(Amy's Mom, Elizabeth Hardstone, Recounts Her Own Past Conquests, While Introducing A Barely Teenage Amy To

The Joys Of Being An Amazon Girl) ' soon to be illustrated at

by DTM

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Out story begins in the year 2002, 5 years before teenage Amazon Amy Hardstone first made her way into Mr. Scotts after-school detention, an event that catapulted her into the spotlight of female muscle lovers all over the world. Today she is an Icon in the field, an 18 year Freshman in college, living her life to the fullest and enjoying every single second of it (thanks in no small part to her gorgeously feminine face, perfectly sculpted physique, and mountains of super strong muscle). Though things werent always so much fun for young Amy, with her potential as a dominating musclegirl yet to be discovered and the beauty of her budding Amazonian body in serious doubt ' that was until this fateful night, during Amys 13th year, when she discovered just how good life could be for those girls lucky enough to have the Strength and Power of an Amazon. A lesson she had learned all too quickly from her very own Icon, her super Muscle Mom, Elizabeth.


"Whats the matter Big Boy, I thought you liked the look of a voluptuous, hardbodied woman? Big tits, thick shapley legs, full rounded butt? Dont you like that anymore, Stud?" spoke out a sexy female voice in an all too teasing tone. "Or maybe its the Feel of such a woman thats causing you so much grief? Maybe youre more of a watcher than a performer?" she continued in a taunting tone, holding her lover for the evening completely immobile beneath her supremely powerful body; straddling his large, muscular form in a classic Sexual Grapevine position, her steel hard legs wrapped tight and twisting his own to their break point, her stone crushing hands squeezing and pressing down hard on his broad shoulders, her full DD-cup breasts hanging just inches from his terrified, pain-wracked face. Her muscle packed pecs rippling hard as the rest of her body, flexing and jumping about as if they were just dying to swallow his skull whole and crush it to pieces.

37 year old Elizabeth Hardstone was spending yet another Saturday night at home, though in her case that Never meant alone, as picking up men and using them for her pleasure (their own meaning nothing to her, in fact, their discomfort and agony only seeming to please her more); either Sexually, showing such men that even her chest and pussy muscles were more than enough to overwhelm them utterly, Domination, by forcing them to do whatever she wished, under punishment from her bone crackling power if not, or just to show a particularly cocky and arrogant man that they were in fact the Weaker Sex when it came to women such as she.

Her man for this evening fell into all three categories, someone she picked up at a bar after watching him crudely hit on and go after other girls around him, who in return couldnt wait to get as far away from his as possible. His brutish manner fit his very large 6' 4", 270 pound frame, which itself was more than used to getting him whatever he wanted, something that Elizabeth had seen firsthand with the last girl that dismissed his cheap advances, which was followed by his powerful hand grabbing her arm, holding her helplessly within in his grasp. Elizabeth then made her move and sauntered her way over to him, dressed in form fitting, body hugging, skin tight clothing, that showed off every curve of her Amazonian physique, while hiding virtually all of the actual muscular flesh that lie within. It was then childs play for her to entice him back to her place, showing off her full, thick cleavage as she did so, and within minutes he was under her full control; just as he was here and now, totally entrapped by her beautifully built, 200 pound, rock hard body.

"Whats the matter, Tough Guy, I thought you liked it Rough........or was that you being rough with me?" she seductively breathed out, while sporting a wicked grin and a devious look, "Hahahaha, well then come on Stud, show me what youve got, show me all of your manly power, break free from my Love Hold and Take Me.....if you can" the sexually grinding Amazon continued to taunt and tease this much weaker man below her, knowing full well that even his impressive male strength was little next to the awesome might of her own muscle packed form. "Awwwww, dont tell me our little warm-up earlier has taken all the life from you, you were just so feisty before, I like that! Though, I must say, I dont think Ive ever thrown a man from one end of this room to the other 50 times in a row before, it was actually pretty easy, I think next time were going for an even 100!" Elizabeth growled out sexily, which was followed by an evil laugh, the tensing and hardening of her super muscular body, and yet another painful scream from her utterly hapless prey.

"Shhhhhhh, I told you to be quiet, Lover, my daughter is sleeping in the next room, and if you wake her up.......Oh, nevermind" the gorgeously mature muscle woman added on in a mockingly fed up tone, as she lowered her mammothly muscular mammaries over her mans face; completely enveloping every inch of his skull, as well as muffling his agony causing yellings (which felt quite good vibrating through her rippling hard cleavage).

It was then, when the rooms volume had reached a very low level, that Elizabeth heard the sound that any mother would give her life to never hear, the sound of her child crying, a sound which crushed her heart just as swiftly as her thighs and pecs were doing to this man beneath her. Without thinking, the 37 year old Amazon tensed her body in fear at what could be causing her dearest daughter such distress; flexing and flaring her body all over her helpless man, which caused him to yell out with everything he had, then fall completely still and limp in her crushingly tight embrace. Of course Elizabeth cared nothing for him or his current battered and beaten condition, only her young beautiful Amy, who was in her every thought as she burst off of her large, soft bed and bolted down the hallway into Amys room; whose door she nearly ripped off its hinges when opening, doing so to a sight that broke her heart even more upon seeing.

There, laying in her own spacious, frilly pink bed, wrapped up in her soft, full covers, was her barely teenage daughter Amy, sobbing away into the night, holding her knees into her chest. A chest that at a full C-cup in size, was more than ample for any 13 year old (not to mention many High School Seniors as well); and which oddly enough, was in part the reason for her current misery and tear stained eyes.

"Oh my precious little baby, whats the matter?" Elizabeth lovingly spoke as she approached her daughter with open arms, a stark contrast from the previously dominating behavior towards her latest male encounter.

"Oh Momma...." Amy softly chirped out, as she cuddled into her mothers body, the both of them now laying in her full, wide bed, Elizabeth cradling her child gently and softly into her muscle packed frame, Amy resting her head comfortably on her mothers thick, firm chest, which just seconds ago were so hard that they nearly popped a mans skull between them.

"Shhhhhh, its OK baby, Mommys here. Shhhhhhh, just tell me whats wrong" Elizabeth cooed tenderly into Amys ears, brushing her long golden locks from her adorably cute young face, holding her close and safe into her Amazonian body, an embrace that only made Amy hug her even closer, longing for the security that it provided, especially now during this all too important turning point in her life. After nearly a minute later, the concerned mother rocking her daughter back and forth to calm her obviously upset child, Amy finally spoke out in reply.

"Its me! Its my body! Its Big!, and I hate it!!" the young teenager emotionally replied, as additional tears streamed down her silky smooth face; tears which were quickly wiped away by Elizabeths soft touches. "I get made fun of at school all the time. Im so much bigger and stronger than the other girls, most of the boys too. They call me names like Giganta.....Balloon Butt.....Thunder Thighs.....Bazooka Boobs.........Oh Momma......" was all Amy could make out until another wave of emotion overtook her, and she cried out yet again, holding on to her mothers voluptuously hard body for support.

"Shhhhh baby, its OK, its completely normal for girls of your age to blossom physically, even moreso than the boys. You, like me when I was your age, just happen to be doing so a bit earlier......and a bit moreso. Trust me, before you know it all of those boys who make fun of you will be knocking themselves over to be close to you, and all those girls will be jealous that theyre not one tenth the woman you are" Amys mother spoke out her hopefully comforting words, knowing that this being her first year in Jr. High (which was quite a bit different than Elementary school), it would bring her into contact with children high on attitude and low on kindness. Elizabeth also knew that if she was anything like her when she hit this age, such expected teenage changes would come all too suddenly, and to the extreme, to say the least. Something she as an adult knew to be an absolute Blessing, though she also knew how difficult it must be for someone of Amys age to deal with as well.

"And its.....its not just the kids either. Its......well, one of my teachers.....he doesnt think I notice, but he......he stares at my breasts all the time......and I hate it Momma, I hate it!!" Amy near yelled out in anger, an emotion that was now surging throughout Elizabeths body as well after hearing her daughters words; knowing for children to tease others was almost expected, though when an adult was making her beautiful girl feel so uncomfortable and upset, that was another matter entirely.

"Its OK Baby......Shhhhhh, its OK. Mommy will take care of that, Baby, dont you worry about any of that anymore" she whispered into her daughters nearby ears, as she continued to slowly rock her back and forth within her lusciously muscular frame. "Now about your body, Baby its nothing to be ashamed of or embarrassed about. You should be proud of being a tall, strong, beautiful young girl. Trust me, in the years to come, and then for the rest of your life, its going to bring you joy and happiness like you couldnt possibly imagine" she concluded with a loving smile down to Amys flawlessly shaped face, causing her to smile in return as well.

" think so?" young Amy asked out in a soft, tender voice, as her mother wiped away the last of her emotional tears.

"Baby, I Know so. You see, I wasnt too much older than you when I first learned to love what God, and your Grandmother, had given me.......maybe you havent noticed, but Im a pretty Big girl too" Elizabeth joked out to her daughter.

"But you.....youre beautiful" Amy replied with wide eyes up to her mother, not realizing that she herself would look every bit as gorgeous (not to mention her body as Amazonian) in her own coming years, if not moreso.

"Oh my dearest love, you are a Perfect Angel, in every possible way, never forget that or ever think otherwise, OK? Now, as for hating the look of a young girl with some size and strength on her, well let me tell you a little story that I think may change your tune on that way of thinking as well" the loving mother supportively whispered to her budding young daughter, as Amy cuddled deeper into Elizabeths super muscular (yet comforting and protective) body.

"You see, it started when I was just 14 years old, I was on the way home from school, late in the evening after volleyball practice, when I was approached by a "modeling talent scout", who thought I was the new IT girl, or so he said. I know, I know, very stupid indeed, but I was young, and he told me I had......"


"........the most beautiful face Ive ever seen, with eyes so glistening blue, it was like looking into an ocean you wouldnt mind drowning in. Your skin is so silky smooth, so golden tan, so utterly flawless, sheer perfection on anyones scale, something that I think the camera will just eat up; to speak nothing of your body......well, obviously I dont need to ask for your parents permission, as clearly youre a woman of 18 with such amazing curves, at the very least" the perverted con man spoke out to the young, barely teen aged Elizabeth Prince, who took such compliments to heart, and followed his words with eager ears and a blushingly red face. "Now tell me the truth, and Ill be able to tell if youre lying now, but have you ever modeled before, my young....."

"Elizabeth....., and no, no Ive never modeled, and Ive never even been approached by an agent before. This is So exciting! Wait til my friends hear about This!" the ultra curvaceous 14 year old girl replied with much excitement (so much so she didnt think to correct him about her age) as she bounced up, down and around before this seemingly innocent man. A physical feat that he didnt mind in the least, as it gave him an additional opportunity to stare and gawk at her super shapely form, complete with CC-cup breasts, a tight toned waistline, a bowling ball shaped butt, and legs that looked as shapely as any womans he had ever seen. Though while leering at her with devious thoughts he could do all day long, her last comments unnerved him enough to break this train of thought, and speak out in his all too charming tone.

"Oh, now lets not go telling the neighbors just yet, my dear Elizabeth, we still dont know if youve made the cut just yet, and we wouldnt want to get their hopes up only to have them crashing down, now would we?" the man spoke out with a confidence that showed to those who knew what to look for that he was all too experienced in this sort of thing, his special video collection and photo albums proving that fact undeniably. "What we need to do now is get some test shots and create you a portfolio so I can bring to my other clients, then we see about getting you some work!" he concluded with an excited tone, causing the young Elizabeth to smile wide at hearing such words.

So excited was she, and so utterly lost in the moment, Her moment, that she didnt think twice about entering his car, and allowing him to drive her to his house, where he assured her the beginnings of her lifelong modeling career would take place. He lead her into his home and down to his basement, where he had a semi-professional looking set up for his newest, and most beautiful (not to mention voluptuously stacked) teenage girl. Yes, camera in hand, he was just moments away from claiming his greatest prize to date, something that set his own sexual excitement levels soaring; which even began to show through his loose fitting slacks due to the expanse of his throbbing hard cock.

"So, Elizabeth, we just need to get some dimensions and were on our way. First off, how tall are you, and how much do you weigh?"

"Well, Im 5' 8", and about 155 pounds. I know its a bit much, but I think I carry it well......what do you think?" she spoke out softly as she removed the robe she was handed minutes earlier, revealing her solid, shapely, tight and toned physique in a body hugging red bikini (the robe and the outfit both supplied by her newfound "agent"). Not overly trained in looking at young girls with such fit, athletic bodies, this man simply took her larger than usual size (especially for a girl only 14 years old) to be sexily shaped baby-fat, which only added to his lust for such attractive young females. Had he known that Elizabeths frame actually contained unreal amounts of strength and muscular hardness within, he may have taken another turn at this point in his life; a turn which would have saved him from the worst beating ever, and the life-long consequences that would follow, as well.

"5' 8" and 155 pounds! Thats perfect......and those gigantic tits and full, thick fucking perfect" those final few words being muttered softly to himself. "And youre obviously 18, so we dont need to get into that any further......" he added on with lightning speed, not giving Elizabeth the chance yet again to correct him with her actual age; something he knew all too well was years younger than the age he had just mentioned. " lets see what else youve got.......lose the suit, and lets get started!"

"Wait, Im sorry.....did you say lose the suit? As in completely naked?" the beautiful young girl made out with wide eyes and a surprised O-shape on her full, thick lips.

"Thats what I said sweetheart, now lets go, times money in the modeling business, and right now youre wasting mine!" the man replied with a bit more harshness, the excitement of the moment causing him to lose his cool and drop his formerly charismatic demeanor.

"But....but you didnt say.....Im not going to......forget it, Creep!" Elizabeth barked back in return, realizing now that she had been taken for a ride in more ways than one this day, something that was beginning to make this young, solidly built super athlete more than a little angry.

"What the Hell do you think youre doing! You think you can tease a guy and then pull out at the last minute!! Well Fuck you bitch, cause no way thats happening" the lecherous pedophile yelled out at the young teenager, making his way to her as he did so, grabbing her arms with much of his strength (his first step to yet another forced sexual encounter); until he stopped dead in his tracks, his mouth widening as his eyes fixed on the object of his sexual desire - moreso than ever before, her lushly curved body, which upon touching, felt literally hard as stone.

"Get away from me, Freak!" the young girl screamed back in a high pitched yell, as she removed herself from his grasp, doing so with amazing ease at that, only to then grab his own arms in return (hard around the biceps, just as he did to her seconds before) where she began to squeeze with furious rage and unreal power. "Never Touch Me Again, Asshole!!" Elizabeth yelled out loudly as she continued to crush in on his arms, causing massive amounts of pain to flow through them, and his body as a whole; even though he was over 4" taller and about 20 pounds heavier.

The unfortunate teenage stalker began screaming in agony as his arms felt like they had each been placed in a steel hard vice, where some merciless machine which continued to squeeze in on them until they had reached bone, shattering it to dust within its unstoppably strong constrictions ' which in this teenage Amazon girls rage was exactly what happened, as not even the sounds of his arm bones breaking against her super powered grip did she cease, not even when his legs gave out and she was holding him off the floor just by his grounded down biceps did she stop. So angered at this man was Elizabeth that she continued to crush his arms to pulp (something she did with such ease it even amazed herself), causing red and purple marks to grow and expand around his biceps, and tears to flow like a stream down his face.

She then ceased her vice-like constrictions on his arms, though still holding them firm and solid she lifted him high over her head, and with a powerful intensity threw his severely damaged body across his entire basement, where he landed against the distant wall with a harsh sounding Thud. She then stood still and gazed longingly at her bulging biceps, which not only displayed truly incredible strength (something to a degree she already knew her ultra athletic body contained), but now seemed to be several inches larger, more muscularly defined and a good deal harder than she had ever noticed them before. While her would-be sexual assaulter lay moaning and groaning on the ground where she had tossed him, Elizabeth spent the next several minutes looking, feeling and groping her newfound Amazonian muscles; doing so to her now pumped 14.5" arms, 24" thighs, caressing the grooves in her clearly exposed stomach, and even fondling her own young, though amazingly full, breasts, which too seemed to be much harder (and no doubt, stronger) than she ever took notice of before.

A normal girl, having just escaped the clutches of an older, larger, sexual attacker, would be running for dear life, screaming and crying at the top of her lungs as she did so ' though Elizabeth was hardly what she would call normal anymore, so her reaction to this potentially dangerous situation was quite different; a malicious smile forming across her truly beautiful young face, a full body flexing that nearly caused her ultra tight bikini to burst right off her, and a slow, purposeful walking over to where this man lie in order to test her bodys obviously superior strength on every inch of his own, showing him the error of his sexually sick and twisted ways, before trashing every inch of this den of perversion and making her way on home with a skip in her step and a continuous smile over her flawlessly sculpted young face. He on the other hand would not skip ever again, nor walk, nor breathe without pain, for the rest of his agony-filled existence.

Elizabeth never reported this incident to the authorities, as she knew the beating she had given this man would have left any further attempts to exploit other young girls in the future all but impossible. No, she would keep this event a secret for many more years to come, only letting her nearly physically identical daughter Amy in on the details of that fateful day. What she didnt keep a secret was the discovery of the unreal strength and power of her increasingly Amazonian physique, something she relished to no end over and over again during the following year, which was spent building up her already visibly muscular body to even greater levels.

Upon her 15th year she was truly an Amazon girl in every sense of the word, her height standing a very statuesque 5' 10", her perfectly distributed weight a rock solid 170 pounds of sexy female muscle. Muscle which she simply loved to use to get what she wanted, whether that being an undeserving A Grade in one of her less interested classes (something pulling classroom doors of hinges, or ripping desks apart with her bare hands, more than earned for her), to being showered with gifts and attention from a wide assortment of boys at school (something her ability to bounce her extremely large chest up and down, not to mention popping footballs between her thighs, helped accomplish), to garnering the best placings on whatever sporting team she tried out for, Varsity at that, an unheard of feat for a High School Sophomore, to being allowed to wear anything she so desired to school, no matter how small, skimpy or sexy (flipping over the Principals car while he helplessly watched being quite persuasive). It seemed that as good as things were in the life of young Elizabeth before her discovery of just how powerful her steel hard muscles were, it became so much more afterwards. As time passed she was getting more and more used to having whatever she wanted, using her young, hot, hard body to get just that, without fail.

One such event dealt with a schoolyard crush she had, the emotional kind this time, with a much smaller (yet years older) boy from school; one she would tease and flirt with to no end to earn his interest, even going so far as beating up a small grouping of bullies that seemed to enjoy torturing the much smaller, yet adorably cute boy. An act which earned the admiration and thanks from him in return, while earning several days hospital stay for his former tormentors (all of which were on the Varsity football team, no less). Elizabeth eventually invited him over to her house, seemingly for a little Math tutoring for her, though what she really had in mind was so much more enjoyable. And so on a bright, sunny Saturday afternoon, young Michael Rutherford made his way over to her spacious, well-to-do home; books in hand, ready to help Elizabeth with her seemingly failing grades, completely unaware that it was she who would be doing the teaching here this day.

Soon after, the 18 year old academic whiz stood at her massive front door, patiently waiting for someone to answer his numerous knocks and bell ringings. Though as the minutes passed, with no such greeting given, he turned around and proceeded to make his way home (he did give it an honest attempt, after all), that was until he began to hear the faint sounds of music coming from within Elizabeths backyard. A musical call that lured him around the side of this house and towards its back, causing him to unlatch the white picket fence gate surrounding this large open yard, making him courageous enough to peek around its wide expanse and view a sight that made his heart skip several beats, nearly stopping it dead in its tracks.

That vision was the gorgeous young bombshell Elizabeth, laying flat out on a long, summer lounge chair, her body covered only in a tiny pink bikini; which was only just enough to conceal her most intimate of areas, leaving the rest of her long, lean, athletically fit and muscularly shaped physique shining through in all of its golden tanned glory. Michael couldnt help but stand his ground silent and unmoving, staying hidden as best he could around one of this houses back corners to watch this breathtakingly beautiful girl enjoying her day out in the sun. Having seen her around in school every so often (at times even specifically trying to find her), he was quite well versed in how this young Amazons body looked; though even in her shortest, tightest, most revealing schoolyard outfits, he had yet to see as much of her there as he was doing here and now. Such a sight left him completely captivated, with his eyes transfixed upon her utterly perfect frame; which gave slow and sensual movements every so often, showing off several previously unseen angles of her lusciously hard form, all of which was a feast for the eyes of this very inexperienced 18 year old boy. Yes, this was truly a sight from Paradise itself, one he would have been more than happy to stare at all day long; though unfortunately for him Elizabeth had other plans this day, ones which Michael in the end didnt mind very much at all.

"So, you going to stand there all day and gawk, or are you ready to get started?" a soft, all-knowing, feminine voice came from Elizabeths now smiling mouth, as she leaned herself up and forward (which did wonders for increasing the definition of her washboard stomach), removing her fashionably large sunglasses to get a better look at her adorable young tutor. "Well, come on in Handsome, unless you want me to treat you like the Peeping Tom you are and come and get you......something I dont think youd like nearly as much" she teased out to the still frozen High School Senior, who only then managed to regain movement in his legs and a forward motion in his step.

"Oh....I, uh.....sorry, about that.....I was.......I was just......."

"Ahhhhh, dont you just love this song....." Elizabeth spoke out and over Michaels barely cohesive mumbling, as she turned the nearby radio up a bit, nearly blasting Pat Benatars latest hit, "......"Sex As A Weapon", God that is a catchy phrase, I Like It" the muscle packed 15 year old seductively made out with a smile, continuing to watch her girlish crush approach her ever so slowly, slowly yet steadily.

"I.....Im sorry, did I have the wrong day......or time? I kinda, thought we had," the timid young teacher made out, his mind still whirling over this unreal feminine sight before him; a sight he tried with all of his mental might to remind himself was 3 years younger than him, which simply put was too young to have such thoughts about, even for just an instant. Yet young though Elizabeth may have been, her physique was as womanly as any he had Ever seen, with the perfect mixture of lusciously female curves and visibly powerful muscles, she was literally the most perfect woman he had ever laid eyes on ' something she herself could plainly (and proudly) see by the reaction she was getting from him, and his slowly (though obviously) rising erection.

"No silly, youre right on time, I just like doing my studying out here, in the fresh air, with something "comfortable" on. Hope you dont mind the view, or that it wont distract you too much from your job?" the teenage supergirl teased out while slyly cupping her voluptuously firm breasts together, followed by a high pitched giggle.

"Uh,, Ill.....Ill be fine......uh, thanks" Michael clumsily replied, as he grabbed a nearby chair from a backyard lounge table, allowing him to comfortably sit down next to his temporary student to begin their lesson (in addition to give him the opportunity to rest his books on his lap, covering up an area that he simply couldnt control, nor wanted Elizabeth to catch notice of). "So, what specifically in Math are you looking to bone a bit more? Algebra? Calculus? Geometry?"

"HA, how advanced do you think I am here? I told you I need help with my Math, so lets start with the basics, addition and subtraction?" she answered back, severely short-changing her own mathematic skills, a subject she picked at random when making this offer for him to tutor her on.

" need help with adding and subtracting?" the young instructor made out with a surprised look and a confused tone. "How old are you again?"

"Whats that supposed to mean??" Elizabeth barked back as she raised herself up to her full 5' 10" height (which was several inches taller than Michaels own, in addition to being about 30 pounds heavier). "What, you think because I have trouble with the basics that Im some dumb, blonde bimbo, is that it??" she mockingly replied in a more scolding, threatening tone, which combined with her massive size and now flaring muscles; as she towered like a powerful Amazon over her terrified prey, something which made his heart skip beats yet again, though this time in complete fear.

"Well,, no I didnt mean......."

"You didnt mean to be so rude, huh? What, you think because youre so smart you can just make everyone else feel dumb?" Elizabeth continued to speak, teasing him fully and utterly with her words, while at the same time intimidating him to no end with her completely muscle packed frame. She then tossed the pile of books he held on his lap aside, replacing it with her own lusciously shaped form as she sat on him, their bodies facing one another, his eyes just about even with her rippling, bulletproof abs. "You think your addition is so good, then Ive got a little test for You" she cooed sexily, while tracing her fingertip slowly across the etches of her amazingly pronounced stomach muscles. "How many packs make up my tight, toned little tummy here?" The young Amazon followed this up with a few flexings of her abs, bringing their steel hard musculature even more into view, making this all too easily answered by her currently entrapped young man.

"You......your stomach, its so hard, so cut, so defined. has to be a 6-pack, unlike any Ive ever seen on any girl before" Michael replied, swiftly losing himself in this young Amazons unreal form.

"And stronger than youll see on any man, too" Elizabeth followed up with a smile, as she began to raise her bulgingly powerful looking arms up and behind her head, her fingers softly pulling back much of her long flowing blond locks as she did so; arching her upper body towards him ever so slightly, as she whispered in his now nearby ears, "Good guess Cutie, but Im afraid youre wrong. This little muscle gut of mine has got not 6, but 8 packs of rock solid muscle.......or cant you add?" she playfully made out, as she hardened her abdominals even more, causing 2 more areas of rippling ab muscle to appear and prove her right. "Now, who needs the help in Math, and counting to 8 no less" Elizabeth concluded with a devious laugh, as she slowly rose up off his lap to yet again stand above him like the conquering Amazon girl she was.

"Hmmmmm, Im beginning to think youre not nearly as smart as I thought you were. Maybe I need to give you another test, see if Im getting my value with you tutoring me" she continued to taunt out, which was followed by the slow, sensual walking over to a nearby outdoor workbench, from which she returned with seconds later with long tape measure in her supple, feminine fingers. "Here you go Baby, lets see how you are with a little practical, hands on, test" the playful musclegirl tossed the tape measure onto his lap, then moved her right leg closer to where he was sitting, holding its meaty thigh flesh just inches from his nervously shaking hands. "Measure it, all around its biggest, hardest, juiciest part. Do it good and make sure you do it right, as there will be a punishment for getting this next exam wrong" the dominant teenage supergirl concluded with a devilish look in her gleaming blue eyes, which stared right into Michaels own from above; sensing fear all about them, and loving every second of it.

His hands moved as if having a mind of their own, which was a good thing as his actual mind was stunned to near shock, and Elizabeth wasnt one for being kept waiting. He gently grabbed on to his measuring device and slowly, carefully, began to wrap it around the thickest, beefiest, most muscular part of her leg, which was as silky smooth (with the exception of some perfectly sensual amounts of muscular definition here and there) as it was perfectly tanned and golden brown. Such supremely feminine shaped legs, yet ones that undoubtedly contained a massive amount of strength and power within them (something he had witnessed on several occasions, whether on the various fields and courts of her after school sports, or actually on the various school boys during her other after school activity). Lust and fear, desire and terror, such opposing thoughts were routinely flowing through the males that Elizabeth encountered, and even in just her single year or so of Amazonian awakening, that list of such men and boys was quite long indeed.

"Uh......I......Ive got 24 inches........yes, 24 inches......Wow......." was all Michael Rutherford could make out, when he actually thought about it and realized that her thighs were not only solid as oak, but almost twice the actual size of his own rather weedy looking legs.

"Tsk, tsk, tsk......and here I thought you were this big brain......someone who was going to help me get good grades in Math. How can you do that when you cant even read a simple tape measure?" Elizabeth playfully teased out in a high girlish tone. She then placed her hands on her hips, and with a few surges of muscular power and steel hard flexing of her right leg, the tape measure (still wrapped tight around it) began to expand and grow with even more female muscle, raising the numbers of inches from 24 to 26 right before her mans eyes, which widened like mad at this incredible sight before him. "Sorry Darling, but Im afraid you got another one wrong......this time, its gonna cost you!" the young musclegirl growled out, as she moved her legs around his nearby hand, engulfing it within 52" of combined thigh meat; which could have ground his bones to dust just as easily as they could pop a volleyball (something she routinely did at school for kicks).

Pain instantly shot throughout his hand, which felt like it was about to crumble to dust under the unrelenting power of this teenage girls steel hard legs. In a matter of seconds his hand went numb and turned white down to the end of his forearm, showing him that her thighs pressure was cutting off the blood to his hand as well as nearly shattering every bone within it. Try as it did to keep his composure, little moans and groans of agony escaped his mouth nonetheless; something that was soon after met with girlish giggles and laughter from Elizabeths full lips, as she watched with much joy his pitiful attempts to remove himself from her seemingly inescapable leg scissor.

"Hahahaha, stronger than you have tried to get out from between these legs crushing power, my adorable little man, Much Stronger!" Elizabeth continued to taunt this years older, though vastly weaker, man. "Maybe if you were smarter you wouldnt be in this mess, and in so much pain! It does hurt, doesnt it? Ive been told my thighs are Stronger Than Steel......what do you think, Baby? What do you think, Honey?"

"God, Yes......Yes, your legs are So Strong, I cant take anymore! Please,.....just please,.....let go! Dont......dont break my hand!!" Michael pitifully replied.

"Awwwww, my Sweet, I wouldnt break anything on you.......not yet anyway" Elizabeth teased out, before releasing his now snow white hand from her golden colored legs crushing embrace. "Besides, I like you.....I like you a lot.....and you wouldnt be nearly as much fun for me all broken and mangled, now would you?" she asked, causing Michaels terrified face to furiously nod in agreement. "Thats good, thats good, I like it when men agree with me. You are learning your place quite well, I must say - even if you are failing miserably at being my Math tutor. Though I think because youre So Cute, Ill give you one more chance to prove yourself.......though you better not get it wrong this time, Or Else!" the powerful teenage girl made out in a semi-playfully, semi-threatening tone, as she pushed him off his chair and onto the grassy ground below with just a casual flicking of one of her over 2-foot thick thighs.

The dominant teenager than made her way over to an outdoor training area, which among many other pieces of equipment, contained a long metal weight bar, with two very large plates on each side. She lifted the impressive looking weight with ease, and then began to curl this highly stacked bar over and over again, an act which made her biceps swell and harden right before Michaels wide staring eyes; causing them to reach their 15.5" peak within seconds, and in less than a minute of her continual muscle pumping reps, caused several veins to pop out from all over her marble hard, massively muscular upper body. Elizabeth continued on doing this for a few more minutes, relishing in the amazing pump her fully flexed muscles were getting from an exercise she knew full well many most taller and larger than her could not perform with such ease, and for so many reps. Yes, her young Amazonian body was filling out full and thick with meaty muscles, increasing in size and hardness with each and every passing second - something she could easily see was also happening within the crotch of the all too handsome boy before her, as well.

"Your next test, your Final Exam, is this. If each of these big, thick, hard plates are 40 pounds, and I have two on each side, how much weight are my beefy, bulging biceps curling?" she sexily made out, finishing her word with a sexily blown kiss, while continuing to curl rep after rep with this Heavy looking barbell.

Michaels mind was a blur, his eyes focusing only on Elizabeths hot, hard, muscular physique, which was flaring with more female muscle with each passing pump. Though while most every iota of his brain was currently preoccupied at this sight (not to mention other parts of his body as well), his mathematical skills ran on auto-pilot, swiftly adding up 40 x 2 x 2, coming up with an all too easy 160, which was surely the answer he was looking for. Something that even involuntarily thinking about it caused him to give out a sudden gasp, as he realized that the weight she was lifting up and down over and over for the past several minutes, was about 20 more pounds than he himself weighed! Such strength, such power, he couldnt help but dread even a chance of her using it on him again (while at the same time wanting little else more in the world), crushing and squeezing his hopelessly outclassed body within her mighty limbs, with bone-crackingly painful (yet amazingly arousing) results. So he yelled out his answer of 160 pounds with pride and relief, knowing that he had gotten it right, and his bones would be spared another constriction session from this young Amazon (not to mention he wouldnt have to face the embarrassment of getting a world class hard-on from a 15 year old girl).

"160, eh? Well, I have 2 plates on each side, thats 4 plates here in total, and if each one weighs 40 pounds, last time I checked that came to 160, so I guess you have the right answer!........or do you?" the teasing musclegirl made out with a devious grin across her beautiful face, while slowly moving closer and closer to her mans physically inferior form, until she was pumping this weight just inches from his clearly quivering body. "You see Sweetie, the weights themselves may weigh 160 pounds, but you forgot about the bar, which is a good 25 additional pounds" Elizabeth tauntingly spoke out her revelation, causing Michael to take a step back in shock; stunned at the realization that she was actually curling 185 pounds for such an incredible length of time, as well as the fact that he had also gotten yet another of her questions wrong - failing her Final Exam, which meant another painfully punishing session from this extremely power packed young supergirl.

Elizabeth then stopped her constant series of pumpings as she held this stacked metal bar up to her chest, her arms now a thick 16" of steel hard muscle, and with a teasingly cruel smile on her flawless teenage face, she slowly tilted the weight forward towards Michael, who without thinking instinctively reached out to grab it from her, only to have it pull him down Hard and Fast to the ground below. His strength completely unable to hold such a heavy bar for more than a split second, causing him to crash to his current position with lightning speed, holding himself up on his hands and knees before this young musclegirl - the perfect position for her to take this lesson to the next level.

"Youre lucky youre just so Adorable......." Elizabeth breathed out, taking a single step forward and kicking the near 200 pound bar away with a single one of her sexily shaped legs; which was swiftly followed by the wrapping of her lusciously curved, silky smooth thighs around both sides of her mans head, ".....because if you werent, with me knowing how much you were lying about being such a Math whiz......" she continued to taunt Michael beneath her, flexing and flaring her rock solid legs in place (though not squeezing them together just yet), which enveloped his head totally, "......I would have to punish you.......would you like me to punish you, Sweetie?" the titanic teenager sexily cooed in an erotically feminine voice, that unfortunately due to his ears being engulfed by steel hard thigh meat, he couldnt hear a word of.

Elizabeth knew full well this was the real reason for her inviting him over here today, not for any instruction of this particular academic subject (not after a previous after school chat (aka session of Female Muscle Persuasion) with her Math teacher, which followed with her getting Straight A's for the remainder of the year), but for a little one on one time with her and her all too handsome young man here. "Mmmmmm, I think you do like to be punished, Honey. I think you like to be dominated and controlled by a strong, sexy, muscular young girl......and thats a subject I Know all too well" the teenage Amazon laughed out, leaning over to give his small, but tight, ass a few good smacks as she began to constrict her thighs all over his vastly weaker skull.

Michael had never felt anything like this in his life, such physical pain shooting all about his head, not to mention his butt, yet feelings of uncontrollable desire for the one responsible for such agony at the same time. His thoughts of her, while a bit dirty of someone so young, were the stuff of erotic fantasies; with her unequaled physique, unrivaled strength and unimaginable facial beauty were so Amazing they were nearly enough to take his mind off the harsh pain that was now flowing all over his body (even though Elizabeth was using just a small fraction of her overall strength, as her plan this day was to seductively defeat him, not savagely break him!)

"You should see what these legs of mine can do with a watermelon, Baby.......or better yet, a bowling ball" Elizabeth laughed out, knowing full well Michael couldnt hear her, yet teasingly speaking to him aloud all the same. "Trust me, youll never be able to look down the alley at those 10 pins the same way again once you do. Hee hee hee" she playfully, though truthfully, made out, moving her rock crushing thighs over and around this young mans skull, chewing it up with her massive thigh muscles, relishing in his moans and whimpers of pain as she did so. Though since her tactic here wasnt to hurt him Too badly, she then released her hold (causing his ears to now ring out as much as his head), and step back away, as she began to walk around his tremblingly weak form, which was still only (and barely) supported by his hands and knees before her.

"Awwwww, I hope I didnt hurt you too much, Cutie, I have something very special planned for you today, and it wont be nearly so much fun if youre unconscious.......possible, just not so much fun" Elizabeth spoke out in a teasingly girlish tone, as she circled her prey around and around, watching as he slowly got his bearings back, returning to the land of the living from the overwhelming blackness that she had nearly sent him to. "Do you like this body of mine? Do you like its strength, its power, and all contained in a beautifully sexy young feminine package?" she continued, stopping her circular parading here and there to hit a few seductive poses for her still groggy man as she did so, showing off her wares for him physically just as she was doing verbally. "I bet youd like to see, to Feel it, a little more, up close and personal style? Well then, My Sweet, today is your lucky day" Elizabeth giggled out excitedly, as she snaked her arms around the back of his, wrapping them with expert skill and ease up and around, locking her fingers across the back of his neck, while lifting him up to his feet (and several inches beyond) in an all too effective, not to mention incredibly uncomfortable, Standing Full Nelson hold.

"See how perfect we would be together, Honey? Dont we just make the perfect couple? Ooooooh, I so love lifting and carrying little boys like you around like this, using my big, hard, powerful muscles to hold you like a baby in my arms, or squeeze you to tears or screams of agony, whichever I feel like at the time" young Elizabeth laughed out to Michael, as she shook her arms from side to side wildly, shaking him around, his feet flailing helplessly to and fro, with the utmost of ease. "Oh, but dont worry, Ill do my best to not hurt you like this when were out in public........well, too badly anyway" she added in with another series of girlish laughter. "Shhhhhh, it wont be all bad Baby, Ill also be there to make sure no one else hurts you, to protect you with my big, strong female muscles, just like I did with Jack and his crew.......speaking of which, maybe we should visit them later today, I think the hours at the hospital are between 2 and 5, yes? Hee hee hee" she continued on, using her vast arms strength to keep her hold over him still and unbreakable; shaking him side to side and verbally teasing him for the next several minutes, until she decided to lower him back to Mother Earth, and release his arms from this obviously painful hold.

"Hmmmmm, might have to see about putting some meat on you though, otherwise people wont even be able to see you next to me, Im just So Big" Elizabeth cooed out sexily, while hitting a massively wide lat spread, causing her back and shoulders to flare out huge, completely eclipsing the much smaller High School Senior before her. "I mean, whats the sense of having a boyfriend if you cant show him off"

"B-b-boyfriend??" Michael timidly (and barely) made out. "But I....I cant.....I mean, Im a Senior......and you....youre just......"

"A Freshman, yeah I know, I am so going to be the envy of every girl at school, like Im not already! Dating a Senior boy, going to his Senior Prom, being its Queen to his King!" the towering Amazon replied with a young girls excitement; bouncing in place before Michaels utterly stunned form, his eyes yet again fixed solely on her world class beauty and ultra muscular physique, even if his mind was screaming Run, Run For Your Life!

"Elizabeth.....uh.....I......Id love to be your boyfriend, really.....but, well.....I.....we just cant"

"Oh, and why is that?" the teenage girls bubbling attitude switched instantly to one of anger, as she held her muscular arms powerfully across her rock solid CC-cup chest, standing just inches from Michaels quivering frame like a child about to be punished from his much more intimidating parent.

"Well.....I.....I.....for one thing, its illegal"

"Hahahaha, oh you silly boy, Im talking about making you my boyfriend, not fucking your brains out! No Michael, as adorable as you are, I think I like you much too much to make you my "first time"....." she replied in words that were a bit odd to him now, though to Elizabeth made perfect sense, something he himself would agree with if he saw her actual first time lover in 3 years time - or more specifically the mangled mess he had become soon afterward. "No, I dont plan to do the actual deed until Im 18, house rules, one of the very few that I hold dear at that........though that doesnt mean we cant have a little girlfriend/boyfriend fun from time to time" she concluded with a wickedly wide smile, and the automatic pumping of her lusciously solid breasts; which moved faster and faster like powerful pec pistons, echoing the beating of her heart, which was all too anxious to seal this deal the only way possible.

Without waiting for Michael to reply, the statuesque supergirl jumped all over him, easily forcing him down to the warm, grassy ground below, maneuvering him effortlessly into a Grapevine hold (a position she had just made up instinctively on her own, being that mixed wrestling becoming a public fascination was still several years away); her legs knowing all too well to snake around his, holding them Tight and pulling them away from one another, while her arms grabbed hold of his much smaller wrists, pulling them high and out from his body, in this incredibly stretching, yet amazingly erotic, wrestling hold.

"Ill tell you what, if you really dont want to be my boyfriend, all you have to do is escape from this hold......why any boy would want to, I have no idea. If you can break free from my little girly muscles, and escape my little Muscle Cuddle here, then youre free to go, and Ill never bother you again" she ended in a mockingly hurt tone, pouting of her full, bee-stung lips down at him as she did so. Michael was extremely confused at this moment, as he actually liked being in this position, staring up at this young girls very attractive face, the sight of her voluptuously firm breasts nearly spilling out of her bikini top and on to his head, the feel of her shapely, firm, hard body wrapped so tightly around his in such a way, that all in all, he didnt mind in the least. Though his moral compass at being held by a minor, coupled with what little amounts of manly machismo he contained, caused him to try and escape nonetheless ' an act that would have been near impossible if he was 6 inches taller and 75 pounds heavier, let alone the 5' 8", 140 pounds he in fact was.

Elizabeth could only giggle and laugh out at his miserably failed attempts to break out from this hold, something she now knew she could have held him immobile in when she was a pre-teen. Still, as hopeless as his chance of escape was, Michael Rutherford tried and tried for the next several minutes to do so; until his frustration at the inability to budge her even an inch finally overtook him, and he gave up in a huff.

"This is silly! I cant hope to overpower you, what should I even try! What does this even prove!"

"It doesnt prove anything, Sweetie, its just fun for me......isnt it fun for you too?" the powerfuly teenage girl innocently breathed out, as she gave her legs a few quick flexes, causing untold agony to shoot all about the lower half of her mans body. His screams were instant and all too welcoming, not to mention erotic for Elizabeth herself, who simply loved making men scream, cry or beg; as she titled her head up while performing this act, flinging her long golden locks onto her broad, rippling back, while giving her lower lips a series of tenderly sensual bites. "I said, isnt this fun for you??" she growled out animalistically, looking back down at Michaels pain-wracked face with wild, primal eyes.

"YES! Yes, yes its fun! Im having a blast!! AAARRGHHHHHH!!" he screamed out instantly, hoping his swift answering of this question would garner favor with this punishing Amazonian girl, and that she would ease up on her devastatingly muscle tearing hold.

"Youd love to be my boyfriend, wouldnt you?" she added on in a soft, controlled, yet dominant, tone.

"Yes.....yes, please......anything you want.....just no more pain....Ill do anything...." was all Michael could make out as his screaming, and her body crushing, was causing his less than athletic form to become winded and near faint.

"Thats better. See, you Can answer some of my questions correctly" she taunted out, ceasing her legs all too painful movements, rewarding him now with the lowering of her breasts softly, tenderly over his face, not enough to smother, just enough to tease and entice, as she flexed and popped them all over his barely breathing form. This caused him to react in the only way he knew how, lead solely by his deep down manly urges, by extending out his all too eager tongue to lick, slurp and taste the most amazing breasts he had ever seen in a woman ' though a woman in body she may have been, in age she was not; and while giving him her virginity here and now was something Elizabeth wanted all too much, her grinding abs into his hardening cock proof positive of this, she knew her rules about such sexual matters, and so did Michael, who apparently needed a little reminder of it here and now.


"AHHHHHHHHH!!" the young man screamed out with all that he was, at the lowering and hardening of Elizabeths breasts over his entire face and head, which was on the verge of being crushed like an egg against the steel hard constrictions of her rock solid chest muscles.

"Sorry baby, but its either this to help break the mood a little, or we go all the way, which would not only break my rule about sex, but also break you into little bitty me, youre much better off this way" the gorgeous young Amazon truthfully spoke, though her man, with as much pain as his head was currently in, couldnt help but show his disagreement of her last statement with another series of all out screams, which were almost totally muffled by this teenage supergirls muscle packed pecs.

After nearly a minute of applying such skull-splitting pec pressure, Elizabeth ceased her moment-killing treatment of her schoolyard crushs head, lifting her upper body off of his yet again, looking down at his near broken face, something which made her a bit sad at doing, though knowing full well it must have been done all the same. "Im sorry Mike, but if youre going to be with me....and you are....we have to do things my way, under my lead, OK?" she breathed out sensually, as she got off of his much weaker body to lay on the grass next to him, as she lovingly cuddled his weedy frame into her super muscular physique. "Lets see about taking this slow, my Little Cutie, for your sake, and end our fun little afternoon with a single, loving........"


".......kiss, which turned out to be the first time Id ever kissed a boy, well in that way anyway" Elizabeth spoke out in a motherly tone, cuddling young 13 year old Amy into her full, thick, muscle packed form. "Mmmmmmm, something tells me with as flush as you are, Little Angel, that my little story may be a bit close to home for you? Maybe my little girl is also going through her first schoolyard crush?" she spoke softly to Amy with a playful smile.

"Awwwww, Mom" her precious young daughter replied back with even more red in her slightly embarrassed face. "What happened to Michael? Did you really date him after that? Did you keep putting The Crush on your crush, after that?"

"Well, lets just say we stayed quite close during the next few years. I even visited him at college a few times until he graduated......when I was a bit older, and more experienced in controlling myself during our little Sexy Times; which he was more than appreciative of, let me tell you"

"And did you save yourself for him? Did he eventually become.....your first?" Amy asked out with wide eyes and much interest.

"Oh no, my Love, I wasnt planning on being with Michael for my first time, I liked him too much for that. You see, knowing how strong and hard this body of mine was.....a body that you yourself are very closely resembling, let me tell you.....and as much as I was eagerly looking forward to enjoying such sensations (your Grandmothers ruling on the subject making it quiet clear I had to wait until the proper age to do so).......well, lets just say that there was a lot of gun powder in my body then, and I knew I was going to make one Huge BANG the first time I fired......and the second, not to mention the third" Elizabeth laughed out to her barely teenage daughter, doing so with much openness and honesty, especially considering the subject matter; something this all too close mother/daughter combo did with virtually anything and everything.

"So who was your first? Was it dad? Was it when you had me?" Amy continued to ask.

"No my Darling, Im afraid thats another story entirely. Though since we seem to be in the mood for story telling......" Elizabeth made out with a smile, seeing that her tales of being a budding teenage musclegirl (as Amy was swiftly becoming now) was doing a great job of cheering her daughter up, and helping her realize that just because a girl is tall, strong and even muscular, doesnt make her any least beautiful, quite the contrary in fact. "......I think we have time for one more before I have to go back and tend to my "guest" for the evening" the mature Muscle Mom slyly made out, causing both her and Amy to smile wide and giggle aloud. "It was the night of my Senior Prom, just a few days after my 18th birthday, which was a good thing, as I dont think I could have held out One Second Longer! Ahem......anyway, I went with our schools top hunk, main stud and Varsity Football Team Capitan......"


"......Tony Banks, and as his Queen, none other than everyones favorite girl, Elizabeth Prince!" the well spoken voice of Montgomery High schools Principal echoed all about the fashionably stylized hall, as he announced the Senior Prom King and Queen, Class of 1983. His voice was authoritative and in control, his face one of pride and commitment; that was until the breathtakingly stunning young Prom Queen made her way on stage to collect her crown, her King arm-and-arm with her, which caused the much older school figure to seem a bit nervous and uneasy. Thoughts of the numerous visits to his office over the years by this all too popular young girl, not to mention Star athlete (not to mention still, Dominating Muscle Girl), came flooding through his mind; as he watched with uncomfortably cautious eyes as she and her prom date walked on by to collect their royal titles.

Oddly enough this wasnt Elizabeths first Prom Queen crown, it was in fact her 4th, having gone to this event every year since arriving at this High School, taking a different Senior boy as her date each time, using her all too powerfully persuasive abilities (aka, her mountains of rock hard, lusciously shaped, super strong, female muscle) to convince each years voting Class to pick her as their Queen; an honor she accepted gracefully and with pride this year most of all, with the crowd clapping their hardest for her newest victory (most of them learning full well the consequences for not doing so in their shared years of schooling with her). Yes, this was a truly happy day for young 18 year old Elizabeth Prince, though the prom itself, and even claiming another such regal title, was a distant second place next to the True excitement of this day for her ' the after prom get-together with her handsomely hunky date, and her final crossing over from girl to womanhood for this all too eager (aka Horny As Hell) Amazon.

It was childs play for her to get her "King" to leave soon after collecting their titles, something she did on this occasion with more feminine charms than Amazonian dominance. With her full pouting lips, ample cleavage, long, lean, shapely legs, and a butt that even concealed by her professionally made dress, Tony could barely contain his own excitement at her suggestion (aka demand) to leave the party early, and head on out to their pre-arranged meeting at the Grand Chancellor Hotel, for a night of One-On-One Fun. And so Elizabeth dragged her man away from their Senior Prom, just inches from lifting his 225 (considerably muscle packed) pounds over her shoulder, and carrying him to their destination herself. Though with an all too comfortable limo waiting outside for them, and his own step quite excitedly swift as well, such a tactic wasnt necessary in the end.

A mere 15 minutes later, with Tony kissing her soft, tender lips, fondling her thick, meaty breasts, and tickling her hard, powerful inner thighs the entire time, they had arrived at their destination, causing them to burst out of this ultra fancy ride and hurriedly make their way inside. This time however, being so close now to something she had wanted for So Long (in addition to the continuous heavy petting and make-out session on their way over here) her restraint for not lifting him off his feet and carrying him away was now completely gone, so she did just that. With a sexual growling of her feminine voice at the receptionist to claim their rooms key, something which caused her body to flare out with muscular size and strength, causing little tears and rips to appear about her all too expensive gown, Elizabeth got their key in record time; which was followed by the harsh, animalistic grabbing and carrying of her dates body over one of her incredibly broad shoulders, and running to the nearest elevator (ordering out those that were already inside, a demand with how she looked and the physical act she was performing, none of which argued with in the least).

Less them a minute later they had arrived at their room, with Elizabeth on the verge of kicking its door completely off its hinges, though realizing that if she had, their much desired privacy this night would have been severely compromised. So she waited the few additional seconds it took to properly open their door, which was instantly followed by their entrance, and lightning quick closing of it, allowing these two 18 year old lovers their time alone to timidly explore and erotically experiment on one anothers young virginal bodies ' or, as Tony was about to find out, suffer the worst (yet most erotic) beating of his life being raped by a sex crazed Amazon girl.

"Strip!" Elizabeth barked out with utter dominance to her studly prom date, as she tossed him off her powerfully built shoulders, several feet away onto their beautifully made, spaciously soft bed.

"Uh.....hey, relax my Queen, we have all night long", the handsome young man charismatically made out with a smile, "Wouldnt you want to have a few drinks before we....."

"I Said STRIP!!" the demanding young woman yelled out again, this time followed with a full body flexing that literally, and instantly, burst her perfectly made dress to pieces, causing the fabric to split all over and fly off of her growingly Amazonian physique. A physique that now stood in front of Tonys bed-sitting form with an unreal aura of strength and power, just barely covered with an all too sexy lace bra and panties, fish-net stockings doing their best to hug her incredibly thick and beefy legs; her already 6' even height made only moreso by the 3" high heeled pumps that adorned her feet. Her eyes were wild with unbridled lust, which was kept in check for all of her years (regarding the full-on, Home Run, sexual act, at least) through supreme will. A will that no longer needed to stand its guard, allowing all of her sexual desires, needs, and wants to flood out, which coupled with her superhumanly strong feminine form, meant more than a bit of trouble for her nights King; something he didnt realize until this very moment, viewing her Amazonian form in its entirety for the first time, as her sexily worn stockings began to rip and burst apart, erotically styled shoes were savagely kicked away, and his dates glowing blue eyes looked at him like a piece of meat to her Very Hungry lioness.

"Look....look, Elizabeth......cant we just........Ahhhhhhh!" was all the high school stud could make out before his all too horny, and all too muscular, prom date lept on to him with a primal growl, straddling his body with untold ease, shredding his rented tux to pieces with seemingly no effort at all, tearing his silky, blue boxers from around his waist with a single powerful yank of one of her 17" arms, allowing her to eye up the deliciously standing and sexually throbbing (even in light of this particular situation, or maybe Because of it) dick before her, which she then swallowed within her quivering young mouth with lightning speed.

The sensation sent shockwaves all throughout Tonys body, as he had never in his life (which wasnt nearly as sexual depraved as Elizabeths) had a blow-job with such intensity, such strength, such dominance. It was as if she was forcibly trying to suck all of his sticky sweet cum from his easily conquered member; though not all rough, her lips moved with expert skill and grace all over his cock, her tongue moving it around her mouth as she licked and tickled his ever hardening shaft. All of these sensations combined made for one truly unique sucking of his dick, which even though she was holding his lower body tight and unmoving, and basically he had no say in this act at all, he was still enjoying immensely ' that was until her already powerful suction increased, and increased, and increased, making him feel like he had his erection deep inside a vacuum cleaner, even though he could clearly see this unbelievably sexy girl (not to mention hear her erotic moans and groans of arousal) performing the deed right below him.

"Ahhhhhh......Hey.......hey, calm dow......Arrrghhhhhh......youre doing it too har......Ahhhhhhh!" was the best Tony Banks could make out, words that went completely unheeded by this sexy crazed supergirl below him; and while he could still feel the hint of some pleasurable sensations from her performance, most of the feelings coursing throughout his fit, athletic body were of Pain! So much so that he had no choice but to try and forcibly remove her from her all too powerful cock sucking; though when his free hands and muscular arms tried to do so, he was taken a bit back, realizing yet again that her own visibly muscle packed form was made of amazing hardness and had incredible strength, something with all of their shared years in school together shouldnt have surprised him at all.

It was actually her voluptuously stacked, super athletic hardbodied form that so attracted him to her in the first place. This time-frame being the beginning of such super fit, ultra firm female physiques, something while may have been looked at with distaste from most men (or so they say), to the ultra athletic Tony, it was truly the most desirable look he could imagine on a woman. Though unfortunately for him, viewing such fantastic female physique in a magazine or on TV was a far cry from having one on top of you, sucking your erection with all of her Amazonian might, leaving you with loads of Agony and absolutely nothing you can do about it. A fact which was made only more clear when Elizabeth, getting a bit annoyed at his pitiful attempts to stop her unquenchable sexual appetite, switched her lusciously rock solid body around him, moving into a laying 69 position; doing this so effortlessly that she didnt even remove her sexually starving lips from his proud, throbbing member. This new position was even worse for her man (not something she seemed to care about in the least), as now her entire body (weighing in at 180 pounds, at that) was laying all over his own; an act that was making it a bit hard for him to breathe, though that was nothing next to what his skull was feeling, as her sleek, shapely super muscular legs wrapped tightly around it; squeezing it with the same motionings as she was sucking his cock, doing so with the same level of strength, which meant he was not only in fear of having his dick literally ripped off him, but his head cracked to pieces as well.

At this stage in the game, Screaming was all he could possibly do (his impressively strong form being completely overpowered and enveloped by Elizabeths Amazonian body), which only seemed to arouse his super strong date even more, sending shivers and waves of erotic delights around her dripping moist pussy (which wasnt too far from his screaming mouth at this point), an act which only caused her thighs to squeeze in a bit harder, her mouth to suck in a bit stronger, and the pain coursing all over his body to multiply over and over. There was literally nothing he could do to stop this raging sex fiend (yet insanely beautiful, perfectly shaped, muscularly built woman) from taking him sexually, without mercy, without patience, without concern, and without a moments hesitation. Elizabeth knew exactly what she wanted from this all too special day, she had even picked Tony as her date due to his reputation of having the largest cock in school (a rumor she could now fully confirm as fact); something that her mouth, lips and tongue were playing with to no end since their arrival here, something which held its firmness impressively well, especially considering how "delicate" the rest of his frame seemed to be in her bodys all too passionate embrace.

Yes, it seemed Elizabeth couldnt be happier with the size, shape and hardness of her lovers sexual shaft, her first ever sexual lollipop, which she kissed, licked and sucked on like it was the forbidden fruit from the Garden Of Eden itself; continuing to do so with unbridled savagery, as she ignored Tonys pleas for mercy, which soon after feel silent, as his dick (jumping around wildly around her luscious lips) furiously erupted its full load within Elizabeths awaiting mouth. A much longed for drink she gulped down eagerly and anxiously, taking in every single drop of its salty white goodness down her open throat, moaning and groaning loudly with erotic pleasures at the completion of this act; which simply couldnt be said for her date in return, as he was crushed into silent unconsciousness by her thickly smothering, steel hard thighs. His face not only visibly beaten and partially broken looking, but also drenched in the thick, creamy wetness of her exploding vagina; her liquid coming out with such force that it blew little holes in her already sheer lace panties, covering it, and him, with wave after wave of sexually charged cum.

"God.......Oh, Fucking God........That was so Fucking Good!!" Elizabeth sensually breathed out, as she removed her mouth from Tonys all too spent dick; licking her lips of the last bits of his juices, which she relished more than anything she had ever tasted in her life. All the years waiting for this moment made everything so worth it when it was finally time to enjoy it all, and enjoy she did, and would do several more times this night, as a single meal couldnt hope to sate a desperately starving womans hunger. No, she wanted more, much more, now and for the rest of her life she could claim all that she desired, lustfully longing to use her body to get any and every man she could ever want, doing so with her unequaled feminine charmed or unmatched physical power, none of them could hope to resist her call ' None Of Them!

The all too excitable young woman then bounced off her lovers still "sleeping" form, and in a nearby full length mirror, powerfully flexed her entire body full and thick with all of her female muscles; doing so in an all too sexually intimidating Most Muscular shot, which caused her back, chest and butt to fill out so much with muscle, that her matching black bra and panties popped clean off her body, leaving her strong and shapely female form now totally exposed - ready, willing and able for more Muscle Crushing Sex. Though unfortunately for her, her only sexual partner was still in the dreamland she (or more specifically her steel hard legs ) had placed him in, which left her anxiously waiting for him to regain consciousness before she could continue. Though patiently waiting for something she truly wanted was never one of Elizabeths strong suits, so with pouting lips and an upset look about her all too attractive face, she stormed over to the foot of their bed, and like a child throwing a temper tantrum, grabbed a hold of the base of this very large, wooden framed bed and began shaking it wildly up and down; bouncing Tonys form about it like a childs toy, showing her anger at having to wait even a second longer before she could continue with the her first of Many sexual conquests to come.

"Wake Up!" she yelled out, while continuing to lift and pop their bed up and down, tossing and flipping and bouncing her lovers 225 pound body here, there and everywhere upon it; almost to the point of bouncing him clean off its firm softness and onto the hard floor below. Though try as she might, it seemed her ultra crushing legs were a bit too effective, lost in the heat of the moment as they were, squeezing him out for longer than she would have liked, with her not being very happy about it in the least ' that was until she noticed something, the slow though gradual movements of his once spent/now swiftly returning to size cock; which either meant that it literally did have a mind of its own, or that her Sleeping Beauty wasnt quite as out of it as he wanted her to believe.

"Oh, you naughty little boy!" Elizabeth growled out as she jumped up and onto the bed, landing full on Tonys prone body, causing him to yell out in pain at such a hard, powerful weight being dropped on him without warning. Something he may have had had he opened his eyes when he actually regained consciousness, instead of trying to fool this erotically overly-excited young supergirl by pretending to be sleeping still. Something he thought would spare him another session of rough, hard sex (he couldnt believe he was feeling this way either), though only making things worse for him in the end. "How Dare you try and play games with me, pretending youre still out of it, making me have to wait longer for my next Fuck. Sorry Stud, but Ive waited Long Enough, and Im ready for another good Muscle Fuck with you, and a proper one at that! So remember this for next time Baby, if you want to play sex games with me, you better be prepared to Play Rough!!" she loudly roared out, bending her head down to his neck, giving him a sensuously charged bite that while hardly damaging, still managed to leave a noticeable mark all the same.

Elizabeths voluptuously muscular physique was now laying completely over her dates, similar to how she did before, though this time they were face to face; allowing her lips to play with and around his neck and face, her CC-cup chest to dance and move all over his torso, while her legs to hold his helplessly still, not to mention their exposed sexual regions to grind and flow all around each others. All of this unreal treatment, as Tony remembered it being before, was actually immensely enjoyable for him at this stage, even though he was physically trapped and held captive by this beautiful young Amazon girl. A situation he wouldnt have minded in the least, and would in fact be one of his top all time fantasies, if it continued on as such ' though also as before, it wasnt long before the levels of lust, arousal and sexual desire that flowed within Elizabeths beautifully strong frame began to increase, causing it to swell with muscles, harden with power, and crush in on her vastly inferior man below her.

"Oooooooh yeah, that feels sooooo fucking good....." the young musclegirl passionately breathed out as she continued to slide up and down his body in her only second ever full sexual session - and at the rate she was going, Tonys last. Just as she had enjoyed doing with her first schoolyard crush several years earlier, Elizabeth maneuvered her partners body into an all too pleasurable sexual grapevine; painfully pulling his arms by their wrists out and away from his body, as her rock solid legs wrapped tightly around his, pulling them further away from one another with each and every hip thrusting sexual pump. "Try and fool me again, Baby......" SLAM! ".....try and trick me into leaving you alone....." SLAM! ".....when I want a Good Hard Fuck....." SLAM! ".....and Ill get you in this hold again,......" SLAM! "......and not stop until Ive ripped your arms......" SLAM! ".....and your legs....." SLAM! "....right off your body!!" the young Amazon scoldingly roared out, slamming her super hard hips down onto his pelvis, again and again, with virtually bone crackling results.

"Please! Please stop! I wasnt doing anything......I, mpppphhffff....."

"Shhhhhh Lover, for what I have planned, I dont need your head or its lying words, at all" the sex starved supergirl interrupted, lowering her massively muscular tits down and around his head, releasing her hands from his wrists to then scoop them around to the back of his head, pushing his skull even more inside her lusciously solid cleavage, not to mention completely covering it (and most of his upper body with her own) from view. "Funny, this position feels so familiar?" she teased out with an erotically O-shaped mouth, as she began to Flex her chest hard around Tonys already damaged face, causing more muffled males screams to vibrate all about her breasts; making her crushingly hard chest muscles tingle and shiver with delight, which only made them flare and tighten even harder, causing this whole vicious cycle to begin all over again.

"Dont be such a baby.....I know you love my big, firm tits, dont be such a crying little Mommas Boy" Elizabeth teased out, while continuing to flex and expand her already huge pecs, "Mmmmm, though I must say, its such a fucking turn-on to have a guy crying while I Crush Smother him out......Ooooooh yeah, I can.......Mmmmmmm......I can so get used to this" she cooed with lustily closed eyes, as her body increased in muscular size and hardness around this once cocky High School stud, causing untold agony to shoot all over its formerly powerful form. "Ready or not Stud, here comes the main event!" Elizabeth growled sexily, as she raised her hips one more time, higher than before, which returned back to his growingly battered body slowly, this time with a purpose, to take in every inch of his huge erection within her dripping wet pussy; something she did with special care, being the first time a mans cock had ever been inside her in such a way ' the result of which, was downright, Explosive!

"Oh Fucking God!!" she yelled out loudly, as the feeling of his manly sized dick entering her vagina for the first time sent the most Incredible sensations through her entire body, which instantly hardened and constricted around Tonys utterly entrapped form; doing so with such strength and savage power that cracks, snaps and crunches could be heard coming from all around him. Her pecs demolished his face, while her muscle packed arms kept shoving his head deeper inside her rock crushing cleavage while crushing in on his chest, as her thick, shapely, muscular legs pulled harder on his, doing so in different directions, almost snapping him in two. All the while her own hip thrusts, powered by glutes that were each as large and round as bowling balls (not to mention being so much harder), continued to slam down on his waist; giving her the much needed friction she so desperately desired as her vagina traveled up and down his hard, tall, strong cock.

"Oh My feels so could I.......have long......for this!!" she loudly cooed out, while her body continued mauling and mangling her Prom Kings totally defeated form beneath her. A fact she cared nothing for at this time, thinking only of the mind-blowing sexual sensations that coursed through her veins, and the truly incredible feelings of his dick inside her tight, wet pussy. The muscles of which were also having a field day on and around Tonys body, in this case his haplessly engulfed erection, which proved as easy to conquer with her snugly squeezing vaginal muscles as the rest of her body was doing to his. Yes, Michael Rutherford would have thanked his lucky stars to not have been Elizabeths "first time" those years ago, realizing that the beating she had given him that fateful day was actually minuscule next to what she was doing to Tony Banks here and now. Her date for this evening, chosen wisely as someone she cared nothing for, had apparently little respect for women in general (especially his legions of former girlfriends, who he had loved and left time after time) ' something he would never think to do again, if even he was left physically able, for the rest of his life.

A life he felt was soon coming to an end as the pain surging all throughout his body again became too great for his mind to handle, so it shut down in an attempt to protect him from what lay ahead, which was a few more cracks and breaks coming from his once athletically strong and capable form; as Elizabeths much physically superior physique crushed in and around him mercilessly, powered by the erotic sensations and orgasmic desires that currently controlled her every action at this moment. Doing so for the next several minutes, until Elizabeth reached her orgasmic peak yet again, causing rivers of her hot, sticky, love juices to explode from within her crushingly tight vagina, surprisingly being matched (in amount and timing) with an eruption of cum from her lovers cock as well. Their climaxes both reached simultaneously (rising the overall pleasure for her to an even higher level), a signal that this latest sexual experience was now coming to an end, though Elizabeth spent the next few minutes continuing to ride her mans all too pleasing dick all the same, totally uncaring that he was completely unconscious at this point, knocked out once more from this teenage Amazons unequaled sexual frenzy.

A blackness that was all too welcome by this totally demolished young man, though unfortunately for him, all good things (him previously thinking sex with his gorgeous young date would be that) must come to an end, and as so often happens with one who is "sleeping" (forced, or otherwise), such time passed in the near blink of an eye, for him that was. So when Tony actually awakened from his involuntarily placed slumber (not to mention, Crushing Muscle Fuck), several hours had indeed passed, something which didnt please the all too impatient, sexually starving young musclegirl in the least.

"Ooooooh yeah, from the sounds of those pitiful manly moans I hear......Mmmmmmm......I can tell my King has finally awoken!" Tony could hear his date coo out sexily (a sound as seductively cool as it was femininely erotic) which was all he could do as his eyes still needed a few more seconds to focus. As his vision began to return fully to him, he noticed that much had gone on here during his time out, as their room for the night (which was quite expensive, and put on his credit card no less), was in near shambles, with smashed up furniture, ripped off closet doors, bent over metal fixtures, and the most terrifying debris of all, an assortment of men of all shapes and sizes, all of them slumped over and crumpled in unmoving heaps of used up man-flesh.

"Dont blame me for this Baby, you sleeping as much as you are forced me to do this. You see, first I got so hungry I had to call for room service...." she teasingly spoke out, pointing to a man in a white hotel jacket (and nothing else) on the ground, "......then I had problems with the bathroom, and I had to call a plumber......" Elizabeth continued on, sensually gesturing to another floor-bound man with bent over wrenches near his clearly defeated form, "......then I had a visit from the Hotel Manager as the man next door was complaining about the noise, so I had to talk with him for a while......" she made out with a smile, looking over at the naked form of a large, athletically build man in the corner of this room, ".......and after that, I went next door and brought back that naughty man, giving him a few complaints of my own" the sexy young musclegirl concluded with a few girlish giggles, as she tossed said man from her thick, beefy shoulders; his cock dribbling with cum, which also flowed continually down her own muscular legs and around her moist, hot love-hole. "But now that youre up and I can see ready for more......" she teased with a devilish smile, eyeing up his all too eagerly growing erection as she did, ".....I can return to my King for a little more fun! What do you say Stud, are you ready for your Queen?" Elizabeth breathed out, with mockingly innocent eyes, and a finger sexily tracing about her full, luscious lips.

"No! No please......I cant....I cant take anymore......I cant even legs.......youve broken my legs....."

"Awwww, my poor little Darling, I guess I just dont know my own strength during Sex, Hee hee hee. Well then, you just relax Lover, and let Elizabeth do all the work" lusciously built Amazon sexily spoke, standing over Tonys utterly defeated form, while her own was flexed hard and full of hard female muscle. Then, laughing like a madwoman, she lifted his mangled form up off their bed, him screaming wildly as she did so, as so broken was his body at this point that even the slightest movement caused pain to shoot all around him. Elizabeth placed him onto and then over her rippling hard back, holding him now by his black-and-blue butt behind him, almost as if she was giving him a piggy-back ride. Though their position here was a bit lower, maneuvering his delicious looking erection right next to her dual bowling ball sized butt, each perfectly rounded ball of muscle surrounding his dick looked as large as his head, and more powerful than all of his muscles put together. "Since youre such a lazy lover, and since Im doing all the work, then I get to pick our next position. Hold on tight Baby, its gonna be a bumpy ride!" she giggled out, as she pushed herself backward into a nearby wall, not only crushing his body against it and her steel hard physique, but also shoving his dick deep within her glutes, which snapped shut around its once proud hardness with savage intensity and incredibly powerful force.

As was all too common this night, his screams echoed all about their room (though no further complaints were made to the front desk, or at least no further action was taken on their part), as she Slam, Slam, Slammed her lusciously shaped backside into his cock, giving herself her first ever Ass-Fucking, Amazon Style, which sent renewed shivers down her entire body, filling it with sensations that her just budding sexual form had never experienced before, while sending wave after wave of agony coursing through her unfortunate male lover. The force of the crushingly powerful impacts of her butt (make that, his butt) on the hard wall behind them virtually shook this entire room, if not the hotel itself. Though such things mattered not for Elizabeth, not when she was in this frame of mind, not when she was in the middle of yet another sexual encounter, in a position she had been dying to try for several years now, and now that she was able to do so, it seemed that her man was doing the dying because of it.

The teenage musclegirls long flowing blond hair flew wildly all about her face, which shook fiercely during this latest sex act. Her eyes closed shut, her mouth in an erotic O-Shape, with her tongue occasionally reaching out to drink from her ruby red lips. While her hips drove with furious sexual intensity into the swiftly pulverizing cock behind it, her hands (no longer being needed to hold Tonys body aloft, as he was more than sandwiched tight between her muscle packed butt and the gradually crumbling wall), groped and kneaded her rock solid breasts, which were now bouncing and flexing up and down all on their own, they too lost in the moment of this all too erotically charged session. Her fingers now giving her untold delights, as they moved alternating between the all too erotic touches of her glorious globes, and tweaking, tickling and tantalizing her visibly dripping pussy, with amazingly pleasing results.

"Thats It, Baby! Gotta Fuck! Gonna Crush! Mmmmmore Baby, Give Me More!!" Elizabeth roared out as she SLAMMED into his completely defeated erection one final time, crushing the pelvis of this young man nearly to pieces, though seemingly doing the job for his savagely fucked cock, which shot its newest load all over and into Elizabeths awaiting ass; an ass which then flexed its mighty muscles around it, slurping his dick like a straw, before a final chill of orgasmic energy flowed through her, causing her to give one last final glute flex, which mangled his dick to near paste. The teenage musclegirl then wiped the strands of golden hair from her formerly shaking face, her breath slowing returning back to normal, her eyes only now just opening after her latest sexual experience; realizing for the first time that Tony was yet again unconscious (something he had been for several minutes now), as during such times only her own sexual pleasures mattered, which at this point was sated, after a nearly all night long Sex Fest, with more than a few "all too willing" partners.

So gathering together a spare outfit she was smart enough to think she would need, Elizabeth Prince got herself ready to leave this room after her more than satisfying Post Prom Party; her date and King for this evening a drained, beaten and broken man, a casualty that simply couldnt be avoided during this unstoppable Amazons official losing of her virginity, though something she would need to control a bit more nonetheless, if she didnt wish to leave trail of shattered male bodies in her all too unquenchable sexual wake. So with a bending down to his unconscious form, Elizabeth reached to his forehead with her lips and gave him a soft, tender kiss. She then made her way to this rooms phone, and dialed the front desk one last time.

"Hello, this is room 6969, Im afraid theres been a bit of an......"


"........accident. Oh, thats not to say I didnt enjoy playing with Tony as hard as I did.....God, did I enjoy it......just that in the years to come Ive learned to be a bit more gentle......well, I at least try to make the hospital stay for my lovers a week or less, all the better for repeated sessions with them when theyre good and healed" the 37 year old Amazon woman spoke out to her young daughter with a smile, something that garnered the same reaction in young Amy, her formerly crying and upset face now glowing with a renewed sense of pride and excitement.

"Woooooow....that is So Cool!" the young teenager replied with wide eyes and a mind utterly enraptured in her mothers all too informative story.

"Now dont get Too excited, my Sweet Love, you know I expect you to follow the same rules there as I did. "Nothing Between Until Youre Eighteen!", OK?" Elizabeth followed up in a more authoritative, motherly tone.

"Oh Mom, I dont even have a boyfriend yet......." young Amy trailed off, thinking again about her formerly hinted at schoolyard crush, and how anxious she was to show him that being with a bigger, taller, stronger girl wasnt a bad thing in the least.

"Maybe so Dearest, but as time goes on you will be tempted, rest assured, and while there are numerous ways to......please ones self......all of which I can teach you when you get a bit older, the actual act must wait until you are of age.......preferably with someone you dont mind missing for a month or two afterwards" she laughed out to her eagerly listening and quickly cheering up daughter.

" didnt go that far with Dad, did you?" Amy asked out with more than a hint of concern for her father, who had divorced her mother a few years back, yet someone she still loved very much nonetheless.

"Well, yes and no, my Love. You see, and youll understand this more when youre a bit older, women like us, at such heated and passionate times, cant really help but hurt the men theyre with. Even if it wasnt done intentionally, the losing control during sex by women as strong and muscular as we too, my sure to cause the men were with more than a bit of pain, to say the least" Elizabeth continued to teach her budding your 13 year old child her first lessons of Amazonhood. "Though hurt them as we do, and as cruel at it seems for them at the time, they almost always come back for more.....and for those that dont, well then we just have to be a bit more "aggressive" and take them!" the beautiful Muscle Mom concluded, sporting a devious smile on her flawlessly sculpted face.

"As for your father, well while our love-making was still on the painful side for him, very much at times Im afraid, I tried my best to take it easy on his adorably cute teeny, tiny........"


"........little body. Youre just so light in my arms, Baby. Making love to you tonight is going to be all too easy......that is, if certain parts of you stay all too hard, that is" the 23 year old Elizabeth cooed out sexily to her new husband, Philip Hardstone, as she carried him over the threshold to their all too private little cabana, during the first day of their Hawaiian Honeymoon. Her ultra muscular, curvaceously statuesque physique wearing nothing but a sexy yellow bikini, a flowing see-through wrap around her waist as a make-shift floral mini-skirt, and a pair of all too comfortable sandles adorning her feet. An outfit that left nothing for the imagination for anyone watching, as it clearly showed virtually every muscle packed inch of her now 6' 1", 200 pound Amazonian form; a stark contrast from her new husbands diminutive frame, who while very facially attractive and physically fit looking, was about 6 inches shorter and 50 pounds lighter than his beautifully buff bride. Though if he was built like Hulk Hogan himself, Elizabeth could have handled his body as such in her pumped up 17" arms just as easily.

"Oh, I dont think that will be a problem" Philip replied back with a smile, which was followed by a hint of nervousness behind it, " remember what we talked about going easy on me.....for as long as you could......right?" spoke out his more timid sounding voice, as his small, thin frame was being lovingly held (for the moment) within his wifes amazingly power packed arms and stronger than steel biceps.

"Ill do my best Baby....." she cooed back before tossing him several feet across their room for the next week, doing so to his 150 pound form like it was but a childs play-toy, ".....but it wont be my fault if you bring out The Animal in me!" Elizabeth Hardstone growled out in a primalistic, yet incredibly sexy, tone; as she kicked off her sandles and removed her light, floral patterned wrap, exposing her thick, muscular legs in all of their rippling hard glory. "I know youll forgive me if these babies get a bit too forceful when were making love, wont you Baby?" the teasing young musclegirl cooed out sexily with a girlish pout, a sight on her utterly gorgeous face that melted the heart of her husband each and every time she used it on him (which was usually during her all too successful attempts to seduce him, that was when she didnt just rip into him like a beast); all while sensuously posing and flexing her super shapely, diamond firm legs for her man. A sexy posing display she had become a Master at performing, one she knew always seemed to get a Rise of her husband, something that he certainly didnt disappoint on this very special day as well.

"Mmmmmm, I think I have my answer right there Baby......and lucky for you, the right answer at that" Elizabeth purred out as she made her way onto their full, soft bed; crawling along it and then on top of Philips much smaller frame like a jungle cat stalking its prey. Her eyes fixed on the prize, her body tingling with sexual excitement, her muscles bulging with erotic power. The latter two Elizabeth had spent the past several years learning to control during such passionate sexual sessions, crushing men to pieces only when she purposely so choose to (reserving the roughest of rapings for the most obnoxious and deserving of men), only going so far with those in her life that she cared for and loved (not to say she didnt manage to place Philip in the hospital from time to time, but she was trying to be a bit easier on him nonetheless ' or thats what she told him anyway).

Elizabeths body completely enveloped Philips from nearly every conceivable angle, her form full of lush, Amazonian muscles, while his smaller frame was hardly what anyone would call buff in the least. It was only the fact that she supported her chest and head just inches above his own, something which caused her biceps to harden and flex right before his eyes, that saved him from literally being smothered to death just from the superior size and weight of his new wifes all too voluptuously stacked, hardbodied physique. Her mouth immediately went down on his, their lips smacking and kissing one anothers with the utmost of passion, as they began grinding into one anothers bodies (or more specially, she did so to his from above), with a slow, sensual, erotic motion that sent shivers of orgasmic pleasures flowing all over their all too aroused bodies. Gone were the days when Elizabeth was so uncontrollable in her lust that she would Crush Fuck a man to screaming orgasm in mere minutes (something she still did on occasion to some unlucky hunk at a bar or club, keeping such sessions from her all too trusting Philips ears), as she learned that making it last, which meant not ripping her sexual partners apart during the act, was much more enjoyable in the long run ' though that didnt mean she couldnt keep the fear alive in her darling man, by showing off the superhuman strength her lusciously meaty muscles contained.

"Mmmmmm, you feel so good below me Baby. I love a man who knows his place around a strong, sexy, muscular do know your place, dont you Sweetie?" she cooed out into Philips ear, followed by a few sensual licks and a tender little bite of its tiny lobe. Though before he could answer, just to be a bit devious in her foreplay, Elizabeth suddenly lowered her massive chest onto his face; which not only muffled out anything he may have said in return, but also cut off the breath from his slowly starving lungs. "You see, if I didnt have these big, strong arms of mine, I wouldnt be able to hold myself off you, Lover......." she breathed out softly, as she used her 17.5" biceps to do just that, allowing the breath to return to her husbands reddish hued face, ".......though I guess if I didnt have such a full, beefy, muscle packed chest, and big, hard body, then I wouldnt need such strong arms to lift it off you, now would I?" she playfully teased with a smile, before lowering her lips back down around her mans, taking in all that he had, as he did with her, while their hips continued to grind into one another with even more speed and intensity. "But then again, if I didnt have so much muscle on this body, I wouldnt be nearly so much fun!' Elizabeth sexily growled out, as she gave her upper body a swift and savage flexing, which flared her back, lats and chest so massively that her formerly body hugging bikini top burst clean off, exposing her perfectly rounded, silky smooth, all too naked breasts to her lover below.

Without any further words, Philip Hardstone reached his head up and forward in an attempt to lick, suck and kiss the most unreal female chest he had ever seen, and in his case, felt as well. Her nipples were hard and erect from this all too sensual foreplay, much like his own cock, which his wife was relishing the feeling of against her rippling washboard stomach and dripping moist vagina. Her moans became instant at the all too pleasuring caressing of her mans tongue and lips on her tits, which began flexing and popping all about due to the sexually sensitive nature of them, in the hands (and mouth) of the right man, that was. Elizabeth simply loved the way Philip pleasured her, one of the main reasons they grew so close together over the past year and a half; the others being his high threshold for pain (a Must for any man brave enough to be with this gorgeous young Amazon), his tiny little body (a physique on a man that she preferred well over all others), and his world class cock, which at its peak stood a foot long, and around her, was always ready, willing and able for some sexual fun (even if the rest of his body was not).

Yes, as the minutes passed their passion grew, just as Elizabeths muscular frame did around Philips quickly disappearing form. Their thrusts into one another quickening even more, their joint moans of delight reaching louder levels, as their eyes closed as tight as her body was around his. With a swift and powerful motion, Elizabeth then leaned to one side, just for a second, which was all it took to rip his fashionably styled Hawaiian shorts and her own G-strong bikini bottoms right off their glisteningly sweaty bodies, allowing her to engulf his hard shaft of manhood completely within her all too eager pussy. The act of which instantly jumped the two young newlyweds sexual delights up several levels; their perfectly performed foreplay being more than enough to get them going, though the actual act of penetration was something well beyond all on its own. Each and every hip gyration sent shivers of orgasmic energies all about their completely entwined forms, a fact which slowly caused Philip some concern, as he could feel Elizabeth pressing in on him from all sides, her muscles squeezing and beginning to crush him from all angles, something he knew he had to get used to if he was going to build a sexual life with this muscle packed Amazon Woman, yet something that caused fear in his heart all the same.

Elizabeths moans then turned to grunts as she began roaring out at the sudden release of her first sexual climaxing with her new husband (well, if you didnt count their joining of the Mile High Club on their way here, that was), causing her body to swell and expand with mountains of meaty female muscles; the act of which not only seemed to squeeze the cum right out of her husbands body, as she felt his dick explode within her constricting vaginal muscles, their juices melding together as one, but also caused him to fall limp and frail within her embrace. That was until she eased up on her passionate pressure, ever so slightly, allowing the blood and breath to again pump throughout her husbands body, and prevent him from an unexpectedly forced slumber.

"God.......that was fucking amazing Baby......your little baby boy body......your big thick cock.......God, how did I ever manage to get the perfect man in my life......" Elizabeth breathed out to Philip below her, smiling as his face returned to a nicer shade of "not-red".

"I think......huff.....I think you chest smothering my blind date, and carrying me home for my first introduction of Amazon Love that did that, my Dear" Philip puffed out, as a smile formed across his adorably cute face.

"What can I say, I see what I want, I take what I want, its a gift" Elizabeth giggled out in return, sporting a smile on her own stunningly attractive face as well. "So, enough with the small talk, Little Man, are you ready for some more!" the sexy supergirl continued on, as she lifted her husbands much smaller frame onto her own, which supported his weight with literally the slightest of efforts. This action was followed by the playfully, though still quite tightly, wrapping of her thighs around his legs, her arms around his chest, her breasts just a hairs breath from his face.

"More......Ugghhhhh.....Baby, we just.....I mean, Im not ready for.......Ugghhhhh....." Philip slowly made out, the pressure of his wifes muscular body snuggly fitting around his, even with no actual exertion from her to constrict at all, was a bit too much for his rather thin to take; as was her request for yet another sexual go-around, something he surely wasnt ready for in body, if not in mind.

"What, dont I do it for you, or maybe youre doubting my ability to get you to Stand At Attention?" Elizabeth sexily breathed into his ear, as she now began to give little squeezing pulses all about his completely enveloped form, while giving little popping hip thrusts upward, lifting it and his entire body up into the air. "Come on Lover, you cant fool me, I know youre not a one-minute-wonder, or someone I cant get back into fighting shape all too easily" she seductively breathed out, flexing her huge muscle tits just below his face, something she knew always got him going! Elizabeth then began moving his body up and down her own, slowly, sensuously, rubbing and sliding his swiftly hardening member against her 6-pack stomach, which provided more than enough sexual friction to spring it back to life, and just like Elizabeth herself, craving for yet another orgasmic release.

"Mmmmmm, that does feel good, now doesnt it?" she continued to tempt her now much more willing husband, who looked up towards his wife with eager eyes, which was followed by the passionate meeting of their lips yet again. It didnt take very long at all for Philip to get aroused again after such a powerful eruption just minutes ago, such was the seductive allure of his all too sexy young wife, who was skilled in a variety of ways to entice her men to the peaks of the erotic delights. Something Philip was more than used to, something he was more than glad she was now taking the feminine charm route over the dominatingly aggressive stance she so easily could have (each providing the same results in the end ' satisfying her insatiable sexual pleasure ' though with quite varying degrees of pain for her lovers).

"Ooooooh yeah, I think my little Baby boy is good for some more fun, isnt that right Lover?" Elizabeth softly spoke to Philip, who simply nodded his head in agreement, signaling that she was (as always) all too correct. A feat which was hardly miraculous, as beautifully built, athletically sculpted and incredibly sexy as she was, it would have taken a lifetime celibate monk to come close to resisting her all too expert powers of seduction. And so Philip began to grind and thrust his hips and pelvis into his wifes own, something that she stopped within seconds of him doing so, following it up with, "Uh uh Baby, you just relax and leave everything to Elizabeth. I dont want you getting too exhausted, or too damaged, on the first night of our honeymoon, now do I?" she cooed sexily, followed with the effortless maneuvering of his body on top of her own, guiding his sweet, thick cock above her anxiously awaiting and sexually hungry pussy, before lowering it deep inside its velvety smooth wetness.

This caused her man to groan out loud as unreal erotic pleasures shot throughout his enveloped frame, something which was only added to by the knowledge of just what was coming next, one of the many amazing things his new wife could do with her body that virtually no other woman alive could do. You see, Elizabeth loved using her muscles on her men during sex, trying different positions and poses to best utilize her incredible physical strength, whether by an over the shoulder, back-breaking hand-job, the all too pleasurable standing 69, lifting them in the air by their ass, to then move their erect cocks in and out of her lush, firm cleavage, or this current act, one that she had spent years mastering, one that like all of the other Amazonian sex holds could be used for unequaled delight or unbridled pain ' the Pulsating Pussy Position. Realizing at a much younger age that she had incredible strength in her vaginal muscles just as she over the rest of her lush, full, hard body, Elizabeth learned to use her much practiced muscle control to flex, harden, grip, squeeze, massage and crush most anything that she placed within. So after such experience in using her other massive muscles for erotic affect, she too knew how to please, and punish, her lovers with her most intimate of areas as well.

"Shhhhhhh, you rest your weak, little body, Baby, while your sexy musclegirl milks you dry with her pulsating pussy power" Elizabeth sexily spoke in a voice and tone that itself could make his dick hard and erect, combining it with the expertly flexing muscles of her engulfing vagina made any thoughts of him not being able to erupt another wave of sticky, white juices a far distant memory. The feelings flowing all about Philips all too throbbing erection were truly unreal, unlike anything he had ever experienced from any other woman, providing pleasures that even the most skilled fingers or lips could not hope to match. Her vagina walls were so smooth, so wet, so tight and having his erection being rubbed and tickled and teased in such a manner simply blew him away time and again that Elizabeth could do so with such skill; just with her vaginal muscles alone, while the rest of her pumped up, sexily muscular frame held his body still and unmoving, not even the hint of any other muscle being involved in the all too erotic pleasing of her man.

"Thats it Baby, thats it Lover, I can feel you ready to let loose your sticky, hot cum inside me. Do it, do it now, give me the greatest gift you could possibly imagine.......give me a child, give me a beautiful baby girl!" the much larger, vastly stronger woman cooed out, she too getting lost in this moment, her piercing blue eyes closed, her words coming out all on their own, speaking of desires that Philip didnt expect, causing his seconds-away explosion to halt dead in its tracks, shocked more than a bit by Elizabeths all too surprising words.

"Huh......wha? Baby......Ooooooooh.......what,.....what are you talking about? A......Mmmmmm.....a baby?" he stumblingly made out, his mind reeling at the words he had just heard, his cock still relishing in its unreal amounts of pleasure. "Elizabeth.....wait, stop.....I dont.....AHHHHHHHH!!" Philip then screamed out, as he felt her inner most muscles squeezing in Hard around his cock, crushing it within its sexual moistness like a powerfully firm fist.

"Oh no you dont Baby, youre not stopping just yet, not when were so close........I want your juices to flow all inside me, and I want it Now!!" the sex crazed Amazon Woman roared out dominatingly, as she began to constrict her pussy around her husbands dick, giving it powerfully hard milking pulsations all about it, which did in fact at this late stage cause it to erupt and blow his load all about her ' though this tactic, a necessary one due to his sudden break in the action, was much more painful for Philip in the end. "Yes! I want it all, Ill take it all, give me all that you have, or Ill Crush You To Pieces!!" Elizabeth growled out, as she continued to painfully milk her husbands engulfed shaft, now constricting in around his body with her arms and legs with even more force, something that was fueled by frustration, desperation and anger towards this man at this moment; someone she felt was standing in her way of what she truly wanted, what she Needed, and she would let No One do such a thing and go unpunished!

Such treatment from Elizabeth was well more than Philip could handle, and as quite commonly happened in their various other sexual sessions, he was knocked out by his lovers super muscular, erotically charged body. The last sensations he felt were of the final droppings of his love juices from his beaten up erection, the all too painful pressure of his wifes mighty muscles around every inch of his body, and the faint sounds of her primal voice grunting out, "Mine, Mine, Mine" with each flaring of her Amazonian frame.

25 year old Philip Hardstone woke up sometime later, how much so he had no idea, though he did so to a much darker day around him, and with the lack of his newly married bride from his sight. That was until several minutes after his awakening (allowing him to reclaim his forced out barrings) she came in through their cabanas main entryway; her now lace bra and panty clad form slowly sauntering back inside to face the man she had just crushed into unconsciousness during a very heated sexual performance.

"Elizabeth, what in the Hell happened! What the Hell did you do that for! What the Hell was that talk about a baby!! What the Fuck were you thinking!!" the visibly angry man yelled out as he made his way off their bed to face her, his current level of fury blocking the logic and reason centers of his brain, which swiftly came flowing back to him when he stood just inches from her massively muscular form, that even at rest and completely unflexing, dwarfed his smaller, weaker frame like the most total of eclipses. Unfortunately for him, such words could not be taken back once spoken, and it now seemed as if his rage was swiftly transferring to her, causing her already thickly muscled physique to become even moreso, expanding with Amazonian power and strength right before his very eyes, which were now widening in fear, while hers were near red with rage!

"How Dare You!" his all too muscular wife yelled back, grabbing his throat with a single unbreakable hand, as she lifted him several feet off the ground, before slamming him back into one of their rooms all too breakable walls. "How dare you speak to me like that! You think because I love you, that because were now married, that the rules have changed!!" Elizabeth continued to growl out through gritted teeth, as she slammed his body over and over into the quickly crumbling wall behind him. His hands trying fruitlessly to break free from her grasp, though having no more chance to do so than a mouse trying to lift an elephant. Her back and shoulders were flaring so wide with rippling female muscle, that from behind (and even partially from the sides) the much smaller man was now completely blocked from view; not to mention the expanse of her lats causing her ultra sexy purple bra to burst off, losing its hopeless battle to contain such a muscularly massive torso as it dropped down to the floor below.

"Liz......please.....youre choking me......"

"Oh, Ill do much worse to you than that if you Ever raise your voice to me again!" Elizabeth Hardstone angrily spoke out, before tossing her husband across the room, using just the strength from a single one of her now fully pumped 18" arms, causing him to land with a Bounce and a Crash onto and then off of their soft, springy bed. "Remember this, Little Man, what I say goes in this relationship, and if I want a baby, if I want a little girl more than anything else in the world, what chance do you possibly have to stop me!" she continued on, her body more pumped than Philip had ever seen her, her anger fueling her to new heights of Amazonian power, strength and size.

"You cant....I mean, you cant just take....."

"Oh cant I? Cant I just get that dick of yours hard as a flagpole whenever I want and mount it, suck it, fuck it, til it explodes within me? Cant I just do that all on my own, with you not having a say At All!!" the furious Amazon roared out, picking up his prone form and tossing him to the other end of the room, again with just a single arms strength, again with seemingly no effort at all.

"Uhhhhhhh.....But.....but Baby, we cant......I dont want...."

"See, there you go again, always thinking its all about what You want! Dont you realize that its what I want that matters here!" Elizabeth furiously made out, before bending down to the floor to grab her husband around both of his wrists, pulling him up to his feet and then beyond, stretching him out in front of her in a mock-crucification type hold. Philips arms were totally outstretched to either side of his thinly built frame, held there (just as his body was held nearly a foot off the floor) by his wifes ultra muscular arms. Arms which he has seen do many amazing things in their time together, from bending steel crowbars in half, to tearing phone books apart with ease, to even toppling over the occasional car, yet while he knew full well just how much power their rock solidness contained (even being on the receiving end of their awesome power, here and there) he had never experienced anything like this in his life. The strength at which she was holding him up, pulling him apart, the look of anger on her still gorgeous young face, made him fear for his very life, or at the bare minimum, the removal of his arms from his body (something in this position Elizabeth could do quite easily).

"I want a daughter, I want a little baby girl I can love and hold and mold into what I have become, and if you know whats good for you, youll give me exactly what I want!!" the enraged young musclegirl made out, pulling a bit harder now on his arms, which caused her man to Scream out in agony at the top of his lungs. "I want to be a Mother, Damn you, and youre going to make that happen, right here, right now!"

Elizabeth then grabbed Philip by his biceps (or what could pass as such on him anyway), crushing in on them with all too devastating effect, shaking him wildly back and forth in her apparent frustration, before throwing him across the room again, this time landing back on their full, soft, spacious bed. A location most every young newlywed couple longed to spend with one another, yet he at this point in time would have given any of his quite well off fortune to be anywhere in the world else. Unfortunately for him, that was simply not possible, and seconds after his weak, helpless body landed on their bed, his new buff bride followed suit; straddling him yet again with her much bigger, stronger, harder form, which as so often happened when the two of them were next to one another, enveloped him utterly and completely.

Without any further words, not that any where needed at this point in time, Elizabeth tore her lacy, filly panties off with a single flick of her finger, before wrapping her body all over her mans; using her superior strength and size to hold him in place without even trying, as she ground her body over and around his quickly throbbing erection. Gone was the time for romance and love, as the state of mind this punishingly powerful Amazon Woman was in, she was focusing on just one thing, her utmost desire, and she would stop at nothing to claim it for herself.

"Get that dick of yours hard for me, Stud! Get it nice and thick and meaty, or Ill flex this body all around you and show you just how Thick and Meaty I can be when I dont get what I want!" the incredibly intimidating young woman threatened out to her husband, holding him totally entrapped within her superior powered, yet sexily feminine shaped, body. Though while he himself was hardly in the mood for sex (fear and terror consuming his most every thought), his subconscious found little else more arousing than the feel of such a strong, hard woman, which combined with her all too intimidating muscle talk, caused his member to swell and harden, as so demanded ' something which he hoped would cause his raping wife too lessen her all too crushing hold over him, though if anything only caused her strength and her intensity to increase to even greater levels.

Seeing that her prize was now within reach (not something she doubted in the least, as one way or the other she always got what she wanted), 23 year old musclegirl Elizabeth Hardstone shoved his erection deep inside her yet again; using now both the combination of her all too flowing vaginal muscles and the furiously fucking thrusts of her hips to further the friction in and around her mans easily conquerable shaft. While she was more than up for simply crushing it to pulp for Philips disobedience and treatment of her, she knew full well that for her to fully achieve her goal that his all too deliciously standing cock needed to expel its load inside her, meaning she needed to treat it with pleasure, sending orgasmic delights coursing all around it ' though that didnt mean she couldnt give the rest of his body some much deserving Pain! So with each pleasurable pulsating of her pussy, Elizabeth slammed down on his pelvis with her rock solid hips, while bending and twisting and mangling the rest of his body with her all too powerful arms and legs. Something she did with the utmost efficiency, being very well versed in using her body on men for a variety of effects; which at this point in time was to cause his all too throbbing dick to explode yet again inside her, while showing her darling little husband his place in their newly solidified relationship.

"Are you Ever going to raise your voice to me again!" she roared out, while continuing her savage fuck on his growingly battered and beaten form.

"No! No Please! Ill Never Do That Again!" Philip replied even louder, as unreal pain continued shooting all about his crumbling male frame.

"And my baby girl, youre going to give her to me! Youre going to make me a Mother!"

"Yes, Yes Anything You Want!! I Swear!!"

With that, the sexually charged Amazon lowered her face onto his, kissing his lips with a furiousness that itself was nearly enough to knock him unconscious ' something that when combined with her muscular physiques passionately painful squeezes, her utterly breath-taking pelvic slams, and her crushing constrictions on his cock with her vaginal muscles, happened mere seconds later. Elizabeth now continuing to hump his now unconscious form for as long as his dick stood erect, which as it happened was several minutes after it had erupted its latest amount of sticky, hot cum all inside her.

Such sessions continued for most of their entire Hawaiian Honeymoon, Elizabeth wanting to make sure she had as many chances as possible to fertilize her all too welcoming eggs, something Philip learned to accept all too quickly, as the more he fought the more pain was inflicted upon him. So the young, newly married couple used their first time away as Wife and Husband for one very specific purpose, one that 9 months later produced the most beautiful baby either of them had ever seen, Amy Ann Hardstone, the most perfect.......


"........Angel God has ever created, in every possible way" Elizabeth tenderly spoke out to her all too gorgeous young girl, who had learned a great deal about her mother (and about her swiftly approaching Amazonhood) this night, something she seemed to look at now with very different eyes than she did just one hour ago. "So you see, my darling little Baby, a woman with a hard, strong, powerful body is a good thing, not something to hate or dread. It can allow a woman to protect herself, and those she loves, in virtually all situations, while opening up whole new doors to areas of untold pleasure that a normal woman couldnt hope to enter. Consider yourself lucky, to be counted upon them, my Love" the loving mother concluded, giving her most precious daughter a kiss on her forehead as she did so.

" really think Ill be able to do stuff like that someday?" Amy asked out, the thought of doing so causing her heart to beat wildly with excitement.

"Oh Baby, have you taken a good, hard look at yourself lately? You can do much of that stuff Now" the proud Amazon mother replied back looking down at her daughter, as a devious smile slowly began to form across her own gorgeously shaped face. "Come on, Ill show you"

This reply caused the all too anxious 13 year old hardbody to bounce up from her bed, showing off her lush, firm, shapely physique to the world, dressed in a tiny pair of frilly teddy bear bed-shorts, and a matching girlishly styled top, Amy was easily as beautiful (not to mention, as growingly shapely, hard and muscular) as her all too proud mother had said. A sight the young girl now noticed all too well herself, sharing her mothers pride in her tall, strong, athletic physique; which made her to give out a little double biceps pose to her massively muscular mom, causing biceps of near 13" to swell and harden with rock solid Amazonian power.

It was just then, that Elizabeth (who was now sitting on her daughters bed, watching her all too cute, and impressive, muscle pose) noticed her earlier discarded date for the evening crawling on his hands and knees across the doorway to Amys room; slowly and pathetically making his way down the long hallway to what he had hoped would be an eventual escape from this powerfully built Amazon. Though with a gesturing of her beautiful face towards his direction, Amy turned around to view the last remnants of this poorly beaten male, watching his waist, legs and then feet virtually drag themselves across her path ' a sight which caused her adorably attractive teenage face to instantly turn red with excitement, and a wide smile to shoot across its silky smooth shape.

"Oh Momma, Please???" the young girl spoke out to her nearby mother, as she anxiously and instantly began bouncing in place at the thought of trying out her newly discovered body, any and every way she could.

"Go ahead Baby, have your fun.....but remember the rule and dont go too overboard, not yet anyway" Elizabeth lovingly replied, an answer which instantly caused young Amy to bolt with lightning speed out of her room; which was followed by a loud Thud, a mans Screams, and a girls high pitched giggles. Elizabeth left her budding young daughter to her devices, leaving her alone to do have her first taste of musclegirl fun; something that she did for the next 15 minutes, before returning to her all too smiling mother, the mans sorely mangled and beaten form draped across her hard, firm, wide shoulders in a spine-destroying back-breaker; a pose she held with all too impressive ease, as she pulled down on his neck and legs, causing his now hoarse voice to scream as best as he could, before casually tossing all of his manly weight back off her shoulders, where he landed at her feet with a harsh Thud on her bedroom floor.

"Teach me Mommy, teach me more!" the now much more visibly muscular teenager spoke out to her extremely Amazonian mom, who spent the next several hours doing just that; making sure Amys introduction to her new world, her new appreciation for her powerful young body, was a lesson well learned - a lesson she would continue to teach her perfect little girl for many years to come, a lesson that would help create one of the pioneers of Amazon Women all over the world.

Speaking of teaching, our story concludes with a very angry Elizabeth Hardstone paying an after school visit to Amys all too perverted teacher, the one that previously brought her daughter to tears at his lecherous staring of her lusciously growing young body, the one that made her feel so uncomfortable with herself, going so far as to hate the amazing gift that she had helped pass on down to her. Well, it seemed that Elizabeth was quite the teacher to this sick-minded school instructor as she was with Amy, as he never again pointed his all too staring eyes at her daughters C-cup breasts ' of course, after the beating she had given him that fateful day, he never again taught at this school, or any school thereafter, nor did be manage to see a thing until several months later, when his savagely beaten, swollen and black-and-blue eyes finally managed to open up again.

Yes, the time for his academic tutoring had come to an end, making way for a new, young 21 year old teacher to step in and take his place. An incredibly intelligent and very dedicated man, who graduated a year early from his studies and was lucky enough to land this newly opened role; a man who also happened to have the most attractive face and cute little boy body around. His name was Robert Scott, and his involvement in this story would become all too clear to him, not to mention countless other fans of Sexy Female Muscle around the world, in the next few years to come.