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This is a complete list of all the video clips available on the web site that were posted in the last thirty days. This index is recreated daily. In the small hours of the morning (while you are tucked up nice and safe in your bed) a Valkyrie looks at every movie on the web site and lists them. Of course, any alteration to a file will change its date, so some of them might be re-uploads of an old clip.

The files are sorted with the most recent at the top.

DescriptionTypeWidth Heightmin:secfpsSoundKBDate
Tammy on bed mp496054001:2530Yes 2490228/Feb/2017More More
Queen Brenda mp496054001:4730Yes 3157427/Feb/2017More More
Dominant Bergman mp480048001:2230Yes 1859223/Feb/2017More More
Lift mpg35228800:0730Yes 114021/Feb/2017More More
Biceps of Colette mp452852801:1625Yes 1461120/Feb/2017More More
Valkyrie photographic 2 mp452852803:3125Yes 786120/Feb/2017More More
Female muscular calves mp452852802:3025Yes 2014519/Feb/2017More More
Massive girl mp496054000:5130Yes 1498318/Feb/2017More More
Lindsey calves mp496054001:4230Yes 2984017/Feb/2017More More
Sheilahe Brown mp472048004:2430Yes 5365217/Feb/2017More More
Valkyrie photographic mp452852805:2325Yes 5099317/Feb/2017More More
Blonde female muscle mp464036002:1230Yes 1883916/Feb/2017More More
Christine mp496054001:4930Yes 3217016/Feb/2017More More
Female muscle art 3 mp452852803:3825Yes 912316/Feb/2017More More
Huge fbb on TV mp4128072000:4430Yes 2248316/Feb/2017More More
Mindy biceps mp4128072000:5530Yes 2789916/Feb/2017More More
posedown mp4128072001:0330Yes 3164216/Feb/2017More More
Annie Mae calves mp4128072001:0430Yes 3222515/Feb/2017More More
Tracy Tooth mp4128072001:5430Yes 5790615/Feb/2017More More
Yvonne Edmunds mp4128072003:0130Yes 9140515/Feb/2017More More
Female muscle in street mp4128072001:5330Yes 5721614/Feb/2017More More
Muscle Trudy mp4128072001:0430Yes 3230014/Feb/2017More More
Young Seiple mp496054001:0530Yes 1912614/Feb/2017More More
Big Envall mp472048001:2130Yes 1640413/Feb/2017More More
Muscular Kelly mp4128072001:2330Yes 4207513/Feb/2017More More

DescriptionTypeWidth Heightmin:secfpsSoundKBDateMore
Lift mpg35228800:2230Yes 333211/Feb/2017More More
Calf balls mp496054001:5630Yes 3395611/Feb/2017More More
Ilze mp496054001:4430Yes 3062311/Feb/2017More More
Muscle Peggy - Valkyrie mp496054004:1730Yes 7550011/Feb/2017More More
Elsie and Sammie part 2 mpg128072003:2030Yes 9999210/Feb/2017More More
Female muscle in action mp472048000:4730Yes 956310/Feb/2017More More
Female muscle art 2 mp472072005:0725Yes 1652910/Feb/2017More More
Gillian mp496054002:3030Yes 4407810/Feb/2017More More
Strong blonde mp4128072001:0430Yes 3210810/Feb/2017More More
Abdominals mp4128072001:1230Yes 3597309/Feb/2017More More
Beautiful girl and beautiful biceps mp4128072000:4330Yes 2135809/Feb/2017More More
Imagine female muscle worship mp4128072001:2025Yes 1479409/Feb/2017More More
Muscular Tracy mp464036002:1930Yes 1982509/Feb/2017More More
Muscular Tammy mp496054001:5830Yes 3468008/Feb/2017More More
Heather Lee mp41072107201:5325Yes 789407/Feb/2017More More
Massive Lenda in sleeves mp472072001:2630Yes 1302007/Feb/2017More More
Angry mom mp472072003:0925Yes 605306/Feb/2017More More
Kathy Connors mp4128072001:3330Yes 4666406/Feb/2017More More
Muscular fashion model mp4128072000:4230Yes 2112106/Feb/2017More More
My muscular girl mp472072003:1025Yes 587906/Feb/2017More More
Elsie and Sammie part 1 mpg128072003:2030Yes 9724405/Feb/2017More More
Lora Hotcalves mp472072005:0325Yes 2861603/Feb/2017More More
Muscular blonde mp472072001:1730Yes 737903/Feb/2017More More
Female muscle 3 mp4128072001:5430Yes 5748602/Feb/2017More More
Lift mpg35224001:1630Yes 1386601/Feb/2017More More

DescriptionTypeWidth Heightmin:secfpsSoundKBDateMore
Lift mpg35224001:1530Yes 1381401/Feb/2017More More
Darkness female muscle mp4128072001:4430Yes 1138301/Feb/2017More More
Rose and Sammie part 5 mpg128072003:2030Yes 16733430/Jan/2017More More
Female muscle art mp472072002:0425Yes 509330/Jan/2017More More

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