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Lost at Sea

Once upon a time, perhaps two hundred years ago, there existed a family of three enrout to the new world. Quite wealthy to say the least; the father owned a thousand acer estate on the Jamacian Island. Their vacation back in England, visiting the wife's relatives, had come to a close; hence it was back to the plantation and the sugar industry.

Atop the deck of the Lady Fair, Clara gazed out to sea as her husband, Roger, approached from behind and placed his hand upon her shoulder, saying, " Clara, it'll be fine, you'll see them next year; just think of the continuous fun in the sun back at the estate."

She placed her hand over his and smiled in response, " I know, it's just me; I'm always like this on the return trip."

*Understanding her feelings, the tall dark haired man said, " Let's go down below and see what's going on." Nodding in compliance, his attractive, sexy, 5' 6" tall, blond and blue eyed wife agreed.

Clara descended the stairs and was greated at the base of the steps with, " Mommy, mommy, look what Captain Steward gave me!"

Holding a doll up to her mother, Agnes jumped up and down excitedly as Clara said, " That's nice, she's really a pretty doll, isn't she!" Nearby, Captian steward stood by and smiled as Clara embraced her daughter. The mother smiled back in the captain's direction and said, " Thanks, you're so kind."

The man replyed, " Oh, it's nothing, the journy's long and a child needs something to play with."

Glancing in the captain's direction, Roger nodded and remarked, " You're the best; I've got the utmost confidence in your seamanship; I know we'll arive back on the island safe and sound.

Standing tall and strait in his dark blue uniform, the skipper bobbed up and down a few times upon his toes with his hands behind his back bathing in six seconds of self infatuation. Finally, he clicked the heels of his boots together, nodded to the lady, and returned to his cabin, working away at the navigation charts.

The vessal continued across the atlantic in a south westerly direction at a pace of about ten knots. Moroever, all was serene and calm. With the passage of two more days, all aboard had settled into a routine, causing the trip to be more at ease.

Thirty five days had now gone by and nothing of exception has occured. Roger was seated upon deck and staring out to the horizon when he stood up and looked forth with an ever growing curiosity. Seeing what he thought he saw, Roger said to himself, " Damm, not now, we've almost made it all the way accross the ocean without a storm, now this!" Again, off into the distance, another lightening bolt was seen by the man.

Next, he heard one of the crew, " Off the port bow, it looks to be headed this way!" Other crew members moved to the ship's edge and looked on.

Further, Captian Stewart came by and remarked, " Looks like a bad one, lads, better get ready."

Huridly, the men ascended the masts and rolled up the sails in preperation for what the captain knew from his years at sea to be a severe tropical storm. Indeed. this was most unfortunate, for they were only a hundred miles before their destination.

Roger went over to the captain and ask, " So, what do you think?"

The man in blue replyed, " It'll be bad, better stay with your family below as we ride this one out, and if fate wills, we'll come through alive."

Respecting the captain's opinion, the British Aristocrat went below and was greeted by a feminine voice asking, " What is it, Roger, what's going on up there?"

He responded, " Storm coming in, my dearest, but don't worry, I'm sure Captain Steward has everything under control." Feeling assured, Clara sat down behind a table, seated with her back against the wall. Further, sitting next to her mother, Agnes held tightly to the doll as the men above scurried about in preparation for the worst.

The worst it was. A half hour later, while Clara and her husband sat below playing cards, the vessal began to bob about. Looking around the lower interior, Roger said, " Well, this is it, better get ourselves situated." With that, the family of three hudled to one corner of their small chamber and waited. Five minutes later, thunder was heard directly above. The Lady Fair swayed with an ever greater ferosity as the captain held tight to the rails, screaming his orders at a fever pitch.

Forty five minutes after the first lightening sighting over the horizon, the storm was at full force, acting upon the wooden ship with no mercy. Clutching her doll, Agness whined, " Mommy, I'm scared!" Roger turned his head to see the table flip over and slide to the other side of the room. Next, all the family's possessions fell forth, scattering about the chamber. Although no one was as of yet hurt, Roger knew it would only be a matter of moments before something tragic would occur. Sure enough, as he held tight to Clara and Agness, the top of the main mast came crashing through the ceiling, bringing in a massive amount of water with it.

Realizing the peril, our man quickly got up and pulled Clara by the arm saying, " It's going down; I know it!"

She screamed, " What are we gonna do?"

Looking both ways, her husband replyed, " We've gotta go up on deck; it's are only chance, or we'll drown here and go under with it!" Clara held firmly to Agnes's forarm as the famlily made the ascent. Upon deck, all three were initially greeted by a wave passing over their heads. Roger yelled in depeiration, " Where's the crew; I can't see anyone!" Clara didn't know what to say, save embrace her little girl and pray for mercy." Next, Roger was struck in the back of his head by a loss pully; he fell face forward upon the deck as the vessal dipped forward, causing the unconcious man to slide head first against the anchor pin.

Terrified and confused, Clara sank to her knees as she too flew forward and came to rest before a rail. Finally, the blond's world turned upside down as the craft rotated to port side and capsized.

A placid and tranquil breeze came in from over the ocean as Roger slowly got to his knees; holding the back of his head, he said to himself, " Oh, ah, what, where am I?" Looking around from left to right, the husband saw his wife stretched out upon the beach as waves rolled in and out, raising and lowering her feet. Managing to stand up against the clear blue sky, Roger ran to her and yelled at the immobalized frame, " Clara, Clara, are you alive?!" With Roger tapping her cheek, she eventually came too and stared into his eyes.

However, it didn't take six seconds, and Clara was sitting upright, yelling, " Agnes, where's Agnes?!"

Roger immediately responded to her distress. He stood up and began to holler, " Agnes, Agnes, can you hear me; Agnes, where are you?!" Not seeing or hearing any response from the dark haired little girl, Roger said to his beloved wife, " Clara, wait here, why don't you rest for a few moments; here sit down." Guiding her slowly across the beach and toward the woods at the sand's end, he finally set her down against a tree and again said, " Wait here, I'll be back; she may be down that way." Pointing to the right, he turned around and headed in the said direction, walking along the shore only two feet away from the water.

Roger figured Agnes would be further down, for that's were he saw a substantial amount of wreckage from the Lady Fair. Striding along, the man was struck by the overpowering natural scenery before him. Looking strait ahead, he saw the forest's edge rise ever higher until it produced a shale edged cliff about one hundred and fifty feet high. From hence forth, the strait wall seemed to stretch on forever with only twenty five to fifty feet of beach sand between its vertical ascent and the ocean. Gazing forward, he soon came to the conclusion that if he were on an island, it was quite huge and had thousands of square miles to its credit. Further, Roger now turned his eyes out to sea and clearly saw the remains of the ship. Also, he wondered what happened to the crew; not even their dead bodies were seen floating about. In addition, not much seemed present, save bits and pieces. Moreover, the largest thing he observed in tackt was the formast, floating calmly upon the blue water, glittering in the morning sun. Exactly how he had survived last evening's storm was something he also pondered as he made his way alongside the steep incline.

Stopping dead still in his tracks, Roger began to yell, " Agnes, Agnes, are you here?!" Again, only silence. Continuing forth for another ten minutes brought him almost three quarters of a mile from his wife. Then, he stopped and turned, looking at a huge openning in the side of the cliff. In fact, the upper roof was about a hundred feet up. It appeared to be a large entrance to some sort of cave. Inspecting his discovery for a good two minutes, Roger finally decided to make his way into the errie and mysterious darkness.

Luckily, the ocean water didn't enter the cave. Further, it wasn't as hard to see inside as he thought it would be, for a minute later, his eyes sufficiently adjusted themselves to give him ample viewing capacity. Making another fifty feet into the interior, Roger yelled out, " Agnes!" His voice echoed against the damp walls of the giant cavern's interior. From his perspective, it appeared as if the cave extended for at least a quarter of a mile if not more into the cliff.

Nevertheless, Roger continued to press forward. Another fifty feet, and he stopped, for he thought he heard a sound. Listening closely, the man could decifer, " Dady, dady, are you there?!"

Smiling with a feeling of relief, the Englishman replyed, " Agnes, over here!" Twenty seconds later, the man heard his daugther's footsteps as she eventually made herself into his arms. Quickly, the father raised his child off her feet and kissed her face, saying, " Oh, my little girl; I'm glad you're alive." Hugging and kissing his kid, the man turned and headed for the outside.

He didn't make seven steps when he stopped at the sound of falling rock behind him. obviously, he turned to look. Then, with total surprise and fear, he saw it. The being was asleep, just turning over, causing the noise. Indeed, the entity was huge, something strait from a gothic fairy tale. Breathing heavily, Roger said to Agnes, " We gotta get out of here!" He began running with his child in arms. However, while moving without any discretion, the frightened man stumbled over a rock and fell to his knees. Fortunately, he wasn't hurt, but the sound of his fall awakened the sleeping creature. Getting back to his feet, he ran as fast as he could, holding tight to his girl!

Roger ran through the cave's entrance and back out to the beach. Turning to the right, he moved faster than his legs had ever carried him before. As in a dream, his fear saturated every fiber of his mind. Running widely, he experienced a sense of timelessness. Sounds, sights, and smells, all mereged into one, stifeled by the terror which caused him to shoot forth and dare not look back.

Running like a mad man, Roger was eventually two hundred feet from Clara. Standing up now, the woman looked perplexed, but also releived to see Agness in his arms. She ran toward him, and finally grabbed hold of her daughter as her husband just stood there catching his breath, pointing his finger in the direction from which he came, and fumbling with words, " We, we, we, gotta hide, we gotta get out of here, ah, we..." Frantically, he began pulling on Clara's arm, while still pointing with his finger.

Confused, his wife simply ask, " What, what are you talking about; I don't see anything except a few pieces of the ship."

With all his will, Roger slowly turned to look down along the beach. He saw nothing, save the cliff's edge sinking further and further toward the horizon. He turned back to Clara with his back now against the direction from which he came. Roger said to his wife, " I tell you it's there; it's there!"

Clara again ask, " What's there?"

Being slightly more at ease now, the man began to explain, " Well, there's a large cave about three quarters of a mile after the cliff starts; so I went in to look for Agnes; I found her but then I heard this..." Roger stopped in mid sentance when he noticed his wife's mouth fall open. Her eyes widened and she made a step back. Immediatley, Roger knew she had seen it; he frooze for a second, but nevertheless turned to look. There, from out of the side of the cliff, emmerged the figure of an attractive woman, approximately twenty five years old. Dressed in two skimpy pieces of black leather, one about her waist, the other about her breasts, and wearing a pair of knee high black leather stiletto boots, the lady must have been at least sixty feet tall. Moreover, her dark hair hung down to her shoulders in long waves. Turning now, the giantess headed in the family's direction. As she approached from the distance, her features became more pronounced. The female seemed to be of mediterianian stock, perhaps Spanish or Italian. However, the sexy beauty had a diabolical air about her, for her eye brows hooked up somewhat, giving her a mephistophelian appearance. Truly, she was the personification of a dominatrix. With an elegant feminine stride, the giant attraction moved forward, coming ever closer. Roger yelled, " Let's go, there, into the woods!" Moving against Clara, the man pushed her back and continued to scream, " Come on, go, she's coming closer!"

Scurrying about, the frightened family eventually made it into the woods with Agnes in her mother's arms. The three individuals went into the brush and ran forth as best they could. However, the thickness of the vegitation proved too much. Consequently, Roger said, " Let's lay low here for a while, hopefully she'll pass by and not notice." Clara complied and went down to her knees, followed by her husband. They waited. Staring forth, the couple could still see the ocean through the trees, for they were only about twenty feet into the growth.

Holding Agness tightly, Clara wispered to Roger, "What are we gonna do after she's gone; is this an island, or are we somewhere on the mainland?"

Embarassingly, her husband only shrugged his shoulders and responded with, " I don't know; we'll just have to take things one step at a time."

As both adults cowered beneath the green foilage, little Agnes ask more out of curiousity than fear, " Mommy, why's that lady so big?"

" I don't know; now be quiet!", answered Clara.

It didn't take three minutes and Roger saw the boots pass before the forest's edge. However, the beautiful black leather footwear came to a halt and just stood there momentarily. Next, the giantess shifted her weight to one leg and placed her right hand upon her hip. Looking downward, the titaness said, " Ok, you little stupid jerk, your foot prints are right in front of me, leading into the woods; I know you're in there; you couldn't have gone far."

Holding her hand before her mouth, Clara sobbed to her husband, " She's gonna get us; she knows we're here."

He replyed, " Shhh, quiet, maybe she'll miss us someway; don't move; don't make a sound." Nodding in aggreement to his whisper, Clara held still, squeezing Agness against her trembling breast.

Staring directly at the boots ahead, Roger watched on in horror as the beautiful goddess squatted down and put her wrist to rest atop her knee. In a relaxed, yet confident and slightly sadistic tone, the towering brunette said, " Ok, guess I'll have to come in and find you." Without the slightest amount of effort, femma fatale began pushing trees aside with her hands. As a gardner sifting through weeds, the novel lady cleared the immediate area of coverage. Trees were uprooted like nothing. Finally, the vixen pulled away at the bush under which our sea fearing family lay in their futal attempt at seclusion. Pleased, the giant lady said happily, " Ahh, there you are, my little pets." Reaching downward, the woman raised Roger up between her index finger and thumb. Caught in her horrific embrace, the man was lifted to the evil smiling face of the giantess.

Agonizing at the sharpness of her catlike fingernails, Roger pleaded upward into her dark brown eyes, " Please, let us go; we didn't do anything to you, please, don't hurt us!"

Clara looked up in total dismay and trepidation as the titanic female stood back up and eyed her husband while saying, " You're nothing to me, what reason is there for me to spare your life, ha, ha, ha!" With the end of these words, the witch arched her gothic head back, while openning her mouth wide. Holding Roger above her open cavity, she dropped him in and closed her lips.

Screaming and crying at the top of her lungs, Clara yelled forth, " Roger, Roger, oh Roger!" It was all to no avail, for Clara was next struck by the sound of her husband's bones breaking and shattering between the tremendous power of the evil lady's teeth.

Munching away, our stiletto wearing feline said down to the widow, " Mmm, not bad; now I know why you married him." Finally, the brunette swallowed the man and again squatted down.

Knowing that she's next, Clara began to run with Agnes. However, it meant nothing, for the evil one again reached down and raised Clara up between her finger nails, alowing the frightened mother to dangal by the back of her clothing. Holding tight on Agnes, Clara could only scream in fear, for words simply didn't come forth. Standing her massive, yet sexy frame straight again, the giantess held Clara directly before her piercing and unsympathetic eyes. The giant woman said, " Well mommy, nice kid yiou got there; she's really quite a prize."

Shaking all over, the frightened mother finally managed speach, " Please. let me go, let my kid live!" Smiling, the gothic feline reached forth with her other hand and pealed Agnes out of her mother's embrace. Frantically extending her arms in the direction of the ever increasing distance between herself and her child. Clara yelled out, " Agnes, Agnes!" Indeed, her cry went to a hysterical shriek.

Laughing away, the gigantic woman said to Clara, " She'll live alright, ha, ha, ha!"

With Clara swinging sixty plus feet above the beach, the giantess let her fall. Clara struck the soft thick sand chest first and lay there out of breath with five broken ribs. However, the distressed lady managed to roll herself over and scream painfully up to the villan, " You whore, I hope you go to hell!" As a matter of fact, Clara was surprised at her own courage.

Nevertheless, the giantess smiled down wickedly to the helpless victim and sarcastically said, " After you my dear, after you."

With that, Clara's view of the sun was blocked as the sole of the left stiletto masterpiece came over her. Covering her face with her hands, Calra yelled out, " No, no, please..." Two seconds later, the overgrown sociopath let her foot down atop the helpless woman. A scream was momentarily sounded, yet immediately came to a stop after the giantess twisted her sole into the shifting sand. Upon raising her boot, the giantess laughed as Agnes screamed forth at the sight below of her mother's mangled remains.

Turning her attention to the remaining family member, the super tall brunette said to the little girl resting in the palm of her hand, " So, what's your name, little one?"

Shaking and trembling, the little dark haired girl answered, " A, A, Agnes."

" That's a nice name", the woman said to the tiny creature. While giving the girl a friendly smile, the giantess began caressing the top of Agnes's head with her large middle finger.

Perplexed, Agnes just sat there, but eventually asked in a shakey voice, " Why did you kill my mommy and daddy?" The little girl went on, " Are you going to kill me too?"

With a possessive and dominating look, the giantess replyed, " No, I'm not gonna kill you, and when you get older, you'll forgive me about your parents."

Turning her gaze in the direction of the cave, the woman began to walk back from where she came. Slowly, the sexy goddess stroled along the water's edge until she finally came to the openning in the side of the cliff. Walking into the darker interior, she held fast to the little girl in her hand. Eventually, the giantess reached the very end of the cave's interior. Squatting down, the woman's eyes were now almost completely adjusted to the dimmer confines, as she pointed to a small pool of still water directly before her boots. She said to Agnes, after placing the child upon the ground, " See that water; well, drink some." Being thirsty, the kid didn't hesitate for a moment. She drank away, sticking her face directly atop the water. When finished, Agnes noticed a strange taste in her mouth, an almost acidic sensation. Nevertheless, she simply stood up and looked up to the giantess.

With her fear disipating, the naive little girl ask, " What's your name?".

" Rachel's my name.", the woman replyed. Next, the giantess got up and came back thirty seconds later with a handful of fruits and vegtables. Rachel said, " Here, you're probably starved, why don't you eat something. " Reaching for the food, the girl ate on and seemed more relaxed as time progressed.

The days turned to weeks, the weeks to months, and eventually, the months became years. With the passage of ten such years, a cargo ship lay anchor a half a mile out to sea. From its side, a small row boat, containing four men, made its descent into the blue water. The ropes were pulled back up, and the craft slowly moved to shore.

Upon beaching the boat, the men got out and looked around. One of them remarked, " Looks as if no one's been here in ages." The others agreed as they inspected the shore line.

Reaching for his water canteen strappd to his belt, the last man to leave the boat removed the bottle from its sack and placed the openning to his mouth. When he was just about to swallow, he said with wide open eyes and total surprise, " What the..."

The remaining three noticed his perplexed state and inquired, " What's wrong?"

While he pointed along the edge of the water line, his three companions looked in the said direction. There, almost a mile off into the distance, between the ocean and the cliff, walked two giant and beautiful dark haired women, moving forward, coming ever closer.

The End