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            Oceanside Beach was a prime destination for high schoolers and young college students looking for sand and surf (and sometimes love) in the summer ' and it was the perfect road trip for 18-year old super muscular high school seniors Amy and Jessica.

            The sun beat down on the hot parking lot, baking the asphalt and the cars slowly pulling in.  As Jessica's candy apple red convertible drove into a open parking space, one would be remiss not to miss the mountains of teenage muscle (in the tiniest bikinis imaginable) settled into both the driver and passenger seats ' or the giggling of these two teenagers. Indeed, the two gorgeous, 6-foot tall Amazons nearly caused multiple accidents on the trip. 

"Did you see that one truck driver?  He almost veered off the road when he saw my chest!" Amy giggled in her high-pitched voice as she got out of the car.

            "Well, can you blame him?" said Jessica.  "Look at your top!"  Jessica's eyes looked down from her best friend's gorgeous face and blond pigtails to her baby blue, way too small string bikini.  The top was stretched so tight across Amy's massive chest that the string threatened to break at any moment.

            "Well you didn't help any," Amy laughed, her eyes looking over her cute pink sunglasses.  "Those poor frat boys nearly crashed into the divider when you mooned them!"  Amy's eyes looked down from Jessica's beautiful face to her rock hard, bowling ball glutes.  A barely visible dark red thong was wedged deep into them.  Jessica's brunette pigtails waved in the ocean breeze.

            Jessica looked back down at her perfectly sculpted, muscular ass.  "Mom always said, if you got it, flaunt it."  She winked at Amy.  She gave her butt a solid slap as they walked towards the beach.

            "Mmm," Amy replied.  "You certainly can flaunt it."  She licked her lips.

            "You're not so bad yourself, babe," Jessica said.  She looked around to see if anyone was looking, then leaned her head down towards Amy's bikini top.  "If this doesn't come off later from your flexing, maybe I can help it."  She opened her mouth and playfully bit the string.

            "Ooh-" Amy's eyes fluttered.  "It's getting hot," she suddenly said, and laid her blanket on the scorching sand.  "We better put on some tanning oil."

            The two opened some bottles of the viscous liquid and began spreading it liberally over each other's massive bodies.  "Can you get my back?" Jessica smiled, turning slightly and slowly bending over.  Amy sighed delicately and poured the oil onto her fingers.  She massaged her best friend's massive back and paid particular attention to her rock hard ass.

            "Only if you get my front," Amy said.  Jessica turned around as Amy flexed her massive chest deeply.  Jessica poured the remaining oil down into Amy's bountiful cleavage, letting it cascade down her washboard abs.  She rubbed her friend's chest and paid particular attention to Amy's slowly hardening nipples.

            Before they got any more hot and bothered, the two laid down on their towels.  The scorching sun above them and sand around them turned up the heat on their own, baking their super muscular bodies and causing small droplets of sweat to bead on their well-oiled skin.   Small rivulets of sweat cascades down Jessica's back and butt, while the same rivulets winded through Amy's cleavage and dribbled down her abs.

            As the hours went on, the beach slowly filled up with young high schoolers and college students (mostly men).  Amy and Jessica had carefully chosen a spot close to the back for their day at the beach ' away from most of the crowd but in prime position for tanning ' and a little sightseeing.

            "I love coming to this beach," Jessica said, looking out at the males in front of her.  "The guys here are so-"

            "Tiny," Amy breathlessly finished.

            Indeed, many of the young male high schoolers and college students were of the thin and frail variety (at least compared to the massive Amy and Jessica).  From preppy high schoolers to college boys, most of the guys were well under 5'6".  They were much thinner and smaller than Amy and Jessica's massive frames ' and that's exactly how they liked it.

            Amy's eyes bounced from guy to guy.  "Look at that one," she said.  "Looks like he's 13- but he must weigh only 90 lbs."

            "God," Jessica replied.  "When I was 10 I was probably bigger than he was.  Could've broken him in half with my thighs at the time, too."  The two girls laughed.

Jessica's eyes scanned the horizon.  "Check out that one.  Must be a college guy with that goatee.  He can't be much bigger than 5'4"".

            "Mmm," Amy shifted on her towel.  "I can't wait for college."

            As the Amazon beauties continued to tan, a group of 6 young guys came near them.  Setting up an impromptu beach football game, they began to throw passes near the girls' towels.

            "Look at these guys," Amy whispered.  "How old do you think they are?"

            "Hmm," Jessica replied, looking them up and down.  The shirtless young guys all had incredibly thin chests, legs and arms.  Just one of her thighs looked bigger than all of their chests.  She watched one run back to his car that said "Greendale High Class of 2007."  "Seniors," she replied.  "Looks like they're all 18."  She looked at their Abercrombie and Fitch clothing.  "Preppies".

            "Thin preppies," Amy replied with a sly smile.

            "Really tiny preppies," Jessica replied, licking her lips.

            As the guys' football game drew closer, Amy and Jessica tried best to hide their interest.  The guys looked delectable to them.  Their ultra thin legs barely contained any muscle.  Their arms had a rough time throwing the football (let alone tackling each other).  Their preppie look even completed the irony, as they tried to look cooler and more confident than they actually were.

            "I think they're really cute," Amy said with a sigh.

            "They're not just cute.  They're delicious," Jessica replied with a grin.  "Let's have some fun."

            A few minutes later, the football landed a few inches away from the girls' massive bodies, splashing up a little sand.  Jessica got up on her knees and yelled out at the guys in mock anger, "Hey!  We're lying here!  Don't get sand on our towels!"

            "Or what?" the group's presumed leader step forward and asked.  The dirty blond kid looked to be half of Jessica's size, and he tried to feign authority looking at Jessica's rock hard body.

            "Or else," Jessica simply replied.  She threw the football back at the weedy guy, catching him in the stomach.  He backpedaled a few feet from the blow, nearly falling over.  He turned slowly and went back to the game.

            Jessica lay down again next to her best friend and smiled, giving a wink behind her sleek sunglasses.

            About 15 minutes passed.  The "game" progressed.  As the young males threw the ball to one another, their small thin bodies built up a light layer of sweat.  Amy and Jessica watched them intently, silently licking their lips.

            Suddenly ' and inadvertently ' one of the smaller guys threw an errant pass that struck the sand next to Amy.  Small specks of sand flew up and fell into her well-oiled cleavage. 

She got off her towel and slowly rose to her full, towering height.  She looked down at the males.  "You shouldn't have done that," she cooed.

            Jessica rose to her equally towering height.  The two girls nearly blocked out the sun with their super muscular, tanned bodies.  "You really shouldn't have done that," Jessica said, licking her lips.

            The 6 young men staggered back.  They took quick looks at one another. 

Then they ran.

            Amy and Jessica began to sprint.  In a few strides they had caught up to the little guys.  Jessica reached out and grabbed one, then another, then another.  Amy did the same.  With complete ease, each carried 3 under their arms.  They grinned down at their prey.

            "Where should we take these, love?" Jessica asked.

            Amy scanned the horizon.  "Looks like there's some sand dunes over there," she replied.

            The two carried the men behind some massive sand dunes towards the back of the beach.  They, and the guys, were completely hidden from view.

            "Now, we're going to let you guys go.  If you so much as try to run, I'll catch you and feed you to Amy's legs!" Jessica said with a grin.

            Amy flashed the men a devilish smile and flexed her thighs to their full, maximum circumference in front of them.  They stared at their marble-like hardness in awe.

            The girls put their men down and placed them in a line.

"Strip!" Jessica demanded.

            The guys looked at each other doubtfully.

            "I said," growled Jessica, leaning down to get in the dirty blond "leader's" face, "STRIP!"

            The boy looked around.  Reluctantly, frightfully, he took his shorts off.  One by one, the other guys did the same, becoming completely naked in front of their giant captors.  The two girls' eyes flashed up and down their bodies as if they were pieces of meat.

            Amy went into her little girl voice, sounding like a 13- year old.  "So many to choose from!"  She raised two massive arms up and flexed her huge biceps.  "Whatever should we do?"

            Jessica flexed her arms as well.  "Oh, I know something we can do," she said.  She leaned over and whispered into Amy's ear.

            The two grasped each other's hands and jumped up and down, giggling like schoolgirls.  The men looked at each other, confused and shaking.

Amy leaned down and put one finger under the leader's chin, raising him up to look at her beautiful, smiling face.  "My friend Jessica and I are going to have a little series of contests.  And you, my beautiful stud ' you and all our friends ' are going to be our toys for these contests."

"N-n-no," he clamored, "we-we won't!"

"Oh, I don't think you have much to say in the matter," Amy replied with a sexy smile.  She picked up the young male in her arms, his feet dangling in the air.  "You can't do this!" he yelled.  "You can't -- mhh!"  She forced her lips down over his.  His eyes grew wide.  She began to kiss him deeply, slowly encircling her massive arms around his back and squeezing.  She sucked his tongue back, playing with it in her mouth and effectively ending his muffled protests.  As the kiss continued, he began to realize he was running out of air.  He beat on her massive arms and shoulders.  His fearful eyes looked up into her deep green ones, as she watched in anticipation.  Finally, when she felt she had sufficiently weakened him, she thrust her tongue hard into the back of his throat and crushed her arms around his frail chest.  His eyes closed and he went limp.

"That," Amy said to Jessica, taking her tongue out of his mouth (and licking the boy's lips on the way), "is how it's done."  Jessica smiled.

"What did you do to Jimmy?" one of the other boys fearfully asked.

"Just put him to sleep, little man," Amy replied, as she shook the leader's body in her arms like a puppet.

"Y-you can't do that!" he yelled.

Jessica picked the protester up.  "Oh, aren't you the feisty one," she grinned wickedly.

"What-what are you going to do to me?"

"Oh, nothing-" She laid him down on the sand.  Then, before he could move, she stood on each of his wrists.  She put her hands on her hips, looking down at him from her towering height and smiled.

 "Like my ass, little man?" she asked.  She rubbed its oiled hardness up and down with her hands.


"Breathtaking, isn't it?" she cooed.  She winked at Amy.  Amy giggled.

Jessica then slammed her butt down on the boy's face.  She looked back at her magnificent ass, smiling at his muffled screams.  She grabbed onto his flailing legs with one of her hands.  She bounced her crotch up and down on his head, focusing intently on covering his screaming mouth with her bikini bottom.  As she got into a rhythm, she looked at the other boys and started nonchalantly playing with one of her pigtails, flexing a bulging bicep in the process.  She cooed at them.

The other males stared in fear as the boy's muffled protests grew quieter and quieter under Jessica's tremendous bouncing ass.  Finally, as she heard his screams start to silence, she thrust her ass down hard, crushing his head deep into the sand.  She felt his lips suck desperately for air under her warm crotch, then stop.  She let go of his now limp legs and stood up.  She picked his body up and waved him around like a puppet, just like her best friend did.

"You were always the more direct one," Amy laughed.

"Hey, what did I say," Jessica smiled.  "If you got it, flaunt it."

Amy giggled.  "Now, what should be our first contest?"

Jessica whispered into Amy's ear.  A big smile appeared across Amy's face.  "Perfect!"

"Now," Jessica said to the others, "you boys stay put.  You wouldn't want to end up like your friends here."  She shook the male in her grasp.

15 minutes later, Jimmy the "leader" slowly began to wake up.  He felt like he got hit by a truck.  As he slowly opened his eyes, he realized his lower body was surrounded by some of the biggest female legs he had ever seen.  As he panned his eyes back and forth, he also realized his head was wedged between two of the biggest breasts he'd ever seen.

Then he realized he couldn't move.

Amy was lying with her back on the sand and the boy completely immobilized in her grasp.  His legs were spread out in a grapevine by her massive thighs and calves.  His arms were held above his head by one of Amy's hands.  His eyes looked up through her massive breasts, and he could see Amy's pigtailed head staring down at him with her big green eyes, smiling.

Once he regained his focus, he looked out across the sand and saw his friend was in the same position with Jessica.  It looked absolutely frightening to see his little body scrunched in Jessica's massive muscle prison.  Jessica was looking down at her prey with a smile.  She licked her lips erotically.

"Now, the contest," Amy began, "is a race.  First one to get her toy off wins."

"That'll be me," Jessica cooed.  "I never lose."  She growled down at her shaking partner wedged tightly between her muscles.  "Right, little man?"

Amy spoke in her little girl voice.  "Is everyone ready?  Tee hee!"  Her toy shook in her grasp.

Her voice grew sexy.  "On your mark-" One of her hands reached down and grasped Jimmy's cock.  Jessica did the same.  "Get set..." She softly fingered his dick. "Go!"

Instantly, her hand crushed down hard on his cock, as did Jessica's.  The males screamed out.  The two girls then smothered their breasts down over their faces, covering their heads almost completely and muffling their screams.  Both girls' hands started jacking up and down.  It was clear to the boys that this was not only a race to ejaculation, but potential suffocation.

The girls' hands became faster, working their partners' cocks in a handjob frenzy.  Their forearms flexed as they moved faster and faster.  As their partners started to groan in pleasure, the Amazons spread their legs out, stretching their weedy male bodies to the limit of what they could take and making the boys groan even louder.

Amy kneaded her toy's dick like a pro.  She saw precum dribbling out, a sign of potential success.  She sped up, and soon it was almost impossible to see her blurred hand over his dick.

Amy felt his little body start to shake.  "Get ready, little one!" she cooed. She then crushed in with her chest and legs, compacting his body.  He moaned out and she started pistoning her hand like a girl possessed.  All he could feel was her muscles closing in and the friction of her hand around his cock. 

Finally, a muffled scream echoed through Amy's smothering chest.  Soon, cum started dribbling down Amy's rock hard thighs and splashing onto the sand around them.  She continued to crush her muscles around him as he orgasmed. 

The thrill of the win excited her, even though his body went limp.  She crushed his thin frame in between her muscles more and ground her crotch against his butt.  She tilted her head back, closing her eyes and relishing the tiny compressed frame buried in her muscles as she orgasmed. 

His limp body still in her grasp, she reached down between her thighs and layered his cum onto her fingertips.  She turned to Jessica, put her fingertips to her tongue and licked sensuously.  "Round 1, Amy," she cooed.

Jessica looked down in fury at her partner, still pistoning her hand.  "You jerk!  I always win!"  She took her hand off his cock.  She then growled and power crushed her massive body in around his small, frail body. 

She heard his muffled screams between her tits and then his little mouth desperately seeking air.  She gritted her teeth and flexed her tits.  Seeing his head and frame almost completely disappear in her muscles was enough to turn her on.  Crushing down on his frail body, she was able to grind out a harsh orgasm that took his breath away.

 As Jessica continued to grind against his body, upset at losing, Amy, now standing, walked over to her.  "Go easy on him babe.  We'll need him for later."

Jessica slowly uncoiled her body from around his.  He was still breathing but limp.  He looked like a rolled up roll of toothpaste.  "Ok," she said reluctantly.

The two girls stood up and looked at the four remaining men. 

"What next?" Jessica asked.  Amy leaned over and whispered in her ear.  "Mmm, sounds delicious," Jessica replied.

Amy skipped up to one of the guys.  She leaned over, giving him an incredible view of her awesome cleavage.  "Hey little guy," she said in her little girl voice.  He looked up.  She raised her massive breasts up with hands and cocked her pigtailed head to the side. "Do you like boobies?" she asked in her sweetest schoolgirl voice.  His eyes grew wide.  She kneaded her huge breasts in her hands, tweaking her nipples.  "I have the biggest boobies in my WHOLE school!"

The guy shuddered but said nothing.  Slowly, she saw his cock rise.

"Mmm, I knew you were a tit man," she smiled.  She grabbed him and put him under her arm.

Jessica came over with a man tucked under her arm as well.  "This one's been looking at my breasts all day," she laughed.

Amy looked down at the two.  "Well, then, you guys are in for a treat."

Before they could say another word, the two girls held the men out in front of themselves, then quickly flipped their bodies completely upside down.  They harshly rammed their toys' heads in between their legs and then with a smile on their lips crashed their bodies down on top of them.  They then took each of the mens' legs and crunched them under their armpits.

The males were now completely immobilized, curled up like pretzels with their heads buried deep under the heat of their Amazon partners' crotches.  Their dicks were right where the girls wanted them ' up against their massive chests.

 "The contest, again, is a race," Amy said.  "First to get off her toy wins.  Get ready-" Amy reached around her boy toy's butt and pressed him harder against her chest.  Jessica did the same.  "Get set."  The two girls softly pressed their tits around the cocks.  "Go!"

Both girls immediately crushed their chests around the cocks and the men screamed.  They then ground their crotches down to muffle the screams.  Bouncing their butts up and down, they started to flex and unflex their chests, titfucking their partners. 

This was no ordinary titfuck, though.  The girls' chests were like steel, and the boys' cocks were being mangled almost as much as they were being massaged.  This was evident in their screams.  Screams that reverberated through their pussies ' screams that only encouraged the girls to titfuck harder and faster.

"Mmm, I love when a guy screams into my pussy," Amy said, as she twisted her crotch back and forth on top of her partner's head.

"Me too, babe," Jessica replied, ramming her crotch up and down.

The two girls continued their titfucking ' but Jessica had a trick up her sleeve.  As she bounced her body up and down, she slipped her partner's dick under her bikini top and against her rock hard nipple.  The effect of rubbing his head against her hard nipple was almost immediate.  In a short while, she could feel hot moaning against her crotch and drops of precum dribbling down her breast. 

Her oil-slicked breasts continued their assault and she started crashing her crotch down harder.  The effect on his face was harsh but the effect on his cock was irresistible. 

Finally, after humping his head almost under the sand, she felt a loud scream echo throughout her pussy.  She ground her full weight down, then felt his dick spasm out of control.  His juices flowed down her sweaty cleavage. 

The scream and cum drove her, too, over the edge.  She started twisting and grinding her pussy down on his face, humping his little head deeper and deeper.  Finally, eyes fluttering, she exploded through her bikini bottom, drenching his head in her juices as he went limp.

Jessica pressed her index finger between her cleavage collecting some cum, then her middle finger in her pussy.  She looked at Amy and brought both up, licking one by one.   "Jessica 1," *lick*, "Amy 1," she said.

"Grr!" Amy growled.  Her body suddenly became a battering ram, crashing up and down on her poor boy toy's head.  After several minutes, the pain grew more and more intense.  The outclassed boy pawed helplessly at her body and screamed loudly into Amy's crotch. 

The effect was instant ' vibrations spread across her clit and crotch.  She ground out a hard orgasm, twisting her pussy on his head like it was an orange juicer and drenching his face with her juices as he went limp.

As the two girls stood up, they were sweaty and dripping pussy juice, but clearly not finished.  They looked at the last two men and smiled.

"Now, what should we do with these last two?" Amy asked.  They whispered to one another.  Then they burst out laughing.

"You know, babe," Jessica said, thoughtfully putting her finger to her lip, "I don't think I've done any exercises today."

Amy smiled and spoke in her little girl voice, "Gosh, neither have I!"

The girls sultrily walked over to the last 2 men.

Amy picked up a shaking boy.  "I think I have the perfect exercise for you, little man," she smiled down at him with her glowing green eyes.

Jessica grabbed the other.  "A growing girl needs to lift her weights."

They laid the men down on the sand with their dicks standing straight up.  The two girls straddled their bodies, standing on their wrists with their hands on their hips, facing each other.  The sun was slowly going down, and the shadows these tan titans cast over their frail toys was impressive.

Amy looked at her partner.  "Girls our age need to exercise all of our muscles," she giggled.  "Right Jess?"

Jess stood over her man and pressed her fingers under her bikini bottom.  She slowly played with herself and started gyrating her hips.  "Oh yes," she said between moans, "ALL of our muscles."

The two girls then bent down and looked up at each other's faces.  The pigtailed goddesses licked their lips and brushed their bikini bottoms to the side with their fingers.  They grabbed their boys' butts and then winked at each other.

With a flex of their mighty biceps they picked up the men and RAMMED them straight up and into their pussies.

Instantly, their vaginas grabbed onto the young males' dicks with crushing force.  As the men screamed, the Amazons slowly stood up.  They put their hands on their hips, grinning.  Their pussies alone were holding up the mens' bodies.

"The final contest," Amy said.  "Who can get off their toy while doing the most raises?  Ready?  Get set.  Go!"

The two girls started bending their knees up and down.  Each time, their pussies dangerously stretched and crushed their toys' dicks while pulling on the upswing.  Then, they would crash their full weight down on their frail bodies.  Each time, they counted the upstroke as if it was an exercise at a gym.

"9- ooh- 10- oh yeah- 11- ooh baby-" Amy moaned.  Her partner was doing everything to wrest his cock from her iron grip, beating on her massive thighs with his little fists.  She giggled at his weak assault.  "You can't hurt me," she cooed in her little girl voice.  "But keep trying.  Your little boy punches bouncing off my thighs really turns me on," she said huskily.

Jessica sped up her raises.  "15- mmm-. 16- oh yeah- 17-" she moaned in pleasure.  "Gotta keep up with me babe," she winked at Amy.

"Is that a challenge?" Amy laughed.  She looked down at her male partner's wide eyes, which were filled with pain.  "Ooh, are we going to take that lover?... 25- Jess's given us a challenge- 26- Looks like little Amy's going to have turn- 27- it- 28- ON!"

Amy started pumping up and down with massive speed.  "38- 39- 40- ooh," she cooed.  Her crotch crushed in on his dick, causing him to wither in pain and beat helplessly on her thighs evem more.  "51- 52- 53- mmm"

"No!"  Jessica yelled.  "I won't lose!  40- 41- 42-"  She growled down at her toy, "C'mon fuck me faster!"

Amy was now a blur of rock hard muscle.  "63- 64- 65- ok, get ready for the crush, lover!... 66- 67- 68- 69-"

Finally, with her partner almost writhing out of control, she pulled up on his dick hard with her pussy and wrapped her massive thighs around his waist.  She closed her eyes.

"70!" she screamed.  She then CRUSHED in her legs. His body shook violently as he felt his waist compress. Her pussy mangled his dick.  Then he orgasmed, sending juices shooting up into Amy's pussy.

The feeling was delicious holding the man up off the ground as he spasmed.  As she squeezed her thighs and pussy she, too, orgasmed.  Her juices joined his, cascading down his mangled waist and dripping onto the hot sand. 

She sighed softly, continuing to relish the feeling of holding him up off the ground with her pussy.  She looked over at Jessica, who was still trying to get her guy off.  Amy put her hands on her waist and giggled.  "How do you like it, babe?"  She turned her hips slightly, showcasing the dangling limp man from her pussy.  "It's the new fall fashion for Amazon teenagers.  Absolutely EVERYONE is wearing one," she cooed. 

Jessica grunted but couldn't help but smile at her friend's joke.

"Amy 2, Jessica 1.  I win!  Mmm-" Amy cooed, still relishing the man between her legs.

"Fine," Jessica said, "but I'm not done yet." Grasping her partner by the butt, she physically rammed him up and down between her legs with her arms.  The sensation of holding his body up, her biceps burning as she crash fucked him against her hard pelvis against his will, was almost as good as winning the contest.  She pumped her arms faster and faster.

Finally, when she heard him groan, she rammed him up against her crotch, crushed her legs hard around his body and grinded out a loud orgasm.  As a finisher (and punishment for losing the contest) she then crashed her full weight down on her partner's mangled body and pounded him into the sand, still fucking him.  Her ass grounded him into the sand as his body went limp.

Jessica popped her pussy off her toy as Amy dropped hers.  Amy took Jessica's hand.  "Hey, who cares who won the contest?  We had fun right?"

A smile returned to Jessica's lips.  "Of course, babe," she said.  "Besides," she grinned, "we're not done yet."

"Oh no?" Amy asked.

The two friends faced one other and held each other's hands. "Remember what I said earlier about your bikini top?" Jessica asked, licking her lips.  Her face slowly lowered to Amy's chest.

Amy felt Jessica nibbling on the string (which was covered in dried cum from their earlier escapades).  "Ooo, god," Amy whispered.  She put her hand on the back of Jessica's pigtailed head and pressed delicately against her chest.

Jessica stepped back and looked into her green eyes.  "Flex for me, babe."

Amy smiled.  She raised her arms in a massive double-biceps pose.  She threw her chest out, flexing her pecs and took a deep breath.  The bikini stretched.  She breathed deeper.  Threads began to pop.  But one thread remained.

"Looks like you need a little help," Jessica said erotically.  Her lips wrapped around the last remaining string.  She bit down.  The baby blue top snapped and flew off into the distance ' landing on the still erect cock of one of their earlier playmates.  The two girls laughed.

Jessica moved her mouth to one of Amy's nipples and slowly circled her tongue around it.  Amy moaned loudly.  Jessica moved to the other, sucking.  Amy ran her fingers along Jessica's pigtails.  Jessica kept moving back and forth, trailing her tongue across Amy's chest.

Amy sighed.  "How about I see that breathtaking butt of yours?" she whispered with a smile.  She went around Jessica's back.  Her fingers graced the oiled hard muscle, caressing it.  Jessica moaned.

"You know," Amy said erotically, leaning into her ear, "you've been a bad girl today, Jess."  She pulled Jessica's thong down slowly.  "Think what you did to those poor little boys."

 Jessica closed her eyes.

"Very bad," Amy whispered in her ear, licking it. The thong dropped to the sand, dripping with juices, as Amy caressed Jessica's rock hard rump with her feminine hand. And then-


"Ooh!" Jessica squealed.

"Very very bad," she breathed in her ear. 


"Ooh yeah!" Jessica moaned, eyes fluttering.

"Very, very- VERY bad!"  She sucked on Jessica's earlobe. 


"Ooh, baby!"

The two girls turned to each other, flush with desire.  Amy reached behind Jessica's back and untied her bikini top, playing with her nipples in the process.  Jessica reached down and pulled down Amy's bikini bottom, running her fingers along her best friend's pussy.  The two girls started grinding their oily naked bodies against each other, moaning.

Suddenly, the two girls heard men moaning louder.  They looked across the sand.  It seemed like the guys were slowly coming out of their stupor.

Jimmy, the "leader", held his head in pain.  He looked up at the two Amazon teenagers wrapped around one another, their bodies glistening in the sunset.

"Mmm, looks like our playtoys are waking back up," Amy said.

"Yes," Jessica said, "but what should we do with them?"

Amy grinned devilishly.  She leaned over and whispered in her friend's ear.  Jessica's eyes opened up wide. 

"You animal!" she fiercely said to Amy.  Amy smiled and licked her lips.

She separated from her best friend and stood over the groaning men.  Her towering body looked like a goddess.

She started using her schoolgirl voice, twirling one of her pigtails with her finger, "Ok, little boys, we're going to do something you've probably never done before." Her voice grew sexy.  "And you may never do again."

            She looked down into each of their eyes.

            "We're going to rape you all-" she licked her lips.  "AT ONCE!"

            The boys were in shock.  Despite their pain, despite their fear, they jumped up.  They then tried desperately to run away.

 Some got as far as the sand dune, but Jessica quickly corralled 3 of them.  Amy corralled the other 3 ' including their leader.  They tucked their frail bodies under their arms and carried them kicking and screaming back. 

Amy and Jessica stood facing one another, each with 3 males under their arms.  They looked into each other's eyes, smiled and licked their lips.  Then, they gave each other a knowing wink.

"Time for fun guys," Jessica growled.  She then slammed her three males down haphazardly on top of each other.  The guy on the top of the pile ended up with his dick standing straight up, while the other two below him had their dicks peeking out to the sides.  She pressed her fingers deep into her pussy, caressing it, gyrating her hips while dripping juices onto their 3 shaking bodies.  Then, she crashed her glorious weight down on all three at once.  A dick went up her pussy, which she squeezed hard around it.  She harshly grabbed the other two dicks with her hands.  She began bouncing up and down hard, eyes half closed, determined to bury all three high school seniors into the sand with her muscle fucking.

             Amy, with her gorgeous pigtailed face, looked innocently into the eyes of the leader she held, his feet dangling off the ground.  "Won't you play with me?" she cooed in her little girl's voice.  She kissed him on the forehead, and then slammed him down hard onto the sand, his dick ending straight up.  She giggled, then grabbed the heads of the other two boys still under her arms.  Pressing their faces against her oiled and slick breasts, she crushed one moaning mouth each against her rock hard nipples. She erotically cooed at the little boytoy below her, gyrating her hips and dripping pussy juice on his shaking, fearful body.  She then crashed her pussy down onto the leader's dick, gripping it hard with her pussy and lifting his body up.  She closed her eyes and threw her girlish pigtails back, relishing the little lips sucking frantically on her tits while the male squirmed helplessly between her rock hard thighs, pounding on them desperately trying to escape.

            Jessica particularly enjoyed crushing her men down during a muscle fuck, and burying three at once into the sand was driving her wild.  She'd pounded her entire weight onto all 3 bodies on the downswing, then pulled up hard on all 3 dicks on the upswing.  Her pussy crushed onto 1 dick, lifting and stretching it way beyond its limits, as her hands did the same with the 2 others.  Then, with an animalistic teenage grunt, she'd crash down on the three boys again, grinding her weight into all three of them and listening to their cries getting louder and louder.  Cries that made her eyes flutter and turned her on even more.

            Amy loved having her breasts sucked, and forcing two males to suck her rock hard tits at once ' while punishing their "leader" way past his tolerance levels with her pussy ' was driving her over the edge.  Her massive biceps crushed into the back of each boy's moaning face, rubbing their mouths all over oiled breasts.  At the same time, her pussy's crushing grip would raise the leader off the ground on a beautiful upswing.  Then, with an animalistic teenage grunt, she would come crashing down on his little body, her pigtails (and breast companions under her arms) flying through the air.   Again and again she repeated the assault, hanging his frail body from her pussy and them slamming it into the sand. The tears of the boys' faces dripping down her massive tits, along with the frantic squirming of the trapped man between her thighs, turned her on to no end.

            As the two Amazons continued their 6-man assault, they opened their eyes and looked at each other.  Jessica looked on in admiration at her best friend, who was carefully orchestrating the rape of 3 weedy male bodies, making them fly through the air in the process.  Amy looked on in equal admiration at her best friend's ability to crush fuck 3 guys at once, their bodies disappearing under her muscular ass into the sand.

            The two girls leaned their faces forward while continuing to rape their men.  Their beautiful eyes stared into one another.  The grunts and groans, the sweat and oil and tears, the cries of their lovers, all added up to this one moment.

            "I love you, babe," Amy whispered.

            "I love you, too," Jessica whispered back.

            The two girls kissed.  Their tongues tied as they felt the 6 men squirming helplessly beneath them.  For one short moment, everything felt silent.  Then they leaned back as their tongues untied.

And everything exploded.

            "Fuck yeah! Fuck yeah Fuck yeah!" Jessica screamed, pounding her three men almost completely under the sand.  Her pussy absolutely crushed down on the cock below her.  Her hands blurred on their dicks.  Her body was an unyielding jackhammer, and the men could do nothing to stop her schoolgirl assault as she crushed out an orgasm against their 3 weak bodies.

            "Ooh!  Ooh yeah, boys!  Make sweet love to little Amy!" Amy screamed in her schoolgirl voice, grinding their weeping heads against her muscle-packed tits and lifting Jimmy off the ground with her pussy.  She then completely crushed her thighs around him, mangling his little body as his fists pounded desperately.  She twisted back and forth, grinding out her orgasm against his frail form.

            The 2 Amazons collapsed into one another, tongues crashing into one another, and the 6 men came along for the ride.  As the two invincible teenage Amazons raped all 6 men at once, there was an explosion of cum, orgasmic juices, and the primal screams of teenage girls gone completely wild.

            The 6 men went limp and the girls separated from them.  They rolled around in the sand, grinding against one another in the sunset, exploring every bit of each other's bodies with their hands and lips, touching each other's faces.    

Finally, as nightfall approached, after finishing their post-orgasmic celebration, the two girls stood up.  The picked up all 6 moaning, limp male bodies and piled them on top of one another on the sand.  They climbed to the top of the pile and stood proudly, their slick bodies in the moonlight, juices dribbling down their legs onto the pile. Amy, as always, had her cell phone with camera.  They raised their arms in the air and made massive double biceps.  Then, just as the picture was about to be taken, they leaned forward and kissed each other deeply, a shot to be immortalized forever.



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