(Author's Note: This story is a sequel to Mega Woman's Disgrace., originally intended as the introduction to this much longer story. Technical difficulties have been more or less overcome, so here is the rest of the story. My thanks to my friend, David, for some suggestions, incorporated, herein.)

WARNING: This story contains nudity, graphic violence, rape, bestiality and adult themes. It is most definitely intended for, and should only be read by, mature adults, over the age of twenty-one.

Adder's Return. Part 2.

Mega Woman and  Ultra Maid.
Champions of Justice.

The chloroform pad was the last thing Ultra Maid remembered, as she awoke still helplessly bound, and now gagged, behind the curtain.

"Oh my head! Those vicious little devils!"

Just then the captive crimefighter heard her mothers voice; Ultra Maid's first thought was; "Oh heck it's always so embarrassing, if Mom has to get me out of a jam!" It was then, Adder whipped the curtain aside.

As the horrified Mega Woman strode toward her daughter to release her, she didn't notice a tiny figure creep up behind her. Ultra Maid tried to warn her mother, but could only gurgle voicelessly. 

The huge powerful superheroine easily threw the tiny redhead off, but with lightening quick reflexes the girl struck her in the belly. 

Adder smiled proudly, as she watched her eighteen year old, twin granddaughters, Cobra and Coral batter Mega Woman from side to side. The vicious teens seemed to be coming at Mega Woman from all directions.


The vicious twins battered the regal superheroine to her knees before she knew what hit her. The giggling girls grabbed her arms and proudly, dragged the groggy Mega Woman to their evilly smirking grand mother.   


Just as the girls released Mega Woman, Adder viciously took up the attack. The reeling heroine, had no chance to defend herself, before Adder paralyzed her with a pile-driving belly punch. 

As Mega Woman vainly tried to get her breath, Adder battered her relentlessly with stunning punches to her unguarded jaw. Adder may have grown fat and gray in prison, but she hadn't lost any of her strength or skill.

As Mega Woman staggered drunkenly from the effects of the stunning punches to her jaw, Adder grabbed her by the neck and crotch, and hoisted the huge crimefighter into the air. Mega Woman wailed helplessly.

Adder flung the huge superheroine, half way across the room, as though she were a rag doll. Mega Woman landed with a resounding, painful crash.

Her head spinning, Mega Woman on hands and knees struggled to get to her feet. Before she could succeed, Cobra, concerned that the abused heroine might try to escape, slammed her across the back of the neck with a rabbit punch.

Cobra hauled the half conscious Mega Woman back up on her feet, and shoved her back to her grandmother

In spite of her frightful distress, Mega Woman's only thought was the safety of her beloved daughter.

An insolent, youthful smack across her jutting behind, delivered with a contemptuous sneer, revived the battered crimefighter, with an indignant cry.


 Before Mega Woman got over her shock, Adder resumed her ruthless attack.

A dizzied, badly battered Mega Woman crumpled to the floor, and Adder advanced to finish her, muttering fierce threats. The brutalized crimefighter trembled in dread. She was more badly hurt than that awful day in the park, twenty years earlier. Was the vengeful Adder going to kill her?

End of Part 2.

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