, sitting down next to her muscle packed friend, holding her hard powerful hands in her own.

"They choose me because of how I looked, my body, which looked years older than my young age would ever suggest. So much so that many of the other girls at school, even Seniors, would be jealous of my firm, thick, womanly curves (especially with the way their boyfriends who eye me up as I passed by in the halls). Those Senior boys cornered me after school one day, tackled me, overpowered me, and then raped me" Amanda continued on, Crystals eyes welling up with tears as she did so.

"But I fought them, I fought them hard. They were surprised that my ultra feminine physique was filled with so much firmness and contained so much strength, and let me say when it was done I gave them Hell......but they were too much combined, and they took from me something I could never get back........Anyway, it wasn't all bad, as when I told my Mom, who was already a hardcore bodybuilder at the time, she Flipped Out! - hunting each of those boys down and demolishing their cars with her bare hands. Though as furious as she was, there was little officially that could be done, their word against mine and all, and with how flirtatious I acted and sexily I dressed, it would be even harder for me to prove"

"So my Mother did two things from that day on, one she made sure no one would ever harm me again, being so over protective it was a wonder she didn't paddle my brothers when they ragged on me, and did actually take it to my Father the few times he even thought about punishing me - and the other thing was to make me just like her. Big, strong, muscular, powerful. From that day on my already fit and athletic frame was built up hard and strong, so that I could protect myself when she wasn't around. I could make sure No One could ever harm me like that again. In the end, I think we did a pretty good job, don't you?" Amanda spoke out with a more teasing tone, giving her still sitting body a playful flexing, which expanded and thickened her already massively muscular body even moreso.

"Oh Baby......I'm sorry.....I didn't know......"

"Shhhhh, its alright Honey. Its over and done now, and who knows, maybe if that day never happened I wouldn't have grown into the sexy musclegirl you see before you here and now........and I never would have met you" the normally more in control Amanda cooed out like a little girl, an act which was followed by the pair of beautiful, young Amazons hugging one another lovingly. "As a nice end to that tale, several years later, when I was 18 and looking Very buff and built I might add, I spent the summer paying each and every one of those guys a visit.....and let me tell you, sex with me then was a heck of a lot different, and destructive, then they remembered!" she laughed out like a demon, which was followed with her jumping all over Crystal; the two of them then rolling around on her bed, for another session of sexily playful erotic wrestling. Something Amanda did to bring them both back into a more fun-filled mood, something which did its job perfectly, as the two towering supergirls rolled all over their shared room, making their way back and forth, using strength that would be enough to pin and crush most men, yet to them was only a portion of their full power.

After a few minutes of them giggling and laughing about, they each heard the sounds of song echoing about, though not just music playing from a radio, this was a soft, cool, sultry humming that seemed to be coming from outside their window, from a voice that was as captivating as it was perfectly executed. Crystal and Amanda then broke apart their still entwined bodies to find out what was making such a Siren's Song call. Moving out to their bedrooms balcony to look downward, watching as fellow supergirl Dawn was lying in a warm, bubbling pool of water; her eyes closed, her humming tune seemingly coming out almost involuntarily, as the beautifully buff young woman was relishing in the utter enjoyment of her all too peaceful-looking bath. So at peace did Dawn look that what the two playful Amazons above her did next, each one giving the other a devious little grin beforehand, simply couldn't be helped.

SPLASH!!!, came out from the jacuzzi's neighboring pool like a meteor had just entered from the upper atmosphere. So hard was this impact (and so purposely directed as well) that is sent a giant wave of cool water out and over into the nearby warm, bubbling liquid, or more specifically the formerly calmly laying young woman within.

"Blech......did my humming offend you gals that much, you had to douse me with cold water to shut me up?" teased out Dawn to her fellow Top Amazon friends.

"Not at all. We actually quite liked it, and thought we would "drop" on down to join you" Crystal replied with a cheeky tone, as she and Amanda emerged from the nearby pool, after their second-story leap.

"Did somebody call a meeting? Why are we all in the pool?" Heather chimed in as she entered this outdoor area from within the massive mansion behind her. Her man (who looked quite exhausted, and more than a bit roughed up) still being cradle carried by her now single arm, as Heather held him against her hip as if he was a baby.

"No meeting, just us enjoying the beautiful day, taking a dip is all" Amanda chirped back in reply.

"Well, doesn't that sound like fun. Phone! Now!" Heather spoke in a demanding tone to her man, who reached into his pocket and pulled out his cellphone as fast as he could. He then gave it to his Amazonian girlfriend, who smiled at how swiftly he moved and how well he was trained......or was he? Hence her need for his phone here and now, as a few quick texts to her spy from back home would further and fully reveal his loyalty to her ' or lack thereof. "A swim sounds like fun eh? Go on Stud, take a dip" she roughly spoke out to her boyfriend, before hoisting him up and flinging him over 10 feet away from her (all still with her single arm) into the pools quite cool waters. He came up a few seconds later with a bit of a shiver, something Heather certainly noticed, and not without a heart, spoke out, "Oh girls, he looks a bit chilled, any chance you could warm him up a bit?"

"Mmmmmm, that sounds like fun, eh Crys?"

"Yeah, I'm all for that!"

With that, the two full-bodied musclegirls made their way to this basically unknown man, who seemed to sport a grin a mile long, seemingly relishing his 2-on-1 treatment from this pair of ultra voluptuous, lusciously buxom young beauties; that was until they rose their meaty, muscular arms out of the water, giving them a full, hard powerful Flex, wrapping them around him in their all too favorite hold.

"AAAHHHHHH!!" was heard, as this man's scream (more from fear and panic, than actual pain) echoed about, that was until his face and head were engulfed in twin sets of powerful, pulsating pec muscles.

"You know, you'd probably get more loyalty and faithfulness from him if you treated him with respect, instead of abuse" Dawn spoke out to Heather, who was texting away on her newly claimed cellphone. This massively tall Amazon standing near to where Dawn was soothingly laying on the warm, relaxing waters.

"Right, and I'm gonna take advise from Snow White here on how to keep a man happy" Heather somewhat coldly replied back, as she hit the Send button on her cell, eagerly waiting for the reply message to return to her.

"Hey, just because I haven't been with a know, that way......doesn't mean I don't know how to keep one happy and satisfied" Dawn spoke back, in a defensive tone.

"AAAARRRGGHHHH!!" was heard out loudly coming from the large, full pool, in a very terrified man's tone.

"Come on Sandra Dee, you're as pure as can be, you wouldn't know the first thing about what would satisfy a man"

"Oh you would be surprised what I know" Dawn continued on with an all knowing smile, looking Up at the much more statuesque form of Heather above her.

"Oh yes, I'm sure you would floor me with your knowledge of knitting and sock-rearranging, but a man likes to be Taken by a real woman, one who is dominant, aggressive and in charge"

"You mean bullying and controlling?"

"Whatever works Babe" Heather made out with a taunting grin. "Besides, I can be sweet and innocent, I just choose not to be"

"Please! Please, No More!! I Cant Take Anymmmmmmppppphhhhh" yet again was heard a man's voice, before again being silenced within a prison of sexy, female muscle.

"HA, right. What's your definition of sweet and innocent, breaking only 2 of your guys ribs instead of 5?" Dawn replied with a teasing little jab. "And what makes you think I can't be dominant if I wanted to?"

"Oh, I'm sure you could, if by that you meant say Please and Thank You only a few times a day, instead of near constantly. That's all it takes to be sweet and kind, being tough, now thats a whole new level, one I know you're not read......" Heather stopped in mid sentence, as the phone in her hand beeped regarding an incoming message, one she read right away with much interest; one that caused her eyes to turn read with rage, as well as her hand's grip to close with vice-like strength, crushing and crackling her man's cell within its powerful grip. She then turned back around to face the Top Amazon mansion, followed by her storming inside, and down a hallway, over to one of the two private phone areas in this house, to speak to her informant and get all the juicy details. Leaving her completely toyed with boyfriend in the more than capable (or was that Too capable) hands of Amanda and Crystal, who were having a ball playing with his fit, strong though easily outclassed body between them.

"Uh, OK.....I can see you have other things to do, so we can just continue this later, thanks. Oh, I mean, No Thanks,......No, I mean, get back here, who said you could walk away! I didn't give you permission to......and........Hmmmph, this is gonna be harder than I thought" Dawn said in a teasingly-frustrated tone, as she slowly sunk her head into the warmth of the bubbling water around her; doing so at the same time the pair of pool-bound teenage Amazons dragged their new male playtoy down to the depths of their massively sized pool with them.

"Hey guys, I want you all to meet......Hmmmmmm, could have sworn they were all out here" Kimberly breathed out, leading Brian out (not pulling or carrying him, just guiding him lovingly with a single hands embrace) to introduce her longtime lover to her newfound friends. "Hmmmmm, guess its just you and me, Baby" she cooed to her man, as she returned back inside the Top Amazon mansion, viewing a newly place Muscle Mail, which was normally read all together, though since she had no idea where anyone was at this moment, she did so aloud only to her man's always eager ears.

"A few surprise guests have come, for some of you to have some fun

They'll stay until tomorrow's end, in case you'd like to bring a friend

On your next challenge they can partake, use them wisely for your spot is at stake

The type of task is for us to know, though to give you a hint ' it involves video"

"Mmmmmmm, video, eh? You thinking what I'm thinking, Lover?" Kimberly cooed out sexily to Brian, who could only smile widely, as he reached into his pocket to pull out his own, video recording, cell phone, shaking it back and forth teasingly before his Asian Amazon Goddess ' who in turn scooped him up in her lusciously hard, 18" arms, before carrying him back upstairs to her room; which was followed yet again by the closing and locking of her door, the ripping and tearing apart of their clothes, and a perfectly placed cell phone to capture All of the action.


"Good morning, my buff boudacious beauties, and Welcome to My world!" fellow America's Next Top Amazon judge Bill W. spoke out with the utmost charisma and the presentation of a circus ringleader; as he gestured off and away from himself with a single outstretched arm, turning these girl's attention from him to a nearby video shoot ' one featuring a very large, thickly muscled Amazon woman as she physically overpowered and out-muscled a much weaker man. "Come on ladies, let's come and take a closer look, shall we?" the well built, though somewhat paunchy, man followed up with a smile, leading the five remaining musclegirls and super athletes to what would become their latest Top Amazon challenge.

"As I'm sure you all know......and if you don't, then shame on you.....that I've been known to dabble in the field of erotic female muscle videos from time to time, namely the sensual art of mixed wrestling" he continued on, as the currently filming scene before them changed from the powerfully built woman holding her man high above her head, walking around with ease, before slamming him down to the mats below, where she then wrapped her cable-like thighs around his head in a standing head-scissors. "To me, and trust me girls I'm not alone, there's nothing sexier than a beautiful woman with a hard muscular body dominating, wrestling, carrying or throwing around a helpless, often times deserving, male. Whether it be more serious mat action, or a fictional apartment-house scenario, videos such as those I and others create......they taking off from my lead, of course......literally sell like hotcakes all over the world" Bill spoke out, as a loud Slam was heard echoing about them from the still video-taped supergirl giving her man a hard, punishing bodyslam.

"Though it's not just wrestling and domination videos that are a big hit. Companies such as the world famous WPW specialize in the art of sexy muscle posing, doing so with various skin tight and very revealing outfits, mixed with a little gym-work added in here and there, and even the occasional sexy muscle talk ' which personally, I Love. And of course there's your numerous muscle worshiping videos, which focus on the erotic style of men, or even other women, touching, feeling, and overall admiring the hard, full, muscular body of women......well, women just like all of you" he continued on, as the still teasingly punishing Amazon then tossing her well-built man onto the mats once more, before straddling his body in a well executed grapevine; stretching his legs out in clearly painful opposing directions, while slamming and pounding her rock hard hips and pelvis into his stomach again and again.

"So in case you haven't figured it out by now girls, This is your next Top Amazon challenge!" Bill made out with a wide grin, causing the girls before him to bounce excitedly in their places, sporting smiles across their own gorgeous young faces. "Now your videos can be anything you like, they can incorporate any aspect of what you think us Amazon lovers would enjoy, from wrestling to posing to domination to anything else. We want to see what's cooking in your minds, what creative things you can put on video. And the best part here is, because these are Adult oriented videos, which will not be aired on restricted public TV.....other than the small clips we decide to use during the end of this can bump your normal PG-13 rating up to an R, or maybe even an X if you're so daring" he spoke on with a teasing wink and near-lecherous smile.

"You will each get a series of cameras, and a minor crew if desired, to help set up your Ultimate Amazon video. Our only restriction is that you keep it 30 minutes or less, and that you keep it legal. Anything else is fair game! So, what'll be girls? What wonderful visually recorded creations will you make for us all to enjoy? Oh, and lastly, if any of you want a slightly overweight, well-aged male to crush between your thighs or smother within your pecs, I'm Your Man!" he semi-seriously made out, before signaling the start of these insanely beautiful Amazons latest task.

"Mr.......uh, Bill.....could we see you over here please?" Crystal cooed out softly.

"We have a little question for ya" Amanda followed suit.

"If it involves either or both of you girls using and abusing me, in front of the camera or behind, I'm game!!" he excitedly replied, as he approached the pair of teenage Amazons, whose physiques were so large and muscular that even just whispering something into his ears, surrounding him from both sides as they did so, completely engulfed him from view - and he wouldn't have it any other way.

They asked him a question about their video, one they purred like little sex kittens into his all too eager ears, as he held them both around their trim, tight waists, occasionally traveling his hands down to their thick, rounded glutes for a nice little rub and tender grope. Something the girls allowed this special man to do without repercussion, knowing they needed his approval on their specially asked question regarding this latest challenge; a question that made him smile wide with approval at the thought of it. Something that caused the girls to jump around with excitement at the thought of what was to come next, a reaction that was so sudden (not to mention forceful) that it bounced Bill's rather weighty frame up and away from them, where he landed at the feet of yet another soon-to-be recorded Amazon woman; one who promptly scooped him up into her rippling hard arms, to be used and abused, while the nearby cameras rolled on.


AMANDA ' Age: 19, Height: 5' 8", Weight: 175 lbs.

CRYSTAL ' Age: 18, Height: 5' 10", Weight: 180 lbs.

This particular video started off with a very close up image, so close in fact the first few seconds of it were not entirely in focus. Though as the camera slowly panned its way back, the golden tanned skin of one of these gorgeous teenage Amazons could be seen. Skin barely containing the rock solid muscle underneath, muscle which was rippling hard and flexing in and out, muscle that as the camera panned back even more was swiftly identified as Amanda's super dense, ultra rippled pecs, which were near fully exposed (covered only in a studded black bikini top) as they relaxed and contracted over and over again in an amazingly sexily performed exercise, the cable crossover. The camera now taking in every inch of this gorgeous teenage musclgirl's entire body, which was leaning forward to give those watching an even better view of her pulstingly powerful chest muscles; muscles which looked lusciously full even when outstretched, yet when she crossed her arms over her breasts for a full-on constraction of its steel hardness, they seemed to expand and thicken like a pair of giant, ripplingly muscular melons.

While this opening shot focused mainly on this young supergirl's chest, the rest of her unreal physique was hardly being ignored. Her lower half was as scantily dressed as her upper body, adorned only in tight cut-off jean shorts, and a sexy pair of workout boots, leaving most of her muscularly pumped, super strong form in full view. The perfect compliment to such an unreal Amazonian frame was her flawlessly shaped face, which was softly framed by several tendrils of her long flowing hair, the rest of it being tied sexily back in a single ponytail, as her beautifully feminine look was now more of focus and intensity as she gave out sexy little grunts and groans during the end of this exercise; hitting rep after rep with its massive amount of weight, as she continued to add even more cuts and defination to her already muscle packed pecs. Finally, after a 12th visibly seen rep (she actually did 15, the first few during the ultra close up portion of this video), Amanda instantly released both of the cables from her hands (giving her voluptuously hard chest one final Flex before doing so), causing both full stacks of weight to Slam back loudly to their resting station, creating more than a bit of attention from the fellow musclebound gym-goers around her. The young Amazon then growled out with pride and power, as she hit a few more, post workout, muscle flexes; not only thickening up her insanely hard breasts, but teasingly bouncing and dancing them up and down, back and forth, one and then the other, with a sexy smile to her currently off camera partner.

"Mmmmmmm, what do you think Baby? You like?" Amanda softly cooed out in a ultra seductive tone, before relaxing from her last full bodied flex, her muscular arms now outstretched and calling out for her special someone to join her. To anyone even remotely familiar with this show, or these girls in the least (much of which could be learned from the America's Next Top Amazon website), it was all too easy to see that her calling out and showing off her ridgedly hard frame could only be to her Sister In Muscle, best friend, and often times much more, Crystal, who sexily sauntered her way into view just a few seconds later, embracing Amanda's sleak and glisteningly wet body with her own lusciously powerful form.

"Mmmmmm, I Love" Crystal replied in a high pitched, teenage girls voice. Her own statuesque frame concealed (if you could call it that) just as little as her fellow musclegirls, in a barely-there outfit that left little to the imagination. A short, skin-tight spandex outfit, perfect for lifting weights, or any other physical activities Crystal had in store for them this day, coupled with girlishly styled white sneakers and two adorably cute pigtails coming down from the back of her head, made her look as muscularly built as it did femininely sexy. "So what'll it take for me to see more of that super ripped, super sexy bod of yours in action?" the super buff 18 year old cooed out, making her way around Amanda's ridgedly muscular form, tracing her fingertips across her incredibly pumped up pecs as she did so.

"You like my big, solid, diamond cut muscle tits, Baby? Mmmmmmm, you know I gave 'em a few extra pumps, just for you" Amanda breathed out sexily, clasping her hands together, giving her breasts a few more muscular bounces. "As for seeing a bit more of this in action, well, I think that can be arranged.......and then, you can show me some of Your action" she cooed out with a smile, as the two towering supergirls seperated from one another; Amanda then making her way to another portion of this fully stocked gym, sitting herself down on the leg extention machine, before giving the camera (or was that Crystal just beside it) a lusciously blown kiss, and beginning the next series of her hard hit muscle exercises.

Being an a lifelong athlete, leading up to the past several years of full on bodybuilding (just like her statuesquely Amazonian Mother, her ultimate role model), Amanda was all too comfortable lifting weights and being in the gym. Having been raised in the household that she was, where the women ruled (fairly, though firmly), she was all too comfortable with her growingly muscular look, and so were all of the kids from school (some of them initially needing a little first hand instruction to depart from their formerly teasing ways). And so she continued to power up and down her long, thick, supremely defined legs, raising and lower the entire stack of weights behind her; doing so with the utmost control and experience, proving her strength and power over yet another set of heavy metal, her look of intensity matched in equal amounts to her smile of enjoyment. So in control of these weights was she that there wasnt a single clang or clash of metal during her 15 rep set; that was until her last rep, where she raised it so high the bar around her ankles actually shot up several inches above her own steel hardness, before Slamming back down to the weight rack below; its loud noise echoing all about this gym, as well as being noticed by its array of thickly muscled men yet again.

"Mmmmmm, I SO love pushing this body of mine to its limits.....and beyond!" the sexy 19 year old supergirl breathed out with a sensual glare are her currently off-screen lover, before making her way up and off this machine, followed by the flexing and flaring of her ultra ripped, super strong 26" thighs. "What do ya think Baby, have I got these......" she cooed erotically, giving her legs a full on, both together Flex, " pumped and hard as these?" Amanda continued on, now crossing her arms sexily across her chest, hardening her breasts to rock solid density and even greater size. "Mmmmmm, a girl's gotta go for symmetry now, it's very important for a bodybuilder, doncha know. And to get that in full, I've got to get these arms going now" she breathed out with a sexy smile, as she flexed her 16" arms, which already looked amazingly hard and incredibly ripped.

"Ooooooo yeah Baby, do those arms, build up those biceps for me" sensually spoke out Crystal, who wanted nothing more than to dive all over her Amazonian lover, licking and kissing every inch of her muscle packed body. Though she knew the time for that, without the prying eyes of the Top Amazon cameras, would be all too soon; so she stayed where she was, licking her lips and rubbing her lusciously hard thighs together in anticipation of what was surely to come after the completion of their latest contest challenge.

"Anything for you, Honey" Amanda cooed seductively, before gliding over to her next station, the preacher curl machine, where she then sat down, drapped her supremely powerful looking arms across to grab a solid hold over this stations single handle, giving her partner a sexily playful wink, before lifting its previously stacked full load of weight up and down, causing her softball sized, steel hard biceps to swell and expand with incredible strength.

Of all the muscle packed body parts on her ultra Amazonian physique, Amanda had always loved her arms the most, as it was something that most women (even top athletes in many fields) just didnt have. Sure a pair of thick, shapely legs was all too common in those women who did even a minor level of sport, as well as tight rounded shoulders, a thick firm butt and a firm defined stomach; but arms, big, hard, bulging biceps, now that was something reserved for the elite female athlete, something Amanda had been for many years now. It was these arms that got her most noticed as a true muscular athlete, something that she enjoyed teasing over those that did (whether in a playful way for those you were nice about noticing, or a bit more humiliating to those that weren't), something that she used to both attract and intimidate the weaker male sex, something she now just needed to Flex around the house to get her older (though much weaker) brothers to do whatever she wanted. Yes, Amanda just loved big biceps, and as such she was very well versed in training her own to become as hard as rock and stronger as steel.

Something she did now with yet again the perfect facial appearance of intense focus and lusting enjoyment, her eyes proving the former, while the licking of her lips clearly supporting the latter. It was all Crystal had in her to not just jump into view and mount her muscularly built lover right here and now, something she was actually not far away from doing before Amanda blew her yet another erotically pouting kiss, as she released the massive amount of weight at the top of its final lift, holding it there for several seconds beforehand as if to give her now 17" arms one final Pump, causing it to swiftly fall back to its base, yet again creating a Loud metal on metal Clang which was heard all about their current location.......something that had been happening much too often during her workout this day for the hard-out male muscleheads here, a few of the more larger ones having enough of their behaviour, and were now about to take matters into their own hands.

"Yo, Bitch! You slam those weights down again, and you're gonna regret it, get me?" an incredibly large, muscle packed man growled out over Amanda's still sitting form, his supremely muscular physique glistening from his own hard workout (of which he was having more than a hard time concentrating on with such noise, not to mention the visual distraction these two gorgeous girls were creating).

"Yeah, what don't you broads just Beat It! Go back to whatever powder puff gym you normal go to, and leave the hard core training to us men!" followed up another thickly muscled male, who clearly didn't appreciate these girls being in his gym.

"Oh, you think I can build a body like This at some girlish powder puff gym, eh?" Amanda replied with a smile, standing up to her full height (which with the heels of her sexy workout boots, was very impressive indeed), before giving her entire Amazonian form a full on, muscle pumping, double biceps shot. "You think Ive been using the little weights here? Struggling with the bare minimum? Well, lets just say that the weights you boys push yourselves to your max to handle.......well, that's just my warm up weight" she intimidatingly, yet sexily, growled to the several hulkingly built men about her, hitting now a lat spread so broad and wide that it nearly popped her extra clingy bikini top right off her body, not to mention nearly eclipsing the massively built muscle man behind her from view.

"Look......look, we dont want any trouble here......" the third and most visibly intimidated of this male grouping made out, " don't make us have to throw you girls outta here, OK!" he spoke out with more confidence, realizing that as strong and muscular as she clearly was, Amanda was still smaller (though not by too much), and surely weaker than any of them, and they had her outnumbered 3 to 1.

"Hahahaha, Oh dear, the only thing you'll be throwing is Up if you so much as lay a finger on us" the rippling hard teenage bodybuilder confidently made out.

"Throw Up, I get it! Hee hee hee" the seemingly forgotten Crystal giggled out in a high pitched tone.

"What're you laughing at, Porky!" one of the mammothly muscular men growled out, viewing Crystals more lush, full, not overly ripped and cut physique to be even less worthy to be in such a hard pumping, muscle building establishment.

"Porky?? Hey, don't let all of this sexy lusciousness fool you, Stud, this is all, 100% Grade-A beef here" she defiantly replied back with a visibly angry look about her.

"Don't make me laugh, Tubby. THAT is muscle......." the same man continued on, pointing to his now fully flexed, 22" bicep, which he alternatingly flexed and relaxed several times, "......that is Not you. Youre a buff, big titted, Playboy babe, one that I'd take home and Fuck all night long, not one I'd take seriously in the gym! So why don't you shut it, and let us real athletes talk!!" he roared on, now towering over Crystal's own statuesque, powerfully voluptuous frame (which due to her anger and frustration, was getting more than a bit harder and fuller without even a single flexing muscle).

"Talk to her like that again, and you and I will be doing a lot more than talking, and trust me, you won't like the topic of our conversation" Amanda defensively spoke out, making her way over to the other side of this man, who now stood several inches above, and almost directly in between both her and Crystal's meatily muscular (yet differently built) young bodies ' something which caused them both to give out a teasing little wink and sexy smile to one another, which was followed by the lightning flash movements of their thickly muscled arms springing up and out towards one another, or more specifically around this bullying abusive man's torso (arms and all), before clasping onto each others steel hardness (though not by much, due to their targets massive bulk), entrapping him in their now trademark Double Bearhug hold.

"Ahhhhhh, what are you.......AHHHHHH!!!" screamed out their female muscle engulfed victim, as the pair of teenage Amazons began flexing and squeezing their steel hard muscles out and in on him, making him feel as if he was being crushed in a trash compactor, over the normally sexily envisioned embracing of these two incredibly beautiful young women. "Let me fat fucking cow! ARRRRGHHHHH!!!" the foolish man barely made out to Crystal before him, which was swiftly followed by an even harder crushing from this all too devastatingly powerful (yet amazingly sexy) muscle cuddle.

"You are you calling fat Now, Creep!" Crystal scolded out the clearly pain-filled man, looking up at his near crying face with her all too angry eyes, giving her voluptuously hard and lusciously strong body a few more good pumps of power onto his clearly overmatched form.

"Some guys just never learn, eh Baby?" Amanda made out from the other side of this monstrous wall of manly muscle; so wide and thickly built was he that his frame made it impossible for the girls to see one anothers gorgeously feminine faces. Something neither of these punishing Amazons liked very much at all, so they gave him one more savagely intense and devastatingly hard Crush (the sounds of ribs snapping as they did so), before turning him upside-down, holding him again a few inches off the matted gym floor; each girl holding on to one of his tree-trunk sized legs, causing most of his massive bulk to now be below their own beautiful faces, allowing Crystal and Amanda to look into each others eyes and see their vicious grins once more.

"What do you say boys, care to make a wish?" Amanda breathingly asked the remaining two musclebound men, as she and Crystal gave a series of little pulls on their friend's legs, doing so in opposing directions, causing him to scream out yet again, this time in a much higher pitched tone.

The men watching, one of them being quite intimidated even before the girls started their crushing performance on this man, could only stand frozen in shock; their eyes wide as they watched these two visibly young supergirls crush, lift and bend the largest of their group, with seemingly minimal effort on their part.

"Stick around boys, cause when we're done with him, I've got a few moves of my own to show off, and I'm gonna need some "volunteers"" Crystal teasingly made out, while giving a few more pulls on her man's leg, which coupled with Amanda doing the same, shot forth even more waves of agony throughout their victims crotch area; as well as causing his tight, spandex gym-shorts to rip and tear around his most sensitive of areas. These taunting words coming from this pair of supremely powerful Amazon girls caused both of the nearby watching men to bolt away from this scene, running with all that they had off and out of this gym. Though just when Crystal thought she was going to have to display her own brand of action on this already defeated male between them, fate stepped in and gave her another nice opponent to play with.

"Let him go, Now!, or you'll both be in a world of Pain!" growled out yet another large, thickly muscled male, along with two other men behind him, as he placed one of his giant hands on Crystal's muscle capped shoulders, which told her that he definitely meant business.

"Oh, anything you say, sir" the young supergirl replied back with a smile, giving a wink to her fellow female hardbody Amanda, as she handed her half of their man's body off to her, before turning around to face this massive mound of male muscle. "In fact, I think we were done with him anyway, weren't we Honey?" she continued on, looking back at Amanda with a smile, who in turn gave the stupid musclehead she had upside-down in her arms one final Squeeze, before dropping him harshly down to the ground. "I was actually looking for someone else to play with, and Mmmmmmm, you sure do fit the bill. So what do you say Stud, you wanna pway with me?" she concluded in an overly girlish tone, before grabbing onto his hand (which was still holding onto her thick, meaty shoulder) and flipping him over her back and several feet away onto the nearby series of wrestling mats.

SLAM!, went this large man's body, as his friends jumped backwards due to the suddeness and surprise of Crystal's incredibly powerful move. Without any hesitation, she then dove right onto this man's currently stunned frame; her physique large and pumped with muscle, her level of strength and skill clearly obvious to all watching about them, especially the man currently caught within her clutches. Both of them were now rolling around on the spacious, mat-covered area, he now being in her world, the world of wrestling, of which she was a master, and he about to learn a very hard fought lesson. The teenage musclegirl controlled every inch of her victim's body, his grunts of effort to escape were heard just as much as her own to hold him in place, though so enjoying this display was she that she also emitted little girlish giggles and erotic breathings as she manuevered his muscularly built form into a perfectly executed head-scissors. Her thick, meaty thighs wrapped snug and tight on either side of his skull, pulsing and pumping with power; power enough to crack his head to pieces if she so desired, though for now sending jolts of agony all throughout his skull was more than enough for her.

"Still think you're so tough, threatening to throw me and my sexy friend out, just cause we're having a little fun. Bad man! You're a very bad man!!" she teasingly roared out, continuing her expertly held wrestling position; her thighs chomping down and around his head, as his hugely peaked arms tried their best to pry her legs apart and free himself from this female muscle prison. "Ah ah ah, no cheating" she cooed before reaching down to grab his prying hands by their wrists, holding them in her steel tight grip, then leaning back to fully extend his arms out and away from him, combining a bit of a rack type hold in with her surpremely power packed legs.

"Don't you know you're not supposed to touch teenage girls like you did? Grabbing them on their shoulders, telling them where and when to go? That wasn't very nice, now was it??" Crystal continued on, giving this visibly pain-wracked man one final squeeze/stretch, before releasing him, only to re-claim his growingly dizzying form in another masterfully placed wrestling hold. Her rock solid frame holding his perfectly still and helpless, using a combination of strength, form and skill to keep him utterly immobile, while pulsing and expanding her muscles here and there, causing him to scream out yet again.

"Shhhhhh, you don't want everyone here to know you're getting your ass kicked by a High School girl, now do you?" she continued taunting this larger, though weaker, male, knowing full well that at this point most everyone around them (90% of which were men) had broken off from their work-out routine and were now watching this site unfold (with very erotic and sexually stimulating results from nearly every man about). "I'm sure you don't want......" CRUSH!, ".....everyone here to know......" SQUEEZE!, ".....that you're just a big, soft......." BEND!, " man, who likes......" MANGLE!, " touch......" TWIST!, "......little girls!!" Crystal roared out now, doing so purposely to attract attention, as she controlled her victim's body fully, relishing in the waves of pain she was sending over every inch of his beefy, bodybuilder physique.

"Ah, but you were more of a shoulder man, were'nt you? Well, let me see what I can do about that" the dominating Amazon girl breathed out, giving a seductive glance and erotic lip-licking to Amanda, who in turn was watching her lover do what she did best, rubbing her own thighs together in orgasmic anticipation of what was surely to come next when they were done. Crystal then released her current hold yet again, though like before re-capturing his now panic-stricken form, hoisting his near 300 pound body up and over her shoulders in a devastatingly harsh back breaker. Pull, Stretch, Bend, Mangle!, went his hopelessly overmatched frame as it was being manhandled over the thickly muscle capped shoulders and broad full back of this teenage Amazonian wrestler. "What do you think now, Tough Guy, you like the feel of my shoulders now? Hee hee hee"

"Arrggghhhhh!!.....please......please, no more!! me guys!! Help Me!! AAAHHHHHHH!!" was all this man could make out, the pain flowing about his body (and the shock of having it done to him by such a young girl no less) nearly causing him to pass out. Something his pair of training partners noticed as well, which combined with his cries for help by him, made them all jump in to help their clearly defeated friend ' lucky for Crystal then, that she had a bit of help with her as well, one which was keeping an Eagle Eye on this situation, and was ready and waiting to jump in if things escalated a bit further, Like Now.

"Get Offa My Girl!" the rippling hard 19 year old bodybuilder roared out, as she jumped into this mass of muscle packed bodies. A trio of men, each powerfully built and massively strong, with a combined weight of over 800 pounds, against a pair of young women who together didnt even weight half that. Though as was about to be displayed to all around them, weight wasnt nearly as important a factor as strength and skill, of which these girls had in full over their opponents here.

Within seconds Amanda and Crystal regained control of this situation, each of them using not only their unreal levels of power, but also their learned fighting skills (not just Crystal's wrestling, but boxing and various martial arts, taught to them by their previously voted off Top Amazon friends) to quickly take command of these men, leaving little doubt as to just who was in control here and now. Powerful bearhugs, mat-slamming judo flips, lightning fast jabs, all coming from such well built and physically powerful women, sent these men flying and crying all over the place. So harsh was their treatment over them that in the span of only 5 minutes, each of their muscularly massive male bodies were laying still and unconscious at the feet of this team of titanic teenagers.

Without a single word from each of them, both Crystal and Amanda then turned to look at one anothers glowingly sweat covered bodies; taking several seconds to eye up each and every muscularly packed bulge and bump therein, before diving into each others arms in an amazingly passionate embrace. Something they had wanted to do within the first minutes of their joint video, something that each of them were craving for since the moment they woke up this morning, yet something that the Top Amazon cameras had no choice but to fade out on. The girls 30 minutes length for this video being up and over, leaving the actual visuals of this ultra erotic girl-on-girl muscle fucking only to those lucky enough to actually be there to see it firsthand.


KIMBERLY ' Age: 23, Height, 6', Weight 200 lbs.

Kimberly's choice of video for this latest Top Amazon challenge was a no-brainer. One that incorporated the use of her more than willing guest, lover and longtime boyfriend, Brian. Having been separated for over a month now, something that hardly ever happened even for a single day in their normal life, each of them craved the other like Never before (something which was proven time and again with their nearly constant alone times since his arrival at the house, the passionate groans and moans from which leaving no one in doubt of exactly what they were doing). The same thing in fact that she choose to do for her video this day, though in a slightly different way and tone, doing so in a softer, slower, more sensual and erotic way over the ultra desiring, intensely passionate, powerfully (though carefully, on Kim's part) fucking that they had been doing so often recently. Yes, slow and sensual lovemaking was what this Asian Amazon girl wanted for her super sexy video, and her true love Brian was only too happy to please.

A fact that was shown right from the start of their amazingly sexual video, which showed both of these young lovers in the center of a very sensually styled bedroom, all adorned with snow white lace, from the pillowcases to the bedsheets to the surrounding areas as well. Likewise, she and her man wore undergarments of midnight black, the perfect compliment for Kimberly silky smooth, softly flowing, jet black hair. From Brian's soft, silky boxers to Kimberly baby girl, one-piece silky teddy, that strained to cover her muscle packed torso and thick bubble butt (straining to do so, and failing to get the lower end of her muscular glutes, at that). The silk of their sensual surroundings and sexy attire only helped the mood set for this video, something that allowed their bodies to flow and glide not only off one another's (especially Kimberly, whose lush, meaty Amazonian powered flesh was already as smooth to the touch as the lingerie she wore), but also off their current locale as well.

Without words, within a few seconds time of her erotic videos start, Kimberly and Brian lovingly began kissing one another; their lips aching passionately for one another's touch, as their hands slowly moved up and down their currently standing forms. Their lips gliding softly over their lover's own, dancing and tickling soft, supple lips with erotic grace and gentle, loving touches. Their eyes were closed, their minds lost in the lust that each of them were sending to the other, something that could clearly be heard by their sensually charged moans and seen by the tender, caressing touches of their bodies by their constantly traveling fingertips. Up and down their hands went, done not in a furiously sexual groping and grabbing way (not for this video, at least), done in more of a more sensual, softer, erotic tone, something that helped build up the sexual emotions coursing through their bodies to an even greater level.

Brian's fingers traveled all over the wide expanse of his girlfriends broad, powerful back, making sure to trace and touch each muscular mound and ripple therein; doing so over and over again before traveling outward to her larger than softball sized shoulders, where he proceeded to massage her milky white muscles with gentle, tender touches. The hardness and firmness of her body was well beyond what he (not being an overly athletic man himself) could ever hope to dent, something in this instance he didn't wish to anyway. His goal here was to send wave after wave of erotic pleasures all about Kimberly's amazingly muscular body; something he could tell was working to a T due to her latest series of all too sensuous groans and kitten-like purring. Knowing there was so much more of her body to please, he then moved his fingertips down lower still, feeling now not the previously bare flesh of her body, but the silky smooth material that currently covered her thick, hard, bowling ball sized butt. Each muscle packed mound of which was larger than his head, so full and thick with muscle that even both of his hands couldn't hope to cover just one of her glutes; though concealing her butt wasn't his plan, tickling and teasing its soft, smooth hardness was. Something he did to perfection, as his hands traveled all about Kimberly's wide, thick ass, occasionally giving little pushes and pulls of it into him even further, allowing the front of her body more contact with his quickly growing erection; which as with everything else these two young lovers were doing here and now caused them both to groan out with sexual delights.

Still no words were spoken in this scenario thus far, their lips far too busy playing and dancing all about one another's to even think about breaking away to speak. No words were needed by anyone watching to see that Kimberly and Brian were as deeply in love as they were deeply lost in this all too sensual moment; and while Brian's hands continued to glide and move all about his lover's powerfully build Amazonian body, she was not to be outdone in that department either. Kimberly's touches filled her man's body with wild sensual sensations. Not only due to the parts of his less than buff physique that she erotically tickled and teased (which having been together as long as they have, she knew all too well), but with the idea that such a physically strong and powerful woman could be capable of of such soft gentility; that hands capable of bending steel and crushing stone, were also more than adept at giving him such gentle, tender and loving touches.

And touch they did, all over his body, a body which to Kimberly was just plain perfect, as Brian thought of her voluptuously muscular physique as well. Though their love was so true that even if they had unflattering bodies to one another, that they knew they would still be together forever. Such love and tenderness showed through in each and every second of this video, as their lips continued to erotically smack and pop over one others, as their touches continued to make their way sensuously over one another's sexually quivering frames. So much so, that Kimberly's massive DD-cup breasts began to flex and bounce about all on their own, something that they each knew happened when she got Really excited, something that was a given to occur during this video shoot.

So with a final kissing of her soft, full lips, Brian reluctantly broke his lips away and traveled downwards to Kimberly's thick, beefy, muscle packed breasts. Using both of his hands (and most of his strength) to cup their outer sides, he pushed them ever so gently together to give her already obvious cleavage an additional boost, as his touches sent further waves of pleasure all about her, causing her pec muscles to contract and flex about even moreso. A dangerous place for someone's face to be so close to, though Brian knew full well that even in the deepest throes of passion that his girlfriend would never really hurt him; such confidence and a desire to pleasure the woman he loved caused him to move his face even closer to her partially silk covered breasts, or more specifically his mouth, which began to give her a more erotic display of tender loving kisses throughout every inch of her mostly exposed chest. Something that became even more revealed as he gave a gentle tugging on her ebony black teddy, exposing a few more precious inches of her all too inviting breasts.

Such treatment of her body was all too common from her loving man, who was the first one to really show her that she need not be embarrassed about being a big, strong, powerful girl, and that the world was full of men who would consider themselves Lucky to have her, him being at the very top of that list, if she would have him. And have him she would, as she cared for him just as much as he did her, thus began their relationship which had continued on years later to this day - and if they had anything to say about it, for the rest of their lives. Giving one another pleasures and delights such as this each and every day, something which brought Kimberly more back into the here and now, as she felt her lovers tongue give one final, long lick up the center of her mammothly muscular mammaries, causing her entire body to shiver as he did so, rising back up to his full height to give her one more kiss on her all too trembling lips; before he slowly, seductively moved around her broad, powerful frame to her back, where he reached over and around her sides (which wasn't easy with as wide as her muscularly built lats were) with both of his hands to cup her breasts the best he could. Using his thumbs to softly weak and flick her erect nipples, the reaction of which was an even louder series of moans from Kimberly's lip-licking mouth, and the tilting back of her head to further show just how much she was enjoying her man's touches. So much so she began to grind her lusciously formed butt back into him, her barely covering silk teddy, coupled with the smoothness of his own boxers shorts, sent waves of unreal sexual delights all throughout his body, just as his touches were doing to her. This was only further helped with him pushing his pelvis deeper into her stuck out glutes, rubbing his cock from underneath its silky covering back and forth across her luscious muscle butt, as his fingertips were teasing her powerfully built breasts, increasing the size and hardness of his cock and her nipples even more.

As with all of the other previously performed positions, this all too sexual position continued on for several minutes, each of them relishing in the feelings and emotions coursing all about their growingly turned-on and erotically charged bodies. So increased were their levels of lust at this point that neither of them knew just how much longer they could hold out before their final release. So again without any words, as none were needed with this so in love and emotionally connected young couple, Kimberly turned back around to face Brian yet again, her lips aching for his once more, as their mouths met each others yet again; the popping and smacking sounds from their lip's touches echoing about their pure white covered room. Brian's hands made their way now to the bottoms of Kimberly's black one-piece lingerie, lifting it up enough to get them underneath so he could tickle and caress her stomach beneath. He dragged his fingertips along each of the grooves of her clearly rippled abs (while not at the level of a bodybuilders, were still quite defined nonetheless), as she put her arms over his shoulders to gently massage and rub down his exposed back (not to mention allow her to pull him even closer to her sexually aching frame). Their moans and groans grew louder yet again at this point, which were the only sounds being utterly at all from their all too erotically busy mouths.

Brian then lifted the entire jet black, silky smooth lingerie of his lover up, over and away from her newly revealed form, which was as close to the perfect match of soft femininity and powerful muscularity as he could possibly imagine. Long gone where the days when Kimberly was too shy to fully reveal her thick, meaty frame, especially to the man before her now, who had the utmost permission to do anything he desired with her, just as she knew she had with him. Her DD-cup chest was now fully exposed, the slight friction of her newly discarded fabric previously crossing her breasts made her erect nipples stand out even moreso, as her lower half was still covered in dark black lacy thong panties. Something Brian decided to keep on for now, as he made his way down her body yet again, kissing her now exposed breasts several times before traveling lower still, giving each of the visible 6-packs of her stomach a loving lick, before ending his journey at her monstrously sized, yet very sexily shaped, thighs. Legs which could crush his skull like a grape, yet such was their trust and love for one another than he feared not an ounce at being so close to them; something which was proven with his lips now being brought closer still to further kiss and lick her muscularly defined, sexily curvaceous legs.

As Brian traveled down his girlfriend's Amazonian form, Kimberly's own hands moved from his body to now her own, as she sensuously handled her own mountainous chest, groping and kneading her flaringly hard pec muscles as only someone with her level of strength could, relishing to no end the enjoyment of her lovers soft kisses and gentle licks all over her 30" thighs. Though realizing that such pleasures needed to be shared by them both equally, that coupled with the fact that she could hold out only so much longer before they finished (something they had mastered at doing in perfect unison), she reached down with her thickly muscled arms for Brian, guiding him up to his feet before her, then gently grabbing his boxers and slowly tearing them in half, which was followed by the sexily performed removal of her own super moist panties. They were now both totally naked before one another, their two milky white bodies in a sea of silky white about them, each of them completely uncaring about the video cameras recording at this point, their only thoughts were off one another and the final act of yet another unreal sexual session.

The gorgeously exotic Asian Amazon then softly grabbed her man by his butt and lifted him slowly, tenderly up in the air, his feet in turn gently wrapping around her trim, tight waist, as she guided his virtually exploding cock deep within her all too waiting pussy. The joining of their most intimate and sexual of areas causing them both to give out their loudest orgasmic moanings yet, not to mention all too obvious erotic shiverings all over their bodies. Their lips met one more time, as Kimberly's super strong 18.5" arms guided Brian's dick in, out and around her dripping wet pussy. Their hips sensuously grinding into one another thanks to Kimberly powerful arm muscles, her lover's hands dancing and playing all over her increasingly wide back and lats, as their mouths and lips and tongues touched and re-touched one another again and again. All of which combined with the long built up levels of lust inside each of their now touching sexual areas, caused them both to Explode with all that they had, a sea of sexily excited love juices flowing all about their newly connected body parts.

Kimberly continued moving Brian in and out of her body for several minutes after the completion of their latest sexual experience, holding him completely off the ground with untold ease and the utmost care, until every last drop of cum from each of them was spend. He then wrapped his arms tight around his Amazon lovers huge frame, holding her chest as close to his as she was his pelvis to hers, as their now single form rocked back and forth, each of them in the most perfect place either could ever imagine.

"I love you, Baby" they both lovingly whispered into each others ears in unison, softly enough to just barely be heard by the various cameras about them, concluding this sensually erotic video with the only words each of them had spoken, words they would speak to one another too all often, for the rest of their lives.


HEATHER ' Age: 23, Height: 6" 2", Weight: 180 lbs.

Heathers choice of video also used her temporarily visiting boyfriend, though as was proven time and again with her phones calls to him during her stay here, it couldn't have been any different than Kimberly's in style or substance. A soft, erotic loving making video certainly fit the bill for her Sister In Muscle and her all too loving boyfriend, but Heather was hardly known for her soft and loving nature, especially when it came to her own boyfriend, especially after the news she recently received via cell phone text just a few hours ago. A text which caused her to change her original dominatrix/muscle worshiping session with her "willing" (aka physically intimidated) male, into something a bit more punishingly painful for her all too stupid man ' a man who while no slouch in the athletic department himself, being a very fit 5' 11" 170 pounds, though as impressive as those dimensions would be to most any other girl, to Heathers super statuesque 6' 2", 180 pound steel hard physique, it was simply no comparison. Something she proved several minutes before the start of her video, as she used her amazingly long and very lethal legs to crush/smother him unconscious, which was followed with her rock hard arms easily carrying him to the desired location, and the filming of this Amazonian video to begin soon afterwards.

"Wha......Uhhhhhhh........what? Where.......where am I?" the groggily awakening man slowly made out, his heart throbbing with obvious pain as his eyes began to focus on where he was. It looked to be a bedroom, a girls bedroom definitely, though not something that would fit the demeanor of his quite harsh and borderline butch girlfriend, Heather. Frills here and there, mostly covered in pinks, reds and whites, with posters of young studs and hunks about the walls, all of which giving this area the appearance of a young teenage girls room, which again begs the question, where was he, and why was he here?

As the seconds passed this growingly more mentally sober man's eyes fully cleared, his strength returning to him, as he rose up from the girlishly styled bed he was laying on, the last thoughts in his rapidly returning memories was of a tight muscle cuddle with his lean, sleekly muscled girlfriend, which not long after was followed by pain, and then blackness. But what did she have to do with all of this, he wondered. This was clearly not her room, either at the Top Amazon mansion or at their shared apartment back home, so why was he here? Such questions could only be answered by him actively going out and looking, something which caused him to turn and face this room's only door, grabbing it with renewed excitement as he flung it open and charged his way through.......or so was his plan.

While the opening of this closed, yet unlocked, door was all too simple a task, the act of him leaving this locale in a hurry was anything but, thanks in no small part to the towering female form blocking his way, the body of his super tall girlfriend Heather, whose physique was so large that she virtually covered every inch of opening of this doors frame, and so hard and unyielding that it caused his all too surprised body to bounce backward and fall down to the fluffy pink carpet of this room upon his impact with her.

His eyes again needing a few seconds to focus after such a shocking blow to his system, though when they did, and he managed to look UP at the massive female sight before him, his heart nearly stopped and his blood turned to ice. Though as familiar as he was with every inch of Heathers super strong frame, and the amount of pain it could cause a man such as him, he had to take a few additional takes to make sure it was really her. Not so much due to the undeniably Amazonian build she contained, more due to the type of clothing that at this point contained it (or tried to, anyway).

Heather towered over the still floor-laden man wearing the softest, frilliest, most girlishly styled, pink and white outfit he had ever seen, which barely contained her powerfully built torso and athletically plump butt. The rest of her body, her hard, clearly defined arms, most of her broad back and wide shoulders, more than a bit of her solid C-cups cleavage, and especially her Long, Lean, Muscular legs (down to her ankles, which were covered in white frilly socks and sexy high heeled black school shoes) were all completely bare and uncovered, allowing virtually every inch of this statuesque musclegirls ultra fit frame to be seen, not just by her boyfriend, but for the carefully placed hidden cameras all about as well. Her long, flowing hair placed into girlishly styled pigtails, complete with a pink colored bow on each end, all of which combined made her usually intimidatingly powerful frame into the sexiest "young" Amazon girl he had ever seen.

"Uncle Bob, what are you doing in my room!" Heather yelled out, scolding the man beneath her with a very angry look on her beautiful face, and more than a hint of a young girl's tone in her voice.

"Uncle Bob? What the fuck are you......"

"Uh uh, you know you're not supposed to use naughty words in front of me, don't you?" the towering schoolgirl continued on, followed with her bending down to grab her man by his throat with a single one of her long, powerful arms, as she then hoisted him high in the air, slamming his back against one of the nearby walls of this room, with his feet dangling several inches from the floor below. "You also know you're not supposed to be in my room!!" she continued on, giving the back of his head a few good slammings against the hard wall behind him, as his hands tried with all their might to pry her single hands grip apart and free himself, all too no avail. "Huh?? Whats this!!" Heather growled out in a mockingly surprised tone, as she used her free hand to reach into his pocket and pull out a few pairs of her sexy, lacy panties from within. "Oh, you're in for it now, Uncle Bob!" she spoke out through gritted teeth in an ultra threatening tone, as she tossed him several feet away, where he landed with a crashing Thud.

"Heather! What the Hell! What's going on here!!" he screamed back, much more from fear and terror than anger, as he knew full well getting angry at such a super strong, rock solid young woman only meant pain and agony for him.

"I should be asking you that, Uncle Bob! What were you doing in my room, with my sexy underwear in your pocket? Huh? Tell Me!!" she roared out again, making her way over to where she had just thrown him, only to pick him up again, her cable-like arms now around his chest, crushing and squeezing him into her steel hard frame, as his feet dangled helplessly flailed to and fro.

"Cant.....breathe......please........" was all he could make out, as Heather continued her painfully constricting pressure around his chest and ribs.

"You should have thought of breathing before you did what you did, Little Man!" the towering Amazon spoke out now more in her own tone and usage of words over the formerly little girl style she had been so far. "You should have know that I would find out just what you've been doing when I wasn't around, and that Id make you Pay for it all when I got my hands on you!!" Heather growled out more, pulsing her power packed arms here and there, giving her man an additional level of pain, bringing his ribs just a hair's breath from their breaking point.

"I.....I didn't do.......I......"

"Oh you be quiet now!" she furiously spoke back, giving him one final, powerful squeeze with her arms, before lowering him back down to his feet, which barely had the strength to hold him up, something that Heather helped him with; not to support him from falling, but to keep his head at the level of her thick, meaty pecs. Pecs which soon engulfed his face as she thrust his skull deep inside them, which was followed by the flexing of her breast flesh into solid mounds of pec muscle, causing him to scream out wildly, yet another part of his body being mangled by his Amazonian girlfriend's vastly superior frame. "No more talking from you, Stud! No more lies, you hear me!!" she continued on, now re-wrapping her arms around his torso (his arms included within her embrace this time), as she flexed and flared the muscles of her upper body, constricting his chest and head as if they were both in steel hard vices.

"I told you what would happen......" FLEX! "......if you did anything while I was gone!" CRUSH! "I warned you, didn't I? Didn't I!!" SQUEEZE!!! "But you didn't listen, did you? Even when I told you I was having someone keep an eye on you!" MANGLE! "Bet you never believed it would be your own little sister, Did You!" CRACKLE!! "Oh Yes, she and I became very close this past year, and when you get back home, she's gonna do the same exact thing to you!!" CRUNCH!! "Get you ready for when I return! And if I don't come back with the Top Amazon title......." SNAP!! ".....then I'm taking it all out on YOU!! Grrrrrrrrrr!!" Heather roared out, giving her muscles one final Flexing, before releasing her punishing hold, causing her mans body to fall limp to the floor, nearly unconscious from the vicious (yet surprisingly, not bone breaking) assault she had just given him.

"Did you not think Id ever find out, Uncle Bob?" she cooed out, more sexily than angrily now, as she slowly circled his floor-bound body, which barely had the power to rise to his hands and knees. "Did you think you could keep doing what you were doing? Taking advantage of me, without me finding out? Poor Uncle Bob, looks like you need to be taught a real hard lesson, and I'm just the one who's gonna do it!" she teased out in a little girls tone, though as playfully young as it may have sounded, such a threat was more than enough to terrify the athletically fit, 170 pound male before her.

"Heather....I didn't......I swear......."

"Oh didn't you? Well, maybe your little sister is lying to me then? Making up stories of you flirting at the beach, at the gym, at the bars and nightclubs? Sneaking girls into Our apartment while I was away for some bedroom fun!! Maybe all of that didn't happen!?!" Heather roared out, yet again returning to her usual tone of voice and demeanor, as she wrapped her arms around his waist from behind, lifting him several feet off the ground, upside-down this time, before shoving his head inside her stronger than steel thighs; which opened and closed around his skull, something that caused him to cry and scream out in panic, and then when the crushing began again, in Pain as well.

Such treatment was nothing new to this foolish young man, in fact some part of him actually liked being dominated and beaten down by his sexy, Amazon woman. Though this time was definitely not one of their more enjoyable sessions, as Heather was really letting him have it, in her mind giving him his just punishment for betraying her orders and demands. The only thing that stopped her from going All Out on him here and now, giving him such a beating that he would be in the hospital for the next month, was the Top Amazon clause that only minimal damage (relatively speaking) was ever to be caused to someone during their time on this show. Though that didn't mean she couldn't bring him just inches from that point, just a bit from crossing that line, giving him just a taste of what he was in store for when she returned home and the gloves Really came off.

Heather then gave out a loud growl, as she released her nearly skull-popping pressure from her thighs, powering up her arms higher still, lifting her stupid boyfriend up in the air, so high in fact that his newly flipped around head Smacked solidly into the ceiling above them, before she Slammed him back down to the ground, or this time, to the large, frilly pink bed before them (doing so with such force that even its cushioned frame caused the breath to fly out of his lungs)

"You're such a fan of my little girl panties, Uncle Bob, then why don't I give you a little first hand taste!!" she scolded out in a high pitched, sex kitten tone, as she leapt up onto the bed, moreso onto his already pain-wracked chest, and straddled his face with her tight, firm ass. Her legs then re-clamping themselves around his head, as she used a single one of her hands to shove his face deeper and deeper into her moist, hot pussy. "Mmmmmmm, does that feel as good for you as it does for me, Uncle Bob?" Heather cruelly giggled out as she continued to harshly jam her mans head into her all too awaiting vagina, the smell of her erotic wetness flowing all about his senses below, as her thighs gave little pulsating squeezes to the sides of his skull. "Oooooooh yeah, does my little baby girl body crushing and controlling yours just make you wanna cum as it does me?" she continued on, jamming his wildly groaning face into her snatch, rocking and bouncing her solidly heavy frame up and down on his torso as she did so.

"Whats this? You Are enjoying this?!?!" the powerful musclegirl growled out, looking back behind her to see his cock straining against the material of his growingly tighter blue jeans. "Oh no, Little Boy, this is Punishment Time for you, Play Time for me!" she spoke, followed with her turning herself around on him, still sitting and smothering his face out with her butt, though now facing down towards his clearly erect cock. She then used both hands to reach down and tear apart his jeans ultra hard denim fabric, revealing his obvious bulge within its still concealing silky boxers. "You've been think with this head much too much lately, so maybe its time I give it just as much punishment as the rest of your body!!"

With that, Heather than began to slap and strike and squeeze this shaft of manly hardness to and fro, from one side to the other, each forcefully hit impact causing unreal pain to this amazingly sensitive area, though doing little actual lasting damage to him in the end (perfect for the rules of this TV show). Cries and screams were just barely heard under her crushing ass, as his tears were soaked up in the material of her teddy-bear styled little girl panties. His pleas for mercy went unheeded, as she knew full well he deserved such treatment for disobeying her as she did; letting his cock control him over her words, something she would not tolerate in the least, and would make sure he would never, Ever, forget who was his boss.

And so went the remaining minutes of her Top Amazon video. Heather using and abusing her completely demolished and battered boyfriend (or was that Uncle Bob?), teaching them both a very valuable lesson, that when you had a bad-tempered Amazon girl in your life, it was best to do as she says, Or Else.

The funny thing was that he WAS being faithful to her (moreso out of fear than loyalty, mind you), and that it was his own little sister that told such "white lies" in order to get her brother the beating he deserved, for years of bullying treatment and abusive ways from him to her while growing up. Something that wouldn't be an issue any longer due to the shape he would be in for some time after his return, not to mention the fact that Heather had promised to train her to become an Amazon just like she herself, meaning that such physically dominating treatment could be done personally by her (thanks in large part to her already fit and healthy frame) from now on.


DAWN ' Age: 22, Height: 5' 8", Weight: 165 lbs.

The ultra beautiful Dawn's video transformed her into something that was the exact opposite of what she truly was. A tactic that fellow Amazons Kimberly had done before and Heather was also doing now, not to mention changing her into the exact thing that was voted out in Week 1 of this contest; though she thought her unique blend of ultra womanly beauty, a more buff fitness (and not overly massive) type physique, and her own unique personality, would allow her to shine here above what had been done previously. She was going to create a video scenario where she was a sexy, perfectly shaped, muscularly solid Dominatrix, catering to a unique felt of female muscle fans that wanted a mix of verbal and mental domination, as well as just the physical. She also thought adding a mix of "breaking the 4th wall" (aka talking to the viewers watching her video) would also help create a sense of uniqueness about her recording, one that she looked at as an enjoyable roleplaying session, one that allowed her to change her from her usual attire (as sexy as that was, wrapped snug and tight around her firm, fit physique) to the costume of a dominatrix, which she brought to a whole new level.

"On your knees, Boy!" the breathtakingly beautiful Dawn growled out to the large, muscularly built man before her, who was dressed even skimpier as she herself was, his only form of clothing a less than fashionable pair of leather thong panties. Her already statuesque height was augmented several inches by a pair of high heeled ankle boots, which flowed up into her long, lean, fishnet stocking-covered legs, both of which were spread a few feet apart directly in front of her all too willing captive. "Good, that's very good" she cooed out sexily in a powerful, yet softly feminine, voice; as her perfectly sculpted legs walked slowly around this much larger man, the clicking of her high heels echoing in perfect rhythm all about them as she did so.

As the camera panned up and back, more of Dawn's rock solid body could be seen, as could her all too sexily chosen uniform of domination. A mix of hard leather and flowing mesh, as well as the perfect amount of bare, muscular flesh, coupled with a studded leather choker around her supplely smooth neck, her long mane of black hair cascading down her broad, capped shoulders, and piercing blue eyes that gave of a look of intensity and control - of which over this thickly built man before (and beneath) her, she had without question.

"Do you know why you're here, my Little Man?" Dawn breathed out erotically, as she continued to walk ever so slowly around this man's still kneeling form.

"Yes, Mistress" was all he could dare reply in return, his head hanging low in an already defeated stance.

"Do you like being my little Slave?"

"Yes, definitely Mistress!" he replied back with more excitement.

"You do, do you? So you like it when I physically dominate you then? Order you around, obey my commands? When I just wrap this body of mine around you......" she spoke on, stopping right behind him, as she then walked forward, straddling his back, sitting on him as if he was her steed, "......and just Squeeeeeeeze" the beautiful Amazon breathed out erotically, as she slowly began to constrict her legs around this man's much larger torso, causing him to grunt and groan out in discomfort as she did so. "Did that hurt, my adorable Little Boy-Toy? Did my steel hard, super strong muscles cause you pain?" she seductively asked out, which was followed by silence (more due to this man not fully realizing he was to answer her, over him being disobedient). Though to further play the part of the punishing dominatrix, she gave her thighs a further crushing squeeze, crying out "Answer Me, Boy!" as she did so.

"Yes! Yes that hurts, my Mistress!!" he yelled out in panic and more than a bit of pain (though not nearly as much as what was being displayed here, he being an actor just as Dawn herself was for this video, nor was it nearly as strong as what her shapely, vice-like legs were capable of).

"So you are awake, Little One? Here I thought your silence meant you had gone to sleep on me" she breathed out into his ears, leaning down her upper body much closer to his own as she did so. "Oh course if you're tired, and need a little rest......a little sleep......I'm sure I can fulfill your request there as well" Dawn concluded with a more sinister tone and devilish smile, as she snaked her visibly muscular arms up and around his neck (her legs still with their constricting hold over his chest, her breasts now pushing firmly into his back), placing him in a sexily performed sleeper hold. The much larger man then tried to free himself, trying to buck her off his back, trying to pry her arms apart with his own, though it was all for naught as the superior strength and power was clearly contained in Dawn's super buff, fitness girl frame. "Shhhhhh, don't fight it Baby, just let go and drift off into dreamland" the powerful Amazon girl whispered into his ears, doing so in a more sexual, less dominating way, as her perfectly controlled muscles brought this visibly weakening male into the soft, soothing blackness of unconsciousness.

Dawn then released her inescapable hold over her man, softly easing his bulky, hard body back to the floor, before standing straight up tall and proud over him, her muscular ripples and feminine shape showing all throughout her sexily leather-clad form. She then bent down before her newly knocked out "slave boy", using her incredibly strong arms to lift his 250+ pound frame up off the floor (doing so with remarkable ease at that); cradling him in her arms like a baby, as she rocked him back and forth before looking up at the camera and giving her beautiful face a wide grin.

"Are you jealous of this man? Do you wish you could be him, be cuddled and rocked back and forth in my steel hard arms? Lifted and carried around like a child with my powerful, sexy muscles? You do find muscles on a woman sexy, don't you? Oh, it would make me so very upset if you didn't, and trust me, you wouldn't like that very much at all!" she growled out now to all of her would-be homebound viewers, before lowering the large, muscular body of her man onto a wooden chair, reaching out to claim a long metal bar as she returned back to her full height.

"He didn't like muscular, strong women before either, but now he likes whatever I say" she cooed out erotically, twirling the 3-foot long steel bar before her like a cheerleader would a baton, doing so for several seconds with perfect grace and expert skill; stopping with it now being held in both of her soft, yet undeniably powerful, hands. Dawn then looked straight at the camera with a seductive glare, doing so as if she could see all of those watching this video from the comforts of their own home, and while giving out a long, slow series of ultra sensual blown kisses, she tensed her arms hard and strong upwards, bending the now screaming steel frame into a pretzel before her. "You would do whatever I said too, if you were here with me. I know, I can tell" Dawn added on, giving her now mangled object one final bend, before tossing it to the side where it landed on the floor with a loud Clang.

She then noticed her man was slowly returning to the land of the living, his eyes fluttering up and down, his head moving back and forth. The towering Amazon Dom moved right up to him, placing a single sexily bent leg and high heel adorned foot on his chest, pushing him backwards ever so slowly, tilting his chair back to the point where it was nearly about to fall over. Yet as she did so easily with him previously, her control over his much heavier form was absolute, and while there was no real fear of him falling back to the hard floor below, she used her impressive dominating attitude to make him feel that there was.

"Lick my boots, Little Man! Lick and kiss them all over or I'll kick you down to the ground, lift you up high in the air, and do it all over again!" Dawn spoke out to him in a powerful, authoritative voice, her eyes again filled with harsh intensity, giving a strict order to her rapidly awakening man before her; an order that he would fulfill to his best abilities, Or Else! And so he did, swiftly raising his hands up to carefully hold her all too femininely covered foot, rising his lips up and over to it (which was a bit difficult, in the nearly falling backward position he was currently in), kissing and licking their leathery hide with the utmost obedience and more than a look of fear about his eagerly pleasing face.

"Mmmmmm, you are such a good Little Boy, aren't you? Do you enjoy listening to your Muscle Mistress? Obeying her every command? Relish in being my Slave?" Dawn spoke out to this man, who could only nod his head in agreement; lest he speak and break his mouths current duties of kissing and licking her boots. An act that both answered her question and continued to perform her previously demanding act. Yes, she had trained this one well, very well, and for that he was to be rewarded with something such muscle loving men desired most of all ' a feat of strength from a beautiful, sexy Amazon.

Dawn then reached down to his still sitting form, lifting him up yet again, this time draping him across her rippling hard back and perfectly rounded shoulders, face down in a more fireman's carry hold (as opposed to having him face the reverse side up, which would be a much more painful backbreaker). Her body looked utterly unreal, the perfect blending of brute strength and sexy femininity, as she walked around this area with him across her back, doing so with as much effort as if he was a spring jacket, and no more. About a minute later she ended her parading around display, the camera focusing on her beautifully buff body once more, as she began to bend and straighten her long, firm, strong legs, hitting rep after rep with this very large man's body across her shoulders. Her unreal physique and model-esque face showing off her unrivaled beauty, while this physical act (which like so many others, was done with remarkable ease) displayed her more than impressive physical power.

"I bet you wish you were in his position, don't you?" Dawn sexily breathed straight into the camera's lens, her glowing blue eyes sensually half closed, giving her an even greater aura of sexy seduction about her. "I could hold you like this all day long, carry you around like a little baby, lift you up and down, throw you about like a rubber ball until you beg me to stop......." she cooed, giving her man one last squatting rep, before hoisting him high above her head with her power packed arms, "......but rest assured, you would be begging me for More as soon as I did" she concluded for the moment, before hitting a series of completely overhead lifts with her all too willing slave-boy. "Isn't that right, my weak little man? What would you do if I told you I'd never lift you, hold you, throw you, crush and squeeze you, ever again?" she softly yet dominatingly spoke, lowering him back down to his feet, moving a few feet away from him, before hitting a full on front double biceps shot, solidifying her thickly fit and super firm body right before his eyes.

"No! Please, my Mistress, I cannot live knowing I would never feel you around me, holding me, hurting me, again!" the large, muscle man cried out, before dropping to his knees again at her feet. "I beg you, never deny me your touch, nor deny your perfect body mine!!" he continued to plead to his super sexy dominatrix, who actually broke character for a few seconds with an adorably cute giggle (a bit of the real Dawn poking out from her play-acting), which was quickly turned into a loud, powerful laugh, as she lorded over this man's all too eager form.

"You like this body then? Would you like to touch it.....feel it.....worship it? Well then, rise before me, my willing slave, and touch these with all of your strength!" she ordered out as she turned herself around, flexing both of her steel hard, baseball-sized biceps at him from behind, causing the male before her to spring to his feet and grasp a hold of their truly rock solid musculature. Female muscles that while clearly inferior in size to his own, by quite a bit at that, though were so much firmer, harder and apparently stronger than his, or virtually any man he had ever seen. It was a bit of a mystery just how her more buff fitness type physique could be capable of such physical power and supreme hardness, though he cared little for solving this riddle here and now, and more about enjoying the feel of her body (any part she would allow him to touch) within his amazingly hard grasp.

"Mmmmmm, that feels good, my obedient Little Man. Now raise up your feet, raise them up off the floor and allow me to hold you up just with the strength of my hard, sexy biceps" Dawn demanded as she turned her flawless face around one of her shoulders to better see him behind her; an order that he followed without hesitation, as he bent his knees, grabbing extra tight and firm around her impressively peaked arm muscles, which incredibly held not only their ground without an inch of sagging downward, but held this man's entire body weight as well. Dawn's face was a glow, smiling wide with enjoyment (knowing she could without breaking character, as she was now facing away from the Top Amazon's still recording camera) as she further displayed her superior strength over this man; who she could suddenly feel with the slight rubbing of his expanding erection against the back of her legs and hard bubble butt, was enjoying this particular domination session all too much ' maybe a bit too much, in fact.

"Little Worm! Do I feel your tiny little cock growing without my permission!!" Dawn yelled with mock anger, as she effortlessly tossed him from her still flexing arm muscles, only to turn around and tower over his now sitting form; her ultra fit physique pumped hard and strong, so much so that little rips and tears began to sprout over her erotically styled dominatrix attire; even the hard leather proving no match for this young Amazon's fully flexed muscles.

"Do you remember the last time you got erect without my say so? Or maybe you forgot how I encased it in my diamond cut calves and just flexed them to their peak size and shape? Making them so big and hard that I nearly scissored that little pecker of yours clean off! Or the other time I just sandwiched it between my pecs, and just expanded my chest muscles so much you thought I was going to crush it to pulp! And here I thought you were being a good slave-boy, I guess now its time for more punishment, and this time I'm not going easy on you!" Dawn continued with her act, so convincingly in fact that the man actually looked to be in complete terror, so far as to try to turn and run from her grasp as she came down for him. Though quick as he was, she was so much faster, not to mention stronger, something which was proven yet again as she harshly lifted him to his feet and beyond, wrapping her arms around his torso in a bone-bending bearhug.

She spent the next several minutes crushing this man's barrel-like chest against her own undentable breasts, flexing them full and firm on the one end, while using her arms to constrict against him from the other. Little additional pulsations of power could be seen here and there, as she jolted her arms (and with it, his body) every so often, causing him to yelp and cry out from such treatment ' treatment which was done for a specific lesson, one she was sure that he would Not be learning, just so he could receive such treatment from her again in the future. Though such as pleasurable as his body crushing treatment was from this insanely gorgeous young Amazon (a true mixture of pleasure from pain), all good things must come to an end, which he learned all too well as Dawn used her expert muscle control to safely cut the breath from his lungs, which before long brought him to yet another forced slumber. His thickly muscled body now completely limp and fully supported by Dawn's smaller, though much stronger frame.

She then scooped up his legs and held him in another cradle carrying hold, turning her stunningly attractive face to the camera, and cooing erotically, "Men, you can't live with them.....but you can squeeze them into obedient little boy-toys", which was followed with a sultry pout from her lusciously full lips and a sexy wink from her glisteningly blue eyes, as she walked off camera holding the over 250 pound unconscious man in her arms like nothing. The slow Clicking of her heels softly echoing about and off into the distance, being the final sounds from this sexily performed domination video.


"So Bill, how did the girls do with this week's challenge?" the lead Top Amazon host, Tatiana B., spoke out to her fellow, and only male, judge.

"Overall I thought they all did fantastic! Hell, I have copies of of all of them in my personal collection, and let me tell you, they're all Very Effective" Bill W. replied in a purposely, yet teasingly, lecherous tone.

"Why does that not surprise me!" final Top Amazon judges Rachel M. and Cynthia R. spoke out in perfect, unplanned, unison.

"No offense meant ladies, I mean it's not like I'm comparing their videos to our special alone time together last weekend" he replied with a devilish smile across his semi-chubby face.

"BILL!!" the female bodybuilding icon and martial arts starlet yelled out, again in perfect sync with one another; their slightly aged yet undeniably beautiful faces turning a slight shade of red as they did so.

"OK.....well why don't we get right down to it and discuss the girl's videos one by one, shall we?" Tatiana added in, trying to get her judging panel back on track here.

"You're lucky we don't just take you outside and beat the crap out of you!" Cynthia made out, a harsh look from her beautiful, blond covered face as she did so.

"And, we would, trust me....'cept you'd probably enjoy it" Rachel followed suit, flexing an impressively sized and shaped bicep at the current object of their contempt.

"Whenever you're ready ladies, my door......among other always open" Bill shot back, with his trademark wit and playful smile.

" what do we think of Kimberly's video?" Tatiana used her power as Main Host and Lead Judge of this panel to return their topic of conversation to official ANTA business (for now, anyway). Business they discussed over the course of the next hour, analyzing several factors of each video from their Top Five all too deserving Amazon girls. Each of them with their own unique physique, style, attitude, skills and overall appearance, each of them wanting the Top Amazon title more than anything else; each of them creating very different, yet very enjoyable, female muscle videos for this latest challenge, in the hopes that it would be enough to allow them to avoid elimination, moving one week closer to this TV show's Grand Prize. Yet in the end only one would be awarded this prize, and right here and now one of these girls must go home. A decision that none of the panel's judges truly wanted to make, though one that needed to be made nonetheless. A choice they all agreed upon after a long, hard and sometimes heated series of debates ' though one that came to a very unfortunate, very surprising, conclusion in the end.


"Ladies, welcome and congratulations on making it this far into America's Next Top Amazon. You are the Top 5 women in this competition, one that started off with many thousands signing up and auditioning for all across the country. Out of all of those who have applied, you have all been deemed special enough to make it this far, and you should all be very proud of that fact, no matter who is leaving today or how far you get in this competition. A competition whose Final Winner will not only have the honor of being the First America's Next Top Amazon, but will also receive a prize package including a 5 video contract with WPW Videos, a fully developed personal website built to her own specifications, a fully stocked gymload of exercise equipment, a full line of athletic gear and casual clothing from Everson Productions, as well as $100,000 in cash" Tatiana confidently and proudly spoke of such a title, to all of the more than deserving young women before her.

"This week we asked that you create your own, unique female muscle video. One that came from your own mind, one which you felt would be the most enticing, most desirable, the most enjoyable to those watching from the comfort of their own home. Overall I must say we did like what we saw, which was a very mixed blending of styles and ideas, from the emotionally loving, to the harshly dominating, to everything in between. We were pleased with what we had seen with each of your performances, some more than others, and in the end that video did ultimately decide which of you would be leaving us tonight..........though I regret to say, not in the way we wanted......" the Ebony Amazon spoke out in a somewhat down and defeated tone. "Will Crystal and Amanda please step forward" she then requested in a soft voice, causing more than a bit of confusion with her five remaining young Amazons; who all looked at one another with puzzling glances, and at two of their own, who grabbed one another's hands as they made their way up to their Top Amazon host.

"I don't really know how to say this girls, so I'm just going to come right out with it. The video you jointly made, while highly thought of by us all, unfortunately pushed the boundaries of what we're allowed to do with unwilling participants on this show. It seems those men you dealt with, in addition to the very gym itself, took action against us; action which our representatives did manage to settle, though in doing so we were informed that one of you had to leave this week"

"What??? NO! No, no, I cant......she cant......we cant......" 18 year old Crystal cried out instantly, tears swelling in her eyes and down her beautiful face, as she cuddled into her best friend and Amazonian lover, Amanda. Devastated more due to the fact that she was going to be pulled apart from her, no matter who was asked to leave, over the chance that she herself may be out of the running to win this much desired contest.

"Shhhhhhh, its OK Baby,.......Shhhhh its all gonna be alright....." Amanda spoke to Crystal as she did her best to comfort the slightly younger girl, as well as to hide her own tears from whelling up in her eyes.

"I'm so sorry it had to come to this, girls, we wish this could have ended very differently. Nonetheless, I'm afraid one of you has to leave tonight, and after much discussion with our judging panel on who that will be - taking in factors of which of you we feel has a better overall chance to win this contest, and let me say between you two that was a very small margain indeed - we have made our decision" Tatiana continued on, watching as the two teenage supergirls before her looked as worried as little children before their soon to be punishing mother. A punishment she wished she didn't have to make, though one that simply had to be nevertheless. "The name I call next will be the one of you who will be allowed to stay, making her way one step closer to claiming the title, Americas Next Top Amazon. The name I do not call must return to the house, pack her bags, and go home" Tatiana concluded, as she wiped her own set of tears from her clearly emotional eyes, which focused on the two young women before her; who she knew had grown So Close during their time here, time which would now come to an end for one of them.

Crystal and Amanda held one another's Amazonian bodies tightly, so much so that it would have crushed near any man trapped within their embrace to pulp, yet they felt no pain from their emotionally filled hug. They had hoped from the start that it could be both of them as the Final Two in this contest, yet as fate would have it one of them was leaving much earlier than either of them would have liked. Their hearts were breaking right before everyone's eyes, so much so even the normally tough Heather was shedding a slight tear for their loss (let alone Dawn and Kimberly, who each had tears falling down their beautiful faces almost as much as the pair of young musclegirls before them). Though in the end there was nothing any of them could do for their friends, nor they for each other, as all eyes (tear-stained as they were) were focused on the gorgeous Top Amazon host Tatiana, who with a single word from her full, luscious lips would eliminate yet another of these truly deserving young girls.

"The girl that will be allowed to continue on their quest to become America's Next To Amazon is..........Amanda" the statuesque, mocha skinned Amazon spoke, as the two young women before her hugged passionately, tears now flowing like a stream down both of their faces, Amanda just as much as Crystal at this point. As the older girl, she always looked at herself as the protector of this truly special younger woman; yet now it broke her heart knowing she could do so no longer.........or could she?

"I'd like to say something....." the very upset looking 19 year old bodybuilder spoke out, breaking away softly from Crystal's embrace to face this show's judging panel. "......I don't feel its right to send Crystal home for our video, especially since it was all my idea"

"No, no it wasn......" the High School wrestler tried to get out, only to be overtaken by her hardbodied lover's words.

"It was my fault things escalated as they did, so I take full responsbility and fault at what happened afterwards. As such, I'm quitting this show, here and now, under the condition that Crystal be allowed to stay" Amanda selflessly made out to Tatiana, who in turn agreed (albeit it reluctantly) that this would be so if she decided to leave. This announcement shocked all about them, a final protective act on her part to save her beloved friend from elimination this week. Crystal protested this to her fullest, not wanting Amanda to sacrafice herself for her; but Amanda only hugged her thickly muscled frame into her own rippling hard one, whispering into her ears that they would see one another again; and that this was only the end for them the moment, as they would soon be back together, after she had wont the title of America's Next Top Amazon.

With that, Dawn, Kimberly and Heather too joined in on this group-hugging, which continued on for several minutes, before young Amanda emerged from her wall of loving female muscle; giving a wave back to Tatiana and the rest of the judging panel behind her, before hitting a massively pumped up Most Muscular pose which exploded her tight jeans and form-fitting T-shirt to pieces. A final, in-character salute from this teenage musclegirl, who then turned back around (before blowing a final kiss towards Crystal's very emotional lips), making her way out the room, and off of this show.

THE END...........for now. :)

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