Titania's Story
by Robin Goodfellow

Copyright Robin Goodfellow 1998.  This story contains adult material and is not suitable for minors, or people who might be offended by adult content.  There is some violence, though this is mostly a gentle story.   I may give permission for people to redistribute under certain circumstances.  I can be reached for permission on DalNet, usually logged on to the #!!giantess channel.  See the Author's note at the end.

<Titania> How's the story going?

Oh no, I'd told Titania about a story I was thinking of writing.  I liked part of the idea, but hadn't been able to complete it.

<Robin_Goodfellow> Not so well.  I'm having trouble with the plot.
<Titania> Want some help?

Hmm, well it was always nice to communicate with a woman on IRC. There are so few of them, and so many of us males vying for their attention.

<Robin_Goodfellow> Sure, what did u have in mind?
<Titania> Well, want to meet me in G-club?

Hmm, another channel.  Don't know why that should be any better than the one I'm on.
Oh, well.

<Robin_Goodfellow>  Sure, be there in a minute...
/join #g-club
No such channel
/join #gclub
no such channel

<Robin_Goodfellow> What's the name of that channel?
<Titania> It's not a channel, it's a bar downtown.
<Robin_Goodfellow> You mean u want to meet me in real life?
<Titania>  Yup, I'm sure that I can inspire you to finish the story quickly.

Yikes, she wants me to actually meet her.  That means giving up my anonymity and the like.  On the other hand, she's smart and fun to talk to.  I think she's quite attractive based on other guy's reactions though we haven't exchanged pictures.  Well, what do I have to lose.  She's smaller and weaker than I am in real life, no matter how much we pretend about these things here.  I guess even if I meet her I don't have to give her my true name.

<Robin_Goodfellow> Um, OK
<Titania> Great.  I've always wanted to "play" with one of u guys in real life, and you're the nearest to me.  r u free tomorrow night?

Geesh, she's really pushing me now.

<Robin_Goodfellow>  Yup, perhaps after work?
<Titania> Say around 7?  I know u tend to work late...
<Robin_Goodfellow>  That'd be good.  Perhaps we could get a bite to eat afterwards...
<Titania>  Tell u what, dinner will be my treat.

She's a student, and I make a bunch of money, why's she offering to pay?  Should I push it?  I could take us to a nicer place.

<Robin_Goodfellow>  r u sure, I'd be happy to pay, or we could split it.
<Titania>  Nope, believe me you'll be happy to have me take care of it.

Strange, well, OK

<Robin_Goodfellow>  How will we meet?  Do you have a pic?  What will u be wearing
<Titania>  I'll be wearing green nail polish, you'll see that that's all u need to know.  Let the rest be a surprise, I'm sure you'll like what I'm wearing and most guys think I'm cute, so don't be put off that I'm not sending u a pic now.  Just tell me what you'll be wearing.

Stranger and stranger.

<Robin_Goodfellow> hmm, OK I'll wear a red rose in my lapel.  Corny, but no one does it anymore.

<Titania> Cute, but u obviously haven't been to g-club before. I need something that I can see from a real distance.  What color top and bottom will you be wearing?

This is getting a bit weird.  Well, in for an inch, in for a mile.

<Robin_Goodfellow> I'll wear a dark blue shirt sort of work shirt colored, and beige pants.  I have a beard too.  That should tell u enough.  Want my pic?
<Titania>  No, if u get in just at 7 that should be quite enough, and I want to be surprised.  Several of the other women in the channel say you are quite handsome, so that's good enough for me.

Gee, I didn't know I'd gotten a reputation, nor that these women talked about us.  Oh well, doesn't seem to have hurt me any.  But, I guess I better not disappoint her or I might be ruined with the other ladies of the channel.

Next night

OK, here's the corner of 75th and 8th, now where is G-Club?

I spy a bar with a small window in front, and through the window I see a few women.  I enter the double door, but I'm stopped at the entrance by the largest woman I've ever seen. My god, she must be 7 feet tall.  She puts a hand on my shoulder and says "You can't enter here".  I say, "Isn't this G-club?  I'm supposed to meet a friend here".  She giggles and respondes "You have to go around to the entrance on the other corner, this is the women's entrance".  I almost make a comment, asking what do they think I am, a servant that goes into the other entrance.  But, then I look at her, or rather look at the part of her that's level with my eyes, and realize a) I'd like to do what this woman says, and b) I don't have much choice.

Around the corner is a door, I enter, pay the entrance fee to the first bouncer's twin sister. I didn't know there were twin women who were that tall, and that good looking.  She lets the guys in one at a time.  The guy in front of me walks through a solid looking door.  A red light goes on, next to the door.  When the light turns green, she waves me in.

This whole place is giving me the creeps but I did promise Titania I'd meet her, otherwise I'd turn around.

I go through the door, the lights seem to flash, I feel a tingle, and there's a very long corridor.  At first it seems the corridor is getting smaller, but as soon as the door closes, I realize that must have been an optical illusion.  I walk down the corridor.  Strange, it seems to go on for something like a block, and the bar didn't look anything like that big.  At the end is another door.

I go through the second door, and enter yet another strange setting.  Here, there's a corridor that's even longer.  But, this one seems to be glass to my right and below.  To the left is a panel that goes on for about 20 feet, where it meets another panel that's indented, and then about another 20 feet is yet another panel and so on.

Walking down the corridor I see pictures of Giant women's waists to my left and below me I see their laps.  As I walk a bit further I notice the pictures move just a bit.  I remember a ride in Disneyland where you rode past people apparently dancing.  The illusion here may be even better.  I never figured out how that illusion was done, I wonder if I'll figure this one out.

I wonder where Titania is?  Do I see her after the end of this corridor?

As I pass the giantesses, I find myself admiring some of them.  One in particular seems to have a nice thin (well for a giantess) waist.  Walking to the side of the corridor I look up and see a nice pert overhanging part of her blouse.  So that's what breasts look like from the perspective of an ant.  Very nice!!

She sits up straight raising her breast like a draw bridge going up.  My jaw drops, I think.  Then she crosses her legs.  I see her skirt hike up a few feet, exposing more of her massive thighs.  I think to myself, I could hide in the crevasse between her taut legs.

Suddenly a giant finger darts out and points at me.  The green fingernail comes at me with such velocity that I forget the glass will protect me.

A loud but very feminine voice seems to come from all over "I'd like that one".

Suddenly, the panel next to me swings open, and a giant hand comes at me and grabs me.  I struggle against the hand but it's hopeless.  I'm pulled out of the corridor and notice that I'm in the grasp of a woman who looks like the twin of the bouncer.  I'm held 20-30 feet off the ground.  I decide not to struggle anymore. As she raises me, it seems like I'm on the bartender's side of a bar.  She places me on a giant counter that seems to go on for miles.

With her other hand she puts down what must be a piece of paper that looks the size of a tarpaulin.  She says "Sign this please", but doesn't release me.  I finally realize she isn't asking me. She's asking the woman across from me.  I look at that woman, see she has green nail polish and realize that she must be Titania.  I almost faint from relief.

"What am I signing?" she says.

"You are saying that you will be responsible for returning him in reasonable shape.  Of course I'll determine what's reasonable shape", the bartender says with a wink at Titania.

Titania signs and suddenly I'm free on the surface of the bar.  Looking down I can see a few men walking under me in a corridor.  I realize the top of the corridor is a one way mirror.  I can still see Titania's legs through the mirror dwarfing one of the men walking through.

Titania puts down what must be a glass a few feet from me, startling me out of my reverie.  "Well Hon, I thought this might make some fodder for your story", she says with a smile.

After a while I say some what shakily "It might indeed" as I looked into her eyes 15 feet above me.

Suddenly I felt a bit faint.  I guess I'm just not used to a woman (or anyone) towering over me like that.  I sat down.  Titania could see that I was pale and asked if I was OK.  I replied that I was, just a bit shaky.

Titania looked a bit concerned and then asked if a massage might make me feel a bit better.  I said sure, not knowing what she had in mind.

She picked me up in her hand, turned me over and put her thumb on my back.  She rubbed her thumb, which covered most of my upper back, around, and around.  I noticed my whole body started acting like a limp rag in her hand.  Her forefinger and big finger supported my chest, while her pinky was at my thighs down to the kneecaps.  Her ring finger was a bit lower than the others, so my hips were not really touching anything.  As she rubbed, I found myself loosening up.  I found myself staring at her legs, and where her legs met her hips.  I imagined myself in there.

As she continued her massage, I felt drawn as though into a trance.

I would have come but there was no pressure on my groin.  I couldn't move my arms down, because her fingers blocked the way.

"Come my pet, let me show you the club."  Perhaps if she hadn't been so big and her voice so all encompassing, I would not have even known what she was saying, but somehow despite the trance I was in, it registered.

She stopped the massage, pointed me at the rest of the club, and started to walk through it.

As she walked, I saw a giant chessboard on the floor, with some strange looking pieces.  I asked her what it was, she said why it's exactly what it looks like. We sometimes play chess, would you like to be part of a game?

I wondered for a moment how I could possibly play with such large pieces, and then I looked more closely at the pieces.  They were moving.

"Judit, how about a game", my mistress said.

The young girl sitting by the board looked at me, winked, and replied, "He's cute you'll play with him? Regular rules?  Winner gets the captured pieces and you'll use him as one of your pieces?"

My mistress nodded, and I soon found myself part of the game.  Titania drapped a white shirt over me, and set me in front of a very light colored, blond Barbie doll.  But, I only reached this Barbie's hips.  I guess my role was going to be Queen's pawn.  Judit's pieces were all wearing black.

Titania knelt down. Judit put her feet together in front of her, with her knees spread wide.  Judit's knees were barely at the edge of the board.  It was a very big board.

As I was watching Judit, Titania reached over and tapped me on the rear with her nail.  Then she put her finger down two spaces in front.  I looked over at her, leaning over me.  She seemed to want me to do something, but I got lost looking at the twin mountains descending toward me, as she bent over me.  Finally she sighed, and shoved me forward, I stumbled, but fortunately she hadn't pushed too fast and I managed to retain my footing.  I ended up on the square she pointed out.

"Pawn to Queen Four" she said.

Judit tapped the square in front of me, and her pawn ran to the square facing me.  I guess he'd been a pawn before.

Soon I had some other white pawns in back of me, seeming to push me forward and some black pawns facing me. They looked ferocious and I felt I had to keep my eye on them to make sure they didn't do anything untowards.  Our goddesses moved over us.  Since I was facing forward, I saw what Judit was doing more than what my own goddess did.

Judit picked up a man on a horse with her thumb and forfinger.  The horse didn't seem to like this and started flailing its legs, but to no avail. Judit's two digits seemed completely in control of the horse and it's rider's fate.

Judit started to lean over more fully and her face blocked the lights from the ceiling.  I could almost peek down her blouse. I was so absorbed watching her that I didn't realize at first, that the horse with its leg still flailing was being aimed directly towards me.

Her massive hand guided the horse until it was directly overhead.  As she started to lower it, with it's legs still flailing I screamed.  The horse continued to lower until its feet were almost brushing my hair.  Judit's pinky and ring finger grabbed me, turned me sideways and pulled me out of harm's way as her forefinger and thumb deposited the horse and it's rider.

She continued to hold the horse until it quieted down and the rider seemed to think he could keep it in one place.  I was trapped in the circle of her palm and fingers watching through the space between her thumb and palm.  I tried to back away, but my feeble efforts weren't going to move me, anymore than the one ton horse was able to free itself.

Finally, she picked me up, brought me to her face, winked at me again, and put me between her legs.  Just as she had done with the horse, she didn't let me go until she was sure that I wasn't going anywhere.  Her forefinger stroked my back, as her pinky held my feet in place.

I relaxed almost involunatarily the way I had with Titania.  Wow, did these giantesses have some kind of control over us.  Judit went back to playing the game.

I was trapped in the space enclosed by her legs.  Her feet were between me and the board, held tightly together, they circled around to her, well there's no other word for it, crotch.  When she moved and bent over to reach a piece, her abdomen became my ceiling with her breasts almost touching her toes.  I lost track of what was going on in the game, just looking at her movements.

Finally the game ended with Judit being champion.  She looked down at me, and said "I won the game and you, despite having to take a non-standard opening to make sure I captured you early."  She picked me up and started to put me in her pocket.

"Hey, not so fast", called Titania.  I was completely confused at this point.  I watched Judit's breast pocket approaching.  Suddenly my motion towards the pocket halted.

"Why?  I won him fair and square".

"How about the standard ransom?"

Judit took me up to her face, and looked at me with her very big eyes, and said "Gee, I don't know he's awfully cute."

She glanced at Titania.  I turned my head, and while I couldn't move my hips I could see that Titania looked upset.

"Oh, alright, I guess if I don't ransom him, you'll never dare play with me again."

Judit put me on the ground.  Suddenly a shiney manhole cover slammed down, not ten feet from me.  I finally realized it was a quarter.  Titania picked me up, as Judit retrieved the quarter.  I didn't know whether to be upset at being cheap, or to be relieved.

Titania picked me up brushed my whole body with a gentle kiss, and said "I missed you little one."  I missed her too, Judit had been nice to me, but this club was as frightening as it was exciting.  I suddenly felt like a one woman man.  I wanted one woman to protect and care for me, and Titania was it.  I decided that I'd do anything she wanted me to, so long as she kept me with her.

Suddenly over my head came a giant paper airplane, with a man hanging down.

"What's that?" I asked

"Oh, it's just a paper airplane with a little man guiding it.  Look over there," and she pointed to where another woman, who she identified as Rose, was launching another plane.  A new man was sent overhead, well over my head, but I was being held at about Titania's waist, and the guy kept going lower until he landed on what seemed like a runway.

After the plane landed Titania said "Wow, that's a new record for distance.  Rose and her new pet have been trying to beat my previous record for a few weeks."

"Gee, that seems like fun, can I do that?"

"No, it's too dangerous, I'm not going to put you through that."

"Oh come on."  I started to nag her, forgetting so quickly my resolve.  And, I kept it up.

Titania gave in.

Soon I was hanging from what was a paper plane, but seemed to be made of something much tougher and thicker, perhaps more like wallboard.  I was in a cradle held to the plane with some scotch tape on the plane with my hands on a giant safety pin stuck through the plane.  Titania explained that if I pulled myself toward the safety pin, the nose would come down, and the plane would move faster, but would lose altitude. To go the longest distance, I had to keep as much altitude as possible but must be careful not to stall the plane.  By pushing to the left or right, I could steer.

Soon I was being held many body lengths over Titania's head as she prepared to launch me.  It was as scary as it was exhilirating.  I could see Titania's athletic arms leading to her shoulders and a chest that my eyes could get lost in.  But before I did, she asked "Are you sure you want to do this".  Startled out of my reverie, I answered "Sure." without reviewing my earlier decision to do only what Titania had wanted me to.

Then I was sailing over the giantess club.  Somehow I was quickly able to figure out how to get the craft under control.  I'd done some hand gliding, and this was just like it.  I was concentrating on maintaining my flight path and didn't notice at first that Rose, the woman who'd sent the previous man aloft, was walking on a collision course with me. When I first noticed her, I started moving the glider/plane to the left.  She almost seemed to speed up her walk.  As I went by her I heard what sounded like a big sigh or someone blowing above me.  I felt a sudden down draft, laced heavily with the smell of Rose's drink.

My craft twisted.  I lost my grip on the safety pin.  Then my plane's nose went up in the wind caused by Rose's breathing.  I slipped through the cradle, and was falling.

Rose moved her drink and all of a sudden I was swimming in some hard liquor.  She looked down and said "Gee, too bad little man, and you were doing so well.  You looked like you might have gone passed my brand new record."  Rose looked pissed.  I started to shiver and I don't think it was just because the ice cube I kept bumping into was freezing me.

Soon Titania had strolled up looking furious.  "You did that on purpose."

"Hey you know the rules -- little pilots are responsible for steering, your guy wasn't up for it, and now he's messing up my drink".

"Give me that drink" Titania raised her voice.

"I paid for it, and it's mine"

Titania reached for me and my container.   As her hand approached the liquid sloshed out of the way, as Rose moved the drink and put it to her lips.

I saw bright ruby red lips framing a gullet that could swallow me alive.

"Careful, Titania he's all mine at the moment." she said in a voice like a megaphone placed right next to your ears.  Then she tipped the glass with me in it upwards.  The liquid started to flow in a torrent towards her mouth.

I stumbled over one of the 2 foot tall ice cubes in an effort to get away.  Another fell over and knocked me off my feet.  Just as I was getting up and pushing the cubes towards my captresses mouth, Rose stopped drinking, and turned the glass upright.  As she did, all the cubes tumbled towards me.  I was trapped under an ice mountain, with my body under alcohol.  I was able to keep my mouth above "water" and to breath, but I was none to happy.

I heard Rose say "You've ruined my drink, and I'm going to ruin your life".  Titania offered to spot Rose and her friends a round of drinks, but also reminded Rose that murder, even of little ones was still against the law.

Rose looked perplexed for a moment brightened, and said "well I'll take the round of drinks in recompense, but I'm still going to put my mark on him."  She lifted her glass again, her tongue brought one cube into her cavernous mouth, pushed it between her molars, and crunched it.

From my front row "seat", I could hear it break with a terrifying sound.  Splinters of ice went flying.  Most of them were stopped by what was still a wall of ice cubes, but one of the splinters hit me.  Fortunately it wasn't sharp, so I escaped with a bruised shoulder.

She looked down into her glass, her eye alone almost covering the roof of my world.  I could see from her eyebrows to the sides of her nose and downward toward her cheekbone.  Briefly I admired the high cheekbone and her big beautiful eye, but then I remembered that she was going to "mark" me somehow and had just given a demonstration of what she meant.

She said, "Either you will make this easy or you will regret it.  Come to Mama, baby boy."  Again she tippped the glass.  I started to push the ice cubes forward.  She pulled another into her mouth, but this time rather than crack it, she spat it out.  It slid against the sides of the wall, and landed in back of me.  I quickly ran in back of it.  She laughed.  Another cube came sailing my way.  And again I dashed out of it's way.  Another, and then another came at me.  I started getting out of breath.  As she kept doing this the cubes kept piling up in back of me.  I kept slipping on the sides of my prison.  Soon her tongue was reaching for me.  With desparate energy I evaded it.  Again my prison righted itself

She looked down at me, and said "Ok, that was a fun game, for a bit, but I'm getting tired of it.  Either give in, or I'm going to reach in and you'll regret it."  She pushed her finger down and banged me in the head. I heard Titania's voice in a resigned tone say, "Robin, you've made a brave show, but now I want you to stand up on the glass and look at me."

I was startled to hear Titania say that, and started to crawl out from under the pile of cubes.  Rose said "Strip, and make it good".  Titania nodded and I rushed to comply.  I looked over the edge of the glass, just in time to see Titania wink at me.  Then my world was turned over once again.  Without the wall of ice cubes, I tumbled head first straight into Rose's waiting maw.

I landed face first on her tongue.  Het tongue pushed me up against the roof of her mouth.  My hips touched her teeth.  Then I looked back and saw her bottom teeth lifting toward my hips.  Her lips grabbed my knees.  She put pressure on my knees and I felt my knees pulse.  Soon they started to tingle.  She was applying a torniquet to my legs and blood wasn't reaching my feet.

I could flail my hands around, but my body was utterly trapped.  I banged my hands against the hard surface of her teeth.  Maybe she realized what she was doing, maybe not, but the pressure of her lips eased enough that sensation returned, though I still couldn't move.

Suddenly the middle of her tongue started to move.  My legs were trapped, my back was pressed against her palate, and her tongue, which was supported my body started to move in and out, back and forth across my front.  She was licking me from my chest to my thighs.  It sounds frightening, and at first I started to look at her gullet and worried that I might be moved toward it.  Then I found the sensation relaxing, then exciting.

As I became more and more exciting, I found it just a bit hard to breath.  I was breathing her hot, moist breath.  I realized later that it was a bit depleted of oxygen.  I was breathing hard and getting more and more aroused.

Just as I was losing control, I felt another sensation clamping me at my calves and feet.  Her lips released their hold on my knees and thighs.  I was lifted as her upper lip moved and I stuck to it for a moment before falling back onto her tongue.  Whatever was clamping my feet tugged me rudely out, then my hips were trapped by her lips.  I was so aroused that I tried to move my hips, but they were locked in place by her lips.

Again her lips seperated, and then my abdomen was compressed.  I couldn't breath with my abdomen though I could barely move my chest.  Soon it was my chest that was compressed, and then I was out of her mouth dangling upside down from her thumb and forefinger.

She moved me upside down and dropped me in someone's palm.  I caught a flash of green finger nail and realized I was safe.  A large eye in a beautiful face looked close at me and she said "Boy, you are a mess.  Let's see if we can't clean some of that lipstick off of you."

I looked at myself, Rose had left a lipstick smear from where she had held me at my thighs, hips, abdomen and chest.   That's what she meant when she had said she would "mark" me.  I touched myself.  I was covered in a thick layer of sticky, red stuff that felt like a cross between vaseline and wax.  My finger came back covered in red.  I guess she didn't used "stay proof", lipstick.

Titania cradled me in her hands.  She rolled me over and again gently massaged my back.  Her thumb pressed down on my back, my breath whooshed out, she lifted her thumb and I breathed in a deap breath.  She pressed down and moved her thumb around, massaging my muscles.  As she repeated I took lots of deep breaths and my body and finally my brain relaxed from Rose's treatement.

Titania treated me this way until she reached the bathroom.  She carried me into the Ladies room.  I knew normally I didn't belong here, but I guess I didn't have any choice.

She put me in one hand, and with the other turned on the sink.  "Time to clean up".  She put the stopper in the sink and the sink filled with water.  As it filled up, she put her hand into it, and adjusted the temperature.  When she got it just right she said "hold your breath".  Her thumb held me down as hand and palm plunged towards the water.  I was suddenly under water and then lifted, sopping wet back into the air.

Titania held me under the soap dispenser and she pushed the dispenser. A giant drop of soap fell onto my stomach.  Titania placed forefinger on my tum, and rubbed the drop all over my stomach.  As the ridges of her fingerprint scrubbed my body the lipstick lifted.  She rolled me over and started massaging/rubbing my back with soap lotion.  Her finger moved to my legs, she massaged the bottom of my legs and probably cleaned them.  As she moved towards my rear. she pressed down and I found my legs seperating.  Once her finger was between my legs I found every time she moved her finger up, she would force my legs apart just a bit more.  I couldn't tell whether she did it intentionally.  Finally she started massaging my ass.  Her finger pressed my soapy slippery groin into her palm.  She moved my groin back and forth against her palm.  Again I was just about to come, when she flipped me over.

I was so embarrassed. She must have noticed my arousal as she cleaned the rest of my body. Finally she got to the last red mark and she sat me on the sink facing away from her. "Why don't you clean the rest of yourself, Robin. Maybe I'll clean you off the rest of the way when it's not our first date." I managed to clean myself up without further embarrasement facing away from her. I turned around, and quickly dived into the pool in the sink. As I rinsed myself off, I managed to get my mental state back to the point where I was "presentable". I was about to climb out of the sink when I realized that the sides of the sink were made of shiny enamel and I couldn't get traction on them to get out. I struggled for a moment before Titania rescued me by scooping me up.

Titania took me to the drier. She pressed the button on the machine. A giant wind started to blow. Titania placed me in the well of both her palms. She moved me under the machine. A wild dry wind started to blow. My body lifted under the force of the air swirling around me, but Titania's thumb pressed me down.

Titania took me to a row of what looked like shoe boxes with translucent tops. She lifted the top of one, and dropped me in. She closed the lid and I heard her gigantic voice coming around the room I was in "Why don't you make yourself presentable again?" Light came from the ceiling I looked around and realized I was in the "men's room."  Just as I was wondering how to do that, I heard a loud "Oops, you might want these", the roof lifted and my clothes were dropped from between giant fingers with green nail polish.

I took a while to compose myself after experiencing Rose.  Both giantesses I had encountered were tremendously exciting, as well as tremendous, but I didn't want to be anywhere near Rose.  Just the thought of her was enough to start my whole body trembling.  Finally I felt under control, and I shouted to Titania "I'm ready".

I must have been loud enough, because the roof of my room lifted and I was Titania's smiling face.  She snatched me in her hand and resumed massaging me.

"Ready for dinner, little man?" she asked and I realized I was famished.  I nodded and she said "Let's go".  There was no us about it, she just started walking, but I was happy to be carried.

She told me there were all sorts of delicacies that I could be treated to.  Beluga caviar the size of chicken eggs was just one of the possibilities, though she warned me that pure caviar was somewhat salty.

As we were talking, Titania was taking us out of the rest room area.  She was talking about the wonders of the feast available for little men and was so distracting that I almost didn't notice as we passed Rose's table.

I saw Rose and started to tremble.  I just couldn't help myself.  I tried to get her out of my mind but just knowing I was in the same room as she was kept reminding my about her teeth descending on my legs and almost snappping them in two.

"Calm down, Robin, I've got you."  Titania stroked my back but I couldn't help myself.  I was shaking like a leaf.  Every time I thought things were OK for a moment, I'd raise my head and I could see some giantess, and every giantess but Titania reminded me of Rose.

"There, there, little man I'll protect you."  I knew she would, but I still couldn't control myself.  "What's the matter?"  I was able to blurt out "There's evil giantesses who might eat me," I managed to bawl.

"I guess you did have a nasty experience, but I don't want to return you without repaying you."  She paused, and then sighed and said, "Well, I don't like to do this to little guys on the first date, it sometimes makes them weird, but I do owe you something."  She lifted me to her lips, scaring the hell out of me, gave me a kiss on my chest through my thigh, then lowered me to her chest, and then, and then, she pulled back her blouse, released a finger and pushed her bra away, and deposited me with my legs straddling her nipple.

She released me and I was suddenly having yet another experience.  This night was getting dizzying.  First I was in a tunnel, then in my "date's" hand, then in her rival's mouth, placed in a shoe box, and now I found myself inside a bra.  While all of these experiences might seem related they were each like being in different worlds.  Each world was all encompasing and seemed to make the previous one vanish.  Now I was pressed against Titania's breast by what felt a bit like a mattress.

It's hard without experiencing it, to envision the situation I found myself in, lying next to Titania's breast.  Perhaps it's easy to picture yourself lying on a mattress with a woman's body pressed up against yours.  This felt somewhat like that, Titania's skin was warm and soft like a naked woman might be, but, unlike a normal woman Titania's skin filled my whole world.  Her warmth enveloped me and relaxed me.  I could hear and feel her breathing.  Every breath she took would expand her breast and press me against her bra.  Her heartbeat was a slow steady drum beat that was not a percusive sound, more like a whoosh, whoosh, whoosh, perhaps a bit like waves on the ocean.

Titania's scent was heady a heady aroma that seemed to make me tingle with each breath I took.  Later I realized that perhaps she was wearing perfume that had an alcoholic base and I was getting drunk on her smell.  At the time I wasn't able to think many thoughts at all.

Just as I was starting to relax in this new environment which seemed so far from the trauma of my previous experience I felt a further pressure on my back.  The presure rolled from my read to my neck.  I realized Titania was stroking me.  I fell again under her spell and realized that while some giantesses could terrorize a man at will, Titania could relax and control a man's whole being in a very different way.

I was simultaneously becoming totally relaxed and totally aroused.  I thought those two were incompatible but I guess giantesses can work real miracles.  I desperately wanted to take my cloths off and roll around on the bed of Titania's breast, but I was embarrassed that she hadn't told me too.  Again I was challenged not to let go, this time in my own clothes.

Giantesses must be omniscient as well as omnipotent, because just as I was about to lose control, Titania poked her finger into her bra, looked in and asked if I was ready to face dinner yet.  I couldn't deny her and agreed.  Are you ready to face the world yet?  I said that I thought I could do it now.

Then she said the words I'd lost hope of hearing, "Why don't you strip in there?  This meal is going to be a bit messy and we don't want to get your clothes even more messed up."  I quickly complied trying to be inconspicuous as I reveled in the feel of her breast against my whole body as she watched me.  She fished me out just as I finished undressing, but before I'd really had a chance to enjoy the feel of her body against mine.

She held me up to her eye and said "Hmm, you seemed to be enjoying that... Well, now it's my turn to enjoy the view."  She turned me around. "Yumm" was her comment.

She'd assembled a plate of food.  She licked her finger, placed it into a little patch of blackness on her plate.  As she lifted her finger to me, I could see egg sized black balls sticking to her finger.  "Eat one," she urged.  "They're good."

I didn't know quite how to eat one, but put my lips to her finger, and started to suck one into my mouth.  I felt it's strange texture with my tongue, and brushed my teeth against it.  Suddenly it burst almost like a water balloon when pricked.  Where the outside had hinted at a strong taste, suddenly my whole mouth was filled with what must be the most expensive caviar in the world.  It was wonderful.  I didn't realize until later, that the fish egg had exploded just like a water balloon, and a black and probably staining material was all over my chest.  Titania would have to clean me up again after the meal.

The caviar was salty and suddenly I was thirsty.  Titania asked if I'd heard the song "Kisses sweeter than wine?"  I had, and nodded my head.  She lifted a wine glass that I could have floated in to her lips and took a sip.  Then she said, "give me a kiss".  It was an order, but even had it not been I would have complied gladly.  She lifted me to her lips, and I kissed her top lip.  As I did, whatever drops of wine were left on her lip filled my mouth.  Her leftovers were enough for me to drink.  I kissed her a few more times until my thirst was slackened.

My meal was fit for a king, and at normal size would have cost a king's ransom.  Truffles from france, and in addition to the wine from her lips there were a few drops of hundred year old Bordeaux wine, were just part of the meal Titania treated me to.  When I tried to insist on paying she held up a dollar bill, and asked if I had any of these that would fit in the cash register.  Of course I didn't, mine were barely visible to her.  Titania grabbed a plate full of food for herself that looked more like a mountain to me.  I guess she couldn't get the kind of meal she'd treated me to.  I found out later that the club bought one bottle of that wine a year, and tapped it using a fancy nitrogen system, so that it wouldn't spoil over the year as they wined and dined little guys on the best food money could possibly buy.

After the meal, Titania took me back to the restroom, and cleaned me up again and had me dress.  She looked at me, and said "You look tired, and I have to get up early tommorrow, so I think I'll be sending you off."  I timidly asked if I could come home with her, and started to protest that I'd be no trouble.  "Of course you wouldn't be a trouble, but I do have to return you."  She die say that she was glad I enjoyed it, despite my little mishap.  At first I didn't realize what she meant by mishap until finally I remembered my encouter with Rose; Titania's ministrations had banished them from my mind.

Titania took me back to the barmaid.  The barmaid picked me up, looked me over, said "Well, you look all right, how are you feeling?"  I said I'd never felt better.  "Good,"  she said, "Giantesses are required to return their men in good condition.  I was a bit concerned that after the way Rose was handling you, both Rose and Titania might be put on probation".  I looked at Titania and saw she was watching the interplay carefully.  I ran over to her finger, kissed it, and said "Titania wasn't to blame, besides she's treated me to the best night of my life."  I realized I meant it too.  Titania beamed down at me.

The barmaid said "That's good.  If it is the best night of your life you couldn't have been damaged too much.  But, we do have a strict policy that giantesses must return their charges in good condition, whether or not they are at fault.  Of couse if Rose had severely damaged you, she would have been banned from the club too."  Later I realized that that was why Titania knew Rose wouldn't hurt me too much, she wouldn't have wanted to lose her privleges at the club.  I thought all was air and lightness, until the barmaid added, "That is unless guys waive their rights, of course."  Now what the hell did that mean, I thought, wondering if I'd ever find out and thinking I probably wouldn't want to.

The barmaid returned the contract Titania had signed to procure me for the evening.  Just as the barmaid was about to grab me, I ran to Titania and begged her to let me come back.  All she said was "Well, remember this was to inspire your story.  And I expect a good one, or next time you might not be so lucky with Rose."

As I walked down the long hallway out, after the barmaid put me into the tunnel under the bar's surface, I admired the legs of the giantesses ordering drinks and little men.  I was hoping that I wouldn't be procured again.  I was tired and didn't think another giantess could compare to my green gilded goddess anyway.

What did she mean by not so lucky with Rose.  Wasn't I safe with a contract?  Could a little guy be compelled to sign a waiver by a giantess.  I had no doubt that if a giantess asked me to do anything I'd jump to comply now, so maybe I could be told to sign a waiver and then Rose could do whatever she wanted.

Afraid as I am of Rose, I'll risk anything for the possibility of seeing Titania again.  That's why I've written this story.  While it's not a work of fiction, I hope you like it Goddess.

If you do I pray that you'll treat me to another night at the G-Club.  I hope that another visit will inspire another story.  I'm sure there are many storie that can be written about the G-club and maybe there is even the possibility that I could waive my rights and you could take me home without returning me.

Author's Note:

This story was concieved as a sequel of sorts to Loophole.  This is one of the first "public" uses of the technology discovered there.  Other authors are welcome to write within this universe.  But, I'd like to hear from you what outline you have for a story, so that I can ensure the basic rules of that universe are obeyed.  For example, a "regular" visitor to g-club can not be eaten without the eater getting approval from the club owners (or risk punishment later).  But, in the interest of a good plot, I'm sure we can make accomodations, if anyone wants to try.  As mentioned in the prefix to this story I can often be reached on dalnet.