(Author's Note: This story is a sequel to Mega Woman's Disgrace., originally intended as the introduction to this much longer story. Technical difficulties have been more or less overcome, so here is the rest of the story. My thanks to my friend, David, for some suggestions, incorporated, herein.)

WARNING: This story contains nudity, graphic violence, rape, bestiality and adult themes. It is most definitely intended for, and should only be read by, mature adults, over the age of twenty-one.

Adder's Return. Part 1.

Mega Woman and  Ultra Maid.
Champions of Justice.

It was Saturday afternoon and though most people might be enjoying a weekend respite, a crime-fighter's duties never seemed done.

"I suppose I must!" Mega Woman sighed to her daughter, Ultra Maid!

"What Mom!"

"Oh my old enemy Adder was released from jail, today! You know I like to go and see any criminal I was responsible for seeing punished, and wish them well, when they've repaid their debt to society! But Adder was such a bitter vindictive woman, and she hated me so, I just dread it!"

Ultra Maid was just a child at the time, but of course she knew the story. Possessing  powers equal to Mega Woman's own, Adder had been the most dangerous foe the stalwart Champion of Justice ever faced. In fact in their first encounter, the dastardly villainess had been victorious. It was the one defeat in an otherwise glorious, crime fighting career, and it proved a horrifyingly humiliating one for Mega Woman.

Even after all these years, Mega Woman's face grew beet red at the thought of that mortifying flight home. Stark naked, her shame was visible to all!

Overwhelmed by the horror of that defeat, Mega Woman bent all her energies to wiping out her disgrace. Obsessed with her quest for vindication, the stalwart crimefighter dropped all other cases, and concentrated on just one objective; Bringing Adder to justice! This was personal!

Mega Woman planned meticulously, anticipating all difficulties. Even if she captured the villainess, how could Adder be restrained by the authorities, so as to face Justice?

Mega Woman consulted the State Police Crime laboratory and, with their help, determined the one weakness of any superwoman was an element called Krononite. Experiments proved she herself could be bound by chains of the material.

Her preparations complete, Mega Woman began her hunt, spending every waking hour searching. It was long months before her single minded, vigilant patience was rewarded. Mega Woman at last spotted her quarry, from a concealed vantage on a high roof top. For once in her long and honorable career, she resorted to tactics that were less than straightforward. Perhaps, the obsessive need to vindicate herself, clouded her judgment this once. As Adder flew below her, Mega Woman struck from behind.  

The surprise attack proved successful, and before Adder had a chance to recover, Mega Woman bound her securely, with Krononite bonds.

Once Mega Woman had the criminal powerlessly bound, she sprayed her with a liquid distillate of Krononite. Experiments had determined that this treatment would render Adder incapable of flight for some time.

Still swearing vengeance, Adder was sentenced by a criminal court to twenty years imprisonment. Today her sentence was up!

"Well I've got to do it, standing here isn't going to get it done!" The dynamic veteran crimefighter resolved. She turned down her daughter's kind offer to accompany her.

"Well I've got a tip on a possible bank heist, I'd like to check out anyway!" Ultra Maid said. "If you're sure, I'm going to get going!'

"Oh yes, go on Dear! I'll be fine!"

After Ultra Maid flew off, to check the tip she' received, Mega Woman hesitated, again. She sat down at her desk, and finished some paper work.

"Oh I'm being silly about this! These reports can just as well wait until Monday! I'm just putting it off!"

Mega Woman rose decisively from her desk, and a a few moments later was airborne, flying toward the desolate, rock strewn, poverty level farm, where Adder had grown up, and which was still in her family.

At the farm, Mega Woman gasped at sight of the aged, wrinkled crone that opened the door. Certainly, Mega Woman had grown older herself, but she had aged with stately, grace, retaining the fabulous figure of her youth. Adder's sagging, wrinkled body looked fifty years older rather than just twenty. Her old, familiar costume only emphasized her sad decline.

It was evident, that twenty years of criminal confinement had not rehabilitated nor softened Adder. The aged, hag-like criminal angrily rejected Mega Woman's gesture of reconciliation.

"Friends with you? Hah! Kiss MY ASS! We're not finished yet, BITCH!" Adder snarled. "You owe me, twenty years of my life! And I'm going to see you pay me, WITH interest! How's this for starters?"

Adder flung back a ragged curtain, and Mega Woman's eyes widened in astonished horror. Behind the curtain bound and gagged with Krononite chains was her own beloved daughter, and junior crime fighting partner, Ultra Maid!

When she left her mother, Ultra Maid went to follow up the tip about a possible robbery at a local bank. The bank was closed for the weekend. Just as the young crimefighter landed in the deserted parking lot behind the bank, she spied a tiny figure forcing open a window.

"Hadn't you better wait until Monday morning, to make a withdrawal Miss, WHEN the bank is open?" Ultra Maid said with good natured humor. This diminutive girl, though dressed bizarrely, hardly looked to be a hardened bank robber. In fact Ultra Maid was surprised the girl had even gotten the window open.

The girl turned to face her with a snarl. As Ultra Maid reached to grasp her arm, the girl struck, viciously driving her foot into the tall superheroine's crotch.

Ultra Maid was momentarily paralyzed by frightful pain. Distracted, for a moment, it didn't occur to her, that no ordinary foe could inflict so much damage to her nearly invulnerable body. Expecting the girl to take advantage of her temporary success, by fleeing from her righteous wrath, the gallant crimefighter was amazed, when instead the tiny criminal advanced menacingly.

Ultra Maid was even more amazed and dismayed, when a second later, the little redhead socked her in the jaw, with a one-two combo, that possessed a power that seemingly equaled her own.


Even if the girl did have super powers like her own, still she was a scrawny, little thing, barely half Ultra Maid's size and athletic bulk. Her punches didn't pack enough power to put the mighty, young crimefighter out of commission. The intrepid Ultra Maid shook off the blows, and struck back, holding nothing back.

Exercising more caution, this time, Ultra Maid grabbed the young devil. Getting the feisty, little redhead under control, Ultra Maid was too preoccupied to notice another small figure in the air behind her.


Before Ultra Maid could recover from the shattering impact, the second diminutive figure was wrapped around her neck, immobilizing her arms, and clawing her eyes.

Ultra Maid nearly succeeded in freeing herself, but just then the redhead rejoined the fray.

The deadly, unexpected blow to her mid-section, dropped Ultra Maid to her knees, gasping for breath. She struggled to get back on her feet, to no avail.

As the battered Ultra Maid struggled to get up, the tiny blond adroitly twisted her body, and brought the half blinded superheroine to the ground.  

Pinned to the ground, by the blond's steely thighs, Ultra Maid fell victim to the redhead's vicious kicks, that soon immobilized her.

The vicious, little blond swiftly finished the job.

Without wasting a moment, the devilish duo, bound the half conscious Ultra Maid with chains she found, unbreakable.

Helplessly bound on her knees, Ultra Maid looked up to see the redhead holding a chloroformed pad, while the blond held her in place.

End of Part 1.

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