Amy's Side Story 8 - Spring Break Hi-Jinks

by DTM

Hey all,

Another sexy strong girl custom story, which the person who asked for it really loved, which is always cool to hear. :) I am back to custom story writing now that Amy's Conquest is in the safe hands of another (for a reasonable fee, of course).

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Adam Rutherford had spent many a Spring Break at this tropical resort, his wealthy family giving him ample opportunities and privileges for such things, as well as access to the best schools and personal trainers. All of which turned this 22 year old into an obnoxious, overbearing, abusive bully, one who took what he wanted, when he wanted. This year was to be his final such vacation, being a Senior as his Ivy League school, allowing him and his gathering of like minded male friends to rule this week-long beach party, and there was nothing and no one that could stop him.

Imagine his surprise during his first day here, as he found himself wrapped within the arms of the most muscular young woman he had ever seen, his head engulfed in her thickly muscled chest, which was incredibly constricting around his skull, making Adam feel as if it was going to explode.

"What's the matter, Big Man, not so tough now, are you?" the dark haired 19 year old Amazon spoke wickedly into his ears, her arms slowing crushing in on his well-muscled torso, as her solid pecs continued to squeeze around his entrapped head.

Adam was in incredible physical pain, which was only amplified by the humiliation of having him manhandled by this sexily stunning teenage girl. Had he known the power she possessed, he would never have so crudely approached her at one of the many beach-side bars around this island resort. His high and mighty attitude making him feel like any woman would be lucky to have his attention, and when he spotted this beautiful, albeit abundantly athletic, girl at the bar, he knew he had to approach and make his mark.

What he didn't expect was her refusal to give him the time of day, or even acknowledge his presence even after several attempts on his part, causing Adam to growl harshly at her, even going so far as to put his hands on her shoulders to spin her around and face him - leaving him instantly shocked at her complete immovability, even though he was using all of his impressive strength.

She then grabbed one of his hands with her own, and crushed it to crackling pieces, causing him to fall to his knees before her, which was followed by her slowly turning around to face him, smiling down at his pain-wracked form below her. She removed her short, silken beach robe, and revealed her 6', 210 pound physique, with only a string bikini covering a very small area of her rippling muscular body.

Adam held his crushed hand within his other one, standing up in surprise before the dark haired supergirl, doing all he could to muster the strength to call his nearby posse for some much needed payback against her - though he was further stunned when none came to his service, causing a wide grin to form over the muscular girl before him.

To the credit of his personal gathering of frat boys, their lack of springing into action was not solely due to their reluctance to act as directed, but also due to the fact that all of them where utterly entwined around the arms and legs of another amazing Amazon girl. This one a virtual match physically to the one before him, she wearing a similar tiny bikini to her fellow musclegirl, though her hair blonde, dolled up in two girlishly styled pigtails. Her muscle-packed form holding two of his friends in her arms in a dual headlock position, while entrapping two others within her thick, shapely legs. Their faces one of exertion and pain, their attempts to free themselves were completely futile, while the look on her own youthful face was one of girlish glee, as she smiled back to her friend, blowing her a sensual kiss afterwards.

It was then that the raven haired musclegirl enveloped Adam in her powerful arms, spinning him around to face her with ease, as his head was shoved deep inside her large muscular chest, all of which began to squeeze and crush the once in control young man.

"Took you long enough, I thought I was going to have to take them all myself" Jessica Armstrong cheekily made out, as she continued to constrict Adam into her rock solid physique.

"Yeah, like that would have been a problem for you ... ." Amy Hardstone chirped back in reply, followed by the groans of her entrapped men due to her pulsing her muscular limbs around their heads, " ... ..besides, look what I found ... .." she continued on, moving the college boy around her right arm to a nearby table, where she then sat on his face, allowing her to continue holding them all tightly. Amy then held out a colorful flyer to Jessica, promoting a Wet T-Shirt Contest not far from where they were now. "Plleeeeeaaasssee" she teasingly asked in a little girl's tone.

"I don't know, I think I might stick around and play with these guys a bit more, especially Head Honcho here, isn't that right?" Jessica replied, pulsing her own mighty limbs, causing Adam to scream in agony within her rippling cleavage.

"Awww, come on, it'll be fun ... .." Amy made out, putting a final hard squeeze on her men, causing them all to fall unconscious around her, falling to the floor as she casually released them. " ... .and hey, there's a cash prize of $1,000 for the winner"

"One grand eh? OK, what the heck, I'm in" Jessica spoke out, finally easing up on her hold to allow Adam's face to finally emerge from its pec-prison. "When I'm done, I'll be back for you ... ..if you're not here, well then I'll have to hunt you down. Trust me, you don't want me to do that" she spoke in a threatening tone, before suddenly thrusting out her chest into his own, striking him so hard that it flung his 220 pound body into the air, throwing him several feet away to land in a heap near his unconscious frat buddies. "Besides, now we get to see which of us has the best chest" she concluded in a teasing manner, as she grabbed onto one of Amy's hands.

"Oh you're on, Sister! When it comes to bodyparts, no one beats Amy Hardstone!" she chirped back with a smile and a powerful flexing of her biceps, as the two musclebound teenagers strode away from this tropical bar, making their way off to yet another one to continue their Spring Break fun.


"And now that you've seen all of our glisteningly busty competitors, it's time for you to cheer for your favorite! Our judges still have the final say, but your applause may certainly sway their votes!" a personable male host of this large outdoor setting excitedly spoke into his microphone, causing the hundreds deep crowd of young college guys and girls to yell out wildly. He then made his way to the first girl on stage with him, ready to place his hand above her head, inviting the crowd to cheer their own votes, until a younger man ran on stage to stop him. After a few seconds of conversation between the host and this messenger, the host grabbed hold of his mic again and spoke out excitedly, "Looks like we have some surprise entries, and from what I'm hearing, these pair of girls have quite a pair on them! So let's welcome to the stage, Amy and Jessica!!" he concluded, causing the crowd around them to cheer with excitement - cheers that almost instantly ceased, when Amy and Jessica actually walked on stage.

The two towering musclegirls sexily sauntered out before the stunned silent crowd, their reaction not one of horror or disgust, but that of awe and wonder, as none of them had seen girls with such beauty, combined with bodies of such brawn before. Both of them dressed in the standard white T-shirts for such an event, the fabrics of which were stretched so thin that they were practically see-through, and this without any wetness applied. Jessica wore red lacy lingerie panties to compliment her overall appearance, while Amy donned her favorite pair of teddy bear panties, that along with her classic blonde pigtails, made her look even younger than her actual 19 years. The array of wet-topped young females already on stage moved aside, watching with open mouths and lusting eyes as the two Amazons walked towards them. Not just due to the overall size of this pair, which was larger than the rest of these female competitors combined, but also due to them carrying objects to further enhance their upcoming performance.

"Hiya everyone, sorry we're late, I just had to change into my favorite outfit - I hope you like" Amy chirped out in a high-pitched voice, as she held a large watermelon to the transfixed crowd, holding it out with just a single hand, using only a few fingers to support its solid, weighty form. "I know it's usually done with water, but I thought I'd supply my own wetness to my tee, hope you don't mind" she continued to speak in a sweet, innocent tone, then slowly wrapping her power packed arms around the large watermelon, as she began to squeeze it into her thick, unyielding chest.

The sturdy melon swiftly began to emit crackle and crunching sounds, as Amy's arms constricted it into her muscular form. "The man at the store said this was his biggest one, said it was as big as a man's chest and even stronger and more solid ... .don't think it looks very solid to me" she cooed out in a youthfully teasing tone, giggling as she continued crushing the watermelon into her rock solid body. The juices from which were exploding all over her barely intact shirt, covering it with its delicious wetness, which became all the more apparent as she completed her crushing embrace, breaking the melon into pulp, as she mashed its pieces of sweet fruit all over her upper body, covering her large, powerful chest with its fluid. "Ooops, looks like I squeezed a bit too much ... ..hope you guys aren't afraid to give me a cuddle if you see me around this weekend, I'd so love to pway with all of you" she teasingly breathed out, drenching her stretched to its limits top with with its juices. "Mmmm, you look yummy, I think I'll be seeing you later" she cooed out to an adorable little college boy in the audience, who was sporting an erection that was nearly as big as his arm.

Amy then turned away from the crowd, passing by her BFF FBB Jessica, as she now took center stage before the still pleasurably stunned crowd. Her prop wasn't nearly so large as Amy's, though appeared even sturdier in its shape, that of a thick, metal bar, which she twirled around her hands like a trained cheerleader. She did so for several seconds, walking back and forth across the stage, eyeing up the first few rows of the audience, before uttering her first words.

"You, you, and you, on stage, now!" she made out with feminine authority, pointing to 3 large college boys, who without question launched themselves on stage, standing next to the powerful teenage musclegirl. Jessica then handed the steel object she held to each of these powerfully built jocks, promising them a night of unrivalled pleasure to any who could bend it a single bit. Though try at they might, the prize for such a task being a sexual fantasy for any of them, yet in the end none of them could budge it an inch. "Men, what would you do without a real woman to take care of you" she sexily made out, grabbing the bar from the last man, as she then held its ends in each of her hands, as she arched her powerful upper body forward a bit, and began to apply her superhuman levels of strength on it.

Sounds of screeching metal were instantly heard, as Jessica slowly bent the undentable object before her heaving chest, an act that caused it and the rest of her upper body to expand and harden, causing little tears to appear over its barely there fabric. She smiled sexily as she eyed up the large gathering before her, all stunned silent at this act of pure feminine power, their eyes never leaving her power packed form. She then dropped the now mangled object before the trio of college boys before her, as she eyed up their expanding cocks. "Guess we can't have a wet T-shirt contest without some wetness ... ...boys, jerk yourselves ... .all over me" she cooed, as she knelt before them, scooping her large breasts within her muscular arms. "Now!" she ordered, causing them to once again spring into action.

Beach trunks and shorts instantly flung down, as eager hands furiously stroked their pulsating cocks, thick probing members that were already at the edge of eruptions after such a display, taking only seconds to fill her shirt around her massive chest with their sexual fluids. Less then a minute later Jessica stood up to her near 6' height, smearing the gooey fluids all around her breasts, causing her nipples to harden to all to obvious levels.

Then with a wave of her hand she dismissed the three large young men, who hurriedly made their way back to the crowd, not wanting to miss anything that may come next. Amy then sexily made her way back to center stage, joining Jessica as the pair of them began to feel each other up, their hands playing all over their newly moistened breasts, licking each other's uniquely placed fluids, as they moaned and groaned with unreal pleasure. All while doing so, the teenage Amazons flexed and expanded their bodies even more, none moreso than their pulsing pecs, which danced and moved about using their expert muscle control, causing further rips and tears to appear all over their shirts. It was only then that steel hard nipples pierced their stretched out tees, causing them both to yell out loudly with orgasmic arousal, each of them finishing yet another sexual climax, though this one in front of hundreds of still silent college goers. Almost involuntarily, the girls then reached into their panties, their fingers probing their newly wet insides, as they placed their hands on each others breasts, adding yet another level of wetness to their barely holding tops.

Amy and Jessica then removed themselves from one another, each holding one another's hand, as they rejoined the gathering of other girls competing for the top prize- something all of them knew was nothing but a pipe-dream now, a mindset all too proven correct as the crowd then Exploded in cheers and applause at what they had just seen. The roar was so loud and sudden, that its wave of sonic force nearly knocked over the host of this event, the top spot for which that clearly was going to one of these two newcomers, but which one? The stunned host managed to gather himself and make his way to the equally taken aback panel of judges, who spent several minutes deciding on a final winner! One that was eventually agreed on, as the MC made his way back to center stage.

"Well, how's about that! Uh, have Any of you Ever seen Anything like that in your lives!!" he roared into his microphone, causing the waves of young beach-goers to erupt once more in applause. "I uh ... .unfortunately, there can be only one winner, and ... .er ... .after much deliberating, it's been decided that ... ..Amy Hardstone is this year's Wet T-Shirt Queen!" The gathering cheered like mad, as Amy jumped up and down before the host, while on his other side Jessica leaned over and whispered something into the host's ears that caused his face to turn white, and his cock to spring out fully. "And ... ..and, this year we have not one, but Two Queens, our second being none other than, Jessica Armstrong!!" he concluded, as he rushed over to the panel of male judges, gathering an extra $1,000 total from them all in order to pay the recently revealed second winner.

Amy and Jessica then claim their substantial cash prizes, something that most any other girl here would be quite nervous about carrying around in this party-filled, alcohol fueled environment, though any man (or small army) would have to be out of their mind to approach either of these powerfully built teenagers for their new winnings. The girls simply placing the cash deep within their cleavage, which due to their unreal strength and incredible muscle control, closed tight around it, keeping it as safe as if it were in a bank vault. The girls then waved to their adoring fans, still cheering from their own Amazonian displays and contest wins, as they made their way back stage to enjoy the rest of their vacation - though not before snagging the forms of a pair of hunky college guys, who were helpless to resist the power these beautiful girls possessed.

"Mmmmm, sorry boys, but those performances got us all tingly" the blonde supergirl cooed, as she tossed one of them over her muscle-capped shoulders.

"And that means we need someone to untingle us ... that even a word??" Jessica laughed out, holding her man across both of her broad shoulders, carrying him in a walking back-breaker hold.

"It will be after were done with them, I'm sure"

The sexually charged musclegirls soon found a more secluded area for them to enjoy themselves in private, as they released their captives, who were smart enough to realize that trying to escape, after what they had just done on stage minutes ago, was futile.

"So, which one do you want?" Jessica made out, eyeing them both like pieces of meat.

"Oh, you know me, I like them small and cuddly" Amy replied, as she made her way towards one of her sexy male captives, "Come on Sweetie, let's have some pway-time together"

"Guess that leaves you for me, Stud. Hope you stretched this morning, cause I'm going to twist you inside-out and upside-down" Jessica spoke in a powerfully sexual tone.

Amy began her latest sexually dominant session by extending her steel hard arms out on either side of her male play-toy, followed with her tensing and hardening her entire upper body, causing the already dense looking musculature she clearly possessed to become even moreso. Muscle definition and ripples erupted from her arms, shoulders, traps and chest, virtually bursting her T-shirt completely off her body, leaving only a few areas of fabric around her now pulsating torso.

"You look so fun to pway with, so delicious, so yummy. I wanna taste you all over, especially that big, thick, lollipop you're packing" she cooed, as she moved one of her hands to this young man's crotch, feeling it tenderly as it jumped all on its own in her hand. "Mmmmm, looks like he wants to pway with me as well, so why don't we just ... .." (RIP) " ... .let him out ... ." (TEAR) " ... he can join in on the fun" (SPLIT) "But first, I have my own areas that are very erect that need to be tasted" Amy breathed out sensually, as she removed the rearmaments of her tee from her hyper-muscular form, draping it now over the back of her man's head, using it to pull him deep into her lusciously muscular chest, or more specifically, right into one of her bullet hard nipples. "Eat up little boy, before I have to get rough with ya. You wouldn't wanna have me hold you snug and tight, like I did that watermelon before, would ya. Or maybe you want me to show off some of my special pec pumping crushes?"

With that, the blonde supergirl pulled tighter on her T-shirt remains, forcing the college boy's face right inside her cleavage, as she began to flex and harden her thick, powerful pecs. The young man moaned in pain and shock, as his face was being squeezed all too tightly by Amy's increasingly solid breasts. She continued on with this for nearly a minute, before releasing her captive's face from her smother crushing position, as she angled her torso slightly, moving one of her diamond hard nipples into his mouth, which he began to lick and suck on with much erotic enthusiasm, or was that primal fear. Amy truly didn't care, as she was relishing this treatment on her all too sensitive nipples, as she arched her back slightly, thrusting her chest out even more, to the point where her play-toy was being lifted off the ground in order for him to continue pleasing her massive muscular mammaries.

Jessica not to be outdone, though her approach was always more direct than Amy's, though definitely no less triumphant. She tossed the larger man she was carrying to the sandy beach floor around her, smiling down at him with a wickedly sexy grin, as she eyed up his throbbing cock, seen all too evidently from underneath his shorts. She then walked to a nearby coconut on the ground, an all too common object at this tropical locale, as brought it back to her man, holding it in both of her tightening hands, causing little cracks to emit from his stone hard shell as she slowly began to crush it. Though she ceased this act before causing it any real damage, waving one of her hands in a No No manner to her man. Jessica then flicked off her lacy panties, and began grinding the coconut in and around her crotch area, almost as if she were about to start fucking the ultra hard object. This was followed with her pressing it now deep inside her pussy, its strong insides holding it there with ease, as she began crossing her muscle-packed arms before her thickening chest in a most muscular pose, a flex that made her entire Amazonian form look as hard as steel.

Sounds of crackling and crunching came from within her vagina, a feat that shocked and terrified the young man she had captured, as if she could do that to something as strong and durable as a coconut, imagine what she could do to any part of him that she decided to shove deep within her. Almost as if reading her mind, Jessica walked over to his still crouching form, placing a single hand behind his head, and sensually spoke, "You're next, Lover!" before forcing his face onto her ultra moist vagina. Its wetness a combination of coconut milk from her recently crushed object, and that of her own sexually charged juices. "Hope you like cum and coconut, because I'm not letting you up until you finish All of it! And if you don't do a good enough job, I can crush your skull with my thighs so much easier than my pussy did just before" she spoke out, while flexing her shapely muscular legs on either side of his head; not done to cause crushing pain, but as an added incentive to make sure he did his best to satisfy his young muscular mistress.

The twin teenage titans relished the erotic treatment they were being given, by men that they simply took to use for their pleasure. Their heads tilting back slightly, their eyes sensually closed, their mouths erotically open, moaning with their continued orgasmic delights. Thankfully their current partners were young and fit college jocks, otherwise they may not have had the stamina to perform their forced sexual acts, leading to a world of punishment from the less than happy teenage Amazons.

"Mmmmm, how is your guy, Baby?" Amy cooed out to Jessica, as she shoved another side of her pulsating pectorals into her man's mouth.

"Ooooh, he's doing such a good job ... ." Jessica replied, grinding her pussy all over her man's pleasuring mouth, " ... ..I might even let him finish this without breaking him ... ..maybe"

"Yummmm, what say we trade partners, I wanna taste of yours"

"Mmmm, sounds good Babe. Time to share, lover boys" Jessica breathed out, as the pair of powerful young women traded partners, moving them to one another with no effort at all. Though while their partners may have exchanged, the girls kept them in the positions they were previously, as Amy shoved her new man's face deep within her dribbling pussy, and Jessica wrapped her mighty arms around her guy, forcing him to lick and suck her own rock hard nipples.

This continued for several more minutes, the young college jocks giving it all they had, for fear of what would happen to them if they displeased either of these unreal teenage girls. The levels of arousal from the girls was soon reaching a blowing point, something that could be heard from any around them, as while they had picked a more private area for their latest muscle fucking session, the erotic sounds they were making carried quite a bit beyond that. Knowing that they were reaching their climatic end soon, though wanting to prolong this experience a while longer, in order to provide the biggest sexual explosion possible, they decided to change positions with their partners once more.

Amy lifted her orally pleasuring man up in her arms, his feet dangling off the sandy floor a few inches, as she eyed him up and licked her lips, like a child about to dive into their favorite sweets. She then ripped his clothes to pieces, leaving him completely naked before her, as she turned him upside-down and began squeezing his torso with her super muscular arms, crushing him in a bearhug, while wrapping her large muscular breasts around his throbbing cock. "Pain and pleasure, that's what Mommy always says, hee hee!" Amy giggled out, as she continued to fondling his cock with her pulsing pecs, giving him erotic delights he had never imagined possible, while doing the reverse to him with her continually crushing arms. His mind beyond blown, as he could only stare into Amy's teddy-bear panties, wondering how it was possible that a girl so young, could become so muscular and manhandle his 6' 2", 225 pound body with such ease.

Jessica followed the lead of her Sister-In-Muscle, as she also forcibly removed her man's clothing, tearing it apart with arms that could easily bend steel. She too turned her helpless man upside-down, before ramming him into the base of a nearby palm tree, his back against the durable wooden form, his front pressed tightly against Jessica's even harder body. The dark haired Amazon began to ram him powerfully, rocking him between the two solid object he was trapped against; as she took his cock into her awaiting mouth, licking and sucking his thick erection, as the rest of his body was being savagely crushed to pieces. Her tongue was taking full control of his cock and balls, just as her muscular form was doing to his. "Better not unload on me until I say, or I'll squish you into a little ball, and kick you all over this beach!" Jessica roared out in a threatening yet sexual manner, causing her entrapped man to turn white with fear, that is all of him other than his thick cock, which was getting more purple by the second.

"Mmmmmm, ready to bring our guys together, for a little muscle milkshake?" Amy cooed as she smiled over as her fellow man-crusher.

"Ohhh, I thought you'd never ask" she replied with a wicked grin.

The two girls then brought themselves and their captive men together, as they wrapped their arms around one another's muscle-packed bodies, forcefully crushing the still upside-down college boys between them. In fact, all that could be seen of them in this current position was the heads of their reddening cocks, emerging up between two pairs of the most muscular female breasts imaginable. Their dangling heads were then engulfed within thighs that could crush boulders, holding them and their pleasuring mouths once again into Amy and Jessica's aching pussies.

"Oh yesss, so yummy ... .so gooood" Amy cooed out, once again closing her eyes and tilting her head back in lust.

"God yes, gotta love ... .Mmmm, love those college boys..." Jessica followed up with, her body tingling with peak erotic power, as she pulled Amy closer into her, crushing the pair of once powerful young men between them, causing them both to scream out in pain, right into the dripping vaginas before their faces. "And if they know what's good for them, they wont finish before we do"

"Mmmmm, if they do, I'll pway with them so hard, they wont be able to walk for a month" Amy giggled out like a little schoolgirl, before moaning sensually, as she began to grind herself towards Jessica's quivering form, causing slight snapping sounds to be heard from the young men trapped within their sexually charged positions.

Their hips thrust powerfully into one another, shoving painfully pleasing mouths deeper into their ultra moist pussies, as powerful pecs rubbed and squeezed onto cocks that were being mangled to pulp within, yet still held their forms enough for dribblets of pre-cum to start to emerge. A sight thankfully neither of the ultra sexual Amazons noticed, or they would have chest crushed them even more, as their heads leaning slightly back, their eyes closed, as their mouths opened with groans of passion. Each of them now hitting their breaking point, which caused more than a few breaking sounds to come from the mangled college boys between them, as the pair of teenage Amazons screamed out in pleasure.

Amy and Jessica, showing mercy for their defeated forms, each lowered their lips to the cock heads nearby them, sucking and licking it with expert skill, causing them both to erupt their juices deep inside the swallowing female mouths. Unfortunately for these engulfed men, they had passed out from the pain of this sexual position previously, so they didn't experience the orgasmic pleasures that these incredibly powerful college girls decided to provide them.

"Wow ... .that, that was really good" Amy breathed out, tenderly touching the beautiful young female face across from her, as they released their holds slightly, causing the now unconscious male bodies to slump to the floor. Mangled, beaten and a bit broken, but certainly still alive.

"Youre not kidding, and this is just Day 1 of Spring Break. Mmmm, imagine what other things the rest of our stay has in store for us" Jessica replied with an excited smile, as she looked over to Amy's stunningly youthful face with lust.

"Well, it won't be with these two, that's for sure ... .." she teased out, as the pair of female powerhouses looked down at them, giggling like little girls at the mess they had made of them. " ... .Ohhhh, though I'm sure we'll have more than our pick of partners here to enjoy" Amy cooed, as the two of them reapplied their tiny bra and panties outfits over their newly expanded physiques. She then reached for her cell-phone, and took another photo for her growing Ooops, I Did It Again folder on her OurSpace page, showing the muscular maidens flexing sexily over yet another pair of demolished young men.

The lingerie wearing 19 year olds then made their way out from their formerly private area, as they eyed up the vast assortment of young male and female forms about them, their bodies fit and tanned, any of them being potential new partners for Amy and Jessica's next sexual experience. Though this decision was to be decided by fate, as they then heard a commotion coming not far from their sexily sauntering forms. Sounds of fear from a lone boy, and several other men laughing cruelly at him.

"Stupid little geek, I said out of our way, and that goes double for little nerds like you!" yelled out a voice the girls instantly recognized, as they saw several large, muscular college boys standing over a much smaller, though quite adorable, looking male. Each of them twice his size, and all of them several years older, though that mattered little to them, in fact, it was as if they were looking for an excuse to exert their dominance over someone. "No one stands up to Adam Rutherford, No One!"

"Well, unless you're a sexy young college girl" Jessica spoke in a powerful manner, as she and Amy entered this area, her piercing eyes focusing solely on this abusive group's leader, whose face turned ghost-white in a matter of seconds upon seeing her.

"Oh course, it does help if they happen to have big, hard, strong muscles all over their bodies ... .." Amy cooed out, as she and Jessica both hit several muscle poses, causing the large males before them to wet themselves, while the smaller boy to look up at awe and lust at them. "Hiya cutie, I told you I'd see you again later" the blonde Amazon sensually spoke to the bullied boy, recognizing him from the end of their previously won Wet T-shirt contest.

Adam turned to either side of him, where his posse previously stood, though at the sudden appearance of Amy and Jessica, they had swiftly bolted away, not wanting another session of their crushing muscular forms.

"Well Amy, looks like our next play-toys have been provided for us already" Jessica spoke with a sexily sinister smile, as she made her way towards Adam's trembling form. Wrapping her power-packed arms around his slightly larger, though much weaker, body. Trapping him inside her female muscular prison, which began to give him pulsatingly powerful squeezes.

"Mmmmm, you said it girl ... ." Amy replied as she looked down at the small 18 year old boy, reaching down to effortlessly claim him in her arms, " ... ..time to pway, little one. But don't worry, I won't hurt you ... .well, too much anyway" she breathed into his ears, causing his well-endowed cock to thicken so much, that the tip of it was see peaking out of the top of his shorts.

"You better have a cock at least that size, Stud, or I'm gonna stretch it out until it gets there!" Jessica spoke in her traditional threatening yet sexy tone, as the two teenage musclegirls carried their men to another secluded area, where the screams of their partners, for two very different reasons, would be hurt all too soon afterwards.


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