Diana the Valkyrie

Diana the Valkyrie's Newsletter - September 1997

A hard man is good to beat


The leaves begin to turn to gold, little boys go out gathering conkers, blackberries offer themselves on the hedgerows and the roses put on one last brave effort before the cold arrives. It's still summer, but we can see the nights getting longer, the weather becoming cooler, and we can foresee the onset of autumn, the harbinger of winter.

New Galleries

Kathy Long, Chris Adams, Mary Adams, Dinah Anderson, Angie Ashcraft, Pamela Anderson, Athena, Tina Jo Bagne, Jakki Bakeria, Leslie Barber, Rebecca Barrington, Sandra Bauerle, Melody Bennett, Lulu Bermudes, Annette Blondeau, Ocean Bloom, Sharon Bombroski, Th'resa Bostick, Lori Bowen, Monica Bozicevich, Carmen Brady, Virginia Brady, Dawn Brainard, Donna Bramble, Lori Braun, Lynea Brehm, Kris Brooks, Tylene Buck.

Updates to Erika Andersch, Frederique Auchart, Michelle Andrea, Laura Bass, Christa Bauch, Kay Baxter, Shelley Beattie, Reggie Bennett, Thea Bennington, Juliette Bergman, Laura Binetti, Paula Bircumshaw, Andrulla Blanchette, Joan Bovino, Monica Brant, Marissa Brown, Sharon Bruneau.

You guessed it - I'm working through them alphabetically. I may have missed some from the list above - have a look at the "What's new in the last month" page.

I also updated the Cavalry, the Riders, Biceps, Lift-and-carry, Mr C's Muscular Maidens, and added a bunch more Galleries from the Women's Strength Extravaganza.

As part of the updating process, I de-duplicated more than I have in the past, taking out smaller versions of the same picture (since you can always make a smaller version from a larger one if you want to).

The Library

Modesty forbids me to mention the new Diana the Valkyrie stories in the Library, but Valkyries don't care what modesty forbids. If you've got it, flaunt it. They're called "Diana's Quest", and it's a whole new series.

There's a whole bunch of stuff in the Giantess section. It's really growing very big. Very, very big. Gigantic, in fact.

Montrose did two new stories, and I've made a whole section for the Miren series (you'll have to put up with the strange grammar and syntax, the author is a native Spanish speaker, and I think he's doing jolly well).

There's a new Annie Ample story for her fans. Annie is sent to a psychiatrist for help, but very soon, he's in need of help.

And you might look at the new Alanna series. Rather good; no sex, no violence.

Soltan Gris has written a series called She. It's science fiction, sort of.

Quite a few new translations into German, French, Dutch, and also stories written in non-English, and only available in the language they were written in. The internet is international.


There's a new newsletter on the site, Neutering News, all about castration and genital torture. Fascinating. Let me know if you eed any help.

Story of the month

Well, I suppose it wouldn't be right to pick my own stories. Huh!

Difficult. So many good stories. Montrose, as usual, is excellent.

OK, I'll pick the Miren stories. You have to forgive the quality of the English, they were written by someone whose native language isn't English. How well could you write a story in French or Spanish? But the storyline is excellent, and I've added illustrations to the Bookshelf that the author chose.

What's new

I've put up a "What's New" page, so that people who need a daily dose of Valkyrie can go straight there. You can see what's new in the Library, and what's new in the Galleries. The lists are maintained by Sandra the Librarian; she visits the whole site at 5:30 am every day, while you're tucked up safe and warm in your little bed (or what ever bed you're tucked up in). So the "What's New" can change every day, and is never out of date.

There's also a "New and Updated" Gallery, which is a temporary waiting room for Galleries before they get moved to the East or West wing. If there's nothing there, that doesn't mean there's nothing new, it means that I moved everything to the correct place.

The Shopping Mall

I added two shops - Andrulla Blanchette's shop, where you can buy her training video, and the Impulse Productions video shop. In both cases, you can download clips of the videos to help you decide if you want them.

The Clubhouse

Don't get too excited. I've taken the Message Boards, the Chat room, the events calendar and a few similar things, and grouped them together as the Club House, because what they all have in common is people interacting with people. This cyber stuff is all very well, but there are some things that humans want to do face to face (or in various other interesting positions).

The first thing I organised was a small group (actually only three people) at the Women's Strength Extravaganza, but they had a great time, and I thing that was to some extent because they were sharing the experience, instead of each going alone. So I'll be doing more of those. Keep an eye on the Events page.

I added a new Message Board. If people want to flame and abuse each other (and some obviously do), then ok, let them. I put up a Board just for that. So in future, if some flame breaks out between two people who just want to abuse each other, I'll ask them to take it to the relevant Message Board.

Two more new Message Boards - Power Squeeze for those totally into scissors and scissoring, and who don't mind suffering, and Ask Aunty Griselda, for advice to the Lovelorn. How to meet your ideal mate, how to tell her you adore her, all that sort of thing. Plus advice from Lucy on appalling things you can do to men, and which I hope you don't have done to you.

Pretty much all the Message Boards are active, and if people ask me for a new one, I usually put it up. If a Message Board falls into disuse, then I remove it, there's no point in having something people don't use.

And I'm finding that the chat room is active quite a lot, not just at scheduled times. By the way, be aware that anything you say there is for public reading (that should be pretty obvious). What isn't obvious, is that anyone can choose to look as chat postings that were a few hundred postings ago.

Regulars in the Chat Room include Peeping Tom, Manzuri, and lots of others.


Lots more video clips were added in September. There's so many clips now, I'm still mulling over how best to organise them.


I updated the Gallery of Valkyrie Art. And we're still getting new artists appearing, with distinctive new styles.


Grimwulf continues to create Doom II Wads. As well as the four Space Station Bass levels, he's also done oe where demons have taken over an Art gallery, and you have to fight them off.


The #awa channel has moved. Now to get on it, you go to a server irc.airmail.net and when you get there, say "Hello" to Athena, she's always there. They guys who run the #awa channel have also decided to keep the undernet #awa channel, so you might find that the action is on either of them. Or both. Or neither.

Don't ask me about the logic of this. I never could follow male logic.


I added alt.binaries.pictures.sports and rec.sport.basketball-women. I also added alt.culture.warrior-women because someone said that newsgroup exists, but it isn't on my newsfeed.

I posted a bunch of stuff from the web site to the newsgroups; also other people have been doing the same (thanks, people). I approve of people posting stuff from the web site to newsgroups, especially if they mention the web site, so people can find the source.

By the way, if you wonder why people are forever complaining about spam on the newsgroups, it's because they don't have Narella with her short sharp sword to chop it out for them.

Nicole Bass

Nicole is training hard for the Nationals. Last time I heard, she was at 214 pounds. Training is a full time thing, it's eat, train, sleep, eat, train, sleep. If you want to be the best FBB, you have to give up almost everything else while you're preparing for a contest.

Back Page

We're getting 100,000 people per month accessing the main page, and that's not counting the people who have bookmarked their favourite parts of the web site and go straight there, so don't get counted.

I found a way to check access speeds. www.netmechanic.com checks your site and reports on timings. Their report says that my site is one of the fastest ones they've checked, more than twice as fast as the average. I'll keep using that, and if I need more bandwidth, I'll put it in.

And there's four gigabytes of files; stories, pictures, video clips. The main hard disk is getting filled up. So I just ordered a new one. 23 gigabytes, it should go in any day now. That should give me room to grow for a fair while. It means I'll have a total of 31 gb of space. When I started this web site, I used the 2mb that AOL gives you for free. Imagine that!

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