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Diana the Valkyrie's Newsletter - January 2018

January 2018

The daffodils have come out to play

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Running fine.

Down on the server farm

One server had a PSU fan that failed - a fan has moving parts, and they're made very cheaply. So no cooling for the PSU, led to a failed PSU. FOrtunately, they only cost a few pounds, and repl,acement is quick and easy.

I also revamped my backup system. It was designed about 15 years ago, and modified from time to time since then. Not I rewrote it from scratch.

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I checked the site statistics that Sandra counts up each night.

At the end of January 2018, there were about 1,617,000 pictures (374 gigabytes), 548 gigabytes of video, 16941 text files (mostly stories) and a total of about 924 gigabytes. There's 498,000,000 pictures altogether in Newsthumbs, increasing at about 2 million per month.

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