(Swedish Amazon Tora travels to the US to show some cocky college boys the true meaning of the term Super Power)

by DTM


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Keith Gifford was literally having the time of his life. At a newly turned 21 years of age, this UCLA Junior was living every mans dream lifestyle. An incredibly skilled athlete, with a firm, hard, muscular physique, that coupled with his ruggedly handsome facial features and all too charismatic attitude, made him the object of any womans desire; something full well, having spent the past several years working his way through a wide array of truly gorgeous young women. Not the least of which was his current girlfriend of 6 months, a stunningly beautiful red-head who was Head Cheerleader to his Football Captain (an amazing feat considering he was playing with nearly all Seniors); his breathtakingly beautiful, tight and toned bodied girlfriend Brandi Rogers was virtually everything he could want in a woman, something she felt in return of him with little doubt. The most attractive couple at their school, which considering where they were going said quite a lot, they were also two of the most popular, being involved in a variety of different sports and social events, making them the ultimate It Couple to all who knew that (which was pretty much everyone). Yet another addition to Keiths already amazing reputation was the fact that he was already being looked at by various NFL teams talent scouts, something which was hardly a secret, something which with his incredible athletic abilities virtually guaranteed him a very lucrative job offer the second after his college graduation, making him one Very Rich man at the age of only 22. Yes, it wasnt hard to see why with all that he had going for him, Keith was living a Heaven On Earth life.

A life which took a bit of a hit at the end of his Junior year, when he was approached by his stunningly attractive girlfriend (an act which Always seemed to get more than a smile to rise from him), who informed him that she would be spending her Senior Year of college away in Sweden; having been accepted for a very special exchange program, one that simply couldnt be refused, one which would include her parents taking in a young woman from that country in return; allowing her the chance to attend the very prestigious UCLA, just as Brandi would be doing to her school abroad. So with this all too upsetting news (especially for Keith, who was really looking forward to having Fun with his girl by his side), the two young lovers made the best of their remaining time together; vowing to stay in touch as often as they could, promising to stay true and loyal to one another until she returned (something Keith knew he would have trouble doing for such a length of time, though feeling what she didnt know wouldnt hurt her). It was a summer neither of them would ever forget, though unfortunately they both learned all too quickly that all good things must come to an end, and before they knew it, Brandi was boarding a plane headed for a new world, while he for the first time in a long time felt true sadness in his life at her departure.

Though not one without a core group of buddies to cheer him up, Keiths slightly depressed state was soon washed away by his good friends, and fellow UCLA football jocks, who over a few cans (or was that kegs) of Budweisers finest, and the visuals of more gorgeous young women than any of them knew what to do with, soon turned his state of mind completely around, and before long this star college athlete and ultra popular stud was back to his own Life Is Good self again. Confident, strong, proud, it seemed nothing could bring him down from the High that was his life, a life that took a serious turnaround when he received a call from Brandi's Mother (who he, along with her Father, had gotten quite close to) asking him to show around their new border and exchange student from Sweden, Tora Svenson. A request he at first didnt exactly warm up to, as he was about to start his Senior Year at college, where he would be King, so the thought of acting as babysitter to some girl he didnt know was hardly to his liking; though due to the loyalty he felt towards his girlfriends parents, Keith eventually accepted their offer, and at the conclusion of their phone call a meeting was set up for him to talk to this visitor from afar, a meeting which would change his life, and especially his upcoming Senior Year, more than he could ever have imagined.


"I hope you dont mind that I invited some of my friends to join us" Keith spoke out across the barroom table at the surprisingly attractive young woman before him. A description which was the understatement of the year, as Tora was an utter and complete Knock Out in every sense of the word. From her long, flowing, golden blond locks, which cascaded perfectly down and around her flawlessly shaped face (sporting full lips and glistening blue eyes) which was admittedly hard to focus on due to her incredibly voluptuous DD-cup breasts, which in the top she was currently wearing showed off more than enough cleavage for anyone.

"Oh no, I likes to meet all of your American friends very much" she replied in a soft, yet incredibly sexy Swedish accented tone, as she smiled out to the gathering of large, solidly built young men all sitting around her. Keiths football buddies werent about to pass up the chance to see just what their Team Captain had gotten himself into; initially thinking he was going to be saddled with walking a dog around all year long, yet now every single one of them wished beyond hope that they were in his shoes.

"Oh and wed like to meet all of you too" one of Keiths more drunken buddies followed up, as he took a swig from an entire pitcher of beer, following it up with a deep, loud Burp from his massive, bull-like frame. He, like the rest of his blatantly gawking pals, stared endlessly at Toras mind-blowingly beautiful face and all too curvaceously statuesque body; something they wished she was showing off more of this day than in a pair of blue denim jeans and a UCLA long-sleeve T-shirt; though they were all too happy with the view of her full, thick and meaty breasts nonetheless.

"That would be nice, I likes you American men very much. The boys where I am from.....well......there are not like you here. I much prefer men here, very much" the gorgeous young woman spoke out in a seductively flirting manner, eyeing up the wide assortment of large, powerfully built men all about her, like a child would at a candy store.

"Well, how do you mean? What makes us so different from the men were youre from?" Keith asked out quite honestly, being genuinely curious about her answer, well that and he simply loved the way her lusciously rounded chest bounced when she spoke.

"Well our foot long dicks, for starters!" another of his swiftly drunken football teammates barked out, before raising a tall, full mug and downing it all in record time. "No man anywhere else can hope to compete with our Grade-A, American Stock, Prime Beef!" he continued on, slamming his newly emptied glass hard on the wooden table before them, which he followed up with a massive full body double biceps shot that displayed his ultra thick and impressively hard arm muscles to their limits.

"Yes, you see, this is what I mean. The boys where I come from are just that, little boys. I like a real man, like all you here. Big, strong, lots of muscle, thats what women from my country love in a man. I am sure you can see I am a big girl, as are most woman where I am from, so we do not like so much the smaller, weaker men back home. They do you say.....too delicate for us, especially when it comes to our sexy fun time in the bedroom" Tora sexily added on with a smile.

"You a little too rough on your boys, eh? They break too easy when you fuck them, do they?" another heavily bulked up man spoke out in a teasing tone, all of them quickly becoming even more interested in this beautiful Nordic Goddess once they found out that her type of man, physically at least, was pretty much Them.

"That is it, yes. They break too easy when our women have their fun with them, you know, have the Sex. That is why we love you American men. Tall, strong, hard, powerful, perfect for us women back home. Perfect.......just like all you boys" the lushly bodied young woman made out with a very interested look on her flawlessly shaped face.

"You mean, MEN, dont you, little girl?" yet another of Keiths friends loudly added on, causing all of them to laugh out, including their gorgeous young female companion as well. "What do you say, you think any of us here are as breakable as your little wimps back home?"

"Hmmmmmm, I think you all very cute guys, very big, very strong looking, and you all last longer than even largest man where I am from.......but I think we are still too much for you, and would have to take it easy on your during our sex time, or....." SNAP!, Tora concluded her speech in a playful manner, cracking a long, salt covered pretzel rod from a bowl on their table for added affect.

"Oh, come on now Tora. I mean, I can see youre a big all the right places, all beautifully shaped in a perfect womanly package.....but youre still a good deal smaller than any of us here......" Keith made out as leader of his little gang, in defense of their manhood at the notion that this voluptuously statuesque blond bombshell was too much for any of them in the bedroom, " the chances of you "breaking" any of us during sex......well, that just aint happening, eh boys?" he concluded proudly, receiving a roar of loud, male cheers and Hi-Fives from his fellow teammates.

"I do not mean to offend please, you are all very nice men, all just what I like very much......but let me tell you, if I go all out in the bedroom with any of you, I am afraid I put you in the hospital for a week" she seductively, yet intimidatingly, made out, while puffing out her thickly rounded breasts; a feat (that along with her strangely arousing words) made every male cock around her throbbingly hard and stiffeningly erect. "I am not just big, I am quite strong and very fast. Girls back home are very athletic and like to play hard with one another. I like to play sports here at your school too, maybe then I show you how good I am"

"Sorry babe, but all of the big sports teams here are played by men! So unless theres something you aint tellin' us, such as youre the hottest fucking drag queen Ive ever seen, you aint gonna be playing with us anytime soon" a final of the surrounding men barked out defiantly, and quite a bit angrily, at her accusation that none of them would be able to handle her sexually.

"What he meant was......" Keith swiftly spoke out, giving several of his teammates a sly, devious look as he did so, ".......theres no official big league sports for girls here at UCLA. But, that doesnt mean we dont have an intramural league here, which were all a part of, and Im sure we would be happy to give you a try out for if youre interested? Just a series of little physical tests and challenges, should be a piece of cake for someone as "big and strong" as you are, Im sure"

"Oh, I love this games! Can I play against you all, its not so much fun to do it myself" a high pitched feminine voice replied back.

"Uh, sure......sure, if youd like, and if you happen to beat us, well then youll be able to play with us, anytime you like......and if we beat you, well be able to do the same in return" Keith finished his deal with a wide grin across his extremely handsome face. A look that was soon after copied by every one of his surrounding buddies, and before very long, Toras exotically beautiful face as well.

"Mmmmmm, this sounds like very much fun! When do we play, tomorrow?" the stunning Swedish bombshell made out in an all too anxious and excited tone.

"Well, sure, tomorrow it is!" Keith replied back, raising his glass (which was instantly followed by the rest of his team and Tora herself), as they clanked their glasses loudly; all of them looking forward to the following day, when their Battle Of The Sexes, with one of the sexiest girls any of them had ever seen, would begin.


The following morning Tora eagerly knocked on the door to Keiths Frat House, which not only housed him and all of his friends, but also had a massively large and openly spaced backyard for them to have their made-up games on. Keith, who answered the door to greet this lovely young woman, had a slight hint of a frown on his face after doing so, due solely to the choice of outfit she was currently wearing. He was hoping that due the fact that they would be undergoing rigorous physical activity today, that they would be seeing more of her ultra shapely, though only previously hinted at, physique. A thought which was one of the main reasons for this day as a whole (that and proving to her the power red-blooded American men contained), though seeing Tora before him now in a very concealing, semi-baggy pair of sweat pants and matching sweat shirt (both proudly displaying her new schools UCLA brand all over them), dashed any hopes of allowing him and his boys to further view (aka stare at) this beautiful Swedish female specimen.

He then let her inside this enormous frat house, and after a few minutes of getting reacquainted with his buddies from the night before, and meeting several more of their frat brothers as well, they all made their way back and outside, to a perfectly warm late Summers day, and the first of many fun-filled physical challenges to come.

"So, we have a few things in mind here Tora, and of course if youd like to do anything special, just throw it out there and well see what we can do" Keith spoke out authoritatively, acting like the ringleader of a circus, which with his array of bullish, thickly muscled brutes all about him, wasnt too far from the truth. "I figure we start off with the basics, a little warm up test if you will ' Sit Ups. Well have one of our guys challenge you to see how many sit ups you both can do, simply put, the winner is the one that does more in the end. OK?"

"Oh yes, very OK. I am very excited to play our games today" the young woman replied, as she gave slight little bounces in place before them.

"Not as "excited" as we are, I bet" one of Keiths friends mumbled out, causing all the hulkingly built men to laugh out loudly.

Tora gave a polite smile to this gaggling gang before her, which she followed by her laying down flat on the ground below, sticking her fingers behind her head in this challenges starting position; its long flowing cascade of platinum blond locks tied up sexily in a ponytail for this days events. Even though her attire was hardly what anyone here would call sexy, her frame underneath (which they were all dying to see more of) was so lush, full and shapely that even with the bagginess of her currently worn outfit, the unreal womanly curves of her body still showed through quite well. Something they were all leering at near dumbfoundedly, that was until she gave out a mocking little cough as a reminder to let them know she was waiting on their champion to challenge her to this first of many such tests to come.

Keith then gestured to one of his friends to join her down on the ground, who then proudly stepped up in front of them all, and unlike the seemingly modest Tora before him, he ripped his sweatshirt off in a flash, revealing an incredibly fit and athletic looking physique; especially around his midsection, which he tauntingly showed off and flexed, making it within seconds a mass of rippling hard, chiseled from marble, rock solid muscle. Thinking they had stacked the deck in this event by picking their most abdominally fit member, Keith smiled as his friend took his spot and got ready to count them down to begin; not only for this first test, but surely the start of her ultimate humiliation over the course of this day.......surely.

"3......2......1......GO!" the Football Captain and star athlete yelled out, causing Tora and her current opponent to burst out in a furiously hit, lightning fast, series of perfectly executed ab crunches. Up and down, over and over, their bodies went, their speed and timing so well matched that one would think they were doing so on purpose, as some kind of well choreographed feat of strength; a feat that went on for several minutes at a near savage pace before either of them began to slow down, and amazingly enough, they both did so at the same time (leading Keith to gage her overall fitness level at around his friends own).

The count went from 100, to 200, to even 500 as time went on, something was while causing this mans stomach to literally burst out with an unreal looking 8-Pack, it was also taking a serious toll on him as well; something that was noticed by all at the 10 minute mark, when it took all that he had to raise himself up just a few more times. The good news though was that his insanely gorgeous (and apparently very fit) opponent seemed to be tiring out as well, the look of strain on her face and the slowness of her own raising upper body left no doubt to any watching that this was going to come down to the wire, the winner still anyone guess at this point in time.

Though less than a minute later, that winner was ultimately chosen, as this super fit male tried making it up one last time, though collapsing down to the nearby grassy ground just before his 697th attempt. A truly Herculean showing by this moaning and groaning, physically exhausted man; something which left his prized abs Screaming with all that they were, shooting waves of pain up, down and around its ridgedly dense musculature. Though unfortunately for him, it seemed that as incredible as his performance was, Tora still managed to beat him (though only just), with her reaching her 700th abdominal crunch, before she too fell back to the ground, breathing heavily as she did so; the act of which causing her massive breasts to rise and lower, pushing her growingly tight fitting sweatshirt (at least in that area) to its limits (a small consolation to the gawking males around her, as they unashamedly watched this sight, which coupled with her feminine pitched moans of effort, caused more than a few of them another case of Morning Wood).

"Hahaha, looks like were gonna have to knock you down to the girls team after that showing, eh Shrimp" a very large, bull necked male joked out to his newly defeated friend, while reaching one of his thickly muscled arms down to help him back to his feet. This was followed by a roar of loud, manly laughter towards the smaller, though physically harder and more in-shape, man.

"Screw you Porky, I did almost 700 sit ups straight! I bet your fat-ass cant even do that in an entire day!" he returned back, as he teasingly patted the much larger mans stomach (which was built much more for bulkish size than rippling hardness), as his own stomach still ached in waves of pain.

"OK OK, knock it off!" Keith yelled out, trying to regain some focus from his teammates, "This is just the beginning, we have plenty more to go! So just relax and calm your asses down, alright!" he barked out orders here as he was used to doing on the playing field, and just like there, his friends followed his well-earned lead to the letter. The handsome young man then turned his attention to the still laying down woman beneath him, offering her a hand up, something she grabbed (with impressive force, he might add), as she rose back to her feet, a proud smile covering her utterly breathtaking face. "Congratulations Tora, you won. I dont know how you did it, but you did, so good job"

"Thank you! Oh, that was hard, but very much fun" she excitedly replied, seemingly healing up much faster than her previous opponent, who she then sauntered her 5' 10" frame over to, extending a hand to him, and saying "You did very well, your stomach muscles are very strong. You should be proud of yourself, you make for a good fight". Unfortunately this wasnt greeted with the same level respect back from him, as he turned away from her with a frustrated look on his face; pushing his way through his larger, more thickly framed, teammates, as he sulked away from his loss, his first ever in this particular type of challenge, and to a girl no less. "Awwww, dont be sad, I spend much time back home working out my stomach, and have very much strong muscles here too" Tora added in a semi-teasing, semi-comforting tone, which was followed by the raising of the bottom end of her blue UCLA branded sweatshirt, showing off her bare stomach for the first time for any of these men, all of which gave audible gasps at this sight now before them.

Just like their friends before, her abs were a stunningly glorious 8-Pack, covered in a soft, sensual layer of sweat from her newly performed efforts, and was quite literally the hardest, most muscular looking stomach any of them had ever seen on a woman. Oh sure they were around and got close to girls that were quite fit and athletic (preferring their tight, firm bodies over most any other really), some of them even, such as Keiths girlfriend Brandi, even having visible hints of ripples throughout; though Toras was something more, something on a level they had only ever seen on a man before (and not too often at that), yet on her was undeniably feminine and all too sexy. Tora saw the look on their faces at her first reveal, something she truly Loved, as she began to sway, rock and gyrate her all too steel hard abs to and fro; doing so with both a soft, erotic sensuality, and the perfect amount of awesomely displayed Power.

"So you see, I have very strong stomach, so dont feel bad to lose to me, OK?" the beautifully built supergirl cooed out sexily, as she lowered her top back down and around her newly exposed set of abs. "So, whos next?" she then followed up with an anxious tone and large grin, showing those around her she was truly enjoying herself so far, something which was just Not supposed to happen.

Keith then gathered his men together in a near football style huddle, their bodies forming a circular wall, their arms interlocking around one anothers, as they planned their next move in this Battle Of The Sexes. Pumping up their slightly damaged male egos by saying a strong stomach didnt necessarily mean a strong body overall, and if in fact she did want to test them out against them, strength for strength, they knew just what to go for next.

"OK, our next challenge is going to be something a little harder, a little different, but still something very basic and a good warm up exercise to whats to come ' Push Ups" Keith proudly spoke out, followed by applause from his friends around him, as another of them stepped forward to meet Tora in this event; an event which was surely much more sided to them, men known for having stronger upper bodies, especially in his case, as this man paraded around her showing off his 20" biceps in all of their impressively firm glory. Tora watched this display with much interest, as being a young woman in the prime of her life, she was all too into in the wide assortment of super buff, super athletic man-flesh all about her this day; all of which couldnt be more different from those she knew back home, all of which sent little tingles of erotic delight throughout her increasingly turned-on form.

With that, Tora and her new competitor took to the sun-warmed ground below them, taking their positions for this exercise, their hands out slightly to either side of their heads, as their shoulders, chest and arms were ready to get this latest challenge underway - which following the slow, dramatic countdown from Keith, they did just that. Again, both of these extremely fit and able young athletes went at their task with all that they had, pushing themselves hard and strong, causing their bodies to lift and lower, up and down, using their impressively powerful upper bodies to their best in this event. The boys feeling much more confident now than in the previous challenge, as unlike sit ups (with so many girls today having flat toned stomaches) which relies more on overall fitness levels, these push ups were much more about power, true upper body strength, which there was no doubt virtually any man had the advantage over most any woman around.

Yet as the minutes went on, and both of these newly sweaty participants began to slow down (this exercise being a good deal more difficult than the last), the surrounding men noticed all too easily (and painfully) that Tora was actually holding her own in this event. Despite her being a woman, her upper body seemed to be strong enough to keep in virtually exact tune to one of their own, and while about 3 minutes in both of them looked to be slowing down considerably, their actual push up count was a neck and neck score all the same. That was until the all too struggling young man stopped in mid lift, and even with the roaring of males screams for him to continue heard all about, he had no choice but to drop down to the floor with a thud. Tora was pushing herself to extreme levels as well, and in the end beat him by only 1 or 2 actual lifts; though unfortunately for Keith and his crew, a win is a win no matter how close the end score is.

The beautiful Swedish girl then dropped down to the ground with a girlish grunt of effort, doing so so suddenly that she landed straight onto her bountifully boudacious breasts; which amazingly enough not only held their firmness with only the slightest bit of give to them (without a hint of pain on Toras model-esque face, at that), but actually bounced her entire body back up an inch or so off the ground, before she finally lay rested on her side next to the sweat soaked, heavily breathing young man.

"I dont believe it, I just dont fucking believe it!!" one of the powerfully built jocks yelled out, raising his hands high in the air and walking a few feet away in frustration.

"You were so close man, she only lasted 2 more, why couldnt you have done any more!!" another bulkily bodied man spoke out to his still floor-laden teammate, who at this point could only roll over onto his back, his arms completely devoid of any strength to lift him to his feet.

"Alright, enough!" Keith yelled back, him being easily as frustrated as the rest of them, though in claiming the leadership role he knew he had to reel them back in and keep their morales and confidence levels high. Something that surely didnt need to be done to the beautiful blond below them, who then rose to her feet, shaking and stretching her arms, chest and shoulders out, after yet another hard fought physical match up, which resulted in yet another victory for her. "Congrats Tora, you won.......again" Keith reluctantly made out to this physically exerted young woman, who even with little beads of sweat dripping down her forehead, and her golden locks starting to wet up a slightly darker color due to this, she still held an exotic beauty that was only further emphasized by the glow of power all about her.

"That was very hard, and you are very good, but I push myself and win in the end. Thank you thank you!" she excitedly made out, again regaining her breath a good deal faster than one of their own.

"Hey, in case you havent figured this out yet Babe, were not rooting for you, OK? So dont thank us for your win, cause if we had anything to say about it, youd still be on the ground struggling with your first rep!" one of the surrounding men angrily made out, as he made his way right up and into Toras face. His massively muscular body dwarfing even her tall, lusciously hard frame; though she didnt seem frightened or intimidated in the least, as she looked up at him with her glistening blue eyes, which was followed by a slowly formed, deviously shaped, smile.

"I am sorry, maybe my English not so good. I mean to say Thank You not to you......but to these!" she sexily breathed out, as she took a step back from this hulking mass before her, and began to unzip and then totally remove her previously concealing (though growingly tighter) sweatshirt; revealing her upper body to those around her just as she hinted at before with her rippling washboard abs, and yet again, she garnered the same reaction from these men as they gave her then ' Shock, Surprise and Awe.

Tora now stood before them with only a form fitting spandex sports-bra (which looked stretched to its limits to contain her DD-cup breasts) covering her entire upper body, which was the first time any here had seen so much of; something that caused them to stare with eyes and mouths held wide open for most, and cocks stirring and throbbing for all. Just as her stomach was shown to be earlier, the rest of her upper half was covered in silky smooth, etched from stone, swellingly full, steel hard female muscle. From her ridged abs, to her voluptuously meaty pecs, to her softball sized shoulders and amazingly wide back, ending with her unreal sized arm muscles, which Tora was now flexing for her all too stunned crowd; giggling like a little girl as she revealed her wares to this assortment of thickly muscled men for the first time.

"Thank you to my big, hard, sexy biceps, I meant to say. I think each one about 16 inches of your measure, which I see is smaller than most of yours, though I think you agree with me when I say they make up in hardness and strength" she teased out, reaching out for the over 20" arms of the man who attempted to scare her just a few seconds ago; a touch that felt as soft and tender as any womans, until she gave them both a playful little squeeze, which caused pain to shoot throughout his entire body; his face easily showing this to all around him, as he jumped backwards and away from this newly exposed Amazon girl.

"I am sorry, sometimes I lose my strength a bit, I hope I didnt hurt you too much?" the teasing musclegirl spoke out to the man rubbing both of his massive arms as best he could. "You see, I have pretty big arms too. They are very strong, and hard like rocks, see?" she continued to chirp out in her all too sexily exotic accent, while moving her arms to and from, slowly, sensually, into a series of expertly hit bicep poses. "But you see, this challenge is not just about arms, it is also about the chest......I think I have pretty good muscles there too, no?" Tora breathed out with a smile, as she locked her hands together and crossing her arms down and around her breasts, pushing them a bit more together, adding to the already lusciously formed cleavage that was already being stared at by her crowd of men here. "You have to have strong chest muscles to do well with the push ups, and I work out my chest very much!" the Swedish supergirl more powerfully added on, now flexing her muscle tits up and down, both together, then one at a time, to and fro like pec pistons; before flexing them together again in a motion that resembled the beating of her heart, which was also easily matched by the throbbing of every single one of their all too erect dicks. "So what do you think boys, are you ready for more of This!" she erotically growled out, hitting a full on upper body, double biceps shot that impossibly enough expanded her already thick and muscular frame even moreso.

"I.....I.....OK, enough of this bullshit! Guys, gather around!" Keith barked out commandingly, when he regained his temporarily lost composure that was. He had never seen, first hand, in person, a woman that was as muscularly built as Tora; especially one that held her shape so femininely and had the facial beauty at least the equal of his own Head Cheerleader girlfriend, Brandi. Of all the cocks standing at attention here and now (which amusingly enough could be seen by them all during their current huddling position) his was the most active and sexually aroused. Though he wasnt about to let being more turned-on than he had ever been in his life stop him from leading his team to victory, as well as proving beyond any doubt that American men were not going to back down to a single (albeit extremely muscle packed) girl from Sweden.

Their pep talk and discussion regarding their next event was a bit longer and more thought out than had been their previous one, and in the end they were happy with what had been decided on; something that was all too clear among each of their newly smiling faces as they broke away from this group discussion and made there way back to Tora's glisteningly hardbodied form.

"OK, were going to get things going here and start to push this up a notch. Our next challenge to you, my dear, is going to be a Race, a one mile race to be exact. Four laps around our very own track, whoever crosses the final line first is the winner" Keith confidently and authoritatively made out, as he pointed towards a professionally built track further off in the incredibly spacious backyard of this Frat House (being a super star college athlete, with million dollar contacts all about him, does have its privileges). This event was chosen after careful consideration, with them thinking that such a musclebound woman, while obviously gifted in physical strength, would therefore be lacking in the speed department. So putting their best runner, and smallest teammate, up against her, these men finally felt they had this one in the bag and would soon by claiming their first of many wins to come. "What do you say, you game for more?"

"Oh yes, I love to play these games, and I am especially good at the running ones too" she surprisingly replied.

" are?" one of the men stuttered out.

"Oh yes, very much. We do not have cars where I am from, so we have to run everywhere we want to go. Sometimes, we even carry our men too, as they are just too small and weak to keep up with us. So yes, this will be fun!" Tora replied with an excited smile.

"Well then.....uh.....we should tell you about American rules then" Keith quickly added on, with much surprise to even his own teammates. "You see Tora, because this is our track, we call that home field advantage, we can use twp runners to go against you; each one alternating between laps, while you being the away team, would need to tackle it all yourself" he slyly continued, causing the rest of his team to sport devilish grins of their own. "So, if you have a problem with those house rules, you can just forfeit now and we can move....."

"No no, not at all, I was actually going to ask you to use four people, since there are four laps, I thought that would be better for you. After all, I am winning so much today, I want to allow you a good chance now. Besides, with legs like this, I think you need as much help as you can" Tora concluded, as she sensually lowered her sweatpants, showing off the lower half of her incredible physique; which just like her upper body, was now concealed only by a small pair of spandex bottoms, and contained an equal amount of meaty, rock solid, female muscle all about them.

The men all gasped at this sight, seeing this Amazon Goddesses lower half exposed as it was for the first time, yet again took them a bit back, to say the least. While still possessing unreal womanly shape in her legs, a good deal overall more pronounced curves to them at that, their was simply no mistaking where their curvaceous form came from. Rock solid, steel hard, muscle! Something Tora proudly showed off before them all now, flexing and flaring thighs, calves, hamstrings, and even her lushly muscle packed butt, which like the rest of her body, was full of unreal sized, Amazon powered muscle. If they originally thought her extremely buff physique would slow her down in this next event, hearing what she had told them just a minute ago, coupled with the amazing power that each of her legs looked to contain, easily began washing away their previously held amounts of confidence. It was a good thing she was offering to take on four of them together, as otherwise they had little doubt that this exotically muscular beauty would be claiming victory over them yet again.

"Talking about your Grade-A beef, Ive got all you could want right here!" she playfully made out, slapping her lusciously rounded, bowling ball sized glutes with a single one of her hands; though as strong as her muscular arms impact would (and sounded to) be, didnt seem to phase the incredible firmness of her apple shaped ass in the least. "How do you like?" Tora further cooed out, as she shook and then slammed hard each of her legs down firmly on the ground, causing the unreal hardness of her thighs and quads to ripple and then lock into solid, beefy muscle.

"OK......alright, we have female bodybuilders in America, people!" Team Captain Keith yelled out to his troops, as they all made their way towards the very well made backyard track. As he had been doing since the beginning, he was trying to be a pillar of strength for his team; reminding them that all her talk could be just that, Talk, and at four of them refreshed and energized facing off now against just her one, this was surely their time to shine. Leaving them all quite proud and confident by the time they had reached their track, while reminding them to give it all they had from start to finish nonetheless.

So without any further talking, Tora and the first of her male opponents took their spots on the track. Each one taking their spot in their own lane, giving out a few warm up stretches before the actual event, before lowering themselves down on the tips of their fingers and toes, leaning a bit forward and getting themselves ready for a big lunging start, which happened the second Keith yelled Go at the top of his lungs......well, for the male runner, that was. Tora, surprisingly enough, didnt budge an inch forward, she didnt move at all actually with the exception of slowly standing herself back up to her nearly 6 foot height; her body looking more than ready for this latest physical challenge, though it was her strikingly attractive young face that seemed to be giving her pause right here and now.

"Oh my, silly me, I forget to change back into my sweat clothes. Imagine me running around wearing just this little thing......" the stunning Swede spoke out in a teasing tone, showing off her body to those standing around her in a barely there mini-workout outfit, " little boys would be too distracted with this body to play good......and I want to see your best for this one" Tora concluded, as she skipped off the field to gather together and put on her much more tight, yet still very concealing, outfit. So long did this take, with utter shock from everyone watching around her, that by the time she made it back onto the track and got herself into her previously hit starting position, the first of the male runners had just finished his lap, which signaled the second member of that team to burst out with all that he had, something which was now followed suit by the beautiful young woman. Though unlike if she had started at the actual beginning of the race, she was now a full lap down from her full and constantly reviving team of opponents ' something judging from the look on her face as she bolted down this track, didnt bother her in the least.

If her nearly unreal fitness level and overall muscular physique wasnt enough to shock and awe those watching her this day, the world class speed that she was traveling down and around this track more than did so, as could be heard by the assorted gasps and seen from swiftly dropping mouths heard all about them. It seemed Toras earlier bragging about how fast she could run was hardly an overstatement, as she blew by the other male runner on the field with near ease; doing so with such swiftness and grace that if she had started at the true beginning of this test of speed (and not one lap behind, as she was now) the overall winner here would be in no doubt in anyones mind. Though she did start off more than a bit behind, doing so at a level that even the fastest male runner in all of UCLAs campus would be hard pressed to ever catch up; though catch up the gorgeous Amazon girl did, finishing her first lap while the other man was just about halfway through his own.

Tora then sped off onto her second lap, which was actually the same number the other active runner was on; though while his confidence was through the roof at the start of his turn, running his lap with all that he had and making impressive time with it as well, that feeling now shattered to pieces as he continually looked over his shoulder, watching helplessly as the beautiful blondes lightning fast form approached him more and more; so much so that even from such a huge deficient that she started with, they both passed the starting line at the exact same time. This of course caused the 3rd male athlete to bolt out towards his share of this growingly one-sided race (and not in the way they had all originally thought), while the previous man collapsed to the ground, his completely spent legs now weak as watered-down spaghetti. Though while this brand new runner was giving it all he had, pushing himself to his limits not only for him, but for red-blooded American men everywhere, he simply had no chance to keep up or catch this beautifully blond blur of motion that was Tora; who was stretching her long legs out proudly with each and every step, doing so at such a pace that it was leaving her challengers in the dust without much hope of catching up.

Something which frustrated the Hell out of near everyone on Keiths gathering of manly, macho jocks, one of who was so feed up with this young womans growingly apparent physical superiority over them, that as she passed on by, he foolishly tried to trip her; sticking one of his tree stump-like legs out suddenly to catch her feet, hoping to cause her to fall. Unfortunately for him, amazing agility and incredible reflexes were now two other things that could be added to Tora's list of physical attributes, as she lept well over his pitiful attempt to stop her, giving him a stern look on her flawless face as she did so. The speeding supergirl then continued to make her way down and around this quarter-mile track with the same fluid of motion she had with her previous three; completing her mile in less time than the visibly stunned team of four men, who still had one more member left to run even at this point ' and run he did, for the anchor man for this event was none other than Keith himself, and while he knew full well that they had already lost, he wasnt about tarnish break his fighting spirit or will to compete by not finishing the race. So run he did, and true to form, he completed his lap with the best time of any on his team; though as he approached the finishing line with his heart racing and feet pounding away, he viewed a sight that had him once more a bit shocked and confused ' not to mention incredibly turned on - all at once.

The sight in question was of one of their more physically largest members, a 325 pound linebacker no less, crouched before Tora on his hands and knees; while his head was being enveloped and crushed by her thickly muscled thighs (which yet again were now filly exposed, as she had removed her lower semi-baggy attire to further display her awesomely powerful looking legs).

"What the fuck is going on here??" Keith yelled out as he slowed down his formerly speeding pace to end up, as always, in the middle of the action.

"Your friend and I have a bit of a misunderstanding, I think. He try to trip me as I pass on by, trying to cheat to get your win, so now I come back and show him my unhappiness at his actions. This is how we punish our men where I am from!" she chirped out in a high pitched, though quite irritated, tone. Her golden tanned thighs had this massively bulky mans head engulfed within its inescapable grasp, even his screams of pain and cries for help where virtually silenced due to this nearly suffocating and all too smother leg lock. A lock that was so powerfully tight, that try as he might not even his thickly muscle packed arms could seem to pry them apart.

"Look......look, Tora.....were gonna need him if were going to continue our games here, so if you could just....." Keith spoke out calmly and in control, not wanting any of his other buddies to lose it and dog-pile this powerful, though hopefully outmatched, young woman.

"OK, for you, being so nice, I will end his punishment......for now" Tora chirped back with a smile towards the leader of this grouping, removing her steel hard thighs from around her mans skull, stepping over him and off towards Keith, while the hugely bodied man just slumped down to the grass covered floor below.

"Let me guess, all of the women where youre from are champion wrestlers too?" the handsome young man sarcastically made out to the all too beautiful woman before him.

"Oh no, we do not wrestle the men back home. I never wrestle before in my life really, except for occasional punishings I give to little boy men from my country. But they are so weak and frail compared to you big, strong, American men" the Swedish girl replied rather innocently.

"Is that so?" Keith mumbled back under his breath, which was barely audible to the ultra muscular Amazon nearby. His mind started to whirl and flow, as thoughts of another physical challenge for them to perform this day began forming in his mind. "Come on guys, Ive got an idea.......and somebody pick him up already" he commanded to his troops, finishing off with a gesture down to the newly freed, visibly dizzy, brutish jock below them.

Keith knew that as massively muscular as his downed teammate was, that speed and skill were much more important in such combat oriented sports than Power, so it wasnt all too surprising that Tora managed to get the best of him in the end. In saying that, and hearing that she had no actual training in wrestling at all, lead him to decide that to be their next challenge to her. An idea that wasnt well received by his teammates at all, seeing what she had just done to one of their strongest, and had been doing to them so far this day. Though after a very inspirational and morale boosting speech, one that emphasized her inexperience in this sport, and the fact that they had not one but two Varsity level wrestlers here on their team (throwing in something about American male pride, which always seemed to get them going), and by the time they had broken up from this latest huddle, they were roaring, yelling and cheering themselves off to victory ' whether they actually had enough to claim that victory, remained to be seen.

Keith then declared Wrestling as their next physical challenge, even going so far as to work in having both of his highly skilled combatants in the ring (which was something they had built, due to Keiths influence, in the basement of their frat house) at the same time, hoping they could stretch the rules a bit to give them an even greater chance to claim their first win. Tora surprisingly loved the idea, not only of the actual event, but of her taking on two guys at once in a sport she had never really been trained in; something which couldnt have been more wrong with her very skilled and able bodied opponents. Maybe she thought strength alone would win this day, something which if were so she would have lost to their massively bulky teammate outside a few minutes earlier. Though if she was being overconfident, all the better for them to take her by surprise and get the ball rolling in their direction, and about time at that.

It wasnt very long before Tora, Keith and crew, as well as many other of his frat brothers and their female friends, were gathered all around the very well made wrestling/boxing ring in their houses basement. Toras super muscular frame, which at this point was now practically naked in just her tiny, two-piece spandex outfit, garnered its share of attention, stares and comments from those new to seeing it, and not all of them nearly bad or insulting at all. Sure there was the occasional "My God, what a freak" whispers being heard about by the gorgeous Nordic Amazon as she got herself ready for her upcoming match up, but those were few and far between next to the assorted "Wow, how can I get a girl like that", "That girl is Totally Hot!", "Id kill to see what she can do in the bedroom" and even a few "Id so love a body like that" from several of the assorted women around her. Yes, looking as she did, Tora knew full well the reactions (both positive and negative) her physique would cause in her first trip to America, something she seemed to enjoy quite a bit.

"OK, lets quiet down here people!" Keith yelled out commandingly, as he gestured for Tora and her two male opponents to join him in the center of the ring. "The rules here are simply this, pin your opponents shoulders down for 3 seconds, and you win. Whichever side can do that first, claims the victory. Now, if everyone is ready, lets get this started!" he concluded out with a very enthusiastic tone, causing the crowd to roar with excitement as he lift this arena, allowing the combatants within all the room they would need to perform in their latest athletic event. Though the rules of this seemingly one-sided event more than puzzled the newbies watching now, especially the various college girls throughout who thought such a 2-on-1 match up was totally unfair; though if they had seen what Keith and his friends had during this mornings earlier events, their confusion would simply be no more.

So with the ringing of a nearby bell, this latest Battle Of The Sexes (more literally now than ever before this day) had begun. The pair of male wrestlers were a bit uneasy engaging this similarly sized blond beauty at first, a small part of them still a bit hesitant about physically tackling such a stunning young woman; though such thoughts soon were washed away by the roar of male voices coming from the surrounding crowd, which coupled with remembering how truly capable this single female was, and how she had been humiliating them all day long. Being highly trained in college wrestling, the two men began stalking their prey, one on either side of her, circling around and around, over and over, with the all too anxious Tora watching them move about her; an eager smile over her flawlessly shaped face, her arms outstretched to greet whoever would happen to engage her first ' something which was taking a bit longer to do than she was wanting, so she playfully threw out a mocking little yawn, followed by a girlish giggle, and lastly a few sexily taunting words, all of which got the women around them cheering, while Keith and his growingly angry buddies yelled out for them to Start!

With such incentive from either front (the teasing from Tora and the threatening from his mates), the two athletically fit and highly trained wrestlers tackled the muscle packed beauty at once, both from the front; and while they were a bit taken back by the durability of her rock solid, steel hard frame, their combined might and the force of their assault was enough to knock her on her back; with each one of them laying their bodies over each one of her very muscular looking arms, pinning her to the mat and seemingly earning them the first win for their team (and American men everywhere) in an quick and easy fashion.

That was until impossibly enough their 250 pound bodies began to shake back and forth, seemingly from the strength of each of Toras totally entrapped arms below them, and with a devilish grin forming across her stunningly gorgeous face and an all too erotic grunt of effort from her full, luscious lips, their muscularly pumped up male forms began to lift up from the floor, something that shocked all of those watching, including Keith himself. At the angle and position Toras arms were at, with such weight and force being applied on them both as they were, it should have been all but impossible for her to escape, let alone manage to actually lift his friends weight off of her as she did so. Yet as impossible as such a feat seemed to be just seconds ago, it was happening right before their eyes nonetheless, and as stunned as the crowd around them was, it was nothing compared to the feelings flowing through the two young men battling it out with this growingly strong Amazon.

"Hee hee hee, this is very much fun, thank you both for taking it easy on me" she teasingly chirped out, as she held both of these men now completely off the mat as far as her arms could reach; holding and balancing their super hard forms with amazing strength and impressive ease, which could be evidenced by her playfully spoken words. "Maybe I have some fun now and show everyone how I exercise my arms and chest back home?" the super strong musclegirl breathed out, which was followed with her arms lowering back to the mat, then raising, then lowering, over and again, as she began performing a mock-bench press, with roughly 500 pounds of unstable male bodies at that (something which would require a good deal more strength then just doing so on a sturdy, metal bar, which even that for a woman her size ' at 5' 10", 170 pounds ' would have been more than Incredible).

Yet as unreal as such as sight was, Tora was doing so again and again before this all too captivated gathering, relishing in the looks of fear and awe in her made-up barbells eyes, something which turned her on very much, as was clearly seen by growingly hard nipples of her massively pumped up DD-cup breasts (which were ballooning to even greater size during the course of this exercise), and heard by her all too erotically moans and grunts of effort. For fear of her losing herself in lust, something the women of her area did quite often, which would force her to Take these men (and any others she wanted) right here and now, Tora opted to prolong such pleasures and continue her physically superior domination over them - for now anyway. So with a few last powerful pec pumps, the Swedish Amazon Goddess lifted and then flipped these men up and behind her, causing them to roll away from her due to the more than impressive force of her throw; as she slowly rose up from the ground, standing over them both like the all too conquering supergirl that she was.

"Lucky for you boys I stop what I was doing, I think......though you both so cute, I think I look you up later when we are finished for a bit more fun, eh?" she sexily breathed, flexing her bodys muscles here and there as she did so. "Now, back to some wrestling, yes?"

"You Idiots! Dont try to just overpower her, use your wrestling skills, for Fucks Sake!" Keith frustratingly yelled out, at this point he too was losing his cool and was sick and tired of this girls total humiliation of them all. Unfortunately his scream and Toras previous physical display didnt exactly raise the morale of those trapped in the ring with her, quite the opposite in fact; as they both bolted up from their formerly sitting positions, turning instantly to the edge of the ring before them, and started to crawl their way out and on to freedom......that was until Tora grabbed each of them by their ankles, and with a series of girlish giggles began walking backwards into the ring, dragging their two helpless bodies along with her, with not a thing either of them could do to stop it.

"Awwww, come on, you dont like playing with me? You hurt my feelings very much......and in my country, when men hurt womans feelings and make her sad, they get more punishment, eh Big Boy?" she tauntingly spoke out, directing her final words to the giant behemoth of a man whose skull she nearly popped within her steel hard thighs embrace earlier on; something which caused this formerly bullying brute to nearly piss his pants and shake in fear in his seat. Tora then smiled and turned her attention back to her male opponents, diving down upon them as they did earlier to her, maneuvering their bodies with incredible ease and amazing swiftness, capturing one in a steel tight laying headlock (pushing his bicep-crushed head deep into her virtually equally hard chest), while holding the other in a sexily placed, yet utterly devastating, leg-scissor.

"What is the matter, why dont you boys fight back? Show me the power of your big American muscles? Ah yes, of course, you Americans just love a womans big tits......" the buxom bombshell teasingly cooed as she flared her beefy muscle tits, smothering and crushing one of her victims from the one side of that mans face as her arm muscles were doing to the other, "......and long, shapely legs.....I know, I can tell!" Tora continued on, as she squeezed her rippling hard thighs together around the over-matched chest of another man; an act which looked so sexy at first glance that any male watching would have died to have such a beautiful young woman do so to them; though the look of intense agony on their friends faces, and the thought of such rock hard female muscles actually doing the deed dropped all thoughts of such a sexual fantasy from their minds......that was, from all but one, Keith himself. It seemed that the more Tora used her sculpted-from-solid-marble physique to dominate, to crush, to defeat the assortment of men around him, his levels of erotic desire and sexual lust for her seemed to increase. No, he had a girlfriend, one of the sexiest and hottest girls in his school, one that wasnt able to bounce him around the room like a rubber ball and squeeze him into unconsciousness; that was more than enough for him.......or was it?

"I tell you what, to make you fight back a little more, I make you a deal. If you break out, if you escape from me, I let you touch this body of mine, everywhere you want, all you want. I am to be your sex slave, to serve you in ways you could not imagine, and bring such pleasures to your big, manly bodies. Now tell me, that is a very good offer, no?" Tora all too sexily teased her completely entrapped males, watching with utter enjoyment at their pitiful attempts to free themselves (done more just to escape her painfully placed holds, over actually claiming the rewards of her latest offer, something due to their ears being engulfed by mounds of muscle they didnt actually hear anyway). Though giving it their all, using every ounce of strength each of them had, trying every hard learned wrestling trick in their arsenal, the constricting grip from this super strong Amazon held them completely in place; continually giving their bodies a constant array of squeezings from her steel hard body, causing them to cry and yell out loudly, to add insult to injury.

"So, you dont want to have me being your sexy slave girl, then? You are turning down me in the bedroom, eh? Well that make me very mad, little boys, Very Mad. That means time for more punishing, I think!" Tora made out in a teasingly scolding tone, a playful mood which was lost on her completely terrified opponents, who wanted nothing more than to just get away from her at all costs, though what they wanted mattered little in this incredibly lop-sided wrestling match.

The towering Amazon then released her hold over her men, and stood up tall and proud above her pair of dizzying, floor-bound foes. She then reached down and with yet another impressive display of strength, managed to pick both of these men back to their feet, pulling them close to her as she wrapped a near 17" bicep around each of their necks, squeezing their heads into her full, thick chest muscles for a double headlock hold. The looks of unreal pain across both of their faces was instant and all too visible for those watching, as Toras glisteningly hard body continued to demolish the two young wrestlers, in one of the simplest, most basic holds of the sport. She alternated the pressure from her bulging arms to the expanse of her growingly hard pecs, sometimes flexing both at the same time to really bring on the pain and get them screaming; and scream they did, especially the one she had already placed in an all too punishing headlock a few minutes ago, whos skull was already nearly on the verge of collapse from this Nordic beautys power.

Realizing this, and not wanting to cause Too Much damage to any of these adorably cute studs, Tora released this hold, after giving them both one final Crushing Constriction (something which almost knocked them both out), to them reclaim her visibly unsteady opponents around their chests, lifting them in the air with a single one of her arms around each of them; which was followed by yet another round of male screamings as she pulled them Hard into her rock solid frame, demolishing their chests in an amazingly performed double bear-hug hold. Toras back and shoulders rippled and expanded to huge levels, as did her bowling ball bubble butt, thick hamstrings and diamond cut calves, all of which were seen by her more than stunned audience as she continued crushing her opponents from the front The females watching wide eyed and staring with amazing admiration of this all too dominant young woman, the men watching and shaking in horror at the thought of her being able to do such things to them, and Keith.......well, Keith was watching this strikingly gorgeous musclegirl defeating yet more of his huge, fit friends with unbridled, unequaled Lust; wishing more than anything he was alone right here and now, so he could jack his cock off to suc a sight and expel the massive amounts of cum that was swiftly building within.

Squeeze, Crush, Scream, Giggle! Such were the actions and sounds that echoed all about this vast basement, coming from within this expertly made arena, as Tora continued to mangle her two men, pushing them into her unyielding female form with devastating affect; something that was evident to all as their heads slowly began to lump forward onto her thickly built body, and their feet once flailing wildly were now simply dangling helplessly several inches above the ground. Though while Tora could have ended this event right here and now, crushing them both to forced slumber within her all too power packed hug, she realized that she had already nearly shattered one of their chests in her earlier hold as well; so with her not wanting to cause too much permanent damage to either of these strapping young hunks (just yet anyway), she eased up the pressure from her arms, allowing much needed air to flow back into their lungs and give them a life renewed ' that was until a few seconds later when she hoisted them by High in the air, holding each one of them across their rippling hard abdominals with a single fully outstretched arm, smiling to those around her and walking in a circle to show off her truly amazing strength, before suddenly dropping them both down to the firm mat below, creating a loud SLAM as their stomach savagely hit its tight, ungiving surface. An act which successfully knocked the last remaining bits of air from both of their lungs, as their bodies lay still and unmoving at Toras feet, which she sexily used to flip each of them onto their backs, before kneeling down between them, lightly placing a single hand on each of their battered chests; leaning forward in doing so (which only further emphasized the incredible voluptuousness of her chest), as she stared straight at Keith, and cooed an all too erotic, "1.....2.....3"

Then, as if further demonstrations of her amazing agility were really necessary, the buff built blond grabbed onto the top of the surrounding ropes, then propelling herself up high in the air, bouncing clean over it to land on the floor several feet away and below her. All with the utmost grace and style, as she landed like a professional gymnast just in front of Keiths mind-blown form - which just so happened to be very near to one of this gym areas large, densely packed, heavy bags.

"Ah, that was very much fun, I hope I am not too rough on your friends?" Tora spoke out in a teasing tone to Keith, who could only watch as the two best wrestlers on his team were being helped up to their feet and out of ring by several other of his increasingly emasculated buddies. "Maybe you like to try for some boxing next? I have never tried, but I see on TV and would love to give it my best shot" she continued on taunting the group of large, powerfully built men all around her (much to the amusement of the assorted women watching), which was followed by her walking over to the thickly built, very sturdy punching bag hanging from the ceiling; giving it a few punches from her muscle packed arms, which while lacking in professional style and training, the power of which was more than enough to send its very large and heavy form flailing about nonetheless.

Upon hearing this new challenge (the first one Tora herself suggested today) Keith instinctively, without even thinking, turned his gaze over to yet another of his thickly muscled teammates, who just happened to be the Golden Gloves heavyweight boxing champion of their entire school. Though at this point in time, after seeing all that he had from this truly unreal Amazon woman and her unbelievable physical abilities, this man simply looked into Keiths eyes, knowing what he was now being asked to do, and without a seconds hesitation bolted up from his seat and ran with all of his more than impressive speed upstairs and away from this all too bizarre scene.

"Awwwww, come on, dont be such scared little boys. Here, I make it much more easy on you, I tie my hands around my back, so I cannot use them, and have to fight you with no hands at all" Tora continued to sweeten the deal, placing her hands behind the small of her back as she was suggesting; which slightly decreased the overall width and size of her back and shoulders, while thrusting out to no small degree her massively thick, muscularly pumped up chest. "So, which of you big strong American men like to box with me now?" she sexily breathed out her challenge yet again, doing so with a beautiful smile and a sexy wink, while moving her upper body side to side ever so slightly, creating an all too erotic rocking and bouncing movements in her DD-cup breasts.

At this point, it wasnt just Keith who was standing at full attention down below (a position he had been in for some time now) and as dominating as her physical abilities had been to this point, causing these men humiliation and even pain to some, her amendment to this boxing challenge, having to do so with her hands tied behind her back no less, coupled with the chance to get closer to such a gorgeously sexy female specimen, was just too good for several of Keiths friends to pass up. And while he himself was more than up for having a try as well, he knew that at the state his throbbingly hard erection was in at this point in time, it wouldnt take too much more of this Swedish beautys continual Amazonian antics to get him to explode all over himself; something the cool and in control leader of this group would rather not have happen.

So the five, large, muscular men then removed their shirts, prepared their fists with the right sized gloves, and made their way up and onto the large ring before them. One of them standing in its middle to be the first to face this young musclegirl, while the rest of them waited their turns at each of the four posts that surrounded it. As promised, Tora had her hands tied hard and firm behind her back, making it an impossibility for her to use them to strike back, an act which gave her surrounding opponents much more confidence in a victory here than they would ever have if her hands were free (outnumbering her 5-to-1 wasnt a bad advantage either). So with the ringing of a bell which echoed all about this well stocked frat house basement, their latest physical challenge was about to begin; something it did with much more savagery than the start of the previous wrestling match, as Toras extremely fit and athletic looking foe charged right out to her in a flash, sending a series of devastatingly powerful and incredibly damaging punches all about her midsection. While this man was not quite at the boxing skill level of their currently chicken Golden Gloves champion, he was no stranger to the sport either; sending out his series of strikes with not only the utmost power and strength, but with impressive skill and fighting form as well. Something he did for the next minute straight, thinking of nothing else but dropping this formerly taunting woman to the floor and standing over her defeated body with his arms held high ' unfortunately for him, while there were definitely sounds being emitted from his female foes mouth with each and every one of his impacts, they werent quite the groans and moans of agony he was hoping for.

"Hee hee hee, stop, please, you are tickling me too.....hee hee......too much!" Tora yelled out with a smile over her stunning face, showing all around her that this mans amazing series of powerful punches were doing virtually nothing to her rippling hard, yet sexily feminine, form. This reaction from her only served to enrage the visibly frustrated man, who continued to strike out at her with all that he had, even doing so to her flawless face on occasion, which Tora dodged and evaded all too easily. Though be that as it may, she didnt seem all too keen for having this large man attempt to hit her in the head, not in the least. "OK big boy, you want to play rough, well I can play rough too!" she growled out, standing straight and high, pushing her mammoth muscle tits out as far as they would go (which was nearly enough to tear its spandex covering apart), before making her big surprise attacking move.

SLAM!, SLAM!, SLAM!, went her chest muscles against her current opponents face, rocking it from side to side with furious intensity, sending shots of pain all about his head that was comparable to some of the hardest punches he had ever received, to say the least. Tora's breasts were clearly very firm and solid looking to all who were watching previously, and with this grouping of horny college guys that was quite a number, yet no one thought for a second at how truly rock solid they must be; something which was becoming more and more obvious as she used just the slamming impacts of her side to side shaking pecs to batter and hammer one of their best male boxers all around the ring. Never before had any of these men seen their friend handled in such a fashion during a fight (him especially, as he was known for his quick temper and easily provoked attitude), never before had any of these women imagined that one of their own could administer should a beating to a man, and never before had Keith tried so hard to consciously resist the growing urge to erupt his increasingly cum-building cock.

This display continued for the next several minutes, with Tora using her speed and agility to follow her male combatant wherever the impacts of her demolishing breasts strikes sent him; giggling all the while like an excited little girl, enjoying this latest display of her physical superiority over these men to the utmost degree. Though not wanting to cause Too Much damage to this growingly bruising mans face, she then used her body to pin him against the ropes, chest slamming him back and forth as she did so, Tora puffed up her pecs larger and harder than before, and gave one final rocking hard SLAM onto his face, which was more than enough to send him out into the blackness of unconsciousness; something that was all too clear now to everyone around them as Tora slowly moved her steel hard body back and away from her newly blacked out opponent, who came crashing face first down to the mats at her feet a second later.

This latest display of Toras truly amazing power and ability, defeating one of their best with her hands tied behind her back, just with the strength of her thickly muscled tits alone, was just too much for three of her remaining foes, who jumped down from their ring-post waiting perches, and fearfully made their way out to the crowd, hoping to hide themselves from Toras continued onslaught, while being laughed at and ridiculed by the surrounding young women all the same. Though while they ran away terrified, one last man stood his ground; though knowing he could use more of an advantage in this particular match than he originally thought, he swiftly and angrily grabbed a nearby empty metal weight bar, planning to use it as a club to batter this all too confident Amazon girl into submission ' or so he tried anyway.

While the sounds of his metal enhanced impacts against unyielding female muscle were heard echoing all about them, moving his strikes all over her lusciously hard body, from her rippling abs to her wide muscle capped back to the beefy pecs that had previously caused so much pain, yet hit where he did he seemed to be causing no actual damage to this all too unbeatable supergirl before him. Something which drove him to his breaking point, as he now swung his metal weapon with all of his might at her exotically beautiful Nordic face; though Tora had other plans in mind, as she snapped free from her formerly tightly held bonds, releasing her hands now to grab hold of this savagely swung bar, which was caught in mid-air, and pulled effortlessly from the much larger mans grip.

"Naughty boy, you try and ruin my beautiful looks, no? Well, I think I have to punish you now, maybe do the same back to you!" the Nordic Goddess sexily roared out, as she approached the clearly terrified hulk of a man, bending the solid steel bar into a pretzel as she slowly sauntered on over to him; which as she reached just inches before his own massively quivering form, caused him to piss his pants right then and there, before collapsing to the ground, crying for his Mommy.

Tora then spent the next minute walking around and around the well-made ring, flexing and flaring her mighty muscles to their utmost, with much admiration coming from the various cheering college girls around her, and an equal amount of fear from the once proud and formerly bullying assortment of male jocks.....and then there was Keith, who was completely torn in half concerning his thoughts about this stunning young Amazon before him. Half of him wanting to make her pay for her embarrassing treatment of him and his friends, his other half wanted nothing more than to take her to bed (or more likely, be taken to bed by her) and fuck her fit, hard, muscularly powerful body until he passed out, again and again, all day long.

"Awwwww, dont be so sad my cute little American boys......" she spoke out, not longer calling them all Men as she had at the start of this all too unusual day, "......I still love you all anyway. Its OK, I dont expect you to do very well against me anyway, as where I am from the women are much stronger than the men......Much Stronger. Maybe next time I show you just how strong by taking you ALL on? Hee hee hee" the 21 year old musclegirl giggled out, issuing a challenge that Keith simply Could Not refuse, as no matter what she had clearly demonstrated she could do this day, outfighting, outrunning and outperforming their best, even bending a thick, metal bar into a mangled mess, there was simply no way she was stronger than All of these massively muscle packed men combined ' and the cunning thinker that he was, he had the perfect opportunity to prove just that.

"OK Muscle Butt, youre on!" Keith yelled out in reply towards the dominating young woman, before turning back around to his visibly defeated and demoralized brethren, and in typical Team Leader fashion, spent the next several minutes convincing them all that this next event (which was seemingly so drastically tipped to their side it wasnt even funny) was theirs for the taking. There was just no way Tora could be stronger than all of them put together, and while she may have been able to take them in all of their other previously performed physical challenges, this one was hands down theirs, no doubt......especially with how Keith had it planned, an idea he slyly thought of to even further tilt the scales to their side.

Parked outside of their lavish, top of the line, frat house was two very large, multi-ton trucks. One of them full of new gym equipment for him and his boys here (yet another perk from this prestigious college for this star level super athlete), the other completely empty, ready to collect and take away their older weights and various other work-out stations. Each vehicle easily a massive, unmovable weight for any one (or five) of them, let alone just a single (albeit amazingly strong) girl. Though to make for an even greater handicap, Keith planned to give Tora the truck that was filled to the brim of exercise equipment and metal weights (something only he knew of at this time), adding several more tons to her already impossible load, though making it seem as if she was lifting the same amount as the rest of them. Such odds and such a plan simply could not be beaten, there was simply No Way for Tora to win this latest event, None ' or so Keith made out to his troops, who upon hearing his plan sported their own malicious grins, before rising to their feet and cheering yet again at another stroke of brilliance from their Field Commander; one which would allow them to at least claim the final victory for this day, even if they had lost all of the other challenges previously.

With that, Keith explained to Tora how they could put her latest challenge to the test (leaving out the fact that she was getting a much heavier truck, of course), which caused her to smile wide and bounce anxiously in place, as she was clearly excited to pit her strength up against all of these men (or at least their 10 strongest, as Keith made out) combined. So yet again this growingly larger grouping of college boys and girls moved to another venue for this upcoming physical event, one that even Tora's biggest supporters and admirers thought she was crazy to even attempt; a mindset that Tora had come across more than once in her young life, though one she relished in changing, just as she planned to do today, even more.

"OK, heres the drill. Tora, this is your truck, and this one ours. Identical trucks of the same size from the same company, so you know were working with the same amounts of weight. Basically, as "Wonder Woman" has boasted she could win, this is a test of pure strength! Whichever side can lift their truck up off the ground the longest wins! OK, lets get it on!" Keith yelled out in a tone which was to both instruct and inspire, something that for this all too simple and one-sided match up, hardly needed to be done for either.

Pumped up both mentally and physically, the group of Keith and nine of his biggest, strongest, most powerful male teammates gathered around the back end of this large and very imposing vehicle. Moving themselves around back and forth to find the best positioning for each of them, making sure they all had the best grip around this vehicle for optimum lifting performance (something with as many hours they all spent in the gym each day lifting hard and heavy, they knew about all too well). So after several minutes of prep and set up time, Keith giving out a few final words of encouragement to his hulkingly bulked up team, the crowd around them began counting down slowly and loudly from 3, and this Final Challenge of todays Battle Of The Sexes had begun.

Instantly the large grouping of men roared out with all that they had, their voices straining just as much as their mighty male muscles, as faces turned various shades of red, blue and violet, all of which resulted in the impressive and sudden lifting up of this multi-ton trucks back end several inches off the floor; garnering cheers from the surrounding men about them, hoping to enhance their performance as much as possible with such supportive cheers, yet something roughly 10 seconds later came to an end, as even this groups combined strength could only hold such a weight for so long. While an impressive feat, Keith was still a bit disappointed with the end results, as he backed away from this massive vehicle with sore, screaming hands; though one he strongly believed would be more than enough to win this extremely handicapped match up nonetheless.

"Wow, thats very good, you boys are very strong. I will have to really push myself to beat you now" the Swedish Amazon breathed out with surprising confidence, as she sexily sauntered to her own truck (keeping an exotic gaze on the ruggedly handsome Keith the entire time), ending up at the back end of her vehicle, which unbeknownest to her, weighed several times more than the one that her opposing team could barely budge, and for only a few seconds at that.

Tora then got herself ready, stretching out her various body parts (much to the delight of the incredibly aroused Keith, who simply couldnt take his eyes off her), before reaching down to clamp her steel hard grip underneath this Herculean weight, causing every single muscle in her body to expand and bulge with sexy steel hardness (especially her glutes, which were stuck out now like a pair of silky smooth, rock solid, golden tanned bowling balls). Just as the gathering of men had done with Keith and his team, the surrounding girls all now cheered out for their Champion; counting her down from 3, to 2, to 1, at which time the most Unbelievable sight any of them had ever seen was displayed right before their shockingly wide eyes.

Toras rippling hard muscles instantly began to tense and harden, causing the back end of her truck to shake, then incredibly to lift from the concrete ground below; which seconds later turned from a few inches, to nearly a foot high, which was then followed by her raising this several ton vehicle up to her trim, tight waist, which she then held for the count of ten, easily doing as she claimed victory by lifting more weight than all of these men combined ' though she wasnt done just yet. "Hmmmm, I think you may have made a mistake, my adorable American Hunk, as it seems this truck is not empty at all" Tora playfully spoke during this unreal physical act, smiling as she did so to further emphasize the near ease of this all too impressive feat. She then began to shake her vehicle up and down, faster and faster, quickly turning the mounds of brand new exercise equipment that lay neatly placed within, into a heap of broken and battered metal by the time she was done over a minute later (something the school would be having harsh words for Keith about in the coming days).

Realizing now that they had actually stacked the deck (and these trucks) in their favor, Tora felt she needed to continue her humiliation of them, as well as showing off just how strong she was even moreso. So she gave this several ton weight one final shake, before turning to give Keith a seductive look and a sexily blown kiss from her lusciously plump lips, which was followed by the powering of her Amazonian frame, as well as the continual lifting of this fully stocked truck. Continuing her lift passed her rippling hard stomach, over and around her thick, beefy pecs (which for further show she rested the end of the truck on, holding its unreal mass high off the floor with just her muscle tits alone), then up still as far and high as her arms could reach; lifting the back-side of this truck completely off the ground, a feat which was so mind-blowing that is caused several of the powerfully built men around her to faint at the mere sight of it.

Though not quite finished yet, Tora wanting to really show off what her mighty female muscles could do, the truly gorgeous, perfectly shaped, muscularly sculpted young woman began to travel deep underneath the middle of this vehicle. Holding it high above her head, as she made her way to the exact middle of the truck; which at this point was now Entirely being lifted roughly 8 feet in the air. Something Tora seemed to do with terrifying ease, as while there was a slight hint of strain on her flawless looking face, which was sexily surrounded by soft, gentle blond locks, it seemed to be no more than one would expect from lifting a heavy load of laundry, not a multi-ton truck. Of course, wanting to give the utmost bang for her buck in this final display of strength, Tora then began balancing this massive weight onto just a single one of her hands, holding it all with now one outstretched arm, while her other was being playfully and powerfully flexed for all to see.

"How long did you boys hold your end up for? 10 minutes? OK, I do the same, I think" she teasingly cooed, knowing full well that her opposing teams length of time was only 10 seconds, and they could do so to only the tiniest fraction of the weight she was currently holding atop her beautifully buff body.

And so Tora held this extremely heavily weighed vehicle high above her for 10 additional minutes, switching it from one hand to the next, then placing it back onto both where she proceeded to hit a series of reps with its several ton frame. All of which expanded her supremely muscular physique to even greater levels, something which just before her lowering of this truck, caused her skin-tight, two-piece spandex outfit to burst clean off her body; blown apart and ripped to shreds by stronger than steel muscles, which exposed every muscle packed inch of her body to all of those around her, something that didnt phase or bother Tora in the least. In fact, it only seemed to add to her enjoyment of this most recent display of her power; especially sexually, as she began to lick and nibble on her lips, close her eyes in an all too seductive way, causing her nipples to shoot out hard and erect, as well as the sight of slowly dribbling love-juices to flow from her all too moist and hot pussy.

With that, Tora then lowered her utterly amazingly held weight back to the floor, doing so with such ease and grace that there was no damage at all to the truck itself (the loads of equipment inside however, was another matter entirely). She then walked over to Keiths slightly quivering, utterly stunned form, the girls in the crowd cheering and applauding as she did so, collecting him in her rock hard arms and carrying him off into the extremely spacious frat house nearby; ending her travels in his own personal and very private bedroom, where they stayed for the rest of the day and all through the night, making all of Keiths previously hidden Amazonian fantasies come to life.

As the school year went on, Tora had quickly become the most popular girl around, and while she had sexual relations with Keith on several occasions during this time, she was also more than exploring the bodies of other men as well; taking what she wanted, showing them all how a hardbodied Swedish musclegirl has "bedroom fun" with her men (trying her best not to break them too badly in the end, though sometimes failing miserably). Though as the months went it, it soon became Toras time to leave, returning back to her homeland with memories and experiences that would last the rest of her life; which of course meant Keiths actual girlfriend, Brandi (who with all he had been doing with Tora during this year he had almost forgotten) was to be returning home as well. And while he was looking forward to seeing his actual girlfriend again, writing letters to one another when they he could while she was away to help stay in touch (of course mentioning nothing of his sexual relations with Tora), his mindset had changed since she had last been here, and even her perfectly shaped, femininely fit physique and drop-dead gorgeous looks still fell a distant second to his all-too-temporary Nordic Amazon fantasy girl, who possessed a level of physical strength that was able to fulfill even his deepest sexual desires.


Early on the morning after Brandi has returned home, the two newly reunited lovers spending the night reacquainting themselves with one anothers tight, toned, athletically fit and sexually aching bodies, Keith found himself down in his frats houses basement, hitting rep after rep with his formerly new, now repaired, leg press machine; as Brandi (wearing only a single one of his T-shirts, which hugged tight her full, voluptuous chest, barely covered her rounded bubble butt and showed off all of her shapely, sexy legs) walked on by, carrying one of her large travel bags downstairs so that she could continue unpacking in her boyfriends sorely missed company.

"Babe, do you think you could tilt the TV this way? Im kind of in the middle of something here, and its sitting at an odd angle" Keith asked out, currently at rest after his first of three very heavy sets on this particular machine.

"Sure my Love, anything for my Baby" Brandi sexily cooed, as she strode on over to the nearby TV set, reaching her hands out for it before stopping herself mid-way; as she sported a devious, all-knowing smile on her face (covered in a now slightly longer style of flowing red hair), which was followed with her turning back around to face Keith, and the all too sexy reaching up and tearing off of her formerly worn shirt, leaving her fit, hard body clad in only a tiny red bra and panties. "On second thought....." she breathed out with a smile, as she sauntered on over to Keith, grabbing a hold of the sturdy steel frame of the leg press machine he was working out on, and with a slight feminine grunt of effort, the super strong red-head lifted it several feet off the floor, carried it over to the side slightly to give her man a better view of the TV before him, before laying its nearly one ton frame (with him along for the ride) back down to the ground.

"My God!" was all the usually uber-confident man could make out, as his gorgeous young girlfriend sensuously began straddling his body on this machine, sitting down on his lap, staring into his stunned face with her glowing green eyes.

"Shhhhhh Lover, you just relax......" Brandi erotically cooed, as she flared her lats and chest muscles out to burst her lacy bra off her body, followed by the effortless snapping apart of her matching red panties; the act of which done to better slide her dripping vagina down his now exposed and pumped up dick (both thanks in no smart part to Brandi's unreal strength), "......and let me show you how girls in Sweden make love to their men. Dont worry Baby, Ill try my best not to break you......too badly that is"