Disclaimer: The characters Sakura Kasagano, Ken Masters, Ryu, Vega and Gouki are all the property of Capcom.


Sakura's Awakening.

By Femgrowth.


Authors Note: Cause I'm a bit of a purist, I'm going to use all the original Japanese names for the characters. If you're not sure what they are they in the Japanese version, Akuma was called Gouki, and M. Bison was called Vega. And in case you're curious, Balrog was called M. (Mike) Bison (been a pun on Mike Tyson) and Vega was called Balrog.

It was just a day like any other. Summer holidays had just started, and school children all through Japan were celebrating in the usual ways. Young children were spending all their pocket money at the arcade, or going shopping for candy or other stuff. But in the mountains one girl was not doing any of that. Sakura Kasagano, the high school girl who was obsessed with Street Fighting, and her idol Ryu, trained all day and all night to become stronger. She trained by a tree, wrapped up in rope, punching and kicking it. Several years had passed since the time when both herself and Ryu's own rival, Ken Masters, were pitted against the fearsome tyrant and ruler of Shadowloo, Vega. She could never forgive him for what he did to Ryu. He had filled him up with his own psycho energy and turned him into an insane warrior. But thankfully everything had been turned back to normal, and Vega was presumed dead.

"Hado-ken!" Sakura shouted out as she charged a small ball of energy in her arms. She threw it at the tree, but the small projectile dissipated before it struck its target. Sakura sat down huffing and puffing. "I'm giving it my best,' Sakura thought it frustration, "but I'm still not making any gains! I'll never be ready for the next Street Fighter Tournament at this rate!'

Sakura searched through her duffel bag and pulled out a flask full of a purple sports drink, labelled "Femgrowth Sports Drink'. Normally she drank water when training, but the salesman at the health store recommended this one. She unscrewed the lid and drank the entire bottle in one gulp. "That was disgusting,' Sakura thought as she whipped her mouth. "So it must be good!'

Sakura jumped back up to her feet. All of a sudden, all of her strength had been restored. She walked back over to the tree to resume training, when she felt a sharp crippling pain in her back. She rolled over onto the ground and howled in pain. The sharp pain slowly turned into a feeling of pleasure. Her clothes began feeling tighter, and tighter.

"What's happening to me,' Sakura thought in shock. Her breasts ballooned up in front of her very eyes. Her back grew thicker and wider until her clothes begun tearing apart. Sakura's pec muscles grew huge, pushing up her expanding breasts and separating them. Rock hard abdominal muscles sprouted on her lower chest, like plates of armour. Her bicep and tricep muscles grew to huge proportions, as with her leg muscles. Soon all of her training clothes stretched to their limits, and with one swift movement, Sakura tore them all off, revealing her naked impressive body. She grew taller, and taller until finally it stopped when she reached around 12 feet in height. In only a couple of quick minutes, Sakura had transformed from a normal high school girl into a gigantic muscular goddess. Her soft and supple breasts had grown till they were the size of huge beach balls, yet her pec muscles supported them firmly. Her nipples were large and round, and about 3 inches in length. Her shoulders had grown to be about 3 meters wide, and kept her breast separated. Sakura's arms had grown to be incredible. She flexed her mighty arms, and her biceps formed peaks that went well over her head. Her legs were massive pillars of muscle. Now Sakura wanted to test out her new strength. She looked at the tree she had once used to train. She put both her hands together, and gathered up a huge ball of energy.

"Hado-ken!" she yelled out as she emitted the beam of pure energy from her hands. The tree exploded into a million woodchips. The beam of energy continued through clearing out a pathway of trees behind it. Far in the distance, the beam struck a giant mountain. The huge mountain collapsed in on itself, disappearing from the skyline.

"Looks like I've gained a little strength," Sakura chuckled to herself as she flexed her mighty arms. In front of her she spotted a large rock. It appeared to be extremely heavy and hard, something worthy for Sakura to test out her new strength on. She pulled the boulder out of the ground with ease, like plucking a flower from the Earth. It felt weightless with her newfound strength. She placed the rock between her two massive mammories, and flexed her pectorial muscles. The breasts turned from their soft supple forms into two steel hard bounds of muscle. The boulder was instantly turned into a fine dust, which fell from her cleavage and got lost in the wind. Satisfied with the infinite strength of her breasts, she longed to test out the power of her arms. She approached a tree in front of her. Its trunk was about a meter thick. Sakura placed one hand on either side and grasped on. With extreme ease, she pulled the huge tree out of the ground, and with one giant bear hug she reduced the tree to a pile of sawdust.

"I'ld like to see someone try and top me now," Sakura thought to herself as she rubbed her now gargantuan muscles. The sun had begun to set, and the clear beautiful day had begun to turn to night. "Better call it a night."

Sakura's chalet was not far away from her training site. She had managed to agree to get her parents to finance the entire training trip. The sky had already turned pitch black before she had reached it. The landscape was only lit by the full moon in the sky. She had to kneel down and crawl to get into the front door of the chalet, and even then she could only crouch inside. She crept over towards a large mirror spanning the entire wall so she could fully admire her new body. And admire it, she did. She gasped in awe at the shape her new body had taken. Her new body was beautiful and perfect. Her abdominal muscles looked as if they had been grated out of hard rock. Her pecs were like two giant slabs of muscle, propping up her two huge breasts. Her neck was thick and muscular, and her back was wide like a runway. Her arms were thick and pulsated with muscles and veins. Her index fingers were as thick as her arms once would have been, and her clenched fist being about twice the size of her head. Sakura's thick legs were enormous, plated with muscle and veins. Each leg was now at least 10 times thicker then her entire waist would have been before.

"I wonder how much I weight?' Sakura thought to herself as she looked around for a set of scales. She crawled around the chalet, been extremely careful not to smash anything that would be charged to her parents. A pair was sitting inside a cupboard. She placed one of her knees on the contraption, and tried balancing on it. Her gigantic knee crushed the scale into thousands of little pieces.

"Opps," Sakura gasped. "I guess I should try and get some sleep before I break anything valuable."

Sakura carefully cleared all the furniture out of the main lounge room in the chalet and stretched out on the ground. Even lying down, her nipples almost touched the ceiling. She knew the next day she'd have to try and make some new sleeping arrangements.


The air was filled with the rumbling of chopper blades. A helicopter landed on a large helipad besides a huge mansion. The helicopter door slide open, and out jumped Karin Kanzuki, the daughter of an extremely wealthy family, and also Sakura's rival.

"Mistress Karin," her servant yelled out from the helicopter. "Something doesn't seem right."

"What are you talking about?" Karin growled.

"There use to be a mountain over there!" he yelled back.

"You're imagining things!" she yelled back. "Now go away!"

"Ok," he replied as he slammed the door of the helicopter shut. As the helicopter took off into the sky, Karin grabbed onto her small duffel bag and headed towards the mansion. Alike Sakura, she was having a training get-a-way, and wanted to spend the time alone. She was training for her next encounter with her rival, Sakura. Karin opened the giant front door of the mansion, revealing the enormous lobby. Karin walked up the stairs and into the master bedroom, where all of her stuff had already been moved. She opened up the duffel bag and pulled out a small bottle of sports drink. She took off the lid and drank the contents in one gulp.

"Time to get started,' she thought to herself as she changed into her workout clothes.


"Oh no," Sakura thought as she looked at her body in the reflection of a stream. "How am I supposed to clothe myself? Even if I knew how to sew, I don't have any fabric or anything. And there could be hentai's all over the place!"

"Hello Sakura."

Sakura turned around, completely startled at the mention of her voice. Karin was standing there, and she was now huge. She was as big as Sakura now, but clothed. She wore a jet-black leotard, with clung to her skin showing off every single detail of her glorious body. Her arms were thick and muscular, and her legs were huge and plating in muscle and veins. Her body is almost identical to Sakura's in everyway.

"Karin?" Sakura asked.

"Yeah," Karin replied. "And I'm guessing the same thing happened to you as me. Well, I guess at least I have the decency to cover myself up."

"I didn't have any fitting clothes," Sakura replied as she tried to cover her privates up with her hands with little success.

"I refuse to fight anyone who is naked," Karin replied. "So I might lend you something that'll fit."

"You want to fight?" Sakura asked.

"Yup," Karin replied as she flexed her mammoth biceps. "Cause now it looks like you're the only person who would stand a chance against me."

"You're on," Sakura replied. "But I have to warn you that my Hadoken can destroy mountains."

"Hmph," Karin replied. "You expect me to believe that."

"Look for yourself," Sakura replied as she pointed behind her. "Didn't you notice anything missing? It's pretty hard not too."

"Doesn't matter," Karin replied smugly as she dropped a duffel bag to the ground. She tore the bag open with ease and pulled out another set of black leotards and threw them over to Sakura, who gratefully put them on. These were skin tight, but unlike Karin's had an open chest, showing off her rock hard abs and huge cleavage.

"Ready to find yet?" Karin sighed as she played with a lock of her own hair.

"I was born ready," Sakura replied as she raised her fists up to a defensive position.

"Then prepare yourself!" Karin yelled as she dashed towards her rival at a tremendous speed with her fist reared back. Sakura prepared to block high, Karin faked her first attack and slammed her other fist into Sakura's abs with ever fibre of her strength. The tree's vibrated as the shockwave from the megaton impact spread through the area. Sakura and Karin stood there stunned. Sakura hadn't felt a thing, nor did Karin in her fist. Sakura took advantage of this moment of awkward silence.

"Sho-oh-ken!" Sakura yelled as she rushed at her unready opponent. She shoved her fist into Karin's chest, then hit again in an uppercut just under her breasts, tearing open her top revealing her enormous breasts and knocking her into the air. She landed flat on her bag with an extremely loud bang.

"So you want to play like that?" Karin said as she leapt back onto her feet. With one tug she removed the remainder of her tattered top. She dove at Sakura and tore her top off.

"I thought you didn't want to fight naked?" Sakura asked.

"Just responding in kind," Karin replied as she swung her fist down at Sakura's knees. Sakura jumped back, and Karin's fist slammed into the ground at full force. Her fist drove straight into the ground. Sakura grabbed onto Karin by the shoulders and pulled her out of the ground and lifted her above her head, then threw Karin at the ground. The impact could be felt throughout the ground as several trees around them toppled to the ground.

"Hado-ken!" Sakura yelled as she charged up and threw the beam of pure energy at the giantess getting back up to her feet. Karin took the beam of energy full on with her body, absorbing the full force of the blast.

"Is that you're best," Karin laughed as the dust cleared away.

"And your's was any better?" Sakura laughed.

"I guess we'll have to call it a tie," Karin replied.

"That seems unlike you," Sakura replied. "Isn't your family motto "Be the winner at everything you do'?"

"Yeah, but you taught me that the thrill of the fight is more important then whether you win or lose," Karin replied. "That and how am I suppose to defeat someone who I can't hurt, or lose to someone who can't hurt me."

"I guess this'll make it harder for you to find your ultimate opponent," Sakura laughed. "As will I. But um, do you have any more clothes?"

"So those were my holidays," Sakura finished explaining to her best friend Kei, who was riding on her shoulder. Karin had given her, her own Sailor fuku like her last, but in her size. It would be one heck of an adjustment though.

"Mine seem kinda dull now," Kei sighed. "So how much do you weigh exactly?"

"Kei, that's a bit of a personal question," Sakura replied as she blushed. "Oh well, 5500 pounds."

"Woah," Kei gasped. "You're not going to keep on looking for Ryu are you?"

"Yeah," Sakura replied. "I've got the muscle now, all I need is the training."


The End-