The Flight

By Robin Goodfellow



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Notes: Some of this material may be offensive to some people. If you are underage or likely to be offended, stop reading. This article doesn't contain violence but there is adult material.

A number of people have made some good suggestions as I've been writing this story. I'd like to thank them. Without encouragement this would not have been completed.

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I wasn't looking forward to the 8 hour flight from London home. Flights are boring and uncomfortable. Fortunately, I'd managed to get booked on business class so I'd be more comfortable. Still I wouldn't be able to lie down, which is what I wanted to do since I was pretty jet lagged.

I walked up to the desk that said business class check in, answered the standard inane questions, "No, I'm not really dumb enough to take a package from a stranger that looked like a terrorist without looking inside it". Actually, I wasn't quite that rude.

As I got to the gate, I noticed a woman was almost following me. It was a little hard not to stare at her. She was like a perfect miniature person. Very cute. I wouldn't say she was sexy though. Sexy is something that bowls you over, and this lady wasn't going to bowl anyone over. The shrinking women fans might have gone crazy over her though. Too bad my fantasy all revolved around women much bigger than I was.

Mustn't stare, I reminded myself. She must be terribly self conscious about her height. Again I found myself staring. I wondered briefly if I having trouble not looking because of how adorable she looked or because she was so small. Well, on a flight that would be an advantage, even in coach class she's going to have more room than I will in business.

I'll bury my head in a newspaper, that's it. Then I won't be able to stare. Whew. I look at the various articles. It's nice that in England even the respectable papers have lots of pictures of scantily clad beauties. I can hold up the London Times and if anyone that knows me wonders by, I'll not be embarrassed. I find a seat with my back to the wall, and no one else around.

Hmm, nice article on girls who've made millions on the internet and the fashions they are buying. Is this really a respectable rag? Yup, it says London Times :-)

Suddenly I feel a tapping on my shoulder and then her hand rests on me.

"Robin, I want to make you a proposal". It's the short Babe. She's looking me right in the eye. As I move the paper, she stands over me. Standing like that with me seated she actually looks normal sized. She puts both hands on my shoulder.

"Um, lady, you must have the wrong person, my name isn't Robin."

 "Don't try to fool me Robin Goodfellow I know all about you and I know you'll enjoy what I'm proposing".

Suddenly she's leaning into me. I feel her hands pressing me down, and she standing taller leaning on me. She suddenly looks quite sexy. I'm staring into her cleavage. Yeah, I do try to control where I'm looking but her breasts are right in front of my face.

"Look lady, I don't know how you found out about my IRC nickname but would you be quiet about it? There are likely to be other people I know, who were at the same business meeting I came to London for, on this flight and I want to keep my life a bit private, OK?"

I was a bit shaken. A beautiful woman knowing my deep, dark secret and approaching me in the airport like this wasn't something I was used to every day.

"OK, Robin" she said it a bit loudly. "We can go for a walk while I tell you what I want to do, and that way no one you know is likely to interrupt us. Your flight isn't for an hour anyway."

"All right" I said, as I picked up my laptop and my travel bag, and followed her. It wasn't hard to follow her, her hips swung so suggestively.

She put her arm on my shoulder and said "How about I shrink you and take your flight?"


"You heard me, how about if I shrink you and take your ticket and board the plane carrying you"

"Whew, for a second there I thought you were going to abandon me. Look lady, somehow you found out about my fantasy, but we both know that's all it is."

"No, its not and I can prove it to you."

She locked her arms around my neck and pulled herself up using her hands till she was level with me, and gave me a long kiss. I broke for air and pushed her away.

"Listen lady, maybe I'm crazy to push a beautiful woman like you away, but your nuts and I've learned that nut cases are trouble", I said as I looked her right in the eye. She had a really beautiful face. Maybe I was the crazy one.

Wait a minute, I was looking her in the eye? I blinked. I blinked again. I looked down at her feet. She wasn't standing on anything other than high heels.

I looked away. I looked back at her she was still my height. She pressed down on my shoulders and I sank. Now I was looking up at her. Hey, she's doing it!!!

I looked around, I was smaller than everyone else in the airport. I looked again at her. Wow, it was hard not to look at her. She'd gone from tiny, to being a living Goddess. Her skin was perfect. I looked up at her smiling face, and her face was out of a dream. And her body, her body was like oh My God, or was that Goddess?

"Well what do you have to say now little man? Still think I'm a nut?" She squeezed down and now I was looking at her neck not her chin.

"Um, um, what are you doing?"

"Just what I said. I'm getting prepared to be your ride. Fly me, I'm Titania" She said, and she laughed. She laughed a delightful musical laugh, not at all an evil one.

"Well do you agree?"

"What do you mean do I agree."

"I want to get back to America and we can both share your ticket. Well, actually I'll take your ticket, and then I'll take you. Is that OK?"

 She was asking me if it was OK?

"How are you going to take me?"

"Oh that would be telling. Besides, you know the Giantess always decides where to put her little men."

"Um, well I guess I can't stop you."

"You do want this, don't you?"

Well one part of my mind was screaming Yes, and one part was screaming No.

"I don't know. I don't know." I sat down and put my head in my hands. "This is like a dream come true, but its a scary dream. I mean you seem nice, but some Giantesses turn evil when they have absolute power."

"Oh, we don't really. You know even Kathy (AKA 50ftwoman for those who haven't met her) would keep you safe, if she really had you. Mustn't waste little guys after all, there are only 10 times as many of you as of us. She'd take good care of you."

I couldn't decide. I peeked out at her and saw her perfect legs. My God, that woman was a dream come true. Actually, now that I thought of it even my dreams didn't look that good.

"I can't decide. I don't know. You really will take care of me?" I looked up into her eyes.

She smiled down at me and just nodded her head.

"Well I guess you could take me if you wanted to, so I guess I should trust you. Will I really like this?"

"You know you should just say yes."


She snatched the boarding pass from my pocket and put it in her purse.

Titania leaned over and kissed my cheek. "You will enjoy it little man. I know. And, I never lie". Somehow I knew I was missing something deep in what she just said, but I didn't know what.

She smiled again and pressed down on me again. Now I was looking at her breasts. She turned me around and said "let's take a walk."

She put her arm on my shoulder and we walked seemingly aimlessly. Soon the laptop bag and my carryon were getting heavy. She noticed I was struggling and just picked up the laptop bag and threw it over her shoulder. She picked up the carry on, and put her hands around it and pressed inward. As she did, the bag slowly, slowly shrank.

"Is that what you are doing to me, just squeezing me?"

"Well its a bit more complicated than that, and I can't shrink complex living things quickly, but for a layman's explanation that'll do just fine." She handed me back the bag, now seemingly normal sized. "I'll remember to shrink it with you. And, if you are wondering, I want to play some computer games, to pass the time, and so I'll just keep the laptop for the moment". I thought of objecting after all my life's work was on that machine. Then I looked up into her big beautiful eyes, and didn't say a word.

She bent down and whispered "I don't want anyone to notice how you are shrinking, so we need to keep moving."

We walked around, and I soon was having trouble keeping up. Her elbow was on my shoulder and the gentle pressure kept up, or should I say down?

She shifted her hand to my shoulder as I was admiring her midriff. Then her hand was on my head tousling my hair. "We can't have you looking too adult. Good thing you shaved this morning." Playfully she pulled my shirt tail out of my pants. She bent over and gave me a little kiss on my forehead. When she set me down again I was even with her hips.

 She picked me up and kissed me on the cheek. She whispered, "OK, this is the smallest I can make you without you're looking abnormal. I'm going to carry you like you are an infant, don't do anything to dissuade people." "What do you mean you are making me into an infant. That's not part of the deal." I almost shouted, but it was hard to imagine shouting at this Goddess. She was so overwhelming and a little scary, so I didn't.

"I'm not making you into an infant, but people will assume you are if they can't see your face, and just notice me carrying you." With that she lifted me and cradled me. She squeezed me in her arms and this time I shrank a bit but my clothes didn't. Now they were hanging a bit loose. "That is I won't make you that young unless someone makes me, so if you don't want to look like a baby, you better behave."

. She held me so my head was on the side of one of her breasts facing her cleavage. I was in heaven. Never has a Playboy model had breasts like these. The one I was leaning against was big enough to be a pillow. The side of my forehead was touching her skin and I guess after a lot of airbrushing maybe they have skin so smooth. I couldn't help but rub my cheek against her, while my eyes were popping out of my head looking at her other breast. It was huge and yet perfectly formed. If I couldn't feel it, I'd swear something was strange. Breasts that size usually sag. And, if she'd had an operation and filled it with something that would retain that shape I'd surely feel it being stiff.

I realized that as she walked her nipple was brushing my cheek through her blouse. She must not be wearing much of a bra either. I was glad I was facing her, cause otherwise anyone walking by could look at my pants and know I wasn't an infant. At first I tried to get myself down, because I knew she could feel it. Finally, I gave up, she had taken control of more of my body than just my size. And, for her latest feat she didn't even need whatever magic she was using. Then I realized something else was rising and with a sense of relief noticed that her nipple was getting almost as hard as I was. Maybe controlling myself wasn't such a good idea. She seemed to be enjoying my "state".

I didn't know where she was taking me, but soon I was being held by one arm, and pressed forward as her other arm pressed on a door that swung open. Out of the side of my eye I caught a sign -- she'd taken me into the Ladies room. Opps.

"Oh what a cute tike" screeched a voice behind my head, followed by an enormous hand tousling my head. I was about to turn around and complain when I caught myself. This might not be good. I hid my head in Titania's breast. This didn't sound good. If she saw my face the jig was up. Her hand pushed my head back and forth and I didn't know if I could keep hiding from her.

"Coochy, coochy, coo. Come on, I just want to see you." I struggled and held on. Her huge hand though was so much stronger than me. In a moment she would turn my head.

"He's being a bit shy. I think it's best if you leave him alone" I heard Titania say. The contrast between her soft, smooth, confident voice and the other lady was comforting. The hand left my head. Whew. Titania proceeded to take us into a stall.

"I just wanted to see him."

"I know", Titania replied. "But even little guys have feelings you have to respect."

She opened a door and in a moment we were in a stall. "That was a bit close." She sat down on the seat and hugged me, hard. She was making it hard to breathe. I struggled but her arms were twice the size of mine. "Don't struggle Robin, I know I'm holding you too tight but I need you to shrink down fast." With that she released me -- well mostly. I found I was standing on her legs and looking into her eyes. I breathed a sigh of relief. "Why", I asked in a high pitched squeal.

"You need to be small enough to hide before we leave this stall. To shrink you fast, I have to squeeze you hard."

"Oh" was all I could say.

"All right, this is what we are going to do. I'm going to put you between my legs and squeeze. I can squeeze harder that way, but I'll squeeze you from the sides, left to right not front to back. If I hurt you, tap me twice."

 She put her hands on both sides of my little body and lifted me up and put my feet where her knees were. I was a bit long and so I didn't quite fit -- she had to hike her dress all the way up. I could see her abs curl as she leant down and whispered "Good thing this is a bathroom and people assume you are going to remove your dress". She sat me on her knee and moved her dress all the way up to her midriff. I could see her belly button peeking out. What was more interesting was I could see her panties. I could see her dark pubic hairs hidden under the semitransparent panty material, and I could see where they lifted the material.

No porn show has been as exciting. Even though they may be more explicit the "starlets" don't have the raw beauty of Titania. My head was dizzy. I don't know whether from the shrinking or just her presence. She lay me down and I could feel my hair touch her panty. I could smell her faint aroma. Even faintly it was intoxicating. I wasn't sure what would happen if I got to fulfill my fantasy. If this much presence would make me feel faint, would even more turn me into an addict? Was I one already?

All too soon I had been compressed to under a foot. She lifted me in one hand. "Almost there little man, but I need you to be smaller yet." She told me to curl into a ball. I did of course. I must admit she was awful in the original sense of the term. Looking at her would fill a man with awe. She was an elemental force, not to be denied. I lay on her palm and curled so I fit just barely. She put other hand over me and petted me a moment. Then she moved me up and held me between her two hand up to her face. First, I looked at her huge though perfectly proportioned nose. "OK, I'm going to squeeze you once more. I'm afraid I'll have to squeeze you so hard it will be hard to breathe. So, I want you to take a few big breaths. This is important, I need you to hum after the last breath. Nod when you are humming". As I wondered why she wanted me to hum, she moved me near one eye and closed the other so she could see me well. I breathed in and out, in and out, taking long breaths and finally nodded. Suddenly the pressure on my sides increased. My breath exploded out. I saw her features going by rapidly and realized she'd moved me down from her face to her cleavage to get a better angle to squeeze me.

I couldn't breathe. I was shrinking rapidly and soon her palm was all around me with her fingers locked over me. I couldn't see my Goddess and got scared. I got dizzy and in a moment passed out.

I came to on her palm, looking up at a big pair of eyes with her hair surrounding me. "Are you all right?" I barely managed to nod yes. I looked around her fingers were standing like tree's trunks around me. I stood holding onto her finger for support. "Take a few breaths again and relax. The worst is over". I stood up tall and found I was as small as her pinkie. She touched her lips against me and it felt wonderful. Her middle finger pressed me from behind between her lips. Her lips gently massaged me.

After an all too brief brush with her lips she said "all right now back to work. We've been in this stall a while and I need you to tell me if the coast is clear. I'm going to put you on the floor and fiddle with my shoes. I want you to look to see who's out there. Don't move, just look around and then I'll pick you up again."

She put me down, and I looked up at her. Her legs were the longest I'd ever seen. I guess that doesn't tell you much. They were really long. I looked up from her foot to her ankle and calf. "Not me, look outside", she whispered and turned me around. Another pair of legs went by. The heels clicked as I watched. I could see up to a blue miniskirt, but the stall door blocked the rest of the show. Too bad, but there was a better show behind me. In a moment I saw her finger come in front of me, and block my view then I was pressed gently into the finger from behind. I realized she'd picked me up by thumb and finger.

"See anything?" I told her I'd seen a lady in a blue miniskirt. She said "I can't hear you now. Speak loudly into the microphone and with that she moved me to her ear drum." I told her again that there was a lady in a blue miniskirt. She brought me around so she could look at me as she said "Too bad, she's the one that was trying to look at you. OK, look around and wave to me when she leaves. She put me on the floor again. Ms. Blue Skirt was walking towards the mirrors. I saw her adjusting her lipstick. She had a Pamela Anderson body and if she'd been wearing less makeup she could have had a PA like face -- maybe. The makeup was so thick, I couldn't see much behind it. Blue skirt glanced back and seemed to look directly at me.

 I dove for the floor. Ouch. Those floors are hard. I looked over and she didn't see me. Guess I was too small to notice. She scrunched up her face and gave an exasperated look at us once more, and then walked out of the door. I stood up and waved.. I was picked up, asked if the coast was clear, then moved to Titania's ear so she could hear my answer. I explained the situation.

Leaving, again I was the watchdog. Titania pulled the bathroom door open with her left while her right hand held me. I signaled that the coast was clear. Titania held me loosely in her hand as she walked through the terminal. Suddenly she wheeled around.

I was still in her palm as she made a fist almost encompassing my whole body, but between her fingers I could see a blue miniskirt. Up from the miniskirt was one of the most curvaceous bodies I'd ever seen. I couldn't see her face but heard a slight screeching voice say "Where's your son?".

"Oh he's not my son. I was just borrowing him. I like him. He's cute though even if he's shy."

"How old is he?"

"Oh he's older than you'd think. But, he wouldn't want me to tell you and he's still around. You see he's small for his age."

Hmm, that was a funny way to say that.

"Do you have any little ones?"

"No, No, I'm too young. Do you have any children of your own?"

"None, but I do borrow ones whenever I can."

"So you like children?"

"When they are well behaved."

"Hmm, a strict disciplinarian."

"Lets just say that all my little men do what I say and have learned to act like mature adults."

Titania kept up her pattern of strange diction. I couldn't figure out why she was doing that, until it finally dawned on me that she wasn't lying, just misdirecting Ms. Blue skirt. Guess Ms. Blue Skirt didn't know the meaning of the word "was". Come to think of it, I'd missed it too.

Titania arrived at the gate. The plane was boarding.

My Goddess put me in her pocket. Darn and there I was hoping for somewhere better.

Titania sat down, and arranged herself. She had the left window seat. I had a picture window view from her pocket. That might be nice for the flight. Unfortunately, a few moments later Blue Mini sat down next to Titania. She was fuming. "Can you believe they bumped me from First Class? How am I going to get any sleep? After all I paid for it, and I need to look good when I go on TV for my promo."

I snuck my head out of the pocket and peeked at her. She was "that" famous model. (But, because I don't want to get sued we'll leave her actual identity up to the reader) Funny, her voice sounds better on the movies. Wonder how they accomplish that?

Blue started to look at Titania and I buried my head. "You fit in these seats nicely, but a big girl like me, well Hurumph." This continued for a long time.

Titania said, "Relax, I'm sure you'll survive. I know I do fit in these seats more comfortably, but you couldn't dominate the catwalk if you were my size."

"Oh you really think I dominate the catwalk?"

 "Well to tell the truth I've never been to the kind of fashion show that you dominate, but I've certainly seen reviews"

Somehow I couldn't tell if Titania had never been to a fashion show, or merely one that Blue had dominated. She was telling the truth maybe but only just barely. I stood up, to see what was happening, but before I got my head out of the pocket a big forefinger pushed me down before I could peek.

Soon the stewardess announced that we should fasten our seat belts and put our chairs in an upright position. Who was I fooling, "we?" I didn't have a seat belt.

Blue started going on, about how could she put on a seat belt in such an uncomfortable seat. I tried to poke up to see what she was doing. This time I was picked up between a thumb and forefinger. Titania picked me out of her pocket. I just got a chance to see that Blue was looking away before I was taken into her blouse. She held me there for a moment before she said "Come on, fasten your belt, and don't cause problems." As Titania said this, she stuffed me in her bra with the lace top up to my waist." I found myself softly held by her bra. If there were an accident, I wouldn't go forward.

Yea. Now this is what I call a first class seat.

Titania said in a kidding mood, "And remember that the emergency exits are here". Titania pointed her finger toward the nearest space between the nearest buttons, "and here" and she pointed to her somewhat plunging neckline. I started to laugh. As I did, I realized Blue was laughing too. Titania had made a friend -- with Blue that was an accomplishment. Actually, she'd made two friends, but hey, I'm easy.

Soon Titania laughed a bit. Wow, as she laughed her bosom wriggled a bit and massaged my back. MMmm

Titania and Blue managed to talk for a while. Well, mostly Titania asked and Blue talked about herself.

Soon the in flight movie came on. Some readers will know that in business class these days each person has a private screen. It's really an LCD panel that is maybe 10x8 inches. Titania tucked the headphone between two of the buttons in her blouse. I had a big screen view -- almost like IMAX with stereo sound. Even in first class I wouldn't have had anything like the view I had. Well actually of course the movie view was no where near the view of my Goddess.

Titania put her head back, propped her feet up and slept. Her breathing was more interesting to me that the dialog on the movie. I just sat on her breast and watched her chest expand and shrink. The movie lost all interest to me. I heard her breathe in and out in a most relaxing way. Soon I curled up or spread out depending on how you think of it, around her breast. Her bra kept me in tight. After I realized she'd fallen asleep, I kissed her. I thought about exploring more, but I didn't want to disturb her. I did want to explore her glorious body, but I thought I should behave.

Her breast was warm and soft as she gently breathed in and out. Her bra cup massaged my back. I closed my eyes lost in the sensation.

I woke with a start. I'd fallen asleep on her? Here I was living my life long fantasy and I'd slept through part of it? I was being pressed hard between her bra and her breast. Hey, that wasn't the way things were when I fell asleep? What was happening?

I looked around and realized I was much bigger. Still tiny, but I'd grown almost as long as her breast was wide. I pushed my way out of the uncomfortable bra to survey my surroundings. I held onto the top of the bra and dangled wondering what I would do. As I dangled, I found I'd suddenly gotten even bigger. I was now pressing against the fabric of Titania's blouse. It would look like she had a third middle breast to someone looking at her/us.

As I realized this, I lost track of what I was doing and started to slip. I kicked my feet to keep myself from falling and managed to catch a bit of the clingy fabric on my foot. This isn't a long term solution. Blue mini would spot something funny if she glanced our way.

OK, I need to shrink back again. From beneath her cleavage I could tell Titania was sound asleep. I banged on her chest to wake her but found that didn't work. I must be really small if kicking at her breast bone is below the level of  sensation she would notice. I could wait till I got bigger and then maybe I'd be able alert her to help me. That didn't sound like a good strategy. What to do, what to do?

I figured I could pound on her breasts which were in easy reach. That didn't sound like a friendly thing to do. Finally I decided I'd try pressing on her breasts rather than hit them. I curled up and put my back to her left breast and my feet on her right. Fortunately, her breasts are the full figure type, rather than the kind (also nice) where the edges of the breasts don't come at much of an angle to the basic chest, so it was possible to curl up between them and just barely fit. Using the friction of her skin against mine I then pressed as hard as I could against them. Grunting and groaning I made no progress. Maybe it was the bra, maybe it was that hers were particularly firm and I couldn't even juggle them. I held my way there for a while every so often trying again. Sometimes I'd think that I'd moved them just a touch. But, after really exerting myself it would feel like she'd been pushed a bit apart. But, after a rest, I found her breast didn't look any different. This continued for a while. I'd push and relax. Push and relax. Her breasts didn't seem to move. But, somehow I was finding myself more comfortable, less curled up.

Wait a minute. How could there be more room here, if her breasts weren't moving. The only possibility was I was shrinking. OK, how does this work? Press, Relax. Nope didn't shrink that time. Press Relax. Nope. Well maybe third time's the charm. Press really hard. Shrink, Relax. Hmm OK that works sometimes. What was different? Press, relax. Press, relax. Press, hear Titania sigh and almost moan, shrink, relax. Was that a coincidence? Maybe. She hadn't sighed the first time I shrank while pressing. At the end of the moan she started breathing in. I pressed but nothing happened. OK lets try the opposite. Wait till she is finished breathing and press and hold. That worked. Wait for her to breathe in, press and hold while she breathed out and shrink. Breathe in, press, breathe out, shrink. Yup. Now I'm getting the hang of it. Now why does it work? Duh, of course. When she breathes out, her breasts come together. If I press on her, I don't shrink, but if her breasts press on me, et viola. I'll figure this magic stuff out eventually. Just like science it seems to have rules. Yay. Soon I'm practicing climbing moves trying to hold her breast apart. I can shrink to my heart's content. No more tent under her blouse. Tenting elsewhere but not visible from outside her :-).

Suddenly I hear Blue Mini moving around. Good thing I'm not visible anymore. Excuse me she says. Huh, Titania's asleep. Blue didn't even notice. Out of the corner of my eye I see her ass. Wow, no wonder her ass is famous. She starts climbing over us. Suddenly the plane lurches. Blue falls. Moreover, that famous ass starts falling toward me. Blue lands with ass against us. I'm trapped between Titania's breasts as they hold me tight. Tight. Uh oh. Tight. Blue leaves for the rest room after apologizing. And, I'm hanging like a speck from Titania's bra. Even the lace on her bra seems huge. Titania looks down at me. She whispers "where are you?" I put one arm through the loop in the ribbon, and wave frantically. She sees me. "Hmm, little man you really are little." She smiles, it can't be too bad. As Blue comes back, Titania gets up and lets her get in, without squeezing me again.

Titania takes me to the bathroom. After some unmentionable activities she puts me back, but not in her cleavage. I pull myself out of her pocket and yell "Hey, what happened to the first class accommodations?". "I'm afraid I can't risk your shrinking anymore. I didn't want you less than an inch big and you are about 1/4th inch. It'll take longer for you to grow back than I intended." When we got back, indignity followed indignity. She put me in her pocketbook. It was dark, and I was surrounded by a lipstick container wider than I was tall and other cosmetics. There were a few pieces of paper towering over me against the side of her pocketbook. I tried to push down on her perfume sprayer, but all that happened was I sat on it. It was nicely curved so it wasn't a bad seat, but it didn't have a back. I found her compact, and lay in the dark on top of it. A moment later she opened up her pocketbook and whispered to me "you can turn on the flashlight on the key chain and read." Somehow I wasn't in the mood for reading.

Amazingly I fell asleep again. I slept until gravity seemed to increase and the roar of the plane was around me. The noise decreased, and there was some bumping and muffled announcements. Suddenly my surroundings lifted and started to swing. I guessed we were leaving the plane. I wanted to be closer to my Goddess, but I guessed, correctly as it turned out that departing the plane was the most dangerous time to be touching her. It was too easy for people to bump her and shrink me as we departed.

After a while I heard some noises near the top of my prison. Titania had opened her pocketbook. I could see the underside of her armpit. Soon her hand reached in and curled around me. I had grown again and now barely fit in her  hand. As she lifted me I could see that we were in the waiting area. She picked me up and whispered that she wanted me to wrap myself around two of her fingers and to hold as tight as I could. I managed to hug fingers and lock my wrists together. She whispered "Ready?". I nodded and her fingers came apart until I couldn't hold them anymore. She caught me whispered "Again" and we did this again. After a few more times it became easier to wrap my arms around her fingers. Just as when she squeezed me I shrank, when she pulled me apart I seemed to expand.

Soon she'd press her fingers apart until I started to slip then she'd pull them together until I got a better grip. She kept doing this. Pressing her fingers apart and then back together again. The astute adult reader will recognize that this caused a certain sensation for me. I was soon gasping for air.

As she continued, I continued to grow, until I was too large to wrap around even four of her fingers. I wrapped myself around her templed hand. Then came my favorite part. She actually had me stretch out my hands and grab each nipple in one hand. I was crucified on her body with her hand cupped under me supporting me gently but being careful not to squeeze. I pulled in for all I was worth as she breathed in. As she expanded her chest, she expanded me too. Of course my little body was rubbing on her hard abs as she breathed. The sensation in my groin was incredible.

When I got too big for being stretched on her chest I wrapped my arms and legs around her arms and she rhythmically pried her arms apart, expanding me, then let me readjust my grip as she put them together again. I continued to expand until I no longer fit around her arms and had to move to her legs. I hugged her legs as tightly as I could. My face was between her thighs. I of course couldn't resist the urge to kiss her. She smiled down at me. Perhaps, someday we'll give an explicit account of what happened next. But for the moment lets just say Titania recognized that I couldn't hold on as hard as I should while trying to breathe and took care of the problem.

The process ended when I was the size of a large eight year old, which was the largest male child Titania thought would be appropriate to have in the lady's room. We exited with her bouncing me on her hip just as we had entered the lady's room at the beginning of the journey in London. As we left, she told me to give her a hug. I was actually big enough to put my arms around her waist. She took a deep breath and of course I grew a bit more. We walked around with my holding my hand up for her to grasp and she had me hold her again. All too soon I was the size of a small 15 year old boy and held me and whispered, "Time for me to go."

I said, "Wait, you can't leave me like this."

"I thought you liked being small," she said with a giggle. "Don't worry you'll grow back. Just don't do anything I wouldn't do until you do. While you are under my spell you are under my protection and violating the rules will set you back."

"What rules?" With that she handed me the brochure that I'd found earlier in her purse. "Gee, you should have read this while you were in the purse. They are easy to follow. I'm sure you won't have any trouble." She took my hand in hers and put into the palm of my hand my bag with all my clothes. She handed me my full sized laptop, and picked up her bag.

She walked away. I just let her. Her back swung so invitingly. I don't know why I let her go. I just stared as she left.

After a bit I took out the rules and started to read:

Rules for Robin goodfellow:

You've been shrunk by a witch. If you follow these rules you and everything you had will shortly return to full size and the remainder of the spell will evaporate. You'll be just as you were before except for your memories.

 1) Don't lie, cheat or steal. Follow all normal moral rules




I fell on my face as something big hit me from behind. I turned around and found that as I'd been reading, Blue mini had bumped into me without looking and I was sprawling at her feet.

"Oh, I'm sorry I just didn't see you. Are you all right?"

I got to my feet, looked straight into her breast and said "Yes, I am".

I tried to walk away but she grabbed my arm. Her hand was way too strong and she turned me around, seemingly without knowing she'd even used a lot of force. "Don't I know you?"

"I don't think so."

"Haven't we met before?"

"No" I said and then felt dizzy. I sat down before I fell down.

"Oh dear, are you sure you're all right?"

I got to my feet, and said, "I just got dizzy for a moment. I feel fine now"

I looked at her and found I was looking up to her breasts.

"Where are your parents?" she asked.

"Oh I'm old enough to travel without them".

"Look I feel bad about knocking you down. Do you need a ride into the city?"

"Oh I can get there myself" I said.

She looked at me a bit quizzically and said "I'm sure I've seen you before are you sure we haven't met".

I reiterated "No" and felt dizzy again. This time I managed to stay upright, but she noticed my swaying. I finally realized that I'd lied and that was against the rules. I found I was looking further up at her.

"You look smaller to me almost like you are shrinking."

Uh-oh. What was I going to say to that? I stalled for time. "Are you sure?"

"Well, I can't be sure and I guess people don't shrink." She said. But, I do think I should take you home. You seem to be getting dizzy and this is no place for a small child.

I started to protest. "I'm not a child!!"

"Oh?" She raised an eyebrow.

"No, I'm just a small man".

She lifted me up. She looked at me carefully up and down. "I guess you are a man after all, and a cute one at that."

I blushed a bit.

"So, since when does a man turn down an invitation from a star of the stage and screen?"

She turned slightly and struck a pose.

 Wow, she is attractive when she's being nice.

"Come on, I've got a limo waiting for me. Besides I don't bite. Though, I might be tempted to molest you."

I gave in. I know I shouldn't have. But, what's a little guy to do?

I didn't lie the whole night and what happened the rest of the night will be saved for another story. Now I've got a super-model calling me at home and I don't call her back. I've mostly grown back. I lost maybe 1/4 of an inch. The women in my office are just a bit sexier now. I guess the 1/4 inch was from the lying I did. Oh yes, there were more to the rules. I was interrupted when I first was reading them. Here's the whole list:

Rules for Robin goodfellow:

You've been shrunk by a witch. If you follow these rules you and everything you had will shortly return to full size and the remainder of the spell will evaporate. You'll be just as you were before except for your memories.

1) Don't lie, cheat or steal. Follow all normal moral rules.

2) Next time you fly business class post a Note in the forum so I don't have to use magic to find out what you are doing.

3) Invite your friends to use business class and post.

4) Fly me, I'm Titania.

I can't wait for my next business trip. You are all now officially invited to follow rules 2 and 3.

In the mean time, does anyone have an idea what I should do with a super model who likes me cause she thinks I'm smaller than I am? Should I lie to her and say I'm just the same?



P.S. If you liked this story you may like my others. Loophole and Titania's story are probably my two best. I don't think Alien Visitors is quite as good. They can all be found at Pete's story archive I will post this on Pete's story board , Dx's and possibly Diana the Valkyrie's . You may be able to find other authors you like at those places,


Hope you enjoyed, Hope you get to fly business class.