(Author's Note: This story is a sequel to Mega Woman's Disgrace., originally intended as the introduction to this much longer story. Technical difficulties have been more or less overcome, so here is the rest of the story. My thanks to my friend, David, for some suggestions, incorporated, herein.)

WARNING: This story contains nudity, graphic violence, rape, bestiality and adult themes. It is most definitely intended for, and should only be read by, mature adults, over the age of twenty-one.

Adder's Return. Part 3.

Mega Woman and  Ultra Maid.
Champions of Justice.

Beaten nearly senseless, in mortal fear for her very life, Mega Woman struck out desperately. Groggy and hardly knowing what she was doing, to her horror, she accidentally struck a low blow. The gallant crimefighter had always felt uneasily guilty at the way she captured Adder, by striking from behind. Since that day she had scrupulously avoided the slightest hint of any underhanded tactics. 


Though the blow was painful, it scarcely incapacitated the tough old villainess, but it did fill her with bestial vindictive rage. Adder indulged her rage, savagely.

Overcome, by the pain of her crippled left arm, Mega Woman crouched helplessly at Adder's feet.

"Uhh, y-you monstrous D-Devil, y-you deliberately broke my arm!" Mega Woman quavered in unbelieving horror, fearfully appalled by the devilish hag's savage brutality.

"Yeah I did! And ya got a lot more, coming to you! Now, COME here bitch!"

The dastardly, old hag grabbed Mega Woman's bodice, tearing it right off her marvelously full bosom. The crippled, nearly helpless heroine shivered in awful dread, as she felt herself fall into her triumphant foe's evil clutches. She whimpered plaintively.

Adder smacked her helpless foe's handsome face from side to side, with unrestrained cruelty.

Resistance, brutally broken, Mega Woman bleated in submission.

Adder crowed. "We've beaten the bitches, Girls! Time to have some fun with them! You can start with the piglet! We'll save the sow for later!" 

Cobra and Coral approached the despondent Ultra Maid, tears streaming down her face, in despairing grief for her mother. Overcome by her concern, the young superheroine hardly noticed it, when the devil girls stripped her naked.

As soon as the vicious teens released her, Ultra Maid tried to run to her stricken mother, but a couple of hard smacks across the face quickly brought her under control.

The grief-stricken Mega Woman, powerless in Adder's grip, sobbingly begged her despicable, old foe to spare her daughter. Mega Woman's anguished maternal pleas were answered by a harsh laugh of derision.

Sobbing forlornly, the horrified Mega Woman watched the evil teens brutalize her beautiful daughter.

After the delighted Adder laughingly watched her malicious granddaughters brutally beat Ultra Maid to her knees, she instructed them.

"All right Girls, it's the SOW's turn now! Get her ready!"


All too aware of the sagging decay of her own, pendulous old dugs, Adder was furiously resentful that the hated Mega Woman's beautiful breasts, despite their queenly proportions, insolently retained all of their delectable, youthful buoyancy. 


Forgetting her own pain, Ultra Maid tried unsuccessfully to drown out her Mothers' heartrending shrieks of torment.


Adder beat the captive superheroine's fabulous bosom, until Mega Woman was literally howling in unspeakable torment. 

"Hah, hah! Cantcha' scream any louder than that, you old Bitch? Guess I'm not hitting you hard enough!"

End of Part 3.

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